Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1908
Page 7
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Followiofr tlie r<nRl rimtAni. Stores Will Be rio«n>d Tomorron Iflrr- noon—Portionals. For TbaoksfflTlng. On tomorrow. TbankSKlvInK day. the loc-al telephone pxchange switch board will be closed from 11:30 to 1:30. Thia Is done to give the "hello plrli*" an opportunity to ont turkey. Are ImoirlnK. c. Willpns storp ill this I'llv id closed loday whiio ihr siopk Is bolim in- volc'<yl. \V<Mk of liivotclnj: will be iflni--hPil liv inii'oirow not»n. .Store* to rtosr. FoUowiiii: ibo IIMIHI riii^tnm iliP stores In ihi» city will ho cloned for p.irt of 1ht» dny Many of ihr» rioiks ond mcrchnnts as well .is other r .i llarpo oltlr.ens will pro to Chamit>> tn aitrnd lh<» foot ball Rnmo between tJt«» Triplets, a foot ball team comitoaed of l«i Harpp. (Jas Cliy and l(»ia players, and the rbaniite Oo-T)eviIs. \ si)eolal car will leave here ai 1 :!."> o'clock for lola. The speetal train lo Chantile leaves lola at 2 o'clock Uaa Pipe lieakod. It was learned yeaterday iliyi the Kns mnlnn runnlnR to Waters & Dan forth"s drujf store leaked. It wan ncv nssary to remove spveral feet of the walk III front of the store lo make ibe proper repairs and connertlons. FersonaR rrank Hard/n left ye.sierriay for >Tr- Cune. Kas., where he yill be married tomorrow. Harry Uoty was on the sirk list res- (erday. He wn« iinabip to tie ;ii tno store. H. M. Cllne and .son. W.i.ii' v. ;<j in I 'nioniown vf.xierdav <iii ;i '•• -'[ip:w visit. .Mrs. E. H. Toby is reiHjrie .l ill at her home in the city. \V. G. HalRler and party of friends win leave totiiorrow for Colorado on a bitslneas trip. Ml*8" 5fa rllWHB McOIII wttl'leuiPttK niRht for Oarnett where she will be the Riieat of M\f* McDowell of that city. Mn. Hanson, of Chaniile. was here yesterday the Ruest of friends. fieorRe Bowman returned yestprday froiii a vl^»lt In rhannfe. Kns. WILL SOON HAVE ROAO. People in Powell A Henderson's Addition to Have Outlet. OSTEOPATHT— 1»R. W .11. Al.RRinnt. Registered Osteopathic Physician. State Bank nidgu Phone 145. Onir Osteopath In La Uarpe. Harry Adams Is Better. Harry .\danjR who has lieen serloiis- Iv ill for the past se\eral weeks with 4 Wood iK>isoninp. is today reported • much better. Blood poisonlnp set in a small sore and for a time bis life was despaired of. People Ilvins In Powell A Henrter son's addition are pleased to nep the .Missouri Pacific box finished the erossinR over tta tracks at the .south end of First street as it means ihnt they will have an outlet to lola a.-? soon as the Katy makes a cro .-?sinK jovpr its track. .\ petition from citi- j/ens living in that addition and head- eii l,y A. T Joneii was presented to the commissioners nearly n year nRO ajskin;; for a road or rather a eontln- nation of First street. The board wpHt ahead and ordered the road open <>d. The only thins remained now for a Kood road are crossings over the railroad tracks. When the road.s are ready for travel the people in Powell & Henderson's addition will have a shorter road to lola. •ourbon County Boy Who IMarrled in tola la Pardttiietf by Governor. QoTemor Hoch has pardoned John Penderaon of Bonrboh eountjr, who was seat up for wronging a Branson «{rl. Several Allen county pteple are aatd to have helped him in his efforts to secure the pardon. The Fbrt Scott Tribune says; .John Penderson was arrested more than two years ago charged with wronxing a girl named FIsber out near Bronson. HO denied the charge, but the girl gave damaging testimony against him. The girt carried a small babe in her arms into court and this created much sympathy with the Jury. Pendorsdn at that time was engaged tn another «Irl and! be claimed thnt tie Fisher girl thtoltgh Jealotisy had charged him with being the father of her chilli. The trial Judge statod that had the girl's statement alone bepn the tinsts [of the Jury's verdict of guilty ho wou'd have bhd to set the decision