Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1907
Page 6
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ISA I of Penmr lel« Pl«y«r In W*|it. wti AMOelatlenJ ! The tetUns ud pltchlDiK KTenu ^B i9f|«I«y«rs la'the W^tein AMoc|a- tlon are now out The llit indbdeB MTArat former lola playsn. Jack Itool; who, jiltdied for :tb< lola te^m kn the aOaaourl VUlejr leigne, had jpett Twr.vlth the stick. Hie Soldier Twliier'swatted them out irlth an 4T- jerace of .301, certainly a vcat milxk •for a pitcher, and Indicating that htrhen Itoot's pitching dayis are o^er .he will he useful In other departments of the game. "Red" Davlk who fbr- Imerly pltdied for Tola, hit ^ a gait of 1.308. Topeka. for which team he played ileld, has sold him to LbuiaTllIe. In the Amerlcaa Association.! Sylves^r OISOB ', of Saronburg, this eoonty. batted ;26S for JopUn. Jimihie McL^ar ibatted. 845 for WIchiU. {Emery 01- Isgo, brother of Sylvester, [batted .^46 Ifor Topeka, • which' is a good mark. Iconslderlng was his first sba- Ison in the l^gue. August Shaumey- er, who is well known to lola fans, having played third and field for the !G«sUghters, batted 2.31 for Leaven- iworth, of which team he| was manager. Tamer Gray, of this city, batted .?31 for Webb City. He played field. He was turned loose in the latter part | of the season for making an allegjed "bone head" play, he having collided iwlth Fielder Oyler in an jattempt to field a-sky scraper. Dud Ris ey j played a few games for Springfield, batting but .207. He will manage I Springfield next season. Arlo Scrog- igins with Oklahoiia City! fell down Iwlth the stick. hl{Ung but .228. jOld lArroy batted but .201 for Joplin, iddl rcatlng that he is losing his swatting eye. Bankhead, with Joplin, disappointed ihlB friends by hitting only .191. He with Rlsley played buti a few games In the Western, having been with the O. A. K league ^hc most of the season. Milton, better I known as Handsoms Larry, hit .171 fOr Webb City, and Fleharty, .who itwirlad here when lola was <ri the ISUta league, hit .166. Affy Wilson batted .239 for Hutchinstm. Of the former lola players who ! worked in the pitcher's box Flehai^ jty was easily the best. He won 28 out of 38 games pitched for Hutcbin- ! aon. a remarkably fine record. His aerrlces.for next season iare in dis- I pate. Kansas City claims Itim by i^ur- ' chase and Cinctnnatti by draft! , Itoot won 11 and lost 8, for Joplin. MHton won 11 games andj lost 11 Ifor Webb City. it EXIKEIiT PHARMACISTS. Xrcrywhere Aekiewledge i the SDj>«r< terity of TlBoL ^, If - one person more than another I should know the valne of a medicine ; It is the retail pharmacist For this reason such testimony! as the following should be convincfng. C. A. Patterson, the leading druggist of Charleston, W. Va.. writes: | "I have used Vinol for every membe^ of my family, and have never been disappointed in the results. It is a pleasure to sell a remedy that gives such universal: satisfaction." Mr. Charles E. Rogers, Druggist, of Elktbn. Ky., writes: "I consider Vinol one of the best remedies in! my store, and sell more of It than any I one medicine. I have also used Vinol in my family with excellent re8n1ts.T, Mr. J. F. Bradley of New Brunswick, N. J., writes: "It is a pleasure to recommend the cod liver prepkra- tioa, Vinol, .as it gives such splendid B^afaction. As I have used it in! my fajBlly. I can reccMnmend it from ex- pettonee." .. Tlie reason Vinol is so far superior to old-taahloned cod liver oil land UBuislons' Is because it contains all the medicinal, body building elements of cod' liver oil actually taken from frech cods' ilvera with all the {use- leaa oil eliminated and peptonate-ofr Iron added. As a body builder and strength creator for old people .weak wwuen. delicate diUdren. after sickness and] for all palmonary tronbles. Vinot is {rec- OBBwnded by over l>000 of the leading draggiau of the United Stkes. Toar money hack It It falls. SL R. Barren. Druggist lola. Kansas. 