Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1908
Page 2
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THE fOM DAILI MfllSTEB. FBIDAY BT^yiXfi. XOTEMBEB g7. tfO& P. A. NOETHItDF. TtM-PracUeai B. r. VOBTBBUP^a^ TIeB.PrMH DfmSSTPAID n tnht DBVOein A. L. BStmBAOOH. Caafctar. iifiiitiryfirtliOiUilStitii Bttabllfhed 1869. Still if Iniii iflu biitj IMut Buk ta AOii Ci. u —Flttgfrald, Aofo LITITJ. Plionc. • • + Sickly-Bondy. T.o mosi clahornTe woildlnK of iln^; fall was sniomnlzoil vOKtordnv at tho linmo or Mr. nml Mrs. .Mlllnnl P. SicU- ly. .''.It! Soinli WimlifiiKion nvoiiuf. (V'lit'ii tliflr ilaui!hi<M', Ik-iiha Annio, WBH KIVCII ill niiiriiiii.1' ui Mr K. i. noiiflv A I'oMiiiiiny of iniiiiiaic frli-mls HH- somliNvl sliorilv aflor cli'vcn ii'cloci; mill MS .MiH. I.. W. Miiyliciry pliiycrt iho ini'aHiircs of MciiilloKsolurH ni.Mrch tlif bridal coiipto advancd to tin- Ulirnry and Ktond licfon- :i Kro'ipins: i >f ffriis mill KrowliiK idaiiis. \vhll< Dr. S. S.':or. pastor of the I'Irsi Prosbytorian rhtiiTh. n-art tlir- lin- [irPRsivo Forvicp. The hrldp's drps:; was of soft, white saiiii. fa.Oiionpd in mipirp .stylp. .A lipriha of real Ian" oiitlinpil a yol;p of tlio saino iriminin!: and a dlrppioiro sa?s)) pmpha.sizod tlii 'i modish lines of thp co.stiiiup. TliP! vpil of tulip whic ^i fpll to Ihp IiPfii of! the .tihori. train was hpld in plaop by a half crown of u'bitp nari-issi. Tlip showpr bonupt was of buds and full blown whitP rosps fastf-ncii with kiiol.s of ribbon. Prpvious to thp pproniony ^fi.<!s N'pt- tip P.riKham sang "ripc.iu.'so" and vvhil'- friends offor-Kl their con^ratiilatioiis muRir was i)layprt by .several a.^^si.'^t- InK friends. DeGoraHons for tli<^ i-niony room were pink and wl.ite roses and,white carnations were in the parlor. Rope.<! of smilax hiin? underneath doors aiid lishtinjr was from electric chandeliers. .At noon a Itreakfast was served. The guests ocenpi.Pd small tables and the bride's table held places for Mr. and .Mrs. liondy. Mr. and Mrs. Sickly. Dr. and Mis.'llilsclier. Pr. and Mrs. I*. S. Miieliell. Wliite riljboiw wound Hiili snilliix and eauslii with bows were fastened to corm'rs of l!-e table .•mil th<' eetiteriM'i <i'. yi Mow anil wliile elirysanibeniums, wa .=i SIM roiimli'd by a mirlaiid of Kre.m. The ires were v.'llnw and white hearis and mints were In the prevailluR rolor.s. Oil leavluK the truests the bride iliri'W her boquet from ii I.'indliii; nii (he staircase and .Mis.s .Velile l!iii ;liMiii eailRllt t'!:e flowers. .Miss Kvelyn I lowland was served wllh the piece iif cal(0 coiitalninR the ihlinbl"-. Several indinatn friend.'*- of the bridp. .Miss .N'etllc nricliam. Miss Maynic .Vndi-r- poti. Miss Plorenco Ilobari, Miss .losp- phine Tllddle, MUs Hnrbara \':\. Miss Alberta Miin.son. .\II-s ndiin Wood and .Mrs. Ocortje neClule .-is.ilsied dm- ins the day. .Mr. and .Mrs. nondv l-fi on .if- teniooii train for Kansa;; fily. Tli- bride's pollilj awaj- suit wa'= of li!'rrv velvil Willi lial am! lovi s in inaiili. .\ iiuinber of fripiids arcoiii- panleii iliem to Lalfarjie and shower- I 'll i^pin wllh rice a.B a fnrewpll. yj'y. nondy Is one of tbr; i.cst l:iiown voiiiiK women in lola. Slip has crown 10 womanhood in this coniniuiiiiv and .•ift"r eraduaiinT from the I.alfan"' liiuli school sp<-iil a year at tlip fiii- <-'iiv of Kansas, .'