The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 28, 1963 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 3

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1963
Page 3
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How To Keep Ticker Ticki TOP WOMEN'S BOWLING TEAM - This VFW Auxiliary bowling team captured first place in Class A team event in last week's Ottawa Women Bowling Association tournament. From left are Marie Hull, Leoria Wise, Delores McFadden, Wflma Sowers and June Lute. Winning score is marked on ball held by Delores. (Herald Photo) NIT Field Set NEW YORK (AP)-The field is set for the 26th annual National Invitation Basketball Tournament, which will be staged at Madison Square Garden March 14-23. Fordham and St. Francis of New York were named to the NTT Wednesday, giving the tourney its full complement of 12 teams. The two New York clubs join Wichita, St. Louis, DePaul, Marquette, Providence, Canisius, LaSalle, Villanova, Memphis State and Miami of Florida for the 1963 classic. DENNIS BRANSTTTER, Independence, Mo., a senior in the school of journalism, University of Kansas, Lawrence, is working each Tuesday during the current semester as a member of the news staff of The Herald. He is editorial editor on the University Daily Kansan, KU newspaper. Bowling Texaco Five Hits 2708 The Texaco boys rolled a sweet 2708 scratch series, with every man hitting at least 500, to sweep four points from Crites last night in the Commercial League at the Ottawa Bowl Lanes. Page led the Texacans with 588, followed in this order by Knoeppel with 559, Dunkin with 532, Simmons with 529 and Duffield with 500. Allen came up with the best series in the men's Booster League at the Royal T last night, firing a consistent 182-163-172— 577 for Colby Furniture which swept four points from Kitty Clover. S. Wood rolled a 572 for Bennett Creamery No. 2, 3-1 winner over Western Auto in the men's Twilight League at the Ottawa Bowl. Ruth Carlson, who averaged better than 513 in three series last week to place second in the Class A scratch all events of the Women's Tournament, came up with a 223 line and 513 series in the Wednesday Night Ladies League at the Royal T. Ruth's team, Peoples National Bank, lost to Towner's, 3-1. Sue Wolgast, Class A all events winner hi the tourney, scored a 505 last night for Wright's Studio, 4-0 winner over Seller Studio. Plan All-Out Campaign Against Boat Accidents "Every attempt will be made to reduce the number of boating accidents, injuries and fatalities during the 1963 boating season,'' said Fred Warders, chief of the law enforcement division and assistant director of the Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game Commission. Announcing a continued policy of strict enforcement of the provisions of the Kansas Boating Aot; Warders said the safety provisions, such as Coast Guard-approved life preserving equipment, registration and identification of vessels on Kansas waters will be emphasized even more in 1963. Deaths, injury accidents and property damage accidents during the 1962 boating season outnumbered the combined total of such occurances for the years of 1960 and 1961. Accident reports indicated that more deaths occurred .because Coast Guard-af> Droved life preserving equipment was not used than for any other reason. 2-Year Sentence In Wife Slaying i'OLATHE, Kan. (AP)-A former policeman was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison for the death of his wife. Fred D. Bales, 25, was convicted of fourth degree manslaughter, His wife, Audrey, 24, was shot to death in their Overland Park, Kan., home on May 30. Bales contended throughout the trial the shooting was accidental. Two years is the maxi mum penalty for fourth degree manslaughter. Bales withdrew his motion for a new trial and was sentenced by District Judge Earl E. O'Connor. The Bales' child, 3-year-old Fred. M. Bales H, will be cared for by relatives. Fishermen, boaters and water- skiers are reminded that, "T h e pilot or operator of any boat or vessel shall have aboard one life preserver, buoyant vest, ring >uoy or buoyant cushion of the ype approved by the United States Coast Guard, in good and serviceable condition for each person on board." All boats powered by machinery of 10 horsepower or greater must be registered under the Kansas Boating Act with the Fores- ry, Fish and Game Commission Other vessels