Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 30, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 30, 1907
Page 3
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AQput Special Sa ]9 of m m C OME here tomorrow expecting the biggest barg4ins of the Furs, Millinery, Blankets and Underwear. T''—'" ^- season in Coats, It will be this Fall's Greatest Sale of Women's Wearing Apparel. The annonncepient of such extraordinary values coming at the beginning of the season is nearly sensational. It is not ne- essary to give any reason—just see that ypu are one of the fortunate who shall profit by this great special sale. Every one of our elegant Hats, Coats and Jackets at great reductions that rarely occur so e^rly in the season. TMs is a Store Where a Dollar Does Its Duty. Thtef Confesses to Crime of Which W. A. Eaton Was Charged. Tins IS, ALWAYS HAS BEEN, AND ALWAYS WILL BE. the store of lola where a dollar does it? duty—it's fnll duty. Does all you may expect of if; does all that any dollar can do in any retail store in this state. You'll always find the lowest prices prevailing liere on dependable merchaudise, and no matter what you see paraded in print about the ''matchless opportunities" happening elsewhara and continually challenging customers' common sense, you will find equal merchandise here for the same money, or bettnr mercliandise for less money, and while this store exists these principles will obtain. 113 East Madison. \ 2 Doors West of Thomp^n Hold. (Parsons Sun.) ' Harry Clougliley, was arrested for the theft of an overcoat con fessed to the crime Jn the court of Jhstice Newton yesterday. This clear ed .W. A. Eaton, of lola. who was ar rested with CJoughley for the same crime. Tlie county officers promised Jen Icncy If Cloughley would confess. The krelimlnary e.xaniination was waived he pleaded guilty, and Justice New ton bound him over for trial in ths district court under a bond of five hundre<! dollars. He was unable to give this, so he now lies in jail. CM.strlct court is in session now In order to save Cloughley a long jail sentence he will be tried Saturday, ai;d will begin to serve the sentence at once. Cloushley has hail a checkered career, and newspapers have told of his acts. He has never been cauRht Yesterflay he showed the officers package of over fifty newspaper c'ip- !.;nes telling of his escapade.s. irr-ri"" OF tA ttAlPE RET. BEXHAM WILL T.ILK OX .\MrSEME\T QUESTION SlND.iY. M.W.A. HAVE SPECIAL SESSION ST.ITE DEPUTY OF KA>S.4S CITY WILL BE HERE. ElwtrlPol Workers Wanted. can fit you for a good, well-paid positon as an electrician, or electric railway. llRhting or dynamo station .'oreman or superintendent, or telephone manager. We can teach you by mail, in your si)are time and at small cost. The only qualification needed l.-* ability to read and write and the determination to succeed. Write' today, stating the subject which interests you. I. C. S.. Ho.T 7!>.<>. Scranton. Pa. -HIM.STEK.S TO IMV FILL F.VKE. •EO. A. BOWI.U8, Pre8l :tent. THOS. H. 80WLUS, Cathl «r. ALLEN COUlSiTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck, L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evant, J; O, Rod««r*. •M. A . Bowiu*, Thot. H. Bowtua. WEIS9tt£ OUR own DRAFTS OR AU £UROP£AR POtMTS tAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 to |Q PER YEAR- JAPS ARE NOT FAIR Ambassador O'Brien i'allN AtlHiUon to Violated Promises. Tokio. Nov. It is un(ierstix)d ibai the .American ambassador, Thomas .1. 0'13rien. has olllcially called the attentioiv of the Japanest^ goveriimont to Hie great increase In the number.^? of Japanese arriving on the I'aeilic roa.«t. He ijresented the view of the state department that this cannot he considered in accordance with promises of the Japanese government, and lie. therefore, requested a rigid investigation and prompt: measures to pre- cent the iminigraiion into America of any person who. entering as a student, might afterwards become a laborer. There is reason to believe tliat the immigration companies iu Jai)an are taking advantage of the ia.\ ins ;iection i|ualificatiouB for emigrants and be:coming bolder in jtracticiug frauds; hence a meeting of the emigration companies has been called for Ijp- cember 3. At the foreign office it was staled to a corresiiondent of the Associated Press: •'We are now considering the best method of controlling and further liin iling emigration and correcting mistakes which may have occu recently. Conditions here are dii(T( ent from - those in America. Jajia t 'i^e students who have reached a certain grade in the Japanese schools, desiring to visit America register tis students in good faith. Rut, reac^ins WOitK MEAKE.