The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 24, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Thursday, Dec. 24,1964 Hospital Notes WEDNESDAY ADMISSIONS: Belle Waugh, Tipton; Foy Rayl, Tipton; Norman Beachy, Kokomo,- Shirley McDaniel, Tipton; Ronald Nelson, Kokomo: 'Timothy Clouser, Tipton.; »Ray/Sawge, Kempton; Virginia Townsend, Arcadia; 01 lie Hargrave, Goldsmith; Alive Ozenbaugh, Tipton; Augusta Rode, Tipton; Carl Kaiser, Arcadia. DISMISSALS: Glenna Stander- ford, Russiaville; Charles Johnson, Greentown; Elizabeth Jung, Tipton; Wayne Conway, Greentown; Barbara Moore, Tipton; Helen Johnson, Windfall; Nina •Morgan,' Tipton; Ross Webb, Elwood; Elizabeth Morford, Windfall; Oscar Harper, Sharpsville; Lula Sharpley. Arcadia; Delores and Carmila McGuire, Tipton; Walter Hughes, Tipton; Rebecca Goodnight, Tipton; Charles Mc- Learan, Tipton; Robert and Lora Johnson, Anderson; Ruth Bragg, Elwood. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Phil Heron, Tipton, boy, December 22. : . THURSDAY ADMISSIONS: Millie Smith, Tipton; Nora Warner, Kokomo; Harold Deff, Atlanta; Ray Purvis, Tipton; Mildred Percival, Tipton; Betty Malston, Atlanta. DISSMISSALS: Jeannie and Richard Altherr, Tipton; Carolyn Cardwell, Tipton; Tony Browning, Windfall; Claudith Burpey, Tipton: Shirley Davis. Tipton; Beth Castor, Tipton; Chester Mason, Kokomo: Leoda Addington, Arcadia-p-Buddy Gibson, Tipton; Charles Nelson, Kokomo; Betty Julius, Elwood; Carl Kaiser, Arcadia; Ronald Nelson, Kokomo; Andrew Nipper, Atlanta; Timothy Clouser, Tipton; Dennis Garst, Atlanta. ON THE SIDELINES BY HAM RIGG GEM RESTAURANT WILL BE CLOSED DEC. 25 AND WILL OPEN DEC. 28th Tipton County Co-Op Elevators will close Dec. 25-26-27 OPEN Mon., Dec. 28 CO-OP ELEVATOR TIPTON — KEMPTON SHARPSVILLE , •' The mail bag brought. us a number of cherished Christmas greetings. Among them from •Dave Mayjey, former T.H.S. athlete who made, starting tackle this year at Novato High School in California . .' . from Parke Mehlig, class of 1903, now an avid Blue .Devil backer in Corvallis, Oregon . ."' . from Bob (Straight to the -State) Straight of Huntington's Vikings ... from Fred Waring (Waring's Pennsylvanians) and his staff at the Shawnee-On-Delaware, where we vacationed last summer. -' ' I • Golfers planning a visit east this year, incidentally, are reminded that the Shawnee Inn, a resort hotel on the banks of the I Delaware River, offers one of the world's finest golfing layouts. Not to mention entertainment in the "Cartoon Room" where during his off-duty moments Jackie Gleason makes his home at a corner table and provides infor-' mal. unpaid humor for Waring's guests . . dinner jackets are required only for Friday evening dinner-dancing. 'It's a summer "must" on the list of those who enjoy their golf first class. For further testimonials ask' "Doc" Gossard who tried it on our say-so last year. Our Gift List We've compiled a list of gifts we'd like to pass on to some of our friends (typing hurriedly that almost came out "fiends"). To Dick Barr, a "seat belt" for Phil Sullivan and John Woods to apply at strategic moments ... for Bill Britton a G'7" transfer student to help under the boards at Jackson Central ... a new towel for Ray Manis of Elwood when he attempts to set a throwing record. at the Tipton .gym Feb. 5 ... a real happy vacation for Dick Mcintosh and Harvey Harmon while home over the holidays . . . and that eoes for all the other former Bl'ie Devils ... a big winning string for Bob Blessing and his Spartans (Roy Watson doesn't need that wish at Windfall) ... a tape measure for John Moses to measure those passes his now almost-two-year- old son is throwing in the living room ... a specially sharpened knife for Don Curnutt & Co., to cut down the nets after the Carmel Sectional the night of Feb. 27 (that one they used in 1948 sure must be dull by now.) While we're at it, we're going to hang a blue and white stocking on our own fire place and ask the Blue Devils to stuff it with a Holiday