Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1907
Page 5
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7^ ) News of the CoMOty BR0>SO>. Mrs. Kinnia Lfive wlin has IJPOII Willi hi'i"; jiart'iifK in St. ]A)U I S 4t)r Ihu )iast tliree niuuths has retiii-nwl hoiiw Konif •«hat Improved ill health but still liu- ub;o to wali without crutches. Rev. Gboduiau has lesigned the pas- loratf of tiie Baiiiint church and will leave soon for his health. We regret very iiiiich to Hrv. and Mrs, (iciod- iiiau go as they were well liked here, i Miss Cartel- of Fiiliiin iB vi :>itlD(; her Hisler. Mrs. I'aiil .Mattox. , j Uoss Heatou of liirtlesviUe, and Allien Ilpaton of •Kinporia are spend- /iif,' the H-efk end wiih thf|r partfutis hen-. • .Mr:;. Trill]) and dauphtei^ of (jas ^ City are siiviidiiiK the lattw iiarL* of tlio wvek with lelalivos here. ' " Thu siToiiii iiiiiubi'r of ihe lecturu] nrnr.fe was • Kivi'ii ai Ihe • llaiilist | church \Vedw.'sday til^ht. All piesieut l ><'eniird to «nJo>' M'V Uearharis lec-' line vciy iiiui-h. I .Mr. ;mil .Virs. Ilnddy of .Mor.iu •rh;ivi!m with Mr .and Mii. J.| II. \.;iiU)Vi'j-. .Mrs. K:iii' Wilsi'ii iif Moiiiii lame down l-'ricfay fur .i slioi i vyitli relatives. .•.rf^;fc-irv--'?'r-e;^!S AT THE SpebSal Prioas for Saturday on ChUdron'sCoato, Caps, Hais, Underwear, HoaiBry, Oloves atid Shoes. WV.S'V OK TIIK. i:iVKK. We will give away FREE tomorrow, Saturday, a beautiful "DOLL SET'' to anyone purchasing a Child's Cloak, or anything: fn Children's goods amounting to $2.00. Come and get one of those pretty Doll Sets ABSOLLiTELY FREE! Sf\fial 11(1111 liiii' alU'lldeil CJi'iMK*.' !-"isluT'.s sale. flar;i HiM"lir.iiil vi^itisl lllia IVrk Tiicsday. , Kffa I'atliu ciiiiir out lo .loliii Mor- vlsons Tiu'Fday, .\Ir-i. .Mainii' Wvfi^lci- calm- down friiin Hariford Mmiiljiy. aruiiiiianied liy ln>r M'U. ]j-<' Wilisi .M. i <i visi( T. L. Daw.'inii and .Insio .Imu-s. .Mrs. Kldrid^K has ;i cold which is c-ausiiitr_ her tu havi- son- tliro;it and liioii.-liiTil 11(1111'i.'. .Mrs. Cricii is also (iii .riiml to Ilit- IjDii.sf will) Ijfojx-Jii.iJ lii>ijl)Ji'. .Mr. I 'vck 's iii>i'li''Ws liuie lioy that as here a fi'w ui i >ks aun from Ohio writes iliai ih«- litllo boy is very sii-k with sore throat. Homer Kiish and faniiiy visited with ilieir uncle, .Marion I'restuu, and family Siuiday. .Mr. Terrill has asaiii resumed hjs (luiios as mail carrier on Route .Vo. I. Wo hear Mr. Shaffer has the a ^rciK -y iDi- (-ream seiiarators since he went to lola. C. .1. Fresliiii and family vi.>«iieil William Mrown fn Oas I'iiy Sunda.v. Mr. Scliusti'is uideri-tl a <-ook stove fi -o :n Ohio, but ii lias not come yc-t. Mrs. .loliiison i.- .-still iui)iiovin ,i; and will spend the winter in .New Mexi <'o. nie Sunday SrliiMil al l -;!i!ci iirisr has liivii disciiiiliiuiotl. "I". Ij. Dawson. .lu.-io .loin^ .i. M.. f. .1.. l-\ T. .Millie. Sarah, .-u : .\l;'.y rrision, 'l'. .1. (;ib ^oIl and 'y.\'i- and Cora lli-j;i;.