Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1907
Page 3
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GMkM* .OcUr/m ,Xl44««ii< Aidmt It Elks Meiu »riMW J, At the 'annual Elks' membiiiif TlOM In honor ot the absent brothers, John F. tioshorn yesterday aftenKk>n deUrered an eloquent address; |Hls eulofly upon (he dead, delivered with much feeling, touched the hetlrt* Jot those who were privileged to tufiur tbe speaker, especially the memtieni o{ the.order. The address will long be remembered as one of the best ever keard in the Elks hall. The'detailed program rendered: In connection wtih the address >'as as follows.- Sacred Session. l.r-JVoIuntary .. Roberts' Orcbestra 2.—Opening Ceremony. 3.—Quartette, "Vacant Chair.''— Charles Smeltzer, Dr. O; T, LaGrange, W. S. Burdlck. C. R. Sucher. 4.—Opening Ode. Great Ruler of the IJniTerse, All seeing and benign, : Look down upon and bless our > work. And be all the glory thine.: Ob! hear onr prayer for our bon ored diBadi, •'Wtille bearing in our mlpd The memories graven oil eacb r heart For "Auld Lang Syne." B.—Prayer Rev. C. P. Hale 6.—Solo "There is a Land Mine Eyes Hath Seen." Mrs. W. S. Bur didc. 7.—Memorial Address Bro. J. P. Goshorn 8.—Violin i Solo, "X^ava^na." by Raff, Edward Hoemlng. 9.—Orchestra. "TwUIgbt." '. Roberts' Ofctaestra 10.—Quartette, Selection— Charles SmeUe*r, Dr. O, T. La Grange, W. S. Burdlck^ C. R. Sucher. 11.—Closing Ceremonies. 12.—tDoxology. ^The audience^J(^iptD«.^.iuui Praise God, from whom all blesii' ings flow: Pralsei Him, all creatures here be low; Praise Him, above, ye henvpnly host Praise Father, Son an(} Holy Ghost. 13.—Benediction ... Rev. C. P; Hale Absent Brothers. John Franklin Foust—1900. , D. A. Etter-^1902. , David Dalby—1902. * 'Walter Parsons—^1902. Compton Moore—1903. John E, Ireland—1903. - J Robert C. McKaIn—1903. ' B. C. MicCallen—1906. Jesse P. Decker—1906. J. S. Rodgera—rl90«. B. E. Vamer—1906. W. A. ChoguiU—1907. 8. M. Knox—1907. NEW RULES ON THE RAILROAD. Section Men Have Wages Readjusted Tomorrow. Today. December 1st. a cut was mada in the pay and hours of tbe section men. The men will work but .nine hours from now on and will receive but $1.15 per day. It JR understood that this order is effective generally on the Santa Fe system. It has been only a few months slncp the section men received a raise from 11 .25 to J1.50 per day. The extra gang received $1.35 before the raise several months ago. The pay of $1.15 Will now be received by section and extra gang men alike. An order also went into effect to day stopping the refunding of rebate for cash fares paid on the trains. FLOCKED TO ETAXS'S SHIPS. rrow4s 3iJidp Their Last \kH9 to the BMts of the American Armada. New York, pec. 2.—Ten thousand friends and relatives of tbe men who are to sail to the Pacific throtiged the Brooklyn navy yard yesterda*'. The long [cruise began at six o'clock t^is morning, wben the LouIsisQa will Starr for Hampton Roads. Shire leave ended on the flagship Connefitlcut at sunset, and the last visiting ashore by crews of the VIrglntai Ohio and other ships will end todayj sq that, by Wednesday tbe entire fleet mAy move. A mmorable scene was ejiacted: on the main deck of the Louisiana at sunset, wben the colors were lowered as tbe band played "The Star: Spangled Banner." Otlicers and crew Hnbd the deck, with bared heads and the westi and tbe Stars t^id Stripes slowly settled into -the hajids of the blue jackets. The flag lowering was the genral signal for the l^st farewell and tbe few remaining viisitors were soon on tbe docks. Visitors were received «n nearly all the,' sblps this afternoon, but most of thpm went to the flagship. People Over the Country Arc Con- •tructln« Many Iftw BiilMlngs. Open