Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 28, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1908
Page 3
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THB lOLA DAILY Ml «mB. BATOMAT gTHrPfG. 50YB«M» v^lEWS OF U HARPE MAT VESTAL FELL FROM LADDER THl'K.SDAY AND BROKE HIH ARM. WAS CLIMBING FROM HOUSE THE W. C. T. r. WILL MEET >EXT TIESDAY AFTER >0(». City Srbools Will CoDTene Aeain >rxl Monday After the Tbank«>glvin^ tacation—I'ei>oDal!>. Hark to Colleee Moit<ta.v. The lor;il youne in-ople who ;ire al- tciidinp rollege this witiK-r will rfliirii 10 school Monday. Most of thoni wtro in I.^ ilaipe yestetday visilint. y\. V. T. V. M.Ttine. The \V. C. T. r. will ine.t at the Frientis church as usual at I.':."!'» Tuesday aflernooii. The tiiPiiiliers are requested (n hriiiK clj|i|iiiipK Irnni n-.-ws papers :ind mapa/ines. beariiii; on the temperance qiiesiioii. Se<-ie;aiy. Srlionl to tonirne. The city school.- will »-on\eno aeain Monday. They were di.-,iiii.-.sei| WeU- iK^day morninc for the Th;\tiksirtvliic r^; vacation. The local teachers hare nevn aiieiiiliiic the Soiit;ica>ii'rii Kaii- sas Te;iiliers a.-^.socialioii «lil. Ii is In beasioii In lola. Fell From l.aililf-r. W'hilt' ati «>inptinK i" climb d'nvii from till- top "if his lintise in this dly Thiirtda.'' tcfiioon .Mat Vc-ial fi-'l from the l.iilili r ami hrnke hi.^ ril-'lil arm The trai'tnie i.-; \ii^t al "'V<- 111' riphi wri.-i Mi'lhotlKt KpNrtipal Chiirrh. Siinil.iy school at v.;', a. in. Prt . TC I I iufX ai II a. m. .Innior leaiziie at ?. p. Ill I'reacliiiii: a' 7:."" |>. in. .\ cordial iiiviiatioii exieinli-(| 10 all Strangers wrlconied.— Ira .M. Mennaiii. pastor r <rM>naN. .Mr. and .Mrs. .Mitch-II roHii tj..";! I< Kansas City this aflcinooii. Tl;<-\ have !)''e'i vihiliii;; here fur llif pa.-i two s ' -Mr and Mr.-v W .1 Waters ram.- it yesterd;iy aficrn <i<in from liiion'own Kas.. wliPi«' th '!v vvre the ;;u «w |s i>f yiv.<. W .ii'M.,' /laren'-- •|"haiins;rivinc day. .Mr. and .Mrs. IV H. Williams of .Mar- shalliown. Iowa, are the quests of l.-i Marpe friends. {"•rorue Doiiaho of Kl.-nmre. was in the city .ve ^iprday on a Imsiiifss vi--it Miss ICIsie Kelger is here froni Kti- terprise. Kas.. vhiiiiis her parents She is now employed on the Kiiter- jiri* Push, a news|iaj|)cr edited Ic. Morris F'atton. fornierlV of this city. MAKKS WOKK EASIER lola Pfo|)lp Are PleasHi to I.farn How it Is Donj'. Its pri'tty hard to atiiemi to diitie Wilh a constantly ac.iiins liack: With aniioyitu; urinarv (li>oiders. IViaii's Kidiiiv Pills make work easier. Thf.\ cnrt' hai -karhe. They Clin- cvry kidin ;. ili. , Chas. Cii'r. f,iili..'r. liviii;; .-ii Mifckeyc sii.-ei. K^i.-, .-ay.-; l "o tttelvf >ears I Mitt''r .-d fniin kid ney iroiil 'l''. havins p.iiiis in iny lia<k so srvi'ie .1! 'inies iliai I was coni- liV-leiy laid up and luial 'li- ui work .\ly ca'^e hail lx >i ;nn to a >s 'ini«- a ser- ioii.v natiiri' when I saw I loan 's Kid- ni'V Pills adveriisi'd. | had tried many similar pre ;,ara ;ioii>; with indiffereni sncces- liiii from the, a '-ci >:in 's Kivi-n of Doan s Kidney I'jlls I had cxmfi- dence inthcin and pruntr.-d iheiii. 1 .•ioon felt relieved aftiT lakinc them and a few Imxes restored mi» to p "r- c! health I I 'avi' .vjiico re'-onitr.iiid- th^m to my frimds w|i«^iever I have an npi>ortnni 'v." For ;-ale by all di-al'T. Pricr '.<> K "Sii r -Milliurn <'" . Buffalo. York, sole acents for ilie rniied Slates. RemPmber the name—Id-an's—and take no ottur. oent New .STORM KEI'T SAILORS ASHORE. In Manila Mm of tltf Vlsltine KIret Couldn't M t« Their Ships. Manila. P. I . Nop, I-ast nii :h'.