Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 30, 1907
Page 5
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KCAL WORTH Is proven by comparison. We Invito you to com­ pare our work and methods with, any laundry you wish. We ask for your business on merit alone. tOLA LAUNDRY. PHONE 102. tola VmiaHumry Hoapttmt West Street, lola, one block from square. Diseases of domesticated animals saccessf ally treated .charges mo<ierate,goqdboxstansforpatients Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. rrmnkS,Be»We, V.S, Honor Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 .7. P. CiLUESSB.V sp €Ut Thursday in Coffoyvllle. What's In A Name? Uuless it means .something? What's in a .soap unless it gives satisfaction? Colj^ate's 5oaps are right, exact!}' right We have a complete line—Shaving, Bath and Toilet Soap. at SPENCER'S CITY JiEWS. iMuro boys wanted for lU .ys" V:.-.\(\. i'r.'f. Wells, i)Uone SOU. Dr. KeyBoMs. 1*11000 SM. Kivt. %IL. S L. .I.\CJ>SQ.\. and wiiV, W. H. J >ock\vo (j(i and wife. cH lolu, W. O. Lt'nhart and wife. Dr. and Mrs. Ma- siil of La Har])e, came uji yesterday and were entertained at six o'clock dinner and al a house party last nighr at the home of E. X. McDowell and wife. E. .M. lilHott and Mis?; Myrtle Elliott were their dinner .mie.sts. —Cianiett News. See J. W. Coffey when In need of tine furniture. .MR. E. W. MYLEU. former mayor iif lola. was in town .Monday on busi- nr^s. .Mr. .Myifr is a brotlH'i-in-law ot .Mr. IV E. Low.--Elsniore Leader. Dr. WlUey, Ocnllst IT IS UEPOKTED here that Cadet. Clark, recently of the Fort Scott Salvation arniv. has never been pranted nidivorce at l^eaveiiworth as yet. .-V leitfer received in this city a few days a^o st.ned that the case had been con itlnued for a jieriod of forty days. It •Js presumed that Cadet Clark is still II Leavenworth inhere she lived nn- comiiiK tc> this city.—Fort Scott Tiiliiine. Three g'xnJ building lots on Wa.=;h- ingten avenue, east front, to trade for cement stock. C. E. Smeltzer, Lock Ko.\ 157, lola. J UEV. L. C. jHarnish came down from loia .Monday and is condticriiii; siieeia! serviced at llie Ce.'iifr this week.—retroliai Times. Two icood office roojus for rent In- tiuire S. B. Burrell. HORN Jo Mr. .ind .Mrs, Ed James of .iK". Soyth Walnut, a kjlrl. See J. W. Coffey when In need of fine furniture. ED. D.WIS. of lola. spent several Wiiya ill Colony this week. • * * .Mrs. T^.. Foster and little i^aii .cliter. l .^)ltie. visited friends and H'latives in lola and LaHarpe the last of the we-k.— Colony Free i Press. For stylish packago^and liish grade Candy the line handled by Mundis surpasses them all. .I>KOlV\TE .I -.idse .). n. Smith at ti luled the funeral of .Mrs. J. H. Card Her at Hiinibo 'dt yesterday. Hiiys" Hand meets at Labor ha'l to- nilvht at T::'.(i to perfect <irf ;anlzati<iii. \!1 iirosiu'ctive ni;"nih«-rs are invite!, liriii?:: your instruments. Prof. Well^. 1). II. BRO\\~N and wife of Port- l.-iiul. ()!e. ar.^ visiting with ,Iohn PrtAvii near .Moran. •JOO acres, about C-«rnlIes from railroad town. liourlion county, ".'> acres in cultivation. :! room house, etc. IMce JL '.'jiid. All cle.'ir. Wliitaker I 'd- Donnell. MRS. L.Al'R.A. Bishop is visiting in liiitchinson. .I.MLOR Hoover Kerr received word a few days au'o that his motiier. .Mrs. C. .\. Kerr, is -very ill at her home in Benton cotin.y, .Ark. THE \\X)ODM.-\.V Sand nn-l.-r tb- iea.i.Tship of Prof. W<;11|. and the ladies of the Woodman Circle win i;ivi a free box social an(| musical enier- lainment in the K. of P. hall on De cember 10. The banil now has members and the boys are now play- a class of music^ that is a credil to their organization. PIT-ES rrRED 1> C TO U D.\TS. POZO IO.\TME.\T i& guaranteed to .-lire any case of Itchins. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Piles in G to 14 days or money refunded. ^SOc. *• Suits and OvBrcoBfs All Hijih Grade. Popnlar Vxices Qie Barclaif^ Shields Clothing Co^ r&r^ I Mil I ill I I •THE STORE THAT SATISFIES." tniic Emporia Quartette .WM .at M. E. Church Under Auspices of G. A. R, The Lyric Quartette, of Emporia was greeted by a fair audience at the M. B. churchTast evening. The ladies' voices blended in perfect harmony, and those who failed to bear them nilssed one of the best musical treats of the season. The entertainment was given with the hope ot creating a fund for the building of a monument to be known as Allen county's monu- rient In memory of the soldiers and sailors of the Civil aud Spanish-American wars. A fairly good hotise was present. Many of the numbers were encored. ELKS MEMORIAL TOMORROW. Local Lodne Will Remember Absent! Members By Annual Program. The annual Elks' Memorial services will be held in the Wks' hall tomorrow at three o'clock. The following program has been prepared: Sacred Session. 1.—^X'oluntary .. Roberts' Orchestra 2. —Opening Ceremony. ;!.—Qimrtotte, '•Vacant Chair."— Charles Smeltzer. Dr. O. T. La W. S. Burdlck, C. R Sucher. 4.—OpeniuR Ode. Great Uuler of the ITnlverse, AUseeing and beniun. IX)ok dowjj upon and bless our work,* .-Vnd be all th(> glory thine. Oh I hear our prayer for our honored dead, Willie bearing in our mind The ni^mori" s praven on e.ich heart For ".\n!d Ijing Syne." '.—Prayer Rev. C. P. I lab; C. -.S;)'() - Tliere Is a Land Mine Eyes Hath Si'en." Mrs. W. S. P.ur- dick. 7.-Menu)ri:i| Bro. .L F. Crf)sliorn Viidin Selo, 'Cavatin::," by Raff. Edward lloerning. Orchestra. •Twilielit." Udberts' Orchestra Quartette, Selection- Charles Smeltzer. Dr. O. T. La- Orange, W. S. Burdiclc. C. R. Sucher. ,!!.—Cjosmsr Ceremonies. 11'.—Doxology. The audience joining, all standing. Praise Hod. from whom all blessings flow: Praise Him. all creatures h;>re bs low: Praise Him. above, ye heavenly host. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 1::.— Benediction ... Rev. C. P. Hale CREAM Baking PoMder Without question it makes the finest, the most healthful food. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder has been used Arbiii^ out Nortib America for three generations and is acknowledged to be die standard baking powder for ease and economy. •a a- SecreUry of Fair AsMciation Would Pass Honor Around. F. E. Smith, secretary of the Allen County Fair Association, has 1* sued a call for a meeting of ' the- board of dlrectol-s ot the Assoclatlos to ba held in the office of Smltli A Travis. Taesday evening, December 3. The followtag Tuesday eventnc a meeting ot the stockholders and all parties Interested-In the election o( a new secretary, will be called In the farmers room of the court honse. Mr. Smith, the present secretary, says ha has all the glory be wants, and Is anxious to turn the office over to bis successor. Any one who has A good man to sngsest should present his name at the meeting at the farmers room in th^ court house pn Tuesday evening. December 10. We make picture frames. If you want a frame for. a dainty miniature or the largest oil painting, our facilities are equally good. We carry a Hue of moulding which Is up to date in every particular. Have something that is in good taste for any picture. Culbertson. north side. EXPLAIM>6 SEW DUTIES. WAS A LUMBER FEUD Absent Brothers, .Tohn Franklin Foust—191)0. D A. Etter—1902. David Dalby—1902. Walter Parsons—1902. Compion Moore—^19n:;. .Tohn E. Ireland—190."