Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 30, 1907
Page 4
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IPU DiiLT RE€ISTEI |CHABIES F. gCOTI CiRODLATlON 4,000. Telephoiies. Beportei'i' Room 222 BuslnniB Office 18 ^IJBSJCRIPTIOX BATES. fij Ctm^r in lola. €lai Cltj, Lanroa- i TUIe or La Uarpo, I; On* Wefk , 10 centt , On* Month ...44 eenti 'Ona Yeair .-. $6.00 By .Mall. " ! ' Ona Teajr, In advance 14.00 Thr«« Montlii,^ in advance .. i...$1.00 .Ooa Hoijtb, in advance :... ~ .44 Bataredu at^ Tola, Kansas, Postofflce, lis , ' j Second-class Matter. Adrartlstng Rates Mode Known on Applications PFWCUL PAP|R^CITY OF BAS MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tke Iota DaHy Register is a ni(>nib«r of the Associated Press and ReceiTCS tte day report If tliat great news or- gulntloB (or ExcInsiTO Afternoon Pablkatlon In Iota. TUCKER TRIAL SOON V' S. District Attorney Snys Defendant ' -Used Mails for Fraudnlent Purpose*. Topeka, Kas., Nov. 29.—H. J. BoiJfc United States district attorney, is Ijuey niaklng arrangements for the trial liereof H. II. Tucker, Jr., on the charge of using the mails for fraudulent, purposes. Tucker was the promoter of the ITncIe Sam Oil company imi it is connection with the sale of stock and bonds in that company that bis criminal offenses are alleged. The trial la set for next Monday but it jirobably will not begin before Tuesday or perhaps Wednesday. It is ex- J • pected to consume the greater portion 1^ of the week. Judge Dyer of St. Louis ""jwlll be the trial judge. Judge Pollock having been disqualified by the affidavit made by Tucker and lilod at leaveQworth last summer. It was <ttalB affidavit which resulted in Tuck- 1 tt'B Imjirisonraent at Leavenworth for sixty days for contempt of court. . iTqckei| was Indicted by the United States grand jury sitting at Topoka tast April: • We have secured the agency for rOlno Laxative Fruit Syrup, the new laxative that niakeSi the liver lively, purifles the breath, cures hrtidache and regulates the digestive organs. Cores chronic constipation. Ask us •bout It. Burrell's Drug store. rALPALFA DAV IX KAXSA.S. Believed to l»e New. Occasionally there is a new story. .V kerosene circuit actor who makes Atchison headquarters tells this One. It seems to have neither marks nor brands. He says It was customary when the show didn't pay expenses to take the landlord with them, to get what was coming to him at the next good town, and often he was: Induced to lake part In the show. At three landlords with it, the advance agent telegraphed back: "Two hole]s here, |1 and IliSO, which?" To which the manager replied: "Kngagc board with the landlord who sings bass." Farners in Every County to Discuss ' the Great Crop Dcccuiber 14. Manhattan, Kas., Nov: 29.—Kansas ia to have an ".\lfalfa Oav." Decem- rher 14. J. H. Miller, superintendent ] of farmers* institute at the Slate Agricultural college, has issued the call. -Mr. Miller hopes, by this special obi terrance to bring about a more gener -ill understanding of this great crop, ,bf which Kansas now has three- iourths million acres. Alfalfa has had a place on the program of almost ev- •<*ivf farmers' institute held in Kansas ^iSmce October, 1905, and now it is to r. b« the sole toiiic for 250 meetings to held the same day and in the same iwo'hoiirs. J ' i " J The discussion will touch on all Blatters ; pertaining to seed and seed "beds, cutting and storing. County institute officers of each county are re- 'i quested to announce meetings for that not only in the county seat, but two or more other points in the [yfCOaatj, to be presided over by the l''yios p^idents or by others appointed ''tor that piirpose. _ Tlie meetings are to be called at one thirty o'clock and adjourned at -three thirty o'clock. Out of the dis- cnssion by 10 ;000 Kansas farmers and the later publishing of accounts of these meetings in several hundred Kansas nevrspapprs much good will come, it is believed. TALJKEO ON SOCIALISIM. .il. E. Snyder Advises Men of Audi- .ence toi' Get Control Over Politics. :-::JJK. ^ to aliret" atr» last lallsm asj \ -attoitionl ter «8ts Labor iii this he must H '«(they ?The ; Jas and olr river address i dcr,' of Girard, who spoke audience in the S (tar )cs the- Wednesday evening on Soca general theme, called the of hl» hearers to the '"Id Capital vs the Interests of Politics," In speaking of k&ii that the laboring .man Into politics and control it expect to gain their ends, as a whole was Interest[instructive. I bcnntudn: Cmxraxfi*, T haA n Iwd «Bn- pidiplCT oil my Ian: aiwl luy fooJ not v St Fhoald bare !.