Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 29, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1907
Page 2
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MELTDT FRONI, AML Cuhter. ,2oo;ooo liftiilAe USBIHSB Entertain Little Q^eancrs. JUss CJrace FitzpflaliF wHl h<' Ims tess of tho girls' cliili. l .if ,Ot' Clfiiu- ere tomorrow. • Tbo nftcrnpoti will li occupied with iiKiUing Uolf cnstuincs. It. was intpmlcil tn ontiMtajn the in•luatos: of thP oriiliaus" homo but tliis tleltghtful cvfui has bi'i-u poftiioniHi. Dinner for Relatives. . Mnaiul -Mrti. .V. i'. Klo.Tiirf wen- ;it home:to thi' toUiiwiup rolativos, yis- terdajft at dlninr: Messrs and Mi-s- |]anies Maiifonl ^ickot.s. K. N. .foii.s ajid fainil.v. K. .1. Ilcani and fiiniily. of Neosho Falls. Carl Roth of Chatimo. and Mr. A. I. U?anj. •> •> •> For MiST Soencer. Mr. and Mis. \Voli.«t<'r dn'm. Mi. NVin. Grwii. .M.-. <'arl - KU'UM -. .\ii>- Uos»» Slarr. .Mr. (Ju.v Cuol.. .\'r. I'.i r; Firkall and .Miss Sp. iiii-r of AHddlrtown, Indiana, wi'iv .\Iihs l.^Ia' Northern's SUCMS at Uiuu .T josirr day. I •> •> ^ Twelve O'clock Dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hishop w.-,-.-' ainon.t; the hosls and bovtos(;<'s who. pntcrtaini'd yoslerday. The labli' Ijrettily decorat.-'d. rowi-s ludn^ idac- ert for Mr. and .Mi-s. {'has. Foster. .Mr. and Mrs. C\ K. Kr... Mr. and. Mrs. K. Sharpp and Mr. .James IInd<i)ii. .\lis; Orace Bishop assisted in eiiteilaiii People should be mom iui'd nof* G«n- fnl, u age advance*, to aee tliat tlwir boipelsmoveiegnlariy. Inthiswaythor ' oan keep themselves in good health and prolong life. The IWWWB are oot at active in middle-life and old aee aa thejr are in youth; and with the nu ^tity there * is a tendency to constipation of a chronic and obstinate natnre. , To ward off the poedbility of serious diseases nie Dr. Caldwdl's Symp Pepsin, the ereat herb laxative componnd. It U especUilr suited to Uie UM ot elderly people bec«^« ll iM prompt bnt (cntle in acUoo, •ad does lu vorkwitboatcriplarorwaakMioT, sslHUie etce wttb saitii, purntlTe wstars ud cathsrtie tablets. These iliould nat be uied by obUdien. womsn. eld folks or week people be- esuse tlier aietooTlolentinacUoBsndsroeraily erilie. Fnrthennore, tb« i«<ulu>re trmporury as reaction sets in and the l>ow«U are bound op soore than tvcr. , . , , , „ , ,. AiemsdrlitoDr.CaJdireirsBmipPepitnls .111 .Mif t. I,. I'arkiT of PotrOlia, rery BCDUO In BCUOD and yet thorougblr etfec- vvin, Unv. I.. C. ilarnish pastor i'tS»SSnrtbli'»,'?SSt..Si1*^Sfltill* U.e It. r.)rni.d church of this city, of SS^S^are^^MrteSSeTSa ^aid t'clallii^j The oerenionv was r^od iu loaay can in ashort tima do away with the uao III.. i.i.un.>f.« ..r .. ..nmnnm- r,i y,.ln Of Oil laxatjTri Jt will ciiro ihc mosl chroolo the pH:>)onco of a company o^ Tela-eonitipatlon. dyspepsia, llvor trouble, blUous- !is iMarfain-t Parker. 