The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 29, 1946
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VOL. XLIII—No. 107 Blythevllle D»lly New* Blytbevlll* Courier BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TH» DOIOMAJIT NEWSPAPER OF NOBTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEABT UlfiAOURI Blythevllle R»rtld lUulssJppl Bl.YTIlKVlLhK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JULY 2!), 1'Mli SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 11 DROWNED AS FERRY AND BARGE COLLIDE Whitworths Saved From River Coasl Guard Be 9 jn $ Of Tragedy on Mississippi River Near Carulhersville Two Blytheville Citizens Aboard Ill-Fated Barge City Clerk Shouts Warning of Danger As Crafts Collide. Two lily the villc residents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whit- \vorlh, were two of the persons rescued from Llio ferry accident on llic Mississippi Kiver opposite; Canilhers- villc, Mo., hist night which claimed Hie lives of several Consumers Stiff Battling High Prices 21-Nation Peace Parley Opens yicrsons when the ferry lided with an oil tjargc. Mr. Whitworlh, who col- city one clerk, of the believes lie was first to observe By United Press Consumer groups across the nation began a renewed assault on rising prices today as OPA officials announced lhaat price tags on some commodities would reach "unprecedented heights" by Fall. Labor organisations threatened buyers' strikes at Omaha. Neb., Minneapolis. Pittsburgh, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago. Knst SI. I.ouis. 111., and Marion County, Ind. A spokesman for the Confederated Unions of America, an orfani- /ation of independent unions, announced that any si/able price increases would necessitate widespread "cost of living bonuses" to labor. Many CIO and AFL unions joined the CUA in warning that higher prices would result in demands for higher wages, but added that thev hoped to prevent price increases by that (i collision was imminent and Ins warning enabled Mrs. Whitworth, who operates a beauty parlor here, to open thc door to their car in time lo prevent being trapped a.s several of the victims were as their car.s plunged from the ferry into the river. Both Mr. and Mrs. Whilworth werc thrown Into the waCer niici under the 18 by 75 foot ferry as it approached within 100 yards of the Caruthersvillc landing from the Tennessee side of the river. Mr. Whitworth said he doubted that any of thc other victims other than Mrs. Whitworth heard him •shout ins warnirigV MTJV--Whltwdrlh barely ha ( i time to open the car door and the impact threw her out of the car. Experiences Related Relating her experience today she said: "I kicked off my new patent slippers an ( | kept on kicking but my head struck the ferry on top ol me fuor times and I kept swallowing water." Mrs. Whitworth is an excellent effective consumers action. French Minister in Plea That Delegates Reach Full Accord Voters to March To Polls Tuesday Interest Centers on Race for Senate and For Circuit Judge Whether voting in tomorrow's primary will be heavy In Mississippi County remained problematic today on the eve or the first stale- wide voting. Voters throughout the state will tomorrow designate their choice for governor, lieutenant governor, and state auditor and in t;ie nor;;ieast PAIJIS. July 23. <U!')—Buropc's 21- nalion peace conference opened today wilh n warning by George Bidault or France (hut the treaty makers must do a better job I nan was done tit Versailles and a- plea by II. V. Evatt .of Australia tor equal rights for little countries at this meeting. The first session of the lirst ""'"•" conference after the second World War was called t o order In Luxembourg palace at 4:14 p. m. It was adjourned at 5:21 p.m. Kidaull. premier-president and foreign minister of France, welcomed thc delegates as hast. He assured (hem that France was ready lor full cooperation with all democratic nations in working toward an enduring peace. nidault