The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1950 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 27, 1950
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOUTNANT NEWSPAPER OF MOKTKSA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLVI—NO, 80 Blytheville Courier • BlythevlUc Daily Nr Valley Leader Blytheville Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1950 EIGHTEEN PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVB CBMW j County Judge, Mayor New Demands for Increasing Proclaim Cotton. Wee/c|DefenseFund,DraftExtension Nearly Shelve Economy Drive —Courier News Photo TRUCK HAMS HOUSE-Omy tlie trailer protruded after » large tr>ick smashed into the Virgil powe home three miles north ot Slccle, Mo.,, last night after leaving Highway 61. County Judge Roland Green nnd Blylheville Mayor )oyle Henderson yesterday issued proclamations designat- May 1-6 as Cotton Week in Blytheville and Mississippi County. • . . , „ Judge Green'. procUm.tion eon- ..^ Mjyor ^.^ Hcndcrsollp here . ',, : , , ,u --.t nf bv proclaim the week ol May 1 "I ... proclaim, the week of tl h 6 1950 to ^ knowi , as lay 1-6, 1950 to be known as Mis-1 „_,,__ ,„'„.,. ... ,,., issippl County Cotton Week in a pirit of thanks and appreciation to he many producers, processors, sellers and handlers of cotton In his area." Mayor Henderson's proclamation, which adds city recognition to the Cotton Week, which under sponsor- Cotton week In the City of Blytheville, Arkansas in recognition of and honoring cotton/' Sales Personnel Meet Last night, approximately 75 merchants and sales people attend- House Resigned To Vote Addition To U.S. Budget WASIIINGTON, April 27.— , „ . (AP)—The tensing inlerna- ly cee clubhouse. tional situation brought added . ,_ . The meeting, designed to demon- force today to demands for ?.!?-?f lh .f."!:t pp y ™ !trate Cotton's selling points, was new defense funds and exten- countyl^j^^ p m jj^ £ v jjnjj! 0 ^J 1 1 sion of the draft law. It and Blytheville are the centers of Dea , commltlee chairman, presided e <* l .? n . .^"f."-™-?..^!? , a /S'.., a , n . <J I over the meeting. Miss Edith George was In charge Whereas, the economy of Blytheville is founded on cotton produc- U.S. Ex-Communist Head Denies Budenz Red Story Earl Browder 'Lost'Witness Takes Vacation MOUNT VERNON. N.Y., April 27. (IP) —John J Huber, who disappeir- «d when wanted as a U S Senate- fitness, says he is going away for a month "'bo get away from it »11. ' But hu; w WASHINGTON, April'27.— (AP) —Earl Browder, formei Communist Party chief, lok Senate investigators today that "to the best o£ my knowledge, and belief" there are no Communists in the State De partment. ' Browder, who was expelled from the Communist Party in 1046, said that if he knew of any Communists in the department he would say so but that 'lie doesn't know of any. Edward Morgan, counsel to a senate foreign relations subcommittee, asked him if he would give names if he knew them. Browder said: "No I would not give you names." Morgan: "If you knew there were any Communists 1 In the State Department, would you tell me that?" "There Are None" Browder: "Yes. To the best of_my k'nowledge there 'tare not any in the State Deparlment." Browder also lold the committee .t ne^h^s never met Owen Family of 7 Uninjured As Track Rams House Eight persons escaped injury late last night when a large trailer- I truck smashed into the home of Virgil Powers near Steele, Mo.>, and but shelved the House economy drive. In response to the request cotton I 0 *- Secretary of Defense Jolm- Councll field representative, com- SOU, the House was resigned pared cotton, nylon »nd rayon fab- to vote nil extra §350,000,000 rics and pointed out that except Cor m j|j l!u . y spending, most of for the other fabrics' slick finish ... - • / ' and fast drying power, cotton is more adaptable for general use, A similar meeting Is to be conducted tonight at Osceola. buried its cab in the side rUS'snd . \frs Huber said ^ hrr in a telephone call last night tha^ he was going to take a month s rest'and try lo get bick on m> feet " He did not say where he wis going and no one was able lo trace his whereabouts. Huber who ms worlcd for tie FBI as an