The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 28, 1944 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1944
Page 2
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2 Monday, Aug. 28, 1944 STfje itafeertffielfc Californian BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN'S PORTRAITS Compromise Looms in Peace League YJ ' » v;-: "'• _•- »* X - \^ .+f~** Continued From Papo i on tho Thimbnr ton-Oak.* HP• ruiity conference and said will "not stand for the d sin ronndiim Knit oil States fer an internal i«na t i'lu. Fnim what h;ts been learned "t the I'liil' d St.'it'^ he said, a nations "will be a debating society uith no power save to discuss ruid advice" and "all powci s will bo in the council which will be in the hands of the bis four." •^ -. v _ & A Bulgaria to Get Surrender Terms \V»M-" _*. •_ ' • .* • * '.i • < - l »*_ i , 1 •••»»•* 4 P » * » . *J ' • "7 1 ** * * I • . * p"» t m*. "r*»". *". -"»*»*t »,*.*-**•-•_*."_•.''!'!•?-!•*'. '/•*-* i *n •-",•,'•*, *-•*.» .*_'_ > '- -•--. •?v _ " .. .., * - - - - <•• P 1 • ,'-,,• :< ' * • ' I- * t m r t I m -^T^ v-r^^v J • i - m - t m m t t I 1 > 1 > • ill * * •""-•.» • i ' * 1 - ' - - •**•- • _»I 1.' • »-•-• :«:• % • _*/i • +1 > * * ... - v •'• m'^^m * *.* • ••• I»-»»i n ||T . ,•.', •**.**•.-#-•* •' • •> •» • i •. *^ i -t-«. s»w- •%v-: v .' - • •y*:-s™*: ^ -1 • -. • * .• •.• • -. '•••v*:* ».•.*• ».-.*.*.".i*. .. --- - 1 i • • • i*<ri>tj.lti> '-'.••.* •- .* • k. » .» "T 1 * .»-•-• •-*.•.' -.».' • • •-•-•- t > • *-* i i i *'.- O7- * • • * •• *> «_•-• • •_•:*.». - -. o ». •-• -.*-•'•-*.* -•-•-• •.«.! • ».» » •_•_ ...-.*.... ( i, : , v ..;.;.;.;,;*;*;*.%.; VZ' Vft' •:o> -:<».-> •:•>»••-:• %',•:•;•:*»-*•* . « + ¥ m • I - • r *.:•>! - - * i * • ..OS:...: 1 4 . . . _"-'- *_"- • -i r*' ***:*>.*. ft +» !»V «_* '. .*.* • .• «-• :• >:• «:*> • * *. •-•x-:- i: - : ' o:-:*>:< :•:•:• ;-x .».-7"J.*> & * * * + +-*W-W s:.v =a « ' • i • - ».*_• < 4 .•m • * .*. ,-ffl-:- >« * ' F « :»: :»j.«: V * • * * - r i t . 4 * '"nf i mi' "I I't oni Pn re f *nr* .'lirnod ;ji h^r ns murh as t\\ Munuary a h'l KinLt tnl, M r iyr* *\v i -; 1 H-Ii*' v<-il f n I! \ i n fori m '<! nf t In- ;t nnist irf- t crins f^ru a nl»'<1 to Sufi;i. Tin- If-rin^ 1 \vi*rc- not ilisrldso*!, but it \\";IH IM*]J!'\ nd t liat , iM-sidrs '!<'- nt' i ntlinu uiir*<>nilit inna I MM rcinlcr, I h'\v r;illi-i! npfin Hult;Mi'ia t'» wivo up ail U'lTiinriPs ac'iuii 1 *^! sine f th^ \var a IK! turn ^\ r*r t n t VIP A HIPS all farilil IPS rippdprl in thp war a cams I flnnnany. TiiP lafipr pi-PHiiniahly in- f-hnU-^ ri^lil \ rnr»p^. 'I'lifTf sppiupd lilt!** pnssilpilily thnt pit her Washing tun nr I,nnrl(»n wnulil In* satisfipH \vith MIP pnsilinn (»f "rinniilnlp HPUtralilv Itnl^arla SPP|\S. I !II!LVM ia , \s fill its n i f nj»I of ^TP*M] a ml f^uil! ( rannnt :-li«lp tfpiit I v into iiput ra lit v/ 1 said I IIP Timps nf 1 ,MM- ilmi, ;Mi'I nthp?* |»app|--, px|HP«*p*l sini- ila \- SPIII iinpnl ^. Paris Welcomes Gen. Eisenhower Continued From PARC One roof lop sniper.s started firing during the victory parade for General Gaulle. Diousands of Parisians thrown into panic ;ts the e up in wild flurries of alom,' the -i-mil" line of march. Severn! spectators were killed and do/ens were wornded ;i s the shooting spread, a short Time after Dt? Gaullr had sped along tho parade route nt a -(n-miie-a n-liour clip. French Pat riots in t he parade fired at rooftops from which French Fascist militia had sniped at them. Soon thousands, ef men of the French forces of i he interior joined in the fight ing, which extended rapidly t hmuKhow Pai is. Me Gaulle's: victory address was postponed. A simple low mass was said before a s:na!l assembly at the Cathedral "f Not re I )ame • esterday, ami pray- ei s wen« offerer] for all who had died iu defense of France. A grand scrv- ico nf thanksgivitig was not held been use priests: fey red the worshippers would ;jfford targets for German snipers and "ronrh t ra itors st ill holdintr oui in t ho cit v. f passant- f'»r Mme. Chiang to Take Treatments in U. S. 1 1 f r p . . *. * Special RICH BRONZE PORTRAITS SIZE 6x8 INCHES 'I'h'-rp al>u \\'Pi-p i ppnrt s iinliPat - int.: rinla »nl nii^hl l»p la k int; stops in In pa k with t IIP Naxis, ' 'IMP un«i >n) 11 'Mir-il