spoke of Ihc error;; at Versailles, when the treaty-drafting after the first world war was going on. and said if was up lo Ihc present aggregation of statesmen to lo a "belter and more lasting job." first note of discord came when Evatt. Australian foreign minister, look up his by now hi- mous role in Unllcd Nations proceedings of champion of the small nations. Evatt objected to Bidaulfs proposal that thc committee of procedure be composed of single representatives of the countries represented, but "not necessarily the first delegate" of each. The credentials committee will President Signs OPA Bill district also vole for a circuit swimmer and she was able to keel) on swimming to the surface until some one from the oil barge saw her and pulled her out of the swift current and on that craft. Mr. Whitworth's apprehension at the sudden speeding-up of the ferry probably saved their life. They were seated in their car when the ferry suddenly increased its speed. He opened the door on his side of the car and stepped out the running board. When he saw the two barges were going lo collide, he called out "Get out. we're fixing to hit.". At least, (hat is what h c thinks he said but things started happening so fast details of the next few minutes arc a bit hazy, hc declared. Mrs. Whitworth remembers opening her door but did not have tinin to get out of thc car. As she opened the door the crash of the two boats sounded and she was thrown out of the car. All Cars Dumped Overboard ^ Thc ferry turned over and all ol R, the four cars and onc pickup true,, with most of the occupants inside the vehicles, Mr. and Mrs. Whitworth said as apparently no one else heard Mr. Whitworth sound thc alarm. Mr. Whitworth declares he is not a good swimmer and said "it was a case of swimming and swallowing water over and over again and 1 didn't seem to be making much progress but my first thought w as that perhaps I could reach the fhorc as f saw lights of the Missouri landing when I came up the first lime." Some one from the oil barge threw him a rope which he saw as he came up and was swimming out from bcnealh Ihc ferry bod "How I grabbed the rope I do W know but I did. As they werc pulling me in f 5a w a body come up and tried lo grab bub it was aoout 10 feet away and wcnt.down quickly. I don't know whether il was a man or woman." --Although conscious the cntiri time, Mr. \Vhitwoith was exhaustco from th c fight with death and la> on thc oil barge floor for a fev, -•'minutes. f When able to rise, the Blytfte- villc man began hunting Mrs. Whitworth. Hc saw her on the lug of ihe oil barge, also exhausted, but the oil barge workers holsten her up the five feet to the barge and took them into the galley. First thing Mrs. Whitworth sa'.d judge and in this county add tlieir choice for stale senator. Remainder of the state and county offices will be voted upon in the Aug. 13 election. Seeking the office of circuit court judge arc Charles w. Light. E. G. Ward and I. M. Greer. In the only county race to be voted upon tomorrow will be Jefferson w. Speck of Frenchman's Dayon, J. Lee Bcanlen of Leachville and Ed B. cook of Blytheville. seeking the office of state senator. If any of these office seekers secure a majority of votes cast they will not have to be in the runolf primary. Not more than 100.000 of Ihe approximately 375.000 eligible voters 1:1 the state arc expected to cast their ballots. Contests for attorney general, stale treasurer and associate justice of the supreme court will not meet, at 3 p.m. Bidaiilt Russia. named Brazil, tomorrow. On it Australia. White China, Ethiopia, Holland, and Czechoslovakia. The 21-natloii conference won't really write the peace treaties at all. H will discuss treaty drafts submitter! by the Big Pour, and will make recommendations lor improving them and filling in the holes. The Big-Four then will weigh th e recommendations, and ncl on them as they see fit. Office Seekers To Speak Tonight Rally Scheduled On Court House