= storm kepi til" liberty men from < I K Atlantic fie*-! ashore all niplil The waters of the iiay were exceeffiiiciy rcuph and J{ear .Admiral Sperry sent a wire}":.-, me ;:e ashore to fh<' effect that tlity Kl'inilij not attt -nipi to return to their ships until wi-ather conditions were more favorable. He directed fh?m to go to ih<' litills of the local Y. M (' A. and the Kti'X-lils 'd rolnmbus. wh »i 're i >rovls -ion was niade to take cari- of ih»ni All of the strandr-d sailors weri- taki-n in tbi -lr resi >ec (he shipi< at 7 <i'c !(K -k fhi- niornitiK in three iirue coast Kiiaril vessfds. The storm kejit a niaji>rily of- the iifficer.s of the flert from a»- lendiUC the rei-e |)lion Kivcn by (Jov- lyiior Ci'neral Smith. THIinEKN H»R (. I'. TAFT. CtMlaiiat i Rcpu III kan', Ri -jireKcnta11vr*. Supixirt l|iin. Colunibii.'-. .\'o\ —r<'hairtiuiii Hen- Williams of the Ki'pnblican stale eVuihittee. letiirtu'd tc«lay froni a coii- felence with fharle* P. Tafi an/l Oe>r»e Ii C'o.x in f'lncinnati. and said tlyt the ilidnillon coiinly Hepnldicjin r4)re8entalives in the. lejiiiiiature will ,ye aolid for him. Thla make); thirteen votes for Taft from his honie county, the delesatinn having foiirtien votes, one of them a XtPindcrat. ', For Relay Rare. Chanute sprinters will go info tralnitig this week Jn anticlparinn of the twenty-five mile relay race with lola on Christmas day.—Chanute Sun. eRBAM A grape cream of tartar powder. Makes pure, healthful, delicious food. No alum, no lime phosphate. There is an infallible test by which every housewife may detect the nnhealth- fitt alum baking powders— The label will feU Study the label. If it does not say cream of tartar the baking powder is made from alum and mast be avoided. HONOR FOR STOVER THE K. Ci MARKETS Roj SltMir Is AssJKiied |o Crnlsrr ( huttniioouii )i<> Chier EiKrineir— >Miat It M IS. f :ipi .iili T .-J Siiivir li .i.. ri 'i -rived a cali.'.'m.-iiii III. Ill (lis smi (ioi. .-tatjn;: ;liat li.- I;. IS lii-n :i...iuni"l m tli" Clut- "aiii'i'U.i .1.- < hi- f i 'ii -.'i;iii;' .Mr .'>t 'J ^•er .- now Willi III.- Ki-;ii. :ii •-•f 111 the P:<- i:;:c f. I-; Tli.- ih.inuc i> a pionioiioii ti-r b:!ii. !!'•: in ill.- i>f a rise_in I 'lnk Iro in tiic ir !:;i'ir i.-inc- •>( the po- -llioll. I- is lUlilr 11:1.! fur or.i- but two ".'•M:S I 'll: lit rill- ;ii-,idi'!iiy lie uiven 1 po.-i 'ion .1 • i-!iicl i-rmni'-r id •riiis- 1 r. sill-!' a tliiiiL- iis'iall.v- I'.illiiiiT to 111': •- •vli-i liavi- I. .I 'll 1 -11; 111 lb" acad- i -iii v. ten I r t '.I !•!. I- i r .-;i >v Seriiriiii; till' po 'iiiiin nie:i;i;; ibat ".tr. .'<(m-r uc- In- Kr.nii' fur tv.o i :r liiM-.- -.1 :M - Til" fiialtaiinnua i.- in 'lie '.'lild dii; iiTi nt (hi^ P.-oific fleet and i> .i>>i!:!'i-i| i.« tin- .\.--iitic ^lati ^1Il. A BIG CEMENT PLANT SOLD. Property of the Kans .TS City Portland Company to St. Louis Firm. T!t.- Star .«ays: The Kansas Ciiy Portland Cemi ^nt f 'oriii '.iny has bi'.-n piirchas.^i) l>y the liKon Sand and .Mat.-rial coni|i .-in .v of St. I.oiiis. The jiiirchasc of i|i.- proi>- iri> is forniallv annonnci'd In a cir- iiilar I .-iii -r to .-lo.-KhoIdirs issiied by ;i \i- St l.ouis coiii ]W!ny this u.-ek. The cii.ii ".ir s.i.\s tli. 11 till- stocU!io1der« if till St l .<iiiis iiiiMpany will vote to iK -r.-ase till' <-apii:il stock to $:;.|iii).-| and issii" $ liiii.iiihi ill new bond-: to pai for till Kansas ("\:\ Povtla 'Hl (•.'III. -Ill companv 's propi-n>. It also sa \ sr •'.