The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 26, 1964 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1964
Page 5
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f Saturday, Dec. 26,1964 THE TIPTON DAllY TR1IUNE CLASSIFIED RATES. 1 iiuertien . 4c per word 2 insertions 7c per word 3 msertions 9c par word 4 insertions 11c per word 5 insertions 13c par word 6 insertions 14c par word Minimum rate — SI .00 Charges are at a reduced c<ish rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 DAYS after the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made tfter the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL — 15c per line. MEMORIAM — lie p *r fine. CARD Of THANKS — flJ5 Call OS 5-2115 before 10:00 A. M. for insertion same day, (txcept Saturday—call before 9:00 A. M. CANCELLATION — UNTIL 10:00 A. M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE Cass, per col. inch 90c 1 inch per mo. daily — 518.00 Each additional inch _ $11.00 (RATE QUOTED ARE LOCAL) FOR SALE-SEAL ESTATE FOR SALE—By owner. Nice 5 room house in Windfall. Excellent location. Glen V. Huston. For information call OS 5-2752. C-74 OPENING NOTICE—Levi's Elevator Auto Parts will be open Friday, December 25th to 12 noon, all. day Saturday and Sunday till noon, at 538 N. Main Street. P-72 FRONT END ALIGNMENT — Wheel balancing, EBERT Sinclair Serrtre. Phone OS' 57125. Ctf WANTED — Furniture Upholstering and Repair. Lawrence PicfcrelL 06 5-4358. Ctt WANTED—Ironings, OS 5-6286. P-75 FOR RENT FOR RENT— Vz double— 1 bedroom,, gas furnace. Phone OS 5-6130. C-*f YOU MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. Riddick Piano Co. C-tf FOR RENT— Vs. of double. 3 bedroom completely remodeled. 114 W. North Street. C-tf FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment. 460 N. West Street. OS 5-4544. C-73 LEGAL NOTICE FARM LOANS: LONG TERM No stock to purchase or deduct LEWIS HARPER Real Estate Phone OS 5-5139 NOTICE OF ADMIXISTKATIOX In the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Indiana Xotice is hereby given that Harry. L. Swinford was on the 15th day of December, 1964, appointed: Kxecutor of the will of Alva - "Wortha Swinford, deceased, i All persons havine claims against " said real estate, whether or not now due, must file' the same in said court within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. Dated at Tipton, Indiana, this 15th dav of December, 1!»64 ROSS 31. HUKFOW) Clerk of the Circuit Court for Tipton County, Indiana Wilson Wheatley, Attorney 60-72-7S FOR SALE—10 acres, 7 room house, good garage and crib. 36 by 40 barn, driven well. Water in house. Not modern. OS 5-6700. P-68-70-72-74-76-78 SEE LEWIS D. HARPER for real estate sales and listing. Insurance loans. Phone OS 51060 and OS 5-6139. 121 S. <ndependence. •• Fri-Sat-tf *QR SALE SINGER ZIG-ZAG $38.23 FULL BALANCE A-l condition with warranty. Beautiful walnut cabinet. Assume six payments of $6.37 monthly. Makes, fancy fashion designs, buttonholes, sews on buttons, monograms, blind hems, and all other fancy work built into machine. Call OS 5-2135. tf -VOTICK TO IIKIKS. I.KCiATEKS AX 11 CKE1HTOKS .\'o. 2375 In Tipton Circuit Court September Term, 11164 Estate of Alpha Davis, deceased. Notice is hereby piven that Olive WIreatley as administratrix/ of said estate has filed her account*] and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and her petition praying the Court to allow said account and order distribution of said'es­ tate, and that the same will come up for hearing and action in said Court on the JUh day of .January, :< :0O a.m., 1065 in the courthouse in Tipton, Indiana, at which time all iieirs, legatees and creditors of said estate are required to appear and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be allowed, and distribution of the estate he made as i prayed for in said petition ; and all I the heirs, devisees and legatees of said decedent and said estate, ami all others interested, are hereby required to appear at said time and place and make proof of their heir­ ship or claim to any part of said estate. Koss