<«». N UTT I am euUTPlr mi tli<M,iini,l«i liaveaU dimppraml {ram my I cai4 trnthtaUr rnj tl*t •'•»i«iaj»t« are Jn»t d;l li»vemk"nonlvt«rohnip»or«bem. Uazmea K. UiiStn. SketidaB. I IM I. &e£tror OS SECOIP THOUflnC * , The Rbyne of WIHIam Keeagk. I understand you want, to know hrhe way of pronouncing "William Keough." The answer is surely easy enough. It's not hard to see it's William . Keough. ' Though you'd be a long ways off ^ if you should call him William Keough. When next the man you see—oh! Btep 'up nnd speak to Wlllia^i Keough. I mlgbit say also it would do Bhoiild you address him as Williain . Keough. And.when he's waiting for his cue : He's sometimes known as Willlun Keough. Should that happen to be "save muhl" A splendid hero is William Keough- Or in the old-farm play about the caow, • Who could do better than William Keough"? I should think by this time you?d know how, ' To pronounce the name of William Keough. As for myself I always say, •Ijello, old chap! How's Dilly K?" —Pro Bono Publico. Topeka, No. 27, ; Note: This department 'seldom prints verse, but as. this anonymous contributor settles a vexed question, 8i>ace is his contribution.' If there is nothing else, you can he thankful that triplets are rare. We have decided that no woman can lose much money gambling. It takds her too long to sort her cards. If you are a turkey and are still alive, understand that no pardon has been issued. Yo* have merely bj.'en reprieved. CASH FOR \^ARRANTS 8Ute House Employes Got Currency In Return for Warrant Toepka, Nov. 29.—State house em­ ployes ore setting cash for their warrants this month at the office of State Treasurer Mark Tuliy. as usual. It takes about $10,000 In cash to cover redemption of the monthly pay roll warrants. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday yesterday the warrants were issued a few days car- 'ler than usual this month. Wednesday and today there has been a rush of employoos to the office ^f the treaa*^ urer to cash their warrants, (earful that ho would run out of currency be- foro all were taken care of as he did last motrth. Treasurer Tully hod am- plo money on hand, however, to take care of all comers and stated this morning that ho has all the money needed to cash all the state pay roll warrants usually presented at the treasurer's office in Topeka for payment. The cash was secured from state depositories and much of It is in gold. More gold has been paid out at the state treasnrer's office within the past few days than in a corresponding period for many years. The Xcw Pure Food and Dmir Law. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, colds an diung troubles is not affected by the National Pure Food and Drug JMW as it contains no opiates or other harmful drugs, and we recommend it as a safe remedy for children and adnlts. Burrell's Drug store. UNIFORMS INTO RAGS. Condemned Military Clothing Will be Sold to Topeka Junk Dealers. We have noticed that the, sort of lining it has goes far to innuence a man as to the way In which he fold.s hUs overcoat, ^ ..A .AJ|ltl It Is now claimed that Weston's walk will revive the sport. It won't so far as this department is icon- cerued. Topeka. Nov. 26.—.Mtachc; of the office of Adjutant G .Mieral .1. W. F Hui-'hes arc busy this week destroy- Ing approximately 10.000 |K )unds of condemned miitary clothing. Formerly condemned military clothing was v;old at auction, but the federal government some time issu .