Under the Management of Taylor Broi, three experienced restaurant men. Merchant's Lunch 25€. Short Orders of All Kinds. Everything in Season Now Ooen C. E. Hair, of the firm of Hair & Smith, architects, who returned yes terday from a business trip over the ' state of Illinois, say that the flnan- clal conditions there were rapidly im• proving. Mr. Hair says ibat currency Is being used there and that the building work is progressing even better than before tbe flnanclal depression. In speaking of the matter Mr. jllalr said that be believed if any .thing there wonid be more building this fall and winter than usual. Peo- 'pie are taking advantage of the his slump In the prices of building ma. teriaL I CONTINUE Q08HORN CASE. H. J. GROVES DEAD KansasTlty Editor Snecnnbs to rolN- oning Following Ballet Wound. Kansas City. Dec.i2.—H. J. (Jroves managing editor of the Post who was shot November iSrd by Richard Home, an editorial j writer, died this morning from blood poisoning. The condltion-<if• Prenldent Woodward who who IK at nor kOj^lBjavor- alilr. Ilorno who IK at home in .Marshall. Mo., will be brotiRht here and charged wiih ninrcier. Home when told of the death ofj Qroves expressed surprise as well as much emotion. "I am very sorry." he kald. He declined to talk further and!said he would go ot Kansas City when wanted. GET QUITE A BIT. Kansas Will Land N'uc'n Congresslon ^1 Patronage. r—Tn tlie house the Kansas dele- WILL ELECTjpFFICERS. Prof«Mlonal Mini'a^~AMoel«tlen MMtTonlghtj Will The Fn ^iMsional MenVA"°^^^ will Jwld tkelr annoa] ell^on.of of- fleent at Ifael^ mattlBK wjiich will be held in the FarttM^ room <rf tW AI len <v«v^ etnut hooiie t^tia evjeiiliUp • vnMMrigtAn.Dec, of representatives, gation will come out better than ex pected on the patronage question. Stimulated by tlie action of other delegations not sol large or strongly Republican as tbelrs. by tbe lacli of house patronage in the past, and by the success of the patronage coraniit tee appointed at Topeka. consisting of Mr. Campbell and Mr. Srott. as referred to recently in these oolimins. the Kansas house members have made pood progress In the past week. .They have arranged for some good positions. The house organization will not occur of course for some da.v.s aft?r Monday next, or the convening day. That is to say. all positions will not be immediately avanaT)Ie, though early in Deceinber there wil! be added n number of Kansans to the gov?rn- ment payroll. The names, posittons and salaries of the successful ones cannot now be given, nor would if be proper- to give them; but enough Is known of the work-liccomplished by Rcprssenta lives Campbell and Scott t8 make the guess that not since the days of Plumb will so msn.v Kansans be att.iched t.T ihe congressional salary list. REV. J. \V. Gordon, pftsfor of the Sex»nd Baptist church, left today for Psola to attend to some business in coiinectlon with the church. He will bej gone several dayis. TO FEED THE POOR. Salvation Army Gets Ready for Clirist- * mas Dinner. The Salvation Army is now makin? orrangenionts for the .mnual Christmas lUnner to the iioor. One week from tomorrow the members of the rorps will begin ninlilng the collection for the illimer. ami any donations fioin the iinhllc will be appreriatod by thK army. A committee will also can Vfiss the town to ascortaln the fanil! les who are deserving of the Clirist nms dinner. The aasistanee of thf lublic In securing this list will also be apprecialeil by the army. The dinner will h? n)ade up In half bushel baskets so that in reality th poor wi'l receive more provisions than the one Christmas dinner. The has k€(s will be sent out Christmas morning. On ntght a tree will bf the feature of a nice program