Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1907
Page 4
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Raporten' Jtaioin .Ml. BttiinlMi Offlc6 ••••••••••'••••-•••••IV 1 : ffi iT . I SVBSCBIPTIOir BATES. Bj Carrier la IvUL flai Glty, Laana* TOle or La Hatpob OBI WMk ..i........4 10 eeoU OM Month •• 44 o«nta Oaa Year W.0O Br Man. Oa« Tear, in advance 14.00 Three Months, in adrance ItOO One Month, in adranoe • Ai Sntered at lola. Kansas, Postoffloe, aa Second-class Matter. 'Adrerttslng Rates Made Known on Application., OFFICUL PAPER^CITI jOF BAS XEXBER OF AS80CUTED PRESS. The^ Iota Dalir Register Is a aieailter of the Associated Press and Receives the day report It that great news or- gulsatioa for Excluire Afteraooa PablkaUon la lola. OK BiCONl^ THODGHT. The !«e #8 at Shaw. From the Shaw Star and Argus. QOB Follan^bee is "shining up** to Gertie Puterbaugb. iGus is such a 11- Ijeral spender that Perkins, the druggist, hopes to get rid ot the photograph album he has had in stock ever since 1901. Giles Hosteller has bought the Havens eighty lying across the creek from his home place. Inside ot six months after Giles gets to Heaven he •will own all the land.within a radius of thirty miles of the pearly gates and will have It rented for six dollars an acre. Walker Weston averaged 4G miles a day, or about half the distance a woman covers when she sets out to find a wash lady. Carrie Nation says she Is thankful God is using her to help Him save humanity. It is pleasing to jiote that Mrs. Nation is willing to give God some ot the credit. The Roosevelts had both turkey and 'possum for their Thanksgiving dinned. But, of course, there are times Vfhen the Roosevelts have something • really good to eat. This department pays so little attention to current events that it has forgotten whether today or tomorrow is Mr. Cleveland's day to be dangerously ill. Admiral Evans is quoted .is sa>'lng you can "bet your North American life" that the fleet will sail. Of .course that wasn't what Admiral Evans said, but it looks better In print. Personally, we are not so much interested in Weston's walk as we are In knowing how he keeps his mustache out of the .soup. The fact that Mrs. Bradley loved Brown is cheering Intelligence to other homely men we could name. Social and personal: Col. T. B. Murdock is in town and the show/win-^ dows at the clothing stores look pretty Icheap and dinky in comparison. — We ^ave noticed that a womaiii often plans a perfect house fitted: up vrith elegant furniture and then marries imd goes to live in a four room flat The latest controversy Is over the number of eggs six hens will lay in six days. If they are the same breed as the hens we once experimented wlthi two eggs would be a liberal estimate. The Vexed Qnestion. My Dear Gaston: Won't you please tell us how to pronounce the name of William Keough? I think a lot of your read' ers would like to. know. A Subscrber. Topeka. Nov. 28. This department Is Scotch-English and doesn^t know, vnil the Irish kindly take the matter up and settle it? LJ^NYONVILLIE »fOU8E BURNS Perl Brown Suffer*. Losai' Stovt. ! From Qas Club to Entaruin Oraduatoa of County High pehools.' The residence of^PerF Brown, in I^anyonvillo was totally destroyed by Are last Saturday night About 13:30 o'clock the occupants of the house were awakened by the oroe of burning wood and soon afJet discovered that the house was on flra. AH effort was n^ade by the neighbors who gathered at the alarm of Are to but out the flames, but to no avail. ' Tho fire Is thought to have started from an over-heated stovej caused by an Increase in the gas pressure. The house with all-.its cpntents, except some clothing and the' parlor furniture, was destroyed. The houBe was one of ithose built by the Lanyon Zinc company and sold to their employees on payments. Mr. Brown lacked but glxty'dollars of having his home paid for. The house was partially insured. ESCAPED BEATH^ Elsmore Family Awoke to Find Boms in Flames. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. MOomey and their two little children njirowiy escaped death by fire when their home in Elsmore was burned last Saturday night. About one o'clock Mr. Moomey was awakened from a heavy slumber by the falling ot the plaster in the room. He discovered at once that the celling was on fire. He hastily jumped out of lied and succeeded in getting his children «nd wife out of the room just in time*to prevent (hem from being caught • tipder the falling ceiling. Mr. Moomey said today that he had no Idea how the fire originated as there was no fire left burning when he retired. Except a few bed clothes, every thing in the house was destroyed. The house and furniture- was valued at something over $600. While the house