Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1908
Page 8
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• . t Farm Garden ROOT KNOT AND WILT. lUtattM of ! Crops For Contrellinf Thom In Cotton Qrowing. Br W. A. ORTON, Bureau of PUnt In- duatiT, WMhlnston. • rotation of crops must be worked oat la detail for each farm to fit itii partlciilar needa. The etuiential princl- piM to be observed are as follows: Vint— To use crops Immune to, root knpt in order to atarre out the pest BOOT XHOr CV OOTTOR PIJUTT. \ 8«eoiid.-To build up the fertility of thf wU and especially to increase the •mbnnt of organic matter or bumuK. TUrd.— To secure au ade<iuute lu com* during each year of the rotation. I Fourth.—To keep tlie land free from iweeds that are liable to root knot. A list of the crops not llnltlu to root knot which can be uned in such rota tions follows: Corn, winter outs, rye. whMt »ab grass. Iron cowpea, velvet bean, peanut beggarweed. Some of the crops Rusceptible to neni- atodea and therefore to be avoided in rotationa for root knot are cowi )eas (except Iron), alfalfa, vetch, Boy beans, clorer, sugar cane, tomatoes, okra, cu camt>era. cantaloupes, watermelons, cdtcy, beans, sweet potitoes, tobacco. poitito<!*> peaches, figs, mulberries:. The Ixda cowpea Is occasionally Bllghtly af- teetad in Florida, but Is pracUcally Im- Bura* In the cotton b «lt. Seed of the Iron cowpea containing admixtures of oQifr kinds is dangerous and should be •Tolded. Barmnda grass, chufas and summer oats ore slightly susceptible, but probably can be used in rotation when root knot Is only slightly prevalent Many weeds are also to be avoided l>ecause mlijcct to root knot. The commoner of these are maypop, Indian potato, saw brier, red root or pigweed (amarau- t ^Ofl) and purslane. The following treatment Is sujigeeted for flelds Infected with l >oth wilt and root knot: Beginning In the fall, sow winter oats.! These may be cut for hay . In May or allowed to ripen. Follow the oats with Iron cowpens, sown broad- caat or, better. In drills, wlii-re tiiey can be cultivate*! once or twii-n. Cut these peaa for hay and plow tlu- laud at once for another crop of winter sni'u a O F Furs, Fur Coats, Fur Shawls, Scarlsi Ties and Muffs, and Cloth Coats, and also a very deep cut in the price of all Suits. While the Suit/season is well on its way the Cloak and Fur season has just begun. ' We would suggest your coming to see the newest Eastern creations in Fur styles. The new muffs are made of whole animal fnrs withvhead, feet and tails, when not in use they present the appearance of a mat made fl:om the animal fur. All the new muffs have hidden! pockets made with double satin linings and vary in size from the small mink ties to the large wolf shawls- All furs selected at this sale lor Christmas gifts can be left in our care until called for. Sale lasts three days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Store Closes at Noon Tomorrow sriTs. Black, fan and grey Silk Suits tan. grey, blue, black WTool Suits and short jackets. While they last, choice Short .lacket Suits 27 inch length, pleated skirts, colors blue, brown, black in solid colors and Ktripes, some very fine suits in this lot, but they have short jackets: ciioice while they last One-Half Price. Former j)rlce was $10.00. $ir ..()0 and |2l).uU. Special price will be ij|->.UO. i-JAt and «IIMMI. A big reduction im every suit in the ho|iKe, I-'ancy Cheviots, Hroadchiih. Serges and Wor- RteilB. Kiiri'd and fold trln)med. Hkiris :{*> i<> 4.') Incli; jackets satin llnod. all are ni-utly niudf, |ierr<'<l fItliliK >ults. Suits ruduopd to. .*!«.««» $17..">0 Suits nilucHd to ...*IS..VI mo.on Suits reduced to ...$ii .Srt $l'."