at the army hall at which a treat will be sfven to the children. SERMON TO iOLA LODGE. Rev. J. M. Mason Delivered Interest ing Discourse to J. O. U. A. M. In an eloquent address Rev. .T. M. .Mason, pastor nf the Methodist church, set forth the principles of tbe .junior Order of United. American Me chanics yesterday. He discussed the more iniiiortant principles eipphaslz cd in tbe by-laws of this order. Dnr lug the course of th? sermon. Rev. Mason took occasion to mention the seneral temperance wave which was toing over the country. An outburst of applause followed this remark. In the sermon Rev. ^lason also spoke of the present Immigration laws, He suggested that pubile of fices see to it that some restriction i.« made. LIFE SENTENCE FOR HAU. Imprisonment For Life Last Verdict of German Court. Karlsruhe, Dec. 2.—The death sentence passed upon Karl Hati. former- Iv professor of thi University at Wash ington. for the murder of his moiher- In-law. has l)een commuted to life Imprisonment. LLOYD MILLKR. of Prescott. Kan sas, returneil to his home this morning. He has been here visiting I^fluis Robinson for the past several da.vs. Aetoin Will be Paaawl Wadnacday by Judge Fouat. Tbe Goshorn case was to have been passed on by Judge Foust this mom- lug, but owing to the time being taken up with other cases It was continued until the 4th. This is an action in which J. B. Goshorn is asking the court, on a writ of mandamus, to compel ths mayor and council to appoint him city attorney under tbe old soldier preference law. BECAME ILL AT CHURCH. Mrs. L. E. VanArsdale Is Much Better Today, However. ^Irs. Louise E. VanArsdale took suddenly 111 while attending the Pres byterlan chiirch last evening. Feel liig that she was growing 111 she sUrt ed to leave, only to get to the ladles' waiting room, where she collapsed. A physician who was in tbe church at the. time was called. She was soon revived and taken to her home at 624 North street. Mrs. VanArsdale Is a great deal better today. WAST RECEIVER FOR COMP.\M. Attorney Geaerai Alleges Omaha Company Is Baakinpt. Lincoln, Dec. 2.—Attorney General Thompson today prepared a petition asking for a receiver for the National Mutual Fire Insarance company of Omaha. He alleges the liabilities are two hundred and flfty three thousand dollars. TlJb assets are one hundred sixteen thousand dollars. AVAM MAXY TALESXETT. ronrt Wants Two Hnndred Flrty Sum nioned—Trbil Oontlnned. New York. Dec. 2.—The second trial of Harry K. Thaw wa:s today postponed until January sixth. The court ordered that a special panel of two hundred and fifty talesmen be summoned for the selection of a jury. T^ree Die In Wreck. Baltimore. Dec. 2.—In a wreck on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad at Shenandoah Junction this morning three passengers were killed and a dozen Injured. The dead are W. L. Hoffman and hU daughter, Nellie, and an unknown man. It Is not believed any of the Injured are fatally hurt. Hoffman and his daughter were employed In the cashier's department of the Raltimore and Ohio In this city. <Clatfie* BMkcasa eombined. Comprses ""II 'J''^ 111 . -^'^•MBHiW Jent. attractive. Call and sec • or wills for catetogue 104 TleMahfiitiraStire Excltisiv« Agents Also agents for the Qunn _ and Macey Sectional BoplcX^asek. .MTliat would make a more appropriate Qtuhil^ltauui 0MV thin a few of these sections? THE BASSETT city council will not meet this evening In regular session, because the mayor will be out of town. An adjourned meeting probably will be held in the near future. THE BOARD of educaUon of the lola City schools will meet this evening. There will be several things of importance to come up for consid oration. In S. S. S. oatne liliiiiiroirided a