-> spem last Krithi.v in I-i llarpe in- lionrir (if .1. I. IVcsloirs Zl'Td liiiiiiit.iy. repoii a J:IKI(I lime. I)1.V.M<>M». ii -Mirned l<i riiy Saiiliday at present uii- Thcse pri'Hy days arc line for do in.s; fall work.. Charles;;! and wife i.f lola Sim da.vcd at C. 15. Ilresii's. .Mr. and .Mrs Hack.-ii tlM-li' home a! Kai,.-:a> .Mrs. KUa Hpiai ;ii<' i; (Irr the d(U-l(iir"s caie. .Mrs. .1. 1'. Otiarl lias been spendiiii; a lew da.\.s near Ivim-aid with her .sis- terr Mrs. Henderson, liclpiiiL: care I'or srandnia Strickland. Mis, MoKftidir (s rtilertauiitii; her sister and her husband who an- liore fn>m Oklahoma visiiinj;. Miss .Addie Tliotiipsoii of Moran lln^ been spendlus a few da>s visiiiim .Mr. »nd MrK. C. \V. Smith. Rev. I.ewiMHni; who picachi-d al P^amond cnnr(-h Sunday in the abs ^nc« of Ilev. Mcl'roud. .i-'avc an excellent sermon. .'The neighbors who live on.lib- I)in- mnnd telephime line, trave a surprise Jiprty on ilr. and .Mrs. C. W. Snii'h. Mday cveiiiii?;. These present were: .Mr. and Mrs. ('. S. I'ciliiiis, .Mr. and .Mr,^. K. PeiilHJm. Mr. and .Mrs. Ira Tyler. .Mr., ai'ii .Mis. .1 (_;. Kdmonds. .Mr.s. .f. ir.iKdiiiond.-. .Mr. and .Mr.--. ,1. .X. Vickersi, Mr. ami Mr.'. Ted I'.n- laiid, .Mr*. It. Piian"!, :Vlr. and .Mrs S. K. S|iil'nian. Will Lailiaiii. IM l'-i:i- ford. Roy TYrkins. Clarence and l-'ranli Vickcrs. .Missr.< Maud I 'Mirfonl. I-iiira IVnland. ,\ddie Tliomp.son, Ro- Contiiivailan of our SENSATiaNAL GOAT SALE! 30Q Ladies' and l»is§es' Coats Bought at CO Cents on the Dollar. lOU Litdies' (.'oats, made cf fiue cliiflju bribadclotli, lined llirougli- out with sajin, beautifully bmultd in blact, ;]jrQwn. casinr ami t«u, worth $2iJ.0(), ttMiu.rr.av, Saturday, fur 75 Ladw^s' Ct >at . niddc cf very fiue Hrc; dcloih. Balin lined, branded ail over, in black, browu, castor, navy, lan and led, worth $20.00, tomorrow, Saturday, for. 75 Ladies' Coats, made of fine Bro.^dcloth and Kersey, lined througbor.t-, prettily trimmed in^ br.iid, in blaeV, castor and tan, woith f IS 0 (1, tonifirrow, Saturday, fur - ."lO Lad'Vs' C'out-, made of extra good all wool Kerfcy and Broadcloth, nicely trimmed, hilf linef', iu black and castor, woilh $J2.fiO, t)inorrow, Saturday, for nsnNcnoNXBKs* 25 Ladies* Coats, made of all wool Cheviot, 50 Inches long, some arc full lined, others half lined, nicely trimmed in braid and velvet 50 inches long, worth |8.50, tomorrow, Saturday, at We are Sole Agents for the I Ladies' Home Jojurnal Patterns sa .S!iaii'-I and .^H. :yul .Mrs. C. W". Smi'li aid f.i.-i'iiy.; 1 jic eii-iii;:;; >\a.-i Rpm; in liv(l> uinns and iiiiisic. freshr.'i ai-i i-|.-c.'v cij. i on.-i.^iii);;; ,,f Cake and (nil 'ir. ijic'k!';.- and pic .M.ii:\ iischil and biaiuifirl picseiits w IM- ii'- cciviMi. K.icli p'^;,Jiiii br.mmi;; ilu-i; su- keli. bisHii's s'Vcral \vi'<" >»ii' in by !lio.-f wl:i. (iiiild not cuiiK-. Spac" will lim. |ii';r !! i:.-- to ••niinifraie ilirjm. .Mr. ai.d .\li>. Smiili di-siri' lo IAIH'CS^ i !ii -ir ap; I'- i.;;i<i:i lor lliis e.\pies.sion 01 : '•••'I « lil. H \n .