Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1907
Page 4
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m P YM mi^ tell r yooff fffen ^Sf tbzy haf a package of 0ie eern^ne Atbockles^ Coitee thfey geit the test of fhe coffee tfa^e* AS MRS. MURPHY rouA • . J >-ame Which XIM Reilly is Alldred to Unre Keglstcred Under at Ft Scott. 'No coffee of ^equal Equality can be 8oid iq, thi3 town for the same price, whether it be sold out of a bag or a bin, or under some romantic trade-mark. You may tell them you know and that Arbuckle Brothers, the greatest coffee deaJers in the world, will stand for it,, , JkaiBTTOKIiE BROa, New Tork City. nelOUDmySEGISTEK CEABLES F. scon CIRCULATION !4,000. Telephones. Reporters' Room .232 Basiness Office 18 BCBSCBIPTIOJf KATES. By Carrier in lola, Gas Cltr, Lanyoa- Tille or La Harpc. One Week ' 10 cente One Montli 44 cents One Year J5.00 By MalL One Tear, In advance >4.00 Three Months, In advance Jl.OO One Month, in advance .44 Entered at lola, Kansas, jPostofflce, as Second-class Matter. Advertising Rates Made; Knn ^n on Application. OrnClAL FAPEB, CITY 0P4 BASSET. PITS IX OVEKIIEAD Tl»EL. A. W. Bc<"k Is to Conncrt Two Bj? Stores. (Fort Scott Republican.) Dr. KrooMns, under arrest charged with manslauRhtor In tho matter of the death of .Alaude Rellly.Jhe lola Rirl, stated this morning that he bad never seen Manager ^Vheaton, of (ho lola Opera House, In his life. Dr. Hrookins, while not disposed to tallc of the case upon advice of his counsel, had no heBltnncy in stating that ho had never seen Mr. VVlicaton. to the best of his knowledge and belief. This morning he manifested the same demeanor towards the charges against him as yesteodrty, when he wus all optimism. He says he is Innocent and is anxious to have a chance to ostab* lish his claims In court. The doctor says that he has received fully one hundred phone calls from friends since hifi arrest, and that they all ex|iress conlidence in him and the hope that he may have an Immediate |tri:i! and show the peojile that he la innrceut. ^Oii the 19lh of October ^^^leaton registered at the Tremont Hotel, this city, and.opiiosite his name Inscribed the name of his home town. Tola. The (lay following, the first name on the register is that of Mrs. Maud Murphy, supposed to have been written by .Mi .ss Reilly. .There is little doubt In his mind or in tlio minds of his attorneys th:it I he v.-ill lie acquitted. They declare A Redudiolt on every Suit and Overcoat iti the Store. that the str.lement was not made under circumstance^ that will warrant A. \V. Hock is putting in tlie only jits ever being introduced in court as overhead tunnel in this city, it runs • testimony. Wheaton will not of course across the alley from his store build-I testify against Hrookins, as he, too ing'on East Madison to the new liuild- ins which he is crectlnR on South Jefferson Ave. The tunnel is fourteen feet above the ground. It is erected so that the employees can walk from one buiidinK to the other without go- iug out doors. Constipation, indigestion.: drive away appetite and make you \ypak and sick. lloUister's Rocky Moini.i!iln Tea restores the appetite, drives a ^'ay disease builds up the s.vstem. 