Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 7
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nai ISAM yUMHIML ™PAT IfPPft yOTlMMl «. JWWl XANT PSOnJi TISI^BD AOUTH rOFFETTIUE, 0XI.AH03|A. MANY LOTS WERE SOLD UPENDIA OF NEW TOWN f OMW I'ES OTEB TOMOBBOW. Fmlr Pr(>4iet«d That Houtk L'Mej vllle Will Mtkn Blgr Town. Bomb Coffej-vlUe, Okla., Nov. 27.— (Special). Vesierday. ThanksRivJng day, waa the biggeRl day In the history of this city and one of the blR- ^st days in the history of Cotrey- Tllle, Kan. The event was the formal opening of this city and hundreds of lavestors were here from all sectlooit of the country, mone than a dozen states being represented. Kansas, Oitlabonia. MlHKuiirt, Nebrasica and Iowa furnishing the largest per cent of the visitors. Besides the hundreds Who wer» here from abroad there -were several thousand people in attendance from this immediate vlcinitj'. The Etchen Brothers, who are the Proprietors of the three companies, the Kansas Land Co., The Big 3 Land Ca, The Etchen Brothers Land Co.. which promoted the new town, chartered a special train on the M. K. 6. T. railroad and transported passengers between South Coffej-ville and Cof- feyrille, Kan., free of charge. This train was mu hourly between the two towns and it was well patronized during thfr entire day. Besides this the street car line was taxed to its fullest capacity In transporting people from the sister city on th« Kansas side of the line to S6uth Coffeyvllle. The opening of South Coffeyvlllp. Okla., marM a new epoch in the history of the Southwest. Never before in Oklahoma wan a town opened to in- reslors with such excellent prospectK for future development. Investors by the hundreds were on the ground and lot seiling ran high. It. requiring an extra effort on the part of the promoters of the new town and their arm}' of osaJstantB to handle the lot sales. MaDX>who came out of curiosity readily ftiiveBted in business or reeldence lots after .they had seen what South Coffeyvllle offered in the way of Investments. Prom the time the new town was flrat advertised a month ago inquiries began to come in from Interested capitalists and from those desiring business and reatdence property, until the advance lot sales greatly exceeded the expectations of the promoters, andiik was found necessary to Shut off the JMile of the lots in this city and In Coffeyrille, Kas., last Mon- dftf until the day of the opening. It waa a great sight to see the hait* dt^fl of eager purchasers hastily viewing the townslte selectiog possibly a business lot or perhaps a rest- deniie location before some early bird had caught the worm, and ever.r train during the entire day brought In more visitors to die city until by the noon hour a verfti^ble army was thronging the streetsTtif the prosperous yonng city. At.noon all those who wished a real feast were given a platter of the fa- motis Oklahoma barbecued beef and buns, free for the asking, and although the supply was large the crowd was ao much be.rond the expectation nf the promoters ihat before all had been fed the supply was exhausted. . There are possibly more individual Inducements to investors in South Coffeyvllle than were ever ottered by one ciiy before. There Is no other town In the entire new state of Oklahoma that has better railroad advan- lages ihan has this city. This alone appeals to manufacturers and wholesalers, bu! another feature of greater importance is the fact that South Coffej-viile has an endless gas supply, being located in the very heart of the great Oklahoma and ICansas gas fields. This gas i.s offered for factory purposes at a small price and (he free factor>' sites which the townslte company offers to manufacturing in.stltu- tlons has apiiealed to them in such a way that a number of large indii.