1 Notic*. I All m «nbera of Woodman Circle are re ^oeeted to be present Tne^ip- Bl ^t. December 3: to elect oflfcen and anaage fbr a box sapper for the Wp O. W. band, on December 10. ix>la B. lAwdennllk. gnardUnl C. A. Steele, cleric ABOLISH AcnxG SOAD: JQSIEB. itLera ml To take the sharp edge o£f an appetite that won't wait for meals— To sharpen a poor appetite ' that doesn't care lor meala— eat Uneeda Biscuit So nutritious, 80 easily digested, that they have become the staple wheat food. b In moisturt and * Jmst proof packasitt. NATIOHAL BISCUIT COMPANY \ MAY ENACT Bank rommissloner Royee Thinks CoadltloBB FaT«able to Deposit Unaraidy .Law. Topeka, Dec. 2.-r-John Q. Royce. State Bank commissioner, is of the opinion' that the Kansas legislature will at the next tjesslon enact a deposit guaranty law suca as he recommended for passage in his biennial report more than a. year ago. He says that he is daily receiving letters from bankers and business men in various paris of the state asking for information regarding' his* recommendations and the Quincy bill Instrodnced In the Senate last winter. This bill took its name from Senator Fred H. Quincy of Salina, {ly whom it was introduced. The bill was reported adversely by the committee on banks and banking to which it was referred. Governor Hoch's recent published endorcement of tlie<lsposIt guaranty plan, followed alnfost .immediately by a similar endorsement by W. J. Bryan have greatly droused interest in the proposed deposit ^ guaranty, particularly in view of the recent financial flurry. "Many men who opposed the deposit guaranty bill a year ago,' says Commission^ Rbyce, "are now admitting that had Kansas enacted some such law Knisas bankers would not have been compelled to "put on the lid" to keep people from running on them. The gi^aranty of deposits would have preserved public confidence in the I security of the banks. And today peop& In other states would be sending their money to Kansas state banks for deposit knowing that It would] be rsafe here. 1 shall certainly renew my recommendations tor a deposit ^afanty law." BURNS FAVORITC OVER MOIR Creat Interest M^lfeated in England Over Big Pight Tonight Snta Fe Makes Chaages bi Sei DiTlsieiL The Banta Fe railroad systemj has abbllshed the office of acting iioad- msster and- placed the Southern Kan- saa-division under charge of four |road masters according to the following bulletin which was {{osted here | this week: Effective December 1, 1907, the of- fi:ec of Acting Roadmaster A. C. Blanton will be abbllshed and the South- era Kansas division will be re-arang- ed and the division will be under the charge of four roadmasters with territory as follows: j E. -Butcher, Channte—Main llneJ Sec tlon 1. Ottawa mile post 57 x 2981 to and Incladlng Section 19,; Cherryjrale, ending at mUe post 156 x 1838. { Burlington district Colony district, Goffe^iUe district The Chaaute and Chjerryvale ykrds win also t >e included 1« his terriory. J. H. qidney, Channte>-Thlrd district cut off. SecUon IF V> 7F inclu- Bire. Girard district Benedict district !••/.! ! J. ,0. Bntchpr, Cherryrale—Main line, aeettons 2Q and 21. tnlle post 166 X to mile poet 166 !z; 2640. in cHiBlre.. BarUesrllle district Cedar Valt 4lBtrlet OUUbornei Mbllne-j-klaln Ine, Metlou M to 40 ineloalrf. alle )oat ]«| s SM« to nUe poM S«| z »48. Howard district London. Dec s;— Creat interest at tachra to the ring contest here to- n^orrow nightj between Tommy Bums and Gnnver Moir. No international sporting event of recent months has attracted so mudi aittenUoa as the twenty -rooBd fl^t for the ' world> heavy-weight ch^pionsUp in ths fa moos National $k>orUng: clnb. London. Bonis is the American and Ans- tiallan champk>n,rand Molr is cham plon of Englandi ; Mu-qnls of Queensberry mies will govern the contest and fiveoosce gloves will be need. Besides the title of champion, 95.000 In prize mon^ has been hung np and there wm be a side bet of consid- erab!e proportion?. Against all precedent and XVL- compliance with Bums's request lEngene Hillbom, a sportsman not Connected with the clnb, has been diosen referee. Burns is a 6 to 4 favorite over Moir. Both men are 'IcnoWn as rushing fighters, with pl^ty; of gameness and stamina. tL^x \a* been in the ring several yeant and has won all of his fights with ) comparative ease, while Bums's rln^ achievements are still fresh in the ininfis of the public. It is claimed tint iliolr - has never met a man