\«-:;otialiniis b.ivi' pro .:ii -s- il 10 the point will ii- \oiir board iii-i approved tin piiicha.--i' of tli ;s p np.-rty and III" p' i-ii;itr:ii-ttn iliai 1 :i.I !i;i\. I..-. 11 .-i ;;'" It is i-xiil.iiii. d r ai ilw- hold'-is of Slock in til" Kansas ('it;. I 'o >il:iiid d- nii 'iit <oni !i;iii.\ an' tii laki- ih'- new <iock in till' S I . Koiiis lonip.iny at .?l .'.i> a'-. ; Till- Kansas '"i'y Portland '•'-iiii nt i-iiinniii;. "s idat 1 i- ai W.ivii" <'ily. (lo.-i-to ill'' M is-<iitir; riv i ^r. ti'iont ihr»e njib-.s noith nf Ii,d"|"-iidi-n'" The Work nf liMiliiiti-: till- plant lii^eiin n i:ei.'. aii'l fii;;.--." 1 )'ibi^ ii'-v; y.-ar. Till' plant b ;isa rati--j c.-i-ia'-itx of :;. .'.iifi bairi-ls of <•• nil ni .1 lia;- . an 1 i -o^;! about 1 million dol\i .- T Kaniias City, Stork Vard.s. Nov. 2! Cattle, this week. 4S.2 "iii; last weel "111.41111: same wi -ek last year :V.<..".iiii. In .>piti- of lb.' liberal run. and th TlianUsuiviim holiday breakins into the week, cattle mark '^t is .satlsfac tory thi -4 week. Prices were Hi to •J'l : ichi-r Monday, but are clnslnK th' wei-i; :;oini -what below the hit -li time bill equal to a week aco. \o very iroiil fi-il steers are rominf:. top thi «i-,-|; Ji ;.Sii on \Yediie.';day. bulk $.'i .2 to jr.. pi. Colorado b-ef steers $:?.80 to $.",..Ml. inws J :;.i''i to $.".'in. heifev! j:; VT' to $.1 linlls $2 .4d to $4 .tM' i -:r-..-s .1 ipi .irter lowi-r than a week a ^ii. at $.:..',n to $rt .tiii. Receipts of quar amini 'S bav.- been small, steers ?:!.r.O to Sfocker .Tnd feeder trade very lieavv for the season, market .-trons^r this week, feeders $.1.60 tn .stocUers $:'..Oli to $1.0.".. ))..::•;. this week lOl.rtiMi: last week I '.liiii: sani" week Ias» year sn.iori Till- market is .ibnut 2.". rents below a wi-ek a -o. under the influence of blp runs e;e and elsewhere. althoiiRh thr deinar.d is strong. Run is 17.0(10 here today, market weak on lichts. strong on heavies. Packers have been payins: a smaller premium on heavies this week t'n today, in an effort to cheap en their droves. H< avies today sold at J.'.Hii to $.'>.T.'>. butcher weiKhfs to $n.70. lipht hops $,').20 to $.'..60 pics $:!.7.'. to $"..00. Sheep, this week 2fi.|ilil: last week 2:'..T'Hi-. • same we^k last year 22.1flO The market pas been iiiievon. hut the we.-k is closing at the hish point Willi a record of $t;.2 ."i. havlnc h«'en paid for fed lambs. $n.2."> for yearllnps ewes $1.1 II to $4 .:'.."i. Quite a lot of .\'i/.ona feedine stuff has been inrlud id. lambs at $."1.10 to $.i.:t.".. wethers ;ind yi 'arl:ni"s $l.'iii to $l.l'i. ewes iL'.."." to $:!.2r.. breeiliuK i-wes up to Jt '-Ti. Packers' purchases: Cattle Hoes She«>i A n f! & P. Co. . 700 Armour :!00fi lf,2."»n 270S Cinlaliv :;fiiiO 14646 tlS.' Kowli r ;t7S lino .Mori is :::t4i ur.Tn UR 2 Klid My 2."..". s & .s P.102 nii32 Swift ::<;7.-, st4.i i.iss Total i;iist 6:;7.;i 11I9;" 1 . iinipanv owns a lar^i- bluff of ror!; .mil s ab' that will furt-ih ient.-rial ti> k'-ep ai mill busy for a j"n.ralion. Tin- lime^ton" i.- .-aid I'l be idi al m.'"eria' for eenient and tlie s'lal.^ whieli ninr' bi- mixed with ilii limesioni- Is ph'tiMfiil PILES CIREO l\ «5 T«» H I»VVS. PAZO OINTMENT is snarapf. r.l to cure any ease of lii-hinr:. bUnd. blef-il iiiz or protrinlint: i-ile= tn 1', to IJ days ' or money refunded. .".nc. Ill-re lo Comeiilieii. Miss Katlierine Pre-sler wlm ir a tiii'inber -nf the bi'-b si ho'd f.irulty. yi.>t.-rilH> .-ifi. iMii'ii fur tola in iftend the -I ..i-li'-; a-.-^'u ;:i!!n;i con- Vf-ntiiii! .'