Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 28, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1908
Page 2
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V < nn n »LA SULT irasnB, SITUBSAT ETKHIHCL KOTESBD IS, IIM. >;ik''nini||]^, r. A: vbitnaDP, TiM^MtiiaBi 0. r. losnaiTr, M OrnBBSIPlID ra IDRDIPOSin li^illirj W tti IMhillrtii EttaUlstaeif IW. - AfltaOirty MMt luk h Alnlfc A. L BBDMBAUSK CMUV. taTor FBOn, AU^ GuMn h200,000 AUDITORFUM TONIGHT. ZARRAH Ex-Rlngling BroK Trick • •»«ii3 ^3ia E>J»V TOrRSECF. AUDITORlUn CARS WERE BURNED (Continued from page 1.) • • • To Have Exchange. The W. C. T. U. has appointed com fltittees to plan for an exchange sale of cooked food on Saturday of next week. A sale was to have been con- dncted today but a postponement was annoanced because of other events. • * * i In Ottawa. ! Hn. Q. I>. Garlinghouse is visiting her mother. Mrs. Clarli at Ottawa for a short time. • * •!• Miss Woods Here. Miss Burdetta Woods of EHsmore is.« guest of friends ^e^e for a week. She is attending the teachers" assocl- ation. •> •:• + W. C. T. U. Meeting. A larKe number of members of the W., C.~T. tJ. were present at a meeting held In their rest rooms yesterday afternoon. The program was inter- e^jPE .«>d In lieeping with th(> T^U^ffsiXviat season. The address of tiiiB„iiternoon was delivered by .Miss Ii ^ai (af. McCoy who described In an ' inferpBting way the slum woriv and otjier.icliarities in Chicago. The busing, nieeting closed the afternoon and tlMi'nieinbers enjoyed a Social hour fo- getbeH • •>+ * Here From Ottawa. Miss Agnes Aldrich returned from lola. this morning after a .short visit with her sister. Mrs. Ray West.—Herald. • • • Aid Society Meeting. The Aid society of the Christian church held a huslness meeting yes- terdojr afternoon at the ctiurch. it Is customary to have the sessions on Thursdays but the time was changed this week because of Thanksgiving. , + * Earl Kessler Here. IBarl Kessler. of St. Ixjuls. Is here foi^ a. vacation with his mother, Mrs. Kesslier. and other relatives. - . V 4. 4> Return to Oswego. Mr. and-Mrs. J. W. Marley. Miss IxiU: Mlisnlre and M^ H. M. Marley r^^ t^eir liomes in Oswego ytataifff. They were guests of Mr. and.Mirs. F. B. Smith for Thanksglv- tnf«>t4lisB.Hallie Maguire and Miss BUtabeth Gay, of Lexington. Ky.. who wiere-alao Mrs. Smith's other guests, left itioday. Sewing Club. Mrs. Frank Faucett gave a very pleasant afternoon party yesterday for ber Sewing club. After an hour with needlework Mrs. Faucett served a Siaall -aWP^r to the members who were presents * *• • • Mrs. Qilfllian Returns. Miss Bthel Gilflllan. of Fort Scott who,has been Tisiting her cousin. Mrs. R. 8. Gilflllan, has returned home. To Ottawa. Mrs. Geo. Davis. Mrs. W. E. Ralston. |Uid Mrs. N. Sleeper left today for Ottawa to attend a meeting of the ehMrter of iDanghters of the American Rmrolution^ The ladies are members J. W. Coffoy A Son ExriuHlre .If welrr.s East.SWe Square iSOLID SILVER Tke ekarfcter and worth iaHwrn In irM >d sUvrr differ. •aiktes-H from ererythlnir e|«*,ta (ke way of ^Ifl or rr- Af .its curantee of qualify, •ilrer from Xerrhants has tUs CfllaUblimeBts loni; years «f tummkk haslnesB career. ..^iTcBfyMBs, solid sllrer, U3i MMi Ilk of the organization and are to bo guests at BfVPial social affaliH in coii- ncclion with the convention.' * 'S" Visit In Galena. .Mr. and .MTH. W. T. Wnlson Uft today tor Calonn. They »ll! Kpcnd a few (layn ihuro and in other towns adjoining. * * * To Visit in Humboldt. Ml.'^-.s Thckla TlKiIfii of Hiinilioldi. who has 1)0011 vJsitlng hvr aunt, .Mrs. Herman Tholen, reiunn'il hoini- loilay. She was acconiiiaiile<l liy ,Mi88 LizzI" Tholen who will spoiul the week end in Humboldt. * •> •:• SrndiDg Lcliers Here. in their work <o prevent the spread of tuberculosis In America the officials of Kansas and also the nation have not Ignored the culture clubs and the federation, which they form. Recently Governor Kioch and Dr. S. S. Criiin- blne In arranging for (tie health conference, .