>,S TIIK KID.VEV,'*. Hnaii's htdncj I'iUs Jliive Done Ori«t S ITT I CC for reople Who Work In lolu. Most lola people work every day in soiiii- .'^trained, uiiiiutural piK-Jitlon— bending constantly over a desk—rld- IiiS on jolting wagons or nu .-•—doing luborlims hou .«PWi )rk; .lifting, reacll- in« or piillini:. or trying tile back Jn a l \M :idre<i and one ojher vravs. AU these .«traiii .-i lend to «e;ir. weaken and iiijiire ihe kidneys- iiiiti! they fal behind in Iheir work u.f filtering the poisons from the lilood. Doiui's Kidney Pills cine -siek 'kidneys, put new strengih in l>ad lincks. lola cures lirove it.' ' .Mr::. Francis Thomats. of '}'S.i South Slate street, lola. Kansas, say.-;: "Twelve years, or ever fiince my last child was liorii. I l ;aVe had trouble witli luy kidneys. There was pain in the small of my back .and often such severe soreness that pi times I felt a .'i if 1 had lieeu beaten with a mallet. M iiisiit the only itllef I could find was liy pressing niy l»ack against the bed as hard as 1 cotilj- For months 1 toiihl not do my sewin .i,' and could not go tip .xtair-s without taking hold of snniethiiig ofr support. The kidney secretions Were :.scaldiny; and ilipie was distressing, retention at lime-. I learned of poan 's Kidney .,„^. (Pills and ttegan using them. They f save nie pr<impt relief; and in a short ijp,._jtime I could g«?t aroiind like I used pan-i'" ''^•er.v why like my nat- 'ural self. I have bail ^attacks of kidney trouble since then but Doan's Kidney IMlls have nev^r failed to give quick relief. I am gliid to advise my friends to go to Chasj B. Spencer & America, they secure work to enable f"",""^ ^« ^TU ?^!,„„v them to prosecute their studies. t is''-"/ drui: store, get boan s Kidney quite probable that frauds have been P'' « P'^*" "'^f » , committed but without the cognizance I ,^>- , .'^'^'^"^ f ^^Zj^ of the government: We are now using 1'A^"''^'^. foster-Milburu: < o lit ffe.o every precaution to prevent a recur- ^ ^"'^ """-'"n f""" ^ ""^•'^ rence of sMch frauds." I states. This l8 WortJi Rememberlnir. As no one is immune, every jierson should remember that Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case of kidney or bladder tronble t.hat Is not beytmd the reach of medicine. Burt-ell's di-iig store, i Renieiiilier the name—|)oan"s and take no otlier. Qunrtot."' ox THK northbound Santa Fe train this afternoon was a iroung man who was badly injured being thrown frpm the tra<n near XJ^lnut. He wax I being. Uken to the Sa]uita F« hospital at Topeka. i j- HAVE POWERS JURY Cimsists of Eight Democratic Members and Fonr KepabliruoN. Georgetown. Ky.. Xov. 29.—The jury to try Caleb Powers was completed yesterday afternoon. There are eight democrats and four republicans on the jury. I21even are from Grant couu ty and one is from Harrison county, .\t the afternoon session witnesses ft»r the commonwealth were called and attachment is.sued for those who did not answer. The indictment of Caleb Powers found by the Franklin grand jury April 17, lilOO was rf*d iind Attorney Williams stated the caso of the prosecution, reciting the crime und deflnlng the. term conspiracy. .Judge Wllllnma touclied one polli: leal feature of the case and addressing iJie jurors .said that the only man meaner tlian a republican who would acquit a pri.xoner guilty of n crime because of republican aHillallons, would- be a democrat who would rob the prisoner of liberty because of political bias. •lie gave brief slallslics of the political history of the period surrounding the commission of the crime, purposing thereby to show u motive for Caleb Powers' alleged participation in it. He recalled the bringing o) armed men from the mountains, the rospon- .«ibiliiy for this being iilace<l on Powers. .ludge Sims for the reserved bis statement until the close of the testimony for the commonwealth, and court adjourned until tomorrow. Roud.s to Make Xny Redur 4lun!i .