againa^ whom he was forced to extend himfelf^ and that when he fapea Boma, Canadian-American will be Qbliged to ni* the Eng- Ushmim'f rtisiheB. ' Kbir wlU weigl^ abont 180 poonda and B«siw 170. Aolr is 5 feet 10 in- chef, ifblto BuraS la three InehM shorter than' the IjogHshman. FOR REN1|--D«Mc rooni: beat oflet lialola. AMWBM^UT. . ^\ . "The District Leader," the musical comedy with a melodramatic stor}-. Is to hold the stage at the Grand on tomorrow night and that It is to be v.ell received has already iieen shown by the heavy demand for seats. The piece is by Joseph E. Howard, who has recently given the stage more big successes than any other contemporary. "The Land of Nod." "The Time, the Place and the Girl." and "The Umpire," ar» the work of this clever actor playwright. The bright particular star of "The District Leader," is Miss Ethel Dovey whose clever work in "The Land of Nod" is well remembered. She has been supplied with an Ideal part in this latest piece and has been given several songs that fit her childish personality to a nicsty. The chorus In "The District Leader" is said to be so attractive that the stage-door "Johnnies" are sure to be much in evidence. GATHERED SICK MAN'S CROPS. A Kindly Act by Farmers in a Kansas Community. MANY NOTARIES POBIIC Kansas Has 7,000 Now.— 92.000 Per Year in Fees for the State. Topeka. Nov. 27.—Kansas is well supplied with notaries public In fact Abilene, Kas., Nov. 29.—-The farm ers of the Oheever neighborhood gave their neighbor, ex-Probate Judge Bryson. a handsome Thanksgiving remembrance yesterday. He has been ill for some time and has been unable to secure help to gather hla crops. Twenty men with teams went to his fnrm and worked all day gathering his com. When they were through the com waa in the crib and the ham and yards were put in condition for winter. Several of the women of the neighborhood also went to the house and helped. This has become * familiar act In this county. Only a tew weeks ago la the south part of the eoaaty raongh men and teftma went to a fmner^i borne and plowed hla firids. pot In the new cfop of wheat and left blm rvady tor the autunm. Thia helpfulness has aided many a family Ubroogh the year, and it Is appreciated more than gifts of ^oney. CA.\*T STRIKE OFF .X.IXCS. bdiaa Bells Hast Renia UaaUere^ I hy ScercUry el btnler. Washington. Nov. 30.—By a decision handed down today by the court of ail>peals of the District of Colombia, the secretary of the interior has no right to strllw from the rolls of In dlan tribes the names of persons once placed thereon. The question was raised in three cases filed by John E. Goldsby. George Allison and Oda Allison, who claimed that their names had been stricken from the roils of the Choctaw nation by order of Sec- reUry Hitchcock after the rolls had been made ap. • :C<.>«aM The secretary contended that the names were only tentatively placed there and that be had a right within a certidh time to revise the rolls and that these names were stricken off within that time. Tukey ud Oystm. We will hare fifty pounds of Inrfciay for the Snnday dinner and ten galltm of extra select oysters to be servjed In any style. Come and get a gopd dinner. KRAUBBTS CAFBl- East Street Special ABBaaaceawat One of the ealliaga of a.newspaper is to do good. .Tha Reglater belierea that If it can asaist thoaa who are oat of work to find voaitloas that it will be doiac a great dial, ao leomaeaefais at oaee.| The RegUter will baraaftar until daa noUca la gtven.'pabllah alt- natloB wanted ada thraa timaa traa oC diarga. jDaaarvtac aia laVllad to takal •dvastagw oC tkla OMOftoaltjr. * there are so many qualified notaries In the state that both Governor Hoch and Secretary of State Denton are puzzled to know what reason there is for the continued increase in their numbers. Fibres compiled in the secretary of state's oflice show that there are approximately 7,000 notar lea In Kansas, with the number still growing. Almost $2,000 a year is col lected by the secretary of state in notary fees at the rate of |1 for each notary commissioner. The appointments are made by the Governor and while It is not at all difficult to procure a Ooramlsslon If proper bond is furnished some of