Lawn at 8 O'clock President Truman shakes hands with OPA Chief I'ain Porier alter signing the compromise OPA bill passed Thursday liy (he Senate. This bill, which includes rent controls, extends OI'A unlit June [10, 11)41. Looking on In tha background me Congressional leaders. (NKA Telc- pholo.) War Profits Run Into Billions Comptroller General Tells Committee Of Renegotiations. WASHINGTON, July 2». (Ul«>~ Complroller Gem-rill Lindsay (,'. Warren charged today the government "cave away untold hllllons" through delt-cls in war contract rc- nciiollallon laws, niul said mans otllceis who tried to prevent such losses were pulled from their Jobs and "sent to the slicks." He also luld the Bcnatc War Investigating C<unmlllee Unit u "ler- rllli! lobby" by Army officers w ehielly responsible for hmiKIni: down an 1(172 statute which prohibited fnniier government officials from handling claims ngiitnsl till Klivernmcnt lor two yours utter their retirement, Teslltylni: at the committee's lu- lulry Into nllcued war profilci-rlni Tennessean Tells of Tragedy Aboard Ferry on Mississippi BY AAKON HOUNK . (Written for United I'rcssj CARUTHEHSVIIJL'E, Mo.. 'July 20. (UP)— We were going over Irom the East to Ihe West side, going to carulhcrsvllle. We did not no- lice any barge. First tiling 1 saw was some lights. I started to get out of the car. The lights didn't seem lo be close enough to hit us. Thc oilier parly wilh me decided It wasn't any use to get out, so we didn't. Then it hit us. It seemed like just a big jar. It seemed like it was sweeping us into th c water. . I was on thc opposite side from where it hit. It seemed like It was taking us down and the other side was coming up. Then 1 went down. I went down with thc car. I don't know how far. I was by the window. 1 hit llic window with my shoulder and pusn- ed the glass on through. coming lo the lop. I hit the !>ut- tom 01 tin: oil burge when I cumc up under 11. It seemed like I stayed under It live minutes. Every) hnr I started to come up I hit my head on liiirge. I had a hold Sx girl who was with me. IJanice Eastwood, ^0 Croanville. Tcnn.) I got about Mall be decided until the runolf Aug. 13. ^^^$^l££ ™» ^ «* "" *»<*»> "'<' since there arc only two candidate^ in each race. Secretary of state C. G. Hall and Land Commissioner Claude nankin have no opposition. Completing his first term as a "business man governor," Gov. Ben Lancy will make a I5-inmutf/ radio talk tonight, thanking tnV people for their help during his first two years ana asking then support for a second term. Evidently confident of the outcome, L\ney has not made an active campaign. He has been contctic to talk as governor and to make one statewide dressy radio political ao- His principal opponent. James M. Mulonc of Lonokc, also will address the voters over (he radio tonight. Thc third candidate Ir. the race is Virgil Greene of Biytric- ville. Possibly the hottest of the three lethargic races will be that of the lieulenaiH governor. TWO of tlv candidates—World War II hero Nathan Gordon of Morrilton, and K. T. Button. Helena attorney- will make last minute appeals for votes over the radio tonight. The third candidate, Roy Milum of Harrison, dean of thc State Senale, lias not scheduled a radio talk row's voting, with all county candidates Invited lo speak. Thc program is arranged for the court house lawn, beginning at 0 o'clock, but will IK held in the court room in case of rain, it was announced. Tiiis rally climaxes a scries of such meetings having been held in numerous communities and will be followed by other speech-making prior to Ihc Aug. 13 primary wilh the final rally here on the night of Aug. 12, Largest of the rallies was Saturday night at Leachville when thc Crooms-Young American Legion Post there staged a highly successful affair, it was said. More than 1200 were present from all parls o? thc county. Candidates were seated on a long platform, beneath individual signs bearing their name and ofticc sought