His pa t idi f rum Stnpkholm ^a hi ,1 nltn Pansikiv i, J-"inl;in«rs arf Ui-ul in tni\ \vas in Mnsmw. WASHINGTON. AUK. : } S. (UP) — Aladaino Chiang Kai-shok,. \\-Jfo of I In- ('liiuoso Keu'M'a 1 issinm. is sori- "ii -I\ ill ami will i-dino to I ho I'liiii-d Stan-s in a IVw wfoks for iii^fiiiU not'dcil niodit-al tioalinoni, her hiDl hor-in-la w. Chinese l-"i- Ym naiipp -Mini^tPL 1 iJr, II. H. .Madam l.'hiani; i:-' now in !tio . Janeiro with he]- Mister. .Madame K mm. EACH In loti of 4 or mor» Proofs shown No appointment necessary THE POSTOFFICE ANNOUNCES All packages must be sent by October 15 to the boys overseas for Christmas delivery. HAVE YOURS MADE NOW NOTE: "Musical Portraits" new time Is 8:15 p. m* on Sunday — Blue Network, featuring Hoffman and Garretson. AUSTIN STUDIOS OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 1524 Nineteenth Street Phone 3-0930 ItAKEItSFlKI.I) DAILY HOIKS: 'J A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays 1 P. M. to 6 I'. M. May I •^ recommend.,. CALIFORNIA PALE DRY SHERRY The PRIVATE STOCK WL\E of California Monte Cristo Wines are selected from the finest California vineyards by recognized connoisseurs. If you are one of tho^e who inevitably chooses the best, we know that you, particularly, will enjoy this truly fine Pale Dry Sherry. Listen fo**T/ie Coitntof Monte Crislo", new dramatic radio program — sec your local newspaper for station and time. PERALTA WINE COMPANY • SAN FRANCISCO Reds Aim Giant Drive at Ploesti CominuprJ From Page One Bucharest, one column swept along the railroad to T'loesti and the other struck down the main highway to the capital. The Tied Army troops, moving along the western sidn of the 45-mile wide ^ap below Fucsani. were meet- in t,' only token resistance from thp f le^infc ' Jerinans and Ilumanian troops \\ej>. surrendering on contact. In sweeping to na:nnlcul-.Sarat, a. rail junction on (he Ornauti-Ploesti railroad IS miles northeast of DuzaU, Malinovsky's army made a spectacular 40-mile advance that pierced the Cial.ili gap at Focsani and threatened to cut off the escape routes of German forces in the Balkans. On tho eastern side of the gap, the main forces of General Feodor I. Tolhukhin's Third Ukrainian Army smashed across t he Prut river and captured Giilati, Rumanian's third largest city with n population of li.i] .nun. At t lie sanie time, other units cle.-ircd a o.Vmilf sec) ion of the ea'sl. hank of the J'rut. between Ilahul and lleni. ] i miles east of Galati. ISliglit Resistance T"llmkhin's troops likewise were meeting only slight resistance in the drive i: hrfin^Ii the historic gap between the Danube and the Carpath- ians. The only formidable resistance was from remnants of \'2 German divisions trapped in a pocket southwest of Chisinau, where the doomed Xa/is were being steadily liquidated. They made seVernt attempts to break free yesterday. A communique said the attackers were wiped out to the hist man. In other sectors of the t rap. the Russians rapt 11 red IK.000, including four L: en era Is. Three other uem-i'.'ils were found dead on 111 e field. In the last ejtjht days of the lightning campaign ihmimh central Ilu- mania, more than ^IHI.IMMI Germans and Rumanians have been killed or i capt urcd. Among Rumanian forces \\ p hich .surrendered yesterday was one |'uH division, an artillery regiment and pa IMS of two infantry divisions. As tli'.' result of tho furious sweeps of the two L'krainian armies, the Russians and Rumanians have seized all passes through the Carpathians from Rukovina along the Transylvania Alps to the borders of Yugoslavia, leaving little possibility of German forces in the Balkans escaping. Their predicament was made worse by Bulgaria's desertion of Germany. German garrisons, compelled to U-ave Bulgaria probably now are raring to reach the Yugoslav escape corridor before the Red Army marching across southern Rumania, established contact with Marshal Tito's foroos. Rationed Motorists Now Get Extra Gasoline Mileage All over the coun'ry, thousands of r;iUono.. car owners, truck fleets, taxi cubs, nioturcyc'les and tractor owners report gasoline savings up iu :»0 per cent. These people have hoen enjoying extra gasoline mileage hy installing a Yacu-inatic to their