may be registered. Details' of boat identification, numbering and registration are contained in the "Kansas Synopsis of Boat and Water Safety Laws" available from most marine dealers, game protectors, or the headquarters of the Commission at Pratt. if • . ' .The Herald pays S5 every week for the best news tip turned in _~1_ The Ottawa High GAA girls returned to action at the Royal T yesterday, with E. Milton rolling the top 2-line series, 275, as her Unpredictables beat the Splitters, 3-0. Here are Wednesday league leaders: Bienie's Garage, Men's Twilight, with 61%-42%, compared to 61-43 for Sunrise Dairy; Knights of Columbus, Booster, with 28%-7%; Wright's Studio, Wednesday Night Ladies, with 8027, compared to 67^-36^ for Moore's Chevrolet; Todd's Mo bile Homes, Commercial, with 71-33, and Twisters, GAA, with 29-19, compared to 28-20 for the Bopin' Bowlers and Sleepers. Team results and individual scores in the Ottawa Bowl leagues appear elsewhere in today's sports section. Here are team results and high individual scores in the Royal T Leagues: BOOSTEB Princeton—3 High 10-30 — Stockard. 181-54T Bank's Sinclair—1 High 10-30 — E. Howe, 17I-4M K of C No. *—S High 10-30 — Father Beier. 313-539 Robertion Motor—2U High 10-30 — Spats, 183-44* K of C No. 1—1V4 High 10-30 — Motelet, 197-511 Colby Furniture—4 High 10 — Ogle, 189 High 30 — Allen, 517 Kitty Clover—0 High l'i)-30 — D. Bell, 150-414 Royal T—3 High 10-30 — C. Wolgast, 198-550 Mllle's—1 High 10 — O. Mille, 173 High 30 — D. Mille. 458 WEDNESDAY NIGHT LADIES Meadow Gold—3 High 10 — D. Letter, 188 High 30 — O. Honn, 433 Romstedt's Grocery—1 High 10 — D. Peters, V. Dengel, 143 High 30 — M. Zeilsdort, 388 Kansas State Bank—3 High 10-30 — I. Bonn, 148-4M First National Bank—1 High 10-30 — N. Frltts. 143-388 Moore's Chevrolet—3 High 10 — O. Whitacre. 178 High 30 — M. Seymour, 491 Petrex of Texas—1 High 10-30 — N. Lollar. 178484 Twoner's—S 188-483 High 10-30 — R. Mock. Peoples National Bank—1 High 1'0-30 — R. Carlson, 333-513 Wrl(ht*j Stadia—4 High 10 — F. ftilborn. 188 High 30 — 8. Wolgast, 505 Seller Studio—0 High 10-30 — A. Wolgast, 173-451 GAA JUNIORS Pin Topplers—3 High 10 — L. Wallace, 115 High 30 — Shirley McCleary, 310 Twisters—0 High 10-30 — E. Speer, 130-354 Gutter Bugs—8 High 10-30 — D. Stine 144-348 Strikes ft Spares—0 High 10-30 — 8. Mulcahey, 143-343 Lane Duffers— 9 High 10-30 — Q. Davenport, 143-373 Sleepers—1 High 10 — L. Kirkland, C. Wait, 114 High 3'0 — B. Heathman, 334 Unpredictable!— S High 10-30 — E. Milton, 153-375 Splitters—0 High 10-30 — D. Waymire, 133-350 ligti i Pi Pin Poppers—3 High 10-30 — C. Albert, 135-351 Bopin' Bawlen—0 High 10-30 — Linda Wheeler, 137-239 Pro Basketball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wednesday's Results Syracuse 122, Los Angeles 111 Cincinnati 119, New York 107 Chicago 98, St. Louis 93 Today's Games Syracuse vs. New York at Detroit Chicago at Detroit Friday's Games St. Louis vs. Detroit at Toledo Los Angeles at Chicago Cincinnati vs. San Francisco at Oakland. (Continued from Page 1) ply the brain are most severely damaged, the ailment is called a stroke. "Angina pectoris involves a type of blockage in which the blood still flows and is adequate for normal stress, but, during great exertion, the flow is inadequate and the patient experiences pain in varying degree. "A thrombus is a plug or clot in a blood vessel or heart cavity which remains at the point of its formation. An embolus is a thrombus which has become dislodged from the place of formation. "High blood pressure, like headaches, has many causes. In the past 10 years we have learned that it may not be a disease in itself but rather a symptom of some other disorder. The physician first must determine $500,000 Price Tag On Shelter WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House bomb shelter is being modernized. The cost is estimated, at about $500,000. Andrew T. Hatcher, assistant press secretary, confirmed Wednesday that the work of modernizing the bomb shelter to include a modern communications system is well under way. The underground shelter was first built during World War II when Franklin D. Roosevelt was president. It was improved during the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Gets In Trouble Without Trying NEW YORK (AP)-Some people can get into trouble without trying too hard. Take the case of Gus J. Martin, 63, in the