and spoke over twin microphones with time limits of five and 10 minutes, according to office sought. Billy Steed was master of cercmo- I had to turn her loose. A lot of people thought Janice j thc car wilh me. The and I were planning to be mar-'" to get ried. mil didn't married yet. When I went down, i just sorta filled up with water and .started When 1 finally come up out o: Ihe water, I was jst about, out. I looked up and Iwo men had a 1'olt of me. , They tried to pull me abiw-t, but they couldn't do It. So they called for help. I couldn't help them. They both grabbed me aboard. I don't know who Ihcy were. We went up and I looked around Ihc barge for this girl <Jantcc> and 1 didn't see her. I didn't .see them pull U]) but one alter 1 got there. 'llicy gave us blankets My and hands were cut. And then~t got- one man lo help me tnko off my coal. They asked me If I wanted some coffee. 1 told them no thank you. There were two barges behind two tug boats on the river. Robert Lee Eastwood (23) and Ann Thompson (20) werc riding In thc car wilh me. They arc all Irom the same place. It Isn't tar Irom my home at Ridgclcy. Around 30 people were on I Up ferry. I though It was five cars, but it was four cars and one truck. the Ciarsson munitions empire Warren named four former Arm] oiflcers who lefl the service for job ivith companies whose contricl ler initiation accounts they supervise' while In uniform. CAKUTHKKSVIM,,.; Mo., July 29. (U.I'.)— At least 1L .ssciiKors on a MiH.sissipni river ferry boat, including two Hil children, were drowned or lost in Old Man River's muddy wiilei-H last night when the vessel rammed a slow- . noviiiff ml Imrgo trnin. The u. B. Const Cl tin nl v:ii"» wh.'dulcd In »|>en „„ immediate .. , the river's worst barges. iivi-Mlxnllnii into tragcd.v I.IIH-O n passenger plane Owners of the ferry Bald there plunged Into the «wlft current, at WIUI "" rcco » l of the number of Memphis, rum , t wo vciirs IIKO l >nflsCM K cl '» "board the vessel as lakliii: w iivei: ', "• lctt tllc Rldglcy, Tcnn., landing.. Wliile u forlorn little group of orridnls - liowcvcr, estimated that relatives stood on the hrond Mis- " ctwcc " ' w nll( ' M persons nuist slsslppl's bunks staring at the. llnve 1)cc " '" tllft fo " r cars nnt t spot where the all-steel terry cap- Klwd and sank, the Coast Guard light buoy tender "Wake Ilobln" ered to the scene to ,!.„ ....... , ...... was oril pie for the cars that slid IntiTtho waters wilh their passengers. Const Guard officiils suld the .Vake Itobln" was near Harfleld, a truck during the fateful cross- ,, lllc Vc " lon - en route to Mt. with their cargo! ' It Is exp i 111 Li nil More dead for to ' 0 are expected to be tho vehicles are surface. Bhcrlff ac- passengers on u Ind., werc owned by the G. B. Towing Co., of Jennings, La. Tho barge pilot, K W. Uogcrs, Vlcksburg, Miss., described the discovered when bvoiidhl to thc . John Hosier said he could not of the Mississippi opixisltc direction. and Ihe fcr- was going in the u pickup truck known to be on the ferry. Coimlr. .1. n. Wycoff, officcr-in- .," ll ' BR , , "' l » lll ' lllc Inspection Hi was en route Memphls, Tcnn., here to hold an Inquiry "into The cause of the mishap. Thirteen .Survive Officials said there .were ri Committee Chalrmiin James M. | known survivors from among collision, one of thcm" LW M .',':. J> lot .,E»"endrlcks. who sus- Mead, U.. N. Y., denounced this practice as "indefensible" and asked Warren to supply Ihe committee wilh names of persons involved in all similar cases. • -: Warren added that tho U. B. Maritime Commission had reported thiit "some of Its best mon" also stcppcci down from government contract renegotiation Jobs lo positions wH!i firms witli which they had official dealings. He also was asked to <vlvc the committee Information {in the "wining and dining" of high government ofllctals by win 1 contractors. The committee already has cvlderlce that Rep. Andrew .7. May, D.. Ky., and high Army officers