insured It is doubtful whether or not the owner will ha able to collect any insurance since the company in which it was insured is said to be in financial difficulties. WROTE QUESTIONABLE LETTER. Man Received a Thraahing Because of Intended Communication. Tn^ a certain office;In the city this n:oming a middleaged man received a thrashing at the hands of a much younger man. A Register reporter Is informed that the trouble arose over £ questionable letter w^iich the older of the two men is alleged to have written with the interptlon of sending tJD a well known and highly respected young lady in the community. It-is said that as a result of the encounter the older of !the two men will change his office to other quarters. BAXES PAID WILBUR «0. Defendant In Dirorice Suit .so Testified Saturday^ In case you don't care to fool with a liver pill, you can make almost as much money by inventing a remedy for dyspepsia. ^ A jnan is always reluctant to whip his own wife, but he greatly enjoys seeing another man whip his. Happily however. Thanksgiving and Sunday never come on succeeding days. . ' • .,.*KliJ Th^ percapita In circulation is now Bald to be $33.23. If the figures are right we hope we shall not find it necessary to again mention the matter to the person who has oar |33.13. The scientists have at last, found a aaire for lockjaw, and man's last defense against woman is almut to crom hie away. ! ^ •. Jimmy Stewart claims that whittling is bis only acomplislunent Jimmy is too modest This department stands,ready at any time to back him •galifat the world for grace and pro- lleleiie^ in naking a belt do the work «C ;a pair of soBpoiderB. The Nellie Danes divorce case Is still in progress this afternoon. Mr. Banes was on the .stand Saturday afternoon and testified that be gave ex- Policeman T. H. Wilbur $40 to watch the movements of Mrs. Banes. This afternoon Judge Collins is on the stand for the defense for (he pur|>ose of showing that Mrs. Banes pleaded guilty to Immoral conduct in police court SHE PAID TAXES AT 107. Mrs. Burgess, Celbred, Looks After Her Own Business. Mrs. Belinda Burgess, of Salem township, the well known colored woman, said to be lOj, years of, age, was In the city today to pay lier taxes. She owns an eighty acre farm on which she has lived for forty years. She bomesteaded the place.: The old lady Is quite strong and active considering her advance^ years. \ The 1908 High Sdiool Oradaates ot the loia, LaHarpe, Gas Citr. Htim- boldt. Elsmore, SaTonburg, Horan and all the other high schools in the county, are to be ' entertabed on Thursday or Friday ntgtat after New Years by the Kansas TAiiversity Ailon County Student Alnmni Asaoeiation. The K. V. reception this year promises to be one of the most successful affairs ever given by that association. There are about 100 hlgt school graduates in Allen county this year and it is expected that the malority of these will attend the banquet Ttie association has something like 100 members in'the county. Last year Chancellor Strong gave the principal address. This year Prof. Burdick of the law school. Prof. Ha- •^•orth. or some other prominent member of the University faculty, will be here to give the address. There is also talk of having the Glee club or some other organization down from the University to furnish music for the occasion. A meeting of the association was held Saturday night at the home of R. H. Bennett and arrangements' made for the ,entertainment. The place for holding the affair has not yet been decided upon, but it wilt probably be held at Tola as a majority of the K. U. students reside here. Another meeting of the Association will probably be held in a short time when final arrangements will be com; p'eted. COOrCIL WILL HATE BUSY SE8- SIOH WEDHESDAT ETENIKa STUDENTS RETURN TO WORK 4 MAJfT SPENT THAJfKSGITING VA. CATION WITH RELATITE8 HERE. School Board WUI Meet Tonight- Personals aad Other Nenj. School Board Will Meet The board of education of tho La Harpe city schools will meet this evening. There will be nothing of Im-. (lortance to come before the board at this session except the allowing of the regular bills. The salaries of the teachers will be allowed, also. ronncH Will Meet Tho city council will meet In regular sessioii in the city hall Wednesday night. This session promises to be of particular interest as there will be several things of Importance to come before the members of the council for conslderattan. The matter of making repairs on the city dam* will be taken up. If .you look as, though you couldn't do the work, will jump at the conclusion you can't. Right clothes pay big dividends in good opportunities. That's why we say— Made by Leopold, Sok>raon & Eitcndnilh, Chicago. SoM b^ one