The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 28, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1963
Page 5
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!i4nn Landers Birds Out Of The Nest Dear Ann Landers: Am guilty? Can a mother make home so comfortable for her.chil- dren that they don't want to leave? My sons are 27 and 29 years old — attractive, well - educated and successful in business. They like girls, but apparently they •re too contented with things as to 11 to six women who got together to give one party? Please en- me.—LUMPED m$Wf*fttr • they are to exert the energy make homes of their own. I was left a widow when my! boys 'were .teen-| agers. I have' a steady in- ; come from my] husband's estate. I'd 1 o v e to] m o v e into a I small apartment but t h e boys won't let Am me. They adore this house. I've told them the first one who marries can -have the house as a present — |; but nothhig happens. Both of these 'youiig men have a great deal; to Differ * girl. 'I pray every: -night 'they will get married and have families of their own, but time marches on and here they sit. Please suggest something. — ENOUGH BACHELORHOOD ALREADY Dear Already: Sometimes the mama bird has to shove the baby birds out of the nest so they will learn to fly. Start shoving. Serve notice now that you are looking for an apartment and that they must find another place to live or engage a housekeeper who will stay in the family home with them. Dear Am Landers: Is my sister's boy friend cheating' the telephone company or not? I say he is. My lister says no. Will you be the judge? ^ John works nights. He likes to call my sister every few hours just to chin. He usually calls her about 8:30 and ,10:30 in the evening; The place where he works has only coin telephones and he can't afford the loot. So — he drops the dime into the phone, lets it ring twice and hangs up. That's the signal for her to call Dear Lumped: Sorry, Old Girl, but when several hostesses band together to entertain and you accept the invitation, you are then obligated to each of them. If this sort of "togetherness" irritates you, don't accept. Confidential to TORN: "What you don't now can't hurt you" is a meaningless i collection of words. What you don't know can hurt you — and plenty. Ignorance is dangerous. Get the correct information from your physician and stop burying your head like an ostrich. To learn the knack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Date Bait," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed; stamped envelope. -,,_ Ann* Landers wall be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. GIFT CHECK — Dr. Franklin Boraks, director of Franklin County Guidance Center, Inc., receive* $M check from Mrs. Clarence Higdon, treasurer of Jayeee Jaynes. Gift is organization's community project Others at presentation were Dr. Arthur W. Hoyt (left), Mrs. Bryce Wantland, Jaynes ways and means chairman; Mrs. Richard Bryan, president, and Arthur Shaw. Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Shaw are Guidance Center personnel. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) him back. She calls him •and they talk — forever^ ' My sister says this is back not cheating because John doesn't talk on the call. All he does is signal her to call him. What's the verdict? Honest or dis- bonest?-DIOGENES Dear Diogenes: It's dishonest. Telephones are instruments of communication — not signaling devices. When you add up all the chiselers who are trying to beat the system by signaling in a variety of ways it represents an enormous amount of tied-up equipment for which the company gets no revenue. Somebody has to pay for 'these shenanigans, and who do you think it is? You and I, Bub. Dear Ann Landers: I'm enclosing a clipping from the society section of/ our newspaper. As you can see, six hostesses have joined hands to give a puncheon for • bride-to-be. I can understand two women giving a party together, particularly if they are related, or if one has a large home and the other has not. But six women hosting one party* Reallyi I know two of these women' welt;, a third- is a casual acquaintance; , and the other three have I never been inside my home. I've always been taught that when brie accepts an invitation he is obliged to reciprocate. Does this mean I am "now indebted Socialettes Judy Lister, University of Kansas sophomore from Ottawa, will appear in the 13th Rock Chalk Revue satirical skits at 8 p.m., March 1 and 2 in Hoch auditorium. Miss Lister, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Lister, 20 Rockwood Drive, is in the chorus of the Kappa Alpha Theta and Alpha Tau Omega skit "The j&ig Dump." Three other groups will present skifis in the KU-Y program. The Medical Auxiliary made plans yesterday to entertain the Douglas County