The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 24, 1964 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1964
Page 5
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thurcdriy, Deb/24,1964 THE f iFtON DAILY TRIBUNE PAGE 5 CLASSIFIED RATES 1 hvMrtien 4c p«r word 2 ihwrtions 7c par word J- *n»*rtioru 9c par word 4 insartfons 11c par word 5 Insertions 13c par word i IrccarHons .... 14c par word Minimum rata — $1.00 Charges ara at a reduced cash rata and apply if the bd is paid within 10 DAYS after the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE 10 DAY PERIOD. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made lfttr the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL — 15c per Una. MEMORIAM — ltc p»r rine. CARD OF THANKS — fl.25 Call OS 5-2115 before 10:00 A. M. for insertion same day, except Saturday—call before 0:00 A. M. CANCELLATION — UNTIL 10:00 A. M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE Cass, per col. inch 90c 1 inch per mo. daily $18.09 Each additional inch - $11.00 (RATE QUOTED ARE LOCAL) FOR RENT FOR SALE-REAL ESTATE FOR RENT—Vi. double—1 bedroom,, gas furnace. Phone OS 5-6130. C-*f YOU MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. Riddick Piano Co. C-tf FOR RENT— Vz of double. 3 bedroom completely remodeled. 114 w: North Street. C -tf •FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment. 460 N. West Street. OS 5-4544. C-73 LOST AND FOUND LOST—Watch with black leather band on or around East Jefferson Street. Reward. Call OS 5-6353. P-tf MISCELLANEOUS WILL THE PARTY who picked up the Fiesta Ware Plates, cups, etc by mistake at the Altherr sale Saturday afternoon please call OS 5-4323 after 4:00. C-70 LEGAL NOTICE FOR SALE—10 acres, 7' room house, good garage and crib. '36 by 40 barn, driven well. Water in house. Not modern. OS 5-6700. P-68-70-72-74-76-78 I0R SALE SINGER ZIG-ZAG S38.23 FULL BALANCE A-l condition with warranty. Beautiful walnut cabinet. Assume six payments of $6.37 monthly. Makes fancy fashion designs, buttonholes, sews on buttons, monograms, blind hems, and all other fancy work built into machine. Call OS 5-2135. tf INDIANA ALCOHOLIC BKVKKAGK COMMISSION 911 State Office HulldiiiE Indianapolis, Indiana LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING .Xotice is hereby given that the Local Alcoholic Beverage Board of Tipton County, Indiana will at 1 p.m. on the 11th day of January, 1065 at the Commissioners , Koom, Court House in the City of j Tipton, Indiana in said County, begin investigation of the application of the following named person, requesting the issue to the applicant, at the location hereinafter set out, of 'the Alcoholic Beverage Permit of the class hereinafter designated and will, at said time and place receive information concerning the fitness of said applicant, and the propriety of issuing the permit applied for to such applicant at the premises named: . Kobert Frazee dba Bob's Junction Grocery (Grocery) Beer Dealer, 502 N". Main St., Tipton, Indiana. Said investigation will be open to the public, and public participation is requested. Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission By \V. F. CONDON" Kxecutive. Secretary J OK A. HAMUS Chairman C-70 C-76 FOR SALE—Save—Save on all T.V. at wholesal^ price. Wiseman, 108 Dearborn. C-70 COR SALE—Spinel organ, exigent condition. Reasonable. 1)3 5-6263. C-tf FO*I SAL?; — Awnings, storm windows and doors. Ornamental iron. A. J. Butz. Phone OS &-2K6. C-tf UUSIC IN YOUR HOME. Pia- Bbs .— organs. Rental plans available. OS 5-6558. P-tf XMAS TREES—Get your tree early this year! Our own Scotch Pines. At Harold and Berniece Lee's, Vi mi West of Boad 31 on Road 28, South side. Phone 963-5335. C-tf USED CARS FOR SALE—10 foot meat cooler case with compresser in operating order, $35.00. To be used for fruit stand, egg cooler, etc. Tipton Produce Co. C-70 FOR SALE—Quality used cars. THROGMARTTN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St For Your Car Needs See * THE WW "- IF Oi'MITY " 120 S. West St. . Phone OS 54941 Tipton SERVICES GERT'S A GAY GIRL—ready for a whirl, after cleaning carpets : with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1.00. Carney's Drug Store. C-72 SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacuum -cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners. C-tf SEPTIC TANK and sewer cleaning. Call King, Windfall, LY 5 -3385. . P-81 FRONT END ALIGNMENT — Wheel balancing, EBERT Sinclair Service. Phone OS 57125. C<* WANTED .