^«»\v. llarni'iliv si-lioolT ht^u.ic has new ; scal-^ and a new (jr.caii. We were iiiai-li ill need (d' new seats and the!'.. r and jnipils are well piva:-ed I hem. »' t)iir :»'a(liir. .Miss Sloelziii;;. dis- ;nis.-id sf-bool Friday to attend the funeral IU her ciia-.ii, h'raiik KaiisiiiK. The fiiivral ,>.crvii-os were held in iln- «'aili(i'i<- ( liiireh in Chanutc. Hazel .\l(-Ct;lloirj;h spent Tuesday iii^'h! with Stanza Runyon. l'-c;mie Smith and I.^ta .iohn.son vis- iicd Willi Hu.i:!i and I'ausy Davis Siiii- d.i... a nc.-ivi d here that Levi I'.M •• ii; Cii .i.iiiiic. has tjie snmll pox. \rs (• .1. |-.r.iii> niid .Miss Klnssie r.>ii:i!l ii-'iiriied liome Saturday after •a vi-ei'k"s visit wiih relalivts in l!ar- llesville. I lian Cornell is- bclpins I'ai Ke^-d, his Corn. I'U.Vlitli: DELt. ICmciy ReiiisbirK had tlu! misfor- liine I" linak one of his liniBs just )aborj' till' ankle last Saturday afti-r-i 1 noon. Jir. tlarliiiHhotise wa.s called! 'and .-^c; ilic broken limb, and at liie' last ri'iKiri l -hin -iy was ^i -iiinn aioiis} ni(-('l-.. .Mr. an I .'Mr.- .\1 .VMrtlinip sp, iil ' Sunday ai Ralph I'rakit-. i .Mr. and .Mrs. Willie Haker and .-on ; iiid .Missi ...I .Mary ii:id Klla l .indou al! : ipeiit Sniidsy at Ceortie Raker's. • .Mc-danies Minkle and (icinmcl' -P <'iii Tuesday at .Mr. .Snider's.. and • •^.iiiirdaj ihc> spent near Carlyle. j .Mr. and .Mrs. Urake entertained .\ir. uid .Mr.s. l-'rank Rtddiison and family and .Mr. ;iiid Mrs. .lohn IJelap lui ^llallks ^i^ in:: Dsy. [ .lames |{.-i)l.v has been biii .bliii;; aii- •iiluT s;ory to his house. .Mrs. .lobii .•i'c;''..-ir> has r '-''ii/;'d from h 'r vi ~ii lo KnM Scoti .Mr. and .Mrs. IlicL-s li .in- rctni n-di <i ihi -ir lioiiic al Opoli-^. Kjin.^as. after '.i-liiiiK ibeii- (laii:iiilir. .NIrs .\I .i<- iier. in I'l airii- I I'-ll • .Mr .'ai-k l:,ui i !ie inisfurl iio- " I 'l •• a 1 lii- lir"I^• ! i »I (l :; IMHIS CIII ; cloihins by hie on Salurday. Tln-y . were living iu .Mr. S |iiiiiS ..'r's hci -iei Alilch cuiiulii fill? from a defective Hue, and luiriied lo ihe 'ground. The •use > •• i -Ml •'•( land li!aik. Iia^:'.:been huilt in ls67. • wKsi.KY < ii.\n:i.. ylas.^ broken^ so Ihey were dctaiDed. i'laiikliii Siiiiili is able lo ^et out a liirle, afier bein.i; laid 11(1 with rheu- iiiati^in. .Mr. I'vle.- Iia.- moved into ilif hnuso by I be Chaijel. .Mr. Iliintini; ni(<ved in where .Mr. PyIo.+ left, he liaMiiK boimht it. .M.M-tle l.oic cam«f home Sunday from ].iiiiarj>e. where she liad been visiiin.i; ;. ;i^-.v day.s with friends. insTKirr MO. 3S. Oue Vt :.ii lu-urs the remarke. "You euounh to fill any »itaKe, but the voices per. "The District l -t-adei" is a New luusi 50 In NV 'w York or ChlcaKO to are the Rort that (ake an o |>»"ra score York piodiicrloii produced at Wali >ee ^ ori?;lnal productions or else and make the ver# best of all that is lacks th '-aier. and this production in >pu Jsfcr yuit;<! a different thiJife under tn it. -The Uisiticl 'I,«ader" move .s lis eniiri^iy l.s what i.