5Hss 1^1- ncss, Oauileney. Sour siomiicb. wulc stomach, leriek \Ir PnrlvT nnd Mr bloatins. drowsiness after eatingand such Other altend.un llio bride and To prove how eSwtiTe it is in serious esnes .\noIah.n..U, wedding Uroak- ST^eSf iXS3^"'a ^S.'t seueil at ten o tloclv. wotuddnriBs the Civil War which eaasnd a psr- Mi'. and .Mrs. Iln-wer have a tia) perelysisot the bowels and be liaa had ovrr • •!..n.u ^^, iniK Mrhr, vaiu <.¥ slooetosse s fatsattroL HesaystaeneTerfottod iiieiulb ill iola wbo wll| ek- anyihin«K> etfectlre, oe which worked so near lies for a happy fnuirn. .\T- to nature, aa Dr. Caldwen's Symp Pepsin. Try tl\ .\s. .M ..(' Kin iirewer :;;-.M :n. fast wa; IJrifh , ere'.' (> tend wi icr a h i iin;i'i' ief visit in City, ihe will lie at home in PotroUa. + + • . Good Time Dance. One the most enjoyable and in li'.irnl <ivenin>:K of th.- weel. n'lw clos- ii.;: wasl jlie ilanee pivi n by a .u^'onji '.I lailieij 0:1 Wf'dnesday evetiiiu; '.Tlie sts ^1 III'- dance were ijentle'nien lii.'n'is «)!• llll-, i>[' llle ll(i.-.lesses .V Widmani ol daiicis was ida.veit by ilie Shi'Ids Orrliostra. .Anions. thoKe <\i.M at ended are .Messr.s ainl* Mes- lir.nies "iirtis D^c^Kson. It. K. .VUlsoii. 1. einisch, Ilr. Spicor. lloy K<'!SH... i) Shields. Fred tl.-rbil^. .la.i ItalliellJ Walter Kedfearn. .lames nari lett. .\Ii.-«s«'V Ilorlha, IVifseil. :Freda DicUiTsun. .\anes Mnnson. V.V:i WVith Iiiiie Taylor. Nanita Faitdis .baiieti •• Tvler. .\ilanta lleasl<?y of I'Ht^l.ii !t-s.. \ve)ih. .Mie^. Shields '•.eiini e SalU-e Fauna Sallee.; .\Inia Mirtlet^, KBi' Vi&ited in LaHarpe. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cole. Mr. and Mrp. .1. "VVjUiains. Mr. and Mr>. F. Bock. Mr. .iud Mr.s. C.eorpe Cole were at the home of .Mr. and .Mrs. William Cole in l.y Hanie yesterday. • • Thanks''iving Weddinp. Miss Kalhryii. I'arUer ami .M.-. t{. Brewer, of IVtrolia. >v.'re jxiiifl J'l marr."apo TbanUvjivinc ii'iirnins at the home of ihe brid!-'s iiuiVnts. Mr. M. ^ I 1. .1;;-. • 1 r W. I', i-e. v<-> Siaoii. CariS' i>)jie!l. Char'.e.; Wharton. Iloin^e Cof .van C'lfley. Elvie f:ill'ait. i)r. »-(jid. Cn-'is f-'astweed. PIMI S:O inest Coffelt l.nllier I'i'inii.lii I'tjes. Henry I'loak. .lobn l^ivoea. >iolstr>ii I-T'iil narlletle, Hei) ;.lid lle:l .Mill.v. Hey ThereF "Where are you going?" "Going after a sack of i/m Sm Pmtmmi VVmx. My wife ^tron't use anything else." Jm9t Ehfm OOm Til .\I s. C wa- t! v< -ins; <lianiil|i !• rtain -I mien • iilow !;it.-rn; tb • -a-ius 'e'ishi •'or 'elieio weri ' 'rlson •Shelby Claron \i!der.< "u -e- i ••.nirb' n all For Chanut^ Boys. >|easant r.^sidence of Mr. ami F. Hildner in Wtieeler Hii-bt ije seene (.|" a bapje. ;;iyMl)i .1! luiil'le last evt-niii'- wh'en t! • basket ball boys wer.