\fler Jan. 1, IMS. Western ro;tds have finally decided to abolish their clergy bureau at the close of the current calendar year. On and after January 1 next thby will make no reduced rates for clergymen or other religious workers In any state where 2 cents a mile ia the maximum rate that may be charged. In other territory where a higher rate is .stD) legal, such as South Dakota or northern .Michigan, each road for itself wl!) attend to its issue of tickets sold at reduced rates. The transcontinental roads, however, will maintain their clergy bureau and issue tickets in teriilory west of Colorado and Utah. A GOOD HOME MADE REMEDY E.SPKCIALLY V.ILUED BY ELDERLY PEOPLE WHO SUFFER. Fine Prescription for Rheamatlsra and Kidneys Which I M iSaM to Relieve Nearly Every One. A large New York health publication tells its readers of a number of simple and safe prescriptions that can be made at home. The following, how ever, for the cure of rheumatism and kidney and bladder troubles receives the greatest praise, viz.. FInid Extract Dandelion, one-lialf ounce: Compound KarRon. one ounce; Compound Syruji Sarsaparilla. three ounces. These simple, harmless ingredients can be obtained at any gcxid prescription pharmacy at little cost and are mixed by shaking well in a bottle. The dose for adults is a teasponful after each meal and at bedtime., drink ing a full tumblerful of water after each dose, it is further stated thai this prescription Is a positive remedy for kidney trouble and lame back, weak bladder and urinary dilllcultles especially of tlie elderly people, and one of the Iiest things to be used in rheiimatiie afflictions relieving 'the aches and pains nnd reducing swellings. A well-known local druggist states that this mixture acts directly upon the ellailnative tissues of the kidneys; cleanses these sjiongellke organs and gives them power to sift and strain the poisonous waste matter and uric acid from the blood which Is the cause of rheumatism. ("ill this out and hand to some Riif- ferer which would certainly be an act of humanity. • „ . . For Best nnd Qnlrkest Results Use the Register Want Columns. ""O.N'P UBLIC OPINION IN lOLA. La Harpe Team Will Play KincaM Team Friday at La Harpe. M. W. .\. Mill Eleef Offifers Tiesday. Officers for the following year will tie elected at the regular meeting of the local order of the Moderh Woodman of .-Xmerlca next Tuesday night. They will make arrangements for a big public meting at this meeting. An effort will be made to get State Deputy Enrlght of Kansas City here for the big open meeting. It is hoped that every member will be present at the meeting Tuesday night as there will be much business of importance to transact. Will Phiy a Return Game. The Harpe foot ball team which met such overwhelming defeat at Klncaid Thursday, has arranged for a rettirn game to be played In La Hari)e next Friday afternoon. The Harpe iioys although they were defeated, say they can make a much lietter showing on their own grounds. The local play ers will be reinforced by some of the best players to be found in the TrV City team. Son of J. \, i{oi)ert.'<liair !•> Dead. Word wa.H received in this city of the death of the son of J. A. Roberf- -shaw of this city who has been making his home in Chicago fur the past several years. The news came as very sad news. His relatives here did not mow of his illness. The remains will be brought to La Harpe for interment. .Sleeper & Son .Haklng Improremento. Sleeper & Son of tola who recently purchased the La Har|ie undertaking liarlors is making elaljorate improvements. The building Is being renovated and new furniture installed and In fact all the best possible Improve- oients are being made. Charged Half of Fnmare. Half of the furnace at the East works which was put oti dead fire sev eral da.vs ago because It was im |K )s- sible to get the kind of ore wanted, was charged .vesterday morning. It will not be long till all of the furnaces will l>e charged and working as heretofore. Will Begin Revivals. Rev. Baumpas.s. an evangelist, will begin a series of special meetings in the .Mitchell hull Sunday evening. Rev. Baumpass is the state evangelist of the Christian church ana has attracted large crowds wherever he has held services. Highest-\ . QuaUty Move Every Year Every day in every that comes, nwre hooae- wives are giving up tiieir exoilntant priced Baking Powders and tun^' to K' C, the honest and n^ble, which has stood so w^ the test of years. They are finding oat that PdWDEII costs one third the price of powder any' where near K C qqality, and makes better, ptjrir, more h^thful baking. 83 Onnces for 23 Cents ^Perfect 1 ^ Results 0 .idretrtsements under this head will be inserted thre<' times witinint rharge. (ilRI.. WANTS work in private faiii- ily. Call phone n.