Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1907
Page 5
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Trir"-^-' " is proven by comparispn. We jinTlte yon to compare onr work and methods with any laundry you wish. We aak for your business on merit alone. • . • . ' -' - I PHONE Ite. square. i ,|one block from of domesticated anii^altsoc oes^fvljljr treated .choi^ modmte,gMd boi stalls for patients Calls answfcred promptly night or day, ao years experience.' Veterinary* Dentistry a specialty. Honor H«spltid PlNM 106i 4Mtario Veter. I, Prop.. Res. Phone 139 candies I i Ate Fine. See ihi Litie. i at . :«The District Leader* at the Grand Theater tomorrow niirfat :GI W. ADAMS, district deputy for tlj'e ^M. Wv A., left this morning for Parana where be will spend a month ia- tlisi Interest of the order at that piiace. ; ———— .:GEpRGK Leldloff, the UtUe grandson of Mr, and Mrs. G. W. Adams, of this pity. ;who has been seriously ill with-stomach: trouble, l^now greatly improved, i CITY vmts. Fifty people Jn <«rhe District Leader" at the Grand I Theater tomorrow Bight. TODAY is a qulejt Monday in police court. The usual j number of Saturday night and Sunday drunks were not in evidence, j JANITOR Crumley has a man at work today raking ^up and burning the leaves in the court house yard. Or. Beyaslis. Fkraa Stt. tli. DR. JOHN1tforgaii |-«fI »la, who recently bought F. R. CantreU'a residence on Ninth street, expecting to move to Fredonla,' bas (decided instead to move to Neoshd Falls, so w« have been advised.—^B^^onla Citizen. DUM;0NT Slcklj^ deputy county treasurer, is not able to be at the ofBce today on acc<|unt of illness. Miss Bertha Sickly is { assisting In the treasurer's olBce today. Free dirt at tucibck'B. 1 MRS. C. A»;ROBERSON. Mrs. h. J. Hawkins. Aflrs. John Kaemmerlin?, Kra. S. H. JoyceJ Mrs. Belle Moore ai>d Miss Amy ^oore went to'lo!a yesterday to attend a meeting of the Woman's Relief Ckirps there. The state inapector of the order attended the meeting and inspected the corps. A concert was gilren last evening.— Chanute Tribune. MRS. M. G. ren were in lola —Chanute Tribui CASION and child esterday afternoon. -Three g'jod butlding> lots on Washington avenue, east front to trade for cnment stock. C. E. Smeltzer, Lock Box 157. lola. , U. O. BRISEN. of Bellevue, Idaho, who has been visiting his daughter. ^38. ^Wn. T. Smiley, at 404 South Buck eye street, received word yesterday tp the effect that his wife was seriously ill. Mr. Brlsen left for his home this morning. The finest Soap on the market for the price Is now on display at Mnndls' nfrUK Stare. .T.D. BANCROFT, of Kansas City. Who I was In lola some time ago. in Vae interest of a home for consump- tfves^^ In Colorado, is now ipaktng a sprleB of talks at Parsons In behalf of the iusUtution which he is promot- log- : P.iE. Waagrh, Deatiit Fkaas IK (MBei^ over Barren's Araff Stsn^ ^ SAMMY MORRIS, the famous Inrt- tari pitcher of the Joplln team a few ypars ago. is In jail at Joplin cause he .threatened to whip the cashier of a resUurant for not allowing h|m,a free meal. ^tRS. S. E. POST, who has been the ^lest of her daughter. Mrs. B. NVIlson. of 506 West Tenth street, foritiije past few days, left yesterday foVjTver home in lola.—CofTeyviic Record! . WAY IS ilPEN Well Known Restaurant Opahs Doors Under New Managema'nt. The "Our Wjay" restaurant whidi was recently purchased by the Taylor Brothers, of Tulsa and Chanute, was opened to the public this | morning. The brothers recently sold iheir restaurant in Tulsa and leased one In Chanute, in order to give [their entire attention to the "Our way." The pubHc is wishing them siiccess in their new business venture. ANOTHER NUMBER OF COURSE: Fourth Lecture of Season |at Unity Church Tomorrow Night The fourth lecture in the {East Tola Lecture Course will be given in Trin Ity Church Tuesday evening, December 3rd. This lecture "In Iths Land of the Incas or From Panama to Cape Horn." promises to l>e one of rare interest. The eyes of Ithe world are upon this historic section of the globe. I Uncle Sam has his magical wand of transformation stretchedj out from ocean to ocean, every loyal j American Qught to welcome with . delight any information regarding the country