> eiv 1" bv a .crniip of 1ii'-ll .sehoo' s. The riHinis were itraped in and bine, the Cb.inine cnl-^rs \\^-\•'^ with the red and whin iiunie team. There- wer In ji.sslsf ill .'whilius; away ••' il! evening Miss Klsu Hi'i'. i .\ti<s Vi-Inia Sieeocr-serii ll •i refresluuejils. The "mie.-I hi -isi-s Mark Massev. . .Mer' .\rt!,iir Hall. U^>\U- Uickle; Brown. F. Bolt. Lonis PliiUhi- •e Irwin. .lohn tGi>;in. Vlette [oil. K'nier Coenen. Victor .^Ion i:d Charles Moiiincer. .V larr. if hieh school; stiidejitu wt r :i :anc-e and fher«' was ;i crea; It and yoa will say the same. Tha price is SO cents or <l a bottle at any drusrist- larcsaksiesiMMMSls SoMssMtts Mrsuiw Iks csa«siw. TkU oto it to wlie IMS BMW IMn It. M far. Ktf SIOM tatty nr.Cild- MTS Syn* hstin bstart biy- Solfls SMI to tier hems by PTMliattbs esM to ttMtf . y«a line say st .rtiiMCh. Ilwrtf tswsl dlwsM. Oeiflttt yetsisi «<i >i «»s .lsiM «whrcWMWi.wsaw«s »«j>^ u on. cAuwEU's stiu J rgmrvtt utta MSSariOrmnalM Nt. 17; Waska«lN> 0. ft, ruMiiii •TiMP 00. _ ItOOaWwelt mijn •e«Meell» til. rcfre-shtiicnts in Ise .'prng with the day «eie serveil. .\ large ntim1 >er of yoiiUK peuph' w<M\> present. • * * |p ttte Front Row. Mrs, Hatteivon—Is .Mrs. \ntherby ti goo.! brhige jilayer? 1 .Mis. Calteisoa—The l)est 0110 is our church .^i .ife. ' + • + Mirs Shields to Entertain. .Miss .\tlanta Beasloy. of Plttsbiiri. will be s,nu'st of honor at an infor ninl party this evening which wil' be K'ven by Miss Alice Shields. *> ''• Gave Line Party. .Miss Tr "sva l.^>e eiitt-rtalned a ^;x)iip of friends with a thealri party yesterday for Miss Mable Si'ner of Kansas Ciiy. who Is her'.* with .\!!s.s l.Ua diiriitf a vacation I..en 1 orelta .Veadeniy. Those who particlpaii'il ar. : Misses i .ila I.' .Mable Si'f-i-. of l<aii«as City. Mis'^ .lobi... n i.r Kansiis Cil;.. Kililh Cain <:rae.- llattle nnniin and Cor;! Diiiani. •:• •:• <• Miss Tyler's Party. il:e inUiriual pa"lies to <!e"i<-'. 1-.; • 'I :;anks:;lvliit; was ihe «me Kiven i.- <'is; .le.inetje T.i ler to Illtlodi.T '••I mu\-t. Mis.•^ ll.-asley. of PittybnVs. '"Ill re ^^el•e various informal diver- 'iir-. I'll lowed by a jiretly Inticlu o! i!> which the ThanksnivinK Idea wa 1 roniineiil. Ti.o.-;i> present were: Mis- .vliee Shi dds. Miss .\nnnila I'ad.P;. .Miss .MInula Beaslev. .Miss .Teatiett- Tyl. r. Mr. ile-ber< .Mien. Mr Harry Ciaee .Mr. .lolin Lovoci. Mr. iCarnest Collield and .Mr. .Arthur IlrlBhain. •leal of friendly rivalry anions miMii- •ers of the Cbaniite delegation and •l-.e l(da folk. •> •!• Wednesday Euchre Cub. .Mr. ami .Mrs. .