Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 30, 1907
Page 6
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A SPECIAL SERMON Pev. Benham Will: Talk on Amui I ment Quntlon Tomorrow ' !/ Nioht f' Rov. I. Mi' Benham, pastor of the First Methodist church of LaHarpe, : viU ppeak upon the all-absorbing sub^ Jfct \ "The Amusement Question," at " the services tomorrow night Rev. Benham. has been making a careful study, of this question and Is prepared to give the results of his work. Rev. Benham Is a speaker of con- eiderable ability, being classed among the best ministers in the Ottawa! district-conference of the Methodist Episcopal church. A great many Tola people are con- tumplating hearing Rev. Benham Sun. day evening. ^ T¥ » iM XT tSI I O OIRAMD THEATRE, Ttupmtlmy Might, Deo. 3rii- Is Frank J. Sardam Presepts MISS ETHEL DOVEY and MR. FREDERICK C. TRUESDELI* in the SeUon's Best Musical Offering^, PIctnre Fraralnfr Is An Art, Don't spoil a picture by placing It in a iKKir frame. Our practical knowledge'^enables us to fit a picture with 3ust the frame it needs. Before we fiend anything outside, we see that it is right Inside. CULBERTSOX. North Side. MOVE COURT HOUSE "JIGGER." Mr. Peterson Hunts New Store House for Bottled Evidence. County Attorney Peterson is today looking for a new lock to put on a cwtaln draw of his desk in the court house, in which he keeps bottled evl- rience to be used in liquor cases in district court later on. Yesterday S. A. Qard. F. J. Oyler and a Register reporter were in the county attorney>s office when the latter niada reference to the drawer as containing important evidence in liquor cases. In answer to a question propounded by one of (he barristers to the effect that It a rather place to K^p liquor, the county attorney said he liad the only key in town that would unlock it. A moment latsr both at torneys and the reporter produced keys that unlocked the door to '"dull headaches on the nioning after," Wth two lawyers and one reporter having access to the liquid. Mr. Peterson thinks n now lock, might strengthen the position of the state in the cases ii> which the bottled goods may bo Introduced as evidence.. R-. ~ .^ii. C-' - "wnArs THE rsE OF PRE AMP O r Leader" Words, Book and Music by Joseph E. Howard. A RolUokfng Rhymefui Musioai Pi ay Whit a Reason 50-People-50 12-Mg Song Hits-12 PHoos; Loykmr Floor $1mOO mml $im50, Bmioony BOo mmd 75o, Oatlory 25om So4i Salo mi iho Box Lovers of Art. See the beautiful collection of water colors, pastels, platinum finish photo- granhs on free exhibition at Culbertson's Art Store. TAX OF MORTGAGED PROPERTY. State Commission Makes Public a New Ruling. Topeka, Nov. 30.—The State Tax Commission made public a copy of a Tetter written in answer to an in- Cjuiry regarding the law concerning the taxation of mortgaged real es- tete, which makes plain the position of the Commission on the question of permitting offsets againist credits. The question asked was if a man owning $10,000 worth of notes land credits ^nd a ranch mortgaged for ?10.000 is not entitled to an offset ^ against the notes and credits by reason of the mortgage. The Tax Commission holds he is not and that a tnan who owes $10,000 in credits and also owes $10,000 which someone else ho'ds as credits i is the only person entitled to an offset. PROJECT lAID OX TABLE. Cblcago Board Opposes felWc Selec- tlons as School Bedding'. Chicago, Nov. 30.—project to introduce Bible selections as supplementary reading in the public schools of Chicago was laid on the table by the school management committee of the board of education today. ' After recommending ijxree volumes as suitable reading, a siibconmiittee consisting of Miss Jane Addams, head of Hull House; Ur. Alfred D. Kohn, .Tewish member of the. l>oarU, and Mrs. Anita McCormIck Blaine, asked that their report be laid; on the table. This was done after a Icplg discussion among those wlio voted .?'aye" being Rev. R. A. \Miitc. pastor of the Stewart A%'enue People's Liberal church. "The. non-sectarian character of our schools is one of tjur most precious possessions," said Miss Addams. "On this ground we are putting ourselves on record." MAY SL\G CHRISTMAS CAROLS. The >'cw York Board fof Edacalion Changes Its KnUng. New York. Nov. 29.