^iiice riimiiiL' in lol:i she has IK •nil-; MdSj- I 'o'w'KiMri- i.i;.\s ivill fail Id a llaw in luir iii.iir- lilii -i 'ii! -Kiel; lit KivK .ii;\ AUDITORIUM TONIGHt. ZARRAH Ex-Ringllng Brof. Trick •}t||9Xo|a K\j<»v Y<Mi;.HFi ,r. AUDITORIUn Oiiiiitii- iiicl.i:.-.-|i.-ilVcl ;;eiiis. arli.i- lie desiuiis -eiii i;!!:!niiii(•<• with every •iriii-le .•iiilil Why ;;<> el:;cwhere when wi- iitl'iT a fine slm-k. niii repiitalliui mil a mi:iiiiliri'i- ;uiil iiuincy-savius iiriecsV McNIELBROS. "Ee Jewelers r. l!o;(. .Mr. .-md .Mrs. Cl-as. Williams Kansas City. .Mo.: .Mi. and Mrs. H. ali.l .ML-s Iva li'olc. Talk to Y. IVlembers. '/.(If .-\ii-iii .-;iiii w. II is here lo vi.-ii! ('ill and .1. 11 .Vtflii.uin. will lai:, lo 111.' Y society on .Monday I 'Vfiiiiit;, I iijjrrritiiii; llic ri-.crnt trip .--III' iii;i ii .ii' Kansas in the iuteiesi lit Die W C. I" r. .Miss AU'hison in- lends li -aviiiy n.-xi w. il; fur l-:iiloiiido lo colli liiU'' If r worl,. rih*' will be jollied by .MIs.s l-Miia Kowan fif Callwell. Willi is a stale .'^ccielaiv .;. .;. To Attend Wedding. Miss Will.i Mi-Cov, .if Kansas City en... and .Mi.-.- .May IMciile of Hum- liolili. were here yi -ite .day to ailenil tile Sicl:l\-Itniidy 111:1: riase. .Miss I'iel'.I" w;is a raitin nilie of f e ludde ai K. I'.. ai:d .Ml--- \l>'C 'i> wa-i an In- ii'ale lit till- same .1 lull lioiis". The vouim ladies are i;iie-.'s nf '.Mr. ami Ml- I. If \Vi:diar.i. For Their Family. .\ M ;> liapie. r.iiiiily p:ii-i\ was an evi ir wli'i'h o.'i'un--d ai the home ol .Mi-, and .Mis. .\. I. Ileaili ye-iieiday Tile eliililr.'M and i;raiid <'hildreii of the hiisl and ! osicss were iliere and llie ilay w:r-.- .1.- ,-iMi Willi iiilornial ilivei sinus. son. .Mrs. .1. F. Sallfe and .Miss \M: I'lliler. of Oiiawa, The table trluiminns were jiink lar- naiinns and ferns. •:• " •> { visit SMor. .Miss Kihei Naomi Davis, of (laiiielr. society editor of the HIniiidealer. is the Sliest of her sister. Mrs. Waller llani- ;!ton. i)f :;<>N South l-'lm sircei. + •> .Vladp from ilip puresi materials money can buy. blendpd by soap ex- lierts with sixty-eiRhl years experience. 'Thats' .lap Hose. Kirk niake-- it. All dealers sell it. • •:• <' Miss Wheatley Here. .Miss I'earl Whealley. of HUIIIIKIIIII is a nueSi nf fiiends here for a few davs. • J- Family Party. The annual TbaiiUsgi vin?; party whic .Ml. and Mrs. U. A. Richardson ;:ivp wa.s one of the most pnjoy- aldp affairs of, the week. Their hospitality was extended to .Mr. and Vra. it. C. Hiown. Mr. and Mrs. .James .Me- .Murray. Mr. and Mrs. <:ius Schwanll. Mi.'Jses Nellie and Flora Tllchard.son. Homer Uichardsoii and Uariy Ilay- ni;iker. tended the football game- between Fairmount college and the Southwest* ern. • • Whist Club. The next iiieetinK of the Thuradoy Whist club will bo held ar. the home of Miss Eva Brett. The party will be given on Thursday afternoon of next week, Mits Clotfelter Here. Miss Carrie Clotfelter of Cherry vale, Is spnndins the Thnnltsglving va- cuiioii with friends here. V Mr. and Mrs. Pry Home. .Mr. and .Mrs. fieorKe A. Fry have reiiiriied from a visit In South I'itts biirK. Tenii. Ti.ey vlsileil .Mr. and Mrs. Vine Fry. REPUBLICANS MET Tin: (riY ( LIH HKLO A nocsix.