-.8. i HELP WANTED OIGUTS OF MACClBUfU*. Knights of MaccabMS ot the'Woriy^ meeu in K. P. Hall, second and (oiartlt We.dneaday nights in each month. i% W. Postwalt, commander; R. B. Por« ter, record keeper. W. 0. W.^amp No. 101 meets Ir K. ot P. Hall every Friday nl«hi W,' T. Steele, C. C; A.H.D»--.. Clert WA.NTKD—Men to learn barber i trade nnd accept positions waiting our graduates, splendid chance for Visitors cordially Invltetf. poor man. few weeks completes, tools; given, write today, Moier Barber Col- j lego. Kansas City, .Mo. K.MOUTS Of PYTHIAA^*- oah^.. Lodge No. 43 meets every it ndaar> olght at K. ot P. Hall. Vhiitl t« U<y- 100 Men Wanted. thers inYited. W.S.Thompson. t!.C.; To trap minks, skunks, muskrats, j Chris Hitter, K. ot R. and 8. raccoon, etc. Highest prices and: a " „ . \r w A rXti^ square deal. B. S. Barnard. lola, Kan- Ji. n. Ar -ine M. W. A. I^BOO sas. 324 -r .2B North Buckeye. -The «T«^ 1 most reliable dealer l*'^"- Visiting brothers Invited. W.K, most rename aeaier. 'Anderson. V.C.; W.A.Cowan. CHer*. WAMtmJi' "HUaamUmnmous BOTIL SEiGHBOBS^ioia camh —^^77::;^; ; ' NO. S65, Royal Neighbors, meeU seft- ,o loan on s<^:^^^ and fourth Taesdsya of eac>- fnPi ^l7Tfl\^^l\KX ^^'^jmonth. Mrs. F. A. Wat.-ner, oracle; lOLA LAND CO.MPA.N\. Ijl^s. Mary Hutton, 413 W==* S;:€«t, W.^NTED—Washing North Elm. to do. 31)8 Recorder. F. A. A.—Golden LeaT CXraneil Nd. WANTED-Hease cleaning to do.* ^- ^ ^ tWrt Phone 1112. W^nesday nights In each mcmtb IB K. P. Hall. c. E. Lacey, presUebt; WANTED—Second hand W^inchcster Miss Mable Rhortack, s^retary.. pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second stret Presbyterian Church. The pastor will preach at the morning and evening service next Sabbath. There will be a public reception of members. _.».....'j ' Sunday school at 10 a. m. .liinior meeting at 3 p. m. Young people's meeting at 6:30. .-\il are cordially invited to these services. JOHN H. BRIGHT. Pastor. Methodist Protestant Church. Regular services Sunday. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and p. lu- Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. Everybody welcome. E. C. COILS'. Pastor. .Methodist Episcopal Cburrii. Regtilarwrvlccs morning and evening. The evening sermon will be given to a discussion of the all absorbing ".Xmusement Question." The sermon will not be all. "don't." but extended answer will be given to the (juestlon, "NN'hat may we do?" IRA M. BEXH.\.M. Pastor. FOR SALE'^REAL ESTAIi. FOR SALE—Good runabout Studebaker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken In the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Darn. FOR SALE—Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street row SALE~Miao»Umaoous VO\K S.-\LE—.\ ;;ood lunch counter wa.non Sx:iO. up to date.. C. W. Ray- Imru. ;!i:o South Kentucky. I'Oil SALK—r,<«i<i ay. new Viflor • '•raiilioplione: eosi .<-to: ami T.\ to.n- itirli ri'cords. f. W. Itayliiirn, :!2n .South Kentucky. FRATERNAL BROTnEBHOdO^ Fraternal Urotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Tuesdays oC tmeM month in A. O. U. W. HalL Visltlai' membeirs cordial^ Invited. W.H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam, secrai* tary. Junior Order United Anerleaa'lffk ehanics.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P, Hall. All visiting members invited. R. A. Widick, Councclor; C. B. Black, Red Secretary. BUsatEss omEtitoKt' JEWELERS, n. F. Pancoast. old reliable jewalaTr no East street FOR SALE—H .tMio feet (if :Mnch .vra.-< line |)ipe. Wi'l .-iel! any part or all. Price very low. Call or aildie.-^s i-'. S. Heniielt. Loagton, Kansas. FOR SALE— On $10 pa.v- ment.«. two one-acre lots on trolley line. Snieitzer & Co. Cnred of Bright*s Disease. Mr. Robert O. Rurne. EInora. .V. Y.. writes: "Before I started to ii.-e Toley's Kidney Cure F had to get up from twelve to twenty times a night, and I was all bloated up with drop -iiy and my eyesight was so ampaired I could scarcely see one of my family across the room. I had given up hope of living, when a friend recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. One 50 cent bottle worked wonders and before I had taken the third bottle the dropsy had gone, as well as .ill other symptom? of Bright's disease." Burrell's drirg store. TO ATTEND CONVE/^TION. Men's Meeting at Helton, Kas.. Church Affair. R. H. Bennett and Rev. N. L. Vczle of this city are on the program of the Men's Convention of the United Brethern church, which will be held in Ho'ton. Ks., TueMay. Wednesday and Thursday, Decemtier 10, \\ anil 12. Mr. Bennett will respond to the address of welcome on the first d^ ^nd Rev. N. U Vezle will conduct this dovbtionals. on the afternoon of the second day. 