Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 2, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1907
Page 2
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For Little Gleaners. Miss Grace KitzRerald was Iiost.s=; of a merry Ri-oiip of little peoi'le on Satiirdriy pvcuing. the occasion bein;; !'. meptlng of tho Little Gleaners' dun. The first work on Christmas gfts was OoOT and the afternoon was devoted t <i preparinp costumes for dolls. The c'.xih inoets acaln In two weeks. •> + -v Return to School. Yesterday and today the colle-;.^ btudenly who si<ont tho Thanl;K;;i\ins vacation with relatives relurtieil to their work at various Institutions ovi ;• | the state. Thoir many friends enjoy«-d m?et!np them jind are preparing for several elaborate events to ente*-- t,ain them during the Christmas vara tion. Among those who wert? iiioro v .ere .Misses Cora K'ein. Ethel Hen- iiett, Florence Hobart, Helen Smltli. I.ucy TNIlson; Plorence Bedell, Grace i^ell, Messrs. Gus Woekly, Daa Servpy, RoscoeT'onslor, Geo. Weith. Claude Wright, Newton Brigham. Apt. • • • Art Exhibit Thl« Week. On Friday apd Saturday of this week, lovers of painting and art work will he given ait opportunity to view an eIal)orate cbl!ect:on or arllrles done by members af the art club of this city. This. Is perhaps the llrsf time that any cluh devoted e.tclu.'^ivt*- ly ti) iho study of art has atleniptod t<; entertain the interested frieinis In so elaborate a manner, and the n"- teniianco will doubtless be largo. Oa the two days wlilch have bec-n set apart, library hoU will be beaut If u'..- decorated and Jestooned with pRUn'= and flowers so- th(it the work lur.y have an appropriate setting. Th<>re will be nnisic at intervals and a group" of ladies will act as hostesse.^ to greet the guests who will be iirr.s- cnt. On the different tables will b€ landscapes In oil and water colors, handpaintod china, portraits and bnmt wood. The ladies will receive botii oftemoon and evening on the day>named, item .bera or tTie club are Mrs. Carrie Byrd, Mrs. Sadie Thompson, Mrs. A. L. Moorehead, Mrs. A C.. ThoinpBon, Mrs. Bruce Osborne, Mrs. James Major, Mrs. O. R. Busb- field. Mrs. L. C. Hamlsh, Mrs. James Richardson. Mrs. H . Jones. Mrs. Ed. Hampton. Mrs. <3. W. McDanlel. Mrs. J. D. Ambtt. Mrs. John Delap. Mrs. E. C. Davis, Mrs. Madame Pathorne. -Mrs. Hogenbacb, Mrs. T. S. Stover, 3fl8s Rosalia Cbarles. Miss Mary Chamberlain, Miss Anna Frances. Miss Velma Sleeper. Miss F'orine Wheeler. Tdlss Lavera- Cunningham. MI .S3 Tressa Lee, ^rrs. M. Schoenbnin, Mrs. Sarah Rowo, Mr. William Pollock and Prof. John Wtesley. • • • U. B. Auxiliary Meeting. On Thursday afternoon the Woman's itisslonar}- society will meet In the church parlors. Mrs. N. L. Vezie win lead the discussions. The Y. P. C. U. will have the usual weekly meeting tomorrow evening. • • • Reliearse Xmas Music. The Ijidlcs' Music clul) will meet at half past two tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ma-colm HURIIO,-; to rehearse chorus numbers for tl;- meetiup of December 17. • •> • Special Manazine Number. The current number of the Club .Mptnl)er. r. iiiaga^.ine devoted to works cf women's ciubs, has Just made its ttpl>?arance among the December periodicals. There will be a coniplimon 1-^ , * Will Assist You to AVake Satisfactory Selections for Your HOLIDAY GIFTS The Catalog U Yours for the Asking. Call or write for it today. it is liriin full of dainty nnd artistic poods useful as well as orn.T- mcntal, and will save you much worry and doubt in your purchase of ilollday Goods. Contains the newest and brightest articles. E^•ery one suitable for a slti aiid every article is hacked up by our guarantee to bo exactly as represented. Prices will lie of erratest Interest to carefnl btijirs. Buying Direct from the ManufacturBr we Save the Middleman's Profit. I2.7S ^>'-21" ItKJiolidGolJ ' Genuine Fall Cut; St2.ob Sa23S2 SoUdGold Bon and Green Finish SaCOO So. 2102 ]4iC Solid GoM GcrnioeruUCot Aa::tn:UAn OpslS SlO.OO KaSiTl Sc'.idOold • Bomas. Gnrcn and $36.00 Ko.2Zn , 1}K SoUdGold Gen tine Tul\ Cnt DUmocd Ffotent Attachment Solid Gold Gieen and BoMnnkb Bo^anandRoM CenoIaoFtincutDiainoud Finl&b Bnby £re A Cordial In^tioii to Visit Our Store It is becoming mort and more a general practice for experienced and tasteful buyers to start their Cluristmas Lists at - Here the diversity of beautiful and worthy things is i*o great, the reliability of every Item is so well understood the environment Is so pleasant, the clerlcai service so courteous, diligent