- SESSI(»\ »<K»\KSIHV VKJIIT. EVERYONE IS CONFIDENT Tin: I'AKTY i.s srifi: OF GREAT Vn rOKY l\ lOI.A NKXT spitixn. KxrcllenI Addresses Wcie Dolhoreil by < aiitalii .McJIiifii. II. E. Clifford Hiid A. K, Flurencc. ME.S' WA.NTED QUICKLY—By bip Chicago mail order house to distribute .•atuloKues, advertise, etc. |2.'»."00 a week. H'.(i,Oii expense's ullnwance first | iiioiiih. .N 'o experience rO(|ulred. .Manager, Deiit. .'iitl, .'I.S .'i Wabash Ave.. ChicuKO. Business Dbectory. .loiix u. wimmx, yi. n. riiyMlrInn nniL .HurK<*on. \V.\N'TI-;i)—I-'arm hand ai Creek Dairy. Phliie !i.S!t—2. f) TO LOAN— l -I.OOO private money on farm land at G per cent.—tola Land Co. \VANTI-U)--Two young liidle.s I 'o solicit. C. I''. Fiorenee, Kooins lu and II. Kvana Illock. WANTED—All Itinds of second hand household furniture.—Tlie lola r -'iirni- iiire I'^xchange. A. U'. Heck, I'rop. Phone 2.'>. Over liurnllN. I'honr. Ut. * « DR. MILDRED CUBTfS • rhyslrlan and Sar^foa. * • i Office over BuTeli'ii Drug Slors • Office Phone 054, • • Residence '.'14 K. Jackson • • Phone 569. « • • • WA.N'TED-To buy a good second 'tand buggy. I'hojie -IGIl or lu9:i. WA.\TED—lola property to ex-i •hange for Kansas and Missouri land, lolden West Land Co. Office over Iowa .Store, lola, Kas. DR. HcHlLLEN. Special attention given to tlia treatment of all Cbronlc Dlaea»- es and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 33. Res. 233. * Office over Burrell'i Drug Stor* • West Madison. • : V. Mr':. Foust Entert.-»incd. S\y- liilili I'niisl was liiisless nf .1 •11 pniuihir anion- .-i I M-la'lvev \..!ii.l.i, (n .-el !ar;-'e IIIIIIIIKT of friend.-; wlin have ad-1 .l.r .:i im, i.t Tliaiil.>-M iiiu. A diiii!" 1 mired iK-r e arniini! and iiiiaffecied j i,;,,-!,- ^as .-i le.itiiie nf ilie d.-i>. inniiiier. Mr. Bondy i-'MiresenIs a' larae ore concern and tliouah be h.-i" lirrn in Kansas but .-i short time Ii.- lias won numerous frif>nds here. T.':e enesiR and other acnuaintances pave beautiful piv<;eiii-! of silver, cut ulass and linent- 10 express llieir wishes for nuicli joy and prosperity. Mr. and Mrs. Bondy will be at home in l.;illarpe early in C e new year. A .;. With Mrs. Malone. Mrs. Claude Sellers nf .Ir.pliii, .\Io.. is a iiie:-r of Mrs. C .1. .Ma'.niie for a weeV. ••. i • • * j M-. J.ickson Leaves. Miss Hyde Home. , M,- A1|..,| J. nf Ctiica;;o .\i;.ss Kn'UiM I|v,!e nf 1-innoria.. iS|Wliii as li> en a iT'iest of Mr. and .M is Cluh Dance. Several couples attended a dance In .Masonic hall last niplif. They wert luemhers of f:'e .Marchliieal eltib and iluir friends. The occasion was the •leeoiid nf a series recently begun Those who were there were Mr. and M:-s. M. Schoenbrnn. Mr. and .Mrs. S U. Biiri-ell. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. -hl.'Id.s. Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Wood Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Shields. Mr. and Mrs. .1. I). .Mundift. Mr. and .Mrs. C. J. Iljillii'ii. Miss Elhei Jlorlon. .Miss \eva I 'lMik. Misa Ruby Heller. Miss rinnle Holmes. MIs.t I'earl Wheat ey. Miss Rose Wellli. Mr. •<'!eor«e i.oi:L'ae :e. Mr. Linn Coffey. .Mr. .IrVl.n l.nvoea, Mr. Elvie (iilllatt. .Mr. Heiir rieak and .Mr. Otto Moii^'h For Their Son. .Mr. ami Ms I;. II I!iii\-.ii I'.ive ;iany fi.e- ''^''ir MII:. K. K. Ilrnwii. 1 Hainmori.l. Ill , ye.-iierda\ A ;:-oii|i III ii-!.-!i Ives were ;re';enl. Entertained Rel.itives. .Mr. .-iiiil .Mis. It. I-". I' :;.iv" ii dinner a! six o'elocl; la.-t nit;lil. 