Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 3
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25 per cent Discouiit commencing Saturday at 9 a. m. Hals ol DintlnrtiTe Winter Type^ iirc.<ihi>nn tn irrrat pmi'asion Ini this Mlllinerj- sort Inn of .Vodrniloijr Trimmed Mtilinrry. Tlw nmge of Htf\eH at e»fh prlre einbnir«s simple, plain tniiorrd Direct luts and appropriate .«tylM for rrer)- rrqnlrement io tiie modrKli DrrsN llato. It is llie speeini fnnelfon tii* llils store i<i prodnre iiat-< nlileh wll^ gain approral a« mneh for tbc dcprndabillij- of materltils ns tlie iiirle ehararier. Onr Mhs CroeVrtt and a .«>>Ula4it !t were nerer Imsier tluiu fhejr have lieen this veeli. This sinrii of frrsh pretty bats all (;o in Ihls Special Sale nl a 2S per cent diseouut. coromencin? Saturday A. .M. at 3 o'.li>«-Ii. ht-.ts reserved. MJiO ^iM IlnN. «.!ie :-fa] .!«.»:. i^tM llat's. spe;l»l i^UTM iflOM Hals .*fl.«M» $ll».00 iluts jfa.00 Attractive Women's Coat Sale To (^tjtickly Redace the Lines A nire oppoitnnity for CTery Honinn of IOIH to pniciire n liandsome Coat. Ladies'. Misses' and Children's at n crcat s'liinp. M:iiiy of the iiesi style- features of flip hlirher prlcwl Hoes, are eiiiliodlfd in these iiltraenve offer- iuKK. The material* are of vastly lM >Mi-r iciade lhau ruiiIJ be. olttalned ul (hese prices under ordinary conditions. %;M Coat, special price *:..(MI gl«>.Otl Coal, special price . jjt;..',!! $lL»..V) (oal. speclnl price *IO .(Hi iPir..W t oal. special price ijiiS.OO i^{\M I'oal, special price IIT-mi Children's Cloth and near Sltin Confs. speclnl I 'roiti ^^l^i:. to and hetler quality np to i|iri .(W, The Hs«;orlnien( will soon In- lirotcn and we ad- il«e you io come earlj. A Word Aboiit Bldhkets That you should read most caiefully—It's a Rulde to nhcrc lilaniicts of the dependa'ile sort ore to iK!> had at prices ronalder- aliiy loner than yon will find til nany utores. A splendid line of Wool Illunkets, \\'» vrant you to see our fine line of wool tilank- ets for %\M, i'ljM Collon niankels. fine Hue Io select frnui, nl all prices. Our Dress Goods Section The hnnd<iomcest line we hate ever shown for 2.'>, .*>t). 7.'ic, ^l.<NI The most eleeant line of Silks and Satins in the city yon will find here. See window display. t. r. IWtJLAl.tSQr.4D AX rXDE- PElTEn ELETEX. O.STEOPATnT— nn. w .H. ALRRinnT. ReRlstereil OMeoimthlc Physician. Slate Hank Oldg. Phone 145. Only Ostcopatb In La llarpe. #dtt Wan WITH MiSSOURi kOBE Cf A\SCAt (OXTEST « AS _ W .XO I. T • Tlfcrs .Were .Strong Mheu tiame OpmN iHit XaiuaR Soon .Uude .Sap^rior Show INK. Jeronid O. Beatty has nriuen tlic fbltbllrtol^ coinecmlng the I\. i:.-MiK- . aflurt.mne for tJic KansaH City .Tnur- , fiat:' . iIofMtinR the ITnlverRiiy of Mis' apart- t ««ia-at Assoelntiou imrk yoi;- •JioidJiy flftersoon by a score of luio 4, • before s:ero«rd of 12 .f>no persons, i.o .Qnlrenltr^/ Kan(«a« eleven clln;'h<«d its dnlnrito the tltln of footli.iM cliiiiD- plODa of-^tbcr-UlMonrl valloy. • Y*irtflVaKj" mdmlne on/y <inc oli- atjlf ^Io—MiBsourl—fitnod IH-U-<-<II the tli> I'iehie .u yards away, making sf-oro. .\Ii>»(i!iri I. K.insas (i. It w.iH the first time tin' .Ntissonri iinil'-riirarliiains hart over sofii Their t ^am score nn Kansan and for five itiliiitlis tiK; .Missouri HOCfion wa.s a iiasidf-iiioiiiiim of shrieking, wlioopins riin:er< 'vhi'se !'