Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 8
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ACUTE ALCOHOUSM This the Cause of Sudden Death''of i John Yarfaerry, a Coroner'i Jury Says. 'A coroner's Juryl Inquiring Into the { death of John Yarherry, a young man who died suddenly [In his room a week ago. lata Wednesday evening retnrn- 'ed_ & -verdict to ' the effect that Yar- herry'a sudden demise was due* to aeote alcoholism. This was the pre- TalllDS opinion at the time of Yar- i>erry's death, hut- surgeons who performed the autopsy, discovered a congested condition of tCie stomach which might have been due to a blow. There was also an abrasion of the skin near one hip. The Inquest wa^ thereupon contiued and physicians testified that the congested condition of the stomach might and probably •was cansed eit>her through the action of alcohol, severe vomiting or a fall. Jailor Hoover Kerr, who with W. C. Brookman, of LaHarpe, made an examination of the smelter room 'in whtdi Tarberry fell Into a comatose condition, gave it as his opinion that the loM of flesh near the hip was due to escaping steam in the pottery room in which the body of Yarberry lay for some little time. With these two explanations, the last jeatlge of mystery which seemed to befconnected with the death of the young man were cleared away ond thr Jurors readily reached a vordlct of death from acute alcoholism. YartJerry *ad been drinking heavily the night of his death, thouKh his in temperance was not habitual. The body was shipped to .Missouri for burial. TO CUBE COLD IN ONE DAY. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if it falbi to cure. E. W. OROVES slgna- tura Is on each box. 2T,c. ZINC MINERS SEE PRESIDE.VT. JUssonri and Kansas Producer!) Ask for a Protective Tariff. Washington, Nov. 27.—"The mysterious stranger Is about the best looking stranger I have ever seen. But he is no longer a stranger. He is a permanent member of the family.' President Roosevelt thus referred to Mlaeonri in greeting the zinc miners from Missouri and Kansas, who called at the White house yesterday afternoon. "The members of the delegation were accompanied by Representative Campbell of Kansas, who introduced them to the president. Mr. Rooseevelt beamed upon the ilissou- rlana The delegation also caMed on Speaker Cannon. The sine miners submitted arguments yesterday before the ways and means committee in support of their contention that a duty of one and one- half cents a pound should be imposed upon zinc* ores. They did not finish their statements and they will be heard by the committee again on Friday. S. Duffield Mitchell of Carthage and A. O. Ihlseng of the Oronogo-Cir- de company at Oronoga were the principal spokesmen for the miners. They submitted facts showing the decrease in the price of zinc, which, they contended, was due to increased Importations from Mexico. MEN ABEIIELPLESS AS CHILDREN ^Vhen Taken Suddenly III—Here is a Common>Sensp Safeguard. Big, strong man is as Jinlp'ess Infant when he is suddenly 111. The sturldest chap In town usually loses his self control, and Is utterly unable to regard his condition with the common sense that characterize.) bis every -day actions. For example: He comes home tired, eats a heavy dinner and sits down to read and smoke away a quiet evening. Saddenly he notices a weight on his stomach; then sharp pains around hl.s heart, and a feeling of suffocation. Thoughts of "heart disease" rush over hiv, and in his agony he fears the worst. ms trouble was acute Indigestion, brought on by overloading his tired stomach. A couple of Rexall D}'spepsia Tablets would have given him instant relief —would have saved him hours of suffering. Carry a package of Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets in your vest pocket or keep them in your room. Take one after each