The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 31, 1986 · Page 13
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 13

Salina, Kansas
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Friday, January 31, 1986
Page 13
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Students walk past a sign Thursday at the high school where Christa McAuliff e taught. A town struggles with grief CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Seven black ribbons fluttered in an icy breeze Thursday above a picture of Christa McAuliffe taped to a maple tree outside Concord High School. Grieving students attached the ribbons, a small American flag, the poem "Flight" by John Gillespie Magee and McAuliff e's picture to the tree during their first day of classes since her death. Later, others added a poster with printed block letters: "We Love You Christa." Principal Charles Foley told a news conference that the half-day school session was extremely somber, with many signs of grief. "I don't know of a single class being conducted in a normal way today," Foley said. Classes were 25 minutes and informal in the school where McAuliffe taught from 1982 until July when she was selected to be the first private citizen in space. Clusters of students drifted in and out of the building. Many stopped to read the poem, which McAuliffe was carrying with her on the space shuttle. Some held friends' hands. Others cried. "The staff is really feeling down about this," Foley said, adding that he can't envison things returning to normal, but "it will come." Psychologists were available for those who asked, Foley said. Flowers and more than 100 telegrams of condolence from people as far away as Alaska were on display. Most referred to McAuliffe as a "heroine," Foley said. In the school library, 20 bouquets of flowers and hundreds of letters and telegrams from other teachers and students expressing sympathy were laid out on desks and tables. School officials said they also had received thousands of telephone calls, some from as far away as Ireland and Australia. "She represented the best in America's teachers," said a letter from the Albuquerque, N.M., Teachers Federation. "She loved her students, she loved her colleagues and she loved her profession enough to risk herlife." "She was a part of all of us," wrote the students at Pioneer School District 402 in Shelton, Wash. "As we share your pride, we now share your grief." A letter of condolence from President Reagan arrived just before the end of the shortened school day, Foley said, but he declined to release its contents. "This letter is for us. I'm sharing it with my students and not sharing it with anybody else until they hear it," he said. Foley said Jill Seymour, the president of the student council, would read it aloud at a private memorial service for faculty and students at 1 p.m. today in the school gymnasium. Participants will be allowed to speak, he said. Concord Mayor James MacKay proclaimed today "a day of remembrance and mourning" for McAuliffe, but did not close city offices. Some look to external fuel tank for answer to Challenger debacle SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) — External tank No. 26 was built, tested, shipped and installed just like all the earlier ones, but it exploded after only 73 seconds of flight and pulverized space shuttle Challenger and its crew of seven. Slow-motion films of Challenger's launch last Tuesday show the explosion rising near the top of the tank and growing as a violent white bloom until the entire tank and spacecraft are fragmented in a cloud of heat and pressure. The explosion was the result of one of the most powerful chemical combinations known — pure oxygen and hydrogen. It is this energy, released in what chemists call "a controlled explosion," that makes the shuttles go. Each shuttle launch burns more than 1.5 million pounds of oxygen and hydrogen. The chemicals are sparked by an igniter to react in a carefully directed way and produce 1.1 million pounds of thrusting energy to drive the shuttle into space. On Challenger, the explosion was not controlled. Tons of super-cold hydrogen and oxygen somehow mixed and became a very powerful bomb. It was the job of the external tank to both provide these chemicals