35 cents. Tea or Tablets. Hurrell's'Drug j for every miiiutc of the time while in denies any complicity in the matter. Dr. Hrookins declares emphatically that he is innocent and it seems that the state will likely bo consi ierably handicapped in getting evidence, it was learned today. There Is a rumor to the otToct that a third man—a younjjcr man than Mr. WHieatoM—may be in)i>lieatoJ in this case. .lust wliat there is to this nji- mor was not learned toda.v. \\ neaton declares that he was in Fort Scott. October 10th. but that he can arcount Men's Suits $10.00 Suits, 07 Cn now Ol luU "^^'ot^: $10.00 $12.50 •'^""it: $15.00 »=^^"fot: $20.00 •'^="\^ot: $22.50 Men*s Overcoats $10.00 Overcoats, now StmBO $12.50 Overcoats, now.. ..$tpmOO $15.00 Overcoats,now... .S12mM $18.00 OvercoatP, now SI5MO $22.50 Overcoats,now... .S2O.00 $25 00 Overcoats,now $22,50 A epecial offer in Rdn Coats and Top Coats! All $25 Rail!Coats and 0 00 Cfl Top Coats will sell at )>ZZiuU Our $20.00 Rain Coats Qjj $18.00 Rain Coats and ' 0«F 11A Top Coats for ^iJiUU $15.00 Rain Coats and 010 Cn Top Coats at...... ..-OlZiuU $12.50 Raiu Coats and 01(1 All Top Coats at wlUiUU MESSINGER STARRED Store. TO OPEX A rO\.SEI{VAT4)KY. Prof. llorrniu;; \\\\\ l.orate Stevenson Building. in Fori Scott. Dr. Hrookins avers that no one of the description given him called at his ollice on tho dates mentioned. Ho s.iys that within the scope <I„. (f a month's time, however, many slranKCis call and that he is of unabio to remember a detailed do- seription of all these callers. The l<)!:i olileors cb'.im that when I. Prof, lldcrnlng is today propnrinR to <)]ieii up bis nnislr;»l eoii.servale'rv ill the Stevenson building. Prof. Hoer-i'lerf tl>c other day they looked over iuK i.i a musician of considerable re-•'^»"- l^rookins' day bodk a!:d that there nutation. He -seeiirod his niM>:icarod-!:'I'Pcared two or throe roiristors Of HL -atinii in foroicu lands, and is a ! cash to the extent of $1 and Jl.r.O with MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. The lola Dally Register is • member j of Itho Assoeiated Press, and Receives tfce dajr report If that great neTTS or- faaliatloii for EXCIUSITO Afternoon PabUcaUon.lp lola. pradiiate of one of the celebrated musical iu.s'.iiutious in tho old count r.v. Appendicitis BHIXJ l>.BI(J GAS WELL. This One Has (apnclty of 6<!,(N)0,000 1 Fwl Per HHT. I .Musko .^po. Ok.. Nov. 2S.—A en.noO.- Is due in a large measure to abuse of'ooofoot Kas well was bi'ought in by the bowels, by employing drastic pur- 1 Calbreath fc Chestnut in section :;i. gatives. To avoid all danger, use only I township ran.ite 14. tw6nty-fi;ur miles west of here today. U is auiionnced here that tho Sian- ard Oil Company will curtail imrchas- es of oil in the .Mid-Continent Held from GO.OOO brrels a day to 12,000. names v( payer.^i and thr .t one eniry v,-as for SL H ) with no nanio attaehed They claim they asked tho doctor to exp'ain this and that ho was unable to ! teU .r .iKt who.paid tl;e sum. He explained this, however, by .stiiins that many times back bills came in after a considerable lapse of time and that these were nhva.vs marked as casb on registers with no names. Dr. King's New Life Pilis, the safe, gentle cleansers and invlKorators. Guarnteed for headache, biliousness, malaria and jaundice, at all drug stores. 25c. I ain't feeling right toda.v, SomethiuK wrons I must say; Come to think of it. that's right I forgot my Rocky Mountain Tea night. Hurrcii's Drug Store. GROWS HAIR AND WE Moron Defeats LaHarpe by a Score of 10 to 0. In a Banic in which Moran excelled in eveo' piirtlcular save that of bucking the line the I.«iHarpe high school lost out yesterday by a score of 10 to 0. r.ailarpe bad tho "beef but lacked speoil. brahis and all around team work. Messinper, Moran's loft half, was prol;abIy the star of tho panto. His punting had much to do witli keep ing tho bal' away frotn dan.n;erous territory. \V|iilo his tackling was fre- <piont and true. He recovered the ball on a i>unt oneo near tho oent.