'The convonHon promises to be verjr interesting; It is a new organization and holds the same relation t<t the United Brethern church aa the Qrotb- ertidOd doe» to ^ the Presbyterl^ church. Fort Srott Repnhliran Hands Cuniraunity a Bouquet. This (Fort Scott Republican.) lola has been unfortunate in belug the scene of a number of crimes which have attracted wide attention. The commendable thing about lola is that it does not condone these crimes but is vigorously Insistent that the guilty parties be brought to justice and punished. The community which hushes things ui) if the culprits happen to have money or be prominent Is an encourager of crime. Of this lola Is not guilty. Its public opinion Is healthy. Birth. .•\ daughter was Ijorn yesterday, .\o veniber 29th. to Mr. and Mrs. John Hays. ^ Si-^iiMMA ProL Hyams Better. Prof. Hyams who sustained a dislocated left elbow while playing foot ball Thursday afternoon. Is rapidly improving and doubtless will lie able to take up his duties in the school room next Monday when school convenes again, ft was thought for a time that his arm was broken. Personals. Miss Millie Ward is visiting .Miss Addle Dean In Blue Mound this week. Mrs. U. G. Lawrence returned to her home in OSawatomIe yesterday. .Mr. and Mrs. George Malcom of Luther." Okla., are visiting at the home of relatives In this city. iSarl Stanley came in yesterday from Delaware, f. T.. where he has been working for the past several weeks. .Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cooksey returned to their home In Humboldt yesterday after spending a day here as the guests of .Mr. and Mrs. Herbert .Martin. C. L. Evans went to Fort Scott yesterday on a business visit. .Mrs. Blackwood of RulTalo, Kas., U visiting at the home of Bert Murry. For Stale. Three good big work horses, one good farm mare: a good pair ponies. HOWELL A BREWER, La Harpe, Kr- Paraaaais Fallows a Cold, hnt never follows the use of Foley 's Honey and Tar. It stops the cough, heata and strensthens the lungs and prevenU pneumonia. Barren's drug FOR TRADE—A well improved SO acre farm. miles from llallowpll. Labette county, Kan.^as, to trade for residence property in lola. .Address, r..ock Box I", I>a Hariie, Kansas. FOR SALE—JISOO stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street FOR SALE—A driving mare and bugg.v. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire S32 North street. roll REMl' Mlac0Uamoous FOR RENT—Hou.'e anil barn. Simih Kentucky. Phone 2—2. FOR RENT—Kisbt rotmi house on car line. Wheeler lioigbis. .Modern. .Newly jiapered and varnished. In- qi:ire of \V. A. Wheeler at The loja Portland Cement company. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms at No. 5 North Sycamore. Phone 1091. FOR RENT—Six inoined hotise. good barn, other improvements. Inquire f,2S .North Kentucky. FAR.M LOANS—$1,300 T years 6% per cent. $;{,200 7 years GJ^ per cent. These choire farm loans as well .as .^nailer onse fo r.^ale. If you have money to loan on farm mortgage, ad- .liess . S. Hcnneit, Uuigton, Kansas?. Its Economy To have year Carpets and Sags cleaned by TkeioiaRffgp3 (Story STAMMER. , Complete court at the best school for summercra In America at 0M>~ half price this full and winter. Whita for infornijtlon at once. McRie ScbopI for Stammerers. 2705 E^ast 12th BtfM^ Kansas City, Mo. BJ. .. •., .V LivinqstoD £• Cd Ceatnctars and Biilljwit All kinds ot work a apetfalty ..' « Seat* Syeamara, Pkaaa IMl CHRISTMAS PRESENTS .Nothings better than a magazine for- a friend. For yonr magazines see J. E. UEiXDERSOITr Phone 98. 414 !«. Baekeye. | WIU TEAOH SHORTHMHa Miss J. Katherine Hartley will give private lessons- Benn Pitmi.^ System a sfccialty. rmimph^M Ko. 89, LaMmrmm, Kamtm flORE NEW BOOKI llaii a Rogue, By Harold MacGrath ,Help Mate. By .May Sinclair A Hor.xe's Tall By .Mark Twain Harrison Fisher Book By Harrison Fisher HdenaV Path, By Anthony Hope Iron Way. By Sarah Pratt Carr Jennifer, By Lucy M. Thurston John (ilynn. ' - By Arthur Patterson Lo»e of Life, etc. By Jack London Langford of Three Bar*, liy K, ft V. D. Boyles Ry the Liifht «f Her S OB L ' By Mary 12. Wllklns-Freeman Light Fhigered Gentry. ' By DaVid (Graham Phillips You- can! got', all the better new hooka tat the Old Corner Store. Ev^atis Bros.

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