in the gigantic gulps required by Challenger's engines, and at the same time prevent any out-of-control mixing. The 15-story-tall external tank is the least-graceful looking part of the whole space shuttle stack. It's covered with orange foam, and stands on the pad like some silo that a farmer refused to paint. The gleaming white spacecraft was attached to the tank at three points and the tank actually bore the weight of the spacecraft. In turn, the tank was attached to two solid rocket boosters, which were anchored to the launch pad and supported the whole structure. The tank, loaded with its rocket propellant, was the heavyweight of the four shuttle components at more than 800 tons. It also is the only one of the components that was not reused. About 8% minutes into a normal flight, the empty tank is dumped into the ocean. The tank is made of aluminum, which is covered with an orange insulation. Inside, there are two separate tanks, one for the hydrogen and one for the oxygen. These are all supported by beams and struts amidst a maze of pipes, valves and vents. Martin Marietta Aerospace, the contractor that built external tank No. 26, refused to discuss its history, but NASA officials said it was subjected to the same tests as tanks that had been used on 24 previous shuttle launches. Engineers designed the tank to be very tough, but number 26 was not as tough as some of the first tanks built for the shuttle. After the first seven tanks, including one which never was used, NASA ordered the tanks to be lightened. Engineers removed some internal struts, baffles and supports. The space agency also decided not to paint the tanks. The redesign saved 10,000 pounds, including 1,000 pounds of paint. This enabled the shuttle to carry more weight, but some engineers worry that it might also have reduced the safety of the tanks. Shuttle tragedy spurs generosity Just as children saved pennies a century ago for the Statue of Liberty, some kids are talking about building a replacement for space shuttle Challenger, a dollar at a time. Adults, looking for some way to remember the seven who died aboard the shuttle on Tuesday, are setting up scholarship funds to train teachers and a trust fund to care for the children of the astronauts. Students in Bath, N.Y., are collecting pennies for a new shuttle. Charlotte Gregory, superintendent of the Bath Central School District, said the "Pennies for Space-Rebuild The Spirit" program started Wednesday and already she's received calls from schools in California, Virginia and Pennsylvania asking to be included. "We were thinking what can we do to uplift the spirits," Gregory said Thursday. In Gillette, Wyo., Missy McPhillips, 9, and her brother, John, 10, had suggested that the nation's school children each contribute $1 to NASA to replace the shuttle. "Missy and John feel they're doing something worthwhile in memory of the crew," their mother, Karen McPhillips, said Thursday. She said her children were suggesting contributions to a NASA fund in Washington. McPhillips said that for some children, contributing to the fund helps them deal with the grief of the tragedy. One classmate of Missy's who was extremely upset by the accident contributed $5, "and she was real excited, they could see a change," she said. "Maybe all these kids throughout the United States will feel better if they can contribute to this fund." It will take a lot of dollars. Richard P. MacLeod, executive director of the United States Space Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colo., said the ill-fated Challenger cost $1.6 billion, although a later shuttle, Atlantis, cost $1.2 billion. "We've got seven (telephone) lines and they have been ringing constantly," said MacLeod, whose foundation announced its own fundraising campaign for a new shuttle on Wednesday. In Washington, American Security Bank is establishing a trust fund intended to be the "singular nationwide fund" for the children of the astronauts killed Tuesday. "We have about 200 calls from individuals who want to contribute, including a songwriter who is offering royalties on one of his songs," said Roger Conner, public affairs director for the bank. (Published in The Salina Journal January 31,1986) RESOLUTION NUMBER 86-3828 A RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING THE 1ATES TO BE CHARGED BY THE CITY OR THE ABATEMENT OF NUISANCES N COMPLIANCE WITH ARTICLE I OF CHAPTER 24 OF THE SAUNA CODE AND EPEALING RESOLUTION NUMBER 3448 ^ND ALL MOTIONS OR ACTIONS IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. BE IT RESOLVED by the Governing ody of the City of Salina. Kansas: Section 1, That in the event the City hall be required to abate any nuisance 'he Salina Code that the charge there< or shall be the greater of Seventy-five Jailors ($75.00) per lot or Seventy-five Dollars ($75.00) per hour or fraction hereof, for two (2) men and one (1) ruck, and if additional men and iqulpment are required the charge will >e billed at the City's cost on an hourly jasls, with a minimum charge of Seventy-five Dollars (S75.00). Section 2. That Resolution Number 448 and all motions or previous ac- ions in conflict with the above fee schedule are hereby repealed. Section 3. That this Resolution shall >e In full force and effect from and ifter Its adoption and publication once n the official city newspaper. Adopted by the Board of Commissioners and signed by the Mayor this 27th day of January, 1986. /s/Merle A. Hodges, M.D., Mayor SEAL) ATTEST: /s/D.L. Harrison, City Clerk (It) The Salina Journal Friday, January 31,1986 Page 13 (First Published in the Salina Journal Friday, January 17, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION by FIRST BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Plaintiff vs. DAVID J. WATTON and LINDA R. WATTON. a-k/a LINDA D. WATTON. pon any lot or piece of land'wlthln the i ""'band and wife; DAVID J. WATTON City in compliance with Chapter 24 of I ° nd LINDA R - WATTON, d/b/a QUAL- (First Published in The Salino Journal January 31,1986} IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS N THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF EDWARD LEE SAVOY o/k/a EDWARD L. lAVOY, EDWARD SAVOY, EDWARD LEE SAVOIE, EDWARD L. SAVOIE, and EDWARD SAVOIE, DECEASED NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS iTATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: Case No. 86 P.U You are hereby notified that on January 28, 1986. a petition was filed in said Court by Charlotte Ashton who Is named executor in the above-named decedent's Last Will and Testament dated May 7, 1976, which Will was filed with said petition, asking for the admission thereof to probate and for the ssuance of Letters Testamentary to Charlotte Ashton without bond; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before ihe 26th day of February 1986, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. in the above-named Court in the City of Salina, Kansas at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you foil therein, judg< ment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. All creditors of said decedent are notified to exhibit their demands against the said estate within four (4) months from the dote of the first publication of this notice as provided by law, and If their demands are not Ihus exhibited, they shall be forever oarred. Charlotte Ashton Petitioner KENNEDY BERKLEY YARNEVICH 8 WILLIAMSON, CHARTERED 710 United Building P.O. Box 5567 Salina, Kansas 67402-2567 (913)825-4674 ATTORNEYS FOR PETITIONER ATTEST: JohnWeckel Judge (3tspl ITY HOMES OF AMERICA; EDWARD E. INGRAM and LINDA S. INGRAM, husband and wile: ORVAL E. DALE and PATRICIA K. DALE, husband and wile' ONTINENTAL ILLINOIS NATIONAL ANK & TRUST CO. as Trustee lor City f Solino, Saline County, Kansas: THE «SARIA STATE BANK: SHERWIN WILIAMS PAINT COMPANY: HAROLD W. YIAAS. JR.: FREDERICK D. RICE II: OYCE SHAVER DIXON- MISSOURI /ALLEY INVESTMENT COMPANY; EMIL . ZADINA and JUANICE F. ZADINA; APITOL FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN vSSOCIATION; STATE OF KANSAS; OHN DOE AND WIFE, IF ANY, WHOSE RUE NAMES ARE UNKNOWN, THE OCCUPANTS OF THE PREMISES DE- CRIBED HEREIN Defendants NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Case No. 85 C-307 Under and by virtue of an Order ol ale issued by the Clerk of the District lourt in and for the said County ol oline, in o certain cause in s,aid Court lumbered 85 C-307, wherein the par ies above named were respectively lainttff and defendants, and to me the ndersigned Sheriff of said