?. Robert C. McKain—1903. E. C. .McCallen—1906. .Tesse P. Dcelter—1900. •T. S. Rodgers—190C. E. E. Vamei^19n6. W. A. ChogullI—190T. S. M. Knox—1907. Seventii Day Adventist Church. Subject for tonight, "Signs of C'hiisi's Second Coming." from a Jin .ncial standpoint. Siieaking of the weddimr. Notliiim ould be better as a gift than a well chosen picture. Make your selection :it Culbertson's. Powell, the real estate man. has a fe-.v thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. iW. D. COX k Son started up their elevator iagaiii this week, after layinp idle fur'a inontb on account i>f the money flurry, and the uncrrlainty of the market. They will soon be ready to buy all grain presented for marl:et. —Elsmore l .#ader. iP. E. Waneh, Dentldt. Phone IK* Ofdce over Bnrrell's Drag Sturi*. m **OURWAY ; FRANK. Brockman today l)iought suit for divorce in district court from Ciirolin? Brockman. The coujjle was uiarried in Independence. Mo., in Ih'jC. [Wanted—Everybody to know that W. B. Kelley & Son have moved their transfer and - storage office to 211 South Washington. Olfice and Day Phone 290. Residence and night Phone 17. ^ Open Monday riukr llie Maiiagonieiit of Taj'lor Bros., three experienced restaurant men. Merchant's Lunch 25c. SV.r .A Oni«?r.-* <f All Kinds. Evcrythiug in Season Ooen Monday This Said to Have Caused Assassination of C. L. Bush, lola Man. Cliu. .\rl;.. Nov. —Clio, the home of :;im lumber mili employees and their families, is to be depopulated as the result of an order issued by Jud^e Elliott of Little Rock, whicli grew out ol (he triple assassiiiallon th;'re ."Moii (lay of Clarence I,. Bush. Thomas tJod fiey and .\. R. McEwen. who were shot ilown as they stepped from a Cut ton Beit train. It is charged that the kilHng resulted from a fucd betwe-ii rival lumber coiniianiis. .Iitdco Elliott has ordered the mills of the Bluff City Lumber comiiaii;.- at Clio closed and all employees discharged. The court ha:; the i)ow:.'r to make this order. Ire- cause the comiian.v is in the hands | <;i' n receiver a|)iiniiited by the court. '• This [iracticary means the depopula-' tion of Clio. Fine Tableware, Sterling and Plated. Elegant specimens of cut glass. If you are thinking of making a gift, cither lor. a wedding or holidays don't fail to see the display in our .store. .SUte Tax Comnlsslea Hands Letters to Conat; Assessors. 'i The state tax commission has begun mailing out to the various counties printed instructions to county assessors and their deputies regarding iheir duties under the new tax law. The instructions, which are In pamph let form, are very explicit and the use of the various blanH forms prepared by the commission are fully explained. Something of the idea of the tax commission regarding the importance and responsibility of the work of the county assessors and the manner in which they will be dealt with by the commission may be gained from the following paragraph in the instructions: "Being the responsible head of the work in the county, the county assessor must assume any duty which nay seem necessary to make the law operate effectively." It has been suggested that the law loes not require much from the county assessors, but to the commission it seems that he will be the hardest worked officer of the county that is upon the assumption that he will be assiduous in his work, and if he is not he should either resign the office or be removed therefrom. G. A. LEFFLER JEWELEB. The above dispatch gives a motive for the sliooting of Mr. Bush, of whose assassination the Ragister told exclusively yesterday. Mr. Bush was fagagc<I with Godfiey in the lumber business, ^^•hen he severed hia connection as relief agent with th,<> Missouri Pacific here last summer, he' accepted a proiiosition from Mr. Cud j D. W. Travis, State Warden, Says LAW IS ENFORCED fvey. The railway men in this city are taking a very deep Interest in til.' CISC and nwinc to the high re- srard in wh'cli they held ^Ir. Bush ar;- hoplnc that his assailants may be apprehended and prosecuted in the courts. FUNERAL OF B. H. GARRIGUES. Will Be in Charae of the Fraternity Today. Masonic Kansas City. Nov. :!0.