^r of the field and niado a totich down. Coach Jones of the .Moran team was the moving spirit in bis team. Ho was pr<v-out in iio:i-ly every jila.v and scrimmage. I.alJarpe biirkn! tho line sue c'ssfiilly until near tho foal lino when Moran t<H)k a brake, checking tho ]irogress of their heavy oj)pon- ents. K. P. LODGE ELECTS OFFICERS. Committee<Appointed to Change the By-Laws. HONEY IN THE CHURCH TOWER. 3ccs Hive in Tower of Humboldt Church Robber. (Humboldt HeraM.) Wn. Watt and Jack Daroor, who arc suoeessi'nl bee hinitcr:; iiavo known for some time that the bees had loeat.^il In the tower of tho Pres- b> teriaii church and have been wait- ii <?T an opportunity to visit them. Tiies day morning the;.- considered .an ideal dav for tiie job and took an array of ladders ami platforms with them to facilitate the wo-k. Tho honey was ifound in the base of the to.wer and they cleaned out three buckets of horioy. The bee.= had been there several ya-s and -wnu-" of tho combs were, black. The following are the officers elected this week by tho Knights of Pythias for next year: H; P . Cast'e, C. C. AV .F. Edwards, V. C. T. J. Fanchior, P. W. S. Thompson, K. of R. and S. •\V. T. Steele, .M. of W. J. T. Miles. .M. of F. W. C. Hankins. .M. of Ex. A. -M. Davis, M. of \. .T. W. Hall, I. «. C. C. Able. O. G. .\ committee was appointed to take up the nmtfer of cliangins tho by-laws. the ^'or Best and Qnlcliest Results Fse le Register >Vant Colamns. TO INSPECT SEWER SYSTEM. Enrjineer of the State Board of Health to Visit lola. THAY ARE FRESH. A cho?ce assortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. WTien you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge ol their freshness goes with thera. Get your next candy at Crabb's arid see how well It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. THEY ALL COME HOME. Electrical Workers lYanted. We can fit you for a good, well-paid posiion as an electrician, or electric railv.-ay. lighting or dynanio station foieinan or superintendent, or tele- plroue manager. We can teach you by mail, in .vour spare time and at small cost. The only qualification heeded is altility to road and write and the determination to sncceed. Write today, stating the subject which inter- ostd you. I. C. S.. P.ox < Jt9, Scran ton. Pa. .4. haui- Tbtmii efficiency and relUbiiily of Dandcrine •» a hair croiwr End scalp regenerator hare won tJie c<>ii6^»ceand |»lroWe5r^i^Mh»dmilUon. ol peiple thronehout tt .e UnUc.f6t.ic.. It has atUIned "if^fi^t »Sfji» nMwSa». It •howa rtpnltrfaom the TC NOW a I very atart. aU druggiits in THREE SIZES^ 25c, 50c and $1.00 per bottle. ^ FREI I To showhowqaickly I>m»de«tn« acU wcjwndalaip pie free by return mail to mnronewbo sends this advntisenieot to tjleKno»rIt«« I>aB««rfB» Co., Chin«o, with their name ' aad addrcM and tea ccnU ia. aUvn or staBpato par postase. 1 NEOSHO T.VLLEY. I Miss Ruby Christy will dismiss her school at Unoln Tlmrsday and Friday so she can attend the Teachers' association at .Coffey>ille. Cards are received announcing the niarri.age on the evening of Decemlier i of Frank I). Arnold and .Miss Katie Kampinp at the home of the prospective bride's brotlier, U. W. KamplnK. near Elsmore. l.^aac Colglazier who has boon work lug for E. n. Hutlcr for the past year or two, has severed his connection with IjaTte View wheat farm and on Saturday moved a tliort distantje beyond Neosho Falls. J. II. Hush has .scvf r.