-ient personal letters to the Kansas club women to urge them to lend their assistance in stamping out the white plaKur>. One of letters has conic to .Mrs. W. O. Wolfe president of the Second district, re- nnesting her attendance nt the meet ing to be held In Topeka on Decern ber 3. .Mrs. Wolfe will jirobalily be present. While in Topeka the clubs will form a soclet.v which will be a branch of the national organization which met In Washington some weeks ago. Mrs Hoffman, of Knterprise, this state. Is chairman nf the health committee of ICansas and having attended the meet ings in Washington, she will be pres ent at the approaching conference to give the women an Idea of the iilans mo?t beneficial. .Mr. and Mrs. Ilinde Home. Mr. and Mrs. H. K. HInde and their small son have returned from a visit with relatives In Illinois and Missouri They spent some time In St.,lx )uls and l^olutnbla .tiid Sprliigfield, Illinois. Dr. Hiifgli In V. W. C. Ai Work. Dr. Edith Halgh who left lola several months ago for Madison, Wisconsin, is Identified with work^ In V. W r. A. circles In her new home, Dr Halgli was largely Instrumental In xeruring an association for lola. She Is chairman of the finance cuiiimlttet^ In Madison. Tin' Wisconsin State .lour nal says: After two .voars of pre llnilnary work the Hly Voung. Wo man's Christian association held it; organir.allou meeting all day .vester day at the asso<'latlon house, 123 North Plnckney street, and chose a board of advisors. The chief address was given bi Miss Elluibeth Clark, the national traveling socretnr.v, who' outlined the fundamental principles of the organization a,nd cited c'o-ope,ratioD, division of labor, an ideal, all round development of physical, social, mental and religious life, and the adaptability of the association to local needs. Dr. Eolith Haigh also gave a brief outline of the work of the preliminary committee since its beginning s little more'^han two jears ago under the leadership of Dr. Mary B. White She extended a greeting from this -1-11. •' ' ujL -a -,. iji Iti the custom, the pleasant hour foN lowing the devotional part of the afternoon. The speclai music which Is also a feature. Is rendered on this occasion by Misn' Livers who Is visiting ,Mrp. John I^cvlln. ^ .J. To Visit Brother. Miss AMce Hendrick Is spending the week in Chanutc. She Is visiting her brother. Homer Henderson, * • • Miss Englisb to Emporia. Miss Lucile English leaves at noon 1 toomrrow for Emporia. She la a stu- Idenf in the state normal school. • ^ •> Return to Pittsburg. Prof, and Mas. Bushey of Pittsburg, nill leave on an afternoon train tomorrow for their home. They have spent the Thanksgiving recess here. • Miss Minrow to Leave. Miss Maude Minrow who spent Thanksgiving here will leave tomorrow for her homf In Emporia. .;. .J. In Kansas City. .Miss norencR Mitchell Is to spend the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. .Mitchell. She has been a guest of friends In Kansas City for several days. Miss Schaub Leaves. lionise Schaub who has been a guest of Mr. and .Mrs. A. N. .^rit chell for several days, returned home toda.v. * • Children's Party. Mrs. C. B. Spencer and Miss Lu dene Spencer are entertaining a few of the tatter's friends with an Informal party this afternoon. • ^ •:• Miss Marr III. The many friends of Miss Grace Marr will be sorry to learn that she Is r]ulte III at her hotiie on South Syc eommlliee and spoke of Its willingness|amore street. * < + For Miss Pollock. Mrs. W. H. Crangie will give a small lliincr party tonlylif for .Miss Helen to dissolve and merge its Interests lii- in the larger organization. At the terminal Ion of Dr. iialRirs uldress ilie nicnibi-rs of the lM)ard re- _ lualned for 11 prettily appointed Iiinch- 1 ollock of Kansas City, pon, which proved to lie one of the + + •> pleasant feuturcs of tin* day. The Miss Crockett to Leave, iiiich room foredohcrt Mo the public .Miss firace Crockett who has spent III day yesterday for the first time th season In the millinery depart •lure It was started. n'ent of the Richardson store leaves Miss Heacock Here. nn .Monday for her home In Missouri .Miss Ida Heacock of Parsons, de- -pj,)^ •vjls^ Crockett's second yea i«arUi)cnt secretary of the W. C. T. il. here and she has a wide arqijalnlanct Is among those who are here for the especially among young, people. •ea?hers' association. She Is a guest of .Mr. and .Mrs. W. H. McCIure of South Washington avenue. .Miss Hea- „ 'ock Is a daughter of .Mrs. Heacock.IsasCltv yesterday for a s'-ort visit. ' ' " " • + • + MIs.i Cotttow Going Abroad. Friends of Miss Augusta Cotllow In Kansas City. .Mrs. I.. L. N'orthrup went to Kan inspector of the Corps, who was here for a speclai meeting last week. • <- i' ^, r;£-.s ?.