—The funeral of n. 11. Oarrlgues. who died Uis'. Monday night, will be held at his late home. nL'G2 filllham road, tomorrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Gate City lodge. A. F. & A. M.. will have charne of the services. The memb.-»rs of the Central .Association of Railroad Of- ilcers ami of the .Missouri Val'ey Car Service .\ssociatioii wjll attend in a Iwdy. Besides beintr a thirty-second decree Mason. .Mr. fJarriKU .^s was widely known among railroad men thronsh niit the West. Cntil .Tune 1. at which f'me he became eugaKed in the real '-vtate business, be was manager of th.' .Missouri Valley Car Service As sociation. He was also secretary of the Central .-VKsOciailon of Railroad Officers f (ir tei\ ye .nrs. Mr. CiarriKiifs is well known to Tola -ailroad men. and to the officers of the manufacturing p'ants of this city. INVITE DOCTORS. Dr. Hilscher to Preach on "Jesus in Sick Room" Tomorrow Night. Dr. Rev. S. S. Hilscher. i)astor of the Presbyterian cliurch has i.ssucri special invitations to the Tola physicians, askins that th.-»y attend hl« service Rtmiiay i-venin^. He wl'I l-reach on the stil)ject. ".lesus in th^ Sick Room." which he believes wii' be of particular interest to the i>hy- sicians. lb- will take up the Biibjec; in regard to the influence .levus has 'n a sick room. This is the first of three speela' Fermon .-i which Dr. Hilscher wil' preach on between now and Christ ma*. They are. ".Tesus in th.- Sick Room." •.lesua .\mon!r the Sinful Folk." and 'Jesus in the EhiHy Lifp of the Commoa Folk." ^0,000 Has Been Collected in Hunter's License Fees. Topelca. -Nov. .-50. -D. W. Travis of Pratt, stat.^ fish and game warden, stated here yesterday evening that the h'.inier's license law is being much bi'tier enforced this year than it was last. He estimates that ap- pro.ximately |:!ii .0u0 has already been colltcti'd in the state for the year ending Jime .".ii, I9i)s. for hunters' 11 censes. I.ast year only a little mors than $-o.tiOi) was coliected for the ei>tire year. The year before though tie collections totaled more than |40.- OIHI. TOUCHED OFF INITIAL BLAST. United Iron Works at Independence Opens Up. -Vn'itlier industry which Is to be- coni? a permanent factor in the work of makiisg Independence a prosperous commercial center was started yester- fiav when the ])lant of the United Iron Wnrks Indulged In Its initial blast. C. F. DeBruner. former'y of lola. will b.» manager of this factory, and E. ij. Graham superintendent. A force (if fifty men will be employed imtll the institution is enlarged. The principal offices and shops of the United Iron Works company are at Springfield. Mo. The facilities of th? factory enable <i to turn out a wide range of work. It will siipi)ly the smelters at Dear !ii!r. Coffeyvil'e. Neodesha. Clierry- vale. and Bartlesville, the brick plants '.f the entir? region, and the cement I'iants of Independence. Neodesha and Dewey, besides doing a great Heal of oil well w-ork. Tt has the exclusive jiatrerns for much of th." cement i>lant work of the region. It Is f^uipped. in conjunction with the Tola p'ant. for building a cement p'ant complete. The company w-iU make ids: irons for well rings for all the southern territory and take contracts for si 2el tankage up to fifty thousand barrels. This company built.the larse steel tanks for the L^ncle Sam Oil companv at a'l of its refineries. For the general run of iron work It now has on h^nd over -l .OOO patterns, which should certainly be suflBclent for time at least. The plant at Cherryvale will bo abandoned, only a warehouse being maintained there. :i • ihs^ DO T W AKO TEDD¥ BEAB CHOBI78 li ^HK^MUSIGAL SI^CCESS -IHE DWTBICT tElPBB." 