pro- grcuivc dealer in most every city. You'll find It well worth your while to look him up. PRIFESSNNAlNRECnRY The fact that Buffalo Bill and Mrs. Howard Gould were "friends" a'so proves that there are women who will stand for the imperial whisker. When December's icy fingers Hove shorn each forest tree. It's time to tone your system By taking Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tae. Burrell's Drug Store. WOULD BE COUNTY ASSESSOR. \Vhen the county commlsslonera convene next month to select a county assessor under the new law they will have a large list oif applicants tc select from. About ten applications are now on file. Among those who are said to want the job arc Chas. Schaffner, of Humboldt: F. W. Frevert. of Gas City; Ed. wtlfe, of Osage; Frank Nigh, Wm. Cunningham, of Humboldt, and J. W. Napier, of this city. The commissioners are iu session today and have spent the roost of the time allowing bills. Had a Good Time. , The members ot the La Harpe chorus who contested in the South Eastern Kansas Teachers' association musical contest returned Saturday afternoon. Although La Harpe did not get within the prize limit, the memliers rejwrt an excellent time. Those who attended are: Christine Ruble. Cora Kltzpatrick, Bertha Bernard, Edith Baker, Joe Donan, Delia Newman. Mary Donald. Lucy Jury. Elmily Wilson, Alice Tolle. Minnie Vandenacker, Edna Walker. Cordelia Saco, Helen Jones. Manibelle McGIII. Edith Houston. Maude Brown, Rudolph Kelger. Rudoliili .Meyer, Omer Estes, Noi .and Cates. Dan Moorebead, Erwin Hair, Clarence Gates, Ernest Disch. Pete Jury, Owen Lines. Ralph Stephenson, Oscar nacon, Romney Kltterhia Ross Forney, Clifford Jackson, Floyd Daniels, Sterling Rcede, Dan Anderson and Hurvey Rhoades. W. H. ARBBRSOH, AttariMy-at-Law. Notary and Btenographer In Offlca. Fbone 466. * H.A.Ewlng. S.A.Gard. a.R.aard • BWINO, OARD ft OABDi • • Lawyara. • * PraeUca In all OovtH ^ • %yk Madison. FhoM OS. » DR. McMUXBir, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic DiAsaa- ea'and Diseases ot Children. Telephones: Officfl S2, Res. 23S. Office In Mrs. Turner's Bldg., West Madison. Funeral Was Held Yntterday. The funeral of George Robertshaw was hold yesterday at 'two o'clock from the residence of his sister, .Mrs. O. D. Hartley of this city. Rev. Benham, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, preached the funeral sermiin. Interest was made in the I^ Har|>e cemetery. George Robertshaw died last Friday at his home in Chicago after a short illness. OX AMUSEMENT Ql^STION. Rev^ Benham of La Harpe Dellrered Strong Sermon Tseterday^ In his sermon on the "Amusement Question," delivered in the Methodist Episcopal church in La Harp^' last evening Rev. Ira M. Benham drew the fine line between games of chance and skill. He recommended the encour- agemetn of games of skill, giving long list of games which he thought were suitable amusements for the young and old of today. While on the other hand he discouraged the playing of games of chance. In the sermon. Rev. Benham quoted freely from the press, giving their views on the matter. Electrical Workers Wanteds We can fit you for a good, well-paid positon as an electrician, or electric railway, lighting or dynamo station foreman or superintendent, or telephone manager. We can teach you by mail. In your spare time and at small coit The only qualification needed Is ability to read and write and the determination to sncceed. Write' today, stating the subject which interests you. I. C. S.. Box 799, Scranton, Pa. TO PIIESERTE FIRST CAPITOL, GoTerament Expected to Let.Kaasas Care for It Washington, Dec. 2. —Army engineers erport that It will cost about $2,500 to put the grounds In shape around the first capltol of Kansas near Fort Riley and protect the old building from encroachment of the iCaw river. If the Sam.Wollard Association of Kansas will enter Into contract to make these Improvements, aside f^m repairing the building, the government will give Kansas a permit to take over and care for the building. The old building Is located on the Fort Rlley military reservation. Senator liong believes that-arrangement will be made whereby the historic old building will be preserved. YbufMroji^ ycnir intdDigence wheniyou pick Arbuckles^Ali- osa ^^eej imtead of tbe mis- id^ tyw«M ^*ii^^**MfP^l [k4^ ^ rollcKP .Ht4idenl.