— Furniture Upholstering and Repair. Lawrence Picjtrell. Cfi 5-i3«. C-tl OPENING NOTICE—Levi's Elevator Auto Parts will be open - Friday, December 25th to 12 noon, "all day Saturday and Sunday*'-till noon, 'atl 538 .N. Main Street. . '" "" P-72 WAHTCD WANTED—Riders to Delco Radio 7:00 to 3:30. iFE 2-9588. C-70 WANTED—Ironings, OS 5^286. -P-75 INDIANA ALCOHOLIC BKVKKAOK COMMISSION 911 State Office Uuilding Indiannpolis, Indiana LEGAL XOTICE OF l'UBLIC HEARING ' Notice is hereby given that the Local Alcoholic Beverage Board of .Tipton County, Indiana will at 1 p.m. on the 11th day of January, 1965, at the Commissioners Room, Court House in the City of Tipton, Indiana in said County, begin investigation of the applications of the following named persons, requesting the issue to the applicants, at the locations hereinafter set out, of the Alcoholic Beverage Permits of the classes hereinafter designated and will, at said time and place, receive information concerning the fitness of said applicants, and the propriety of issuing the permits applied for to such applicants at the premises named: ' Wedge Bar, Inc., by Thoma's C. Morton, Pres.. Cicero, Indiana and JUirry Smith, Sec, Tipton, Indiana (Restaurant) Beer. Liquor and •\Vine Retailers, 521 N. Main St., Tipton, Indiana. American Legion Post No. 4 S3, by Kverett Van Vickie, 2221 N. Delphos, Kokomo, Indiana, (Club) Beer, Liquor and Wine Retailers, Washington St., Windfall, Indiana. Said investigation will be open to the public, and public participation is requested. Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission By W. F. CONDON Executive Secretary JOE A. HARRIS Chairman C-64 C-70 NOTICE Of ADMINISTRATION In the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Indiana. Notice is hereby given that Donna Hughes was on the 5th day of December, 1964, appointed: Executrix of the will of Rosina Nienaber, deceased. All persons.having claims against said real estate, whether or not now due, must file the same in said court witliin six months from the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. Dated at Tipton, Indiana, this Sth day of December, 1964. ROSS SI. HUFFORD Clerk of the Circuit Court for Tipton County, Indiana E. R. Chance, Attorney 5S-64-70 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION In the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Indiana. Notice is hereby given that George Buckley and Fred Rode were on the 7th day of December, 1964, appointed: Executors of the will of Robert Koeper, deceased. said real estate, whether or not now due. must file the ' same in said court within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. Dated at Tipton,' Indiana, this Sth day of December, 1064. ROSS M. HUFFORD Clerk of the Circuit Court for Tipton County, Indiana Hutto & Regnier, Attorneys 5S-64-70 MARRIAGE LICENSES Gerald Otis "Davis, 30, 219 W. J«fferson, factory worker to Linda Lou Snyder, 21, Sharpsville, beautician. COURT'ACTION The -Pierce Governor Co., Inc. vs. Arlus Sullivan, ef al. Petition for temporary restraining order and 5 injunction. Change of venue, from Madisdn Circuit .Court to. Tipton Circuit Court, Plaintiff 's ••; evidence submitted and heard, matter taken under advisement until December 29. R EAL ESTATE TRANSFERS , Charles O, Hendley, et ux., to Phillip J. Tidier, et ux. Part of SWV4, See. 36, Cicero Twp. . Phillip J. Tidier, et ux.