Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 6
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I N|WS of tfie COUNtV) PLEASAITT PRAIRIE. I W* are getting ratn again, dliarlea Robinson delivere<l bogs lifist Monday. Mrs. Daisy Berkiblser and daughter Leorrel of lola spent Sunday at the farm. Hunters are getting a cool reception In Deer Creek township these daya. Hub Vandlver has mo\ed to one of the Anderson farms on the East Side. •Mrs. Snyder has been very sick the past week. Coon hunting seems, to he the attraction of nights In these parts. Mrs. McAIlster and daughter. Jesse, are visiting In Missouri. Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Robinson were shopping In lola Tuesday. We hope all hunters will see the Deer Creek township notice In the Register. The farmer.^ are tired of chasing hunters. OI o- GOLDEX tALLET. Quite an electric .storm Monday and a heavy rain. So many of our young people are going to get married that the young crowd will be lonely. Howard Moor bought a team of flne mulcB of J. W. fMiIletr Tuesday. Little Oladj's Myers has been real poorly with a bad cold. Will Hoyle was tUo piipst of .1. W. GuUett Tuesday. Mr. Means' dauRhter.s. Fay and Fern bava gone to Oklahoma. Mrs. Sears and Mr."?. Fd. nnypr wM entertain .this week. Mr."?. Walter Wood. Lvda mid Y Kansas and have the Grand Old Party to run the political boat for fonr more years. . We saw a quotation in the Register of Gard & Taggart, and we were gUd^ to see it. Don't think because we live In the country that we don't read. Ev- very week parties are Inquiring obont the price of butter and eggs in^Iola, also ponliT.v. Everyone nearly takes the Register and U the merchants Woald only pnt in an advertisement It would help. Of course ,lt may be a little exr pensive, but It would pay for they would soon be going to dee >tie man tliat believes In printers' Ink Instead of the man that don't advertise. We were laid u(> for repairs last week but Dr. Lambeth brought us out all. right. . Call Morrison's have our sympathy. There boy had to no to the hospital. Watched Fifteen Tears. "For fifteen years I have watched the working of Bucklen'B Arnica Salve and It has never failed to cure any sore, iMll, ulcer or burn to which It was applied. It ha^^saved us many a doctor bill," 8a.TS A.' F. Hardy, of EJast Wilton. Maine. 2Ttc at all drug stores. r HARMONY. Mrs. Will Stewart had a letter from .Mt. Stewart since he went to Colorado He likes It flue He will stay about four weeks. Mr. J. T. Cornell from near Liberty w ,'i.. viBlilng relatives here this week. ' i) • box social at Harmony Satur- il.i.v M f! • was well attended. Some- fr'iM IH-. • was taken In. The pro IM.'-I .'.!' ;;o to got an encyclopedia Wood were the KUPSIS of Mrs. .Tuhiiji'^ -..ii wl. Laury since our la.-<t. F/auu ll.irrlsoti of- Humboldt. Is Walter Woml lost a inaix- la^ii wt^.-k. woiklu^j for Mrs. L. .f. Booe. He also had a roll innip "vcr iLi' lower barn door. Ii uur ruuKhl and cut quite a gash in ii.<^ K UC O. .West .^mart ha.-* a .slrk horiw. West Smari loht a colt last wrek. H caught UR fool in tho Iwrh wire gate and pulled (ho iioof off. and look- jaw set In Harry Backens sppni the day with -Mrs. Ida BrookH. Mrs. Walkers eiitortalned ninct' our last Those present were Ed Royer and family, W. Senri< and family. Floyd Daniels, Romey Ketrron. (Jrovpr .Myers. Olif McKilty. -Mrs. nullott and Earl, Mrs. Mullencoff and dauRhtPr, Mrs. Preston and son. A nice dinner was enjoyed and a pleasant day was spent. J. W. Gullelt and Tip William.^ went to lola Sunday to hear niFhop Tho- bum, but he was not there. The.v took diner with Hoover Kerr .ind Mrs. Walker. Be thankful that you have the rlirht use of yoxrr mind and that your trmple the body God gave, you is as good ns Itls—and then be thankful you live in .Miiiiroe Hooe. of Channie, visited his cousln.s, Zola and Virgle Cloud Saiurdny night and Sunda.v. F'rank Uooe and family vlnltod nt M«rry Groves near Odense Simday. .laspcr Cornell husked shock corn for Grandma Cloud. Wednesdav. Huih Rnnyon spent Monday night wlih Alma Burghart. f WEST OP THE RITER. ? C. .1. Preston arrived home from .Missouri Wednesday. Mr. Flake Is hauillng lioth hay and corn to PIqua. i Mr. miller, of Coffey county, visited T. L. Daw.son Tuesday night. J. M. Preston deMvered catHe Wednesday. and .lobn Beahm and wife attended the reunion of the Beahm relatives at C. n. Peck's Thanksgiving. when she waa visiting tu BartlesvIUe, Havanna, Independence and Clianute. She anrlvad - him» Saturdar. ~ . yr.-and lira. Jaaoa-Jmiaon spent ^amUy wltti her iqo, Hkrrlson Steele. I.