..i (0 Suits reduced to.. .itlVHI $:;7.r.u Suits reduced to.. .ijliSJMl $:i ().Oi) Suits reduced to ...*i4-00 $:!r>.uii Suits reduced io...lfS«,iO Suits redurt-d to.. .$.11.2.'. {(Vi.OO Suits reduced to...lM"—•» 27-iiich Black Imitation Pur Coat $9.00 Black tiiiitalion Pur 2.")-inch coat, satin lined, price. .$10J>0 L'.'.-iuch Black Imitation Fur braid triniiuod coat, satin lined, pricf tliJiO '21-imU Black Persian i^nib, braid triniiiu'd jacket, satin iiiH 'd. jiriee $13.00 Black Caracul - s-itin lined 27 iucli length, price only $17.40 ni .-!ck Pur ("lotli Coat 27 inch IfiiStli lliit-d satin, price only fSO.OO Itnnvn Caracul Coat veivet and braid triiuined satin lined, l.rice $25.00 , FIK CO.\TS. Brown Coney, 27 Incli. Fiir Coat *i."..(K» •T4 lenRth Black Caracul Coal satin lined, price $i7J>0 Black Caracul Coat. 27 Inch, length, jirice ifii'uMi Short Fur .lacket in black, made of Kcniilne Kussian |K)ny fur lineil with beiiiitirnl brocaded silk, price WS.WI Blai Coiil k .Niar Seal 27 inch 27-inch Caiticul Jacket, beaii- iirully lined with Brow-aded lining, i.rlc- ttl'Mi Silii'rian S(|Ulni'I. .^^hort Jacket, price ifrl .>.00 Ileal Bussiau I'otiy l)la<'k fur siKut iiaci.ei, liiind Willi bro- caiiid silk iin'lng. price ..$.VMM) Black Iteal Russian Pony Pur .lacket 27 or 'M't inch leuKth. Iirocadpd silk lining, price •UMAM Cennine Blended .Mink Pur Coal hiKli collar brocaded silk lining.- price tjiT't.flO S:ible Squirrel 27 inch length, lined with liroKided silk iinins- price )S>:).Ofl 36-incli Real Russian Pony Fur black c;oat. brocaded silk lining, high collar, price iBIOO.IH) 36-incli Black Caracul brocaded silk lining, the swellest Pur Coal on the market, iirice l?125 lOLA, ATCni.SON A.VD PITTSBirBO, KAXSAS. GDTHRIE, OKLAHOMA AKD CAKTUAGE, MISSOUIU. Fl K COAT.S. If you are thinkiuK of buying a Pur or Cloth Coat, don't buy until you have seen our superb collection. FlU MIFFS. Black Plat Coney Fur Muffs for i-'lat brown Conev Pur Muff.s price Blendeil Rat, natural color, flat .Muff, price i |.».00 Opiiosuni flat .Muff, price. .WJW Black (^oney Pur. the latest style .Muff on the miiiket. The vril-i' . Plat Sable .Mink Muff, the price tliM Black Persian. I.iiiiil). price $15 Black iinitaUon Bhi^ck Fox. flat muff, price ..$10.00 Natural Mink Muff, heads and Tails attached, price $3.'}J)0 Black Pointed Wolf, fiat Muff, price $27.50 Pint .lapanese .Mink .Muff, price $20.00 FIK .SCAKFS, TIES AND SHAWLS. . . .-c«->K-5 Sable Squirrel flat satin lined Fnr Tie. price \$7.50 Siberian Squirrel, fiat Scarf Tie. satin lined, price $8.50 Isabella Opossum, satin lined long Scarf, price $7.50' , Flat Mink Scarf, satin lined, ' price $10.50 Natural Mink Round Fur Scarf, price $11.50 Isibella Po.x fiat Scarf, satin lined, price- |15.00 Black Wolf, Flat Scarf.' sattii lined, price $SOj0O .Natural .Mink Scarf, head and tail, price $20.00 Blue Wolf Scarf, flat satin lined,* price $22JM» Pointed Wolf Fur Shawl with head, satin lined, price ..$25.00 New Cloth Coats in black, bine, green, red and gray, priced at $5.00 to $10.00 ATTACK TAX LAW IMPORTANT ACTION BROIGHT IN >EOSHO rtH 'NTY TESTEBDAY. zocxo OORON piijorr STISO FBOM \at,T. Thla may be succeeded by com, with Iron cowpeas or peanuts between the rows. The third year a wilt resistant Tulety of cotton may be planted. Wheat or rye may be substituted for OfttB and the relret bean for the iron cowpea, especially in th<> more south- em districtii. Oonslderable relief Is often obtained by a single'year's rotation with oats foliowe^by crab grass or winter oats or rye J^Uowed by Iron cowpeas, bul not all the nematodes are destroyed. Bpwerer. it is much more profitable in tbt long run to practice a three year rotation like that previously described. T>ia Busy Bee. Tbm are 300,000 beekeepers in this country and an