'riies<- presf III wei>' .Mr. and .Mrs. If 1.. I'.iiii-nast. Mr. and .Mrs. K. .\. .-•e!i-.'.arritni:iii. .Mr. and Mrs. \'. \'.. r^Mnvii. .Mr. I-;. K. Brnwii. .Mis.s I.nii.i I'rmcnast. and .Miss Fr.da P.-mcoast. visliin? relaiives le-re cation. fnr slinri va­ il. lor SM; llii In Ill's S. liarnniil fnr a linie. h\\ loday Kansas City. .Mr. .laehson- wi'l oiue lime lliire liefnr'' ROiii Family Reunion. in liis hnin.- in Illinois. Thaiik.-i-'i* in;-' day was the occasion '.• •> fnr a f.-iiiiily reunion at the borne of Miss Capp Here. Mv. and .Mrs. C. .M. Cole. I'et Xn:-il:| >li^s l-'ini.-i Caiip Lawrence, i T^nckey street. .Ml nieiiibers of I In-1m mliiiu .1 vaeaiinn wiili her si.'-ier family were prim-nt for iheTiist lime /n BIX VI ;irs. I'laees were laiil at the table for: Mr. and Mr.-:. C. M. Cnle and daiighier of Lallarjie ;Mr. .an I Mrs. Ci'orise Cole, of Cas Ciiy: Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Ward and son of Den- and Mis. I' Klder. nf oiiawa. .Mr v.'r. Colorado; Mrs. L. 1-^ Stone. <if and .Mr;;. I!. It. Claibniiie. .Mrs. I'Uwx .MIS. T S Sinve •*• •*. Dinner P.irtv. Mr. and .Mis. Itoj^s Claiborne had lllisi- •;nesi.; at diiiii'-r yesterday: .Mr. Stone Set flings for Xmas Low In price but high in (iii.Tlity. Oiu- of these tin;;s may \n- jtjsl what yui are lookiiiK 'or to give as a Chri^lmas prcsi'ul We h.ive htin dreds of l>e.atitifiil detigo.s to select from in single .and ccmhiiintioii stone sets, and since Chri.stni.i'i is now Imt a few hricf weeks aw.iy wc wonl<l like to wait upon yon NOW wht n wc can vjivc yon lln- best of altcntinn. -.-..1---is5^><'/^>^ Dinner and Theatre Party. .\l:-. and .Mrs. Il.'rmaii Tliolen Kav 1 .iliiiiier party and later entr'rtuined llieir Liie .sts at the iheaire lo eiijo ilie Tliiiiiksaivlir.; season. Anion rliore in aliendance were Mr. and MIS. .I .diii Tholeii. .Mrs. L. IIolls-IWK •|e;-. Miss .Mice Calla^ and Mis;-; l-'aniii.' llnltschneiiMr. all nf Ilniii sddl. Mr. I'Mward Yale of ClianiiH Mr. and Mrs. Seward Bixliy. Miss Car rie Dogeii and Mr. Ilernian Tliobii n Inla. .J. Capt. and Mrs. Ewing Entertained. Cjijii. and .Mrs. II. .\. Ew-ins iiivit I'd relatives to he their quests in spetirl the day yesterday. The diiiin lable was hiinilsomelv garnished wiih flowers and other TlianksKiviiisr d o-.ilioiis and llie afteninoii was vp.'iif •Air. mnsie and conversaiinii. • •> Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Howland. .Mr. iiiiies W. Howe, .-m insiruel o.- In llie .Missouri School of .Mines Hoi'a. is -pi-iiiiiim the Tlianlissivin week at tlie home of .Mr. and .Vlrs .\. W. Howland on Soiilh Waliinl. .Mr :iiid Airs. Hnwland cave a six o'clnci dinner fnr Mr. Howe las; ni '4hi. •:• V •:• Sewing Club. Mrs. Frank Faiiceti ;s enteriaini.T^ 'er Sewiim cliib this afternoon. • •: -> Serving Meals. The Aid society of the First M. E •hiiich is servins.' meal:^ lodav in tin Y. M. C. A. building. The " largest nuinber of pat-.ons came from the del ei;ation of setnol leacliers wbicli is hiTe for I he' association. M*. Ptc, Jasfa Pe Hi K. K. a T. Watafc laipectara. No Federation Meeting. The business meeting which the civ ic feili'iatlon of women's clubs wa.