County, lirected, I will offer for sole, at public luction, and sell to the highest bidder or cash in hand, at the South Front )oor of the City-County Building, 300 Vest Ash, in the City of Salina, in said County, on February 11, 1986, at 10:00 ''clock A.M. of said day, the following lescribed real estate situated in the bounty of Saline, and State of Kansas, o-wit: Lot Seven (7). Block (6), in Stack Place Addition to the City of Solina, Saline County, Kansas, Dorrell Wilson Sheriff of Saline County, Kansas ACHTERBERG 8 NEUSTROM 18 South 7th Street '.O.Box 1697 alina, Kansas 67402-1697 913)827-0344 Attorneys for Plaintiff ATTEST; lettyj. Just Clerk of the District court (First Published in The Salina Journal January 31,1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In The Matter of The Estate Of JAMES E. TALKINGTON, SR., Deceased PURSUANT TO K.S. A. CHAPTER 59 NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Case No. 86 P-15 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that on the 28th day ol January, 1986, a Petition was filed in this Court by Edith L Talklnton, an heir, devisee and leg atee, and Executrix named in the Last Will and Testament of James E. Talkington, Sr., deceased, dated July 10 1971, praying that the Will filed with the Petition be admitted to probate anc record, that she be appointed as Executrix without bond, that she be granted Letters Testamentary, and thai the consent of spouse filed herein be determined a valid consent. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 28th day of February, 1986, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. of sold day, In this Court, In the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas at which time and place said cause wil be heard. Should you fail, judgmen and decree will be entered in due couise upon sold Petition. All creditors ore notified to exhibi their demands against the estati within four (4) months from the dote o first publication of this Notice, as pro vided by law, and If their damands arc not thus exhibited, they shall be for ever barred. Edith L. Talklngton PETITIONER Ronald Barta BARTA&BARTA 611 East Iron P.O. Box 1605 Salina, KS 67402-1605 (913)825-5413 Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp (Published in The Salina Journal January 31,1986) RESOLUTION NUMBER 84-3827 A RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING THI RATES TO BE CHARGED BY THE CITr FOR CUTTING WEEDS IN COMPLIANCI WITH SECTION 24-2(1) OF THE SALINA CODE AND REPEALING RESOLUTION NUMBER 3449 AND ALL MOTIONS OR ACTIONS IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. BE IT RESOLVED by the Governing Body of the City of Salina, Kansas: Section I. That in the event the Cit. shall be required to cut or destroy an weeds, rank grass or other obnoxiou growths of vegetation upon any lot o piece of land within the City In com pllance with Section 24-2(1) of Th Salina Code that the charge thereto shall be the greater of Seventy-five Dollars ($75.00) per lot or Seventy-five Dollars ($75.00) per equipment am operator hour or fraction thereof, will a minimum charge of Seventy-five Do: lars ($75.00). Section 2. That Resolution Numbe 3449 and all motions or previous ac tlons In conflict with the above fe< schedule are hereby repealed. Section 3. That this Resolution sha be in full force and effect from an after its adoption and publication one In the official city newspaper. Adopted by the Board of Commission ers and signed by the Mayor this 27tl day of January, 1986. /s/Merle A. Hodges, M.D., Mayor (SEAL) ATTEST: /s/D.I. Harrison, City Clerk (It _ Prescription For Household Clutter 1 —— .~_HHZ^—- TAKE ONE CLASSIFIED AD ...THEY WILL CALL YOU IN THE MORNING SEAL) (3tsp) (First Published in The Salino Journal January 17, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY. KANSAS n The Matter Of The Estate Of VAN P. JONES, deceased NOTICE OF HEARING Case No. 86 P-5 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that o Petition has been filed in this Court by Mary A. Jones one of the heirs of Ivan P. lanes, deceased, praying: That descent be determined of eal and personal property owned by decedent at the time of death. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 12th day of February, 1986, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day, in said Court, in the lity of Salina, in Saline County, (ansas, at which time and place saic cause will be heard. Should you foil therein, judgment and decree will be sntered in due course upon the Peti< lion. MARY A. JONES Petitioner JEROME P. HELLMER 419 West Ash, P.O. Box 2237 Salino, KS 67402-2237 !913)825-2279 Attorney for Petitioner (3tsp' (First Published in The Salina Journal January 17,1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 59 OF K.S. A. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Hazel Brown, Deceased, NOTICE OF HEARING -on- PETITION FOR FINAL SETTLEMENT CaseNo.85P-27 THE STATE OF KANSAS to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a peti tion has been filed In said court b 1 Eldon Oegerle as executor of the wil and of tne estate of Hazel Brown deceased, praying for a decree app roving his final account now on file in said court, for the allowance of ex penses of administration of sold estate for the determination and allowance o fees and expenses of said executor an for the determination and allowance o attorney for executor fees and ex penses, for an order and decree of sal court ad{udglng who are the devisees legatees, and beneficiaries of sail decedent as provided in the will of sal decedent, and determining their re spective interests in and to all property belonging to said decedent and to he estate, for the assignment of the asset of said estate by decree of said court ti those entitled thereto as provided ii and according to the terms of the will o decedent, for final settlement of sal estate and for his discharge as ex ecutor of said estate, and for all oth proper relief. And you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on o before the 12th day of February, 1986 at 10:30 o'clock A.M. of sold day, I said court (Courtroom 305) in the City o Salina (at the City-County Building, 30C West Ash Street), in said county an state, of which time and place sail cause(s) will be heard. Should you fai therein [udgment and decree will b< entered in due course upon said peti tion. Dated and signed at Salina, Kansa this 13th day of January, 1986. ELDON OEGERLE Executor and Petitioner D.E. WATSON, Suites 401 -403 119 South 7th Street Salina, Kansas 67401 Attorney for Executor and Petitioner. 913-823-3841 (3tsp (First Published In The Salina Journal on January 17,1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of th|e Estate of LAVINE LUCILLE BELCHER, Deceased NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Case No. 86 P-7 The State of Kansas to All Person Concerned: You are hereby notified that on the 13th day of January, 1986, a petition was filed In sold court by Dolores Irene Brotton, daughter, heir-at-law, leg atee, and devisee of Lavina Lucill Belcher, deceased, and os execute named in the will of said decedent praying for the admission to probate o the will of Lavlno Lucille Belcher dated March 25, 1983, which is filed with salt petition, and for the appointment o Dolores Irene Brotton as executor o said will, without bond, and you or hereby required to file your writte defenses thereto on or before the 14t day of February, 1986, at 10:00 o'cloc A.M. of said day, in said court, in th city of Salina, in Saline County, Kanso: at which time and place said cause wi be heard. Should you fall therein judgment and decree will be entered I due course upon sold petition. A credltiors are notified to exhibit the demands against the said estate withi six (6) months from the date of the firs publication of this notice as provide by law, and if their demands are no thus exhibited, they shall be foreve barred. /s/Dolores Irene Brotton, Executor of the Will of Lavina Lucille Belcher, Deceased. MARIETTA, KELLOGG, & PRICE 148 South Seventh Street Salina, Kansas 67401 (913)825-5403 Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp (First Published in The Salina Journal January 24, 1986) NOTICE OF SALE OF ABANDONED AND UNCLAIMED BICYCLES To All Persons Concerned: Public notice is hereby given that pui suant to K.S.A. 13-14o02, the herein after described bicycles and mis cellaneous items which have been im pounded by the City of Salina, Kansas at the Salina Police Department, 255 N 10th Street. Salina, Kansas, for mor than