<« Returned Home. The La Harpe young ]>eo|ile who are attending college returned to their respective schools cither yesterday afternoon or last night. Almost e^•ery student was home this year visiting their relatives during the Thanksgiving vacation. Heretofore many of the students at the State university attend ed the annual Thanksgiving foot liall game at Kansas City instead of coming home. The *'.lmnsement Qnestion.'' Rev. Ira M. Benham, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, made a very eloquent address at his church last evening on the "Amusement Ques tion." Rev. Benham has given this question much study and in the sermon produced many ideas which never before had been brought to the minds of the people. New Stories. In other parts of the Dally Register will be news stories of particular interest to the people of La Harpe They are the fire in Lanyonville and Rev. Benham's sermon on the Amusement Question. Phoaa W. Res. 70L !*. .DR. 0.1. COX, - • Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat * Bpoctaclea Properly Fitted. * Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • . Office Phone 1083. DR. R. 0. CHRISTIAir. Phyalclaa aai Sargeoa. Rooms 7 and 8. B^rans Bldg. • Phone 664. loia. Kaaa. • • * DR. EDITH 8. HAICIH. • • Office and Residence over Bar- • • rail's Drug Store. • : * Office Honrs—10 to U a. nt, 1 * • . to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 evenings. • : * s Snndaya by Appointment * . . Practlea Umitad to IS N. Bnekaya. Fkona 671. Rns. Tel. 198. Office TeL'l6S. DR. J. R^ PEPPER. Dentist Is permanently located over B. C. McClain's Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds of up-to-date dental work. Evening work by appointment DR. W. S. HBTIiMUir. Phyakiaa * Sirseaa. Office N. K Comer o( Bqnara. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'a Stora. Re8.Tel88. Offica TeL 608. p. L. Lathrop, • Mrs. Besaio O. Lathrop. • OSTEOPATHIC PHT8ICIAH8. • Special attention given to Dia- * eases ot Women and OUidrea. * Over East Side Hardware. • Office 'Phone, Mala 468. • Fort been Pcrsonalii. George McGlll returned from Scott yesterday where he has visitng bis cousin. Dr. J. S. Kirkpatrick, of Kansas City, was in La Harpe yesterday visiting his parents. Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Kirkpatrick. A. Lu Watson left yesterday for Southern Minnesota, where he will siiend the winter. He has been here for the past few days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Martin. Eulah McDowell and Euly Velry returned to their homes in Gamett yesterday. They have been here visiting little friends. Ray Ward and sister left yesterday for Coffe>-ville. Kansas, where they visited friends. Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea purifies the blood, regulates the bowels, aids the kidneys, cures stomach troubles, builds up the nervous force; makes you well and happy. 35 cents. Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug Store. SENATORS URGE PROSECUTIOX. Cartis aad TeUer Says Kiekapaat Were Robbed of «934MMt. Washington, Nov. 30.— Senators Tel ler of Colorado and Curtis of Kansas made an earnest reoommendatlon to the president today ttiat prosecutions be commenced at once in behalf of certain |meml>er8 of the Indian tribe In Oklahoma known as the Kicking Kickapoos. An Investigation just completed by these senators leads them to twliere that the Indians have been robbed of land to Ithe valne of $260,000 by syndicates operating In Oklahoma. Emtey Rqireseats IwUaM. Guthrie. Okla.. Nov. 30.—United States I i^xuanss John Embry left for. n a « " Where JM jnrfll: the departoMMt REMOVAL SALE LIBBY CUT GLASS—HAND PALNTED CHINA A large stock of, the above at prices never before offered. New designs in Rookwood Pottery (one price everywhere.) The only line of Rookwood in this part of the state. A general line of Jewelry and Silverware at lowest prices. About January 1st, I expect to move my stock) to the room now occupied by the lola State Bank and intend reducing as much as possible to avoid trouble and expense attending a removal. Q. T. SEWALL JEWELER First door north of Postoffice THAY ARE FRESH. A choice a&sortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When yoti buy I^owney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Comer Washington and West Sts.. Adailabtratar's KatlcA. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the matter of the estate 'ot Edwin F. Evans, late of Allen County, Kansas. Notiee of Anolatmeat Notice Is hereby ^ven, that on the 2lBt day of November, A. D. l$07,'the undersigtaed was liy the Probate Court' of Allen Coanty, Kansas; duly appointed and qnallMd aa Admlnbtfator oCthe Estata oC Allen Conattiy^ TELSPHORS TOUR* WJOT AM, TO THE REGISTiat OFQCR. . Aa an accomodation, tha Registar receives ads for Its waot oolnmBsovar the telephone, but eaq;iects tba adrer- tiaer to call, at the office aad aattle aa-aoon aa convenloat, as the htUa'ara too amaU to warraat the azpanae «C a oollactor.. Telephone your want ad to eithar, pbtaa. Na u: or m, ami U tW^raeette cacaCil adtanttoiL- "ii i^I. - "Ti- ^ ltd.

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