heavy meal, and indigestion can never bother you. Bexall Dyspepsia Tablets cure stomach troubles by supplying the one element, the absence of which in the gastric Juices, causes indigestion and dyspspsla. They enable the stomach to digest all kinds of food and to quickly convert it into rich red blood. We know what Rexall Dyspepsia Tabfets are and what they will do. We guarantee them to cure Indigestion and dyspepsia. If they fail, we will refund your money. Price, 25 ecnt» j)er full package. Sold only at our stores or by mail. S. R. Burrell, The Rexall Store, West Side Square. ZINC ORES SLIGHTLY STRONflER, O F Furs, Fur Coats, Fur Shawls, Scarfs, Ties and Muffs, and Cloth Coats, and also a very deep cut in the price of Suits. While the Suit season is well on its way the Cloak and Fur season has iuTbeetm We would suggest your coming to see the newest Eastern creations in Fur styles. The new niuffs are made of wnole animal furs with, head, feet and tails, when not in use they present the appearance of a mat made fi:om the animal fur. All the new muffs have hidden pockets made with double satin HnSies and the scarfs vary in size from the small mink ties to the large wolf shawls. AH furs selected at this said for Christmas gifts can be left iil our care until called for. ' Sale Closes Tomorrow Night SlITS. Black, tan and grey Silk Suits tan, grey, blue, black Wool Bulls and short Jackets. While they last, choice lMJt9 Short .lacket Suits 27 inch length, pleated skirts, colors blue, brown, black In solid colors and stripes, some very fine suits In this lot, but they have short Jackets; choice while they Inst One-Half Price. Former prtce was 110.00, $15.00 and IliO.UO. Spe<-lal price will be i:>M, and $!0.U0. A big reduction on every suit lu the house, Fancy Cheviots, Broadcloth, Serges and Worsteds, gored and fold trimmed, skirts 36 to 45 inch; Jackets satin lined, all are neatly made, perfect fitting suits. ll .'i.OO Suits reduced to.. $10.00 $17.50 Suits reduced to ...il2..*>0 $20.00 Suits reduced to ...$14.85 $25.00 Suits reduced to.. .$19^50 $27.50 Suits reduced to... $22.00 $30.00 Suits reduced to... $21.00 $35.00 Suits reduced to... $20.50 $40.00 Suits reduced to... $31.25 $G0.00 Suits reduced to... $17.25 FUR COATS. 27-inch Black Imitation Fur Coat $9.00 Black Imitation Fur 25-Inch coat, satin lined, price. .$10J)0 25-inch Black Imitation Fur braid trimmed coat, satin lined, price $12.50 27-inch Black Persian Lamb, braid trimmed jacket, satin lined, price $15.00 Black Caracul satin lined .lacker 27 inch length, price only $lj ..y) Black Fur Cloth Coat 27 Inch length, lined with satin, price only $20.00 Brown (Caracul Coat velvet and braid trimined satin lined, price $25J)0 FIR COATS. Brown Coney, 27 inch. Fur Coat $2.'.i0 % length Black Cara»:Wl Coat satin llnod, price $37..'>0 Black Carpcul Ccnit. 27 Inch, length, ii::ce $3 .'t.(HI Short Fur Jacket In black, made of genuine Kusainn pony fur lined with beautiful brocaded silk, price $35.0<l Black .Near Seal 27 Inch Coat $»5.00 27-iMcli Caracul Jacket, beau- timily lined with Brocaded lining, price $3"JiO Siberian S(|uirrel. short jacket, price 1(15.00 Real Russian Pony black fur, short packet, lined wirh liro- caded siik lining, price ..$50.00 Black Real Russian Pony Fur .lacket 27 or 3i! inch length, brijcaded silk lining, price $00.00 Ueniiine Blended Mink Fur Coat high collar brocaded silk lining, price .V;.. $75.00 Sable Siiulrrel 27 inch length, lined with brocaded silk lining, price $95.00 "i;-lnch Real Russian _Pony Fur black Coat, brocaded silk lining, high collar, price $100.00 3fi-inch Black Caracul brocaded silk lining, the swellest Fur Coat on the market, price $125 6DTHRIE, OKLAHOMA Alls CARTHAGE, MISSOURI. FI'RMOATS. If you are thinking of buying a Fur or Cloth Coat, don't buy until you have seen our superb collection. KIR MI'FF.S. Black Flat Coney Fur Muffs for .