Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1907
Page 3
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I,UT-->T K 1 \ ;j'iT*i'.'.;.i-j.>.i .'i -.'.;-.i -.n ».-ii l-w-'ttvihr"^- ••-•.-'•^...-..-••:i'K'--.:^Vv.i*,v..-i-.-~'-.*.|i|<«-«;''<: A Great Speifaal Sale of ^^^^ lOlA miLT BEflMTEB. FBIBAT ETEXnfG. ypygMBEB SI, mi g HE [QST (AS BRIDE Furs,Wankets ahd Underwear C OME here tomorrow expecting the biggest bargains of the season in Coats, Furs, MHlinery, Blankets and Underwear, It will be thb Fall's Greatest Sale of Women's Wearing Apparel. The announcement of such extraordinary values coming at the beginning of the scasou is nearly sensational. It is not nc- essary to give any reason—j uet see that yoit are one of the fortunate who shall proii'-by this preat special sale. Every onq of our tlegaut Hats, Coats and Jackets at great reductions that rar.-ly occur so early in the season. This is a Store Where a Dolkr Does Its Duty. THIS IS, AIJWAYS HAS BEEN. AND ALWAYS WILL BE. the store of Tola where a dollar (loHs its duty—it's full.duty. Does all you may expect of i»; docs all that any dollar can do iu any retail store iu this state. You'll always find the lowest prices iprcvailiu)? here on dependable merchandise, and no uiattcr what you see paraded in piiat about the "matchless opportuuities" luppening elsewhere and continually clinlleuging customers' comnion eciise, you will find ccjual mcr- chaudUe here fur the .same money, or better merchandise for less mouc}', and while this store exists iliesc principles will obtain; 113 EastiM.dlson. 3 Doors West of Thompson Hotel. Groom of a Day Enroute Misse* His Train. KEWSTFIXHARPf to lola.jMOK.W TKVM WON UXMK YKSTKU. 1 DAY. Ottawa. Sow 2fl. hiillrcflly t!i.- Saniu K> i-oniitany brought about :i sciiarnfioii of a lu'wly inarriM) c<>ii |(l<' lust iil-jlif .1. li. .Maniny and Oricie. ii( lAUorty.] Mo. wiio wiTf inurried yestonlay at; Kiiiisas City. Kan., cnnw U<-re ia.sf' I'WOK. «v.-nh ;i: on tlu- Kmiiorla I'xiir.-ss. tn! riiiut' lo lola. Tluy traiisferivd to th<>, irain wliicli occuo'c.-^ the .m-r ; OMil tr .icu a; ilie df'iiof. .\ft<-r a ston fill .<;i|i|iiM- ilx' Emporia train l>acl;;;; hifiiiit out and l.-i siiccc';<.d Uy tlu' Biirlin:.'- lon branch train, an arransi 'inent that .Mr. .\Ianlt\v doc* not apin -ar to hav<- It .'.'n wisi' to. The brido doolined to b 'avi- th<' tar for sujiper. bdt finally j <<ins<Mit .Ml to accept a cup of coffee j .Ttnl tlic f^'imnn debarljeil for ihe 0« I •'>«>•' "! Uettrnc Vihiie Drad. rl-tanrant. While he wav waitlnR to 'Hie iufaui of .Mr. and Mrs. George I.f sUiH.lioil the Kii-donia train de- ^\T>Ue of thj.s cjiy died Wednesday unnoticed by him. Sccurln-^ ,a''""''n'x>n after a short illness. The !SCORE IN CONTEST 10 TO 0 ll.WXE.S Kr .ST.VJ.VED BROK EX .VRM IX PL.\Y. n( Mr. aud Mr!«. Cro. l \'hitc Dnid—Fnncral Held Yes- trrdar. till' coffee hi- returned to the only trniii 111 si^h'. that for Rurlin;:ton. an.l iiKi'ie a nervouK tour of the train i;i .-i-'a H-li of tin- bridv of a day who \ tUiw '•iK-f .lv .i; iiiwai'ii .-oiitiu -rii Kans.i>. Wjien h.» finally forced on I'.lniself the conclusion that she wa;- jiiine. he iiiarlo a philjsophical use of tiic ^iiuation anil resiKued hini.self to wait foL' the midnight tniiii. Tin i.