^„^ --or Si"' fn' _ will sail for Europe, and the pianist An Edison Program. ppend two years In concert work .Mrs. R. B. otevenson, president of !„ ^KICS and before audiences of mu the Current Event club will entertain jovers. Miss Cnttlow will Inclnd. that orpanii-ation for the regular Rpveral towns In Kansa.s In her trip meeting of Monday .iftemoon. The this winter, among them Lawr(>nce. iiapers and readln.-^s to make up the ^he will not visit tola, program will be relative to the Inven •Ions of Edison. + • • .Mrti. Lodge to Address Y. >V. C. A. The talk at the Women's meeting "omorrow afternoon will be given by EAST COTTAME (JHtiVE. -c A nural)er of .Savonburg people were Isltlng at h": uncle. . Mr. and Mrs. ('has. Huss visited at John Ifiisses Sunda.v. Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Moore and daiiel- ters. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woodlii. Mr and .Mrs. Ira Bonian and children. Mr '.nd .Mrs. Harrv .Moore and Mr, P. .T C.lcnnan vlslied at Rube I.,ake'8 gun- day. The pie social nt Sky Rocket la."!! Friday tilght was we.'l attended. Mesdame.^ Ed l>ong and Oren T/)nt visited nt F. .\. Mooro'.'! last Tuesday DRY CLEANING THE MOST i'OWERFTL LB.\'S •vlll fall to reveal a flaw In our mag- ilficenf stock of FIXE JEWELBT. Was for years a trade secret. By this method the most delicate fabric:; can be cleaned without Injury. Thf secret Is now out. Any one ran do their own dry cleaning by using I>RV- CI-EAN-O. F^ill directions on each „ , , , , , can. A oO-ccnt can will do $10 worth Cenulne metals, perfect gems, artis- „j cleaning Ic deslgns-our guarantee with every „„,i I,RY-CLEAX-0 the rlicle sold. Why go elsewhere when very best preparation In the world for ve offer a fine ktvtU, OUT re|iutatlon washing all woolen goods, underwear, md a guarantee and money-saving "Jr^oes. dress skirts and every thing 'made of pure wool. The goods will wear longer and be more satisfactory, keep their color and natural gloss and fluffiness until they are completely worn out Made only by Putnam Fadeless Dye Co., Quincy, III. For sale br Chas. B. Spencer & Co.. J. D. Miin- dls ft Co., W. L. Crabb. Dr. H. A. Erown. you've noticed that it's raining yet." perforated with a few choice expletives. But when, finally, a car passed and a conductor told them the story of the fire, their indignation faded and was replaced with regret. Some even said they could stand to walk under the circumstances. Big Blaze But Little Noise. Only a few people In the city knew anything of the fire until this morning. But the news spread rapidly and soon everybody was realizing that the destruction of the car ham meant lola'8 loss and that the result would be the scrJously crippling of the city's transportation facilities. Miss Norton, the courteous chief clerk to Superintendent .Massnngale. was nl ber desk early. In the midst of reports, payrolls and correspondence, the telephone bell constantly Interrupted. .Hundreds of Inquirers wanted to know all about the fire, tow many cars were burned and all the smallest details. She answered th"m all with amazing tranquility and affability and demonstrated her ability to act well and faithful under trying clrcumstan<!cs. At the Are and all day. with that Indomitable enercy with which he Is possessed bristling in every nerve. Lee Massengale worked and planned. He splurged and splashed around in the water with- his men and brought a klqd of order out of chaos. His men, inspired by such a leader, tolled tinswervlngly, against any and all odds and at 11 o'clock this morning the wreckage had been removed from between the walls of the "former" car barn. ' Insurance on the Plant. Senator Frank L. Travis, of the flrni of Smith and Travis, who represent' the insurance companies In which t^e lola Electric railway carries policies said this afternoon that the total in surance on the power plant and. car b.nrn was $2.^,li''0, distributed anion? the following companies: Hartford Aetna 1300 Home 2500 Am. Central 2nCn Nat. Union 4000 Phenix 2000 Hanover 2500 Delaware I.'ion Shawnee i.'ion Ham-Bremen 2S00 Queen 1300 Citizens UOn WAimD~ ^mimndUmmmomm MEN WANTED QUICKLY—By big Chicago mail order house to distribute catalogues,' advertise, etc. $2r>.00 a week. IBO.OO expenses allowance first month. No experience required. Manager, Dept. 501, 3S5 Wiiljash Ave.. Chicago. WANTED—Farm hand at Creek Dairy. Phlne 989—2. Deer TO LOAN— 15 .000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—lola I..and Co. "WANTED—Two young ladles to solicit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 and tl. Evans Block. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—The lola Furniture Exchange, 1 A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. ~ - Business Dbedtoff. 0 • JOHN 0. WOODUK, M. D. * FhyslcIaB.and Surgeon. * Urer BurreH's. Phone lis. DR. MILDBED CUBTIS • Plijtlclau ani Surgeon. • Office over fiu>-reira Drug Store * Office Phone 564. * Residence 214 El. Jackson * Phone r ,G9. • WANTED—Girl for general housework. .\pply to Mrs. Robert Wrigley, .'>2-i East ./ackson. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola. Kas. S23.500 This amount, with a policy for $150n which will he added later, will brine the nmount up to $25,000. .This Insurance, however, Mr. Travis says covered the entire plant. As/ there was only ^ small hole burned In the,.j roof of the power house and three of the cars were saved, the Insurance Involved, Mr. Travis sn.vs, will amount to about Sli.OOO, Sparks From the Fire. The big green passenger car iiiini- lier narrowly escaped hclne hitrn- ed. It was standing near the burning car barn and was bad'y scorched on one end before it was gotten • o a safe distance. SALESMEN & AGENTS—I S • $50.00 piir week and over can be made selling New Campaign Novelties from now until election, Seils to Stores. Coun•'y Fairs. Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of samples, charges pre- oaid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. WANTED—Young men to jirepare for coming examination for Railway Mail and other Government Positions. Superior instruction by Mail. Established 14 years. Thousands of successful students. Sample questions and "Mow Gov't PoRifion.=: are Secured" sent free. Inter-State School? 291 la. Ave.. Cedar Rapids. Iowa. • • • DB. HeXILLEir, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Dlseaa- es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 283. Office over Burrell'i Drug Store West Madison. Phone 687. Res. 701. DB. 0. L. COX, Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldgf WANTED—.Men to learn barber trade, few weeks leqiilred. best paying v/nrk within the reach of poor man, can have simp with small capital, wages from $12 to $20 weekly, wondeifiil demand for barbers, cata- 'ogiie mailed free. Moler Barger college. Kansas City. Mo. FOR SAlE-Mlm 'T'-'^^ Offlca Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4M DB. B. 0. CHBISTIAH pbyslcian and Surgeoa Rooms 7 and 8. Ehrans Bidg. • • • F. H, MABTUr, Surgery end Dlseaies of Women. Office and Residence Phone 576 Office 7 North Jefferson. JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoaat, old reliable jewelar. 110 East Street Lodge Difectory FOR SALE—Two • • • planoa slightly used. '<• it u • ••• . sale by Chanutc parlies. These an bargains. .lohn V. Roberts Music Store. "Sometimes too little room Is better than enough." a spectator said at the fire "this morning. "I reckon that the only reason that the whole shoot- In' match wasn't burned is because there wasn't room enough to get 'em all in the barn." FOR SALE—A 22-aero fruit and truck farm, 2 miles north of Gas City. tJood botlom land. J. W. .McWilllams. Gas City. R. R. i. ~Vqn SALE OR TRADE—(Jood property. cl<;Be in. Call 110 Wc«t .Monroe. TO RENT—Kiirnished rooms. Inquire of T. .\. ilartles. 10 .North Washington. The dancer of a conflagration which would destroy barn, power I-oiise and all was heightened by live wires which became broken when .the fire had proere.ssed to a point where falling debris was wrecking the barn There was some lively scrambling to cut off these wires. 'I live rirht across the creek." said Mr. <"Vaig at the' power house thi.