AT. Hufford Clerk Circuit Court Tipton. Indiana WILSON WHEATLEV, Attorney 72-7S FOR SALE—Save—Save on all T.V. at wholesale price. Wiseman, 108 Dearborn. C-70 TOR SALE—Spinet organ, ex- •^lient condition. Reasonable. OS 5-6263. C-tf FOn SALS — Awnings, storm windows and doors. Ornamental iron. A. J. Butz. Phone OS 5 -2646. C -tf MUSIC IN YOUR HOME. Pia- aos — organs. Rental plans available. OS 5-6558. P-tf OFFER NOVEL GIFT BROWNSVILLE, Tex. (UPI) —The city of Brownsville hap• pily will accommodate any last- minute Christmas shopper who might be interested in 20,000 pounds of defunct warplane for a mere $1,500. A B25 bomber has been parked at Brownsville Airport for two years, running up the $1,500 storage charge for its owner, Tampieo, Mexico, rancher Charlie Miller. Miller's lawyer recently wrote to the city suggesting it sell the plane to settle the storage bill and send the change, if any, on to Miller. XMAS TREES—Get your tree early this year! . Our own Scotch Pines. At Harold and Berniece Lee's, Vi mi West of Jtoad 31 on Road 28, South side. Phone 963-5335. C-tf SPINET PIANO BARGAIN WANTED—Responsible party to take over low monthly payments on a spinet piano. Can be seen locally. Write Credit Manager, P.O. Box 215, Shelbyville, Indiana. P-Fri : Sat-78 USED CARS FOR SALE—Quality used cars. THROGMARTIN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St. For Your Car Needs See ™ THF -•«»•«» o "AUTY ~ 120 S. West St. Phone OS 5-4941 Tipton SERVICES GERT'S A GAY GIRL—ready for a whirl, after cleaning carpets with Blue Lustre: Rent . electric shampooer $1.00. Carney's Drug Store. C-72 SEPTIC TAKKS. toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners. C-tt SEPTIC TANK and sewer cleaning. Call King,. Windfall, LY 5-3385. P-81 FOR SALE— 1957 Phone OS 5-4904. Ford car. C-78 TOKYO (UPI) — Residents of Oshima Island, 45 miles south of Tokyo, have been and unable to sleep nights since Dec. 9 because of intermittent earthquakes, it was reported today. Minor quakes have been especially frequent in the past few days. At least 71 tremors were felt Friday night and early today. Some residents dashed from their homes at 2 a.m. today when their houses shook hard enough to jar canned goods off of shelves. The island's main highway was reported damaged in four places. No casualties have been reported, but the island's residents fear a big quake. . DORCHESTER - 0 N- England (UPD-fFr^ed CHerrill, 72, the former detechve- superintendent who originated the fingerprint system now used by Scotland Yard, died Wednesday. DUBLIN (UPI) — Desmond Ryan, 71, Irish writer, and revolutionary Who fought against Britain -almost 50 years ago, died Wednesday. See a Bug... Wy-Acoffl TERMITES, RATS, ... ROACHES & MICE COCHRAN & SON , 520 N. West OS '5-2304 The Lighter Side By DICK WEST United Press International WASHINGTON <UPI) — The federal government in all of its solemn majesty has finally taken . cognizance of a national problem that sticks out like a sore thumbs It is the thumb and other appendages that each Christmas are left torn and bleeding by the struggle to put together toys, bicycles and other unassembled gift merchandise. On Christmas Eve, dear old dad is suddenly confronted with a,stack of sheet metal, a set of blueprints comprehensible only to mechanical engineers, and orders to turn this into a miniature Atlas missle launching site by daybreak. Dad Sees Double iFurther complicating the situation is the likelihood that by the time the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, dear old dad will be pretty well snockered. Heretofore, the U.S. government has more or less ignored this problem, leaving us poor fathers at the mercy of a shiftless Santa Claus who is too cotton-picking lazy to complete-the construction of that stuff he hauls down the chimney. But this year, for what it may be worth, the Federal Trade Commission has taken a position on what it calls the "Christmas Eve battle of the bruised knuckles." "The commission feels that where merchandise is depicted as i«.ady to use but in fact requires assembly, the advertising should contain a disclosure that the item must be put together," it said. Not Very Effective While it is nice to have the commission on record as at least recognizing the existence of the problem, I rather doubt that such a gentle admonition will prove very effective. 