ninety (90) days from the date a abandonment, will be sold at publ" auction at the Salina Police Depar ment, 255 N. 10th Street (behind th building) Salina, Kansas.on Saturday ebrary 22, 1986 at 1:00 PM to the ighest bidder for cosh. Anyone dosing to claim ownership to the below ADE, EVELYN 8. GYPSUM, KS NO. 289493143.30 AKERS, JON TRAVIS NO. 284586 51.21 sled property must do'so at the Salino ' AKERS, WAUNITA F. NO. 284586 olice Department, prior to 4:00 PM on i 51.21 ebrary 19, 1986 with proof of owner-1 APPLEQUIST, LELAND FALUN, KS NO. hip. No property will be claimed from j 27748630.09 his sale alter this dole. ASBAUGH, J. B. SALINA, KS NO. he bicycles held by the City of Solina I 2896362.813.71 onsas. and which will be sold "as is 1 ' ! B S D INVESTMENTS SAUNA re described as follows: olor, Size, Brand S Serial Number: KS NO. 2896371,589.40 BENNINGTON ELEVATOR INC. SALINA, KS NO. 284601 250.00 BREWER, J. N. SALINA. KS NO 280258 38.16 ed, 26". lOspeed, Montgomery Ward RIGGS, HAZEL NO. 284143 140.33 25118 ed, 20", 1 speed, Murray, D70030 Drange, 20". 1 speed, All-Pro. HC2386005 10 speed, Schwinn. speed, Sears, 10 speed. Unk Brand Maroon, 26" 4507783 range, 27", 10 502474220392521 lue. 27", lOspeed, Miyata, C283539 rown, 26", '" 419119525 lack, 27". 10 speed. Schwinn, 3036670 ellow. 27", lOspeed, World, 2G2762 rown. 27", lOspeed, AMF, P0734075 Vhite, 27", 10 speed, Atola, Unk. lue. 24", 1 speed, AMC, JOC29746 •be/While. 20", I speed Huffy HP 1688395 ilver, 20", 1 speed, Takara, 9060601 >een. 27", 1 speed, AMF. MC744462 Orange. 24", lOspeed. KIA. A900540 ilock, 20", 1 speed, All-Pro, J3763I68 Hue, 20". 1 speed. Schwinn, Unk. Hue. 26". I speed, Hiawatho, H160277 rown, 26", 10 speed, Huffy, HC4708970 llue. 26", lOspeed, Otasco. E6815128 ilver, 27". 10 speed, Unk. Unk Jreen. 26", 3 speed, Huffy, HC7948478 ied, 27" lOspeed, AMF, Unk llue, 27", 10 speed, Sekai, Unk Chrome, 20", 1 speed, Western Flyer, MO274608 .rown, 27", lOspeed, BMA, Unk Mlite, 20", 1 speed, R, Unk Chrome, 20", Murray, J5221980, Frame only Blue, 26", lOspeed, Sears, 600521068 Black, 27". lOspeed, Sears, 503472710 /ellow, 26", 10 speed, Murray, RO55470006970 Chrome, 20". Columbia, 92194522, Frame only White, 27", 10 speed, Montgomery Ward, Unk wo black 20" mag rims iicycle parts, tires, rims, occ. Blue 26", 1 speed. Western Flyer, MO289127030347 lrown.27", lOspeed, AMF, MC771621 5old, 27", 10 speed. Montgomery Words. F138593 Chrome. 20". 1 speed, Unk. Black, 26", 10 speed, Schwinn, Unk. Blue, 26", lOspeed, Huffy, HC2303263 Blue, 24", 1 speed, Unk "'ellow, 27", 10 speed, Western Flyer. Unk Hue, 26". lOspeed, Murray, B7538952 led, Tricycle, about 8 inch wheels led, 20", AMF, PC273771. Frame only Aiscellaneous items to be sold are listed as follows: 1)4" black TV and radio 1) orange sleeping bag 4) hub wheel covers 1) black bowling ball 1) chrome air cleaner IJKraco equalizer '1) Majestic car audio expander |1) typewriter speakers old albums (records) Dated this 21 st day of January, 1986. THE CITY OF SALINA, KANSAS /s/John Woody. Chief of Police (2tsp (First Published In The Salina Journal January 23, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of PEGGY JEAN WALKER, Deceased NOTICE OF HEARING CaseNo.85P-l THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PER. SONS CONCERNED: You ore hereby notified that a Peti tion has been filed in this Court by Deborah Lee Walker, duly appointed Qualified and acting Administrator o the Estate ol Peggy Jean Walker, de ceased, praying tnat her acts be ap proved: that her account be settled one allowed: that the Estate be assigned ti the persons entitled thereto: that fees and expenses be allowed: that costs be determined and ordered paid: that the administration of the Estate be closed, that the Administrator be dischargee and that he be released from furtnei liability. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 14th day of February, 1986, at 10:15, o'clock a.m., of said day, in said Court, in the City of Solina, in Saline County Kansas, at which time and place saic cause will be heard. Should you fai therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Peti tion. Deborah Lee Walker Petitioner KENT, WICHMAN 8 ANDERSON 201 West llth Street Hays, KS 67601 913-625-6519 BY:/s/Bruce W.Kent (3tsp (First Published in The Salina Journal January 29,1986) NOTICE TO DEMOLITION CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals will be received by the City Clerk of Salina, Kansas up to 10:00 A.M., Thursday, February 6 1986, for the following improvements: PROJECT NO. 85-734 DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT-DEMOLITION PRINCIPAL ITEMS IN THE PROJECT ARE: DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 1) U.