-'I'!' K-imb "'an \ Vi>.iU ;l UK Itn.lhiT. .Mioinev K C i;ales and family went o\er to l<''-i •• i'>!i 1 da.\ ninrflni; o spend llie'd-iv with hi- binilii-r and family. — It. .Sentt tt'-pubiican • /.'ct One Plain Anynay. I banittp picked one plum out of the 1 hank.=?ivinp piiddinc if H did lose the piiddit'c to lola. The high school iM ket bill five defeated the Y. M. C \ siiuad at lola last nichi bv a score ' f .'.7 lo 1.1 There wax a ^ond crowd in attendance, and the game was r'.irxn 'n "very resppct. The fir?t half roiiclnded with a s<-ore of 27 to lo In (avor of the liM-al.t. The hish school .•')iiad v.IH remain over today and plav ihe |ii|a hicb school five, this «>v- eniiic. No girl.«' came was played, the J"?.-! ("atii havine disbanded.—Chanute Sun. Tn and From Channte. .Mi.^s f ^iifh .M'-f^idden niiii tuT ciest Mi-s Hazel Phares i>r Ottawa, went to I"Ia af noon to aft»'iid the basket ball u-anie • * * >riHses Pearl and Melle Kit lion went lo lola ihl.s afternrKin to at- leiid Ihe teachers" association; * *, * \fis- Arnold Is liTe from lola visll- iiiK .Miss Alice W HII .,—Chanute Sun. Do You Feel This Way? Do you feel all lired out? Do yoo •ometimc* think you jutt can't work away at yonr profea- •inn or trade any loaKer? Do you iiave • poor apc> tite, and lay awake at ni|hti onabl* to sleep ? Are your ner^e* all Hone, and your.ttomach too? Ha* am* bition to forjte ahead ia (be worid left you? If so, you roijtht ai welt put a stop to your misery. Yo« eaa do it if you will. Dr. Pierce's Goldca Medical Discovery will make you a differcat iodividnal. It will set your ia«y liver lo work. It will set tbin^ ri|bt in your stomach, tad your appetite will come bmsk. It will purify your blood. If there it any tendency ia your family toward cooaomption, it will keep that drcwl destroyer away. Even after «oa> sumption has almost gained • foothold in tb* form of • lioKeriof couth, bronchiiit, or bleeding at the Iua|s, it will brinl nboot • cure in 98 per cent, of all cases. It is a remedy prepared by Dr. RTV . Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., %rbose «frfef> is tiv** frit to all who wish to write him. Hit great success has come from hu wide ettperieaoe and varM practice. Don't be wheedled by a petiny-irabbing dealer into taking iaiarior sabsd* tutes for Dr. Pierce's mediciiies, reeommandad to b« "just •• food." Dr. Pierce's medicines are OF KNO W N coMrosmoN. Their every ingfcdieat printed on their wrappers. IVfade from roots without alcohol. Contain no b«bit- formiog drugi. World's Dispensary .Medical Association, Boislo, N. Y. INEXPENSIVE H06 COT. - *. - • • • •" Buy to BulM andVuMIU All the Re* qulrafnentai This cooT^nlpnt bog cot la conatrnet- cd b]r mtltng loch ^rda on sir-Joists 2 by 4 Inchea by $ feet long for tbe flow. Beneath the Joists are nailed three stringers 2.b:t ^ Inches by 8 feet long, whtoh serve as mnners for moving tbe honsc. Nest Is spiked a piece 2 by 8 Inches 0 feet 4 inches long at the ends of the Jotets. having tbe bottom of the 2 by 8 even with the bottom of tbe Joist which will allow It to project above the floor three Inches. It will also extend out seven Inches at each end. This 2 by 8 forms a plate to which tbe rafters and roof boards are' nailed. Tbe seven Inch extension of the plate at the ends supports the lower corners of the roof, which otherwise would be easily spilt oJf. These 2 by S'a. besides strengthening the boiise. raise the rafters and roof boards nailed to them at least three Inches olf the floor and thereby materially Increase the floor space and tbe ca /Miclty of the house. If tbe house Is to be used In extremely cold weather an easily manipulated door Is necessary. The cut shows a door two feet wide and two feet six Inches high, made to slide ap and down and held In place, by cleats. It Is suspended by a rope which passes through a pulley at the top and is fastened to a cleat at the side near the roof. The rut also shows tw<i Iron eye."