'In my opinion, the sale of unassembled gift items should be made a capital offense, punishable by public hanging. Until the FTC sees fit to take a stronger stand, I favor a move a colleague of mine who sent me the following blood-splattered note:-' "Having just completed a 5'A hour stinW putting together a box of bolts called the Go-Kar, a chain-driven imitation hot rod (without motor) for ages 4-10, I would like to see the AFL-CIO get busy and organize a union for all of us parent put -togethT erers. "The union would open negotiations with toy manufacturers to obtain for us all the wages and benefits enjoyed by the International Association of Machinists. New Drainage Law Proposed A modern Indiana drainage law may be enacted by the 1965 Indiana General Assembly. The 1963 Indiana legislature mandated the Indiana Water Resources Study Committee to study a draft of a modern drainage law to fit today's rural and urban drainage problems, and to replace existing drainage laws. The proposed Drainage Act has been drafted and copies of the summary are available in the office of W. M. Clary, Tipton County Extension Agent. There are over 35,000 miles of public drains in Indiana. Some counties have more miles of legal drains than county roads. About three fourth of the counties have more than 40 miles of such-drains. These legal drains, sometimes called court ditches or county ditches, for the most part are not being adequately maintained and cleaned out. As a result, farms, suburbs and towns do not have good outlets for drainage and flood waters. The proposed law will set up a maintenance procedure to assure that these drains will be maintained as needed. Also, needed reconstruction can be initiated without the long delays often associated with such work. Many of the provisions in existing drainage laws are being retained, such as the petitioningj for new legal drains. However^ many new features are being' added. The county surveyor will continue to be the principal engineering authority on legal drains! A county drainage board is proposed in those counties having more than 40 miles of legal drains, to administer the provisions of the act. The proposed law repeals drainage statutes dating as far.back as 1883. •Interested persons are encouraged to study the provisions of the proposed 1965 drainage law and to inform their state senators and state representatives how they feel about this proposed legislation. FOREIGN NEWS COMMENTARY By PHIL NEWSOM Back in 1801 when Barbary pirates operating out of Tripoli were molesting U.S. shipping, the United States put a stop to it by sending in warships and Marines. - - '. But times have chaged and just how much they have changed may be seen by looking just a little.farther along the Mediterranean Coast to the United Arab Reublic. It is one of .the contradictions of modern diplomacy that despite violent attacks on U.S. lives and property within th£ U.A.R., the Nasser government sees nothing inconsistent in pressing at the same time for stepped up shipments of American food. And, while there may be some delay, it seems probable that they will get it. • It is of a pattern established throughout the world among new and under-developed nations who see no. relationship between violent anti-U.S. outbursts, usually organized by the government, and their ; continuing right to U.S. aid. Library. Destroyed In the first of twb incidents, a mob presumably made up of African students, and , some Egyptians attacked and burned the John T. Kennedy Library attached to the U:S.