aside. Pend<inion didn't have much of a defense olher than his own story against that df (he girl. When the Jury announced Its verdict, Penderson. who was out on ball, told his aitomeys to appeal the case to the supreme court. f>nter he began to meditate as to whether Ibis was just the thing to do or not. The case had already cost him and hit father hear- II.v. .Murli to the surprise of every- night: «UM to Vftrt OMtt. w«at to SheHff'HMser's oaetal retMenee and fstated that he waa ready to anrren*, der aitid enter a talon's-ooIL He w:aa taken twty at dftiM'next inonlng and a few tfotith's latfernoeli begab bear> Ing p«U|ioiw for his jiardoA. ' There werel so very many nnnsnal eltcunf stances m this (sase: Hoch vrote the county attoiuey ftcre a few months ago land Mr. Caldiwell opposed the pardon. At that time It was nnder-: stood that Hoch would not grant a pardon at all. But aince then he has been importuned and granted the release. Judge Blddle. who defended Penderson, wrote Hoch the other day^ He wasn't nskcd to do so by his former client, but did so for humanity's sake. FOR TWILIGHT BASEBALL. President Shively Makes a Novel Sua- geatlon. The .Toplln Olobe says: AhdiiUl the project advocated by President I). M. Shlvely be adopted at the meeting of .the Western Association directors today, twilight baseball nn Innovation In the national game, will he played In the league next summer. President Shlvely said last ntctt that he would Introduce a recommendation either nt this meeting or H later one for games to be played after B o'clock each afternoon In midsummer. President Shlvely designs this pro- one. PenderMu'eaine't'o" to^s"ii a'few!i<?*'t to make it possible for clerks and other persona employed until « o'clock In the afternoon to witnesn the baseball games after the close of the working hours. "In midsummer It is light enough for baseball to'be play- days later and told his lawyers that Y.<- was Roini: to have tbp taken no further. "It means more money and we pan'f afford it. I am Muiocent lint you dismiss my appeal and I will he here In a dnv or two and snrren-l '^d "ntH 8 o'elock In the evening, der myself to the sheriff and be cnni'sW Shlvely last night. "I think take me to the ppn. where 1 win he-Jlhat we could very preceptibly In- Kin my term." jcreasp the attendance and accomo- Tlie attornevs endeavored to ppr-! ^nff ntany persons who could not oth- snnde the yoiinp man fliat Ibe easelP ''w'''e witness the games. Of course might be reversed In a higher courtj*'"" Rames would be bt>gun ht the u.<i- and that In a new frla' he perhaps he! "at l^onr each Sunday.;' eould be acnultted. They fold him' " of the stain thnt attends a person through life who has once worn prison clothes. But Penderson wos Arm. The next day Penderson went to the I'ome of his fiancee, the girl he bad Several of the league directors said last night that they favored the president's plan. —8tt par eent noney: no eontnia- •Inn: no ilelay.—Rffllth * Tratlt. THANKSQIVINO SALE Buffets and Tables GOLDEN OAK \,. If you have a Bpffet or Table want now is the time to fill it. We hive selected six patterns from onr best Btcck of each of the above articles which we will offer for a few days only, at Quick Sale Prices. To appreciate this offer yon must see the goodc. On Display in Windows Sleeper & Son POSTOFFICE BLOCK in the Pre^hyterian f hnrch. The ITnlon Thanksglvins day serviee To Bourbon ronnly. Sheriff C. O. BoIMnger lo Uoiirlion county this morning to visit •his mother, who has hwn qiiiie ill! over Thanksgiving. If bis mother improves, the sheriff may do some hiini- ing while away. Remarkable Story The story of Mrs, Matilda Warwick, of Kokomo, Ind., as told below, proves the curative propertl(|s of that well-knbwn female remedy, Wine of Caildui. Mrs. .Warwick says: f-A- If Win Help You ; "I suffered fi'om pains in my head, shoulder^: limbs, side, stomach low down, dizziness, chills, nervousness, fainting spdls and other female troublesJ' lytBB almost dead. Three doctor^ did not help me^ At last, I took Gardui, and with t^e first bottle obtained rplief. Now I am cured- But for Carditis I would have been dead." T17 CarduL TURKEY UKED ITIA F0REI6N JOB? Gobbled His Approval as the Played for the Skaters. Band Last ni^lit up at tne .skating rink the Jioys look the big white tnrke.v and put him in the cpntor of the floor. .