.:TIKS •.Vfro t '.v nutlet of rnrJiiisIasm pr -nt fur y«\Trs. Thrir hoilii's iinpl<'f| widi- joy ami Hiey eliper.i(l. flRalii ntnl agaiti and thrcu- their hats nitd liiiRficri each iithcr. f(ir It •<»'<'ra<^ that. Missouri was (les- titied to dflfeat tliat as y.>f iinrtefeat- <il Kansa.'* eleven. There was gloom In the Kansas .s.»c- lion, for lip to this time the Jnyhaw- kers had Jieon able to do little with the TIK'TH. One man was still confident. It was •UiMI ' Koiiiierty. the .layhawki 'i' coach, whos" Krenti -st hopes UOIJM be renlJzed If Ills t<'ain came throtlph t'.o m-ason without a defeat. Kansas Makes Touchdown. •That's all for .\n «M)iirl." siilrl Id n iifily. "Wf'll inal.i' ii loiielidowti fl:i(I tirni '(III. T)i'y eaii"! keciii up ihlR „, „, , lNrtW'-iii ihelpaei-.' Ami Ki-nin-dy wasi rluhl. TIK' Jay ^airkcrii an^ a clean record of vlc-,.lavhiiwi;<rs (»';an to pl^* ii.'inr f<»ot- torieii fbr. Ui <i, •s'^.'Lson. Today the Im'l They e.-uim from behind. llKhtinij KJUMM'liWS toani Is In the K. V. iom-[av.iiti >;t fl'.:hti-rs and aftor tweniy-nve plft- flf icvpr' vlelorlo 'iR rlei-rris. in in'riiifs of jday Pb^asnnt r<--envr>rp«l trbicll the YoBl machine of ISOO has Step' ensons onsido kick and erossetj led «acl» a lonejiome life. Ihe Missouri goal. .St«-pii<Mison mlss- And cao Miesourlann. Once 'more ed the goal and tin- seme was Kansas fl^ CftmP to Kanf'as rity hoplnu, •">. .Missouri 4. Vnqrinr. for victory. Tln-y met their If wa.s In the swond half that the j «o^t -lrt *ai for the ei)!hteenih time, seeoml and la.^t Kansas touchdown and for ;1fte Iblrteenth time they came came. The .layhawkors were stonn- etf- tb^)lii ^d 'ft ilcfeated feani. nut '»R the Missouri goal without suceesB i'lipwr been on.vti^ing inslor- Several times they wem<d to h<' wltii- !•! .a Tiger defoat. There In strikin!; dlstanee. hut the Tls^r Il6g instlorlona about yester- Hno would hraee and stop the oneom- it When a-man Rives for Ins K.-insanB. -hlif borty and mind Into >Vlfh flro nilniiL-s l.-ft to play, of his eoBOhos to he l>'nth''raKe made nn oiiside kick to 4* 'they see bcFt: when a nice, who ila-'<hed 2." yards thrntiph tlie ,..^.iteil tor ten weeks for an Tlper l<'an» to a tnnehdown. i'.nnd ^^i^J, poK* Into that fconr of mlsse<l poal and tli<> seor.' was Kan- lifejiollaa.''never whlmiH -rlng.;sas in. .Ml.ssnuri 4. r'fillttbijCi liever dodghiR any' Vesterdny's i:ainf> was probaldy as "-ibnl Tiorlng in and fi |:ht- eloue a stniER'e as a Kansas City in 'fi.:4jtlnt a<t his fore- Th.inkK^ivIng day crowd has seen In .«. ^uare foaltle with a many years. T". e n to 0 eontcsf of it, doing hiB best in IS"" cannot be ela.csed as a resnlar .^-^-wftcn anch a man football Rame as Ihe men played In _J^^1>^ I ^C '^lOnO'^'''-''- ^"'l to him mud up to their knees and the exiilbl- IdtteM much credit as the man who Hon was one that would make Walter ' M^<¥tra <UB <t'l{lnd of a battle on Camti burst out cryinif. iHflQlltit^Jildo. )t Is easy to lie a But yesterday saw a s|ilr>ndtd ex ::Jriii »er. but the real a JilbltJon of the smat college sport. 4$M(}ieiher' or not he Is a Rood Theri; was Utile Individual .<itarrin"^. •'.