-:intn'r in which the hriile adopted hers.-lf to the situation is unknown. lie Fon^bt at Getty.sbnr;r. David I'arker. of Fayette, N. Y.. who lo>Ai a fool at Cettysbur*.;. writes: "Klechic Ititleis have doiii- ine more t'oiid any medicine I ever took. For si -\t 'ral year.s 1 had stomach tron- l)le. and |iaid out much money for j medicine to little puriiose. until I b<- 'Kan laklnu Klecirlc Itilii-rs. 1 would no. luki- $.'>i'<i for what tliey have doiie for luf." Ilraiid Ionic for the ai;ed and for fi -!iiale weaknesses. <;rea( tiller- ative and liodv liiiiMrr: be>t of all for hnii<- liat-k and weak kidiic .is. (liinrau- by all drugslsts. 5Uc. lOLA WAS "SHY" ON REGULARS. And Chnnutc Won Basketball Game 36 to 26. li.t.^K.-t ball same ar the Y. .M. C. .\. last nisht betwi >en tlie lola aud ( hanme hiuh srliool teaiii.M resulted it' a victory for the Chanute team by till- SCO'*' <if :Ui to I'll; The ;.'aine wa.s fj'>^t a'ld was p !ay »-tl in twenty-five iiiiiHite li.ilves. The team work of tli. Chanut • !)oy.< was excell <'Ut. .\t tin iiioiiient three of the hda team I'Otified the ca|)tain that they would he unabli' to play and ih." substitutes liicked the necessary inaclice for a fast i;ame. it is only jiaiiiral that th< bo\s attt iliiiti'd the!;' defeat to the "subs." if .Mill have indi;:eslion .voti want (he Iasiirr.r cure that .Mi-o-na stomach tab' Ids Bive. They cure the worst form of stomach troubles or cost nothing, •'.lie. .Vt Cliailes I!. Spencer's. Sale of CHILDREN'S COATS SATLRDAYJIMORNINQ We offer a large collection of Children's Sample Coats in sizes of 6 years to 14 years. Cplors Red, Blue, Brown, light and^siark G-rey fancy plaids and mixtures. 1 All are neatly trimmed and finished in first class style- Values up to $8.60, choice of the lot $3.4ft I liMporiant to Junkers. j Don't set |)ickod up. Markets look ; Inner. Liable advance. Keineiiilier I jean always pay as much as any le>;i- ' jliaiate comiietition. i don't pretend' ;ti> compete with rascals or deaicrs ol' I i |iiesiioiMilile reputation with lioiice records. I don't want any sioli'ii prop, rrt.\ lIoiie.~i prices aud honest luonej; itor honest .noods. II. S. I!.VR.\.\Ki). r;i'l-"Ji; .\orih Hu<-keye. lola. Kansas. I The .Most Heliabie Dealer. BAR THE "MAKIN'S" 'I'he eveiiinj; paper .savs .Miss Helen IieMer has a pleasing soprano voice. Ilanius the f.icl thai .Miss D.'.vier Is la I'otit' :iito the infotmalioii exuded by llie t 'Vi -liiUi; piqicr is appl'o.\iniaIel.'' correct. Severe Anti-Cigarette Measures Are Recommended by Reformers in Oklahoma. Ciiilirie. oula.. Nov. :;:t.-.l. 1!. 1.:.- tei- and Thonia.s Y. Hassilale. lejire- seiilhiK the .\nilClpurette league, ar.leetnriiiL: in Oklahoma against the :ale ami use of cigarettes. The lea- l^Uf is planning to have a bill Intro i|i;ced ill the Oklahoma leL|>hitur.' faljln;; it iJiisilenieanor for any per ^'in more than I'l .M'lirs old to be tciind with a ci;,'arelte or clgan'tte jia. pi rs ill liis itihsession. funeral was held from the residence y(.'