the applicants seem to think that the appointments are made only as rewards for political merit. As a result of this belief many amusing applications for notarial commissions are received at the office of Governor Hoch. Only recently an applicant filed a /list of endorsements as long as was ever filed by an applicant for. an Important appointment stating that he could secure the endorsement also of every member of the Republican Central committee in his home county. He also explained that he had, been a constant supporter of Ooveroor Hoch throughout the pollUeal career of mo latter. The man got his appointment Shawnee leada all the connttes in the numher of notaries, having approximately COO. No one knows why so many. Wyandotte and Sedgcwtck counties are see ond and third. Stanton county has only three notaries anj Stevens and Morton have only two eadi. TO CH.iXGE LAWABOrr IXSAXE. Entires ThfaUc It Ualawfal t« Ctaurge for Their Carik Topeka, Dec 2.— H. C. Bowman of the Board of Control, anticipates that a salt will broogfat attacking the constitutionality of the state law requiring that the cost of mainlining insane warda of the state at /ute charitable institntions be paid from the property of the insane persons. In cases where they have property. While the law has been in effect great many years it has not been enforced until recently because of uncertain phraseology. The legislature last' winter made an amendment making enforcement of the law more easy and the Board of Control has since collected several thoasand dollars from the states of Insane persona who liave been malntahned at state expense for a ni|mber of years. The claims are allowed through the probate courts and Mr. Bowman is now working on two' which total more than $3,000. The .friends of the Insane patients In these cases are disposed to resist payment of the claims from the property which they hope to sejBure some time and propose to carry the matter to the Bnpreme eoart for Jadgment as to the eonstitntkmal- Ity of the law. It 1B their conttaUon that under the conatltntion a charge can not be made for nalatalalaff a patient at a aUts ehariUble tasUtn- tlon no more than tuition can be diargsd popils la atteadaaoa on pab- lle aehools of ttaa stats. Tha nuttar is of grsat Importaaea to tha stata aa it will oollsct apwarda ol |15jM0 a year froet tlw saardlaaa oT laaaaa PSP tiaau K tba law ia aphald. NEWS OF GAS CITY M. HiKDER AHtt C J. XEAHS WILL TAKE CLAIMS tSi MEW MEXICO. TEACHEIj^ HAVE RETURNED R. ± FADPIS TAKEN TO HOSPITAL TODAY. School Board WOI Decide Aboat Ckrlstaus TaeatloB To. Expeeta to Take Clalau. Martin Harder and C. I. Means of this city left yesterday for New Mexico, where they will take claims if they find things as represented. The boys have lived here bat a short time coming here from Southern Missouri about two months ago. They say they believe it 4rlll be better to go there and grow up with the country than to stay here and work in the smelters aa they have been for the past two months. J. O. James Bea^t a Fana. J. O. James who has been employed at the Prime Western smelter in this city for the mut several years left yesterday for Cass county, Missouri, where he has purchased a farm. He will make some improvements after which he will come\here and get his family. Mr. and Mrs. James have many friends here who regret very much that they are to make their home other than In Gas City. ; Teachers Have Relaracd. The Gas City teachers and pupils have returned to the city after their vacation and took np their regular school work (his morning. There will be-no more vacations for the Gas City pupils until Christmas time. Those who attended the South Eastern Kan sas Teachers' association report an In teresting meeting. May Be Two Weeks Taeatfoa. Although It is not known how long the Christmas vacation will be this year it may be two weeks instead of one. This, however, will be determinedly the board at their meeting this evening. Other business of importance will be taken up at the meeting of the board this evening. R. N. Faddbla HaspHaL R. N. Faddls was taken to the St. John's hospital yesterday afternoon. He is thought to be in a very critical condition. He has been ill at