^ j Each Juan awked for the team. No jitart Out Fast. .one sjiaiKhf for hla own glory: It waa Ifcdovna fire Kan -iu."- the'^etorv not applause, that was the - qiao; Jflot gave Missouri Prl?i» raeli maji wanted. thiiSBrat tlie Tigers Uarel — :^1eAB8a8 since 1902. - | ; , W«n't Pfek Cp Coal. mJKfytA out with 0 roah: A- new f<>rro of BlennJnB \wu Ifteeb n^nutes oii ^-,lnaiiKliirated In .\llen enunty. where >rB at erery .turn, fhrlffi- houwhoMerg fallow np tVe bftll from their oyptral? «if ibe bit? gas companiea. and by ^ SS-y«rd muns' rcceF»lin» ,<tevlc& over aban- dobed «BS vtifs get suppler of gaa suf- " "it .aiifl lieat 'in ordlMnr ililE«fiuM» ioiimr ibaiii JTor TO ELECT OFFICERS. [ j The Board of Charities Get Ready for j Winter's Work. I TOOK OVER 2 TONS On in'M .Monday at len o'e'fifk :Uf Astotiaii'il Hoard of Charitiis will luo't in the Partner's rootn of lli" eoiirt lumsi* for tin- iiiirpnsi- of hohl- injr fii»'lr annual clfplinn of odlcf-i'.^ and make prei)a rat ions for lln- winter's work. Several deptitiiif fatnll- les have been reporli;d to tli.- lioard and they are taking steim to can- ftn- A full atti-nilance Is desln-dj '/•|n' Iio .ird ha.s asked Poor Coniinls- siom-r Al.iianis to inii-i with llu-iu. SALE OF THANKSGIVING LOCALLY, ••UNPRECEDENTED. ! I>in:lers and proof boys—"1200 pounds i'of v.l:at: i::iiO iioimdd of wh-it: UriiiK I'ho cranberry eauce. riuiek. ITc hasn't .-fcovered y.-t." ••(III. yon rn<»ati tiirU<-ys—I iiirt'f-r- {stand.'' thf eity editor said Ijrlgbten- i ing np. •'Why. yes. Quite true, f aiioiif. oh. |rt pounds myself." BIROS! "Vou're making a joke of it now. j\\*o Wfri> just trying to fisuro up liow i many ton.^ of turkeys, geeso. ducks !:in.| clilrkcns it took tn supply lola's i •i'liiiiiksgiving dinner." th< NEWS OFLAHARPE LADIES' .MI.SSIOXAIIV SOCIETY TO IIOLI» I'KAISi: SEBVICE. HAVE ANNOUNCED PROGRAM SCORES WV.WY. CLOSED HERE VES- TKHDAY. TIIA.vk.SOITIXfi DAT. Cesiti'es the Turkeys. M.iny Pounds I -W.-ll. Rinci' y of "Prime Roast" Were Sold.— Old Turks Gobbled Too Soon. First Invented Cement. j It is .seldom lha: tin' Inventor oi a] itew product li^ei to sei- hl.< iiivt-ji- lion in^ every ila.v use. Tli!-^ is <• ipi-c- lally triir- whf r*" tli<' invention is a new iijaterlal whose use Is to taki- tlii- (diiee of an old one. Uaac Cliarlt •. .Inhnson. the inventor of I'mihiml ee- mont. Is sllll living in <iraveaend. Rng- land, and ueilve at tin- aije of lis. Ilej was fiorn in thi' year ISlil. when) Oeorge III was kin.c. and .Jefferson | wa.-. president, and wiieii .\a|)oleoii was at the zenith of hl.s powi-r, .Mr. .lohn.snn won ati ediieatlon under many dlfUciilti''- a.s his pareii;;< «err poor. In early manhood he became an nrehlteet. and a' wiifeh he liiillt in the Rllazbeth style Is siili standing at Swanscourt In Kent. It was at this lime f;.at he iiivoiii- ed I'ortlaitd eenient. wliieli wa.-; fr-sr introduced into th;.-; c"iinir,\ li.v l.r-\i P.' .Morton.—I'hanUK' Triiiiine. A a farnievs' p:i.;sed-111' :;iew i|iiite turkey in strolled. T;i :(Mks '.:iUng holil. lie iii.^ ulii:;.-* as 'iiiiiiiil lie I sit ode. A I'd •-•olililid Ills own Tiianki-i^iviuL' ode. .MlliKiigli. Ill' .'Jiiid. tnv mates are siild. I t ink iiereliaiieir J wm ion old. They say old aue Is a .-ad fati\ lint ;;nlilile. gobble, li saved my pate. I And though my dlgnltv seems lax. iWhy. golilije. gobble. 