Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 4
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taUnA at 161a, Kanias. Foatoaea, aa Saeond-CIaaa Mattar. AiTartlilas Bataa Mada Knom w Appllcatton. •UBSCBiFnoir BITBS. ^ f'fHm ia 1MB, Cbu CUj, huvtm- Tllla ar LaHarpAi laa Waak 10 eaata #oa IfoDtb ....44 eanta Out Yaar * IS.00 Oar yaar laiMa eoaaty tae /ear aaUlda eoaaty 9tM rbrofl Montbs, In adranea $1.00 Oaa Month. In adTanca 44 ffPlCIlL PiPBB. CITT OF BISSET. Telapboaat Bntlnesi Office - — editorial Room - • - 18 222 o o ooooooooooooooo o o ON SErOXD TliOi:«HT. 0 o oooooooocoooooooo A Critlcltitlby the Critic. So long OS I live and stay on the payroll of this paper no long-eared gazebo who has no appreciation of the seriousness and dignity of the drama will, ever write another show. I do hatelto see the drama mussed up and 1 hate to see the real stars of a performance neglected in order that tf!e Javelin may be thrust into the hide of some mere ham. Being an Elk. T asked the city editor that two good men be assiened to handle the minstrel show Friday night. He sent one of the Capital 's special correspondents and the political editor to do the .stunt. Now tT 'C special rorrea- pendent and the political editor are cood men in their line, but they have no appreciation of the drama and they wer<^ so dad blamed anxious to throw the hooks Into nie that theiy devoted the entire space assigned to that end. T ere wasn 't a wori about the show, jior a friendly band for a single one of the performers who really starred In the menage. The entire charge was. aimed at the Interlocutor. Now, the Interlocutor in a minstrel show is about as important a perionage as the bridegroom at a wedding. You can't very well get on without bim but on the night of fiie show he Is the least important person or thing about the theatre. Any stick, any dub, almost anv Imbecile can be an IntPrlocutor. That's one reason I was picked for the place. An interiocn- tor has about as much to do with the success of a show as the buttons on vour under^:irt have to do with the keeping your trou .sers pressed. The real stars of the Elk'.s minstrels were Miller and Draper, the men who nut it on. They make a specialty of their work and kno^ their business. They can take a bunch of untamed Indians, pick them off the warpath fn fact, and in a week have t ^em so sweetly gentle that they will sin^ tremolo stop music without a discord. And they can Jump a jack rabbit out of the long grass and In two hours teach t *be Jack a gag that will make the audience 80 control itself with lauibter fhat it doesn't pet the kinks out of its diaphragm for a week. Miller Is the business manager of the concern and doesn't pretend to be much of an actor, but be can do anything around the theatre, from putting the grear,e paint on the face of an amateur to leadln?' the orchestra. He ia the sort of handy man who can do Hamlet in one scene and go on and take George Ctfnan's place in the next. Draper, on the other hand, is the real goods at the bones end of the semicircle. is about as good a iiiack face comedian as this town ever sees, and tlew Dockstadec and Ai (L^eld come bere every year. MlllerTtid Draper fiad this year about the best. bunch Two More Days of our Suit and Overcoat Sale. A chance, to. save $2.50 on your Suit 0} 0\ SPECIAL SALE ON flEN'S TR0USER5= Children's Knickerbocker Suits Reduced Remember this sale is for 2 more days only-SatuKlay and Monday Boy's and Children's Overcoats l(ed See our Windows!^ of local talent to work with ever uncovered In the town. Darwin Bradley** singing was a revelation. There is a youngster «<ho has the beat quality iu bis voice beard in local musical circles in many a long day. Topeka has not beard so good a baritone on the professional stage in recent time. Clyde Allen, Harley Whitman, and Dr. Harry Knowles all sang exceptionally well and there waa a SHOT WRONG GAME Thahkegiving Birds Were All Right But This Party Were After Specie* "Protected" by Law. William Gates, chief of police, an , „ „o» .. Hoover Kerr, Jailor, were strolling ceptionally well and there waa a ^ ^j^^^^ ^^j. pj^j^j^^^ Vljagouri. world of good talent in the f "o™"-, Kansas & Texas railway depot ye»I »»n» i*wl« rihoulrt be rine for the, ^^^^^^ morning. A