- Embassy in Cairo. • A grudging government apology came two days later, followed later by' a bland announcement that Nasser would make a gift to the library of 1,000 books and a-set of encyclopedias. Then on Dec. 19 came the shooting down of an unarmed U.S. oil compay airplane by Russian-builtv 'Egyptian ' MIGs and the deaths of the two persons aboard, one an American. The plane; en route from Jordan to Libya, had filed a normal flight plan and had made the trip many times before. Along with these two incidents had been a violent anti- American press campaign. tlieantime, the U.A.R. government is asking the United States for an additional total of $35 million in surplus food^ over the $140 million already alloted for the coming year. ' Local Currency Accepted The program is conducted under the public law 480 program which' provides that U.S. farm surpluses may be sold in foreign countries for local currencies, miich of which is theA plowed back in development schemes. Neither the United States nof the Soviet Union has great reason to be happy with Nasser. Despite huge Soviet aid, Nasser continues to jail local Communists. But both feel it necessary"to tolerate him. From-the' U.S. standpoint he does represent a certain stability: He is the strongest among the Arab'lead­ ers and now is working hard to extend his influence throughout Africa. The U.S. view, has been thatno matter how unpleasant Nasser may be, it should be in a. position in Cairo to exercise a restraining influence even though limited. But recent, events make it seem certain that relations can only worsen. In Review By 'RICK DU BROW United Prats International HOLLYWOOD {UPi^Nbtes to watch television by: The Programs: The "CBS Sports Spectacular" • series returns Jan. 10 with the Harlem Globetrotters in the season premiere . . . ABC-TV's ''Wide World of Sports*' offers tb? world professional figure skating championships next Saturday .. . . The development of syncopated dancing is the subject of ' CBS-TVs ".Camera Three," Jan. 8, with example^ of the evolution of jazz steps.' The Headline™: Walter >Pidgeon, Lola Albright, Ann Blyth, Jan Murray and George Hamilton' appear on ABC-TV's "Burke's Law" Jan. J3 ; . . Barbara Barrie, star of the movie "One Potato, |Two -Potato)" is on view Monday on NBC-TV's Alfred Hitchcock Hour. tho Future: If the television '. 1 1 i. * . '. ... scries version of the movie version of the movie "Marty" sells, the title role seems to be IS the possession of Tom Bos' ley, wad starred in th^'Broad VWJy musical **ibreild^T;. . be cause of the increasing use color television programs, a: because of the medium's Creasing reliance on movies, il is - probable that in the fui mere motion pictures will b£ shot in color-,'with an eye id. the inevitable sales to video. ' - The Corner: Network .talent scouts would be wise to hasten to Las Vegas to catch a young man named Jerry Antes in the "Ziegfeld Follies," in which he Stops the Thunderbird Hotel show with repeated displays of old-fashioned all-around performing in the Fred Astaire manner. •PHILADELPHIA (UPI) — John Price Jones, credited with creating the profession of fundraising, died Wednesday. He was 87; A firm headed by Jones arid bearing his name raised millions of dollars since 1919. Want Ads Pay • I I I TRUCK SPECIALS' I II 15% OF? THE FOLLOVrlriG THRU DEC. 31 19M (New) Int. C-15001 Wt yl/W eortib. grain and stock reck and hoitt —->— — 1*5» Int.. BSF-1M tandem w/12' dump body .. 1958 Int. A-120 filckvp, 7:00 tire*. A-1 eond. ..' 1?57 Int. A-160 ZT chassis;:- 1955 Int. R-IOftViT.piekoplw/aiit. trans.-real clean 1952 CJitv. IViT .W /holttland platform —1 1941 Int. K-5 dump trucfc^-eiteellerit tires and cond. :— A RMSTROMG >ARM EQUIPME N T SWAYZEE, INDIANA . PHONE 921-4341 'Grant County's Oldest International Truck Dealer" $3,880.00 3,500.00 825.00 495.00 650.00 245.00 450.00 ''Our contract would particularly need a strong provision for workmen's compensation to cover fingers notched by slipping screwdrivers and thumbs lacerated by sharp edges." Hear! Hear! putters-together of theworld, unite! you have nothing to lose but your pains. DETROIT (UPI) — Funeral services will be held Saturday for Helen Bower, veteran movie critic, who spent 47 of her 68 years with the Detroit Free Press. She died Wednesday in Henry Ford Hospital where she had been confined since Feb. 28 after being struck by a car. !! END OF YEAR SPECIALS !! 