1 missed the ax<^. Oh. sad this old lurks hail mistakes Most Ohrlsttiias diiiii 'Ts an old link mnke.s. Oh. -iad, sad. tiirlc liegin to moan, l! 1(11.k pnlleOjThe Cnion Thanksgivlne Day Serrlce on seem tn have the| *Vis H'cll Allciided Yeslerday siati.'.tics. let's Iiave them." i ., , ., •Well, said the reporter thought- ' •M"'-"li''-'-l'«'rsonMK fully. "I haven't the absolutely acour-' L ate lioiie on thi.s appetlziii.g topic, but I know this. T.^ree dealers sold out lianiyard over L'Ui) jioiinds of the aforenamed .l) all lor Thanksgiving illnners." "Yes. and that does not Inilude the s;ile.>: of the grocers wlio w< re Ktlti- plledhv fnrmi'rs and private poultry( raiders," chinied In the .-^porting eili- lor. ,• ••.\iid fiirlliermore." solemnly said) a liooUliinder. •*it does not lueltid.i TliMtik.sglvlng fn\^ peildled from far- iiieis" wacons. r bought mine from a Loo 'I /lid farmer ami then lad to (•h.-i.-e li finin north Ilnckeje street to the lola Portland cement plant, it (lew the coop lietore I ooiild grind my axe." "I gatJier from that then and the reports received from other reliable sources that two and one-half tons Of wi. ;oi,s !o make |,da grnan:' I'lrkc.v.s. ducks, chickens and geoae , were reiinired 'o give lola its ThankK- •Now if one d'Alei- sol,! almost a giving dinner." said t e ci;y edlroi tnn. Mmv iiian.y ;oi..s lijd Ilie iinipfv- li-veii lola deali r.- >ell.'" ilie sporiinp; ediior whose alii-ntioii fnun the lifir- . siiniinin^ up the sllnntion. -' .\iiil saii.sfieil with the staionifnt ol - f)iir Vi':>': window—Look at it Chauutc Team Won from lola. faei.s the debate eeased. It is also (piife certain that junre than tw.'i anrl oi'ie-half tons of meat |\veri> rennircd tn feed Tola yesterday. Quite a nninlier of rabbits were soM j/iti) of . iink-lKiiik.-; and scrlmiua^en r.tin|iorarIly ilitraeli-d by an in- I'-r'-fiiii;; ar?itniei't. .w.i.--- saying. Tlie Ch-iniile hi-Ii -ichnol li-i^k-ei i "Well. I ilidn'i sa'." a'inost-a ton. hall teatn deefatod the V M rv ' the police .onr, reporter. "I and many resorted to the good old l.ani in the V. M C A. bniMluE last ; =•"''• ^^-''''f- "'-i' "'"^ commiss-; I'nme roas, of beef or pork. ni^•!lt. the final score being :.7 to lli.i'"" •*="'•' I'ounds.- I Kiillon and Hclg.-le brothers did some! l"'"i'i<ls of what?" gnarled tlie' fine playing for the hieal team. .\ r.- '-''ifor looking np f'-om a piece of turn game Is scheduled for tomor-j row night . ' rhorus: — -reporters, operators, hook ^^^^ : ^^^^ NATURES CURE FOB BLOOD POISOH S. S. S. is known as Nature's Qnre for Contagious Blood Poison l .ecatise it is prepared entirely front the blood purifying and healing extracts of .roots, bcrbtt and barks taken directly from tne.natural forests o( the land. It doea not contain the least particle of strOuj; mineral injcredients. and is so prepared as to aid in the upbuililinif of every portion of the .system, while driving Contagions Blood Poison from the blood. No unide-ai»nt efieiLs ever follow the use of is. S. S., such as stomach troubles, dyspepsia, metenrial rhrumatism, etc.. as is so often the where other medicines are used. S. S. S. goes down to the very bottom of the trouble and gently but surely, drives out evcr>' trace of the