-t to have held tomorrow will 1101 occur (bis week. The inftetliig will he an event of the approaching Tnesdiiy. Til" meeiliii; will occur In library liall. ^. Postpoiie Party. Till' pari.v wilch the Aliriiisih club had announced for Wednesdny evi 'iiing was poHi |ioned. The guests A -lll be eiilerlallied oil Tuesday even lug at the home of .Mr Woodin north of the citv. • 'I- •:• To Visit Aunt. Miss Evelyn Evenstelu. of Colnm- lius. this sluie, 1 ,-4 visiltntr her aunt. Mrs. A lllff. 117 S<mth Chestnut. •> •> To Chanute. Miss Clara Cox went lo Chaiiiile veslerday to visit for a few days, .'^lu- is a giiei<t of .Ml;-;s Marie Sewail. •:• •!• Boatright Led Music. Tlie Christian church choir, directed by A. L. Boatright. furnished the music at tlie ITnion Thanksgiving service vesterday. + •> ' To Wichita. Miss Minna Bartels and her sister. Miss Martha Barlels of Lawrence. *:ho has lifen hero fpr several daya v«re IB Wlcbiti yestarday. Tbey at- Considering iliai it was ihe night before Thank.sgiving when people were preparing to entertain friends or leave inwii for a sliiu'i visit, ilierc w-us an unusually lari ;e i-rowd out at the meei ilig nf llie itepiibli^an Ciiy club SVed- iiesday iiiKhl. .\s a more suilalde iiiglil oiild iifil be chosen this week liecau .''e if oiher inceiingH. :he officers of the club decided 10 have the meeting tiien, alihoiigh not expecliiig a big altead- .ilice. Kvcryone was surprised to find .1 large iiuinber of entliiisiastic Ropilb- llcmis in the room when the meeting was cnl 'ed in nrder by PreHideiii L. I.. .Vnrlliriip. ,\lrer sliiliiiff llie nbjecl of Ihe niepi- ing—to plan for ihe city campaign — .Mr. .\orihriip intrndiiceil Captain llax- er D. .McClain. .Mr. .McClalii, who was among a number of prominent itepuiilicans announced for short addresses, made a fine talk arousing iiiMcli interest. In his remarks he referred lo the what Is known as ihe •independent voter." Roviewiiig the iiiiiiciple.s of Ihe Republican parly, he laws ii bad pa .-sed and enforced •iiid llie prosperiiy which has always foliiiwed lis adminisl rat ion. he said in Kiilisiance 'liai in view nf these fads he could not iiiidersiaiid why ihe lii- dcpi 'iident vnier did no; become a Re- iiiiblicaii. He wciii fiiriher saying iliai lie lielli 'ved ilie "independent voter" worked a deirlmeni to ihe conniry in iioi lining lip for ihc parly of progres .s. In his closing remarks he made a plea 10 llie Repiililicans In take an ae- .ive illlell•^l ill llie cl!y c :ini|iaimi and dn a I lliey cniild 111 linniinaie llie besi Tiieii and I bell sniiimrt ilie candiihiies .\ liiif ver iliey iiiiulit be. He also, iiraed ilie Kepiiidicaiis lo ;ei- In il ihal their wives and d .iii.^Ali- ;.rs vnled ibe Repitldicaii lickel. -'II hey wnn'i vine fnr iis. !c: ns find si)lliei |iiii '4 fnr lliem to dn al home oi: li-i:iiiii day." cniiiiiiiied .Mr. .McClaiii which rriiiark prnvnked niacli 1 er. lliirlna I-:. Cliffnrd followed willi • lion :iddie.-s in which he lauded llu {e |iiil )iic;iii parly, sliowini; what il .iilicies h:id dune nni only for till rOiiiilry hill lor ihe lands ycrnss I hi waleis. briii.uing Ihe hi^hesi l>|ie lilier:-. and civili/.alion in every lieo lie lis influence inncbed. .Mr. Clffni hell iinide a plea lo ihe vniiiii: men 1 hi- p :!l•:^ In l:;ke more iiilere.-.- in iln iiaiij. He iir;;ed thai Ihey relieve ibi nider men of ihe burden of ibe work lie alluded 10 the f:i( I llial Hie iiiai who is inclined 10 be an independeni voler be iiol led astray by the hobbie which the Democrats spring in ihr ily campaigns merely as "vole get lers." .Mr. Clifford's remarks were nllnwed Willi applnu.'H'. \ F. Florence followed .Mr. Clifford Ir. l -'lerenee i.