Tourney cham- DIAMOND UN G-S . i. guaranteed PERFECT center diamond, or replacement assured. Life- tinra trade-in privilege toward a larger Keepsake. Foster's Jewelry Tipton, Ind. pionships before we take it down Tuesday night. Coach Wanted •With I.U. looking for a coach to replace Phil Dickens, they'll undoubtedly go looking for a big "name" coach to pacify alumni leaders who have been dissatisfied with results of the university's football campaigns. Actually, however,' they don't have to look too far to find a man we are certain could do the job for them even although he doesn't havfe the big college backgrounds The nfan we have in mind is not only as personable a man as they ' could locate but' has a brilliant record and is a gentleman through and through . ... that is none other than Jerry Huntsman, who after several years of brilliant success and several undefeated seasons at Huntington High School, stepped up to the Erlham College a couple of years back. Earlham doesn't grant athletic scholarships so Huntsman had to recruit the best talent he could strictly on the basis of their records with the books. He took a school that had gone nowhere in football and to the best of our knowledge has only lost one football game in the four years he has been there . . . what he could do with full NCAA scholarships to lure the nation's gridiron talent his way would really be something. We're urging Jerry to submit his application, anyway. Well, that's it folks—and "a Merry Christmas to ALL. STANDING ROOM ONLY BUFFALO. N.Y. (UPI)— Only standing room -tickets which went on sale this morning, remain for Saturday's champion ship game between the American Football League Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers at War Memorial Stadium. NEW YORK (UPI) — The United Press International small college basketball ratings with first place votes and won- lost records of games played through Saturday, Dec. 19, in Darentheses: Team Points 1. Evansville (35) (5-0) 350 2. Grambling (6-0) 278 3. Southern Illinois (4-2); 182 4. Fresno St. (6-1) 169 5. Pan American (5-1) 135 6. Akron (3-1) 101 7. Wittenberg (6-2) 90 8. Carson-Newman (9-1) 87 9. Youngstown (6-1) 81 10. North Dakota (6-3) 45 Second 10 — 11, Hofstra 35; 12 (tie) Westminster (Utah) and Washington (St. Louis) 25; 14 (tie) Kentucky St. and Rock- JUNCTION Barber Shop OPEN ALL DAY WED. BEFORE CHRISTMAS WILL CLOSE DEC. 25 & 26 We thank you for your patronage in the past years and wish only the best for 1965 Rick Barry Is Major College Leading Scorer NEW YORK (UPI)—There's a hurricane from down South that blew up a big storm last season, faded in the end, but might sweep . everybody off course this year. Rick Barry of the Miami Hurricanes led all major college basketball scorers through games of Dec. 19, according to NCAA statistics released today. But Barry also led at the same state last season, only to finish fifth behind Howie Komives of Bowling Green. Barry, a 6-7 senior, averaged 36.3 points while leading Miami to six victories in eight games. Wayne Estes of Utah State ranked second with a 32.7 mark and 6-11 Henry Finkel of Dayton was third with a 31.8 average. Finkel was tops in field goal percentage with .700, hitting 77 buckets in 110 attempts. Kirby Pugh of West Texas State was second with a .662 mark. Estes led in free throw percentage by netting 41 out of 42 attempts for a .976 average. Ed Home of Baylor was second with a .926. Pacific's Keith Swagerty was tops in rebounds with 133 in six games for a 22.2 average. East Tennessee's Jim Woods ranked second with 66 grabs in three games. Utah led all major colleges in scoring through games of Dec. 22 with a 96.1 average in seven games. Duke was second with a 94.2 mark and Notre Dame third with 93.9. Other team lsaders were New Mexico (46.7) in defense, St. •Francis of Brooklyn, N.Y. (.539) in field goal percentage and Georgia Tech (.795) in free throw percentage. hurst 22; 16, Winston-Salem 20; 17, Philadelphia Textile 19; 18, Southwest Missouri 15; 19 (tie) Augsburg and Adams St. (Colo.) 13. Other teams receiving nine or more points — Ohio Wesleyan," St. Michaels, (Vt.), St. Joseph's (N.M.), Abilene Christian, Jackson St. (Miss.), Springfield (Mass.), Mt. St. Marys, Linfield, North Carolina A&T, and Central St. (Ohio). NAME NEW MANAGER WASHINGTON (UPI) — Former Washington Senator outfielder George Case, who led the American League in base stealing- for six seasons, has been named manager of the Hawaii Islanders of the Pacific Coast League. Case has worked with the Senators in recent years as a coach and special scout. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Euchre Party CANCELLED DECEMBER 26TH RE-SCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 9TH . LEGION HOME THE MANAGEMENT AND STAFF OF THE DIANA THREATRE WISHES EVERYONE BEST WISHES FOR A \(ERY MERRY CHRSTMAS. J/^ J Celebrate the holidays with us! Here's the entertainment packed program we're bringing you . . . starting tonight at 7:00 p.m. Tonght Thru Sat. M ^TratuS™ M r, tl m . BOXOFFICE OPENS AS 2:30 FRIDAY—CONTINUED SHOW STARTING AT 3-5-7-9 P.M. A FIRST-CLASS, RIP-SNORTING, HARD-RIDING, HARD- SHOOTING COLOR WESTERN HE INVITED WOMEN WITH HIS EYES.. AND MEN WITH HIS GUN! ^ STANLEY KRAMERPROOUCTWM niLBRYNNBl IIWn/mONTOAGUNFIGHTTJr IN COLOR—PLUS "THE GREAT TOY ROBBERY" Continued Show Sunday Starting At 2 p.m. Sun.-Mon.-Tues. RESTLESS, RECKLESS, ROVING JOAN LEIF ^ .... FREEMAN-ERICKSON«H Screenplay by m _~, ANTHONY LAWRENCE and ALLAN WQSS TECiNICSlOl lECHNISCSPTISil •. ; - .,. WEDNESDAY BARGAIN 25c NIGHT "TAMMY TELL ME TRUE" Color THUR. - FRI. - SAT. - DEC. 31 - JAN. 1-2 "FIRST MEN IN THE MOON" Color NEW YEAR'S EVE MIDNIGHT SHOW "SUNDAY IN NEW. YORK" Color SUN. THRU WED. JAN. 3-4-5-6 "GOOD BYE CHARLIE" Color "SEND ME NO FLOWERS" WITH DORIS DAY & ROCK HUDSON, THUR. - FRI. - SAT. JAN. 7-8-9 SPORTS PARAD By JACK CUDDY UPI Sports.. Writer NEW YORK (UPI)— Taking into consideration the speed and explosiveness with which current professional football is played, how far ahead must a team get in the first period to have a distinct psychological advantage over a rival in either of the two championship games Saturday and Sunday? Theoretically, the rivals are beautifully matched. The Buffalo Bills are only five-point favorites over the San Diego Chargers in the American Football League's title game at Buffalo on Saturday. And the Baltimore Colts are but six- point choices over the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland in Sunday's National £ e a g u e championship contest. When 10 red-hot pro grid fans were asked their opinions of when any of the weekend's four clubs would get a big psychological advantage over its opponent, all 10 fans came through with the same answer: Quick Lift "The team that scores the first touchdown against its opponents gets a big mental advantage." Practically all 10 agreed also that the major reason for the psychological advantage was that "the team which falls behind by a touchdown invariably games to overcome that deficit immediately." And, as often as not, they insisted, the "all-or-nothing-at-all strategy" boomerangs so pun- ishingly that the final score rarely is a genuine indication of the relative merits of the teams. Some of the statisticians among the 10 torrid football fanaticos recalled that routs are surprisingly common in pro title games. But Otto Graham, coach at the United States Coast Guard Academy who had a fabulous career as a passer with the Cleveland Browns, disagreed positively with the 10 fans. Said "big, black-haired Otto, "A one-touchdown lead over any of the four teams in the title games this weekend would not have any derogatory psychological effect. They'd be in there going all out, with their usual patterns of play—right down to the last three minutes." Magic Number Graham was asked, "But what if a team spurted into a three - touchdown lead in the opening period? Wouldn't that give the leader a distinct psychological margin and force the opponent