undnco\er ager f failed to appear Tuesday when' called as '» Witness at'a Senate subcommittee hearing on charges of communist Infiltration in tlie - State Department. Mrs. Huber said she believed her husband was beginning to crack up under the strain of frequent testimony on Communist matters. contradicted from I/>uis up at that Uittimorfes name came meeting of Commiyaist Osceolans New Owners of Bank Monette State Bank And Branch at Caraway Purchased A trto of Northeast Arkansas bankers, including two from Osceola, yeslprday took over operation of the Monette Slate Bank at Monette following its purchase from Paul Downs. New owners of the bank In Eastern Craighead County are B. Prank Williams and Roy'Jacobs of Osceola and Dan P. Portis of Lepinto. Sale'.of the Monetbe bank also included the' Caraway. ,. Theji^t meeting 1 of the board of 1 rLClors lni_c' the sale -*vas sched- e<5 to be held this morning. Mr. cobs i<i president and cashier and * Williams and Mr. Portis are i« 'other directors. Mr^Jacobs has been vice presi- Luxora Seniors Scheduled to Get Diplomas May 18 LUXORA, April 27—.Commencement Exercises for the senior class of Lxixora High School will be held May 18 In the school auditorium hern, it was announced today by T. D. Wilkins, superintendent. Miss Jo Frances Brooks tins been named class valedictorian and Miss ,-Alary Ann Bourland has been se- jfl^cted salutatorian. "'*^ Commencement activities will begin Friday night when Hie senior class piny, '.'The Fixer." is presented in the school auditorium. Other activities Include the Junior-Senior banquet ctnri dance at the school cafeteria May f>, a Glee Club concert In the auditorium May 9 under the direction of Dalton Fowlston; a piano recital May 12 mirier the direction of Mrs. T. L. SI - m ford; nnd baccalaureate services May 14 with the Rev. J. C. Dickinson, nnstor of the Church of God, officiating. leaders in Ne» York Citv in OcU&er 1937 ^ r r There never was such a meeting Brovider declared v * He said "it Is hard to imagine how even a professional perjurer. could think \ip testimony such as Budenz gave a Senate foreign relations subcommittee. Opens Per j u ry l*a th Budenz; ^former Communist editor who renounced the party, testi ficd last week that Browder and other party leaders told him Lattl- more was a member of a ' 'Communist cell." He said that at 1937 meeting there U was agreed that Lattimore should direct the organization of writers to put across that Chinese Communists were agrarian reformers. Uittiinore, far eastern expert an< now a professor at Johns Hopkin University, has denied any connec tion with the Communists. He alsc hns denied the accusation by Sen ator McCarthy (R-Wis) that Lattl more was a "top Soviet espionag agent." In testimony that could lay elthe himself or Budenz open to perju charges, B<*owcler told the committe there never was such a meeting- of tlie house. — + The north bound truck, driven by John \V. West of Hayti, left Highway 61 shortly after 11 o'clock last night and ploughed Into the south side of the house, just to the rear of the living room. : Mr. and Mrs. Powers and their five children, ranging in age from seven to 1-1. were asleep In a bedroom In the rear of the house on he north side. None of them was injured. Mr. West, the truck driver, also escaped injury. He was the only occupant of the truck. The side of the powers home was smashed completely and only the trailer portion of the truck protruded after the crack-up. The Powers home is located on a curve in the highway about three miles north of Steele near'the G. E West store. . . \ The'; driver tol(' officers he was forced .off the highway by an on- cominir truck. The truck. carried ;Jj load- : of •' miscellaneous merchandise fof- : -;vyalsh Freight of v 'St hovte Is . Owner of the Powers Sam Hamra of Steele. • ent and cashier ..of the Mississippi ounty Bank at'Osceola since lust eplember, a position he has reined to take over presidency of :ie Monette bank. No successor for AT.' Jacobs has been announced yet y the Osceola bank. Organized Monetle Rank The Monette State Hank was or- ^nized by Mr. Jacobs In 1OT7 nnd le served as cashier from 1937 un,11 1642. when he moved to Paragould. Last September, he