annual production of booey to the value of $ir>.OOO.UUO. LieaTe all colonies hi the best condition ponible for winter. Don't mn the comb honey superbs on week atocka; It won't work. Koep the hive covers well painted. Ttie body of the hive need!rt>nly a lltUe pttnt White Is the pro\»T color. In localities where aster, goldenrod tad other fall blooms abound it is well to look tor siupUu even in September. Don't keep the twney oh tiand too long, as It wHlnot bring more than It Will daring the next few weeka. • ucdy of Chanule asks for an injunc- • tion restraining Neosho cotiuty from levying niion $!<•'..4.S(i worth of inort- Kagcs. wiiich tlie coiinfy .•issos :;or j claims Mr. Kenn «-dy snuuld return for tfuxation. Basing liis right to do so upon mortga.i;es to the amount ini-ii- t lolled, and that he was aiding to ! evade the paymcilit of taxes upon them ' the county assessor added fiO pc ^r cent UC PnuCTlTlirinUAl irv nc IT atuount and returned the total nt LUnalllUltUNALil I Ur ll .%\r.i.->2i> to the county clerk to be added to Mr. Kennedy's personal property valuation. Tlie taxes on this sum IS THE POINT AT ISSl'E IN ACTION i amount to $1.82S.19. The application for an Injunction OF .STATE-WIDE INTEREST. j was filed yesterday afternoon by .Tas. iW. Reid. The hearing as to whether ' ' ' ia toinporarv restraining order shall Vttornc, s Chain. Offlc.. of Conn.y As- 11- ,«-„.ed. ^oje ^ rorce^nntil ^sng. trict court, will be held before .Judge scssors and Ilepnties Have No Legal EsIsfcDre. .\s p'"aclically every citizen of the county, especially the tax payers, has watched closely the operation of tlie lax law, the following from the Cha- hute Tribune which tells of an attack on the constitutionality of the meas- •ure will be of Interest here: Erie, Nov. 24.—The,constitutionality of the "new" tax law, passed by the 1907 legislature, is attacked In a suit Bled in district court here by .lones & Reid. of Chanute. They base their contention on the fact 'that the tlt'e of the act does not have anything to INQUEST STILL ON .Mr. Kennedy and said that there were about $!t5.n00 in mortgages which stood to his credit on the records in the register of deeds' ofllce in, March 1. Mm. He told Mr. Kennedy that he) did not nueslion the personal property j The Coroner's Jury Has Retired to ."tiitetnent which the latter had pre pared but that he wanted to find nut tti whom the mortgages had been a.s- siKiieil. 1)ecause he tiiought that some of the present holders might seek to lieep tliem from being taxed. Mr. Kennedy replied that lie did not know who held the inortcasea at that lime, and could not tell. Deputy Asses-sor Buchanan reported his reply! to County Assessor Lodge. The' latter thereupon certified the amount to Reach Verdict In Death of Johnny Yarberry, CATTLE DISEASE-COMING WEST. At press hour this afternoon the jury whit'h Is hearing the testimony in file investigation i of the death of John Yarberrj? was out. Although nothing detinitfe is' known it Is thought that the verdict will be death from acute alcoholism. At the autopsy appearances which indicated death from other causes were developed but it is James W. Flnley in the office of Brown & Grigsiiy, Chanute. beginning at 10 o'clock Saturday raornlnp. Notice has 4)een served upon B. H. Grigsby and S. C .Brown, both of Cha- Kennedy .Mr. Kennedy's attorneys claim that! this action was contrary to the law. and that the manner in which such assessment was made was Illegal.' In Michigan Inspectors Found the Foot and Mouth Ailment. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 25—^After a conference of Secretary Wilson and the chief of the bureau of animal indi;i8- try with state officials tonight /a' quarantine was ordered agalnst^ldtt- igan cattle similar to the one enforced in Pennsylvania and New York. Three federal government officials and the three members of Mix Michigan live stock sanitary commission- spent eight hours today visiting farma In Livonia township, about twenty miles west of Detroit and discovered what they pronounced 100 cases of foot and mouth disease. the county clerk, with ."JO per Cent add- i<hought that these will be accounted """^ ^""^ disease, ed. and Instructed him to levy upon it .'for bv perfectly natural causes ' °- ^^'^l^in, of Washington, for taxation at Mr. Kennedy's cost. " • ' ' : chief of the United States bureau of I ' animal industry, telegraphed today that he is on his way to Detroit Planui for combating O'.e epidemic depend Pittsburg Leads v.rth 6 Organizations!'^i;.^^'-''"".^ conference held late to- KANSAS HAS 501 UNIONS NOW, —Only 31 Strikes This Year. Tliy quote from the 190."i statutes. nuto. who as attornVys'for" Neosho !^'''''^ - • ,i„„»„i county, and for the city of Chanute, |Jon to heJIeve that a nroperty ewner;^ .T"?®^*'. ^^X' There are 501 i will be attorneys for the defendants in t^e action. TTie title of the case is D. M. Kennedy against H. N. Filson, treasurer of Neosho county, M. 1.^ Ogg. sheriff, O. M. Johnstjn. county clerk, the I>oard of county commissioners of Ne- night (between Dr. Melvin and the state and federal officials who con- the inspection , in Livonia osho county, the City of Chanute, and hearing, the Board of ISducatlon of the city of I After has not made a complete statement,' trades unions in Kansas, according to! '^°"''>ship today. a hearing shall be held, to which wit- the report compiled today by W ij A • *V 'I'<"''s from points out in the state nesses shall be summoned and whce Johnson, state lalwr commissioner ^° ^^""'^ favorable. The Ina thorough Investigation shall be They are classified as follows- Bnild-I spectors who have visited some of the made, and that the propertv owner Ing trades, 132: railroad organiaztions , ""t^. t",^™"^ a. ""^ ^^txJl'ff"? shall be given not less than five days,and allied trades, 130: miscellaneous " * notice of the time for holding such a trades 115: mine workers. 77; iron ! I working. trades, 47. These organiza-j might be feared, "have encounterd^ no- cases. The tour of inspection, however, has not been finished. rter alleging that the taxes were [ions are located in seventy-sev"en clt-] '^^^^^^^^l.^^J^'?^^^^ ally ,evied.,in the first p^ace. be.' es.__Httsbt.g has pore labor organ- «°-,\>^^' ^"f ^.^X.?^"* fL" Chanute. , | illegally , — , .u - ..^ "V. The statement of facts recites that I cause there had never been any con-'than any other towns or c ty ^ . . .u « , iMr- Kennedy prepared and swore toi tention by the assessor that Mr. Ken-; 'JJ Kansas. It has thirty-^Ix. while say about creating the ofllce of coun-' statement of his personal proper, nedy owns the property, and In the/Toi^ka has thirty-tStree, Wichita twen ty assessor and deputy county assess' ^. delivered the. statement to second nlace that no lawful IjearinK'Ii'-''^^'en Kansas City twenty- ors. and that therefore It is not in i t^. Assessor J. W. Buchanan. The was held to ascertain whether he did ."fee. accord with the constitutional require ^^^^j^i jn.eno. upon which the own it the petition goes on to the at-! 1" «he last year there were thlrty- ™«°**' taxes, 1148.07 have been paid. tack unon the law, because of Its un- ""^ '^bor strikes. Of these twenty-, p^^^^ The case Is one in which D. M. Ken- Afterwards Mr, Buchanan came I o constitutionality which quotes the ti -i were successful, three unsuccess- rj,^^ ^ charities «f2the city road officials said tonight that there had been no new developments here reeardlnR shipments of cattle and that Che only embargo related to Eastern points, which have been quarantined for several days. ' , NJVrUBE'S CUBE F08 BLOOD POISON paint will not oMt ywliriwlw tbe bonyJo^ pared as to aid in the upbuilding of every portion of the system, while dnv -l\jr„„ „„ onnr,.