to concentrate on an aerial game to catch up? "Yes — it might," Otto admitted. "A three-touchdown advantage at any place in the game should give the leaders a big psychological advantage. But that would not be true of a lead by only one or two early touchdowns." Do the pro's try harder to click off early tallies than to score later? "No," .said Otto, "they're doing their best at all times, although they may have to resort to changes in pattern under sufficient pressure." There have been routs In pro titles games, regardless of the losers' desperation attempts to rally. For example, the Chicago Bears blanked Washington, 73-0 in 1940. The Browns romped over the Detroit Lions, 56-10 in 1954, and over the Los Angeles Rams, 38-10, in 1955. The New York Giants clobbered the Chicago Bears, 47-7, in 1956. And the lions overwhelmed the Browns, 59-14, in 1957. Baltimore's Colts ripped the Giants, 31-16, in 1959 and San Diego whipped the Boston Patriots, 51-10, in 1963. Detroit Coach Wilson Quits By BOB FOWLER United Press International DETROIT (UPI) — Why did George Wilson quit his job Wednesday as head coach of the Detroit Lions? He wouldn't give his reason, but he didn't have to. It was obvious.. .after 48 hours of self-debate he had finally decided that his pride was worth more than a $45,000-a-year job. Wilson, who took over as head coach in 1957 under as bizarre circumstances as surrounded his departure, .met with team owner William Clay Ford and General Manager Edwin J. Anderson for 70 minutes Wednesday afternoon. At 3:25 p.m. a succinct three-sentence statement was distributed stating "Ford accepted Wilson's decision with regret."" Then, Wilson put on his hat and coat and stalked out the door. Ford and Anderson went to their respective offices and closed the doors. Whole Staff Gone Thus ended the secret events of the past five days that first led to Wilson's five assistants being fired while he retained his job and his resignation 48 hours later. After firing the five aides- Sonny Grandelius, Don Doll, Bob Nussbaumer, Les Bingaman and Aldo Forte—Ford told Wilson he could .remain. Wilson, after being told . by his aides not to sacrifice his job for theirs, decided to stay. What George Wilson thought about for the next two days only George Wilson knows for sure. But he must have undergone intensive soul-searching because Wednesday he was determined not to act as a virtual puppet coach for Ford. When Ford finally emerged from his cubicle he announced, "George really caught me by surprise. We had agreed to some changes — the firing of the coaches and personnel di rector Russ Thomas making the trades — Monday and I thought he was satisfied. "I'm sorry to see George go. He was a coach who had his players' loyalty. That's tough to find in a man and when you find him, you hate to lose him. Part 'Friends "However, you should know we parted as friends. He wished me luck, and I wished him success, too." • Ford said he would start looking for a new head coach after the holidays and that he had no immediate successor in mind. Wilson ended his collegiate career at Northwestern in 1937 and joined the Chicago Bears. As an end he was a star on teams that won five division titles in seven years. He ended his active career in 1948 as a player-coach. In August, 1957, Detroit coach Buddy Parker confessed during an after-dinner speech: "This team is uncoachable. I quit." Two days later Wilson was named to the top spot and he directed the team to the National Football League's Western Division title, then capped it off with a 59-14 win over the Cleveland Browns for " the league crown. x Since, Wilson's teams have BE EXTRA ALERT <|| IN - M>. BAD* N> WEATHER WINNER, AAA TRAFFIC SAFETY POSTER CONTEST Eagles Bow Against Wood IFacing overpowering, ^height last night, Jacksjm;eehtral gave its best but was no match for Indianapolis Wood and trailed at the finish 82-51. •Starting with a front line of Northington at 6'9" and Chatmon at 6'7" Wood had control of the boards and it