—Without a dissenting vote, the board; of education went on record yestlrdas afternoon as favoring the continuation of the Christmas festival Iniino public schools In the same form as that In which it heretofore has been celebrated. Furthermore, the board disclaimed any intention of abbjisbing the song- books now 'used in the schools, Edgerton Winthjrop, jr., president of the board, saying if any work of revision had been ^one on the books it had been withcjut authorization. Clergymen and other representatives of religious organizations were not permitted to express their view on the subject when it came before the board. -s :^ A TARIFF ACTION Drnforrnt.s Plan a Iloase Campaign to Smoke tho JRepublkwns Out mishlugtou. Nov. 30.—Democrats will I endeavor to force the republlcaus tu consider tariff legislation at the persi 'ut session of congress. ' At the democratic house caucus-today Itepie- sentiUive Hays of Virginia will Intro duce a resolution e.\|>resslng it as the sensf of the minority that imanlmoiis consent be given for no legislation e\co|it that relating to the currency until the committee on ways and ulean.^ has reported a tariff bill. An exception will be juade of currency legislation lifcause'llit; democrats are agret'd that it will be unpatriotic to place any stumbling I locks in the way of the solution of the currency question. Itep- reseulative _ Hays will also propose that five or six democrats be designated by the minority leader, Mr. Williams, to stand on guard and object to rushing any legislation no matter what .shape it may take until there is tariff action. The object is to emphasize the tariff situation before the countrj-. • .«ttt^»»«lJHI It is known that Speaker Cannon will endeavor to so fill the vacancies on the ways and means committee so that the standpatters will be In al)solute command of the situation. The speaker Is unwilling to have any tariff discussions i)recipitated. much less legislation projiosed. He unquestionably has control of the republican side and the western rop"l'- iicans who have indulged In tariff speeches and campaign promi ?e9 recognize they can do nothing. The dem ocrats will endeavor to show the ho!lowness of republican promises in tiie districts where there is strong tariff revision sentiment. News of the County ... 1 — 8ILYEK LEAF. 1 5- Mr. Thome l^ake and family ate Thank.sglving dinner with Mr. Laster. Mr. Jake Adams has sold his farm. Miss Crystal £:astwood dismissed school Wwlnesday with an elegant program. .\ number of visitors enjoyed the program. .Mr. Harvey is hauling bale<l hay to Gas City. Cornle Hall returned from Eldorado, accompanied by his little broth- tr. Fred. Mr. and Mrs. Eiipaneur of lola spest Thanksgiving with Mr. Banks. Those who dined at the Wenzel home were Mesdamc-^ Addleman, Lou Osborne, Whiter Dersham. G. M. Gurley, Mesrs Gurley, Dersham, Porter, Reynolds. Forest, Gurley, Cornle and Kre<ldi6 Hall. Mr. Gurley ha.<; purchased a home In Gas City and will vacate the farm in the near future. I GOLDEX YALLEY. The finest Soap on the market for the price is now on display at Mundis' Drug Store. '1- Only $10.75 Only $12.50 $13^75 It will not be long '• until Christmas is here and the earlier you buy the better assortment you will find to select from. More necessities ]than luxuries will be presented this year than eyer before. - There is such a vast field of necessities in the house furnishing line that it will be possible to give a substantial and lasting present to any member of the; family. Any gift selected now. will be set away and delivered at any time before Christmas that you wish. Special c^fe and attention is always given to our Christmas presents that they are delivered in perfect condition and at the proper time. • I LmiumShow YMM Doxpam The lola ^uriU' tore Sjtqre Only $15.25 * We were shocked to hear of the death of Mrs. Gardner, of Humboldt. Jo.^ Griffith is contemplating a trip to Southern Texas soon. .Inhn Sharp. Walter Kllgore and Tso Baker are all goin? out west soon, where they purchased land and built new homes. Miss Pe .Trl Hardin and brother entertained thsir cousin from Kansas City Thank.sgivinT day. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Walker were the L'ui'sts of W. Donald and family Thanksgiving day. Mr and Mrs. GuUett, and Cliarley r.nd l-ouise Boeken were the guests (.f Wess Smart's for Thanksgiving dinner. Earl Gullett attended the football game at I^Harpc. .Toe Griffith and .T. W. Gullett attended tho Baker sale Friday. Joe Griffith and family were the guests of Paul Griffith Thanksgiving day. Dr Helm was in demand at football game Thursday. AMUSEMENTS. One of the equipped productions on the road today is "The District lx?ader.' No expense has been spared to make a stupendous scenic garniture. The first act is a reproduction of the rotunda of the Hoffman House. New York, one of the most magnificently apiiolnted hostel- rles In the United Slates. The second act. a scene, from Chinatown, was built from sketches made by the .scenic artist for this production from titudles made in San P^rancisco's Cbi- n<?se <iuarter. The costumes for tne chorus and principals in this act are made by a Chinese importing tailor and are replicas In silk and brocade of the royal court costumes of China. The last act Is a palatial summer home and gardens of beautiful Riverside Drive, overlooking the Hudson river and pall.sade.s. The act fairly scintillates with electrical effects. The chorus Is gowned in gauzy summer draperies from the hands of the best Parisian modistes. The District l^:id er will appear at the Grand Theater on Tuesday, December 3. A St. .Toe paper ha.i the foKowing to say of Tuesday night's play at the Grand: "The District Leader" was the offering at the Grand on Tuesday ev .on- Ing, and. when it is remembered that this bill has been presented here on a former occasion, the' masnificsnt :iudienco which greeted the company, filling every available, seat in the house, attested the tmpularlty of the play and th? Interest theatregoers liavo In it. It Is, as Is well -known by readers, a story having to do with r.oliticv and love down east In New York city, and to say that every role was splendid'y handled by the company i)resenting the story woufd be I 'Ut a rep.'>tition of a fact well known to every one of the Immense crowd who witnessed It. The story begins with a scene. In the lobby of the Hoffman House anil ends with the usual happ?nings following tho day of an election when victory comes to some and defeat to others. The musical numbers were espec ially well r?ndered. GAS INSPECTOR BUSY. the Who Likes LemoB Plef Everybody, but they are expensive and hard to make In the old way. You should try at once "OUR-PIE" Preparation for delicious I.,emon pies. It Is made from the choicest Ingre<llpnts. absolutely pure. Sure to please you. as It has thousands of others. A lady says: "I will never again try to make I^mon i)le In the old way while I can get 'OrR-PIE' Preparation." Each package enough for two large pies. IDc. DUMMY CURTIS IS MARRIED. Reported That Well Known Mute Has Taken a Bride. Deaf Shutting Off Gas From Homes'of Delinquent Patrons. Gas Inspector Faulkner is today shutting off the gas in the hom»-s of a few who are delinquent in the payment of their gas bills. The number of delinquents this month is only about half what It was last month or on previous months. The city officials attribute this to the fact that they have been vrry osactin.c and have shut off all delinquents heretofore. MELVIN AMERMAN ILL. City Engineer Sufferinq With Ulcerated Tooth. TO WRECK TRAIR City Engineer Melvln Amcrman is quite ill to<lay as the result of an ulcerated tooth. He has had some trouble with the tooth for some time but it was not until today that he was not able to be at his office. He is still suffering a great dca'. but expects to IM? himself again in a day or tw^o. ARRESTED—VAGRANCY CHARGE. Colored Men Said Thev Were Going to Wichita to Work. Two colored men were arrested last n -Kht a! the Santa Fe depot on the charge of vagrancy. They said that their homes were in Kansa.=! City, but tliey were enrouto to Wichita where they had positions In, the railroad janis. Police Judge J. M. Collins pave them twenty minutes to get oui of town. Heavily Guarded by Soldiers Taft'a Special Ran Slowly Throngk the Penza. European Russia. Nov. 30.