^d an or •!er that In the future It should lie burned. This order was I.Tter modi fled and the adjutant general is now permitted to sell It for rags, after It has b.^en ctit up so aa to no longer bo serviceable for clothlnp. Armed with big knives the .sulmrdin ^tes of the adjutant «reneral are complying: with the order by cutting Into Rni .iU pieces clothing that a few years ago cost thousands of dollars. l»cal rag luiyera are making bids for the choice (<tock the adjutant .general will have on hand when his men get throush with their job of "ripping up' the old nn I forms. General Home, who shot an editor, has been lodged in jail. This seems to be cruel and unnecceasary p»»hish- ment for the mere shooting an editor. »i' TO CURE A rOLD 1\ ONE DAT T.iko LAX.\TiVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if it falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each box. ZSc BECAUSE PAPER COSTS SO MUCH We don't like to mention it; but this is word to Uncle Sammy McClure that his December magazine is mighty dull. A new biograi)hy of Walt WTiitma^i is on the market, but here Is a short- e orwelnhhc cofioniww ETAOIN er one which will do just as well. Walt Whitman was a grouch who wore long white whiskers from -which he was not always careful to keej) the bacteria combed. It has always been oar notion that the turkey should have been': given the job assigned by the forefathers to the eagle. Those who bet on Detroit find that Christmas comes mighty early this year. s A search for the south pole is to bo made. This is nearly aa important the search for the North Pol^. LaFollette has gone deer hijating. LaFollette is always hunting something, but it is usually trouble. The Clansman is comln.i; again. Tlie manager of the Clansman seems to have overestimated the amount (if money in circulation in this locality If .vour job is bin enough the-newjs- papcrs will say you resigned. I5ut If you are only a $1."> a week man they will tell the truth about it. As we understand the predictions of the weather bureau, the weather Is likely to be a little Fairbanksy today. Referee Hazen. who decided the Tiicker case, will also be remembered as the first judge who ever had the nen-e to hand Carrie Nation a bunch. You can save a lot of argument by admitting that the whale swallowed Jonah. And it doesnt make any difference anyway. Bill Curtis led the rooting at the game yesterday and the crowd had a chance to find out whether Hill had l>e€n overestimated. rcjmame. IWH*. iiaw ».TMM OMd. DeOoea. Anything will sell readily if ihe man who has it will only call it a.liver pill. The evening paper say? Little Johnny Jones was one of last seasoji'a successes. The evening paper vras nearly right Little Johnny was ont) of the season's successes in 1904. A coujjle of K. V.'s football'sUts had been dlsqaallfied. but followers of the team were not diso ^Jraged. Porter, the demon kicker, wk« still eligible. . • Thii department bas frequently call ed attention to the Hekeinlea^per family of Atdiison. Ton w41t; tie In- tarened there fore In hearing that the prettise of the Hekeinkaempeija Is "r«ktened. A Camily of the oaifae of mored in.. - The Price of Many Dallies Has Been Advanced. New Yofk. Nov. 27.—Increased cost of w^hits paper is forclnc many publishers of one-cent newspaiiers to raise the price of their publications. Thus, the Free Press and the News nf Detroit have given notice of an advance of from one to two cents to take effect December 1. The News and Chronicle of Perth Amboy. N; .T.. have made a similar Increase. The Indianapolis Morning Star will hereafter charge two cents for its dally and flf- teen cents a week Instead of ten cents for its daily and Sunday editions. A similar raise has been made by the Terre Haute Star and Muncie. (Ind.) Star. Publishers of the Pittsburg Oazette-Times have announced that December 2 the price of their paper will be two cents. DAJfCreG PROTES FATAL Many men and women catch colds at dances which terminate In pneumonia and consumption. After exposure. If Foley's Honey and Tar is taken It will break np a cold and no serious results need be feared. Refuse any but the genuine in a yellow package. Uurrell^s drug store. MRS. ADAMS M»T TO TESTIFY. Neither Side in the Bradley Trial wni tall the Actress's Mother. Washington. Nov. 29.