- Barrr Flake Is havifig aoDM dental Worit doJM thia week. 11^ Flake's asthma medielne sUlI •leema to be taelping hint Ruth Jones visited Minnie McFaun Bnadar. . PRAIRIE ROSE. . MrtL Florence FV>rd and Mrs. Fan- le Wtood were helping their mother, Mra. hua; j«per and clean bouse one day" last week. Mrs. Mattock spent Friday night at Iher son Jim's and Saturday morning 'went to Chanute for a visit with her \*on, Lou, and family. Jim accompanied hier as tar as lola. Charley Agner was out from Morau Tuesday doing some papering at Robert Rogers. The drintng rig has been put up on Mr. Lam's place and work commenced OB the second prospect well the first of the week., The drillers are boarding at Mr. Benson's. Mrs. .MeParland and Mrs. Myrtle Mattack spent Tuesday with Mrs. Vara Rogera DR. HISRCH TO LEAVE Well Known Citizen of lola to Start to South America the Middle of Next Week. Dr. F. H. Hlrsh will leave about the middle of next week for South Amerl ca. He will go to Chill where he has extensive mining interests to look I after. He is now arranging his business matters "here as he expects to remain Indeflnltel.v. Dr. Hlrsh has many friends In Tola and Allen county who regret to hoar of his Intention to leave but hope that he win have great success In his ven lures in the far country. Frank H. Hitchcock to bo Postmaster General Under President Taft New York, Nov. 27.—The Asaocl- ate«l Press is authorized to announce that Frank H. Hitchcock has been offered and has accepted the posiUon of postmaster general In 'Taft's cabinet. Wait Until Xmas. Supt. Ramsey announced that the donations by the school children usually made Thanksgiving day will this year be made at Christmas time. This "rPrico and family of Mont Ida 5!^^-i^f ^? ^ was not aware of th-- .ustom uotll too late to provide for ulstribatlon of the offerings so announcement was . n. Peck's Thanksgiving. .S ^Tde to the children t^at their dona. Sarah Preston reports a fine tIme Christmas EXTRA SPECIAL 61 Udies' Sampli SATURDAY and MONDAY W®i3iayQ just received direct from one of New York's leading manufacturers, 50 new Sample Suits in all popular shades, the very latest models and eflfeots, in hard twisted serges, worsteds^ broadoloths, etc., and we will place them on sale Saturday morninf?. We will be able to Save you from $5 to $10. On each of these elegant hie:h-class Suits over the opening prices named a month ago for equal qualities. Come tomorrow; see for Yourself Sale prices— $10.75, $12.50, up to $ia50 nn IN THE CABINET I v ROUSING COAT SALE Begins Here Tomorrow Ladies' long black Coats, lined thru- out, nicely trimmed in braid 11 fl and buttons, |7.50 value at . .OuiUU Ladies' long black, blue and brown satin lined Coats, silk braid trimming. Empire and aemi-fitted modelB, coats worth $R .60 to 110.00, on Jg J J Latest models in Kersey and firoad- cloth Coats, all desirable shades, 60 to 54 in. long, trimmed and plain tailcved eflFecLs—usually priced at ^Ifl flfl $12.50 to 116, on sale OlUiUU Kvery one of our high grade Coais are now on sale at greatly reduced prices. Hons would be made iit Christmas time.—Cierryvale Hepnbllcau. Two Car Cbrbtmas PiaDO» The people of lola and vicinity have no reason to be without a piano on Christmas, as we have in two big car loads of new pianos and more to follow. As nice a sclectiop as can be found apqwhcref and prices to com|>ete with any where in the world. This may seem a broad assertion, but.Tnevertheless it is a fact, for we are supplied by the largest manufacturers of the world, such as Everett, Harvard, Bush & Q-erts, Kimball- Farrand, Whitney, Merrifteld, etc. , The pianos we sell at $160, $186, $210, $230 to $260, caxmiot be bought elsewhere in this community lor near these prices. The more elaborate cases we sell lor $276, $300^^ $330 up to $4.00. If yon oan not pay cash, buy on our Installment plan. Tempting Vohies in Dress Goods Saturday and Monday we will again offer fine all wool Broadcloths in blick, blue, brown, red, cardinal and f^ncy patterns, 54 inches wide, TCfi tive $1.60 value • I UU One special lot of 60c and 65c vHSdl- en dress materials in plain colors, in checks, stripes, etc., 30 to 42 in. wide, while present quantity lasts, ^QA per yard .„ ^VU METHODIST REVIVAL Meeting Qlves Way Tonight to Teachers.