•\11 evening the skaters whisked merrily by 1 Ini but ,he didn't seem lo mind if 0 bit and when the band finished a piepp anil the skaters applauded the "old J>oy" fcobbled bis approval rlRbt alons with the rest of the crowd. Of cavrse he may not have liked the music but the band boys insist that he was approving of it. There is no way of proving the matter without lookinc up the postal regulations and that takes too much time. It Is preMiimed the turkey will not be there after tonight, although The Register is not in a position to say what win become of it. We do Surmise, however, that it will not be divided among the members of t^e company as there are eight of them and they would doKbtlcss get Into a quarrel over the various good pieces contained in that big nineteen pound bird. The Register hates like sin to oc- knowledge that It can't tell w,hat Is to become of this turkey ai<'d assures Its readers that the postal laws have placed the paper in an exceedingly embarrassing position. •Rnmnr Says That Is What Senator Long Will Ask From President Taft. Topeka. Nov. 25.—Kansas politicians are wondering what apt>oIniIve office Chester I. Long is seeking un^der Pres ident Taft. That Senator Liong does not a cabinet ix>sItIon la assumed, as the recent inter^'Iew of Ralph h'axon. bis private secretary, saying that Long could not afford to accept one. is taken as final. The l>elief I» that Senator Ixms is seelUng a remunerative foreign consulate. This belief is'strengthened by the report th^ Charles S- Jobes of Kansas City has been to Hot Springs. Va.. within the last day or two to see .Mr. Taft in Senator T-ong's interest. The rejmrt la Topeka la that .lolies slipped into Hot Springs, had n conference with Mr. Taft and left without even registering at the hotel. Abased Harkness's tIor<»e. Pat Hughes waa picked up last night npon the charge of Ed Tarkness, the liveryman, who claimed that Hughes sbnaed a horae belonging to him. Mr. Harkness failed to appear in cotirt .this mi^mfng to fil« a charge against .Hughes, but he was held in Jail upon an old commitment. Hughes failed .'to pay a fine for being drunk last mohtb and ao the police held bim for |tlutt-^Ctes«te TrtbOBe. IS STARTING A XEW B.\>K. >'eal Cant Take PresMenrr of Ibe Cemainve. iCansas City, Nov. 24.—F. P. Xeal vice president and active manager of the Union National bank, which was absorbed by the National Bank of Commerce and who. it had been gener ally expected, would l»e elected president of the latter t>ank, to ancceed V,'. B. Ridgley, has announced that be could not' be .considered a candidate ftfr that office. Mr. Neal annoooced that he had almost completed the or- gantsatioa of a new national bank with 11,000.000 capital, aU snbecribed in Kansas City, and of which he Is to l>e president. Mr. Neal'a announcement leaves J. Wilson Perry, vice president of the National Bank of Commerce of St, Loula, the only i^cUve candidate for the presidehcr of the National Bank of Caamnct of Kafi- m City. NEWS OF GAS CITY PIBEMEXS .UA.SK BALL I.S THIS ETEVDiO I.V OPERA HOr.SE. PRIZES FOR BEST COSTUMES MH.S, ELLIOTT 3fET .SISTER YES- TERBAY AFTER 20 TEARS. fnlon Serrfces Will Be Condncted From the l'brl.«tlan Church Tomorrow Xnrning at 10 O'elock. To Have Union .Service.''. The churches of Gas City will have linion. Tbaitksglving day services at half past 10 o'clocic tomorrow at the Christian church, The service will be 4hort and a large attendance Is de.•tired. An offering for loeal ebarilles will be taken. sister. .Mrs. Elliott, that she was coming. Personal.