Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1907
Page 6
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iolft VrntBriiukry Hpmit^ml Weist Stfefct, IOIBI one block from sqtiiare. Diseases of domesticated animalssaccessfallytreated,cbarges mo<lerate,good bozstallsforpatients Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary-Dentistry a specialty. FrmnkS,BeaW9, V.S. Honor Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 Mighty good for a bad cold. Try a box and see. At SPENCER'S crrir jasms. Ribbon Sale i^ext Saturday at EiW- Ing & Burdlck'fc See •their window. HARRY THOMPSON and others from lola were in the city Wednesday hiring teams to;hatil their drill.rigs from the lola territory and will commence worlc soi^west of the city at once. • • • Albert liynn went to lola last Saturday for a: f'3w days' visit. • • • Mrs. A. W. Fox retunied last Saturday from 5ola. where she had been be have het- eyes treated.—Neosho Falls Post.; - , Dr. MmxwMM,^w IM. Set. MIW SETTLEaiY^R finished the wheat sowing on the Brown forty for .Mr. Lamb a week ago last Saturday. This makes 174.'acres that Mun has put to wheat th4s fdll. 95 acres for himself, 39 for -Q. lu Lamb and 40 for Mr. Morton 61 lolB. The wheat on the Brown forty is up and promises to be on hand alt harvest time.—^Neosho Falls Post. : ! r See J. W. Coffey when in need of fine fumiture. ; DR. C. iW. Rennick came down from Gas City, Kansas, this morning to visit his parents, Ut. and Mrs. M. F. Rennick. The doctoi* formerly practiced in our city'and his return visits bring plea sure to ma_Jiy friends.—Cher ryvale Rer-'abllcan. ^ Give her 'Raffles for Xmas and you are it! Asb S. R. HUrrell. PR. J. F. JAJITESOX, 'ilie Successful Anc tlonerr, Tc<erinnrlnn Fhrm >.i*v>or rt -tlij^rt'cil sttx: NiK-s made aiiywticrr. Vclct- innvy c;ilN answtTc^t day or «ji.;l:t. DfTirc with Douglass i'ra%, Phcuc roidrricr .(ro 10I..\. K.\N-.S.\S. Iowa Store Biir Bargain M'cck on All Kinds of Fall 3Iercbandlsc. Grocery Department. We carry everything that can be Kot in the friut line, also fresh vegetables. Will call your attention to our biff window which will give you some idea as to what we have. We :ire. making big preparations for Tliankssiving day for Turkeys. Geese nuck.*!. Chickens, Fresh Oysters. Yeal, I.anib, Mutton, ,Beef, Pork, Mince .Meat. Cotolene. Lard, Fresh Ham, Boiled Ham. Smoked Ham, Sausage, Pressed Ham. Bologna, Head Cheese, Spare Ribs,-Sauer Kraut and Cranberries, i I We will gl |Te Free fo the one that buys the largest bill of Groceries a dres>od pig the day before Thanks- V'ivlng. I. A. G. MUMMA, Prop. Iola< Bfisifless College Hl^i or Day Seealoit Penmanship, Arithmetic, Elocution, Bocltkeeping. English. Physical Culture, etc Shorthand, L«tter Writing. Distmel Water One hiindred pounda ot Ciyi- tal Ice%Ul make 12 galloni of disUlled water aaitabla for bunlly U8^ Try IC leklce&CdllStdnseCo FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. COL. IKMAN, ;or the Lewis & Kitchen Co., was in the city last night on business, with the city council, which was to haire met last night. No meeting was held bn account of a (luorum not being present.—Colfey- ville Record. ' Dr. Wllley» Oeiillst. .\CC 0 RDI:;G to tie Kansas City Times the following couple secured a marriage license rvesterday: W. J. McGowan, Hooker, Kafi. and Carrie Fisher of Humboldt. TCans. Biacmg food for steady nerves— Nutritive food for healthy appetites— Strengthesing food for sturdy muscles— The most nourishing wheat food Uneeda Biscuit gm^ In moisture and wVh dust proof packages, %^ NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY ON BIGAMY CHARGE Three good building lots on Wash- liigfon avenue, e^sf front to trade for cement stock. G. E. Smeltrer, Lock Box 157, lola. MISSES Alice.'and Florence Avey went to Tolathi^ evening to be the guests of their ;sister, Mrs. Roscoe Grantham. • * * Mrs. Ada Lewis went to tola today to be the guest of some friends.^Cherrj-\ale Republican. Ribbon Sale n^xt Saturday at Ewing & Burdick's. _ See their window. P. P. HERDM.AN of lola was in the city, Monday for .the purpose of closing un a deal in ?Thich he disposes of his grocery store ft that point.—Yates Center Advocate. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dolIi>rs to loan on farms at a reasonable r^te. L. F. PALMER has returned from Eldoi-ado Springs. Mo., where he has spent the i)ast fow weeks. Mr. Palmer's many friends will be glad \o know that he is-greatly improved in health since goin^ to the Springs. P. E. Wasak, OenUit Flioae 18K. OlBce orer BarrelFi Drair 8tor& JOHN" LOBAtTGH. of Pullman, Wash., was in th^ciiy last Friday accompanied by \\;ash Xeighbargar of lola. Mr. Lobaugh is one of the early settlers of this ^:art of the country. Lobaugh and HeiFshey were running a saw mill here- twenty-four years ago. Mr. Lobaugh is looking well and prosperous. He is on his way to California, where he expects to locate.