certain, Blood Poison. It is a meoidiie nade entirdjr of rcSots and herbs of recognized blood-pnxifyiag valne, iaa'd'is fhp one mcdicaae wlddLisaUetoget down to the root of the. tzouUe aud remove every p^utide of the virqs, and at the same time benefit and. bnild np. the system andg^Kral healCh. Ko harmful effecta ever follow its nae, as is so often thfi case when stxong mineral medicines are nsed. As soon as the system gets trader the inflnence of S S.S the disease begins to improve, and when the remedy has thoronghly purified the blood and driven ont every trace of the rpoison^ no signs of the tixmble are ever seen again. . The general manifestations of Contagions Blood Poison such as falling hair, copper-colored spots; jilcerated month and throat, sores and nlcers, etc., are merely symptoms of the jpoisoned condition of the blood, and in most cases respond quickly to local treaitmeiat, while S. S. S. is doinjg the necessary work of cleansing the blood. Onr "Home Treatment" book is of great,assistance along this line. It is a complete gnide for treating the trouble, containing instrnctions for the different stages of tke disease, and also valuable snggestii^s about the local treatinent. that will be most helpfnl in effecting a, cure. \ We will be glad to send a copy of this book, free of. charge, to any who desire it, and if special medial advice is wanted oar physicians w|ll take pleasnre in supplying it without cost to the patient. If yon are suffering with Contagions Blood Poison you can cure yourself in the privacy of vonr.own home by the use of S. S. S., aa-absolntely safe remedy. ~ TBE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO:,iAXLiLSTA,JGA: SiTUATWmS WAHTtn AdTetrfsemeate under tbts head wfll IM* Inserted three times wlthont charge. GIRL WANTS work in private family. Call phone 1158. WANTED—Dining room girl at 203 South Huckeye. 100 Men Wanted. ~ To trap minks, skunks, muskrat.s, raccoon, etc. Highest prices and a square deal. R. S. Barnard, lola, Kansas. 324-.^26 North Uuckeye. The most reliable dealer. WANTED—$10,000 to loan on good Farm Property; - at reasonable rate. IOLA LAND COMPANY. WANTED—House cleaning to do. Phone 1112. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second streL FOR SAl£"REAL CSTAU FOR SALE—Good runabout Stnde- baker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken in the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn. LOST and FOUm FOIT.ND—Thanksgiving day, an over coat. "Ownec may have same by jiay- ing for ud and proving property. "02 South Uuckeye. LOST—^A black fur collarette, white across end, black tassel, between ilie Catholic church ^and First street. Kinder return ;;o,". South First. Reward. LOOSE oimammv. FOR SALE—Good mary with foal Call at 210 West streeL FOR SALE^mnmUmmmoum FOR SALE—Second hand doors and lumber. 110 West .Monroe. FOR SALE:—A good lunch counter wagon 8x20. up to date. C. W. Rayburn, 320 Soutb Kentucky. FOR SALE—Good as new XlclOT Grapbophune; cost 540; and 23 ten- inch records. C. W. Rayburn, 320 South Kentuck.v. FOR SALE—14,000 feet of 3-inch gas line pipe. Will sell any part or all. Price very low. Call or address F. S. Bennett, Longton, Kansas. KNIGUTS OF MlCCAltnS^ Knights ot Maccabees ot the, Wor)^ meeta in K. P. Hall, aecond and fourtn Wednesday nights in aach month, h W. Poatwalt, commander; RiB.Por« ter, record keeper.^ W. 0. W>-Camp No. 101 maaU Iia K. of P. Mail every Friday night V, T. Steele. C C; A. H. Da'-'.-. Cleiti visitors coijdially Invited. KXIGHTS OF FTTHIA L-* oah» Lodge No.' 43 meets every ">ll.ndait> night at K. of P. Hall. Vlaitl la brO' thers invited. W. S. Thompson. O.C; Chris Bitter. K. of R. and 8. M. W. i<— The U. W. A. Lodga meets every Friday night in U. W. A. hall. VisIUng brothers Invited. W.K. Anderson, V.C: W. A. Cowan, Clarar,> BOTAL HEIGIIBOSS^IoIa Camit ^fo. 365. Royal Neighhora. meata ae <N ond and fourth Tuesdays ot ^agp mouth. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraela; Ifrs, Mary Hntton. 413 W^-* ^-^im. Recorder. F .A.A .-^Iden Leaf ConneO Na 462, F. A .rA. meets first and'. third Wednesday nights in each mon.d|.lh P. Half. C. B. Lacey. presfi^nt; vfiss Mable Rhortack, secretary. FRATEdNAL BBOTHSBHOOllI^ Fraternal Brotherhood No.^S80 nieeta second and fourth Thursday of leach month. In ,A.O. U. W. Hall. VlslUni members eordlaly invited. W.HlAh> deraon, president; Golda Elam, aecra- ury. FOR S.ALE—Cheap on $10 payments, two one-acre lots on trolley, line. Smeltzer & Co. •:• •> •:• •> • • •:• •> * * •> • • •:< ADDITIOAL SOCIETY. 4- * + * * * •> • <' Entertain High Five Club. Miss Rosalia Charles will be hostess of the High Five cliib on Thursday afternoon. <» 4> • Personal*. Miss Evelyn Rowland is ill at her home today. Miss Florence Mitchell, who spent the Thanksgiving time with her i*rents, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Mitchell, returned to Parsons last evening. Mrs. F. B. Smith and daughter. Margery Marley are home from a visit with relatives in Oswego. Mrs. W/alter Decker, of Neodesha. Is a guest of her p&rents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Miarr. Miss Atlanta Beasley. of Channte. has returned home after a visit with Mri. Jeanette Tyler. Miss Josephine Blackburn, of Chan­ nte. spent the week end with Miss Unie Adams. Jllaa ipassle Beck is bone from a ymt te-Kansaa Glty. OCr. an» Mrs. ^mills (MliK. BIdi FOR TRADE—A well improved 80 acre farm, 3 miles from Hallowell, Labette county, Kansas, to trade for residence property In Tola.' Address. Lock Box 17. La Harpe, Kansas. FOR SALE—$1800 stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street. FOR SALE—A driving mare and bnggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street fOR REitt' OUmamOmmmoum FOR RENT—New lO-room modern house. Inquire 110 West Monroe. FOR RE.VT—House and l)arn. South Kentucky. Phone 998 2—2. FOR RENT—Eight room house on car line. . Wheeler Heights. Modern. Newly papered and varnished. Inquire of W. A. Wheeler at The lola Portland Cement company. FOR RE^'T—Furnished rooms. at No. 5 North Sycamore. Phone 1091. FOR RENT—Six roomed bouse, good barn, other improvements. Inquire 628 North Kentucky. FARM LOANS—$1,800 7 years 6^ per cent. $3,200 7 years 6% per cent These choice farm loans as well as | smaller onse fo rsale. If you have u money to loan on farm mortgage. ad-| dress . S. Bennett Longton. Kansas. Junior Order United Amrfeaii M»- chaalcs^Meets every Wednaaday evening at 8: o'clock in K. P. Halli All visiting members Invited. R. A. WIdIck, Cbuncelor; C. B. Black. Rec Secretary. • : JEWELERS. B. F. Pi ^ncoaat old rallabia Jewelar, 110 East street KTAMMER. Complat* court at thc> h4at aAool for atammerars lo Amerlci at oa*- half price! this fall and win ;ar. WhU* for Information at once. Mel Ua School for Stammerers. 2705 Baat 1 Ith BtraaC Kensas City. Mo. Wilt tEAOR smmiHJum Miss J. jKatherine give private lessons. System a srecialty. ralavAww Km. as, LmMmrdm, Kmmu Hartley will Beiin Pitmata Its Ecohomy London Boylea AORE NEW BODES Half a .R««ae,/ ."^ By Harold MacGrath Help Xaff.: By :kl&y jSincIair A Howe's Tan Bj- Marl; Twain Harrl«ron,Fisher Boak By Harrisoji Fisher Helena's Path, By Anthony Hope Iran Way, By Sarah -Pijatt Carr Jennifer, By Lucy M. Iliur^dh John Gljaa, By Arthur Patterson Love «f Life, ate. By Jj Laagfard ot Three By K. 41. By tke Light t By Mary S. Light fiimd By David G Ton can get all

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