- one of ihc besCticaip iiai--:iiers ih llie couiiiy and had u( liffiiniy In rousing ihe Repiiblicans lo a high pitch. Me said lola was a Republican lowii with 11 Deniocralit adniiiiislralioii. He regretted that tin parly bad .-illoweil the Democrais t( will Ihe day In Ilie caiupalgli of Iwo years atto. He noted with much pleasure Ihe deiermintillou of the Kepiib- lleaiis 10 show Ilie people over llir eoiiniy and over ihi- stale that lola is 1 lli-piibiiciiii ciiy. He predlcleil a real victory for ilic parly next spring f iliey cniercd the camp :ilun with spl SALES^IEN & AGENTS—$ S 5 $50 pn I • i>dr week and over can be made sellliigi* I.Vew Campaign Novelties from now Itintllielectiol. Sells to Stores. Couu- ly Fairs, Picnics and Private t^milles. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for r,Oc. Order today. CHICACO N'OVELTY CO., 60 Wabasli Ave., 'Chicago. Pbone Q87. Rea. 70L DR. 0. L. COX, Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Flttad. Offlca A. O. U. W. Bid*. \V.\.\TED—Young men to jirepjire for coming examlnaiiou for Railway Mail arid other Covernmeni Positions. Superior Instriiciion by Mall. Esiah- lisbed H years. Thousands of successful siiidenis. Sample nncstions and "How Gov't Positions are Se- •urrd" sent free. Inter-State Schools .'!U In. Ave.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. '"OR SALE'UnmomUmmmoum FOR SALE—Two Du.«h & Oerts pianos slightly used, left wllh me for lale by Chanute parties. These are •argains. John V. Roberts Music Store. FOR SALE—A 2l'-acre frnit and inick farm, 2 miles north'otOas pij:. Good hoitoni land. .1. \V. .McWIIIIamH. Cas Ciiy. R. R. I. Offica Tel. 1083. Night T«I. ««• DR. R. O. 4^HRISTUlf FbjRielaii SargMa Rooms 7 and 8. Kvana Bld(. * • • • I'X)R SALE OR TRADE-Good prop- •rly, close in. Call IIU West Monroe. f. n xAHinr, Bursery and Uiaeaiei of Women. Office and Resldensa Pbone 11% Office 7 North Jefferion. • • • JEWBLRS. B. P. Pancoast, old rallable ]«wal*r. 110 East Street Lod^e Ditectofj ^OR Rati' mimomUmmmoum TO RE.VT—Furnished rooms. Iii- Iiitre nf T. .N. ilaiili-s. In .Norih Wasii- ngloii. FOR RL'NT—Niceiy oonis: -12 W'esi .Madison. fiirnislieil KNIGHTS or PTTIIT4H.—VoAfHa Lodge No. 43 me*-!" -v... vi,.i,<t«* night at K. of P. !•' • > - I >.» i.'« thera Invited. W. S i h ..Mii.-..ii K. n Chris Hitter. K. of K. uid 8. I'OK RK.N'I'—.\lniosl new four room louse ai Til Soiiih Waliiiii: p:ived ireei. See Harry Davis. 1-Y)0MS FOR HE.NT—Small family: Wi Sniiili .lefrcrs<m .\ve. I-'OI! KK.XT OR SALE CHEAP—A hree or :i six ronined house in lola. •('lain, j ,"lose in. Iiii|iiire l-:inier Ciiniiiiings. laii-li- I .tichmo .tichmoiid. Kas. Phone Wl. DIAMONDS WATCHES CUT OLASS If .vou are undecided what lo buy. come here and we w-ill help you select. We know the presoiiis thai are appropriate.., and you may depend upon what we say. He early and bare" It laid aside. J. W. COFFEY & SON . RxrlNslve Jewelers. EAST &r D ^ 8(11; A R E,, 300000000000000C0 y o 3 K. K. VUKKlfS O 3 l.i\4> .slm-k and (ienerni O 3 Aiu-lioneor O 3 Satisfaction C.uaranteed O 3 Phone .s:;.