«. bolted into the front Joist of the building, to whirh the hitch Is made when the hnlldlng Is moved. A rear door, identical In size with the front tloor. Is held in place by rieats nailed across It on the Inside and by buttons fastened on the outside. This door Is not opened regularly, tint provMes ventilation In summer and nIds In linndling sows at far- niwlncr tinte. Abov the rear iloor Is a small sliding door 8 by 12 Inches to THB A SHAPED HOO COT. ridnilt llRht and nir. There Is a ventilator on top sawing off ends of two roof boards .nnd covering the hole with a cap so nrranged ns to leave openings 3 by 12 Inches on each side of the roof. Luml >er refiuired: Nine pieces 1 by 12, sixteen feet long, and eleven battens sixteen feet long for roof: five pieces 1 by 12. fonrteen feet long, for ends; one piece 2 by 4, ten feet long, for ridge; two pieces 2 by ten feet :onc for plates; seven pieces 2 by 4. sixteen feet lone, for rafters and bmcrs In frame; three pieces 2 by fi. eight feet long, for stringers, and four pieces 1 by 12. sixteen feet long, for flooring. SILAGE FOR MILK COWS. Most Profitable Way to Feed This Valuabla Ration. By M. A. GOODRICH. Perhnps there is more benefit derived from silage hy fee<llng It to milk rows than by feeding It to any other kind if stock. .-Vt any rate. It Is used more «nd thonght more of by dairymen than ly any other cls^s of tHrmern. Cows shonld never l>e fed exclusively on sllnge. They need some dry forage to go with it: they need a variety. Besides thli, corn sllace Is a carbonaceous foofi .nnd needs some more nitrogenous foo«l to go with It to ninke n well balanced ration. About thirty or at most forty pounds a day of silage Is as much as should be fed to •ach cow. It should he fed from the top of the sUo. faking off about two Inches In depth from the entire surface each day, for If It Is long exposed to the air It will be damaged. If the feeding commences Immediately after (illlnff the silo—and this Is a good way to do It—there will he no damaged -^lace nt nil. Care should be taken at each time of feeding to leave the sur- fflcp 8mooth and even and not pick and stir it up with the fork, for that will let 111 the nlr rind cause damage. My way Is to feed the silage ration In two fred .s. both night and morning, nnd It Is Iwtter to feed after milking, because the pecnilnr odor of the silage might affe»-t the flavor of the iiillk. Cows .us well ns other stock have a wonderhil liking for slInEP, and I believe niiii-h of the success In feefling If enn lie attributed to Its pslatahiUty. They even prefer If, to n certain e.t teijt at least, to fresh cut forsKe or good grass In Ihe pasture. 