— Mrs. Annie .M. Bradley s|ient a quiet day in the district jail yesterday. She expressed gratification that she would be able to have a day of rest, as her trial hijs been very wearing on her. Early In the day she was given favorable news concerning the condition of one of her sons who is suffering from an attack of croup in this city. The boy Is 6toi>- ping in a. boarding house with his grandmother, not far Irom the court house in which the mother is being tried. The court will today conclude with all witnesses, acterding to the plnns of counsel on iMth sides. A mmor has been circulated to the effect that Mrs. Annie Adams, mother of Maud Adams, the actress, whose letters to Senator Brown were read by Mrs. Bradley just before she shot the cx- senator. would be here today as a witness against Mrs. Bradley. There is no intention on the part of any of the parties in the case to call Mrs. Adams, as it is not considered necessary to involve her in the trial to any greater extent than has t>een done. Sample Sak of CHILDREN'S COATS CONTINLED MIONDAY We offer a large collection of Children's Sample Coats in sizes of 6 years to 14 years. Colors Red, Blue, Brown, light anddark Grey fancy plaids and mixtures. All are neatly trimmed and finished in iirst class style. Values up to $8.50, choice of the lot NEWS OF GAS CITY CITY COUXCIL WILL MEET J.EXT TUESDAY EVESISG. GOERGE H. LYNCH \S HERE .HAYS MIXE AT PBEStOTT, ABIZO- XA, IS IX GOOD COXDITIOX. PISO'S CURE Nltfht ConiPis ban: ih>^ doable d.inKcr of cxlnt^ine the sutfun -r and cau^itntf »li.t'plt's«pi-i>s. The most djtruuraKfd Tictinas of bid- COUR I IS hare loand prnhipi ri.'lii-f in I' IMI'I Cure. Thcrr is no form ol brunchial or tuDi disease, no mailer hnir cerious. that It will not .teli},-ve wuiidurrully. Xil DrunUU 95 Cents COUGHS...COLDS Hoard of Education Will Meet Xext Monday Xight—l*er> sonals. , i rouncll Will Meet Tuesday. The cliy council will meet next Tuesday. Although there arc only six members that ts enough to transact business. In order to pass an-ordinance it will be neces.sary for five out of the si.\ to be in favor of it and vote lor the passage of the ordiiianre. There will be nn business of iniport- anec to come before this session. (iconie If. Lynch Here. Georj-'o 11. Lynch of the Triancle [Mines of PrescoU. Arizona, is in the jcity tojjay tmiKsarUiiK business. Many (ias City business men are connected with this mine. It is reiwrted to be in excellent condition. Mr. Lynch was one of the promoters. i iSHW FOK EAni VISIT OF STOllK. flub Tiial is Snpooscd to thus Help Its .^leuihers. COCA-COLA BAN LIFTED Phihulelpliia. Nov. 27.—Charles E. (leorKe. peuiT.-.I niiiiuiser of the .Noriii .\mericau 1';.rents' I'roleotiv." .\ ciation. which ninkt's a Inisiiiess of asrceiiis to pa.v $.*.00 or someihinK like lliat for every infant born to a member of llie association, admits the persons who join that association have no Kuarantec that the sum will be paid to tlieni. lie a.-iserts that the association is founded on the faith that your brother or sister member of the association In Kausa.s or Minnesota wili pay his or her share of that J .'irtO as iiromptly as you i>ay it in New York or Philadelphia. He admits that the company has not a cent ot capital of its own. and if these brothers and sisters in New York or in Minnesota fail to |iay, all these brothers and sisters in,New Yor kor in Phlladeli>hia will fail to receive. He admits that the word 'benevolent" In the as.sociallon's name de- scrll)c?s the act of the parent in taking thought of the needs of his or her' otfs|iring. This act is fulfilled by joining the North .