— N'eosho Falls Post. PERFECTION WICK F '.!i^E OIL STOVE Two jTood oifire rooms for rent. Inquire S. Jl. Burr ^I. THE T.AYLOR; brothers—Guy, Bert and Mark—have -purchased the Our- Way cafe and Clibh House restaurant in lola and will •?engage in business there. Their wives went to lola yesterday to see about renting houses and arrange for \moving there. Guy and Mark have bein in Tulsa for some time. Berts home is here.—Chanute Tribune. See J. W. Cofl*ry when in need of fine furniture. THE UNION Pacific Tea company has received a shipment of 3,000 plaques which they will give away as Christmas presents. SAFE - OOWBHEIIT - EcoBomcaL If TOUT <li«l<tt doti't luuxUe ;t, wriu to THE STANDARD OU_ COMPAWYj For stylish package and high grade ! Candy the line handled by Mnndis I surpasses them all. ' ' MRS. .T. H. Gardner died last night at her home in.- Humboldt. Kansas. ;She was the mother of Mildred and .rHazel Gardner, pf this city, and of Charles Gardner^ who lived here a year ago. She was well known to • many people of Panions. The funeral •will be held tomcJrrow at the home in j Humboldt.—^Parsons Sun. Wanted—Ererybody to know that W. B. Keller * Son have moved their transfer and storage office to 211 South Washington. Office and Day Phone 290. Raiiidenca and bight Phone 17. MR, AND MRS. -G. Gladfelter. of Topeka; came in^yesterday for a short visit with their son, L. B. Gladfelter, manager of the TTnion Pacific Tea Co. MISS PAULINE Hinkle and her brothers, Ambrose and Lewis, arrived in the city yesterday. Her mother stopped off at Gas City. Kas., for a few days, when she^will also return and again become residents of the city They had goh^ to Salida, Colo., in the summer.—Bartlesville Enterprise. 200 acres, about 6 miles from railroad town. Bourbon county, 75 acres in cultivation, 3 room house, etc. Price $2500. All clear, Wigtaker & Donnell. .MR. W. HAMILTON, will sing a TKJlo at the men's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. next Sunday afternoon. MORSE Roberts ot Lawrence Is In the city visiting Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Cole. Don't miss the opportunity to buy $3.00 and $3.50 Shoes at $1.S5. Shields' Shoe Co. MR. AND MRS. Ed Williams of Waverly are visiting at the home of Bert Blotz on East Lincoln Street. Free dirt at Luccock'a. WORK.MEN are today installing the furnace in the United Brethren church. Heretofore this church has been heated by stoves. The stoves were not satisfactory however. It will require several days to complete the work. SOL ROSSV manager of the American Metal company, and E. V. Lanyon, president of the I.anyon-Starr Smelter company and Pittsburg Zinc company, were in the city Wednesday conferring with J. G. Starr, purchasing agent for the three companies in this field. The conference was of a business nature.—Joplin Herald. Fine Tableware, Sterling and Plated. Elegant specimens of cut glass. If joa are thinking of making a gift, either for a wedding or holidays don't fail to see the display in oar store. DISCOVER NEW FIELD A Good ^Tell Brought ia Five Xiles Sooth of Uercb Although the drillers have not measured the test well in the tiew field five miles south of this city, it is believed that it is at least a five million cubic feet well. This is the first well to be drilled in this section of the the country, hence it means that a new fie!d has been discovered. It has been believed for some time that gas was in this district as it Joins the Becker field, where there are some of the best wells in the Kansas gas field. a A. LEFFLER, JEWELEB. BEGIN DECEMBER 15 Actual Work on Carlyle Plant in Two Weeks. * .500 pair $."5.00 and $3..".0 Shoes will be sold from table at $1.S5. Shields' Shoe Co. C. H. CA^P of .North Buckeye street, to leave this week for Menlo. Iowa, to make his future home. Mr. Capp has been working at the smelters. Dog'sColdNQse iHMcnittiHsidldo^ Doftno ludce a dog by hb noK and a nun-by hit hands.' Fbfts wHh cdd hands need ScottV Emulsion CoidhMbdIIca mean Mn' blood. Imr vttaiiv Mid Door fccdinf. scorn EHUUION haitmnlh andvitdtty Mid fndfaig power in M. In con- Mmp|jun..and odicr wwiinj dicMcs it fmb the blood Mid dvci the power to pradocc BcA. n n a R n n n Vice-President Umstead of the Lumberman's Portland Cement company, who is in the city stated that the actual construction work on. the brick plant which is to be buitt at Carlyle will begin December loth. He says that the excavating work was progressing nicely. The sample of the brick made from the shale taken from the hill at Carlyle was