$1J>0 Flat brown Coney Fur Muffs price $2.00 Blended Rat, natural color, flat Muff, price $S.0O Op|)osum flat .Muff, price. .$3.00 Black Coney Fur, the latest style Muff on the market. The price 15.00 Flat Sable .Mink .Muff, !the, price $12.50 Black Persian I^mb, price $li Black ImltaUon Black Fox; flat muff, price .$10.00 Natural Mink Muff, heads ' and Tails attached, price $23.00 Black Pointed Wolf, flat Muff, price $27.50 Flat Japanese Mink Muff, price $20.00 FUR SCARFS, TIES AND SHAWLS. Sab!e Squirrel flat satin lined— Fur Tie. price ,,-*iivi :tti .-.ia(K «ifei *i Siberian Squirrel, flat Scarf Tie, satin lined, price $&»© Isabella Opossum, satin iihed long Scarf, price $7.50 Flat .Mink Scarf, satin lined, price $10.50 Natural Mink Round Fur Scarf, price ,.. $11.50 Isabella Fox flat Scarf, satin lined, price $150)0 Black Wolf, Flat Scarf, satlta lined, price ffXM Natural Mink Scarf, head and tall, price $20.00 Blue Wolf Scarf, flat satin lined, price $23.^0 Pointed Wolf Fur Shawl with head, satin lined, price ..$S54M New Cloth Coats in black, blue, green, red and gray, priced at $5.00 to $40.0* JACKSON NOT FOR IT KauhBS Attorney (fcurral ObieriM to Law .Making Liquor Selling a Felony. A $100,000 .\ECiRO V. .V. V. A. The PrPMldent Attended the Corner Stone Services In YVaxhingliui. THE LOCAL MARKETS Pries Advances Despite Heavy Sales of SorpluK Stock. Gfllena, Kas., Nov. 27.—Despite the betry sales of surplus zinc ore last WMk, the market today In the Kansas Missouri district opened slightly stronger. Practically all buyers are in the field and offerings of $41 and 142 per ton of 60 per cent ore are general, representing an advance of $1. Lead Ore is stationary at $55 and $52 per ton.. A Beautiful 811k Flap. Do you want a Beautiful Silk Flag. ItS, feetT Up -to-date; 46 stars; made of flbetwiUed silk; beauUfuI color* A nice Christmas present or a eos : renir tor the tome. ~0iiid fl.60 and you wJU receive the Mir (UMt Sunday Journal three ^noSflHt'tAod one of tbese flags. THB JKANSA8. .aXY Topeka. ICas.. Nov. 27.—In reply to the published statements that Attorney General Fred S. Jackson would recommend to the leglslaluro that a law be passed making violations of the prohibitory law felonies and punishable by penitentiary sentences. Mr. Jackson yjesterday gave out the following statement: "The report that I would ask the legislature to enact such a law is entirely erroneous. 1 am not in favor of suchr a law, and consider that it would be a great mistake to have such a law. Such a law would work Its own destruction. It would make things drier in the dry counties, and wetter in the wet counties. In the dry counties it might be lliat a man would refrain from going into the liquor business if he knew that the penalty was the. penitentiary, but hi the wet counties, it would be impossible to ever convict anybody of selling liquor If the penalty was a penitentiary sentence, and the liquor sellers would simply take advantage of that fact. ' "It Is hard enough as it is to convict peopje in wet counties when the only penalty is a fine and Jail sentence. "It haa been said that the antl- llquor laws were well enforced in Indian Territory because of the fact that it was equivalent to a felony to sell liquor there. I do not believe that it was the severe penalty which brought about the strict enforcement of the law there. If It was strictly enforced. I think It was the vigilance of the I'ulted Stales officers who were constantly on the watch for liquor selling. 