The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 30, 1986 · Page 19
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 19

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1986
Page 19
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Fun The Salina Journal Thursday, January 30,1986 Page 19 Kahn hasn't pushed 'Clue'film The Far Side Gossip By ROBIN ADAMS SLOAN King Features Q. We enjoyed the delightful performance of Madeline Kahn as the mysterious brunette in the movie comedy mystery "Clue." How come there haven't been any interviews in the press in which she discusses this picture? -W.L. A. Apparently, she feels her role hasn't been given sufficient prominence, and consequently hasn't been going out of her way to help promote the film. Madeline was finally prevailed upon to attend an opening night party, at which she reluctantly and briefly posed for a tabloid. Breaking away, she commented to the photographer, "That's enough. Thank you very much—I guess!" Honoring a Memory: When Jimmy Stewart and his wife Gloria visit the Reagans at the White House, which they do fairly often, the couple always make a secret pilgrimage to the Vietnam Memorial. Gloria's son by her previous marriage was killed in Vietnam. The boy, Ned Maclean, was Tank McNamara Kahn Stewart actually raised by Jimmy, himself a veteran of' World War II and a reserve Air Force officer, and the family was very close. Q. It seems that every time I go to the movies or open a magazine I see Melanie Griffith with her clothes off. Isn't she getting sick of appearing naked all the time? - V.D. A. I posed that question directly to Melanie. After all, she played a porno star in director Brian De Palma's ultra spicy flick "Body Double." Then, she was seen posing nude in Playboy with former husband Don Johnson. "Thank God I don't take my clothes off," said Melanie when she told about her upcoming movie, "Cherry 2000." She plays a female adventurer in the wilds, not in the bedroom. Griffith reminds me she's all of 28, and a mother (of three-year- old Alexander) by husband actor Steven Bauer. It would appear she's ready to play things more conservatively. But appearances can deceive. Griffith's next flick is "Cross Cut" in which she'll take off her clothes once again—"only once." Q. Since teenage actor Timothy Gibbs made his movie debut as Mary Tyler Moore's son in "Something in Common" it has been pointed out that young Tim Mutton also achieved overnight fame by playing Mary's son in "Ordinary People," and that lightning may strike again. How does Gibbs feel about this identification withHutton?-K.B. A. I relayed your question to the talented Timothy Gibbs, and he doesn't love these frequent comparisons of the two Tims at all. Gibbs says he's a great admirer of Tim Button's acting, but he is quick to point out that their acting styles are quite dissimilar. "Something in Common" is a drama with a comedy twang, "says Tim. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer Edgar finds his purpose. ACROSS 1 Hunk of earth 5 Witticism 8 Highlander 12 Pelt 13 Altar words 14 African nation 15 On 16 Flee 17 Lot size 18 Shriveled 20 Like bike tracks 22 Dale's "pardner" 23 Tea additive 24 Fog 27 Pike type 32 Sagacious one 33 Past 34 Before 35 Showing surprise 38 Nervous 39 Afr.'s neighbor 40 Finish 42 Verdi output 45 Sweet 49 Melodies 50 Sopping 52 On the sheltered side 53 Writer .lames 54 Actress Gardner 55 Weather forecast 56 G-men 57 Each 58 Transgresses DOWN 1 Cartoonist Addams, for short 2 Stone: suffix 3 Aroma 4 Leave 5 Our galaxy 6 Harem chamber 7 Mausoleum 8 Position 9 Offbeat 10 Monster Avg. solution time: 27 min. 1-30 Ans. to yesterday's puzzle 11 — the line (obeyed) 19 Common answer 21 Be under the weather 24 Apple pie baker? 25 — .lima 26 Dark- peepered 28 Longevity 29 Guide, of sorts 30 Energy unit 31 Actress • Susan 36 E.R. workers 37 Period 38 Mystery writing awards 41 Greek N . 42 Norwegian king 43 Book part 44 Trade 46 Jai — 47 Check 48 Longings 51 Vigil ; The Family Circus A UVlfJ&tieU. 0ECAU&G 24 25 42 49 43 26 39 22 36 37 27 33 50 54 57 28 29 40 45 52 55 58 34 46 30 31 For Better or for Worse Know what I'm gonna learn as soon as I get into oneth grade?" 1-30 CRVPTOQUIP G M D R G L L R MR Q C B B CO N S M G H R B C Y R Z S II I C O : "I) SMIL CRZ NYRMGQILRO." Yesterday's Cryptoquip: AT WILD BOWLING CONTEST YOU COULD HEAR A PIN DROP, BY GOSH. Today's Cryptoquip clue: I) equals G The Cryptoquip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words, and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is accomplished by FflTHE^ RlSFCOTTBf^OU&H THe. UJHflT COULD POSSIBLY GOOD SIDE TO ^CHECKING trial and error. The Lockhorns Hagar the Horrible BOUNDRRV SELF-RESPECT "OF COURSE YOU'RE LIBERATED. PO I TELL YOU WHEN TO WASH THE PI5HE5 OR CLEAN THE HOUSE ? 11 LIVING IN CONSTANT FEAR OF SPLIT ENP5 900 PEOPLE PON'T APPRECIATE THE 6TRE55 WE CATS MO5T PEAL WITH WHAT WITH HAVING HAIR ALL OVER OUR BOPIE5... WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE TROUBLE? I PONT FEEL WELL 016 BROTHER ..WILL YOU HELP ME WITH MY HOMEWORK? WHEN I HAPTOPO, OF COURSE ..IF YOU PONT FEEL WELL, I'LL BE6LAPTOHELPYOU Hi and Lois Wizard of id YOL) BETTER HELMET ( RELIEVE IT, .PITTO X PAP \mrro VNttQ TOZTAPTA Rex Morgan M.D. Beetle Bailey HE'S AFRAID IT WOULP •"SCARE HER OFF, THAT SHE MIGHT STOP SEEING HIM .' NOW, I CAM KICK FOR WHAT I SUGGESTED WHY DOE.SWT HE AMOHT FIWP THAT SHE FEEL5 THE. •SAME WAV A8OUT HIM: HE'S FA LUNG IN LOVE WITH A WCWAW MUCH YOUNGER THAN HE I5—BUT HAS MOT TOLD HER HOW HE FE ELECTRONIC WELL,WHAT COMPUTERS ARE SHOOJ ' po VOLJ ' IMPRESSIVE BUT ORAWT DEWISOM <5EEMEP DEPRESSED WH6W HE WAS IKJTHE OFFICE THIS MORNING, REX. THEY'LL NEVER HE WAS— ANP 1 DIDWT HELP HI VERY MUCH HUMAH BEINGS Born Loser WHAT ABOUT ( SUPERB THE VEAL CUTLETS ? AND THE CHICKEN A LA KING ? THINK I'D LIKE AUOTH5R OPlUlOWi

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