1 have seen i»ws in June when on Kood pastnre which bad been fed silage every dny come to th<» gate nt 4 o'clock In the afterniwn and liellow and ask to come to the barn nnd get silage, which they would CTeedlly and apparently with great relish. I have seen the experiment tried of offerlnar the cows at the same time com cut fresh from the flelds and silage that was put up the yesr before. Every row rhose the sllsge and ate that first. It Is true these, cows had lieen fed silage e»*ery day nil summer, and It may be the hntilt of eating silage had something to do with their preferring It. but they surely would not have done It If silage had not been pretty good feed. There Is a better and cheaper feed to supplement short pastures, wbteb we are almost sure to have every summer on account of drought or other causes, than good silage. I know soma of tbe most successful dairymen in the country vrl^ feed silage every day tn the year, winter as well as summer. NEWS OF GAS CITY MEMBERS OF FIRE DEPARTMENT HELD MEETING LAST KIGHT. Dr. IVhHr, of Topeka, VflM Give His Ilinstrated Lecture Here December 4tli—Personals. Cbristtan I'borrh. Sunday school at lit a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and IM*) p. ni. by Rev. Ammons, of Missouri City, Mo. A Pretty Home Wedding. A very pretty wedding occurred In this city yesterday. Thanksgiving da.v, when .Mr. Hosca Carver, of Kissee, -Mo., and Miss Cioldle Lcnhart were united in marriage by Rev. D. M. Campbell, pastor of the M. K. church. A number of the groom's relatives and friends from Missouri. Including the many Irlends of the bride from Oas City were pre.^ent. The newly married couple will depart next Monday for their home In Missouri where they will make their future home.—Herald. Lerture Course. The second number of the lecture cnurHe will he given this evening one j .week, IJoc. 4. Dr. While of Topeka will give his Illusirated lecture on "The l.,and of the Pharaks." Seventy- five fine views are used. Thr season ticket for the remaining seven iium- bers. nn cents. School tickets .".0 cents Come out—Christian church. Ticket at Dr. Swan's. - >«rth End Chnrch. Kcgiilar Sabbath service. HIble school at H:ir.. Preaching service at 11 a. ni. .Innior at :t p. m. and senior young (irojile at 7. Evening service at 7:t ."i. Sermon siihject, a. m.. '"Somr Features of the Saloon. P. m., "Christ Writing on the Oroitnd." Vou are cordially invited.—W. .N. Leepcr, pastor. Personals. .Mr. Pr^.nk Wright and Miss Biisen bark, of Kmporia. Kas.. are guests a the l-.-aac Carl home today. Kd. Whitehead of Caiie.v, Kas.. is here visiting. .Fohn Boyd of RarflcBville Is here visiting. .Miss Swan, datiphler of Dr. and Mrs. S. U. Swan of this city was the ;:iiest of friends In Colony, Kas., yesterday. l.. R. Williams, of Kansa.s City, was here yesterday on business. Mr. and .Mrs. James Riley returned to their heme in Cane.v. Kas.. yesterday. A (iREAT HE( <»RI». Dr. LeonltardCs Internal Pile Remedy -Makes 98 Per Cent, of Cures. Dr. Uconhardt's Hem-Rold has been tested in several thousand cases, and was successful in all hut two per cent Heni-Rold's wonderful record Is due to the fact that It Is an internal rcm- ed.v. The cause of piles Is Interna' and It Is too niiich to- expect to cure piles with ointments, siipiiosltories or operations. llcm-RoUl cures the Internal cause. Sold for $1. under guarantee by Chas. H. Spencer & Co. Dr. Leonhardt Co., Station B. Buffalo. .N. Y., prop Write for booklet. TfJBACCO TRl'ST SlIT PIT OFF. A Hearing Concemhii: an Independent Company Awaits Court Action. Newark, N; .1.. R.' OT . 28.