>terday with Uev. .lohn If. Rrisht. pa.sior of the I'resbyterian church, of- ficiatins. Inttneeni jntide in the L:i llarpe <'enietiry. Tiie menib'.rs of till' family have the sincere sympathy of the eeminuniiy. .Monin Wim. Tlic Ija Harpe hipli schmd foot b;ill team aithouKh out el.issiim tlielr opponents ill Weight was defeated yesier day b.v the .Moran high school team b .r tlie decisive score of Jit to U. The Moran tcaiii out played thnlr opponents ut every turn of the Ranio and with till' exception of occasional lalle.vs tin; l.a llarpe team wi'ui down to defeat wilhoiit ihe.e.xhlbil of the usual fii;ht- ini; spirit. .\(lendrd (>rMiid. .Many Ui Harpe peopii- wilnesi^ed the priKlueiion of '"Pile Girl and ih.e Siampede" at ihe tirand iln'ater last evenint;. The production was one of till- bcsl iif western lypf ever pro- dni 'i -il ill lola. I>ast night being Tbatiksgivin.g evening many L.a Harpe people attended wRo would not have done BO. I'nif. lluyuirs Hurl. I'rof. lla.vmes. principal of the l-i llarpe high school, sii.xtuineil a broken left arm yesterday while playini; fiK)C ball with the I.,a Ilarpi- liigh schind team in their .::auie with the .Moiae- team. The break is considered a bad one. beliiR very near the eiljow. The injury will prevent liim from worki*^ for some time. K braid D'on. The Kincaid foot ball team defeated a team from this cit.v yesterda.i' on the Kincaid grounds by the large score of :,^ to '». The game was very one-sided, tlic La llarpe players being '-iiiciassed a' evfr.v turn of the game. The team that represented La llarpe was not the regular first team. .\ Significant Prayer. ".May the Lord help you make H.ick- len's Arnica Salve known to all." writes .1. O. Jenkins, of Chapel Hill. X. ('. It i|uickly took the pain out of a felon for me and cured it in a wonderfully short time." Hest on earth for sores, burns and wounds. 2.'jc. at all drug stores. MATIIRE a mora paUa^^nrntdyJa the rooto ud herba of tlwMd than was'em' .frodnced from drofa. Inthe.voodold^shioned days of oar fraadmothers few drag* were naed in mediciaea and Lydia E. gJnVham. ot X>yiin. Mass., in h^r atndy of roots -and tad^lM and their power.oTer disease discoreied and fave to ibe women of UM woiritd » reoMdy for tbeir pecnliaa ills-axnte .potent and efficaeioas tlian anjr combination of druj^ Lydia E. Pinkham 's Vegetable Co -is an honest, tried and time remedy-of nhqnestionable therapeotic valne. Durinf it* record of more than, th'lrty years, i,U long'.lis* iof actual cnraaof those seriona ills pecniiar towomen. entiUen Lydia E. Pinlcbamis Vegetable Compound to the respect and confidence Of every fair npadeldB perso^ and e»ery thinking woman*; u ' 'IM When women are troubled with irregular or painful functions, weakness, displacements, -tlccrafiou or inaammation, b»ckacbeu^ Hatnleney, general debility, indigiistion or nervous prostration, tho;^- 1 •hoald remember there is one trieil and ttuc remedy\ Lydia K. -PiBtcv ham's Vegetable Comnound- ' ' Ko other remedy in. the country ban sii.-h a record of ctjres of* female ills, and thousands of vvouieji residing in every pnrtof tiioUnite<l States bear vrillinjj te&tiinon.v to the wonderful virtue of Lydia G. Pinkham's Vegetable compound and witat it lio.'i done/or them. - V Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick womea t.