61A»D IJIEATEtt TUKSDirf KWIIT, DK €?li »Eli «. . .Tbinday, Dee. 3rd. •"HM D&Mct Leader" . A xrSICAL COXEDY. , Prices .....S3 ^.7541iM>-$1.50 1... . iiiL...;ir r... Piano SLIQHTLY USED OTHER GOOD BARGAINS Roberts Piano House WHAT DECEMBER HAS BEEN. Data Showing December Weather for Past Two Years. Mr. Schoppe. of the Weather Station, has contributed the following data showing what December weather was In the paist two years. Average precipitation (rain or snow) for the month, .50 Inches. Average number of days on which there was precipitation. 5. Average number of clear days. 8. Average hourly wind velocity, 7.8 miles. Highest velocity of wind was 34 miles from the southwest on December 13, 1906. The framing of a jiicture is like the setting of a gem: the frame should not detract from the picture. We are experts and take pleasure In proving our abillt.v. These affects can be had at our low prices. Culbertson's. North Side. • -iliMitf POLAR BEAR fLOUR ; Has Stood the Test \ Becaose its the Best No Other Wm.Obefdorf, Agt FITZBERALO Gompmny Ofi^ce and Storage Ware Room at 119 West Street Phone 38B ARREST SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER. Frank Steams Said He TTas Trying to Get to Oklahoma. A young man who gave bis name as Frank Stearns was put off of the Katy Flyer here this morning. He was arrested by an officer and brought efnre Judge Collins who qusetioned him closely . The man said that his home was in Chicago. He claimed he had had hard luck and was out of fimds. He said he was endeavoring to get to Oklahoma City, Okla.. where he had friends. Judge Collins released him and gave him notice to get ;)ut of town as soon as possible. Notice. .A .11 members of Woodman Circle are requested to be present Tuesday night. December 3. to elect officers and arrange for a box supper for the W. O. W. band, on December 10. Lola R Lowdermllk. ' guardian. C. A. Steele, clerk. HUMBOLDT BANK FILES SUIT. Would Recover $732 on a Promissory Note. iT. B. Sh< The"Allen county Hardware and Implement man. North Side Square lola, Kah. ii Humboldt NaUonal Bank began a •;ult this morning In district court to I r-cover $732 on a promissory note, made to F. J. Alford et al. The note wa? mad"». according to the petition, • on June 17, 1907, and Is now due. $1.35 protest fees is asked in addition to the principal and Interest thereon. Xeetlag for Men. .A. good speaker and a good singer are on the program at the Y. M. C. A. • meeting Sunday afternoon at three thirty. The speaker la the Rev. Mr. Kitchen of Chanute, and the soloist is Mr. H. Hamilton. The subject to be liscussed is "One Is Tour Master Even Christ." A letter from our representative at the international convention at Washington will be read. It has some mighty interesting things j in It. Take some man by the arm and bring him along. Santa K' ^1 w Winter's Conriflsl Y«n know what that meana t« yoo. Don't yon want to escape tlje snow, the cold, the slosh- ail the discomforts I <\'hy not plaa now where ta paits that season so trying to many persons I ITrile for Information abont oar WiDter Toors tjo Califomla, Arliona, New Mexico, Mexico, Texas. Favorable Rate. Long Limit and Stopovers. W. E. RALSTOX, Ageot lola, KawMU. MILITIA COMPANY IS DISBANDED. Topeka. Nov. 30.—J. W. F. Hughes, adjuunt general, has ordered the discharge of Company E of the First Kansas regiment The company Is located at Parsons and Is under the com mand ot Captain Charles A. Allea. All of the compaay'a property waa destroyed In a flre a month ago and th« men wanted to be organized Into. a machine gnn oonitaiiy. Thia waa im- posslbie at the prearat time, so it was decided to dlaband the oompany. Free dirt at ImJNcK ^. ^1

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