and its iMsslbllitles. It will be like a visit to that country to hear the lecture and look on the beautiful 11 lustrations. MACLEAN MAY BE DELEGATE. Presiding Elder of Ft Scott District May Attend Baltimore Convention. Dr. John Slaclean. presiiling elder of the Fort Scott District, of. the Mettodist church, and formerly pas tor of the M. B. church ot this city, will likely be one of the pilnlsterial delegates to the next general conference which convenes next summer at Baltimore. The Southi^ast Kansas conference of the Methodist church meets in Baldwin, Marqh ISth at which time the lay conference also meets. One of the niost Important things to be done at this conference will be the election of lay land minis* tcrial delegates to the general conference. Those who are in position to bo well informed on the matter declare that Dr. Maclean wIU be one of the ministerial delegates, j REV. HILSCHER'8 SERMON. See J. yr. Cotl4 fine furniture. when In need of A. H. CAMPBELL has returned to lola after transacjting some law business with C. B. Benton. • * • George E. Nicholson, heaid of the cement in­ terests'at lola, wiae in town on business today. • • • |W. G. Seath, district manager of the jBell telephone company. wa» In lola yesterday. The Bell company is going to spend' $10. 000 patting in"afTBrst•class plant a( Ganett. • • • Miss Clara Webster will return this mpmliig from a visit with friends In lola* akd with her mother and sister in Baldwin. • • • Miss Ethel House winl be home this morning frotn a: vlsIWof several days in Tola and Baldwin —Ft. Scott Repnbll- can. Dr. wmer, Oeallst JUDOB wall ThompBon, formerly of this city* of Garden City,'a few days ago sentenced John T. Reed to the penitential for second degree murder. The case attracted wide attention. W^ted—Everybody to know that ve. B, Kelley & Son have moved their transfer and storage. office to 211 SAutb Washington. Ofllee and Dai Phone 290. Residence and nigtal P^oiA 17. ^LciuiS Daugherty. formerly a bTjght young Marengo lad, now oT Idla, ^Kansas, dropped In yesterday njorplng for a visit. He Is now traveling representative for a big firm. I'- a| hustler and Is doing well. Ho reports his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Daugherty. as liking their loca tton: and all the folks well except his piothcr. whose health has not been of the best. Says Simon Heller and Jim'Miles are among lola's most prom Isent citizens. Harry will remain a fpw weeks meeting old friends, and incidentally taking a run over this Itart of the state In the Intersst of his liustness.—Marengo. (la.) Democrat. See J. W. Coffey when In need of fine; furniture. ; THE PROGRAMS of the forty-first annual meeting of the state Horticultural socletl are now out A number Of local parties interested In horticulture will attend the meeting. THE JOPLIN Gtobe saye that Em ory-and Sylvester Olson who live at gavbnburg. this county, are making great records with the BIzbee, Ariz., team this i^ter. Pitcher Fleharty is also with the team. ; FJor stylish package and high' grade Candy the line handled by Mundts Surpasses them all. i ijfON JOHN. H. Atwood. of L?ay- ienworth. who Is well known to lola pe<;ple, gave the Elks' Memorial ad dr^ss at Chanute yesterday. f. 200 acres, about 6 miles from rall- |road town. Bourbon county, 75 acre."? 'in • cultivation. 3 room house, etc. pAce $2500. AH clear. Whltaker & .Dcmaell. y — '«Tke DiHtrlct Leader" at the Grand Thrater tomorrow night A VJ&X. froni next Sunday an offering will be ta^en at the Presbyterian church for ^poria College. «The District Leader" at the Grand Theater tooierro^ nl^lit r- DR. FRANK Dilxon. the noted southern divine and lecturer, who was on the Chautauqua program here a year ago last sum: row night at aiAiect: "Tbe «a, or Antl' The epldonle lit Jiumboldt chnrdies !«M>y and Is to lecture tomor amett on the same in Against the Mass Ism." if contagious diseases BO far abated that heid services again yes the I.. schools opened today. lUed sp^eailod . to Jbe oneej of V;'>yib{weILi the'Hal estate man. has I jtmt 'OiMuixa ''Aii> lars po loan on farms; I at a reaionatle rate. r. W .jFttlsnaiT, ot Gaa City, baai .Special Kersey Air mM $9MO ifade witb raw edge and Venetian lined. Tliese are th^ best coat values we have ever had to offer you. Other Overcoats in isU the pewest styles and smartebt effects. All colons. Mi Si2.00 io $20M0 to^he^dnen| ^ THMT lATItinE.