delivered Wednesday. It is said to be the best. WILL RUN FOR ASSESSOR. Chas. H. Schaffner is a Candidate for New Office. (Humboldt Herald.) Chas. H. Schaffner has decided to become a candidate for the office of county assessor tmder the new tax law. The office is an aiipointive one and is selected by the county commissioners. As two members of the board are Democrats there is ^ not much doubt regarding the poliU^ of the man who will land the Job. The Herald heartily endorses the candidacy of Mr. Schaffer for this position. Charlie has been in the real estate and Insurance business for sevpral years and his experience regarding values of property is of the best. He is an accurate bookkeeper and has the temperament necessary for holding such an office with the best of results. A petition Is being circulated asking the commissioners to^'make the appointment and everyone who sees it is signing. The commissioners could make no better selection. MISS EDNA Keith who has been singing at the Theatorium. returned to her home at Chanute this morning—Parsons Eclipse. High Grade; Suits <ind Overcoats All new patterns and slyies to select from. Hvery suit atid overcoat perfect In'fit workmanship, per- BARCi^Y-SHfELDS CLpTHJB^ COMPANY ' It is deliciously palatable, agrees with the weakest stomach, contains the most soothing, healing, strengthening and curative elements. Makes you well and happy. Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea. 35 cents. Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug Storey XBS. i. U. CIABDXEB DEAD. TTrfl Known Hamboldt Lady Died Tuesday of Heart FaUnre. 'Mrs. J. H. Gardner died at her home Tuesday night at 10:20. Monday she had undergone an operation for the removal of gall stones with which sbe had been suftering for the past year. She passed through the operation all right aod was getting along so nicely that it was thought all danger was past. Her daughter, Miss Hazel, had returned to Parsons . Tuesday evening however, it was found that her heart action was falling and in spite of all that could be done, she continued to sink until the time of her death. Her children with the exception of Charles were all here. He came In Wednesday night Alice Smith Gardner was one of the most popular ladles in HumboIdL She was born fifty-two years ago at New- bnrg,' III. She came to Humboldt with her mother and brothers and sisters in 1869. and for a number of years taught in the city schools. She was married to J. H. Gardner in 1878 and their home has always l)een in Humboldt. She leaves besides her husband five children—Charles. Thomas. Harel .Mildred and Morris who have the deep est s>-mpathy of their many friends. ilrs. Gardner was a member of the {..adies* Aid aodeti' and the Chryaan- themum club as well as of the Rebeccas and Royal Neighbors. The foneral services of Jlrs. Gardner was held from the resldience today at 2 :30 p. m. A Hard Debt to Pay. "I owe a debt ot gratitude that can never be' paid off," writes G. S. Clark, of Westfield, Iowa, "for my rescue from death, by Dr. King's New Discovery. ' Both lungs were so seriously afltected that death seemed imminent, when I commenced taldng New Discovery.- The ominous dry, hacking cough quit before the first bottle was used, and two more bottles made a complete cure." Nothing has ever equaled New Discovery for coagha, colds and all throat and long complaints. Gnaranteed by all drngglBts. 50G and $1.00. Trial bottle fr«e. ALLEX 8EXD8 MAXT STUDENTS. Fifth in List Sendlav Xast Stadeats ta K. F. Allen county is fifth in the num ber of students in Kansas university. Douglas county leads with 405. Wysn doti* £1. Shawnee 39, Montgcanery 34 and Allen SO. Ninety-one counties are represented in the student body. The counties not represented, almost with out exception, are In the extreme western part of the state. They are as follows: Barber, Cheyenne, Edwards. Qrahani, Grant. Gray, Greeley, Haskell, Kearney, l^ogan. Morton, Seward, Shermaa and Wichita. FRANK 8KRVEY left this morning for Ocheletju Oklahona. where he will vlstt his brathar. Late lerver. who is jMiror of t^o dt^F 01 Oeheleta. Former lola Wbtnan Was Arrested at Joplin. (Joplin News.) Mrs. Flossie Osborne, who only j[e- cently figured in a case in federal court, charging her husband, O. E. Osborne, with taking mail from the Galena post office, addressed to her, was yesterday arreted in Galena by Constable Joe Powell on a warrant sworn to by her husband charging her with bigamy. She was arraigned in the Justice court of Judge H. C. Dale, but the case was dismissed at the request of Deputy County .