= morning, "and 1 didn't know a thing of ' e fire until some neighbors told me his morning.'' Fire was still sroolderini: in por Ions of thf- wrecked car barn thlF morning at 11 o'(;lock. The burned cars are all lined up on a switch near thp power house They still have some of the "runnin' g'>ar" left, i Mr. CPP. "f the Electric park cafe wa<5 one of the valiant fighters of the flri ftend. | Many spectators viewed tte "remains" of the car barn nt Ihe power ouse this Tnornlng. At least the Kansas Southern does 't hold an .option on the lola Ele" trie ear bflrn now. IH'FM'EKS OF >AVY .HI'/ZLED. To Kefraln From lUticassloh ('onrem. In« »w|tort I'onferenre. FOR RENT—Almost nrvv four room house at 711 South Walnut; paved street. See Harry Davis. FOOMS FOR RENT—Small family: 612 .South Jeffer.wn Ave. fOR MXOMAISaE Six Clear La Harpo residences $7000 -tnd |.':000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart. lola. Kas. KNIGHTS OF FITHIA8.-Neoska r.odge No. 43 meets every Monday light at K. of P. Hal I.. Visiting bf» tbors invited. W. 8. Thompson, B. 01 Chris Rlttor. K. of R. and 8. KNIGHTS OF KACCABESSr^ Knights o( Maccabees of the WorM meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourtk Saturday nights of each montlt. 3. W. Postwalt, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meets la K. of P; Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele, C. C. A. H. Davis. CTer» Visitors cordially invited. M. W. A.-The M. W. A. Lod»i meets every Friday night in M. W. A. Hali. Visiting brothers invited. F. 0^ Coffleld. V. C, W. A. Cowan. Clerfc- _ BOTAL NEIGHBOBSr-Iola Cam? No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of ea^ montb. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oractai Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Straei* Recorder. FOR E.XCHANGE—A smooth, well Improved 160 acrcsin Howell county. Mo., six miles from railroad station. Price $2..-)00.. Incumbrance $12o0, for rental property in lola or La Harpe. H. M. Dowler. LOST room LOST—In front Kress's store, pair Bpectacles, Leave at Kelley's transfer office. FBATEBNAL BBOTHEBHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meet* second and fourth Thursday of eaii^ month in A. O. V. W. Hall. Visltlay members cordially Invited. W. H. AJ*- derson, president; Golda Elam. seor»» Urr. JW. oil f 111a j3 doieral CoBtraetnir. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks natr Curbing a Specialty, oaca lis East Jackson ATB. VlM»Be SM. i 00000000000000000 O O E. E. VICKEKS O Lhe Slock and General O Auctioneer O Satisfaction Guaranteed O Phone 83ri —409 East St.. lola. Ks. O O 00000000000000000 rices? McNIELBROS. Washington. Nov. 28.—That there hall be no further public dlscusAlon by naval ofricers concerning the Newport conference iwlthout permission of the president. Is the purport of an order Issued today by Secretary Metcalf by direction of the president. On Octolier 30 the department la- sued a permit to officers to discuss the work of this conference, except so far IS it applied to changes to be made on ships to be authorized in the future. The president has now con- c'uded that public discussion of alleged defects oil battleships will not serve any good purpose. Archie Pickell Here. Archie Pickell was up trom lliiin boldt yesterday afternoon to visit relatives. .Mr. Pickell Is now local il III IlllnolH but has been home for a visit wllh his mother. Wants Brick Layers. F. H. Everett, of Yates Center, wa In town today looking for brick masons. .Mr. Everett is an old acquaintance of A. F. Florence and spent several hours with him here today. 00000000000000000 O * O ©.NOTICE TO tORRESPO>»E?STS. O O O O The Register desires each cor- O O resiMBdeut to seid In his or her O O name at once with the postefflce O O address and tke uarae of the O O neigkborkoed represeated. O O Please do this at Mce aa we O . O desire to abtalB tbe above facts O —Have your water pipes under the O far Ipportaat reasoaa. O house covered with frost proof cover-to O ing. K. C. Plumbing Supply Co. 'O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans IJOW Rate. Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Leans. Cunninsham & Arnett OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing thess days. Oe»' lenitier. you know. Is the time to ha« the summer dust cleaned 9ut of car pets. We are busy, hut your order wll' receive prompt and careful attentl»*> Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY PkoM Ut. XAOAZfTTB.'} A9D PEBIODICAl*' can be secured of i. E. Hendersoa who deals with the publishers aa« furnishes them at the lowest prlea possible. iTrlal subscription to Va* Norden's. 3 ifiontha 2Se. Phone 98. 414 N. BuckV*

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