^ Congregation at Presbyterian Church Heard Strong Sermon Last Night. Dr. 9. S. Hllscher. pa,«jtor of the Presbyterian church. delivered a strong sermon last evenljig on the subject. "Jesus in the Sick Room." Dr. Hllscher had extended a special in vltatlon to the doctors In ihe city to be present. He spoke of (iHirist as a Great Physician. He told I of His infinite tenderness to those | sick with sin. His method of healing and His knowledge of the needs of| men. He spoke of death and sin as intruders on the human race, emphasizing the fact that it was the breaking of God's laws by man that gave death and sin an opprtunlty to come to the world. GLAD TIDINGS TO CONSUMERS. The Wholesale Prices of Meat Are Coming Down. Meat prices are commencing to come down. The latest quotations made by the packers are the lowest of the rear. Unless there is some de- cldoil chanss In the live stock mar^ ket the benefit of the reduction will soon reach the consumer. The prices charged by one of the le.idinc packing houses of Kansas City, for fresh and cured pork, on No- T ?mbpr 1. were from two to four and one-half cents higher than those on the same meats on November 26. .\ general reduction, though not so great. Is noted in the price In the cuts of beef or in whola carcasses. Poultry Is selling lower. Other packing centers show the same reductions in prices as Kansas City. K. U. IN THE MIDDLE 70'S. J. H. Lono Recalls Masterly Oration Delivered by A. C. Scott J .11. I^ng. in the University of Kansas Graduate Magazine, recalls a program given by the Oread society ill the middle 70's. which may be of Interest to lola people, as he tells of an oration delh-ered by Angelo C. Scott in speaking of the program he says: "Of the whole programme I recall now but two things] Scott's ora t'on and the last two songs by the quartette. Scatty orations were always masterpieces." MRS FLOSSIE OSBORNE TO TRIAL Former lola Woman Must Pace Bigamy Charge. ORE SITUATION IN ARKANSAS. Lead and: Zlne-Ntwa Talis of Development Down Thert. In view of the fact that many lola people have money Invested In zinc •land -ia AricanMS. the foUowlns extract from an article in The Lead and Zmc News pabllshed at Joplln wlli be of more than passing interest: The discovery of zinc in North Arkansas dates back bnt a few years, and only with the recent building of the Missouri & North Arkansas railroad, and the completion during the present year of the Whits River branch of the Misaonri Paclflc. has the district secured the traaaporta- tion facilities absolutely essential to mineral development The arrival of the railroads and the telegraph put a speedy end to wildcat promoting, and started the district upon an era of actual devel opment, and then it was dl80overedi{ that certain wise ones both at home and abroad, whose faith in the district had never wavered had quietly secured large holdings of mineral and timt>er lands which they now set about developing in earnest Drills were shipped into the country and a systematic exploration of the district was undertaken* by expisrienced men who have developed mines and made fortunes but of them In the Missouri and other fields. Money is being spent judiciously and the development work is being carried on with system and understanding. The result Iv already apparent. A number of mines which have long Iain idle arr being habilitated, modem machlnery Installed and the work of mining Is being done in a miner like manner. Many tracts have been proven by drills, new mills are being erected, and a spirit of activity and confidence Is replacing the uncertainty and id'e ness which has so long held back the development of the country. Men and companies who have expanded a few thousand dollars In development work and then quit discouraged because a fortune did not come with the first blow of the pick, have discovered that It requires time, more money and transportation to do- velop a new country, and that a fevt thousand dollars alone will not start even a most favored mine property to paying dividends, and they are returning to the work with longer purs- ses. and more faith and experience and are finding that their latter Judgment Is not at fault. Report of treasurer of Carlyle town ship for the year ending October 28, 1907: Expenditures. To labor ?