1 am inclined to doubt whether the lli|Uor laws were any better enforced in Oklahoma than they are In most places in Kansas. "I am ItK lined to favor a law providing for the creating of a itpeclal court In some of the larger counties of the state for the special pur|)osd gt handling injunctions against nuisances of all kinds, and possibly to handle general criminal business as well. I am not advocating such a court, for all the counties, but only for those above acertain population. Some of these have separate courts already. I think that the Judges of these special courts should be appointed by the governor, so that the responsibility for the en­ forcement.of the law will rest direct with the chief executive. With: such an arrangement the enforcement of the Uw* would he a comparatively! easy mater, provided the soicenior wa« la Washington, .Nov. 27.—The presence of Prenldeiit Kiioi-eveH at the laying of the corner stone of the new home for the negro Y. .M. C. A. made the event a notable one among the negroes of the District of Columbia:: Although the weather was not suitable fur an outdoor ceremony of this nature, the attendance was large. The president was the jirincipal speaker. He appeared at the site of the proiiosed $100,000 building, lU Twelfth street between S and T streets, within a few minntes of the time set for the liegiiinlDg of the cenie- nionies. 2 o'clock. K. J. .Morton, presi dent of the negro Y. .M. C. A., presided. Twenty-five thousand dollars of the money for the construction of the building was given by John D. Rockefeller, and the remainder of, the cost of the structure was raised from among the negroes in the district. The contractor has promised to construct the biiilding as nearly as po;.:il);e witli ne«rn l"lior. / il'rlces Quoted hy Card & Taggart Fi-bdure Coiniwny. The following local market report Is furnished ^y Card & Tiftgart Produce comiiany and will be kept running In The Register every day. The prices quoted are the prices which they will pay ftir poultry, eggs and butter delivered here: Kgga, current'receipts i»er case...2fic Old Hens, fat 7c Old Co.x 3c Spring Chickens ti'/^c Spring Ducks 5c Sjiring Turkeys. 8- lb '. Sc Old Hen Turkeys Sc Old Tom Turkeys '. 7c Old Ducks ."ic Butter, less than 5 percent salt...2yc OUR AIM tVAS STRAIGHT AT QUALITY In making onr seU-cllonM for Cbrlstmns this year qnality was the npper* most ttauufrht la onr mind Cheap Jewelry ID repol. sire and will lose yon (he respect of 3 our best friends. Come where yon you (lut Ql'ALITV reigns BIMTO all other ronsldera* tlons. That's at CttXTRACT IS CLOSED. NEWS OF GAS CITY THANK.SOIVI.Nt; WAS OBSERVED HERE VE.STERDAV. UNION SEBVICES WERE HELD THE (.AS CITY TEACHERS ARE ATTENDING CONVENTION. It Is Said That Copid Has Been Very Busy the Past Months and There Will Be Several Xmas Weddings. MAY CIT METAL SCHEDULES. The New York niants Will Flay Here Ne.\t March. ' Leffler, The Ft. Scott Tribune says: Fort Scott is going to have an opportunity of seeing one of the greatest base ball teams in the world early ne.vt spring Superintendent Martin of the Cas nnc* Electric company has received a telegram from the manager of the New York Giants, asking if a game could IMJ arranged with any local club for next March. The Athletics, a semiprofessional team, expressed a willingness to play the Oiants and Superintendent .Martin wired acceptance The Calnts will get 75 per cent of the recolpt.s. They will be here .March UOth or 31st. The Giants have a number of stars Bresnahan, one of the greatest catchers; Mnlthewson, the redoubtable: Mc GInnlty, the "Iron Man;" "Dummy Taylor, a deaf and dumb pitcher, and several other stars. They will drag a big crowd here. The Athletics hope to be able to get a few hits off them. It Is hoped that Mntthewson is on the firing Hue In the game here. What would tie a more delicious thought to any member of the Athletec than tr> know "I got a hit off of Christy?" The local stores were closed terday at 11 o'clock In observance of Thanksgiving day. The clerks and business men' spent their time in dif- feernt ways but the majoriy of t'hem j went to Chaniite to witness the football game between the Triplets and the Chanute Go-Devils. Redurtlun.