suspicious snapping of fingers, ac- Leslie I..ewls *ould be ripe for the professional stage In another jiear. Kurtz Kellam and Jerry Johnstone Safeguard of HeaWi Frae The army and the navy are the safeguards of the nation, but the individual body alio requires its safe- fuard. By twenty years' use in Am- crican homes of every shade and decree of wealth and intelligence, Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin has been acclaimed "The Nation's Safeguard uf Health." No remedy but a laxative could win this laurel, for the «tomui*h and the bowsis are the bola ef all hrallh, •nd Dr. Cttld- wsU'aiHyrup Pvpsln Is for suimach ana bowels. -I%rtnts are alvlna It to thsir alven It by nut only ehlldren todioy who ware their parents years MO. a wonderful cure In constipation. In dlcaetlon and dyspepsia, souf slomacii. heartburn., natulenoy, torpid liver and aueh oonplalnU, but it conUbis. Wundarf ul tOBle propertlee that build up the muacl«a or tbo stonaoh and InteaflnM so that tbsy ocaUi. work normitilir and;naturally. It to eapeeiiilly adapted to the usse of women, ehtidren.,old people and aU others who need a centle lasatfva and who ean- not oUBtf liolent oolU and oatharUo pills. TMa baa ma«e it the family UaaUve and It eoa be obtained of any dnigalst at M eenU or ft a Imtlle, with tbe auarontee, but If yon are a atrancer to It and would rather try it free before buying, oend your Bowe to the doctor and a free test bottle will IM sent to your liome. In tliia way tana of tboueanda of ^people are learein* to uaa Or. Caldwell'a'Bynip Fepain. MdweU'a Syriip Papain. I wlU nevw naa any ottaor ntedfelne for atomaeh tnmUfie fSwyoa Me it. eltbar ia tbe ^ne trial If theretoasytbhar about your olhaent that you don't imderstond, or if yon want _^anr aaodleal advico, .wrfte f /»Xl» deetor. and ha ivuiit "t""'" -— ----- companied by muffled exclamations were new performers who sUrred on ^ sounded like. "Blght-er from MlVe Murrav. Harold ^P^^j^^j... the end. »*^ilie- Mike Murray. Harold Copeland and Art Hargls sustained their reputations for being' clever at that sort of thing. The appearance of Wjayland Brown disclosed another local singer of exceptionally good voice. Other performers who were there with the bells on were .Tlmmy Stewart, Walker Updegraff, young "Senator" Curtis and half a dozen more of the mush and milk crowd. Miller and Draper staged and dressed the E I IOW lavishly and In perfect taste, and, in that respect, it was clearly superior to most of the traveling minstrel shows that pa.<is this way. And this is no Josh. It was about the best amateur show the writer ever saw. In concluding, a word personal Is desired with the lady reporter on tbe evening paper. She accused " tbe caused the officers to stop. look and listen. "Whence cometh those sounds?" an officer queried of 'his companion. Following Che lead of the sound vibrations took the officers to the door of a box car standing on a nearby track. Inside were "Spec" Layton, Art Cheney, Bmmett I.«munan, Geo. Turk and Bd. Andrews, all of whom were Intently watching the tumbling of two little black dotted cubes. Tn MAY PARDON JESSIE (>OTemor-eIe«t Interested In Cane of Alleged Murden's .H From Eldorado. i(f Topeka, Kas., Nov. 27.—Jessie .Morrison will likeiy lje among the first | prisoners favored with a pardon by" W. it. Stubbs. when be becouies governor. Some time a^o Stdiibs bi-cunie interested In her That was l)e- fore lie ever "had any idea of lieing governor. / . Ciilonel Iknt Murdock of Kldurado, I who in a bosoMi friend uf .Mr..St(ibb!>, is also interested in lieliulf of .Morrison. Hte and Stubl)s discussed the severai , niuuiiis ago, and Stiibi )3 snggested* lliai iiiey go together tu set Governor iiucii and urge hini to grant her a pardon. Colonel .Murduck liad said su many harsh thiugs about Hucb, that lie simply couldn't K*** the courage tn lio so. Hut Stubli.s will soon be governor, of'silver glistened like 12.30. "Just taking this method of seeing w^iiO-gets to eat a big fat turkey." one of the party explained to llie officers. "Sounds (o us like the approved method of shooting' rrap .s." Chief Gates said, "Thanksglvint; birds are "'7 .Y" T T", • "'iVr II a" '•'Kht. but you're ahooting the tsed t'-e deijonent of rubbing all wrong kind " w hM^ r h Jr .n «K Turk and Andrews that particular chair? I hate to wI.iU g,^^,^,, j,^,^^^ j,^,,.,^,, ^^^^^ a sort of "ain't we the original 0[ two nine ,uiHCK ui.".!.