•. $923.40 To stone culverts and wing walls on Grieve bridge 573.55 To material and repairing 140.35 To Ewing and Card, lawyer fees 75.00 To services of township board and miscellaneous as shown by bills on file 76.00 Total $1788.30 Received from Co. Treas $1772.91 Received from tax receipts... 54.01 Received -from Treas. D. C. Tp. 259.18 Total $2086.10 C. E. SAWYER. CAN'T SEND MONEY Spitxer and Conpaay Who Have City Bonds \m FIU Afreemeat la Thirty Bays. er R. S. GilflUan. the contractor who has the contract for the laying of several miles of paving in this city, will not take up new work bnmedlately as he planned. Thla decision on the part Mr. Gllfilian is indirectly due to the financial finrry which is gbing ov- tbe country at the present time. Some time ago City Clerk Wendorf received a letter from Spiuer &. Co.. the bankera who purchased the city bonds that because oT the present financial condition they were unable to send the money on the bonds as had been their agreement but thought that the conditions would clear up within the next thirty days and then it would be possible fof them to do so. .Mr. Gllflllan wilt consent to let work on all of the paving contracts already under construction continue. Mrs. Flossie Osborne, who was arrested recently at Galeina. charged with bigamy, and who was known here a few years ago aa Jlrs. Co'e ,man Grady, may* yet have; to face trial. The casa was dismissed; by the Galena ofllcers a few days i ago. but H. A. Pritchard. of Ft. Scott who is an attorney in the case, is quoted as saying that he will not consent to a (ll'smlsBal of the case. Coleman Grady still lives In lola. STANFORD WHITE SALE CLOSES. follectloo DIspos^ of to \ew Torit Bayers. New York. Dec. 2.—The sale of a large number of paintings Saturday night closed the sale of the objects of art collected by the late Stanford White. There was a large and enthusiastic audience present, bnt the prices received were very small. The highest price paid was $725 for a portrait by the sixtenth century artist Clouet; "Faun et Venus." a Watteau gem, went for $650. A landscape by John. La FVtrige brought obly $300. The total of Sattirday -nlghi's sale was jflO.S87, misldBk the total for the entire sale f«.6».' i ALL GAXBLOG TO BE ILLEGAL, Oklahoma Senator Wotfd ForbM Even Frfrate Games. Guthrie, Okla., n»c. 2.—A stringent anti-gambling law which will strength en the present Oklahoma statute on that subject will be sought by Senator Roddle of Ada, who has prepared an amendment making it illegal to play any game for money or other valuable canaideration, either in pnbUc or private, imposing a fine of from |10 to $50 and from ten to thirty days In Jail for any violation. Any person who Is found In a gambling house shall be deemed guilty of a felony and fined from $25 to $50 and any property owner who rents a building for gambling purposes or permits his tSnant to operate a gambling house Is liable to a priaon-term of two to five years. Any aid In fumiah- Ing equipment is punishable by a Jail sentence of frou) thirteen to ninety days. WANTED—A woman as honsekeep- er. Address M.'cai^s Register: IN THE KREMLIN Ancient Building Thrown 0»«i to Secretary Taft Vsstsrday. Moseow. Dec. 2.—Secretary Taft devoted Sunday to a visit to the ancient Kremlin, the historical center of Russia, ail the palaces and churches of which were opened for bis inspectton by the special order ot Ueutenant General Guerschelmann. governor general of Moscow. After a round ot official visits had been paid thU morning, the governor general assigned his personal aide to conduct the American secretary of war and his party through the fortress. Secretary Taft showed remarkable familiarity with the historic laws, which he had learned from his fath er, who formerly was stationed In Russia.. He was greatly interested lu the crown Jewels, tae armor and relics of the former rulers of Russia, particularly those which had belonged to Peter the Great Mrs. Taft sat in the state