at- leoiled nn expense-paid party given by'a leader of the Cinrsson combine. Ill-funds Total SI 0,!lfiO,00» Wurren cited 17 specific instances in which his general accounting office auditors had obtained refunds of money already paid out to contractors by the government. Thc refunds totalled $10,01)0.000. talned a leg Injury.. ifeiHlrlckn declined to inolu «ny m n" C "» """ lr ' u "K t"e ncclrteut pending the Coast Guard liearlne I'hc known dead wns a flve- ersvlllc, whose older brother l-'iiry. was swept from the arm-! of his father ami lost In "I gave llic ferry a signal that I was taking thc left hand side' of the river," Rogers said. "I did not get his return signal, but presumed hc knew what I was sny- Ing with my lights. The first thing I knew, there was a Jarring crash as the ferry cut right In front of Only One Body Recovered in but will "visit day. a lot of folks." lo- Thc stale auditor's race will be between incumbent Oscar Humphrey, R. c. 'Surririge of Walnut. Ridge, and II .W. Tycr of Little Rock. N, Y. Stocks A T & T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Gen Elcclric was "Frank can't swim good" ana [Gen Motors it was these words which led him | Montgomery Ward to finding her. Today, she haa N Y Central changed her mind about his swim- Int Harvester ming ability, she declared. North Am Aviation Both said they did not renffm- Republic Steel . .. her any lights on thc oil barge Standard of N J but saw the search light of the Texas Corp bargn when flashed on a few sec- 1'ackard Sec RESCUE on Page 3. . U s Steel 196 5-8 92-3-4 4S 110 115 1-8 46 7-8 65 1-v 11 3-8 23 1-8 93 3-4 12 3-8 35 7-8 7G 3-4 C5 0 88 nies. Th 05 were: speaking and their orclei Rain Brings Sharp Drop in Temperature Continued act:on in thc ralnlall department was predicted for Arkansas today by the U. 5. weather bureau In Little Hock after rains] up to 4'/j inches drenched the state In the past 24 hours. Thc weather bureau also called for cloudy weather Ibis attcruaun, i tonight and tomorrow. j With at least two cities reporting rains of more lhan 4V; inches llic heat wave that scorched Ills slate weeks dropped In tho micl- for the pasl two 'with temperatures Frank . seventies in some localities. Herbert Mangrum. ii«..,v, .... ... Taylor and Floyd Hurris. candidates! * 1c slro "KCM, all out tiully- for constable of Ncal Township; J. WMhcr was n 4.fi3-mcii ram at Lee Bearden. for stale senator; E. G. Ward for circuit court judge; W. J. Wundcrlich. for slate representative; Doylo Henderson, for assessor; Jack Finlcy Robinson, for sheriff; I. M. Grcer, for circuit court, ,, ' ' J; W. W. Watson, for assessor; rl ™» 2.21, Mulberry 2.05 and Sl»«- Family of Four Trapped in Car In Ferry Tragedy lly CLAUDE VICKKRS. Jit. As told tci United Tress CARUTHEKHVILLB. Mo.. July 20. (U.PO— There wasn't enough He however, that billions nore limn two hours ilm. Kile Taylor, owner said Ihc grapplers in believed to revive of the ferry " rt Il ««ted an ,„, „,, „„,,,_ ,,_ mobile near an oil sl | clc wh e re D, C ferry cnpal/ed artrr ramming the string of oil barges Tnylor said be made no attempt would to the object until time for panic when went down. We the ferry couldn't get out of the car before we were under water. You couldn't hear anything. My wife and 1 were sitting on Hie front seat with our two lx>ys. Jerry is five. He ,wa s silting next. to his mother. As soon as in cancelled r..:r contracts have been settled and "Hie door closed forever on any recovery of ovcr- paymenls by thc government." Warren's testimony pushed thc committee into thc fourth week of Its Inquiry Into the Ciarsson munitions combine—nn Inquiry which May charcoft has evolved into smear campaign being directed by Mead for political purposes. May has been linked directly with c.xecu lives of the network of munitions firms which won $18,000,000 In government war contracts. Charging that the government had given "awny billions" IJCCHIISC of defects of the war contract renegotiation act. WEirrcn recalled that lie had warned Congress before lh» act was passed thai It would tic the government'!; hands In attempting to check contractors' Ixxiks. "Alicady over Stiri.OTlO.OflarjOO In cancelled war contracts have been settled and the dtmr closed forever on any recovery of overpayments by the government." hc suld. Warren said his general accounting ofHce was so restricted In study- Ing war contract matters that "we may not question a favored firm, an extravagant price or a specious undertaking." the Coast Guard detachment. ,,.