carburetor. This new device is entirely automatic. Nothing to regulate or adjust and oan be installed in 10 minutes. The Vacu-matic Co., f>(iR-U 7G17 State St., Wauwatosa Ki, Wis., arc offering a Vacu-matic to anybody \vho will install it on their car and help introduce it to others. Write them today for particulars as to how yon can get your Vacu-matic or just send your name and address on a ponn\ post card—Adv. i Yank Troops Push Across Marne Continued From Page One Chateau-Thierry, ?3V2 miles farther to the east. On their right flank, between the valleys of the Marne and Seine, a second American force drove at a furious pace across rolling farms and woodlands still pitted with the marks of 1918. Headquarters said tho Yanks had plunged on beyond captured Troyea without meeting more than token resistance from the battle-wearied Xa/.is In their path, and Berlin said the 1 Americans were in VItry, 37 miles northeast of Troyes. 65,000 Prisoners Taken The extent of the disaster inflicted on the enemy by Patton's rough-riding tank columns was revealed in an official announcement that his 1'nited States Third Army already has takon 85,000 prisoners and killed 10.000 Germans in its epic sweep into eastern Franco. With the twin drives to the .Marne, the Americans appeared to have clinched their hold on the famous valley which in two wars has meant life and death to France. In September, 1014, the German Army was halted at the Marne and France was saved, fn July. 1918, the Allies won the second battle of the Marne and Germany's plunge to defeat began. The Germans crossed the river in .June, HMO, without a major contest and won France. Between the Seine and the Marne, tho Americans captured Xogent-sur- Seine and the towns of Bourdenay and St. Lupien to the south, and closod on Rom illy and Provins without mooting important opposition. With tho third battle of the Marne going to the Americans almost by default. Allied troops swarmed across the Seine briclgheads north of Paris for what appears to be a major drive on the robot bomb coast. A tight "security blackout" cloaked the progress of the American First Army and British Second Army troops beyond tneir Mantes. Vernon and Elbeuf bridgheads, but London newspapers declared the battle of the robot bomb coast had begun. One newspaper asserted the British already were 25 miles beyond the Seine at an undisclosed point and pouring northward toward Dieppe. The Evening Standard said the British push, coupled with Patton's drive up the Marne and Seine, had the Allied armies "advancing on Germany and Belgium on a 200- mile front. The headquarters communique, however, said only that the three bridgeheads above Paris were expanded and strengthened against varying opposition. Farther to the north, Canadian troops battled their way up to the Seine river line all the way from the river estuary to the Foret de la Lunde, just northwest of Elbeuf. Butter to Remain at 16 Points Per Pound WASHINGTON, Aug. 28. (UP) — Butter will stay at 1*> points a pound when the new September ration point values go into effect next Sunday, the Office of Price Administration announced today. OPA explained that it had made a tentative decision 'to raise the value to 20 points but that further study indicated that September consumption would not go over the allocation of 95,000,000 pounds under the rroscnt value. Th HARRY COFFEE SCOTT SH JACKET FOR BOYS Tailored by McGregor from Titan Tw fabric they make football pants from strong...and being made by McGrego well made. It has zipper front and tw 8.50 others from 5.00 to 12.95 FRESNO AND BAKERSFIEID pocke e i. Yanks in 40-Mile ' Advance Up Rhone Continued From Page One sions were revealed to have been wiped out at Toulon, now completely liberated, and still embattled Marseille. More than 7000 prisoners were captured in the two port cities. General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson announced in his dallv communique, bringing to more than .10.000 the total seized since the first landings August 15. The Toulon na"al base was cleared completely of Germans yesterday after a nine-day battle. Some enemy pockets still were holding out in the port area of arseille, however, denying its use k o the Allies. Marauder