^u • ••• ; , the center of the party, a little plle^and bo will be in a position to do ex- -- •«'actly what he wanted to urge (jover- Aud the friends of partlcul_. anybody an aching back, but . — u sort oi ami wc "nf," hope she tries that particular piece of chumps" expression on t^eir faces. • • # ..#.,,..1^ nt hmira Ronie A ...... iha nfnnai I do furniture for a cotipie of hours some time.—Dodd Gaston. RATIONAL VVRE FOR ECZE.VA. \o More Doslnff tbe Storaaeh—Cure tbe Skin Through the Skh. When you have a scratch on your band you wash it out and cleanse It and then tbe skin cures Itse^lf. You do not take blood medicine to cure festered wound. The best skin specialists today are agreed that the only way to cure the skin Is through the skin: The fact that eczema is a skin dis ease and not a blood dl.sease is evi dent from statistics which show tliat nearly all eczema sufferers are perfectly healthy in all other ways except as to their skin. If the eczema patients were really suffering from an Inward malady, the entire body and not only the skin would be diseased. You can prove immediately the relief of a true skin cure by using oil of wlhtergreen as comiiounded In D D. Prescription. This liquid attacks the disease germs, numbing them while building up the healthy tissue of the skin. We have now handled this meritorious and thoroughly scientific remedy for so long and have seen Its reliable result so many times that we freely express our confidence. Chas. B Spencer & Co. THE LIGHTNING STRUCK. Half a Dozen Places Suffered From Monday's Storm at Humboldt. the Humboldt Herald says; The rain storm Monday afternoon did considerable damage over town. The rain was heavy and while not continuous came down so plentiful that It flooded the gutters and made the streets Impassable while it lasted. Lightning struck In at least halt, a dozen places Injtnd near town. No gi-eat damage was done, yet it will take several hundred dollars to cover the loss. ' The greatest shock occurred at the ome of iEvcrt'tt Peory in the southwest part of town. .Mrs. Peery was lust leaning over the crib In which ;he bahieH went lying when tlRhtnlng struck the house. The roof was torn rroni the north H I I I K of tho house, the west wall WHS eavinl In and some dam- ngtf was donii tu tlin oast sido, Tiio damage aiuounis to two hundred dollars or more iis It will probably bo necnssorv tu put on a new roof. Mrs. I'cery was sMinnod by thn shock and fell to the floor. 'She wan amused at once, however an'l rushed out of doors. Her nerves were so unstrung that she was hysterical uotil evenlnf. The home of C, Helm received a shock. Mrs. Helm was stunned a little but not seriously. Some damase was done to the porc<h.. The bam belonging to John Heas was struck and the roof damaged considerably. Mr. HesB and his brotbier Prank and Dan Palmer, who had tak- stunned. The end of one of the kUna of the bolt but no damage resulted. A big tree In Riverside Park al-io I must concur with the officers," Judge Collins said, "in deciding that you young men had the wrong kind of game in the Thanksgiving i>ot. Your fines will be |10." •Two had tbe money to pay their fines and three went over to spend a few days as the gtiests of the city. Mind Toiir Business. If you don't nobody will. It is your business to keep out uf all tbe trpuble you can and you can and will keep out of liver and bowel trouble If you take Dr. King's .New IJfe Pill.s. They keep biliousness, malaria ana Juundlce out of your sysleni. Siic at all drur stores. ASK MO.\£Y TO FIGHT DISEASE .Secretary Wilxon tVaut.x H .Million Dol tors to Check Foot and Month Matody. Washington. Nov. 27.