-. write her for edvice. She hat .iraided thousaKls to health. For t.venty-five years she has been advisiBi^ sick women free of charge. She is tiio ilaughtir-in-law of Lydia E. Piak^' ham and as her assistant for ycarsbi^tore her decease advised under her immediate direction. Addres.s Lyno.AIa&s. •Jil'i WA M TSI .VdvelriNrmeutN under this head TIUI be In-serti-d thri* tirai-M without cliarK*'. ClUL W.V.NTS work in private fajii- ily. Call phone ll.l.s. HELP WAHTED WANTKD—Men to learn barber trade and accept positions waiting our graduates, splendid chance for poor man. few weeks coniidetes. to<ds given, write today, Moler Uarber College, Kansas City. JIo. 1W> .Hen Wanted. To trail miuks. skunks, niuskrats, raccoon, etc. Highest prices arid a square deal. 15. S. Harnard. lola. K;m- .sjis. .'IJ l-.".jr. North Uiickcye. The most reiiablo dealer. WANTED- ~Mlaomltmn0Ou» ~\V .\XTKn— JUXOftii to loan on gotiil I-'arm I'roijeriy: at ii-asonable rate. IOJ>.\ LAND CO .Mr .\NY. AY.WTKD—Washing .North Elm. to do. :;ps l.KWIS T<> KKFtMl.M.VUHtV. (Leavenworth Post.1 .\rchie Ijewis. the young man Who stoic a horse near Tongano.vie a couple of Wi 'eks a.go. J'leaded guill.v In the district court this morning, and was sentenced to the Hutchinson reformatory by Judge (iilpatrick. He is only seveitleeii years of age. Tlir; which Li-wls is allegi'd have stolen was located al Lone Kim. The Mildest and Most Effective Laxative Known X 'l I,i\ati\<' .-.iiM in 'Mir .--tMfc < .iu rfiuj • vi:Ii ilii > pcrli-ct bowel rccjttlatoi" hi •^••••,)X\fn: A^-A itll. it-ni}. li i> nnl a n--' arrangement K I D M hi.x.itivr aiiil calli.iriic tlniLT-. '-'"^'^ ^''i '-nlin.-lv ;/tTi' la.xativc and (Mtiiartic. liu: ^^ixnl jioints < foiiu r la.\aii \(S have hijcn can Inl'v pr-'s'-r-v til i:i ihis new Ia.\.il!\••. wiiilt; liieir faults have been -i. skiHl'.iHy eliininalci.1, OrdeHies simply re-estabii :i \.!t:iri i:;;,. I'.i;: . 'lii-tDi:! .".!;\' rii.p'.'-asuitncs.^ wluUcxtr. X'> rr//:>'-—;-- .:• . I M :.:;:Vr:(:-, IP';!! iimsiipa- tioil or blu'j-g^ ii;; • t'v •. : :>i ;: •< r'.ii' f. .Mid no ctHLSti- j)aliv(" reaction ("•••:) • > •• • . 'i wnrk injielly, liut l!u)roii;.;lil\-. .UP.! l':- n ; • i"• .' iMiav.are of I'-eir pn-sfiitc. Rexali (IrJe'.'I.'' . .i;--;i pi... .•.:;t .i, thi v arc efVeclix c. I'lit lijj iira .Lrrceable ta-lia.;-. -winii '.i;. r< <i l.i!>ltl .-i. "\ Box off 12, - 10c. Box of 36, - 25c. Guarantea is the •troBgett ever made. If th^te Orderlies do not benefit you,—if you're not entirely sA- isfieawithllMm, —bring back the empty box and we will promptly hand back your money. The com* pUtm formu' fa of these aew iaxaliTaa givaa WiVNTED— House cleaning to do. Phone 1112. WANTED—Second hand Winchester Iiop gun. Inquire 105 South Second .St ret. FOR SALE'-REAL £STA7£ FOn SALE— Good runabout Studebaker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken In the next few days. Itniuiru at Howard's Livery Ilarn. I 'OH SALE— tJood mare wllU foal Call at -.'10 West strecU K.^JGUTS OF MACCABEEflL— , Knights of Maccabees of the World j meets in K. P. Ilall. second and tonrth (Wednesday nights in each montiL J. iW. Posiwait, commander; R.B.PDr- I ter, record keeper. i Vi. 0. W.^—Camp No. 101 meet* Is : K. ot P. Hall every Friday nltfit W. jr. Steele. C. C; A.H.DaTl«, Cl«f» ; visitors cordially Invited. KMGHTS Of FriHIlS^KMMIn Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday i night at K. of P. HaU. Visitinc bro- jthers invited. W. 8. Thompson, C.C.; i Chris Rltter. K. ot R.