came to Osceola from Parngould. lie has leen a banker for 30 years. Mr. Jacobs plans 'to move from Osceola to Monette shortly. Mr. Williams is chairman of the board of directors of the Citizens Bank of Joncsboro and Mr. Portis president of the Little River Bnnk at Lepanto. Capital stock of tlie Monette Stale Bank is S25.000 and surplus is $50,000. Undivided profits amount to $67,000 and deposils as ot Jan. 1 were 42,165,260. Opcrntion of tlie bank Is to continue with the present, personnel. Fred Helse and Hoy Nuckols are assistant cashiers.. Chrysler Strike Enters 93rd Day Some Progress Made As Talks Are Recessed After Night Session DETROIT. April 27. (fl'j—A record night-long- bargaining session failed today to bring a settlement in the Chrysler strike, now entering Its 93rd day. Both Chrysler Corp. and the CIO United Auto Workers agreed, however, some progress had been made. Negotiators stuyeii in a marathon session until 6:30 a.m.. EST, and til en took day. a recess until 2 pjn. to- Weofrfcer Arkansas forecast: Considerable cloudiness, a few showers and cooler in the north portion this afternoon, In east and south tonight, nnrt in portion I ibiday. "Missouri COOI.KR forecast: Clearing and colder tonight with lighl to heavy frost central and north; low otnight, 35-40 south; Friday fair southeast, increasing cloudiness west and novth. warmer; high 65 south. Minimum this mornine—40. Maximum yesterday—80. Sunset today—5:41. Precipitation 24 hours lo 7 a.m. today—none. Total'since Jan. 1—24.31. Mean temperature imidway between hi"h and low)—60. Normal mean for April- 61. This Dale I>asl V'car Minimum. this morning—62. Maximum yesterday—12. P --''illation Jnsi 1 to this dale Pre-School Clinic To Be Held by . PTA Here May 4 Children who will start school careers in September are expected to be on hand May 4 for the preschool clinic being conducted by [he Parent-Teachers Association for Suduury School. Mis. P. E. utley, chairman of the clinic, said that registration would be between 1 and 2 p.m. next Thursday at the Mississippi County Health Unit. Mis. S. C. Owens, Mrs. Jimmli Sanders and Mrs. Clarence Wilson are to assist Mrs. Utley, examining physicians, and health unit nurses at the clinic. The children will have genera examinations, receive smallpox vaccinations, diphtheria and whooping cough Immunizations and dental examinations at the clinic. Hones A re Dim In Rail Talks New York Stocks 1:30 p.m. Quotations: AT&T ]54 3-. Amer Tobacco 681- Anaconda Copper 29 1- Beth Slccl •. 38 1- Chrysler 66 1- Coca Cola 155 Gen Electric 473- Clen Motors 821- Monlfiomery Ward ........ 55 N Y Central 14 l- Int Harvester 26 National Distillers 221- Rcpublic St«el 301- Radio 21 Socony Vacuum 17 1 Studebakcr 333- aiandard ot *i .T ., 70 1- T--!>* CVf) 643 J O Penney , K I CHICAGO, April W. {/r>— Pros- •ects for a quick peace appenrcd dim 3day as tnlks bcgnn in a new ef- srt lo avert a major railroad strike. Railroad and union officials were ummoned to a government ar- ingcd conference to settle a riis- ute which almost led to a strike csterday on four major lines. The strike was put oft for two weeks under a truce arranged Monay by Francis A. O'Neill. Jr. hairman of the National Media- ion Board. The strike Issue is the union's demand that the railroads hire an idditional fireman for multiple unit Diesel locomotives. Walter Reuther, UAW president and Norman Matthews, the union's Chrysler Hrector, issued this stateicnt: Progress Made 'Some progress has been made or ome contract issues. However, umber of important Isssues still ar usolved. Tile union is prepared to pply itself In extended ncgotiatin essions in an effort to resolve a! he issues remaining In dispute." A spokesman for Chrysler sal he union statement substantlall cflcctcd the status of the ncgotla ions. Rumors of an Impending •. brea n the strike arose last.nlghl. The stiil persisted today. It was still any body's guess, however, as to what night happen. Bolh sides indicalcd they were making a determined eflort to effect a settlement that would return 89,000 Chrysler workers to the job. Hopes Are Strong Appearances gave rise lo strong hopes, but much the same had happened before without bringing peace. Jerry IFIanderir .