and attentive, and the Prices so AfntiVly low for the quaJities offered, that many discreet shoppers depend ui>on our varied assortment to complete their lists before leaving our store. OhrMmmeiitB tomght mow wHI ba bMimmymminyom wmmt ihmm. Omf Oatmioo O&mtmkn Hmm^mda of rff/fta. If jroa want a IdiilUeCstaletbiledFree write for H toda}. It will enable ,you to select Just what you want tol get for ChrlstaiaB, Man Orders Promptlr FilleiL Anything pictured here forwarded immediately, postage prepaid, pn receipt of the price, and dellver>' guaranteed! ^ 1 " • 1— OOUPOH Name. v Street.., City..;... • • • i *•St&tc ••••*«•••••• Omtmimmmt. Wl^' Vf ^ -",*4-' ' \ ^ -I tf ry niimber Isaned this year for the Wpman's Itansas Day Club which is tu contain sketches of work done by various Wjoman 's clubs of the state. Clubs desiring to contribute article* to this special number may address Mrs. L. D. Monroe, 909 Harrison street, Topeka. • • • Progressiva Club Program. On the approaching Wednesday evening the Progressive Club will hear the foIlowin» program of papers Interspersed with music: Roll Call—Characteristics of the Arabs. T .«88on— History Page 4C to CI—Mn;. F. W> Frevert leader. Taper—Mohamme<l—Mrs. M. Goble. Critic's Report. • • • Alta Seta Club to Meet Miss Mayme Anderson will entn-- laln on Friday afternoon for members of the Alta Seta club. • • • Missionary Society to Meet. Rfrs. James Pinley. 512 South street will be at home to members of tho .AJethodlst Missionary society on Wni nesday afternoon. + + + To Entertain Club. Mrs. S. C. Archey has extended an Invitation to members of the Ro.val flub for Friday afternoon. 4. J. W. R. C. Friday, Tho regular meeting of the W. R. C. will occur on Friday In the 0. A. H. hall. The ladies will nnish the I )«3i- ness which fol'owed the Inspection last Friday. + • + Current Event Club Meetinn. yirs. R. B. Stevenson ts hostess of the Current Event CTul) this after noon. «• + Sorosis Club to Meet. Mrs. H^llllam D. Wolfe, 701 street, will bo at home to members of the Sorosis club on Wednesday afternoon. Heretofore the meetings oc curred on Thursday, but this rule has been changed. The following program will be a feature of the day: Roll Call—Facts About the Puritans. Jamestown or "The Cavalier."—Mrs. Jr. M. Stoddard. Plymouth, or "The Puritan."—Mrs. W. M. Blckford. Over the Tea'Cups—The Jamestown Exposition. • • • Missionary Society to Meet. Mrs. W. Osborne, who is a member of the Missioiiary society of the Reformed church, will entertain oa Thursday afternoon during a regular meeting of the society. + * • Cheerful Circle Party. Mrs. Claude D. Stewart, 719 East .lackson street, will be among the hostesses of the week. On Wednes day she will give a party for ladies of the Cheerful Circle. Entertained Card Clulk On Saturday afternoon. Miss Bertha Sickly gave a most dell ^tfnl party and entertained twenty-five giri friends at cards. At the several tables progressive euchre was enjoyed, the guest prize going to Miss Clara Bowlus and the club prize to Miss Mayme Anderson. Miss Sickly had the assistance of Miss Rilla Eagle of LaHarpe. in serving an elaborate five o'clock luncheon to Misses Clara and Hazle Bowlus. Florine Wheeler, Xan Mitchell, of Jefferson City. Mo.. Birdie Hoch. Barbara Fry. Helen Smith. Hazle Dingman. Evelyn Howl«and. Myrtle Maxon, Elizabeth Apt, Cora Klein, Grace Bedell. Lena Culbertson. Bertha Swlgart. Nettle Brig ham. Mayme Anderson. Ruby Heller. Josephine Riddle, Florence Hobart. Alberta Munson. Mrs. Stella Rotermun.1 Pr?witt. >rrs. Joe Brandt Mrs. Howard Miller, Mrs. John E. Moore. • + * Visited Miss Heller. Miss Clara Webster and Miss House of Ft. Scott were guests of Miss Ruby Heller on Saturday evening, while en- route to their homps after a brief visit with Miss Webster's parents In Baldwin. • * * Dance Wednesday Night The New Eclipse Club members have announced' that the semi-monthly dance will occur on the approaching Wednesday evening. The dances us"ally occur on Thursday. • • • About K. U. Students. The Graduate Magazine edited and published in Lawrence for the purpose of givinir accounts of college affairs, contains some very Interesting reading this month. In the columns devoted to personal mention are the fol 'owing notes about people well known in Tola: S. C. Brewiier, "ftO, and Ruth Plumb Brewster, a student in the early nineties, visited the University October 8. They expected to retnm to their home In Covlna. California, by Kb> vember 1. Mr. Brewater has b«en a "rancher" at this place since leav- inir Pasadena two years ago. Beatrice B. Hityes. "W. to teaefcinr fn the nnbllc tebools of Haaafld^. O. Her address ia 130 W«at, , J. W. Vvtlihr. /OS Md nahn Ifo^r. 