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 2) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 3) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 4) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 5) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 6) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 7) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 8) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 9) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 10)1 L.S. DEMOLITION DEMOLITION DEMOLITION DEMOLITION DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 15) 1 L.S The specifications and other contrac documents are the property of the Ciry of Salina, Kansas, and are available fo public Inspection at the office of the City Engineer. A set of such document may be obtained from the office of the City Engineer, upon payment of $5.01 for a set of specifications. The City of Salina, Kansas, reserve the right to reject any or all proposal and to waive any irregularities therein CITY OF SALINA /s/D.L.Harrison, City Clerk (3t TRACT NO. 11) U.S. TRACT NO. 12) U.S. TRACT NO. 13) U.S. TRACT NO. 14)1 L.S. (First Published in The Salina Journal January 31,1986) COUNTY: SALINE JOAN FINNEY KANSAS STATE TREASURER UNCLAIMED PROPERTY DIVISION P.O. BOX 1517, TOPEKA, KANSA: 66601 1-800-432-0386 NOTICE OF NAMES OF PERSONS AP PEARING TO BE OWNERS OF ABAN DONED PERSONAL PROPERTY (DOE! NOT INCLUDE REAL ESTATE) AS Ol JULY 1985. DISPOSITION OF UNCLAIMED PROP ERTY ACT (PERSONAL PROPERTY KANSAS STATUTES ANNOTATED SUP PLEMENT 58-3901 ETSEQ. INFORMATION CONCERNING THE AMOUNT OR DESCRIPTION OF TH PERSONAL PROPERTY AND THE NAM AND ADDRESS OF THE HOLDER MAY B OBTAINEDD BY ANY PERSONS POS SESSING AN INTEREST IN THE PROP ERTY BY ADDRESSING AN INQUIRY TO THE KANSAS STATE TREASURER'S OF FICE, UNCLAIMED PROPERTY DIVI SION, P.O. BOX 1517. TOPEKA, KANSAS 66601 (1-800-432-0386). AFTER OBTAINING THE NAME OF THE HOLDER AND DESCRIPTION OF THE PERSONAL PROPERTY FROM THE KANSAS STATE TREASURER. IF PROOF OF CLAIM IS NOT PRESENTED BY THE OWNER TO THE HOLDER AND IF THE OWNER'S RIGHT TO RECEIVE THE PROPERTY IS NOT ESTABLISHED TO THE HOLDER'S SATISFACTION WITHIN SIXTY-FIVE (65) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE SECOND PUBLISHED NOTICE. THE ABANDONED PERSONAL PROPERTY WILL BE PLACED, NOT LATER THAN EIGHTY-FIVE (85) DAYS AFTER SUCH PUBLICATION DATE, IN THE CUSTODY OF THE KANSAS STATE TREASURER, TO WHOM ALL FURTHER CLAIMS MUST THEREAFTER BE DIR- ECTtD. NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION SHALL BAR THE FILING OF A CLAIM. AS APPROVED BY LAW, ONLY ITEMS AMOUNTING TO OR IN EXCESS OF $25.00 VALUE ARE LISTED HEREWITH. ($.OO IS STOCKS, BONDS OR SAFE DEPOSIT BOX. "'IS SECOND OWNER.) iROWNS SHOE FIT SALINA, KS NO. 27944342.50 BURNS. EUEN I. SALINA, KS NO. 28890541.91 BURNS, LOREN V. SALINA KS NO 28890541.91 CARDWELL, BETTY NO. 284158 42.00 CAULDER, PHYLLIS R. NO. 289631 189.72 CAULDER, PHYLLIS R. NO, 28963930.46 CHARLES REECE SALINA, KS NO. 28815975.00 CHASE, HAROLD H. EST SALINA, KS NO. 275481 45.07 CHESTER PERRY SALINA. KS NO. 2B9780 45.00 CHEZEMS CASA SALINA, KS NO. 272902124.20 CLERK OF DIST COURT NO. 284175 90.00 COBB, DANNETTE E. NO. 284153 33.25 COLE, MELVIN C. NO. 289640215.76 CONROY, MARIE MCLEAN SALINA. KS NO. 286749 26.28 COPELAND, STEVEN NO. 284165 40.00 COURTNEY, PEARL B. SALINA. KS NO. 27835231.90 COVERT. ROBERT LEE SALINA KS NO 2B2349.00 COX, PEGGY E. SALINA, KS NO.274770 30.00 CRAIG, KIM L. NO. 289641 29 29 CROSSLEY, RONNIE N. SALINA KS NO 287061 25.50 CROUCH. MAURICE NO. 284142 172.20 DICKINSON, JOSEPH A. SALINA. KS NO. 27365329.10 DIEHL BROTHERS NO. 289642 238.79 DOERING. SANDRA NO. 28416035.00 DOMIO, MAXINE NO. 284142 172.20 DOW, EDITH W. SALINA, KS NO. 27438631.00 DUNHAM. HOWARD H. SR. SALINA KS NO. 276965 39.60 DURKIN, BERNICE