^ and & M. W. A*—The M. W. A. |ods* meets every Friday night in M. 'w. A. hall. Vio'tins brothers Invited. W.H. I Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan. a «Ht. i BOrir KEIGIIBOK&Iliola Cimv, i No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meets see* iond aiid fourth Tuesdays 'of aacli •mouth. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraela; I Mrs. Mary Huttan. 413 West iBtr««t. ; Recorder. F. A. A.-^olden Leal Council IJa 462. F. A. A. meeu first and third Wednesday nights in each montb/^ K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey. presldmt,- Miss Mable Rbortack, secretary. FRATEK^L^llEOTilEBHOODlr- Fratemal Brotherhood No.. 380 juatts second and fourth Tuesdays of eacb month in A.O.U.W. Hall, VisitUi* members cordlaly invited. W.H.An* Jerscn, president; Golda filam, seera* tary. Junior Ordrr L'nitrd Amertcan Vi^ chanics<—Meets every Wedneadaj; vt- . enlng at 8 o'clock In K. P. Hall. All vlsltlns members luvitcd. R. A. Widick. Councelor; C. U. Black, Reft Secretary. FOR SALE~mtmtMtilmm»ous KOIt S.NLl'!—Cheap on $10 |iay liHlits, two oiie-acie lots on liolley line, ijnicit /.cr & Co. I'OIt Tlt.MiE —.\ well iiiiprovi'd so acir faiiii. niili'S from italli''.v I -JI I H'ITC iDiiiily. Kails.!-, lo '.radc for residence propi-rlv in biia. .\.ii'.(•,•,.'-• lAick liox 17, I«i llari'c, Kaiis .i.-. Foil SALE— 5JSl)i) stock of ri"cer- ies and store C.vtures. Sottth Kentucky street. FOR SALE—A driving mare and im^ir.v. Morse city I <afe for lady to drive. Inquire 8U2 North street. FOR RERT' misomUmmmomm FOR KE.XT—Ki.cjbt room house on car line. Wheeler fleiglits. .MtKierii. Newly papered and varnishejl. In- (inire of W. A. Wheeler at The bjla riiri';ind Cement company. FOlt KENT—Furnished rooms at .\'o. .1 .North Sycamore. Phone Mt'.n. I''()K UE.NT- Six rooiiieil house, ^niid l.arn, otlfer iiiiprovpiiieiits. lii- • inire ill's .North Kentucky. Its Economy To have yonr Carpets and Rugs cleaned by Tketob Rof Factor) S. R. BURRELL, Druggist The USSSSS ^^^^^ WILL TEApH SHORTMAHO Miss J. Katherine Hartley will i give private lessons. Beon Pitman System a specialty. . For Sale. Three good big work horses, one rooti farm ra.ire: a Ronrt pair ponies. IIOWWX & UUKWESR. I.a Harpe. Ks. BUS/MESS OIREOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast. old rellabi* Jewalart 110 East street PTAMMER. i ~ Complete coi:rt at the best school for stammerers In America atlonsi* half price this fall and winter. Wblto for information at once. McKie S^diool for Summerers. 2705 East 12th Strotl; K:insas City, Ma | Livinqsf OD ^ C^o Ltatraetors ud BidMm | All kinds ot work a specialty 0 Saath Syeamera. • Phoaa UH' CHRISTMAS PKESEXTS Nothings better than a magazine for friend. For your magazines see J. E. 1I£>DERS(», PboBf 'JH. iU Biekeye. Thetiew 67 gooks Days Off, by Henry VanDyke. £ud of llic Game, by Ar^ur llornblow. Five LHtIr Pep|»er» iu a Browa ' UoHsc, by Margaret Sydney Fruit ef the Tree, by Edltb Wharton. Till' Flyi-m, by Geo. Barr Mc- Cutcheoh. Frost A Frteudsblp, by Frederick Turner. . Goldca Horseshoe, by R. Altken. Crcateiit Faet b Moderp History, by Whitlow Reed.; God's Caleadar, by Wm.'A.quat) Ilia Ow» Feople, by Uooth Tar' klogtoo. • Hilma, by W. T. Eld^idge. . Evans Bros.! -3«

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