••/->-..:.. Gos Consultant Is Employed by Power Company Jerry Flanders, former chief engineer for- the Arkansas Public Service Commission, has been employed by the Arkansas-Missour Power Company tn compile data for building R gas tron-smis-ston line from near Campbell, Mo., to Dlythe vllle, Ark. Tlie proposed line would bring .natural gas to Blytheville, Leach vilte, Manilii, Dell, Wilson, Osccoln and Rector In Arkansas and t KcnnctL. Haytl, Cnruthersvllle and Steele in Missouri. Data for the con trnction of distribution systems J hese towns also will be worked u jy Mr. Flanders and nLs associate Mr. Flanders, gas consultant Jefferson City, Mo., is a graduate o he University of Missouri School o Mines at Holla, Mo., served for 1 years as chief engineer for th Arkansas Public Service Comml slon and held a similar positto with the Missouri Public Servl Commission for 12 years. Soybeans May July Nov Open High t>nw Close 291% 291*; 236 li 289V 288'i 2W4 253*« 2861 it for airplanes. And House leaders thought It likely that the members would have to vote on the ciuestion of keeping the drnft law nltve for two years beyond June 24, when It is scheduled lo die. Chairman Cannon (D-Mo) of the approprialions committee announced committee approval of amendment that would hike Ihe defense budget for the fiscal year be ginning July 1 from, the $13.911,000, 000 recommended last month by Ihe committee lo $14,261,000,000. 5:i. r >0 Bllliim Approved Tlie extra $350,000.000 was proved after Johnson testified be fore a subcommittee .yesterday. It would be split up this way $200,000,000 for the Air Force; $100, 000.000 for nnvHl air; $50.000,000 fo conversion of warships and for th anti-submarine warfare program. With Republicans Joining Demo erats In supporting the Increase their addition to a $28.000,000.001 omnibus appropriation bill pcrhap late next week nnneared certain. May Aild More '' There Is a chance thai an efio: may be made lo add even more, f< the appropriations committee In commended a $203.000.000 cut i -called non-defense military fill d Johnson want-s thnt restored The. $350,000.000. agreed on' r ls' In nded-lto keep the -nation's'. A o'rce ai a level of not. less tha groups of active and first Hi nrplanes. Draft Law Extension Ghnirman vinson (D-Oa) of the mcd services committee told news- en that because of "present world nditions" M\e will ask the com- ittee next ,wcek- to approve a two- ear extension of the draft law. No one has been draftetl since anuary 1949, but military leaders ant It kept on the' books for quick se if necessary. It covers men 19 iroilgh 26. Before the Russian air force as- ertcclly shot down and unarmed U.S. naval plane early tills monlh. lany members of Congress hoiied :icy could let the draft law die or t least extend it with "strings' liat would require additional nc- lon before anyone could be Inducted. That won't do now. Vinson said. Force of Kvenls ttUKHK snoot down U. S. plane m Mtic. Reject U. S. point a*d worn tiot R*d AM. Force wiM attack afty foreign aircra over Soviet territory in tfcc future threaten Youth group parade rt> "capture" Wcit Berlin. XIIJ«i feat Red-Inspired noting on May Day. Ruitia demands W*&tet« Allies quit Trieite, accusing rtiem of molting Trieste free territory- a military and MOKOW puts new pressure on Turkey by reviving Russia's his- demand for free passage through tfie Dardanelles. COLD WAR WARMS UP — Map shows highlights o£ Russia's currently steppcd-up "cold war*' oICcnGivc from the BalUo to the, Black Sea. Moscow's trouble-making activities have increasctj world tension to the point that Secretary Acheson admitted .that>| t the situation is "serious." \ Propaganda Q! Soviet Stirs Iran in ColchWar THIHRAN, Iran, April 27. f/P)—A pepped lip Soviet propaganda offensive has once more .rnnde Iran n hot front,in the cold war. The ."free' Azerbaijan radio/! operating from .Inside the Soviet Union, Li apcarheadlni Ihe campaign against the neighboring.' Iranian N. O. Cotton May . July . Oct. . Dec. . Mar. Open High low . 3241 3241 3235 . 3268 3272 3264 . 3150 3153 3143 .'3136 3141 3131 . 