„ to Tipton Building and Loan Association. Part of SWV4, Sec. 36, Cicero Twp-, In Review By RICK DU BROW United Press International HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Dear Santa: I hate to bother you with another letter, but I have disturbing' and important news: I have not been able to find any latter- day Virginias in my neighborhood. Some say there are no more Virginias, but this is wrong. What Happened to them •where they are—is not entirely clear yet. But there seems little doubt that if any single thing did them in, it was tele- 'vision. -Wherever they are, they have stopped caring about you one way or the other because they are too hip to you and everyone else, and. maybe that explains their disappearance. If you think about it, their disappearance could concievably shed some doubt on your existence, but I have been trained never to "say "never" or "always," so I am willing to give you the benefit of that doubt. Almost everyone else has learned to adjust to television, Santa, but you have a very special case, and frankly it looks hopeless at the present, but the solution may come about when television makes the new Virginias so hip and cool that they may start looking to you for a switch.. It has happened before. Meanwhile, look at what you're up against: They know all about killing from television, seeing countless deaths every day. They know all about 'doctors from television. They know all about psychiatrists and lawyers and every conceivable aspect of crime. They know all about military life. They know boluta itary life. They know all about sex. You have a public relations problem. What you really need is a television series of your own. At present, you are here only once a year—and then when everybody's sleeping—whereas your competition grabs your clients for hours every day, Do you know a good agent? They are cynics, but they will believ^ anything for 10 per cent. Perhaps you know someone at a network who can help you if you cut him in for a piece of the show. You must consider realistically the drawbacks thus far of your television image. You are past 18 years of age and look it, and this might rule you out immediately at ABC-TV. You didn't make nearly as much money last year as the Beatles did, so you are not much for the kids to admire. You have the extraordinarily old-fashioned idea that gifts can be given out of pure generosity, and not pitched in commercials; the kids simply don't understand this. Furthermore, you are gentle in your approach, which rules you out at all the networks. Above all, you make the worst mistake of all: You act as though you care about the Virginias, and there is- nothing worse than showing emotion; it is not done; it is not cool. Give your gifts and split, without making a big thing of it. And if, by the way, you should land a series and need a female co- U. S. Pig Crop Drops Sharply WASHINGTON (UPI) , The Agriculture Department said today the 1964 pig crop totaled 88,367,000 head, 7 percent below the 1963 crop. .The department said hogs and pigs on farms in the United States as of Dec.l totaled 58.2 million head, 8 per cent below the number on farms a year earlier. Of the Dec. 1 number on farms, 15.1 per cent or 8.8 million head were being kept for breeding and the remaining 49.4 million head were for other purposes. The June - November, 1961, pig crop of 40.5 million head was 8 per cent less than the 1963 crop of 44.1 million head. The June - November, 1964, crop combines with the December 1963-May 1964 crop for the total U.S. crop of 88.4 million pigs. The department said reports on .farmers', intentions indicate that during the December 1964- May 1965 period 6.2 million sows will farrow. This is 7 per cent less than the 6.6 million sows .which farrowed during the same period a year earlier. In the 10 corn belt states on Dec. 1 there were 44,983,000 head of hogs on farms, 7' per cent less than a year ago. The states are Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, [owa, Missouri, South Dakota/ Nebraska, and Kansas. ' 1 Iowa, the leading hog-producing state, decreased 5 per cent in the number on hand while Illinois decreased 6 per cent and Indiana 10 per cent. The 10 corn belt states have 77 per cent of the U.S. pig inventory. The average of 7.22 pigs per litter from the June-November 1964 farrowings was slightly under last year's record high of 7.23 pigs per litter. The 10 corn belt states produced 16,273,000 pigs during the June-August 1964 quarter, down 7 per cent from the 1963 total. The_ September - November 'l964"'"pig crop in the 10 corn belt states