— The i)olice of Ufa were alarmed last night, owing to a report that an at- teuiitt -would be made to blow up the train bearing Secretary Tafi and his party towards St. Petersburg, and fifty soldiers were stationed In the corridors; and vestibules of the cars at ITa and remained on guard until morniqg. The train proceeded slowr iy and with great caution throughout the night. m Secretary Taft will be received by Empe/or Nicholas Tuesday morning, next, und a reception by Minister of Foreign Affairs Iswolsky has been 6t- fereil Tor Wednesday night, conditional upon the ability of Secretary Taft to delay his departure from St. Peters burg until Thursday, and he probably v,ill leave for Hamburg Thursday noon.. Montgomery Schuyler, Jr.. charge d'affaires of the American embassy at St. Petersburg has notified Secreary Taft that a nobleman will be appointed by Emperor Nicholas as his personal aide during his stay in St. Petersburg. -1 Mr Taft knows nothing of the ftt- mor in circulation that Emperor William will meet him at Hamburg. VIOLATED CITY ORDINANCE. Dave Osborne Arraigned in Police Court For Disconnecting Stove. Dave OBbome, whose home is at 521 South Second street, was arraigned in police court yesterday afternoon on the charge of violating the city ordinance by disconnecting his stovs withoiit first securing a permit. He. i?aid he owed the city two dollars for gas and could not pay it. Judge Collins released Mr. Osborne until aa investigation was made., r 1 Only $17.75 (State Journal.) Paul Curtis who was at one time well known in Western Association I>aseball circles as "Dummy" Curtis, a southpaw pitcher, is In Topeka for a day or two with friends. Curtis, whose hom.-» Is In Kansas City, Is on a bridal trip and Topeka Is one of the IKilnts on his Itinerary. Ilia marriage Kald to l>avr lnok place yesterday jat tho home of his bride. Ida Denton, in Irving, Kas. Curtis ha'i received several offers for next season but will probably retire from baseball and engage in business In Hhnsas City. pity $»rM Curtis Is well known here, having pitched for Sedalia In the old Missouri Valley League. ^DAINTILY WIPES DOG'S NOSE. Mrs. Burke-Roche Batonyl Gives New- porters New Excitement. Newport. R. I., Nov. 30—Mrs. Burke Hoche i|ntonyi'8 only companion these fall days is a small Italian greyhound Just the size for the arm. which she carries through the streets carefully blanketed In dark green broadcloth. There was surprise today wfaen Mr*. Batonyl sat In a street car and. takinir a handkerchief from a poek- et In her canine's blanket, gently wiped the eyes and nose of the dor. Beclster Wairt Ait. Par kccaaia H ttMjLSSa^ MWlr emyUiy reads OF PERSONAL KNOWLEDGI Personal knowledge is the winning factor in tiie culnunating contests of this cooipetilivc age and when of ample character it places its fortunate possessor in the front ranks of The WeU Informed of the World. A vast fund of personal knowledge U really essential tu the achievement of the highest exceHeiKC in any field of human effort A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and KnbwI. edge of Products are all of the utmost value-and in questions of life and health when a true and w!io!esome remedy is desired it should be remembered that S>iup of Figs arid Elixir of Scrma. manufactured by the Califontia Syrup Co., is an ethical product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians and ^3 gives universal sabsfadion. because it is a remedy of . f^Si Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known G >mpo|ient * Parts and has won the valuable patronage ol millions of (he WeU Informed <^ the<^ world, who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that it is the first and best of family laxatives, for which no extravagant or unreasonable ciaims are made^ This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of—Synqj of Figs—and has attained to worldwide acceptance as the roost excellent famiiy laxatn-e.' As i's pure laxative piinc^les, obtained from Serma. arc well known to p!iysici.ins and the WeU Infotmed of the world to be the best we have adopted the mora elaborate tsame of—Syrup <rf Figs and Elixir of Senna—as more fully descripli>e of the remedy, but doubtless it wili always be called for by the shorter name of — Syrup cf Figs—and to get its beneficial effects, always note, when puickasinK the ful name of tlte Company — California F"ig Syrup Ca — prmted o© the front oi^eVery package, whe ;hcT you call for Syrup of Figs — tr by the fuH name—Syrup c( Figs and Elixir of Senna. IXXJISVILLE. KY. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. UONoaifE&uuao. NEW yO?JK.N.Y]

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