-* proiulsed local fl>«i JMie name." But such IS not a with a swtus and A dush. and when ii theaier;;oers l-:very costume, every fact fHfth, and does not apply to, "The is all over you leave the theater iii.ce of srie ,M.' , every electrical ef- XJ^Wlte; J.e *der." which will make Its Mpt-cj to find tht Hffhts ot Herald fecr and eve:;- j»roi>ei-ty iJ«ed ID WaJ- !ftrtt -.J *pearanee here at the Grand on Square blazing In front and all around lacks will he used here when this JJf^*^ Xresd -ay. Decemlier a, for one you. HIHI every o^e Jiurrylng down aiiraotinn maizes tra appearancf at the ^^^aTidghL The chorus \s' not only large j liroadway for an: after-ttieater sup- Orand on ne.\t Tueaday, December 3. SC£>E ICT I, !>• THE MISICVl SITCESS miE UISTKICT I.K.IDEII." l-:d Klliort and fami'y visii'.d Win. Itoberrs' Sunday. .Mrs. Iliii^s and dancliler. .\clli'-, n- turned Saiurday from ~ an cxteii'led visit iu Indiana. Several from here .-ilteiidud at I ..eiinn3 Sunday night. Misses Rosa Wedin and flannah Olson returned last week from Olta- wji where Ihey have hecu visiting, .Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caton visited in Uiimboldt Sunday nlKht and Mun- kday. I Mr. Henderson cf Jfissouri Is trav- elin-:.: throui;h this nt-ighhorhood, re; pairing stoves. Harry .Moore and Ira Miller were (lilt from Savonburs buying cattle j .Monday. .Mr. Holmes and wife moved to I the farm vacated by Jlr. Libbey, ! The party at Mr. IJiitler's wa.s well at I ended Saturday night. .Mr.s. Roberts and Olga Hansen wenl ,10 Chanute .Monday. .MRS. Sam Vandemeter of lola vi.s- ited friends in Yates Center last Friday. • • * Kred Rollins wen to loUl Ia.>-t week to work as baKWiKeman for the Missouri Pacif.c.—Yates Center News. used by Millions X. H. C.V.\IPBELr> town yesterday conferring rtenton on some lanj Scott Republican. of lola was in with C. E. business.—Fort Made in New YOEK W E have just: several new E have just received from New York —-era! new; Benjamin models. Taflors in other cities may copy We have had .iir- <a.*e of s(ar :i -i fever III oni- iii-iubbiirliood. .M Readv has been sick with ihe in.ila 1> We hoi«' however vvilj have MH mure rases, and Ibere i- no iiev oiio |-ei)Ortt (l. The liieetlims at l-aCiraiele are pru- i;resHlns nieelj. Si .v conversions III the preseni writiim. Kniniet Reade came home S^lllda.^ Th.! Corneti Uros. met with an accident going home from ehurcii .M -.n- day nU:ht. Tln-y were thrown oiii i ;r their bUKKV, the bii '4 <Jy runniti.i; ov.-i them and deniolishin;; ihe horn ••< they were unable to p!ay for servie.-.^ Tuesday nishr. Mr. Tailey expected to shell corn Wednesday morning, but when Mr. Chitwood iired up they found a water liuiun ill uuicr ciucs -may copy these Stylish Garments, but their imita- " -^rr^ tions will come long aftertheStyle has changed in New York. There's just one way to be sure about Style,—^insist on the Benjamin LabeL Correct Clathes fpi! Men exclusive Agrat Here!

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