-. - lii;i East St.. lola. Ks. O 3 O 00000000000000000; KNIOHTS OF VACClBBUl-> Knlgbta of Haccnhees of the WorM meets in K. P. Hall, aecond and fMrft Saturday nlghta of each noatk. W. Postwalt. commandar: R. B. Far* ter. record keeper. ' \V. 0. n'.— Camp No. 101 meatii to K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele. C. C., A. 11. DavH. Cla»» ViBltorif cordially Invited. . M. w7A^The M. W. A. Lo«M meets every Friday night in M. W. k. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. T. CL Coilteld,_V^ C, W. A. Cowan. ClairlL ROVAL KElGHBORS.r-Iola Caa» No. 366. Royal Neighbors, meeta ond and fourth Tuesdaya of month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraela Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Btraat Recorder. fOR EXOMMUmB Six Clear \JL Harpe residences STiiuO »nd %?M0. Cash for merchandise or farm. \V. O. Lenhart. Itda. Kas. LOST~ln from Kress's store, pair ::|(ectacles. Leave al I'Ceilfys .transfer office. t and aggressiveness. During his re- aiarks be said thai the success in the •(lUlily campaign ihis l':tll was dii< argely lo the tireless efforts of L. L, s'i»rihriip, ihe president of ihe club, .iiid the Republicans iiresent showed heir itppri'claiinii of .Mr. .\orllirii |,i 's 'fforis by cheers and hearty applaiise. M the close of lii.s reniark.s .Mr. Flor ence invited the Repubicans 10 come forwiird and sign up nieiiibership arils. .Nearly every |{epiiblicaii re- lM>ii <li'd and Hie niembership of ihe .lull is now very large. .Mr .Vorihriip announced ihe following as the members fif the execu- Ive comniiiiee: First ward. R. E. •iillisoii. C C. .\U8hernian; Second ward. E. O. Hough. Chas. Hodalskl: Third ward. W. II. McCliiie .1. Fluey; Foil rill ward, west preclnci. Henry Sleyer; east predncl. .1 O. fi.irrell •lid Orlaiiilo Hunter. Fiiriher meetings of the club will al Ihe call of the president. FRATERNAL BROTHEBUOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 maato second and fourth Thursday of eaaH month In A. O. U. W. Hall. Visltla* members ctirdially Invited. W. H. Anderson, precldent; Oolda Elam, aea^ ^: -_ k R. JS». 011 f 11100 Reneral Contraetw. Flagstone and Cement SIdewalka Carbine a SpecUlty. Oaca IIS East Jaekaaa AT^ Phoaa tM. FLKKT GIFTS WILL UK LATK. .\ew York, .\'ov. 27.—Christmas gifts to officers and men on the world-tour- ug hatilesliip fee now ui .Manila will he carried on the suppl.v ship Celtic, hnt as she will not leave the Brooklyn navv yard until the middle of December, remembrances from sweethearts lid relatives will l)e a little late in reaching their destination. The Celtic will meet the fleet either at Xebro Iwy.. Morocco or at Glb- ra'tar. The fleet la due at Xegro bay on December SI, and at Gibraltar. Feb- ruarv 6. RealCstate, Insurance City and Farm Loans T..OW Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and Interest censes on amount jiald. Lonf; or Short Time Loani. Cunnlfigham & Arnett OUR TELEPHONE a constantly ringing chesd daya. tember. you know, is the time to ha^ the summer dust cleaned out of car pets. We are husy, but your order wRi receive prompt and careful attentlaa Phone us today.. lOLA RUG FACTORY TUm% tin < HAGAZIKBS XSU l^KBIODICAl;^ can Be aecurei of J. f. Beaierf »^ ivho deals with the ^publlshera aal' ''irnlshes' them at the lowest iirtaai •osalble. Trial aabscriptloa to. Vm :atdet»-X S nonths tSc.'

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