3140 3144 3138 1:30 3238 3266 3143 3131 3136 Truman O /cays Foreign Policy Bipartisan Plan WASHINGTON, April 27. (/I President- nnnnn today endorsee wholeheartedly a plan to set eight Sennte foreign relations su committees to help bring about "a true bl-partlsan" foreign policy. Mr. Trutnan RRtd in a .statement he hopes the House foreign affairs committee will follow the proposed .senate pattern lo help provide for a "free interchange" between the Stale Department and Congress. The President's statement was is- .sued after he held a White House conference with Secretary of Slate Acheson ard Chairman Connally <D-Ttex.> of the Senate ?\>reign Relations Committee. Connally Is author of the plan | to set up eight subcommittees which *-ouId correspond with the organl- ational structure of the slate detriment. The 30-minute White House mcct- ng was another in a scries of Prcs- dentlal moves to revamp and strengthen the bl-partlsan foreign policy in the face of Congressional criticism of the State Department, Secretary Johnson told the House ind Senate Appropriations Com mittees thnt "the force of events icccssitntlng a hike in dcfcn.s :unds Included: "The Soviet atomic explosion, th fall of China, Ihc serious situation in southeast Asia, the break In dip lotnatlc relulions with Bulgaria an deteriorating relations with othe satellite countries, the Soviet .sumption or control over the armr forces of Poland, Soviet naval panston, Ihe Increased Soviet prcs snrcs In Germany, the recent n tack on a naval aircraft In the Ba tic. mid the recent Soviet ricmnm relative to Tnesle." Rep. Tftbcr (R-NY), head of Republican drive thnt once tiimcd cutting a billion dollars from t pending $29,000,000,000 approprl tion bill, told newsmen that chanr for success appear dim in the lig of changing world condlllons, ;overnment. The new broadcast lino started bout' 10 weeks ago and has been ountlng steadily In 'violence, even citing Iranians to revolt. Propaganda Tempered Before that Ihe Soviets, for n ng period, iiad tempered their ropagandn campaign against Iran n an apparent attempt, lo Improve elations with their oil-rich south- rn neighbor.-, A recent Washington dispatch aid U.S. Secretary of State D Acheson was deeply concerned over larmlng reports reaching him Iron the American mnbass;ulor to Teh an, John C. Wiley, The Co:nmu campaign, State Department ex icrts said, has been helped great y by economic troubles followin year's cereal crop failure I Strawberry Plot, Bedded with Straw, Produces Unexpected Stand of Wheat Fertile Is the soil at Promised Land, for where else bul there could strawberries, wheat and pasture be produced simultaneously from the same plot o' ground? It happened quite by accident, too. ,Mrs. H. L. Halscll diligently placed 25 rows of strawberries in a small plot behind her house late last summer. "You'll need straw to mulch them," expert growers tflld her. She ni'rchased Ihc straw, and last fnll pampered Iht small plaiiU by em bedding them gently in It. Today she has a nice even stand of wheat, the strawberries—shadowed by the near knee-high reeds- are blooming like mad nnd Mrs Halsell is on the look-out for the geese she plans to put lo pasture there in the next few days. She explained that all the whca had not been thrashed from the straw she purchased, and during the winter It started lls growth. En vlous farmers who have had no sue cess rating in raising wheat couV take t lesson from Mrs. H»lselL Negro Fined, Sentenced For Theft of Lighter Arthur Taylor. Blytheville Negro, today was fined $25 and sentenced to one day In Jail orf a charge of petit larceny Involving the theft of a cigarette lighter. He was arrested yesterday by Blylhcvillc police and pleaded Riill- ly In Municipal Court this morning. In other court action this mom- Ing, two motorists forfeited $10 bonds on charges of speeding. They were Howard Carney and Mrs. Charles Robinson. Iran. A U.S. survey mission soon ma lie sent to recommend aid for th strategic Middle East country o Ihe eastern end of the anti-Communist cordon. Reports Show Themes Reports of radio monitors here show the-sc four consistent propaganda themes in Soviet broadcasts nc.imcd this way: 1. An attempt lo blame thiilcd States "intervention" for Iran's economic depression. 