\mericau Parents' Benevolent .Xssocialion. The asso- ciatl<m. says .Mr. w;<s or»;a'i- ired for the purpose of making money, nnd the benevolence is altogether inci denial. Xot Many Benefits V.iid. Few Philiidelphlans have dlsp;aye<l this benevolence so far. continues Mr. Geonre. The eompan.v. w hieh wa.s incorporated under the laws of the State of New York last month, now has of- (K-es In the Korrest Building, at li:» South Fourth street. A. G. Stenberg is in charge. Mr. tJeorse came fnmi New York yesterday to aid Mr. Stern l>erK In launching the liuslne.>s in Philadelphia. Ofllces have lieen o|>en- ed in Buffalo. Toronto. Montreal. IU)s- ton. Chicago. Milwaukee and Detroit. The now comi>any takes, over the old Parents' Benevolent .\ssoelation. which l)e.can in Chicago, and. In taking over the old comiwny. has taken over 2.700 members. jThc War Department Found no Coi caiue or Alcohol in If. Warhinston. Nov. 27.—An order from the war department has revoked the former order prohibiting the sale of coca-cola in army P"st exchanges. By the same order the government states that no cocaine or alcohol were found in the analysis by the .\gricul- tural department. The reiH)rt further states that the original order ))rohibitng the sale of coca-cola in post exchanges was based on informalion which later, by a careful analysis, was proved to be incorrect. In Us second order the department says: "The sale of the syrup or beverage known as coc.i-coIa was proh"iT)itcd upon the representation that It contained two i)er cent of alcohol; Incidentally the presence of other harmful ingredients, in small quantities, was reported, but the prohibition was largely based upon the presence of alcohol in the quantity al>ove noted. The substance has been submitted to and examined by the chief of the bureau of chemistry of the Agricultural department, from whose report it ap- I>ears that he beverage contains no apiircciable quantity of alcohol. It also contains no cocaine, and but a small (luantlty of caffeine. The result of the Investisntion has therefore been to show that the original order of *'\rlusi(ui was iKisetl ni>on dat.a in respect to the presence of alcohol jwhi.-h. n;>on a thorough chemical ex- jamlnatinn. are found not to exist to .the extent supposed when the matter wasi first submtited to the secretary I of war for administrative action. MAKf PATRIOTIC ADDRESS. Ber. Masen WHI Talk ea Prlaclples of J. 0. U. A. M. Rev. J. M. Mason,' pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church of this dty. will make a patriotic address on the principals of the Junior Order of the United Worioaan next Sunday morning. The aerricea pronise to be of particular Interest OraaT cafe will be taken to oudte this serrlce a saocesB. •cffbterWaftilfciriir] For Dest and (}akk«8t Kesalta Use the Register Want Colamn^. For Best and Qnirkr<it Rcsnlts Fse the RcgLttcr Want Colamns. Much Property Lest in Fire. Gloucester, Mass.. Nov. 29.—One man. a German named Chambers, was killed and much property lost today in a fire in Harvard Houfe. Chambers jami)ed from the second story window. Several persons were slightly injured. _ ii, Ijidlcs' Aid Met Yesterday. The Ladles' Aid of the Methodist Kpiscopal chiirrh met yesterday afler- nmm in the church and transacted regular business. Tho ladies are doing much work at the present time. School Board Will Meet Monday. The board of educction of the city will meet ill regular session next Mou day iiiizht. There will be nothing nf liartiriilar importance transacted besides the re^rular busine.=;s. It is likely thai (he ({iiestioii of purchasing a new blark board will bo taken up a:.;ain and discussed. T<Mchcrs Will Conic Home Tontirht The Gas City teachers who are attending the S<nith lOastern Kansas Teachers' associalloti are expected to return home this eveiiiiifr. \V'.)rd has bron received in this cit.v that the ineetini: is an exot-iitionally iiitt'rest- iuK one and that n -iirh «o6d is being derived from llu; session. llns .Memlimneons Croup. The little son of .Mr. and Mr.<. Nel- scin who.Ke home is east <if the city Is suffering from a severe attack of membraneous croup. Although tho child is fhoujjht to be in a s!