was a credit to the (Eagles that they got 19 rebounds to the Wood quintet's 40. Jackson Central was further handicapped by the flu bug sickening Francis Schildmeier, their leading scorer who played only one' quarter and got off only two shots. He went to the locker room and dressed after the first period. Wood took a 16-7 lead in the initial stanza, opened it to 37-21 at the intermission and was in front by 19 points 56-37 at the three-quarter mark. McConnell was the most effective man for coach Bill Britton. hitting seven field goals and. a pair at the charity line for 16 points. Beck added 12 more on five fielders and two' free throws. The Eagles gained one edge in the game and that Was at the foul line where they outscored Wood 17-14 but Wood doubled their production in field goals 34-17. The box score: JACKSON CENTARL FG FT PTS Carson 0 7 7 Clements 0 3 3 McConnell 7 2 16 Beck 5 2 12. Leach 2 15 Schildmeier 10 2 Sumner 2 2 6 TOTALS 17 17 51 WOOD Nnrthington 113 Chatmon 3 0 6 FerreU 7 3 17 Dougherty 10 2 Kelley 7 7 21 Morgan 2 0 4 Coolcy 2 3 7 CInrk 1 0 2 Williams 3 2 8 Robinson 10 2 Belinck 2 0 4 Todd -306 TOTALS 34 14 82 Wood 16-37-56-82 Jackson Central 7-21-37-51 Court Action Rebecca C. Kennett vs. Philip W. Kennett. Complaint for divorce. Defendant appeared with his attorney in court. Evidence heard and defendant found guilty of contempt of court. Defendant returned to the sheriff until he purges himself of the contempt. Nina Purvis vs. Charles Purvis. Complaint for divorce. Answer of defendant in general denial. Submitted to court. Evidence . heard. Absolute divorce granted to plaintiff. Plaintiff's maiden name restored. Costs taxed to the defendant. finished second three ; times, fourth twice and fifth twice. .Overall his clubs posted a |56-45-6 record, finishing 7-5-2 this season in fourth place. Sailor (Continued from page 1) bed of her daughter, Diana Lynn, 7, in a 'downstairs bedroom. 'Sons- Tom.* Derrel Jr., 6, and Stephen Derrel, 3, were found dead in their upstairs bedroom. Detectives said the family might • have been dead five days. No one in the Navy housing project where they lived had seen them since last Friday. Investigators theorized that from the position of Mrs. Sprouse, she might have been trying to arouse her daughter when she was overcome. Sprouse, overcome with grief, summoned police and then was taken to nearby Terminal Island 'naval base by a Navy chaplain. GAME FORFEITED INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — The use of an ineligible player has cost Indianapolis Attucks a high | school basketball victory. Attucks coach Bill Garrett announced Wednesday night the Tigers have forfeited their Dec. 12 game to Fort Wayne Central, which they won, 61-54. Candles Glow At Christmas Many traditional candle customs brighten todays Christmas- celebrations. From Ireland comes the custom of putting a lighted candle in the window on Christmas Eve to light the Holy Family's way. The candles denote a house where the Holy Family would have been welcomed, .not turned away as they-were af the inns in Bethlehem. In Germany, too, candles are placed in windows to provide a glowing welcome for the Virgin Mary and a host of angels who the Germans believe- pass over the countryside each Christmas. In many countries, such as Germany, beautifully decorated candles are an important part of Christmas celebrationis. Enhanced with religious and other figures, they add an artistic and reverent touch to holiday festivities. Similarly, many still celebrate the medieval custom of lighting a giant Christinas candle that burns brightly until Twelfth Night ' • Season's Greetings A. B. COCHRAN & SON IN TIPTON, ATLANTA, ARCADIA We will be closed Saturday, December 2G and January 2, so that our employees may enjoy the holiday week-ends. DON'T MISS OUR YEAR-END CLEARANCE SALE Starting MONDAY, DEC. 28! • Store-Wide Savings! • Watch ForOur Ad In Monday's Tribune! 119 W. JEFFERSON TIPTON

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