— The suit of the American Tobacco company acalnst R. P. Richardson. .Ir., & Co. of .North Carolina to compel the tranr fer of the stock of the defendant company to the American Tobacco company, in compliance with an. alleged agreement, has been indefinitely continued. The case was to have come tc trial la the chancery court next Wed- nesda.v. Yesterday counsel for the Richardson company asked Vice Chan cellor Howell for Ihe postponement of the trial on the ground that the suit could not be decided until after the I-nifed States Supreme court had passed on the pending suit of the government against the American Tohacco company. Register want ads pay. The General Demand nf the Well-informed of the Wotld has always been for a simple, pleasant and efficient liquid la.ioitivc remedy of known value; a laxative which phyaiciaiu cotjd sanction for family use because its com ponent parts are Known to them to be wholesome anil truly beneficial in effect, acceptable to the system and gentle, yet [irotnpt, in action. In supplying that demand with its ex- rellent cnmbination of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, the California Fig Syrup Co, proceeds along ethical lines and relies on the merits of tbe laxative for its retn&rk- able success. That is one of many reasons why Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is (iven tbe pfeference by tbe Well-informed. To get iu beneficial efTecU always buy the genuine—manufactured by the Gdi- fomia Fig Syrup CJo., only, and for sale by all leading druggisU. Price fifty eents per b«ttle. ALLEN COUNTV STATE BANK Capital ^0,000.00 DIRBCroRS A. W. Bsck, 1. C. Btatty, A. J. Fdltoo. W. J. Evans, J. O. ROd«w% W. L. Bwtles, ThoB. H. Bowlus. j wtmauEjfUR own oRMm om MU uMmpejuiPtmn SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB RENT FROM «2 TO |5 FEB YEAR. INTEBEST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. 0000000000000000 O O O LITTLE BITS OF KAKSAS HITS O o o O A Medley of Prose, Poetry, Jfewt O O Notes and Comment. O O O 0000000000000000 This Is also the season In which tte young man's fancy turns to sprtng-Ing himself for her Chrlstma.^ gifts. Mart Benson, marshal, was the only republican who "shuck" down a plum from the political tree In the Humboldt orchard. 'Bonl's suit In on." says the Salina ESvcnIng .loiirnal. Whereupon the Hon. Mr. Wise, of Paola observes that he 'hopes so since BonI has already exposed himself. Desjilte the ban which William Allen White put on the use of the word "Hon." many moons ago, the word Is creeping back Into the Kansas language. All the political doctors tn Kansa.t In Kansas agree that Ilarriman's system Is all right In two ways. First, that It Is exceeding healthy as far a? physical vaulatlon is concerned and second, that Is not suffering from an overtax. It is observed that the "big feed" which the republicans of Salina county are going to have on January 7 will demand the expenditure of one dollar per. In this Instance, $1 per instead of $1 a. Is all right. Some times you don't get it at $1 per. But here is the time when everybody who is there will get fed at %\ per, just as surely as Is he had the diminutive article in front of the "per." The "op'ry house" is still an instl tutlon In the border Kansas towns. Tiike our No. 410 when Traveling EastiWdrd Leaves lola 7:19 p. m., Arrives St. Louis 8:25 a. tn. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with tba Mst bound trains at St. Louie. For further partlcuiari <»li and see us. C. p. Hale, Agt. The statement from Lawrence that all the grocers are short in weight doesn't apply to tbe grocers. And then, the gridiron battle Isn't half as strenuous to the laundry maid as the flatiron scrimmage. The under dog Is almost the first fellow who strikes the undertow, sagely remarks a south Kansas philosopher. A Kansas Magazine will have no difficulty In getting on its "feet" if Walt .Mason can