—So rerioii.sly Is the situation regarded by Sucretary Wilson of the Department of Agriculture that he will ask for an emergency or deficiency appropriation of niil^ lion dollars for immediate use in com bating the foot and mouth dl.sease. The malady Is now known definitely to exist among cattle in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and Maryland. Dr. S. E. Bennett, chief of the government inspection service in Chicago, diagnosed the.disease today in a bunch of cattle In Llnsboro, Md., a.s tbe foot and mouth disease. Secretary Wil.son will return to Washington from Detroit tomorrow for a conference with Maryland state officials as to precautionary measures. lliB altogether probable that England win quarantliie against tbe |u)rt of Baltimore. BIGGEST WELL YET The Humboldt Gas Company Gets the , Best Oasser In East Field on Martin Farm. The Hnmboldt Herald says: J. M. Pamsworth brought In the largest well that has been discovered In the eastern field Wednesday. It is flStlraatcd at I2.000 .n()() feet and Prank Pussman who is having the work done did not have thn well drilled In as far as tCi«> other wells were drillml. This R I V(>S Humboldt n Inrge supply for fatitories. nor lloch to do. .MI.S.S .Morri.son believe tliat be will do it. tiovoriior iloeh lold The .luurual today that he would not pardon .Mls.s .Morrison, although he would raise no disturbance If Stubbs did it when he became governor. Jessie Alorrif.oii is now serving a iwenty-fivo-yr-ar sentence for murder in tlie second degree. Iler home waa at iCIdorado. .About seven years ai;o she was in love with O'An Castle tlit^re. Castle jilted her and n)arried another young woman, also of that town. Whereupou, iu due time., Miss .Mur-! risoii went to the Casio home and in a Iiand-to-hand encounter cut .Mrs. 'Castle's throat from ear to ear. .Mrs.. Castle struggled for several days, but! finally died of the wounds. Miss Morri.sou was arrested for murder. She was tried three limes. The first trial resulted in a hung jury. She was convicted of a low degree miirdSi' in'fhe-seCbtid- IrlaVdnd sentenced to five years. Her attorneys appealed and the case was reversed. At the third trial she was convicted of murder in the second degree and given tlie limit—twenty-five years. Judge Shinn pre.sided at the first two trials. He was accused of being friendly to the Morrison side. .ludge Aikman. the present Judge, presided at the third trial. He was suspected of being prejudiced against Miss .Morrison. It is understood that Miss .Morrison pleaded with her lawyers after the .sec ond trial lo let her take the five-year sentence and not appeal the rase. Hut ^ they were confident that they could; aicqult her finally >and appeaed against her judgment. \Vi\c\\ they lost out on the appeal In the third trial -Miss .Morrison gave tbcni a J.',<KI(! talk ing to. No case in Kaiis :tK. except po .s .<ibl; the John Henry Collins casw- of Topeka, ever attracted so inucii at ten lion. The peoule of ICIdorado were lined nil bard one way or ilie other on tbe case. Everybody seemed to lake sides. Tlve friends of the f;irl are just lift devoted, to her Kitifp utiw as ever>they were, but the hatred of the oiher side bus softened somewhat and it is thought that there will I )e no Keneral proltst against Coveriior Stubbs pardoning her. How Is Your DIgestluu. Mra. Mary Dowling of No. '228- 8th Avtf.. San Priincisco, recommends reuiedy for stomach trpuble. She says •fJralitude for the wonderful effect of ICIeclrie Hitters in a of acute iu- •li ^esfion. prompts this lo.'Uinioiiial. 1 am fully eonvinced that for Rtoniach and liver troubles Electric Bitters is the best remedy on the market today.' Thifi »rreat tonic and alterative tuedl cine Invigorates the system, puilfies the blood and is especially helpful In all forms of female we.'iknes.-!. .'.ii< at all druggists. r Rf.'E KiRLR* REFOK.WAT(»KV. Tn Fill Sumo Mche n.s Hutchinson Reformatory for Boy.i. Topeka. Nov. :.'7.—The state board of control, iu its re|>ori just Issued, urgts the legislature to establish a girl's reformatory for the care of women over ir. \ears of age. The He- Init sohool looks after sirls under Id, but .!;irls or women over that age, M 'hen (•onv'icU'dot crime', mur.i po to the penitentiary. An in.stilution for women over 16, to fill the same niche as the Mutchin.