equipage, which had been presented to the royal family by Queen Elizabeth of England, and in the traveling sleigh of Catherine the Great. Secretary Taft had a conversation, through an interpreter with a veteran soldier, a member of the palace grenadiers, who bore stripes and medals denoting forty-eight years' service. The batllaecarred hero wept when Secretary Taft not contended with the military salute, insisted upon shaking hands with bim when he departed. This evening the secretary and his party attended a banquet glye'n in his honor by the American colony. President Roosevelt and Ehnperor Nicholas were toaated. Secretary Taft responded briefly to the speech of welcome of the American consul, Samuel Smith. Everywhere tha distinguished representative of the United States is recognized while sightseeing, and heartily cheered. Tomorrow there will be an official dinner in his honor, and a special ballet in the opera in the evening. Secretary Taft will leave late in the evening for St Petersburg. Rcfister Waat Ads. Fay Becaaie la Alien Coantr Nearly Everybody Reads the Retbter. SCHOOL ROW IS SETTLED. Principal DweUe Belastated and Dae PnpO Expelled. Cotfeyville. Kas., Dec 2.—The board of education met to reinstate H. S. Owelle. the principal of the high school who was dismissed a week ago by the board for using rather Inele- ^mt terms in reprimanding his students. This action was taken in lieu af the fact that almost the entire city has risen up and demanded that the principal be reinstated. Paul Otto, the boy to whom the reprimand was given, refused to return to his classes and was 'according expelled from school. The high school question which was on the point of splitting the town into factions has finally been amicably settled. A DECORATION FOR MRS. EDDY. The Christian Science Founder Honored by the French Qevtmment Concord, N. H., Dec. 2.—Word has jQst been received cnat the Frencn sovemment, through the minister of rnbllc instruction and fine arts. M. Briahd. has decorated the Rev. Mary Baker Q. Eddy as "Officer d'Acade- mie." The certificate of decoration was sent by the French government to Dr. William' H. Tolen, commissioner general of the American section of the International Book and Paper exposition. Just closed at Paris, and formally presented by him In person to Mrs. Eddy at her home yesterday. Wt H. MARTIN, formeriy a resident of this county, died alfew days ago at his home in Fort Scott He was the father of Senator C. I. Martin. Business College Items. Miss Ruth Campbell, of Yates Center, entered • college today and will study bookkeeping, shorthand and t}-pewritlne. Lucy and Sidney Arnold, of Carlyle. have located on South Walnut street and will uke the combined business tourse In the lola Business College. Frank Anderson, or Carlyle. has moved his family to Tola, and will pursue a full btuiness course In the business college. A. M. Perry, bualness manager for the Ma Bnslness College.- leaves for Buriihgton and other polate northwest In the Interests of the business college today. W. J. Tbdd, who is workiag In the field, work of. the bnsineas college, left for Lafontalne today. .. Uls|. Alice RosseU retoraed to her school, duties in the bnsineas cOnege todqr liavlax been at nome for the paflC'-weeKon a ^i^slt SLIOHTLY USED OTHER GOOD BARQAII^ Roberts The'Allen connty Hardware and Implement man. North Side Squirr lok KuL* Good Thiiii^ to Tele|)ho0i^ isf Fine Tableware. Sterliof and Plated. Blegaot specimens of cut glaaa. U you are thinking of making a gift, either for a wedding'or holidajra don't fail to seie° the display in otu store. Q. A. LEFFLERT JEWELXB. Picksps ftf Clise KqfH# A chance for every housewife-to lajr> In a supply of good' things at a lo^ cost 2 packages of Dr. Price's Br^sk^iT^' Food for isSr' 2 pkgs. Ufe, a breakfast tood ...VU 3 pkgs. Ralston Hominy Grits ....Ste^ Canned Peaches IS. 20. 2ft, 30e GaMon Peaches, peeled for table use, per can 5Se Gallon Apples, per can 400 6 pkgs. of Korn Kinks for ;',35e Canned Peas ^10. 12H-aBd IKe We have lots of other things at a bargain. • , FRYER BRf65^ Phones aS84 «l East SUa.! AH ktnlaaC • Beatk. CTSDXKIS Nothli«s heitter thMi afrlend. ^g.g

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