-.l teams Ing lii.s corn to market this wet tisiarterly meeting will be held at S:'.Ioni Chapol beginning on Friday ev- erlng of this week iiiid co::tiiiains ovrr Sundn.v. We observe that our neighbor, J. S. Tajlor, has an Imimrtant part allotted to him In the rescue work at lola during the coming winter. This Is not altogether a new undertaking on .Mr. Taylor's part as he and Mr.s. Taylor were engaged in work kindred tp this in Kansas City for about two years. Mrs. S. F .Hanson spent Saturday and Tuesday in Tola. Rev. C. W. Sherrell's little boy has been sick during the past week. The church people are planning to use gas from the ICansas Natural Gas line In the church and parsonage. . Wash Dickey moved onto Peter Young's farm Tuesday. His tenure by lease on this farm will cover a period of four years and three months. Neal VanFossen and family came In from Leon Tuesday and at present are at Mrs. Van Fossen's brothers. E. H. Crook. We understand they are moving to Humboldt, where Mr. Van Fossen inherits some property by the recent death of his brother. Arden Williams came down from Garnett where he is at work and spent Sunday with his parents. G. W. Fisher's sale attracted quite a crowd of our people Tuesday. Dr. O. C. Giynn returned last evening from a trip through tho northern jiart of the state. Dr. Glynn st'op- I 'Oil in I.nwr<t\ro for an intorviow with ilio eniisu'ting'ioors of tho State Board of Health, in regard to j si'iiitary sowers. One of tho engineer;? j ent.^ will probably be here in few days to look over the city sewer system. Wockiy. freshman; Dan S?rvoy, junior: lloscoo I 'onKlcr, sophomore; Geo. lola K. U. Students Are Visiting Here! ^^eith. sophoniore; Claude Wright. ' With Friends. * i jophomore; Newton Hrigham, fresh' iiianj Fred -Vpt. freshman; Ethel Ben- mi friends. Tho lo'a students who are attend- in? the State University are: Gus Kecisfor Want -id.s. Results. Stylish Coats at Price Reductions of f aliig Oi>e=li)ird and Here. TO CUBE A COLD CT OXB DAT Take LAXATIVE 6R0M0 Qainlne Tableta. Dmggista refand moner if It fail! to eqra. E. W. GROVE'S alc- natar* la oa eadi box. 26e. You are indeed fortunate if you have delayed biiyiug your new coat until now. We are iiow offering values that were justly considered bargains at one-third more—garments that will meet the appro- V.-11 .- f the most critical dres?er.s. — " 1 _ It not often that a store niake.^' .such radical reductions at this time of tlie yvsiT —but the season has been exceptionally warn; .s')^.r, and as we purchased on a most liberal scale, >we be}<in to clear, them early. K $2o.oo and $25.00 Coats in black anil colors, reduced to $l6m50 $18.50 Coats, handsome broadc'otb, beanti- hilly lined ani finished, reduced to $f4 .SO $20.oo CarraculJacket reduced to. .$I3B9S I15.00 Gatracul and BroadclolJi Jackets, reduced to Stt.SO 50 inch Women's Coat<, wortK' $7-50, tow. .....$5 ,00 50 inch Women's Coats, worth $9.50, now $6mSO 59 inch^ Coats for Women at siqoo. Don't let this chance slip, foi a value like this does not come every day; the coats we offer at $10.00 wonlds be sold readily for f 15 .C0 —not a particle of exaggeration in this statement, for the quality is in them and the styles are ^cellent. Satin lined throughout,^ made up in the colorless effect, inlaid with velvet and lieaatifully-trimmed with braid; gathered sleeves with tjirnover cnffs. It is a description of a $x5.oo-Coat. Reduced price, $ia.oo 411 Children's andNiMea^Coat^QreAtly Redciced I ^

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