and Mitchell bombers made * 12 attacks yeste/day on Pomegue and Ratonneau islands in Marseille harbor, knocking out troublesome gun batteries. A naval communique reported "great mines weeping activity" off the entire coast of south France fro:n Marseille east tr Cannes, obviously a prolude to increased use of the port to supply and equip the invasion forces. On the eastern flank, other American elements of Lieutenant-General Alexander M. Patch s Seventh Army reached the Var river at several places in an 8-mile advance from Antihos to within 4 miles of Nice. Secrecy still obscureu progress of the American flying column which fanned out north toward Lyon and the Swiss border and east toward Italy from Grenoble. Unofficial reports said the Americans were approaching F,yon and already had reached the Swiss frontier. Front dispatches said at least 4000 Kronen Maquis — organ i'/ed mom hers of the Kreneh forces of the interior — joined American forces in the Rhone valley in smashing the German Nineteenth Army. While American lanks, artillery and infantry pu.shod up the main highways, tho French Maquis stormed out of tho Central mountains on the east flank and harassed the retreating columns. At one place, the Maquis felled 50 huge oak trees Hillman Defends C. 1.0. Spending WASHINGTON, Aug. 2*. (UP)— Chairman Sidney Hillman of the C. I. O. policiai action committee told the IFouse committee investigating campaign expenditures today that the two C. J. O.-sponsored political groups bad received voluntary contributions from individuals totaling $i;jfi.00o with which to pay expenses in connection with the November election and that "if we relied on money to do our work, we would have scant hope of success." Lrfirgest individual primary campaign contribution by P. A. C., Hillman said, was $500 from Adam Clayton Powell, New York Negro. Others listed iucliMed: California, Helen Gahagan Douglas, $955; Bowker, $500. He complained to the committee that other political organizations were not being subjected to congressional scrutiny such as the P. A. C. inquiry, which opened today with a statement by Chairman Clinton Anderson (O-N. M.) that he hoped to got. a "full record" of C. I. O. political activities. When your stomach is queasy, tm- easy and upset, be gentle with it. Take soothing PEPTO-BISMOL. It helps to calm and quiet stomach distress. Non-laxative. Non-alkaline. Pleasant to the taste. Next time your stomach is upset, take soothing PEPTO-BISMOL* A NORWICH PRODUCT across a road of retreat. Who else wants say ii Goodbye it these Face Powder Troubles? DOM fh» foe* petvefor you UM faff to giv« a 9v9n finish ? Does fho foe* powder you u»« foil to stay on? Do»s the face powder you use fail to ttay /resn and fragrant ? 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Then compare— for looks, for texture, for shade! Does Lady Esther Face Powder make your skin look smoother, younger? \ r OU be the judge! No matter what you paid for your present face powder — even if you paid $10.00 or more - you 11 find that Lacfy Esther Face Powder makes you look more beautifull TUNI IN Lady Esther "$cfe«n Guild Player*" Monday nights/ CIS* -,*-^ .*•.*.-:• - m £-*SX .- •_* ^T:* r*i f± j. L-•_'." » VP-^M^XV, •-. - ^ llHil' - - • T *. •.r-*^"", ..v ^ .. .--* . •*. — ^ . &fr -- .•• !% : •'**-*>£ '**4 m&E3i&itt& -: '*:s*^ ^bttj^^ •'' , -^ -' -V*'*. • w ~ r B WA: * * A--: tSMi iR"^u*;-^ b n • ^ &<& **--m m <tt:< £X i« ft ^ t ' :•:•:•:+ >_* < •A-' #V s.-fl-*"-'.-:•'• • '---•- •- •-., ''•' '••-' • -,-\ •'-• -.- w^:-fev::;;V-^:'^:'- L -' L '-, : : : - : '- :" v - >v > : 'y'' J " •-- •' "^-••-v. x.-^IT.,* --. . •- •-- v .':.' -\-'j..-. t. -•- - -.- -:• --*, • • • l - ".'"vj'v" r • ' ' • ' --1 .:'v:--*ft>- •-: :••'•,. >M ^ b • • ^ ^ i^ , r --.',^ -' . »• A .••- '& '^-•^ •A%V ••v - • ••{•:•'.- --.••?• ••-* _ . > •«!%. : *•**• LET "Things Worth Whfle" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home The Hone ef Quality. Style and Bcaotr In Furniture 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4*4711 DORMAN PHOTO SHOP 1673 Chester Avenue Special Rates to Babies, S«rvlc«m«n and Woman Open After 6 P. M. and Sunday by Appointment PHONE 8-8793

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