- .chicling a diver, arrives here from Memphis. He wild It had bc ci ; definitely fstabllshcd that there werc four passenger automobiles and onc Pickup truck on the ferry All of the missing were believed to have l:ccn occupants of the vehicles Ihc river craft collided about SO ynrcls from thc Missouri shore on last night's fcrry-bnrge Mississippi collision: Known dead: Jerry Vickcrs, 5. Onrutlicrsvlllc, Mo. Still missing of I pjn. today, were: Lurry Vickers, 0, Jerry's brother. L. L. Green, deputy clerk. . circuit courth, Carutiicrsvllle. Jim E. Kelley, Caruthersvllle. Jesse Guy, deckhand on terry. Robert Lee Eastwood, 23. Tipton- vllle. Tcim. Janice ( Eastwood, 20, n, sister. Ann Hopson, '20, Tlptonville. An unidentified child, last name Danville. Harrison reported 4.-I6 inches. Trailing were L>;irda»cll= with 3.1G inches. Des Arc with ^•'•* Inches, and Faycltcville with 3.10. Georgetown had 2.80 Indies. Balcvillc 2.45. Augusta 2.31. Mor- was S8 by OS the Rev. R. E. L. Bearden of Leachville, speaking for his grandson, Nathan Gordon who is seeking the office of lieutenant governor; Gene E. Bradley, for county judge; Jefferson W. Speck, for state ,-wnator; Charles W. Light, for circuit court judge; H. E. Fisher, for stole representative; Roiand Green, for coUn- ty judge; Miss Alene Word, for state representative; Miss Delia Purtle, for county treasurer: Leslie Speck, for state representative; L. H. Autry, for state representative, and Gene Fleeman, for state representative. Proceeds of thc rally will be used for lighting the soflbaTi field and redecorale the ]»sl's hut wilh ap- proximalely one-half of the amount widely scattered ihundors'iiowcrs needed netted from this project. lc<lay, tonight and Tuesday. gart an even two inches. Nashville reported 1.63 inches. Newport 1 sr>. Arkadelphia 1.42. scarcy 1.21 and gilbert one Inch. Highest temperature In Ihe state for the same period Dardanelle, followed Blytheville. Fort Smith and Meua From the 90-degrce level, t»c mercury ranged downward lo Ivclis of 76 at Balesvliic and BrinWy. 77 at Newport, and in the low »0's at Harrison, Scarcy, Joncsboro, Gilbert, LHlIe Rock. Corning. Monticello, Nashville and Morrilton. Weather ARKANSAS-Pnvtly cloudy with ;;- ° y , h ? "'lender! (o pass on lie but received no answer- Ing ssnal. When he saw how close the crafts were appro-ichinr hn said. It was too late lo nrcvcnt NIC collision. Tug Rescues Elfhl Tfogers said thai he kept the tin,- In the vicinity after thc crash, rescuing eight persons from the water. The tint remained at the scene today, aiding In salvage efforts. At least. M passenccrs and ferry new members kicked and clamor- Survivors: . ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitworth. Blytheville. Ark. Mrs. 1,. I,. Green, Caruthersvllle. Donald Gnlllan, Caruthersvllle. Claude E Clalllan. a brother. Charles Elway. Jnck Tankey, Carulhersville. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Myers, Ten- Mrs. John Myers, Caruthcrsville. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Vickers, Jr. Aaron House, Rldglcy, Tcnn. Ed Hendrleks, ferry pilot. .Ca- ruthersvllle. • Larry is six. the ferry started turning, my .wife grabbed Jerry by the arm and clung on to him. I look Larry. We didn't have time lo Ihink about it, Neither of us thought w-c could live. The feeling was Indescribable. I kicked the door open and pushed my wife out. Ijarry .started up wilh me, but the current was so strong 1 lost hold of him. We were down about two minutes. I bad quite a bit of trouble' V1>11 - Morchousc Baptist paslor, ot- holcling my brcalh. | ficiajlng. Burial will follow When I came lo the surface. I j fardwcll. Mo. swr.m toward the lug boat. I was I Mrs Dvc llfld moved pulled aboard. My wife swam up then, and Mrs. Mary Dye To Be Buried In CardweU, Mo. Mrs. Mary Frances Dye ol Morehouse. Mo., died yesterday morning. 