„rio.i„„ <v ,o Ini Contagious Blood Poison f.^ the btood. No tmplLsant eflcct. ever I^fe'"or canning SutVhTs act '• follow the use of S. S. S.. stich as stomach troables, dyspepsia, ntereurial ^°^r KI^^^V-U JfJ^^^ rheumatism, etc., as is so often the case where other mSicines are used. « "tto^evs jtle of the tax'law as follows:" ' \ ^IJ ^L^Vl!! met In Bennett, & Culllson's dfflce this "An act to create a tax commisa- wislISLwhlcrthev believe tft^^^ arrangements to ion. defining lU powers and duties, i!l,!r,„"^..../t, J T*| extend aid to the unfortunate families of the city. Abrama Furnished a List. Al Abrams, poor commissioner, this altemoon furnished a list of the names of unfortunate families to one of the Ladles' Aid societies.. Ttie fam- ilels will without doubt be remembered tomorrow. Mr. Abrams safs there has not bein a great demand for help this fall. h Hough a CaVididata? The friends of Justice Bw Q. Honlih are urging him to make the race fiidr nnM^a *,tA^a T,..l«,« -_tj .»_J ^........o „..u uuw^.,, coming legi.<.lature should enact They flxins he compensation of Its mem- « „^„„ ,„apectlon law, a barbers and emp'oyes, and abolishing the ber'a license law, a reqnlrement that board of railroad assessors and the' „ ^^^^ ^ ,^beled. a sate hoard of eauallzatlon and P ^o-! ^ ^t^te board of arbl- vldln^ penalties for the violation of legislation relating S. S. & ia known as Nature 's Cme for Contagious Blood Poison because ?^'^"''\r™ w» ^^Inn? ri" 'he safety of miners. The unions it is prepared entirely from the blood ourifying and healing extracts of roots, l"!,^^! " ni ^ntioned hv n.mLr-'" '^"^^ berbSanTbarks tak« diiecUy from tfie natural forests of the land. It does J^'^J" a„"act8 and narts Sf acuTnsofar' I""*"' ^"''^L'?^ not contain the least particle of strong mineral ingredients and is so pre- ^^"f^^! "co„m?t wkh thh. act and ; state. Mr. Kennedy's S.,S. 8. goeado^m to the very bottom of the trouble .and gently butsm^y; 'StlSr ^fTr ieferenco"" drives out evenrtaace of thedis^ or deputy assessor. They bf tinU twilled slifc: beautlfulcolora by Its fine veget^le tonic eBecta, assists the system to rapidly overeome the j claim that the subject of an act must'lA. nice Christmas present or a sba- ravages ot the disease, and regain Its natural healthful condition. S. S. & be dearly expressed In the title; that. Venir for the home. declare!, A Beautiful Slllc Flao. ..,uit.- UIAIUB miu lu uiants we race no- tie is there j. Do you want a Beautiful Silk Flag, police Judge. Judge said itoday that to, a ro^inty;5x3 feet? Up-to^ate; 46 stars; made!he did not expect to ask ne A«piittl|. cans for the nomination, but if nQoi' does not covernp or hide the symptoms for awhile^ to'break out later, bntllf the act Is" Wader than the'title, so thorousiily does it remove the cause that no signs of the (rouble ever re- 1 the part, not included in the title must aim. ^ 8. 8.; Nature's cure, in Oe sonsk and safestremedy for ConUekns Blood Poisod.; HoitwTintnicniBosk with.vdtiaUestign^^ bifor-' fall. Beoanse of this they claim that County J saeasor| Lodge and t)aput^ Assessor; L ;.. Budiaiiaii'.r-^v^ -a^eii' Send 11.60 and you will receiT«;tho '.Dally and Sunday Journal threa nwiBtha and pn» of these flags. inated <ke wonldrmake the' race. «chafrner In town. County AssoMor Chaa. Sdiaffher and johfi AnHfi.of Humboldt wen np I thia afternoon' OK;, hnsln -ess At the CITT [court houses ittr Schaftntlr said ke thought Mfiir9^j^Mmi^i9am» bi

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