totaled 14,859,000 pigs, down 8 per cent from the 1963 crop. The 1963 - 64 pig crop in the 10 corn belt states totaled 69,069,000 head, 7 per cent under a year earlier. VAM- . Plato once poked sly fun at democracy by defining it as "a charming form of government, dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike." As a practical matter, "a sort of equality" is all that democracy can hope to offer. The equal treatment demanded by the Constitution does not roena there shall be no discrimination at all. Discrimination is not only legal, it is essential to law itself. Suppose, for instance, that a city ordinance, fixes 5'8" as the minimum height for policemen. Clearly, this is discrimination against short men. Yet it is i • i - 1 i i : discrimination based jra; a sen­ sible distinction, for a worthy purpose: to provide a better police force for the community. The Constitution has no quarrel with such discrimination. But suppose the ordinance also fixes 5'8" as the minimum height for voters. Then the dis­ crimination would have no rea­ sonable.basis. No doubt, such an ordinance would be held unconstitutional. "What kinds of discrimination are lawful? Very often it is a close question, a matter of degree. Consider twp cases involving discrimination against women. •1) A state law forbade the serving of liquor to women unless they were seated at tables. Although the law was challenged, a court decided this was lawful discrimination. The court said it made sense, in the interest of morality, to discourage the too-easy mingling of the sexes. > 2) A city ordinance forbade women to stand within 50 feet of any place where liquor was sold. This time, the ordinance was held invalid. The court said the relationship to morality was too remote to justify the discrimination. Such a law, noted the court, could even punish a woman who — in all innocence — paused oh the sidewalk to chat with a friend. In this manner,, case by case, the law puts specific meaning into general concepts. It seeks not equality pure and simple, but equality tempered by differences that are real -and purposes that are proper. Democracy can do no more. It should do no less. An American, Bar Association service feature by Will Bernard LUCKY, LUCKY LOCKE itf Arthur T. Danburg-Locke, LUckiest guy on the block—* With"Wiper-blade-sireak tn • His outlook was bleak, But his head proved hard as a rock! Don't Play Blind Man's Buff on the Road The Highway. Visibility Bureau reminds motorists.that a streaky windshield makes driving a dangerous game of blind: man's buff. Replace streaking blades with live nev| blades to \ do an effective; job of clearing rain, snow and road-muck off the windshield. You must see danger to avoid iL YANKS SIGN TWO NEW YORK (UPI)—The New York Yankees have signed pitcher Wesley Rhea of Tacoma, Wash., and second baseman Gerald Watson of La Mesa, Calif., to modest bonus contracts. Rhea, 21, who attends South Missouri State College, was assigned to' Fort Lauderdale of the Florida State League. Watson, 18, was assigned to Greensboro of the Carolina League. star, I know a girl .... The Channel Swim: Bing Crosby, host of ABC-TV's "Holly-, wood Palace" premiere pro- v gram last winter, will appear in the same capacity on the first ranniversary show Jan. 16 ... NBC-TV's "Today" program offers a karate exhibition next Wednesday. TIPTON FURNITURE STORES Will be closed, Saturday, December 26, to provide our employees with a better opportunity to partici­ pate in the Christmas season. ' A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL Parsons Furniture Store Servco # Inc. Cooper's Home Furnishings Foster Furniture Store Christmas Not Happy Event For Everyone By CAROLE MARTIN United Press International JACKSON, Ky. <UPI)—The Robertson boys "drawed names at school this year" to exchange 50-cent Christmas presents with their schoolmates. They cut a few fir trees "up on the point", nailed one to the floor, of the main room in their small 1 hill-locked' house and tramped a muddy quarter-mile path to the road to sell the others. But the trees were scraggly and people did not want .toJurj. them. The Robertson boys know Santa Claus will