1 o'clock, at her home alter aibarce." Iwo weeks illness. She was 71. Claude Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning. 10 o'clock, at her home, with the Rev. Ellis ifulll- way out of their nulo- ed Miclr uinbilcfi. Witnesses said the ferry "overturned like n rock," and sank: before the 25 to 30 passengers could get out of tliclr cars. 'Hiose who survived told of tryng to cling to their loved ones many losing their grip ns their clothes caught cm broken glass or llic knobs of automobile vehicles. Aaron House. lone survivor of .1 party of four young people, said he came uo on thc underside of an oil barge. "II seemed I stayed there five minutes." hc said. "Every time I came up I hit my hcnd on the she was still holding on to Jerry. at to Morc- housc a short time ago from Cardwell. She Is survived by four daugh- Someone threw her a lifeline, and i ' crs - Mrs. Viola Fine of Chicago,. she look it In her other band. It was about two hours before we were put ashore. Thc doctor said Jerry was still alive when he But hc couldn't bring Mr. and Mrs. Dooley saw him. him lo. I knew Mrs. Bertha Craig of Bell City. Mo., Mrs. Dosha Ray of Morchousc, Mrs. Will Kirsey of Patnton, Mo.; three sous. Marion Clark of Morehouse. Walter Clark of California. Jodie Dye of Morchousc: Iwo brothers. Ilciiry Holaway of Ravciulen, Green .were on Ihe ferry. I think Ark., and Joe Holnway of Coining; Mr. Grren drowned. I didn't know a sister, Mrs. Rose Davis of Vlcks- any of Ihc others. Jl.Ulg, MISS. ersvillc. father of possibly victims, said he "kicked the Courier News To Furnish Election Returns Thc Courier News will assemble results of voting in Mississippi Coimly tomorrow, which arc ex- >cctccl to be available to the public nbont B p. m. following closing of the polls nt 6:30 o'clock. People wishing this information nrc invited to call the Couriec News office, 461, 462 or 4G3. Driver of Midget Auto Injured in Sunday Race A midget automobile driver narrowly escaped possible death yesterday afternoon when his car turned over during the racing program at Walker park. Floyd Duvall. 27, of Indianapolis, Ind., receive dabrasions and contusions on Ihe body and left arm when his small car left the Irnck. and turned over, while more than 1,500 spectators looked on. Vickers. Jr.. of Caruth- Removed by ambulance to Bly- twOjthcvllle Hospital, he was dismissed _____ ____ door after examination and treatment. open and pushed my wife oiV. { The accident occurred during "My six-year old started up with me." .. , „. cried. "But the current was so part. son Larry i one of thc three regular races thc father ] which H midget automobiles tcok strong I lost hold of him. I feel so miserably. 1 * Four Autos On Kerry There were at least four cars and a truck on the ferry, which would have been crowded with vehicles had the accident occurred earlier In th« night. The crash occurred at 9:15 p. m. last night. In a preliminary investigation Sheriff John Hosler^,sald he believed that from four to six per* sons were in each ear. Ed Hendricks. Ihe ferry pilot, was thrown clear of his own ves- Thfs was the first day's races of a series planner! for the next four Sunday afternoons. N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. July 39. (OP) — Cotton closed weak. Mar. May . July . Oct. . Dec. 3209 3383 3155 3345 3104 3285 3215 3410 3240 3432 3182 3145 3085 3210 3232 3183 3145 3088 3210 3233 ..scl, landing unharmed on one ofi d0w n 21, Spots closed nominal at : 32.78 __

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