>r?i>MS condition it is believed thr.t it will n-- covcr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed t.'iics Evpcclert Home. VZil Coe.s and his Iirido are experted to cfime in thla evening from Sprins- fifild. Mo. Ed was married last Tuesday at the home of his bried's part-n s. .Mr. and Mrs. Goes will make their honie iu this city. Personals. ~ ^ — Boy n <fl)erts rettirne<l to his home in ( ohdiy, Kas.. yesterday. Tlif Gas City band pl.iyed or the .streets of Gas City ^hur.sday attcr- niKin at tliree o'clock. .1. H. Parkhurst who has been quite il! for some time Is a sreat deal better .Mr.s. K. II. .Jones is in Piitsbnr<j. K;i.-.. visitintr her husband who is woiking in that city. BETTER TIIAX SPAXKIXG. Spanking does not cure children of bed-wetting. There is a constitutional cause for this trouble. Mrs. M. Summers. Prf)x W, South Bend. Ind.. will send free to any mother her successful home treatment, with full instructions. Send no money, but write her today if your children trouble you in this way. D()n't bUime the child, the chances are It can't help it. This treatment also cures adults and ased j)eople, troubJeil with urine difficulties by day or night. EARLE TO LIVE IN EUROPE. His Affinity Has Also Quitted the United SUtes. L.e.iminnuM,. FMKK lOLA STATE BANK CAnTAL$12,BOO IQLA, KANSAS. ooKoroftSi A. W. Beck, L. K. IIor\-iIle, J. A. Ro!>!nsoH, II. I..,Henderson, J. H. CanipljeM, G<.-o. B. Nicliolson, Frank RiJdle. DR. J. F. JAMESOX, The Snccmfnl Anc tioneer. Veterinarian. Hnnn >.ilf*Mr I'jtliKTfccI sttick s;tlc?t iiKuU* .-iiijw1u-i,-. Vi-ter- ifi.try r;rll> a^-ivt T,-I1 il.iy ur ilij;!it Oflit f Jwitli I>oiij;!:ws Brt,^ PIuMU' l .v rr^itloiu"*! 4«^» IDI.A. KANSAS. Iowa Store Bi? Rnrgaio Week on Ail Kinds of Fall : Merchandise. Grocery Department. W'e carry everything that can be .wt in the Triut line, also fresh vegetables. Wall call your attention to our big -window which will give you some idea as to what we have. We are making big preparations for Thanksgiving day for Turkeys, Geese Ducks, Chi<Skens, Fresh Oysters. Veal, I>anil>, Mutton, Beef, Pork, Mince .M<>at. Cotolpne. Lard, Fresh Ham, Boiled Han:. Smoked Ham, Sausage, Pressed Hain, Bologna, Head Cheese, Siwre Ribs, Sauer Kraut and Cranberries. : . • We will give Free to the one that hnys the largest bill of Groceries a Ires.sed p:;^ the day before Thanks- g.%ing. A. G. MUMMA, Prop. [ola Bpsiness Cdle^e Penmaasblp, Arithmetic. Elocution. Bookkeeping. English, Physical Culture, etc. .Shorthand, Letter WrIUng. New York. Nov. 29—Ferdinand Pla nry Karle of Munroe, N. Y.. who last .\u; arranged with *ls wife to rc- turti to her father's home in France, and sue for divorce thjtt he might mar-, ry the woman he called his affinity. Miss Julia Kuttner, has decided to make Buroiie his home here.^fter. spending his time in study in the hopo of making a name for himself as aj painter. Wliatevor visits he will make' to the United States win be brief and he will come only when nccos.sity compels. At present he is in Italy. Mis.s Kultcr sailed for Europe two weeks ago, and by friends of Imth is cupposed to be near him. thouph h's friends say it Is not his intention to marry, again. One hundred pounds ot Crya- tal Ice^will make li sallona o( distilled water suitable for famiiyiueo. Try tt. The Kansas Aeademv of Seience is jholdinc: a meeting at Emiwria and there is great excitement. lohlcc&CsMStonieCt FRA^ RIDOLB. Mfr. R, Si GtLFtLlMK, encral CmtntUK, Flagatona aad Cement BIdawalki aai Corblns a Specialty. OSee U5 East JackMa Am ^ PhM* m. Rings Round lbs lib pocoBar to vomea, taks different forms. Same ladles stdfer, eveiy month, from dark rings round their eyes, blctcbes oh their skin and tired feeling. Otiinn afferagooies of polo, that VDTds can hanflrejpress. Whaterer the ijaj/toaa. lemember there Is one medldne that vill soibeyood mere symptoms, and act on the ome of their traoUea^ file vtakeoed voQian^ otgaoa. Wine of Cardui Mn. M. & Aatfta. of /clfomilidlaMMkbiit mnEiBALEifa feoa.vrtlM:' "Forfive ^)yean 1 sofferai\rtth vriMoipmCudut Home Treatment. I vaseotireljfveB;

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