not visit their house, some two miles north of here,.but Christmas this year will be merrier than. last. ': Sin'ce Lady Bird Johnson visited Butch and Eunice Robertson and their seven children last May, their lot has improved a bit. •Robertson, 37, is a slightly built man but he was able to work to fix up his home—hb added a third room—and hie was put on a forestry crew in the government-sponsored unemployed fathers work program. "I fought, fires over yonder day and night, Saturdays and Sundays, and that helped me <a lot," he said. . Pay Added Up The dollar-an-h'our pay added up .during, the heavy fire season.. It left him something to fall back on when the rainy season came 'and'even now while, he is not working because the crew does not have the proper tools to build fire access roads up the mountains. . The money was • not enough to buy his children the things they want, for. Christmas, but they will have a special dinner —maybe fried chicken. A woman in New Jersey sent them clothing and a beaded brown-satin evening bag that delighted 5-year-old Judy Ann as much as any shiny new toy could. Mrs." Johnson's "friends" also received some Christmas cards this year, and the boys used them and some cotton to decorate one of the fir trees. The family looked forward to Christmas. To the Silas Millers of Bulan, though, Christmas will be "just, another day." Maybe the older boys will cut a tree from the hillside, but that would only be a sad reminder of better times. Silas Miller, 47, left his carpentry job a year ago because of a heart condition. Saw Injured Hand He went back to work last spring,- but an accident with a saw severed a finger and injured the rest of his left hand too badly for him to use. Mrs. Miller, a tuberculosis patient, said they thought her husband probably suffered a slight heart attack before the accident. Eight of their 13 children are still at home. The youngest is 11 months old. The family survives on $70 a month worth of government-issued food stamps and the generosity of Perry County residents who are able to give them second - hand clothing. "You get the food stamps at the first of the month and by this time there's not much left," Edith Miller said. The Millers' Christmas meal will be like any other end-of-the-month fare. The 'Millers' circumstances would-not permit the children to exchange gifts _ in school. V.F.W. dance Saturday at 9:30. Garland Rush band. C-70 Their only taste of Christmas came last weekend when .they attended a small Christmas party given by a veterans' group. The'highway from Jackson to Bulan, outside Hazard, winds south through the mountains past dilapidated shacks and newly painted houses. The poor live next to their wealthier neighbors. .. ' . Despite the fact that a mill!-' on or • so persons in eastern Kentucky need "government aid to live from one day to the next a surprising numberof the ramshackle wooden homes wear holiday decorations of some type. There may not be any pres­ ents or decorations, because the proud mountain. people do not"want "handouts." PATS SIGN PASSER BOSTON (UPI) '— The Bps- ton patriots haVe: signed their 12th draft choice, %-\, 190-pound quarterback Charlie • Green, who set 14 Ohio* Conference records leading-Wittenberg'to four undefeated seasons: CARDIFF, LISBON.TIE . CARDIFF, Wales (UPI)— Cardiff City qualified for the quarter-finals of the European soccer cup of cup- winners competition by playing a scoreless tie with Sporting of Lisbon Wednesday. Cardiff bad nipped Sporting 2-1 in the first leg. QSL CARDS $2.50 per 100 $10.00 per 500 EYEBALL CARDS $1.50 per 100 $6.35 per 500 CHOICE OF . ; . Color of Ink Color of Paper BLACK BLUE BROWN G RE EN RED WHITE WITH ENAMEL FINISH BUFF BLUE RIPPLE FINISH GRAY With One Week Service Bring Your Own ideas In And We Will Fix You Up 221 EAST JAFFERSON dtfifottj Indiana, What kind of a tiger do you Want under your hoo'df :<Have you priced a tiger lately?) SffTHI NEW BONNEVILLE* STAR CHIEF. GRAND PRIX. CATAUNVL1MANS, 6TO AND "reMPttTAT TOUfc AUTHOMZEQ.PONTIAC DEAlflC,'. . t f SERVICE MOTOR CO. INC. 123 South Indep. St. Ti>>rdr> OS 5-4549

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