« Expected When New Tariff Bin IN Framed.' Washiugiou, Nov. 27.—From' the testimony offered before the ways and means committee at the tariff hearing yesterday, it Is evident that some r%- duction, possibly 10 to 20 percent, will be made lu the duties on iron, steel and metal products when the new tac- iff bill is framed. Among the articles- for which it Is proposed to make 8i >ecific provision are .steel, wood or shavings, diamond steel, steel grit, iron, saind and sind- lar articles; steel saw plates, cniclMe plate steel, steel circular saw plates, steel strips, kiiivee. chrome, metal, ferro-manganese, manganese metal, tungsten and similar metals; manufacturers of mica and alloys and oth er mixed metals not specially provided for. A duty will probably be Imposed on • all castings of iron or cast Iron plates yes-;which have been chiseled, drilled, machined or otherwise advanced In condition by processes or operations subsequent to the casting pfocess. but not made up Into, articles. Was Well Attended. The Union Thanksgiving day services held yesterday morning in the Christian church were well attended. Rev. W. N. Leeper, pastor of the United Presbyterian churolr conducted the services. The Time Is Extended. Attorney W. J. Costlgan has received notice of an extension of 00 days In the time for the filing of the bill of particulars In the Schneck appeal. The work of making the manuscript is now nearly completed.—Ottawa Heratd. Jo Do mom Itttmates dimrviliri BB-oit 'all wort Attend Convention. The Gas City teachers are attending the Southeastern Kansas Teachers Association convention whidh Is meeting In lola today and tomorrow. lEOMlS, Spend Thanksgiving at Home. Miss Helen Clasiie returned this morning from Gas City and will spend Thanksgiving In the city visiting her father Judge Olasse and family. BUe Is leaching school at Gas Clfy.—Par­ sons Sun. Christmas Weddings. It Is reported that there will be several Christmas weddings. It Is _^ said that Cupid has been^very busy j ,i97'j^'o7eMlree^s"*S«»nd A^tUtto for .the past several months. 1 . . (nrst Published Nov. 19, 1908.) PCBLICATIOS NOTICE. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the District Court for said County. The Aetna Building & Loan Association, plaintiff, vs. E. E. Elliott, et al, defendant. So. 8293. Said defendants, E. E. Elliott and Sophia B. Elliott, will take notice that they have been sued In the above named (^ourt by the Aetna BuIldiDg & Loan Association, plaintiff, in civil action No. 8293, upon a promissory note made and delivered by you to plaintiff, dated April 20th, 1905, on which there is a balance due of $427.98 and Interest, and for fore* closure of a mortgage made and delivered, by you -to said plaintiff 6n said date to secnr^ the payment of said note, conveying to plaintiff the follov- Ing described k-eaf estate sttitslted hi the County of Allen, SUte of Kansas, to-wit: I^t Sixteen (16) of block Nineteen Altoona, Is Personals. Miss Anna UcKeen,. of here visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Hodges of Neodesha were the guests of frlfends (iere yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. 3. E. Hauler soent yesterday the guesta of Mr. and Wrs. CfhBn!li:ln TtteaCester. Mr. and yra. June* MltcteU of ^ C*ner. KuLirmofo Tialtloc - trteada>tteat to the'town of Gas Citri Kansas; and that unless you answer: the petiUoh filed therein by said pl^tiS Ofi or 1)e- fore the 30th day of ;DeeeBg.l>6r, AJ^^ 1908, said petition will be'takenliB true, and Judgment for pm^a|l(, j^n said action for said smn. aad mmat. and for the foreclosiiro.:aC;:t]|e^nld mortgage aii& tl|esale of nid^properiy will be reoi0Tpfk^09tmmaitT.' J. l»AII8ftATj»I «<jaBt

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