his home on North Main street for the past several days. His many friends hope for an immediate recovery. Persoaals. liL K. Williams, of Detroit, was In Gas City Saturday on a business visit. Mr. and Mrs. Martin left yesterday for Southern Missouri where they will spend the next week visiting relatives. L. O. Brandon left yesterday for Bartlesville where he will make his future home. H. J. James, of Kansas City, is in the city today calling on the Gas City merchants. When baby loses flesh, looks pale, is fidgety and nervous, the little one Is not well nourished, and should be I given a soothing, healing tonic. Hol- Uater's Rocky Mountain Tea is the best tonic for babies; purely veget- jable. 35 cents. Tea or Tablets. Barren's Drug Store. TUCKER TRIAL NOT BEflUX. Jadge Dyer CeaM Net Be la Topeka UatU Tkarsday. Topeka. Dec. 2,—The trial of H. H. Tucker. Jr.. former head of the Uncle Sam Oil company, for alleged fraudulent use of the malls, did not begin In the United BUtes district coart here today aa was anticipated. Jadge D. P. Dyer of St Loula, before whom the case is to be tried, could not rea^ Topeka until Thursday and tha case will be taken ap theow A daaorrer to the iadictmeat has tteen filed by Tndcer'S attomeya and It will first be disposed of so that little more than the selection of a Jury may be accomplished this week If the demurrer is overrated. Judge Pollock is now hold lag the regalar term of the United States drcuit court here and will ad•^ joora It Wednesdiay evening. \ KANSAS BANKS IN CNMID SHAPE. Uaaileial Serart Shows Saleadld CaadHIaa Thraaghaat SUte. Topeka, Dec. 2.^ohn Q. Royce has issued a special call for a sutement from all of the Kansas banks. Most of the reports are in. and from an an- offldal report they are declared to show the banka of Kaasaa in the best condition that they ever have been. When the figures are finally Issued they will show a' most agreeable snr- prise. Commissioner Royce has been in Kansaa City during the past two days looking after the affairs of Kansas banka. taffhealraitfMiaria. dqr were ikfcty bays years ajB. AMqr of than rcccivdi Sc0 Enmlsion at IlKir noMKf'i knee. 11* hadapowcrhiitliHichiqfcd - them from weak, ^delicate boys into slitjnji raiwrf bays. K KM ttw nmc power t^diy. K mika chadm ^ow. t t t $1 .00. DK J. F. JiXESOir, Tha Saeeeaafal Aae> Ueaaer, TeieriaarlaB. Farm aalesor Frdigrecd itockj Mies made aoTwliere. Veti inary calla anawered day nfght. Office wiUi Doaxtaaa BrtM. Phcne 13, rcaldencc 400 . IOI.A. KANSAS. Iowa Store 8% BarsalB Week aa All Klads af Fafl Merchaadbfc Grocery Departaaeat, We carry everything that can be got in the frlnt line, also fresh vegetables. Will call your attention to our big window which will give you some idea as to what we havei We are maUng big preparationa for Thanksgiving day for Turkeys. Geese Ducks. Chickens, Fresh Oysters, Veal. Lamb, Mutton, Beef, Fork. Ulnos Meat Cotolene, Lard, Fresh Ham, Boiled Ham, Smoked Ham. SansagtL Pressed Ham, Bologna. Head CheesH Spare Ribs. Saner Kraut and CnuP berries. We wlU give Free to the aae that bays the largest Mil of Clrsccrles a dressed pig the day before Thaaks. A. Q. MUMMA, Prop. lob BisuK^ C$ll^ Penmanship, Arithmetic, Elocution Bookkeeping; English, Physical Cnl- tnrs. etc Shorthand, Letter WrttUis. •iitilMfato Oaa hoadrad poonda oi Ciy^ tal lea will auka U caUona of distilled water suitable for family aaa. Try tt. MaicetMIStinitCs ntAMCUDOLB.agr. nagateBa and Caaiant •tavalfei aad OarbtBS a Bpaelattr. lU Baal MMB ASK POB WHAT TOD WANT and aak emphattealljr. Do so throng the Racistar's want eolnmna. If yon want aa aaaphvar or aa employee yoo can find him in a harry U yoo take this eooraa. Tha Beglster will tell yoar waata to aaay thoosands o( pso- ple aa qaldtly aa yea can tall them peraoaally to a.dossa poopla. Ton eaat aOord tha alow way. POBOOT TO ELECT k XATOK. AkroB,^ 0., Dsa. I^^-Ooraraor Harria may h^a to appolat a auyor for tha vlUaca of Waatani iiir, Saaualt eoon­ ty, baeaa$a tha'bowrd of aiactlona etIMI to aaad hallata to tba town aad M elaetloB waa bald l«av«Mhar 8. POLAR BC4R rulLR HuStoodt&eTot ilatbcBcBfr Accellt No Other Office aad Stonfe Wi

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