\ttomey T. T. Burr. In dismissing the case Attorney Burr and H. A. Pritchard. who appeared as attorney for the plaintiff, exchanged several heated 'words; Pritchard saying the woman would be prosecuted, notwithstanding the fact that the county attorney of Cherokee county or his deputy refused to hear the case. Attorney Burr gave as his reasons for dismissing the case the fact that the county attorney's office had not been furnished with sufficient ^information to cause a change in the belief that the matter was brought through malice and a'so that the matter should be heard in Chautauqua county, where the alleged unlawful marriage Is claimed to have taken place. In the complaint made against the woman by Osborne ha alleges that they were married in 1904, and that at the time of their marriage she was the lawful wife of Coleman Grady, now residing at lola. Kan. To him, he c'aims, she made believe a divorce had been secured from Grady. They were then married in a legal manner, he says, and later he discovered that she had not been legally divorced. The Osbornes have resided in Galena for a number of years. After be Iiig arrpsted and held in Jail at Fort Scott on a charge of opening his wife's letters, he was only recently released, the case being dismissed against him after he had turned the mall over to his wife. Since their separation Mts. Osborne has continued to reside in Galena. 'The District Leader Price* A MFSIj^AL COMEDY. Russell SLIQHTLY USED Co'eman Grady, the former husband of Jlrs. Grady lives in East lola. Mrs. Grady Is well known to many lola people. lOLA PEOPLE. WHh rhronle fonghs \eed Vinol—It .Stops the Coneb and Cores the fcuse. This is the .season for roughs and colds, and for the benelit of Tola peo- Dle our local druggist. S. R. Burrell, tells them the best means for a cure. He says: "Take Vinol, our real cod lier preparation without oil. Jt does not upset the stomach like .cough syrups, and it is nr.ioh more effective. Vinol is not a palliative but a curative." This is because Vinol contains In a highly concentrated form all of the healing, strength creating and medicinal elements of cod liver oil actnallv faken from fresh cod's livers, with all the useless, nauseating oil eliminated^ and tonic iron added. It tastes fine, and cannot upset the weakest stomach, hence its wonderful power to cure. * ^'••''•in^ We ask every person in lola who has a chronic cough or hard cold to try Vinol on our guarantee. S. R. Burrell, Druggist, lola, Kansas. OTHER GOOD BARQAINS;; Roberts Pigintf House m POLAR BCApy • I . Has Stood the Tckt/: Becatoi its t!ie B«st^^ No Of ber Accejit Wfn.OUtdoff, Agt storage iUuiTrmamfer Oompmay Office and Storage Ware Room at its West StrieL PUBtlfe R, A aiLFILLAM, eeaenjl CoBtnetor. riagstone and Cement Sidewalks aai Cnrbinl a Specialty. OOee lis East Jaekaea Am FiMM m. I • For Best and Quickest Besolta Use the Re^ster ITaat paaaaf$9f S.S.S. HADE FBOH ROOTS AHD HEBB5 K SAFE AHD BELIABLE BLOOD In the time of our forefathers the forests and fiel ds were the only lj|bor> atories from which they coald procnire their medidi es. TFhey seardieu-^:;;dL and compounded the different roots, herbs and barki into lemiedies, many oP*<a|^ which have been handed down to sncceedinif generations, and continnoosly Bsed with satisfactory resnlts. Among the -very best of these old! ttmejirep- ^ > arations is S. S. S., a medicine made entirely from roots, herbs and bsirka, io such combination as to make it t^e greatest of a] 1 blood purifiers. HUS absolute -v^etable purity of S. S. SJ makes it the one medicine that may be used without fear A harmful iesults;in any way. lilost blood medicines on the market contain mercury, potashy or some other strong mineril. These act with bad effect on the system, upsetting the stomach, interfe^ng with thedigestion, affecting the bowels, and when used fpr a prolonged period of time often catise aalivation. No such effects e\'er: result from the use oi. S. S. S., and it may be taken by children as safely as by older people. For Rheumatism. Catarrh, Sores and Ulcers, Malaria, Scrofula, Skin Diseases, and all other txonbles caused by imirare or poisonedj blood, S.,S .J^ is a perfect remedy. It goes down into the circulation and removes iw poisons, impurities, humors or unhealthy matter, and make* the blood posp and richT It eliminates every paitide of the taiiit of inherited Uioiodinahl^purifies and strengthens the weak, d^eriorated blood, and estahHshrs t|Me/|(mndation for good liealth. S. S. S. is Nature's Blood Parifi^, aqd its many years of successful service, with a steadily i.ncreasing demand for ftj^itftte best evidence of its value in all blood troubles. Book on: thie blood and any medical advice of chaige. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., mAHTA, GA. Try a Want Ad. in the

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