disease, cleanses and puriilea the circnlation, and by its fine vegetable tonic effects, asaistn the system to rapidly overcome the nvaKcs of the disease, and regain its natural healthful condition. S. S. 8. does not cover up or bide the sjinptoms for awhile; to break out later, but BO thonniriilv does it remove the cause that no signs of the trouble ever re- wrnj 8. S. 8., Natn ^'ai cute, is the mirwit kad safest remedy for Contagiona Jnood 'tUsoa, IZoow Titatmeat Book vith Yalnable saggestioiM and infor- Had TiwnksahlnK Menu. The iiri.'^onftrx In'the ennnty Jail were given a Thauksitivlns dinner The inonii included many of Ihe deli- cuvU'.s which adorn \hs> table of liriines on the dav er thanks. PIckella Ara Home'. Miss May PlckfU and her brothiM-, Frank, came In 9Tonday ,to ailcnd TUankifelvInt!' at home, mhoik Is'at- tendliiK t>*'e Uuiverpity wtatlo M^M Seven Year* of Proof. •I have had i:fvcn years of proof that Dr. King'.s New Discovery is the best medicine to lake for coiigb.s and colds and for every diseased condition of tliroat. chest or lungs." savs \V. V. Henrv, of Panania. .Mo. Tlje world has had thirty-eight year.s of proof that Dr. King's .\"evv Discovery Is the best rein.^ily for eonghs .ind cold.-,, la grippe. .aHihuia, baj- fever, hronchiil.-i. hcniorrbage of the lun);.s. nnd the early stages of eonsumptinn. ll.s timely use alwa.vs prevent.s the developnieni of pneumonia. Sold nn- d( r giiarniiiee at all druR Ktnre=). .'lOc aiid tl.mi Trial bottle froe. Sloreo Here Closed. The siore.s were clo.sed here yesterday. Thanksgiving d;ty. The leli-ph'ine I'Xchaiige wa.i cioscrt (rem ll;;',U tu J::ii». tre In luhi. Tlie local teiiihern aie aitcndliig the 8iiuihen»iern Kanras Teachers .\sflo- ciailoii at lola today. .Many Went to Chanite. .Many.La flarpe people attended th" foot hall game m Ch.inutc yeslerday afternoon between the Triplets and the Chanute OO-OCTIIS. Held InioD .Serrrces. The I'liKin Thanksgiving ilay sei-vice whi h was conducted in the PresMiy- Iciiaii chiireh y.-.-lfrtkiy iiiuriiing was well attended. .Mrs. Hnhhard of ihe Friends i hiirci; preached the s«-rnion. To Hold Annual Sc-rvice. The 1-adies' .Mi.ssii.uary Society of ihe I'resliyieriaii tliurch will hold rheir aniinal praise service next Sun- lay night. The proi^i-atn follows: Hymn. Service i.f l'ra!.-^e--The word.-; of Irsiis, Anthem—Choir. IJccilatU;n—Wlifii will be .c.iven. ('ol lene I'owicr. Duet—.M;.-'?e- Houston and lllihle. Class K\erii--e —it >r:iyiiig always. Sole—.Mr. Kerr. ^jiecin! f'ausM?« of She Did 11 " .M;-5S Clas^ Thanks. Jlymn. Leaflet—'• I low Mlunie Qhlfest. Trio—Mls-ses Ilousion and Ruble, and Mr. Kerr. .\ Itriglit. Thank r.fferin.'; exerci.^e.^. P.^uedleilon. PcrsonaK. .Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge \rarshall. of Kan.'-as City, were the guests of rel.i- lives here ye.»ierday. .Air. and .Mrs. 1*. II. AVII.-5ori, of I..iw- renee. Kas.. wereA'iRlfInc friends here. J. L. Jniicii wimt Io Kansas City thU tnoruin;; on a bu.'«lne,<is visit. Mr. .ind Sfrs." P. W. Patterson, of Neodesha. were visltlne here yesterday. . Prcd Deist went to BarHw.Til !e this mursiiii; to visit rriativw. v.lfr.. tuid f »f r«. Mitchell of Hartles- ^w».|»r|^re»tfard >jr. Tliey form-

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