10 f 0 OFF THE FOLLOWING THRU DEC. 31 ?5,200.00\ ._; 7,000.00 4,050.00 2,150.00 1,850.00 4,050.00 7,500.00 1964 1-606 Utility w/314 mtd. plow, 51 hrs 1964 F-706D w/wide front end, 295 hrs. 1963 I-46QD Utility, 800 hrs., like new — r 4,395.00 1959 F-560D, very good 1956 F-400D w/P.S., F.H., wide front, real nice 1953 SUMTA w/P.S^, fire craters, real clean 1947 Farmall M w/fire craters, excellent tires 1,195.00 1943 Farmall M w/P.S. and loader, real good outfit 1,175.00 1961 I.H. No. 101 12' combine, A-l 1961 I.H. No. 151 12' combine, w/pickup reel, cab, P.S., hyd. prop., chopper, 2 row corn head, looks like new 1959 J.D. No. 55 12' combine w/chopper and 1962 No. 310 ' corn head, very clean , 4,800.00 1956 M.H. No. 60 10' combine 1,550.00 20% OFF THE FOLLOWING THRU DEC. 31 New 2 MH corn picker 3,229.00 New Int. Cub Lo-Boy tractor w/hyd. bucket loader and rotary mower New I.H. No. 21 40' elevator w/rec. corSVeyor 1,195.00 1961 I.H. No. 24 F.H. mower -————295.00 1964 N.I. 10' fert. dist. w/grass seed—like new 1964 Bolens roto-tille'r—like new . . Portable elevator drag w/engine - 1M.00 1959 2 MH picker—very/ very nice , 1,450.00 10'6" wheel disc 2,787.00 240.00 135.00 375.00 40' elevator w/PTO drive, very nice ——-—- 475.00 455 cult, for H or M 455 cult, for f-560 w/2'A" section. Like new -. dbl. acting cyl. and F.H. rear 448 cult, for H or M — r-— 314 mtd. F.H. plow 414 No. 412 seml-mtd. plow — 514 No. 512 seml-mtd. plow^ — 500.00 675.00 385.00 375.00 675.00 850.00 ARMSTRONG FARM EQUIPMENT SWAYZEE, INDIANA PHONE 921-4341 'UP TO FOUR CROP YEARS TO PAY" IMPORTANT REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER AN INVESTMENT WITH AMERICAN NATIONAL TRUST 1. Trust assets now in excess of $6,000,000. 2. 3. Trustees bonded for $1,000,000 by the Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut. A. Current dividend rate %°f 0 per annum. , B. Dividends paid monthly on trust share accounts of $1,00(J.00 or more. C. Dividends reinvested monthly, '^fl Earnings from the first of the month for all accounts opened by" the 25th. B. Share accounts may be opened anytime at our District Office or^in the ^privacy, of your home. For information and Prospectus phone Elwood, FE 2-9311. • . • Share accounts may be opened in amounts of $100 tp $10,000. .$10,000 to $25,000 maximum accounts only as approved by Trust. C. Joint ownership accounts available. 6. 90% of Trust earnings must be distributed to you during the year, as. provided by Federal Law: IRC Code Section 856-858; Legislation passed by Congress in September, 1960. 7. Federal law provides that 75% of all monies must be invested in real estate,, hot to-exceed 8. Your earnings are based on carefully-considered real estate investments-selected for-growth, inqome and diversification. OFFICE IN TIPTON OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Daily: 9 to 5 Closed Wednesday 12 Noon EARN GENE WHETSTONE Dlitrict Manager ' . Representative AlexandrU-Elwood 117 W. Jefferson OS 5-4648 Made potilble by Federal Law: IRC Coda Sections 156458 : I r- .:• I American National Trust | 32Q1 South La Fountain , kokomo,, Indiana SERVING: TIPTON ATLANTA . ARCADIA WINDFALL ELWOOD FRANKtON SUMMITVILLE ALEXANDRIA SHAR^VILLE GOLDSMITH AND; SURROUNDING AftEAS ON YOUR INVESTMENT CURRENT RATE PER ANNUM PAID MONTHLY. The following chart will show the Monthly Earnings oh your Investment account: Bin Inreatment in The 'Tru»t~ Monthly DlitribBtlon To too I —-:— $ M S TOO .$ loco -...„ l-^..—„__:.—.:„•A iooo „„-i,:„ . i 3,000 .^.^...^....J.-,-.. ;» 4 ^86/——-u.—---1- J. * j^oo — L-—... $ 6 ,o« —:— i una... •M ^4 ; ...i .-_-._- r l---, % !,«» ..; sioAo ...—....... ^„.- $6.67 $13.33 S2OJ0 $26 .67 $33.33 $40.00 $46.67 $53.33 $60.00 $66.67 TWe; l» MeltlMr -H> *N>r to buy «r Mil H»«« Trust Ce*WkeWe, the offer U mad* by l»{i*pe«Hft My. . — CLIP AND MAIL TO: — -— : - s w.— — — — — — — | Plus* give m« additional information and cwrrent prospectus, wltfiout obll|*«»n. NAME. „PKone_ Address- .City ^J.

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