'OS. pi^Jw ^'m One of the handsomest and monk appropriate of Christmas Presents is the Sonvenir Spoon. Our selection this year is the largest ever shown iu the city and includes Ite Cknirt House Ifi \Mt9sy all the Churches These spoon.*! are all solid silver and handsomely engraved. Any size and style and any price. J.W. Your Jcnelers. Ea .1t Stde Sqnare Of© Cityi where Mr. Murphy is principal of the city high school. Tliey have a son two years old. Rachel Watson, 'SS is at home at 1323 .Massachusglts .sfreet, Jjaw»'«»««?- Miartha S. ^V7litney, '03 g '07, is teaching In the lola high school. * •> * Entertained Sunday School Class. Miss Martha Schultz gave a very pleasant party on Saturday afternoon for [merabers of her Sunday school ciasis. Those who were present are .Fosle Sevlers. Julia Smith. Elsie "Dav Is. Merle Thompson. Ruth Gilkerson. l.«oun Strode, Lucile Armstrong. Xel lie Kellenberger, Clara Jenner. * <• * For Miss Stiner. One of the elaborate parties given last week in compliment to Miss Ma- Mo Stlaer, of Kansas City, was a six o'clock dinner at the Pennsyjvania, hotel. Immediately after the dinner the guests went to LaHarpe to b? en tertaine<l with a roller skating party. Those who enjo.ved the occasion were Miss Mable Stiner. Miss Ix>7a Lee. Mr. Slax Sterrett. Mr. Dan Servey; Mr. Phil Stover. Mr. C. E. Hear, and Mr. George Thompson. * + • Wright-Mundis Nuptials. One of the Thanlisglving weddings which united well known lola >^unp people occurred last Wednesday evening at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Hllscher, when Miss Blanche Wright and Mr. J. D. Mundis were inlted in marriage. The announcement will come as a surprise to the many people who know Mr. and Mx». Mundis as the most intimate friends of the couple received the first Intelligence of the wedding today. On Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Mundis were among the many guests of the Good Time Ciub at a dance which they attended Immediately after the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. ^luncis are too well known hera to need any introduction to lola people. Miss^Cnndis attend ed the Tola schools if^e and has al- FOR GflRISfFMAS! The • season for purchasing suitable gifts for Christmas is now on. You will profit greatly by selecting your offerings ear­ ly and thus avoid the later rush. Also you have larger and more complete stock to select from. We will be pleased to Fhow you • and win lay aside for yon anything you may select "Where are you going?" "Going after a sack of Um S, PlainU Bloux. My wife, won't tise anything else." A-ays been a most charmmg member )f a wide circle of friends. Mr. Mundis has resided in lola but a 8h<^ t'.me, but is a most prosperous bust ness man. who has made mai^y .riends. .Mr. and ilrs. Mundis are p.X. home at 423 South Washington Gave Pupils Recital. Among the musical events which made the past week pleasant for students of the art was Mrs. Malcolm , Hughes' recital on Saturday to p% ^ent a group of pupils. The prograsi was composed of groups of pla4o numbers rendered in a manner whioh displayed the excellent method of touch and technique wh:cn is a part of .Mrs. Hughes' method of InstnicUoii, and al^o the knowledge of rythm and harmony which the pupils have acquired. After the music the guests enjoyed a pleasant social hour. Following is the program in full: Piano Duett, Hungarian Dance No. 2 —^Brahms — Miss Ruth Allison, . Mrs. Hughes. Second .Minuet—Llebling—Miss Nellie E!am. (a) Boat Sons—Menaiessohn. (b) Seranato—Moskowskl. Miss Ruth Allison. (a) Witches Dance—McDowali. (b) Govotte—Tours. (a) Tanantella—Mendlessobn. (b) In Spring—Grieg. Miss Joy Hershberger. la) Novelette—Schaumann. (b) Berceuse—Schyttie. Miss Grace Ball. (c) La Flllenese—Raff. Miss Ella Ball. Piano Duett. American Fantasy— Herbert—Misses Ball. Guests who were preaent were:^ .Mrs. W. P. Dewey, lin. B. E. Alllsoifc Mrs. Geyer, Miss Gratia Allison, Mrs; Elam. Mrs. Hershberger, Miss Ma* ley. Miss &Iary Homey, Miss Bartlett, Mrs, O. Ii. Qarlinghonae, Mini. BcrresH, Mrs. Geo. BUwlUb, Mra. A. P. CharlM, Mrs. M. J. Cain, Mlsa Edith Cain, "lias Marjorio Qarlinghonfe, Mr> and Mrs. Thos. Martitf. MVH. IfRAirCES WBIKg DfJOBBIfe Kansas City. D«c. 2.--lfra. .FrancL^ •Waeks. aged aixty. aiater-Wlav:, ot ioaUe^ David J. Brawilr, CHI doini

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