Lexington Avenue office of the Internal Revenue Service Wednesday. He got into an argument with a tax collector about a refund. Apparently losing the argument, he stalked off leaving behind a yellow box about the size of a cigarete carton. Martin was hustled back, the police bomb squad was called, the first four floors of the building were evacuated of about 1,000 per sons and traffic was cleared around the block between 46th and 47th streets. Police put a fluoroscope on the box. Its contents were harmless. the cause, then treat the disorder." What progress is noted in treatment of various types of heart ailments? "Much progress is being made in the area of congenital heart disease. Availability of techniques and modern equipment for accurate diagnosis and quantitative measurement is making possible dramatic progress in corrective surgery and treatment. Many children who could not have been saved a few years ago are alive and well today. "Medical science has learned how to prevent both initial and recurrent attacks of rheumatic fever in most cases. Bacterial infections of the heart, formerly almost 100 per cent fatal, now can be cured more often than not. "New and improved drugs are used to lower some kinds of high blood pressure, and research reveals new facts on the subject continually. "Major gains have been made in the diagnosis, care and treatment of patients suffering from heart attack ant stroke. Notable are the anticoagulants which prevent blood from clotting so readily." What is the outlook? "Because infectious diseases have been largely wiped out, people are now living to ages when heart disease may affect mem. There is a critical need for more research, particularly to close gaps between discoveries already made." One has only to visit the laboratories, treatment rooms and operating rooms of the Car* diovascular Section of the Medical Center which occupies almost a whole floor of the clinic building to realize that "near miracles" are a common occurrence. In other cases, physicians can I Beveled and Plain Edge MIRRORS For Any Room in Your Home SUFFRON Glass Co. 418 N Main Ph CH 2-2515 only say, "If we just knew tie more. . . " Their "knowing a little through research could give much more than a,. 5040 ch of staying alive and free of pling effects of heart disease a ripe old age. ' - >> THE OTTAWA HERALD Thursday, Feb. 28, 1963 WALK as long as you like in SHOES Smart to see, wonderful to wear. Trim tailored toes, coupled with your favorite heel and heavenly Natural Bridge fit. SOFT BLACK KID Mid-Heel $13.99 PAINE'S BOOTERY Ji COMES BY THE FOOT! TRY ON THE MCCOY ••el I riff DIFFtREH SELF-SERVICE BARGAIN STORE Open Mon., Tues., Thura.. Fri. — 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wed. and Sat. — 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. WE DISCOUNT THE DISCOUNTERS Just Arrived m 2,000 YARDS • Values To $1.98 | Lowenstein's Better •Broadcloth 49 • Spring Colors Yard | Just Arrived • 2,000 YARDS - California m Q C j Sportswear *" Yard I Ideal For Slack PAINE'S Bootery NOTICE OF Public Sale APRIL 4, 1963 2:00 P.M. Notice is hereby given of the sale of the School Building located in the NE VA 23-16-18 Franklin County, Kansas, known as Oakland School. Building, Outbuildings, Coleman fuel oil furnace, 300 gallon tank, piano and other items. Buyer agrees to move building within 6 months from date of sale; Terms of sale Cash. Not responsible in case of accidents. Jack Nelson Auctioneer. Roy E. Reed, Clerk Dist. No. 69, Pomona, Kansas. Slacks And Skirts Beautiful • Patterned TT C ' Terry Cloth • ' Yard 7" Power So w . %" Drill Combination $24.95 m 7.99 j $32.94 • " Fury By Ram" 4" Hole Sow CfOO Attach to '/<" Drill • | POWER Attach to %" Drill A Most Interesting Store.. .Come In!.. .Browse Around Ladies' Tennis SHOES *1.99 Little Girls' | Easter I i I SHOES I $ 2.79 •2 For $5.00 I Patent and White Big Boys' Dress SHOES Reg. 4.88 $199 3 For Fishing and Camping PONCHO $149 1 Ever-Ready FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES Elsewhere 20c 2 For 25c American Made KNEE BOOTS $5.99 Beys' Sbt $4.99 Clearance I • I I 1 I 8.94 100 M AA SHOES 6.99 10.99 Steel _ To* ,»_,»Driller $7*9 BOOT I Engineer BOOT "f 7.94 We S«// have A Fair Size Scale Left • DOUGH HOOKS ! 3 for 23c ••• 5 Ft. Casting RODS 88c 2" SnopP/dsfit FLOAT or BOBBER 19c • • I I • I I w

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