W. SALINA, KS NO. 278790600.00 DYE. D. J. SALINA, KS NO. 281001 27.00 EDWARDS, RICHARD L. NO. 289643 74.90 ELLIS, L. R. NO. 284147 1 629.51 •ELLIS. MAUDE NO. 284147 1,629.51 •ELLISON, HUBERT NO. 283873 170.70 ETHRIDGE. GENE ONEIL. NE NO. 283937143.05 EVANS, DEAN S. SR. SALINA. KS NO. 27463669.25 FALTA, M. B. SALINA, KS NO. 290628 28.97 FARMER, BERYL L. NO. 28414934.24 •FARNER, DIANNE L. NO. 284577 91.03 FARNER, LARRY D. NO. 284577 91.03 FISCHER, NORMAN SALINA, KS NO. 282153250.00 •FORSYTHE, J. C. NO. 283871 380.20 FORSYTHE, RACHEL M. NO. 283871 380.20 GAMBRELL, ROBERT D. SALINA, KS NO. 282356.00 GAY, ELLEN M. NO. 284146 4,808.95 HAIRE, RONALD NO. 289644 218.07 HALL, H. A. SALINA. KS NO. 290591 52.90 HANSEN, DONNA L. SALINA. KS NO. 28186435.00 •HARMAN, IVAN JANE SALINA, KS NO. 284576 47.84 •HARRIS, GERALD H. NO. 284585 209.47 HARTMAN, DONALD L. SALINA KS NO. 27706668.16 HARTMAN. DONALD L. SALINA, KS NO. 277067 .00 •HATHCOAT, JOHN D. SR NO. 284148 5,075.50 HATHCOAT, JOHN DARWIN, JR. NO. 2841485,075.50 HAWES, E. C. NO. 284579 163.82 HENDRICH, LESLIE SALINA, KS NO 27409562.55 HENRY, GENEVIEVE COLORADO SPRINGS. CO NO. 284580388.54 •HENRY, MARJORIE COCLORADO SPRINGS, CO NO. 284580 388.54 HENSLEY. JOE D. NO. 283873 170.70 HILL, FRANK E. SALINA, KS NO. 2B4600 398.07 HINES, DONALD H. NO. 284581 250.00 HOSKINS. GERTRUDE NO. 289645 62.51 HOTZ, RUTH SALINA, KS NO. 281094 45.00 •HUNT, LUTHER D. SALINA, KS NO. 28460830.90 HUNT, LUTHER D., JR. SALINA. KS NO. 28460830.90 IDEKER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY PAWNEE CITY, NE NO. 283984 325.05 INGRAM, DEBRA NO. 27481384.W JO MAR DAIRIES SALINA. KS NO. 28212948.13 JOHNSON, EDYTHE L. SALINA, KS NO. 28714985.00 JOHNSON, VIRGINIA NO. 284174 150.00 •KAMPLING, GLENDA I. SALINA, KS NO. 282368 .00 KAMPLING, RICHARD L. SALINA, KS NO. 282368 .00 KENNEDY, ILA G. SALINA, KS NO. 28459626.38 KIEFABER, MAMIE SALINA, KS NO. 28688350.00 KLINKER, L. P. SALINA, KS NO. 290635 27.71 KOHLS, KIMBERLY SALINA, KS NO. 28459835.80 •KOHLS, NORWIN SALINA, KS NO. 28459835.80 KRAUS, W. J. SALINA, KS NO. 278363 75.00 •KRAUSE, ARMAND FRANCIS NO. 2841451,106.32 LOTT, MARY M. NO. 284180 62.50 LOUX, PATRICIA NO. 284173 30.50 LOVETT, GEORGE SALINA, KS NO. 288024 26.38 MATTER, J. B. NO. 284182 130.50 MCCALL, MICHAEL SALINA, KS NO. 281421 25.00 MCGANNON, PAUL B. SALINA, KS NO. 28040639.47 MIDDLETON, LILLIE SALINA. KS NO. 282161 1,171.75 MIKKI INC NO. 284585 209.47 MILLER, CHERYL NO. 284164 64.15 MOWER REPAIR, C. S R. SALINA, KS NO. 288097 61.05 MULLEN, CRYSTAL NO. 289647 56.87 MUNOZ, RICHARD NO. 289648 34.05 NEWMAN. TERRY NO. 284612 28.98 •NEWMAN, VICKIE NO. 28461228.98 •OTEY, ALLEEN F. NO. 284141 2,172.62 OTEY, JAMES L. NO. 284141 2,172.62 PIZANO, NANCY NO. 28417275.00 RATHBONE, VAVERDA NO. 284159 75.00 RAY, LINDA SUE NO. 28416330.00 REPKE. KENNETH SALINA, KS NO. 28817950.41 RESSE, CHARLES SALINA, KS NO. 28815975.00 RICHARDSON, TERESA NO. 289649 88.70 RIDDLE, BONNIE J. SALINA, KS NO. 273691 45.60 ROBERTS, ROBERT SALINA, KS NO. 28975431.10 •ROMINE, D. V. NO. 283872 150.31 ROSS, DEAN NO. 2841502,095.70 SALDIVAR, LEONEL Q NO. 289650 230.32 SALINA RESERVE NO. 289651 105.28 SALINE COUNTY SIDE NO. 289634 54.75 SANCHEZ, JUDY NO. 284176 25.00 SAUM, FAYE NO. 284617 31.78 •SAUM, SHARON NO. 284617 31.78 SCHNEIDER. FRANCIS D. SALINA, KS NO. 27357967.75 SCHOENEMAN, VINCENT J. NO. 284145 1,106.32 SECURITY SAVINGS 8 LOAN SALINA, KS NO. 27707656.71 SEELYE, A. B. INC NO. 283872 150.31 SEITZ. RUTH NO. 288848 200.00 SIMMONS. KAY NO. 284582 27.50 SIPPLE. ARTHUR MENTOR. KS NO. 28409650.22 SLECHTA. DEVON SALINA, KS NO. 28822628.50 SMILEY. DELISLE SALINA, KS NO. 29068964.80 •SMITHER, ARTHUR NO. 284144 146.88 SMITHER, H. C. NO. 284144 146.B8 TIPTON. R. J. SALINA, KS NO. 288302 40.86 TORRY. PARIS NO. 289654 27.17 VANDAL, WILBUR R.. JR. SALINA. KS NO. 27936628.08 VANEK, ERNEST J. NO. 284583 2.198.53 VIDRICKSON. RUBY NO. 28415269.00 VILLAGRAN, HECTOR NO. 28965661.76 WARNER. CHRISTY SAUNA, KS NO. SALINA, KS NO. 28041530.00 WILLIAMS. MILLIE 28457647.84 WISBEY, GARY SALINA, KS NO 284626 45.37 WORTH. P. M. SALINA, KS NO. 290612 117.76 WRIGHT, A. E. SALINA, KS NO. 276897 66.67 •YENSER. LILLIAN NO. 284143 140.33. DATE OF PUBLICATION: FIRST SECOND- JOAN FINNEY STATE TREASURER (2tsp)

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