<itrlP8 are Investigating ihe proposition with a view to locating here.' The separate schools for the while and negro children have appealed to many and already it is the result of quite n residence building hnom. Not only are these features, anyone of which would result In South Coffey- Arllle 's future prosperity, appealing to the general pubMc, but there are oih- Style Plus Quality Plus Value is our Rule of Three I OLA'S BEST AND ORBATIgST STORE OurCfoak9nct5uit Section is "1 he Home of Fashion'' $W,000 Worth of RoBdyto^Woar Apparol Will Oo on Solo SatunlBy at Spoolal Roduotlons Such phenomenal values were never before offered so early in the season in Up-to-Date Suits, Costs, Waists and Skirts as we will place tomorrow before the good people of lola and vicinity—all new and desirable merchandise secured by our New York buyer at tremendous price concessions for spot cash from overstocked manufacturei^s. You Imnt upon the fineii ' in other food producti i now get tpIOM that you can dt ^nJ upon—pure, full of itrtn^ili and uo(Uipe>:cd in quality. The bett tptcn are thote that are btet in the beginning t •eiacted and ground and tcaUd with great Every particle of their seaion- iag pfuptrtiea—their very life —it ceoined in the air-tight pucktie: Always uniform, bfocm—10c. . Ttwrcarctw* LmdtB^'Tailored SuHs Mi TrmmmndQum Rmduotioam $22.50 and $25.00 Tailored Suits at.. . .$13.95 2.^.00 and 27.50 Tailored vSuits at. ... $I7,95 :10.00 Tailored Suits at $20.00 :i/).00 Tailored Suit.s a| $25.00 4000 Tailorfd Suits at ^30.00 45.00 Tailored Suits at $35.00 WmMm mi Rmiuoma PHo9m White Net wai«tj worth $5.00 for $2.98 White and Ecru Net waists, worth $0 98, for $4.98 White and Ecru Net waists, worth IP.OS, for $3.98 White Net waists wotth $10.00 for $5.98 Black Net waists worth $7.r)0 for $3,98 White Silk waists worth 19. UK for $5.98 Womon^s Tallorod Coats At Qrami ReduoUonm Many beautiful styles, made of the finest coat materials, 45 to 54 inch length.s. $ 7.50 long Coats for $4.95 8,60 long Coats for $5.95 10 00 long Coats for $7.95 12.50 loflgeoatBfor.... $8.95 15.00 long 6oatsfor : $ll .95 18 00 long Coats for $15.00 20,00 long Coats for $16.95 26.00 long Coats for $19.95 armmi KoOUotianm on OMtdrmn'm Gomtm 12 76 Children's Bearskin coats for . .. .$|.75 3.98 Children's Bearskin coats for . ,. .$2.95 5.00 Children's cloth coats for $3.50 7.50 Children's cloth coats for $4.95 8 00 Children's cloth coats for...... . .$5.9^^ 1000 Children's cloth coats for $6.9S Big Sale on Tur^ Tomorrow, 5dturdai| Spoolal Ctit Prioos on Skirts Tomorrow NEW rom STORE ers; some orjwhich are the cattle quarantine la*-, the elevation of the land, making it iipposBible for any portion of the city,to overflow: the best of city water' to be furnished from an overfloH-l.T"^ stream with no towns located above to cause the water to become contaminated, the best of well water in large quantities, a street car sjsiem, park* close to the city and a scoi^ of other such excellent advantages, many of which are not iiosBessed by the older cities. The population of South Coffe .\Tii :e will be Increased by two or three thousand more inhabitants during the next eight months or a year. The opening of the new town continues today and tomorrow. The members of the land companies which opened South Coffeyvllle to settlement are all brothers, the sons of J. P. Btchen of this city, a retired • farmer. There are six of them and! they ronKiitute the various companies, a» follows: Chn«. A. I^tchen and W. j I.. Ktrheu. the Kansas Land company of Coffeyville. Kon.: K. A. and K. R. Btchen. the Dig 3 Land comiiany; D. .1. Btchen. manager of the Ktchen Brothers I.and company at Nowata. Okla. and A. M. Btchen. manager of the Kichen Bros. Ijind Co., In Coffey- rllle. A. M. Etchen ii an attorney and handles the legal business for the various comimnies. He wan master In chancery and proliate connnlssloner nf (ho northern district, during the territory days of Oklahoma and the Indian 7errilor>\ He Saw Vancil. Sheriff \\Toodwarn was over at the penitentiary yesterday where he went with 011i% Brooks. The aiierift saw Efih Vancil who Is up for life for mur- derlnjr his wife here last. year. Vancil, the sheriff says, is looking well and presented the sheriff with a penholder which lie made. V'ancll says the penitentiary Is "not a nloe pUcfe." although; no one ever says/ a rot «h word to him. He ta'allowed a nuih- ber of privileges. Of course he Bt41I maintains that he Is innocent.