Medical Auxiliary March 27. Mrs. J. F. Ban- conducted business at the coffee meeting with Mfrs. C. W. Henning. Elected to office were Mrs. Henning, president; Mrs. D. G. Laury, vice president; Mrs; JL. A. Collier, secretary; and Mrs. Barr, treasurer. Ottawa Horticulture Study Club completed new yearbooks at a meeting with Mrs. C. W. Bollweg, and made plans for an Arbor Day planting March 29. Scott-Akers Vows Read Sue Scott, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scott, 837 Tiremont, and Leo A. Akers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Alters, ST., 927 Cypress, were married late Monday afternoon by Judge Robert Pinet. — The bride wore a blue suit, white accessories and red rose corsage. A wedding supper was served at Colbern's with about 30 family members present. The groom is in the US Navy, stationed at Almeda, Calif. The WMS Has "Dream" Meeting WELLSVILLE - A skit, "Down Memories Lane," a sketch of Baptist women's work since 1828, was featured at an evening meeting of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Wellsville Baptist Church.! The skit opened with Mrs. Lenora Millbern seated in a rocking chair while reading a history of the women's work. She fall asleep, and the women appear in her dream. Mrs. Bob Cramer provided piano accompaniment as Mrs. Hugh Cramer, narrator called out the following: Mrs. Norman Shannon, who wore a basque dress in her role of Mrs. Isaac McCoy, wife of the first missionary to Kansas; Mrs. Linnie Tyler, wearing an old-time long cape, as Mrs. J. N. Atkinson who was president of Kansas Women's work for several years and served in other capacities in state work; Mrs. Truman Batty, wearing a Burmese costume to represent Alice Thayer, an OU graduate who spent her life teaching in Burma. A duet, "Remember the Ottawa Spirit," was sung by Josephine Hostetter and Mrs. Bob Cramer, both Ottawa University graduates. Representing Bethel Neighborhood Center was Mrs. Glen Layton, Jr. Mrs. OUn Leach, wearing an CAROLYN LOUISE SHULL A June Ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Shull, Lawrence, announce the engagement of their daughter, Carolyn Louise, to Robert L. Cater, son of Mr, ad Mrs. Dean Olson, Pomona The wedding will take place in June in Danforth Chapel on the Kansas University campus. Miss Shull is a senior at Kan University, majoring Indian Bacone costume, College in represented Oklahoma. sas couple left the supper. for Mr. California after and Mrs. Akers will live in San Francisco. The bride wps honored at a recent miscellaneous shower by Mrs. Bill Adams. A valentine theme was carried out. Mrs. Loren Ridge who was state president at the time the history was • written. Mrs. Hugh Cramer gave a sketch of the work that was done by each character. Mrs. Gene Lesh, program chairman, woke the "dreamer." Presiding at the meeting was Mrs. Eldon Whiteaker. Giving devotions was Mrs. L. W. Hostetter. The love gift dedication was given by Mrs. Linnie Tyler. Following the program, the Finders and Seekers Class served a silver tea in Fellowship Hall. French and history. She is member of Pi Delta Phi, French fraternity, Pi .Alpha Theta, history fraternity, Jay Janes ant KU-Y. Mr. Cater was graduated from the College of Emporia in 196 with a BA degree in English. II has attended San Francisco Theo logical Seminary and is serving a dorm master at the San Rafec Military Academy in San Ra fael, Calif. Prog] ram On Impressions For Skilton Mrs. George Lister was hostess for the Skilton Music Club ast evening with Mrs. Bruce Ipears and Miss Lola Sloan as- isting. Mrs. Kenneth Davis, president, conducted the business meeting. Before Mrs. Willis Bennet who was in charge of the program on mpressionism started her pro- tram she told of a previous pro|ram on impressionistic music ;iven by the Stilton Club in 1936 stating that three current members were also members at that time, Mrs. Welty, Mrs. G. V. Snedaker and Miss Alma Schweitzer. Mrs. Bennett used Claude Achile Deubssy who lived from 1862-1918 as an outstanding example of a composer of impressionistic music, and gave a short listory of his musical background and some pertinent facts concerning his personal character. 3ther outstanding composers of the impressionistic school were Maurice Ravel, Frederick Delius, Sir Arnold Box of England, Selim Palmgren of Finland, Alexander Scriabin of Russia and Charles Griffes of the United States. Musical numbers were "Ballad" by Debussy played by Mrs. Paul Shipps and "Finnish Song" played by Mrs. Bennett. Continuing the theme of Impressionism, appropriate records were played during the social hour. Two guests, a former member, Miss Ola Easley of Topeka, and Mrs. Al Williams, were present as well as 25 members.' OES Instruction School And Banquet At Wellsvil WELLSVILLE—Bernadine Ru«-1 Russell. Honorary The Baby Has Been Named At Ransom Memorial Hospital: The daughter born Feb. 23 to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lee Smith, 1012 N. Sycamore, has been named Teresa Dian. She weighed 6 lb., 10 oz. The son bora Feb. 