—Will Continue All of N«xt WMk. the catch as mfmy fish as he might catcH ir he lets God use 'him and he be not bound by forms and ceremonies. Then there Is the .ihore line of compromise with the world. Worlrtlinoss and (ifldilness won't mix and no one can he a successful flshcr if he Is mixed up with the world In lis sins. etc.. Plc, then there Is the slion- line of unhellof. Belief brings to the Inrlivld- ual tbe rich biessiuK of the Baptism There was a Rood crowd at the First .Methodist Church last night. The Pastor. J. M. Mason, preached lljf ^'^{y flho „i."ami" unbelief wlli and Uiere were several converslons^j,,, ^ there are no doubt and others seekinsr. The subject of,,„„nv of us that are falllnB to let the sermon was "Launch out In tne ,|„. j ^rd have his way and baptize us deep and lot down the not for n „^ wishes and If he had a chance KATY PAID ITS TAX The Amount Was $15,969.92, or Con- •iderabte In Excess of Last Year. drnft. of fishes. Thp preacher said that while there liail boon a good many people ron- veiled in tlirs meotmR yet In,the face of the great crowd of people that lo thus baptize we could undoubtedly have much Rrcator sucress as fishers of men. Then lastly to succeed In a great catch of fish we must use the gospel nco<led salvation it seemed that we net which is the power of God. This had not caught many and like the In- ,s ,hp net that has been used by our cident takPD as a subject the fishing rhurch and should be still used by the without success the Sayior suggested I church. At the close of the address, that If they wotud .shove out from the Imp pastor asked all who de.sired to shore a little there would be a better |a„nch out In his faith and power to cfttcU. We believe that If we canlpomo to the Altar. The church res- some how shove out In this meelngj j^^nded nicely and among them came we will see a much larger catch dHr-_q„ito a number of unsaved, some of Inf the next few evenings. This ISjwhom professed conversion. The meet the earnest desire of all and so a i „gs aro dismissed for today, the Ftudy of the subject would be of In-; teachers* association using the church 'crest to us all. I but will open up Sundav morning and There are three suggestions given: wlU continue all next week. In the Incident as found In thIs'SthI .\o meetings Saturday evening, but chapter of Luke (which read) and-we trust all will remember that they these suggsetlons are first: There j are fnvlted to attend each and every 1.1 rt^ Piano II0UA6 STORE OPEN By |iin :k (aa are fish In abundance all around us. Second: To succeed In catching them there Is need of launelilng otit some, that Is have more faltb. work a little harder, and have a determin atlon to win regardless of all obstructions. Third: Some things re- (jnired on the part of the fishers If they would launch out. These things are for our study. There Is need of greater faith In God. Trust Him. believe lllm. obey Him. .Toshua was commanded to march around the .walls of tbe rity while it looked as though he would certainly fall It was for him to stick to t*e order and he did and victory oame. 80 ire. If we can And out the order from Heaven in this revival and that should be determined for each .one by himself, should slick to it and press a little harder HIOUK God's lines and Kreater victory wHl surely come. ,Then too we mui>i cut all shoro lines. Amonc the worst of tSiese lines wo «ote d^rsc ith« Sham line of formiUity. Tblt one'trdw th«'ebttt^lt and xWUl one of the services at the church. The church doors will he open at both services Sunday and we will be glad to have all who contemplate memherslilp to be on hand and join. J. M. M. The Katy paid Its 1908 ta-xes this morning, and the check showed tbat thn contention of the Kepubllcahs thkt the railroads would pay more taxes than last year was borne out. In 1907 the Katy paid 113,926, whilft this year it paid $15,969.92. The signature on the cheek for tbe amount afforded considerable amusement as well as wonder. Ttao treas. urer's force was barely able to de> cipher the letters of the name, owing to the artistic penmanship. ..The IlearlKtrr want (HtlomK can sell It rent It or ret It the (lalekest Game Warden Here. A deputy state game warden was in town yesterday, inspecting the restaurants to ascertain whether or not quail Is bought and sold' In Tola. His Investigation, so far as could be learned, showed that the law la not beine violated fcere. Soringfield to Have a Berth. T. C. Haydon of Webb City, owner of the Springfield team, is on deck and full of hope. "We're going to run tbe Springfield hunch right next seasoh," he says. "So baseball team can succeed without careful management. After Hiirlburt and I took hold of it towards the last of the season there was no money lost and the attendance was good. Springfield will have a good team and will he one of the best teams of tbe association In 1909."—Joplln Herald. •art Taylor Hare. Bert Taylor, formerly interested In tbe Our Vilay here. wa» In twn yester- dajr vlaltlns lis brother,-Guy Taylor. Ha .to tow a ooBdnetor'nunliic out at Bahy Laiish It belonfis to health for a baby to eat ana sleep, to laugh and grow fak. But fat comes first; don't ask a scrawny baby to laugh: why, even his smile Is pituull Fat comes first. The way to be fat is the M«y to be healthy. Scott's EmotiiM is the proper food« but dnjir 'a Uttle at first. •ae«l««Mdilli •.•.r..;W .^v;.,.v.^j ;,-^T|2

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