2. Persistent charges that '.lie U. S. is lurning the Iranian army into an "American stooge." 3. An attempt to picture th? Shah —hitherto usually exempt from soviet attack;—as under American influence. 4. An effort lo picture the Iranian government DS so corrupt it should be overthrown. Rubber Suits Add to,Clues Baltic Sea COPENHAGEN. Denmark, April 27. (AP)—Three more yellow rub- lx?r emergency rescue suits were added today to the grownIg collection of scattered clues to the fate of the U.S. Navy patrol plane which disappeared mysteriously over the Baltic more than two weeks ago. The suits, bearing English letter- Ing were added to the one found yesterday on the shores of Denmark's Langcland Island in Ins southwcslcrninost end of the Baltic Sea nearest to Germany. A small hook which local police authorities said iipnenreri to be the list of namps in Eiv^sh also was picked up on the beaches. New York Cotton May July Dec. Mar. Open High Low ... 32E8 3272 32W .';-. 3283 3283 3281 ... 3155 3157 3146 ... 3141 3146 3134 .... 3143 3152 3141 1:30 32CB 32M 3140 3135 31-11 Gear From Prlv:'''vr BUFFALO. N.P., April 27. (AP) — The "shin-ray damper" of a landing ".car pirllcri from Ihc BrilUc Sea '.wo dm's a^o hel^ll^cd lo n US. Navy Privateer type pl^ne. the rnrMiiigcr of the manufacturing pla"l spid today. Albert C. Ryan said the dampci w:-s made pt his nlnnt fw c:ilh?t nn Army P.-2! nr the N'rvv wrrhn of that plane, the PB-Y4 Privateer - Ryan is man?.-er of '.he )>•«•; enTinocrm^ division of the Hou- d?t!!c-HcrPhcy Corp. Hynn slid shimmy rtjrnrar.* nre attached to planc.s to prevent shim- myEng in landing. Bank Call Issued WASHINGTON. April 27. Wl— The Comptroller of the Currencs today issued a call for a statement of the condition o all national banks at the close or business April 24. 72 Children Checked At Well-Child Clinic Twelve children, all under two years of age, were examined yesterday afternoon at the Well Child Conference at the North Mississippi County Health Unit. The conference, sponsored twice each month by the Blytheville Council of Church Women, was conducted by health unit officials and the woman's group from St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. The 12 examined, constituting the largest clinic for white children. Included three sets of twins. • Those assisting In the clinic were Mrs. A. O. Shlbley. Mrs. Oscar Hardaway. Mrs. James Killed and Mrs, Ltror Huddleston. Chinese Reds Blame U.S. Ship in Fog Ramming TOKYO, April 27. MV-The Chinese Communist radio today blain- cd an American freighter (or a midnight collision with a Chinese ship In a Yellow Sea fog. It said 70 Chinese drowned as their vessel sank. A Pelping Broadcast heard here said the freighter California near of the Pacific Far East lines "ignored maritime laws" In ramming the Chinese ship olf Taku Bar April 20. The 8,163-lon American ship still Is at Taku Bar, port of Tientsin where Rert authorities have begun an Inquiry. Pacific fxr East lines headquarters in San Francisco denied the Red radio charge that Capt. William Murray of the Star was neg- ligent and "look an unreasonably long lime In rendering assistance lo drowning people and even then did It in a most haphazard manner." A statement by Ihe company said Murray sent word of the accident Immediately and "was instructed to make intensive and exhaustive rescue efforts, which he did foi nine hours over an area of 50 square miles." Tlie line added that "37 persons wore rescued and effort* were abandoned only after further search appeared hopeless." Asserting that "clearly the California Bear must accept full responsibility lor ramming and sinking the Sinan," the Peiping radio reported these two developments: 1. A maritime commission has been set up by the Tientsin peoples (Communist! Rou-rnment to determine responsibility for the sinking and to work out a settlement. 2. The Hua Pu Co.. agents tor the Sinan, filed a criminal action in a Tientsin court seeking compensation for lo?s of lite nnd loss ot the vessel, its cargo and other properties. •' Thomas E. Culfc, Pacific Far Bast LIi:es President, said Murray and some members of the California 'Bear's crew are ashore attending; the Red inquiry.

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