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Peter Wolken, 824 S. Main, has been named Peter Daniel. His weight was 7 lb., 11 oz. The daughter born Feb. 26 to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Eugene Cowles, 704 S. Mulberry, has been named Rebecca Ruth. She weighed 7 lb., 12 oz. sell, Climax worthy grand matron, presided at the school of instruction of District 6, Order of Eastern Star, in the Wellsville Masonic Hall. She was assisted by NeEva Myers, Wellsville, district aide. Eighty-one members were present with all the chapters in the district represented. These include Edgerton, Olathe, Gardner, Spring Hill, Baldwin and Wellsville. The total attendance of the school was 106. This number included attendance from Louisburg, Fontana and Lane, and the grand representative of Texas in Kansas, Pansy McDowell, La- Cygne. The reception and banquet were in Hays Hall of the Wellsville Methodist Church. Guests at the speaker's table included Mrs. Russell; LaVerne Spears, worthy grand patron of the grand chapter of Kansas, Rossville; his wife, Mrs. Edna Spears; Mrs. Marguerite Webster, grand trustee and past grand matron, Ottawa; Mrs. Anna L. Foust, grand trustee and past grand matron, Baldwin; Mrs. NeEva Myers, district aide of district 6, Wellsville; Mrs. Edith Chambers, district aide of district 7, Lane; Mrs. Sally Bar- CWBCHas Study Topic Credit Women's Breakfast Club evening meeting was at the home of Mrs. Hallie Reddick who presided. Norma Stewart, co- hostess, gave the lesson, "What Would You Do?" A food auction was held as a money making project. It was announced that a guesl speaker from Southwestern Bel Telephone Co., will be at the next meeting, at Lee's Cafe, March 12. from the district were given by Mrs. Cleo Enright, matron, Anchor Chapter," The monetary gift was ed by Glenn Wisewll, past ,^^,, Spring Hill. Honorary memberships from the district were=pi*| ; sented by Emmett DodsonT worthy patron, Convenant Chifl* ter, Spring Hill. Mrs. DoniM, Sloan presented the district's gift to Mrs. NeEva Myers, district aide of district 6. Seven grand representatives and district aides were presented. Twelve worthy matrons and patrons were pre^ sented. The high point of the evening was the obligation ceremony with Leroy Childs presiding and the officers participating. One-hundred and ten attended the evening meeting. A red and white color scheme was used at the serving table. Mrs. Bernice Childs dipped punch and Mrs. Alice Neis poured coffee. Mrs. Ann Coughlin was chairman of the refreshment committee which included Mrs. Shirley Phillips, Mrs. Beverly Kyle and Mrs. Beverly O'Connor.. On the decoration committee were Mrs. Merle Warnock and Mrs. Thelma Chamberlain. nett, worthy matron of Wellsville chapter; Leroy Childs, worthy mtron of Wellsville Chapter, and Wrs. Jennie Lytle, who gave the nvocation. Vocal solos, "Hold Thou My Hand" and "My Task" were given >y Keith Adriance, accompanied by Mrs. Myrtle Leitnaker. One-hundred and three persons attended the banquet served by the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Wellsville Methodist Church. A George Washington theme was carried out in the miniature cherry tree centerpieces made by Mrs. Alice Neis and hatchets in a round of wood which served as favors and place cards. Mrs. Neis and Mrs. Bernice Childs were in charge of the decorations. The evening meeting was the official visit of the worthy grand matron, with Mrs. Barnett and Leroy Childs presiding. Mrs. Russell and LaVerne Spears were presented and honored with solos, "Dear Bernadine" and "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow," given by W. D. Farney. A gift of a monetary tree was presented to Mrs. Russell from the Wellsville chapter by Mrs. Mildred Farney, secretary. Mrs. Neal Cordel, Gardner, presented the gift from the district to Mrs. Announce Engagement Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Webster, RFD 1, announce the engagement of their daughter, Doreane Ann, to Larry Eugene Jeffries, son of Mrs. Mildred Jeffries, 116 S. Oak. Both Miss Webster Jeffries are students and Mr. at Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Mo. New Electric House Heating clean... safe... costs less than you think and you can have it now! FAT OVERWEIGHT Available to you without a doctor's prescription, our product called GALAXON. You must lose ugly fat in 7 days or your money back. No strenuous exercise, laxatives, massage or taking of so- called reducing candies, crackers, cookies, or chewing gum. 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