—Lawrence Jonmtl. • N ' ' ooooooo^ooooooooo o , o O .iDDlTION.VL SHORT $T<»RIES O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hold Another Meeting. The farmers of Salem township 'ave called another meeting at Jeddo School House Saturday night, November 2Sth. At the meeting held last week twenty men signed a paper refusing to allow hunting on their farms. It is thi« desire of those in charge to iucreaRO the Hat to forty names or more.—Humboldt Herald. -Our Way Window: Visiting Old Home. Will .MoniR of Trinidad. Colorado was in Humboldt this' week visiting old friendH. Will was raised in I .0- gan township but has been In Colorado for Home time. He Is a railroad engineer. Ho was called liern by the death of his brother Joe. which ocjciirred In Parsons a week ago.-— Humboldt Herald. MITH THE fCBY XOIT. EvMonre in the Mooberr;- Case Was Closed Today. The evidence in the Mooberry case was closed this afternoon and Is now in the hands /Of the Jury. A number of were e.xamined. S. A. .Mooberry is suing the' lola Portland for approximately $1200 for the loss of the t ;er\'ioes of his son wlui was injured In an accident ai ihe qiinrrles. UALTER JOIIN.^ON'S F.VTIIER HERE Frank Jnhuson Comes Bark to Visit Old Friends. Frank .Tohnson, formerly a resident of this county but now living in Ful- le-rton. Calif., is in the city today visiting friends. Mr. .lohnson left this county a number of years ago. He Is the father of Walter Johnson, the sensational young pitcher with the Washington Senators. Walter is now at his home. ' lola Thursday and ciaited a day or ; two with Mrs. Will Rogers. Mr. Talley's are expecting to have a sale In the near future. Prother Mkxulsworth and wife vlsr ited Mr. Wm. Rogers Thursday ev- jening. WESLEY CH-iPEL. O _o Miss Edna Rogers was a caller at .Mr. Lambcth'» Sunday. Mary Reade has had a gathering under her chin. Mr. Reads took her to tbe doctor Sunday and had it treated. Mr. Hunting Is building a barn for the Frederlckson boys. .Mrs. liPvi Rogers came down from Indiu Is Fast Sammy Morris, the Indian base ball pitcher, was not j)nt In^ the game at Cfaanute yesterday until tbe last of th« game. The Indian Is fast on his feei and was good to look at. Place In Untforai. Fred Place, formerly of this city, was in uniform at Chanute yestcrda; hut the Oo-DevilB did not put him In. Byerlf in Town. W. A. Byerly, the Humboldt banker, waa In the city this afternoon on busl- iiess. Hirah C8M tattltd. The action feronght some ti^e ago by-Dr. F. H. Hlrah against Mrs. M. HIrsh «aa been seftMl br: agreement ; Atton »«r'k ^i ?»^M, went to ' tida aflMMaa on « buil- Cory on Prngmm. Judge r. K. Cory of Fort Scott has a place 011 the pri>grani. of the meeting of the Slate soclHy In Topekii on next Ttiesday. Judge C!ory a'lll speak on "Tbe Sixth KanKus llegl metit iind Its l>>ndpr." XNK .Stone Here. MIMK Mlaticbe Stone, fortnerly of tliiii city but now of Grand Rupids. .Mich.. Is here the guest of her sister. .Mrs. R. H. neonelt. Wlille enroiite here she .mopped off at Hardin. M<i.. for a visit with Misses Ethel and Uils llen- netf. Senator-elect MlUlgan liei ;e. Dr. and Mrs. MHllgan. of Garnett, were guests at (he IJ. L . Ponsler home yesterda.v. , Dr. Milligan is senator- elect from Anderson county. X Rahr niri. A daughter was born yesterday to | Mr. and Mrs. CrowelU Mr. Crowell conducts the rooming honre over Reynolds drug store. Bamea Caie Contlnaed. The caae of the state vs. J. L. Barnes which was to have t>een tried/ batore Justice K. G. Hough today, hits lMMi.«iii^tliBnad nnttr December r >ih. m'JifiTJ^.^*:^^**:''^^ aasanlN Special Fw Tomorrow, Saturday One lot of Ladies'Tailored Sample Suits in blue, brown and lireen, worth $25 00, $27.50 and $30.00, while they last $W.90 Come early and get the first selection, entire stock of Suits. Special prices on the

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