*. Or. WOOJI waa In Yates Center yesterday on a business visit. Allss Mabel Reld, of Arkansas City, was the guest of frlend .4 here yester- ilay. 11. P. Clianey left yesterday for Me- Pherson, Kax.. where he gorg on a bUHlupKs visit. Uoe Steple returned ypslerday from Muskogee where he has been for the past several weeks. Card of Ttaattkn. From the deep recesses of our hearts we desire to thank our dear friends and neighbors' for the many acts of kindness shown us In the loss of our darling ^on, Claude Ra .v. Also for the profuse and I)eantlfut floral offeriuRs. .1. M. aiid IDA M. mVCH. and DAUOHTRRrt. .Sfore.« t« Clone. Pollowing the usual eUHtoni the stores In this city will r\it>ii' ni II .o'clock tomorrow. Thanksgiving. .Many if the clerks and biislnr .sa men nlll go LETTER FROM JA PORTY.SWEB Hero is a simple. Interesting and sincere letter from a rugged pioneer of 'i9. who braved the dangers and bardships of the overland trail tn California. It should appeal to all ealarrh victims. .SnntaRosa. Cat.. May, » 1908. noolh 'K Hyomel Co., Buffalo, .N. Y. Dear Sirs:— I wn« afflicted with Catarrh, and tried a niiinher of remedlea, hut receive dno relief. I piirehased an outfll of Ilyoniel. and before I had used.the bottle I noted n marked re- huiiiing while others will attend the t •--•'"•• fool hall game nt rhanftfe hetn -rPn the' f^J/TL" Cliaiiiite (ii)-l)pvilH and the Triplet.'s. a fool hall team composed Of «J;is fliy. La ilarpe and loiu players. Is Better Today. .lohii Catlin Who sustained a badly mashed foot while working at the smelters several da .v.s ago is reported murh l >eiier today. The foot wa.'< Itfid- ly liiirned also. Fireman's Bali Tonight. The ball to be given under the auspices of the local fire department wil! be given in the opera house this evening. will be given for th? best costumes and otherwise elaborate prep aratiohs for this annual occasion have been made. The prizes are on exhibition In the display windows of Or. S R. Swans' drug store. After Twenty Tears. .Mrs. H. C Elliott and .Miss .VeJlie .\danis. sisters, met here yesterday after twenty years. - Miss Adams came in yesterday afternoon from her home in Watortga. Okla.. not notifying .her ihoiight I was cured, and stopped Using it for a year or so. Thought I was getting catarrh again, and staM- ed using if again. I use It every morn iug. and keep m.vself clear of catarrh. I consider it Ibe beat catarrh medicine that I.S ii.spd. f have often recommended it to my friends. I am 81 yeara old. I eaine lo California in 1849. and of course am not as vigorous as T wa« ">8 years ago. My addres.^? is 841 4th street. Your.'* truly, W. Mock. H.voniei t pronounced High-o-rae) is gtiaranteed by Chas. B. Spencer & Co. riot only for catarrh, but for grip, coughs, colds, bronchitis and croup. A complete outfit, including inhaler, coRls only $1 .00; extra bottles of Hyo- mei. if afterwards needed.-cost but .W cent.'). Bennett at Cherryrale, F. S. Bennett, the Longton land man, was in Cberryvale today showing Bome of his land near here. Mr. Bennett reports Soufbera Kaiisas land selling active this fall. He has sold quite a good many farms near Cherryvale recently.—Cberryvale Republican OyM^ra With ''Sea ti ang Ortters with the ttBeV>j'X/'(rr fla \-or— the kind yon 're smacked your lips over at the, abore. They if*slii*i)e«Un asteel coWiner, sir-tight, lealed, packed with ice •round j the container. Ko ice or water loufhei the oysters. \ou get«ol»d m^ata— ^jperfect and UBbtoken.' Sealshtpt" Ovsteis go further and taate so difierentl Come and aec tnesa. Ask for "SEALSHIPT SENSE "-a Qook . Abbut Oysters All the ioUowing dcalets sell "ScaUupt*': FIEfER B|OS; OHO BINZE; OOR WAY The genuine "Sealabipt" Oyste» are always sold fiWn « White Porcelain Display Case bearing the "6eal*hipt"tft|d» mark in bine. This is for your pTatectiaa^lee& fx The ','SeaIabipt" Carrier System u patented, lakfr^' meats will be proaecnted to thB ,full extent »* tfM NATIONAL OYSTER CARRIER J

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