help any. "Forty fled from fire," says a dispatch in a Kansas paper. That's nothing. "Forty" Moore did the same thing down In Coffeyvllle. Vale Hoeh. You may have your faults as well, tJovernor Hoch. Same as many we might tell.. Governor Hoch. Voij may muff a splendid bet. When you're under a deep sweat. Who has not? He's not here yet. Governor Hoch. True that some have fussed and sighed Governor Hoch. Some have fumed and some have Sighed Governor Hoch. VVTien you had to turn 'em down. Cause the pie won't go all round. Who'd do better? Not in town. Governor Hoch. But there's lots that you have done. Governor Hoch. And it wasn't all Just fun. Governor Hoch. Facing problems, mighty great. You have worked both long and late. To sail well the ship of state. Governor Hoch. LAMFHERE TO PRISOX IX STYLE. A flO<Horsepower .Motor Car Conveyed the Ganness Hired Man. Laporte, Ind., Nov. 28.—Ray Lanj- phere, convicted of setting fire to (he home of .Mrs. Belle Gunness. went to prison in style today. In charge of Sheriff Smutzer he rode from the iur terurban station to the prison gate In a fiO-horsepower Thomas Flyer. Sheriff Smutzer accompanied Lamphere to the inner gate and there the prisoner shook handa with tbe officer, thanked him for the excellent treatment be had received in the county Jail the six months he had been confined and asked him If he would say a good word for him wheiv his application sbouid come before the prison parole board. Already Lamphere is looking forward to the end of bis minimum sentence of two years, when he will be privileged to apply for a parole. Schaffner la Town. County Assessor Chas. Schaffner was In tbe city yesterday afternoon. .Mr. Schaffner still finds plenty to do in the way of odds and ends of bis work last summer. If you are contemplating tbe erection of a monument or Ub-. let, call and see our new and up-to-date stock of Foreign and American Granites. We carry fhe best that can be obtained on the market. Our shop ii equipped with a new compressed nir lettering machine for lettering and tracing. Our prices are the very lowest for ,OrBt class work. Call and see uraud get prices. We want your batl- ness. J. C.COFFIELD&SON PhonellSS. 220 Wearit Fmlmtmr mm estimates cbesrfuliy given tm%]frtvfk ^ 'K Res. 4M 8. Baek«f» OSTEOPATHY— , DR. W .H. ALBUGHT. Registered Osteopathic Pbyafclaa. Stats Bank Dldg. Phone 145. Only Osteopath Is La Herpei. THE LOCAL MARKETS Prices <}ooted by Bmri A Tagsart Produce Ceapuy. The following local nu^rket report Is furnished by Gard & Taggart |>|t>duc^ company and wlil be kept mnninc Jn The Register every day. The .Pflcea quoted are the prices which.tfiey will pay for poultry, eggs and butter delivered here: Bggs, current receipts per case...26c Old Hens, fat 7c Old Cox 3c Spring ^Thickens : «V4c Spring Ducks 5o Spring Turkeys. 8-Ib So Old Hen Turkeys 8c Old Tom Turkeys 7o Old Ducka 60 Butter, less than 6 per cent salt...25c Boyd to Omaha. George B. Boyd, formerly with the Register reportorial force, is now on the staff of an Omaha paper. Mr. Boyd went from Sprlngflteld Ho., to Omaha. He was assistant city editor of the Springfli,eld RepubUcan. ECZEMA AND AU SKIN DISEASES An gulekly ouied bjr ZEMO, a deaa Uquid for extendi uae.' ZEMO ia the b«t known lamedyfor tiwiattoniniief and podtiva eur» of eeaena. pimplee, dandruir. pOeeand every form oC akin or scalp oiicase.'. For sale everywhere. Writcfor aam- plc, E. W. Rose Medicine Co., St Lovin For sale at Burrell'a Orus dtoc« ,

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