-on reforniijiory does for young men, is advocated. Register want ads pay. tTHK IT ISIOXK IIAY Conrhs and Colds Rlsappenr Like .Vairlr Wbi>n lljronirl Is I 'M 'd. ir the thousands nf iteople who nuf- fer from hacking coughs ilnd uguulx- liiK colds would arouse themselves sufficiently to folKiw. this advice, they would cease to complain .within hours. Here Is the advice, if you take it and you are afterwards sorry thai you did,'It won't cost you a penny: Go to Choa. B. S|iencer & Cu.'s, tbe drnggist, and purchase frtmi him a rTauK ana LWII i-«imer, wuu uau wi Hyomel Ipronounced Hlgh-o-mei out- en refuge I in the bam, were slightly | fit. It will only cost you $1.00. Take it home; use It acordln^ to directions, and if it does not cure .vour cough or 1 ne enq oi outs ui luir KIIUB W auu ii ui^a MV,V VMI^ ..MM, ... Humboldt'Brick Company received a cold, take It back and be wll!' refund To Heat a Cold Corner Don't sil in the cold—a louiJti of a match—a steady ilow of genial warmth and in the corner that's hard to heat you 11 have real solid comfort with a PERFECnON m Heater (Efolpped wfih SMhrkss Desiee) Just what you need to help out in ^^^^^^^^^ a cold snap or belween seasons. No smoke—no smell—no bother —it's the smokeless device lhat does iL Aa easy lo operate and clean as a lamp. Brass font holds 4 (quarts—gives intense heat lor 9 hours. Finished in nickel and japan-^every heater warranted. tiquippcd with latest improved central drsll burner. Kfsde ol brsss ihroughoul, nickel plated. Just the light to read by-~briglit and steady, Every lamp warranted, II your dealer doesn't carry the Perlection Od Healer and Rayo Lump, write our nearest agency lor descriptive circular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (laserparauei if you are contemplating- erection of a monument or l^..,.^ let. cull and see'our new ah|I% up-to-date stock of Foreign andj American Granites. We carry^' tin; best that can be obtalnedv ou tlie market. Our ahiop is equipped with a new iomprena- ed air lettering, macbli lo for.let-> teiing and tracing. Our .pricea, are the very lowest; for lirat.? class work. Call and us and;, get pi;Ice3. We want Jour, busl--, nesa/ - ; ;r . i: J. CCOFFIELD&SblC Phonell83. 220 WtBSt St; Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves lola 7:19 p. m.. arrives St. I..oula ^^^:2J| a. m. Through sleepiiiircw. Thla train cpnnects with the east bound trains at St lAnls. Por further partlcnlara call and see ua. -'•1 4 C« P* Halef •i. mi XO TAFT-rASWON COM ['alderbead Donbts RaM^ei to Defeat SpeakdK Washington, .N'ov. 2 §.-iT<5wL. cussion in many quartenir.lQ'-' pectlve contract betweei £;^d |r administration and SpaawrH over the tariff qnestion'&ad'^ tions to the efforta by til^tl^nNtt elect to prevent the ele <^Ott ^^ptA ;,i •• non to the pi il hip lii'mnj^wijl'lj^ attracting the attention jit'^eaiital^^ members of Xi>e.hoase.~'<^y ':i ^tr-^^ij?^pi Representative Caldeitthad^^of sas. a member of the wag;:aitf:-inaiBi;- ^ I committee, called on PiliMaBt'nb^iw ' velt today to introduce ^fmi^ amoac ' them W. H. Muaketl. wa ^den^ pC tW state penitentiary. ' ? " v'W^ ' "It is reasonably certi^ that ttifiice is no ctnorveriy betweenwc Taft 'aiid Mr. Cannon-at thla timjl. andi that there will not be."' Mrl Caldtrtaflil' said. "Thn ways and mfftiia eomnit- is Hirlrlng hand to luk* prapara- .Jourt for a satisfactory tirlft bill, and > wiinis the views of eveQdMdjr inter-, e.'ited. I feel sure that «'blil will ht- ; passed thut will mtlify Iho ff ect in** -i.-^, Jiirliy of tho people in tb* couittrf;*V tola has a Uoosler club. CoffayriOa .-.'a has B $1110,1100 clubs and overr .olMir.' town In southern Kanaaa has aolia* ' .i| thInK nf the kind that tend tovftmc ^'j thu upbuilding of cltlei.--B«rtIemriUl|>^^| Ehiterprlse. ' ' '^rrCrMii:'!, the purchase price. Wtien you use Hyomel you don't was struck. In the country a l>am on swallow nauseating drugs. You slmp- £Sd MTora farm waa struck also and ly breatlie in tlie^ soothing pleasant ronalderable damage occurred al- aiid antiaepttc HyoWl air throuith tbe thoug<^ It is pot known'bow atnch, liuie pocket inhaler that cornea'with 'LigbtblnR struck tbe batm oa ei|«h outtit. As this roedlMtel air Prown'a fhrra notthweat of Haadifddt inuaes.orer the-innamed-parts. reMef T^Miaday Bight and Uie Hra -wp«*Mmf.-^"''-''"~-' -* •—•—.*.-»— M~ I .over ine- ini.ameo parx». ris'it-i r^imost at aw^' and core fql- L. V. HOBTILLB, President A. W. BEVK, .Vice-President Dlrectatat t. B. Horvllle. A. W. Beck. IJ. A. Robinsop. j Geo. G.' NIeboisoB. II. U Henderson Prank lUddle. J, H. C^pbelKv lOLK STATE BANK J. U. CAJOfftt I.. C. B( A, Pranki Pv>"i!''j

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