\. W. Howland were It home to a iiiimber of friendjs on vVeiliiesday eveninR dnrins a nieiMing •u the \VednPsdny F:itclire clnb. The •.iiests w .T -e pleasantly entertained at •ard> and -Mii^s Ix-iia Lord and Miss •'ve'yn Howland servtsl. C.iiests other than tic clnb members were Mr. and .Mrs. C. K. Kdg.'rton, Mr. and Mrs. M. Hllb's.. Mr. and Mrs. .1. v.. Mittlchach. ;'.nd .Mr. and -Mr.s. il. Hobart. •J. + + Thanksgiving P*riy. .Miss Kthel Smith. SVl .Vorlb Bnek •;.e sire>t. .save a card party .nnd en 'i.rlalr.eil inforiii.illy last i-vi-nins. \' i ;e i-Iii.-i' of a very ji'easant lionr .Mi.'-v -'lliilb .--erveil the foIl-ininK pnests: Misses .Inlia Stnilb, Hgeke.' Hard. Hodalski. l.ida llns;;iiis, T<niey I.ipn. Carl I'lirsfni-. Slack and .John Shea. <if Car- Mamie M.>ssrs. •ieorS'' City. Braoeieis HanUeome Oiiif Solid gold and gold filled, plain or elaborately engraved, ligljt, medium or extra heavy, all sizes. Oar prides from— 7So to $50 V*. l^iM SiaU Pr a*< M. K. *. T. Witek lUHcton. If thca* is any shorter cut to success than hard work and looking as though you could do it— Kyi*ve never heard of it. i The first is up to jw!-—the second 'tve Ae/p you fo^ wi}^ fbfade by Leopold. Solomon & Eiscndntii; rwGhSd^. Sold b>-ione good Ki-e-iberchant in fMirxaty. It will i>ay Vou to idolc him up. Picnicing Today. Fraiii-i s Mniison. Ora S)>iirr:.— 'Miiiiia Hale. I.aiira Coo|ier and '.lad;, s Itvnmb.lnch are spending th-'.•A\ at the Bniinbauirh fanii a few miles north of the city-. • + * Fo'- Out of Town Relatives. .Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Parnian wer.- nnons ihose wbo eeleiirated Tha' !.s- rivlns'with ;i family partv. Their :iii •^ts were out of town f <dk. -> <• Gav« Taffy Pull. Youn? pfMipIc who attend 1b<' Kn '••a-.-or MK-iety ol (In- Presbyl.-rian hnir'i spen' a verv happ.- hour \v 1 !• r;. iiirli 'basi -1 'ieiit last evenirp I'lie eomiuittee Oil arranKements pni- •id"d a nnniber of novel pamr^ l>n< . laffv pnl' afforded (he iiiosl amils •etii. Tin re were a mimlx'r of guest.-' •re»-nf to i njov the hospitality of be --iir-iety and lb • oc<-asi<)n was ftn- iired bv the c-ordiul sreetlliss exti-nd -d them. There were alioui fifl; in iltendaiice. . • * • Mr. and Mrs. Roberts Entertained. Mr. and Mrs. .lohn V. Rob.Tt.s on- erlained the followins cnests yesterlay: Mr. and Mi^. \V. C. Teats. Jli-s. Uihn Fonst. Miss Flora Horvil'e. Mis« >inifhy Fonsl and .Master Kenneth '••"oiisl. ^ ^ Ji. For Visiting Girls. Miss -Mable Stiner. of Kansas City Mo., and Mis.s Nancy Mitchell, of .^.f- Vrsou Cil;-. Mo., were Riiestv of hon- •r at .-i s.'ven fi'dock difiner which 'Mss Tressa I.»'e !;ave last eveniiu- The meliii was served in six «-onrses It u beaniifiilly deci>ruted tab'e. Tin • enlcrplei-• was of vellow and wln'tt- •br\ sani heiiiiinis ai |d the favors wor« SILVER TOILET SETS in Sierlinu and iinadrniile plate. .\ lasiins ami inosi nsefiil pre- .seiii for I be billies. .Mi'ilaiy Ilriisbes and 'I'wo Piece Conili and itriish Seis for the seiillenien. Tliey are in beailllfiil desluns and at prices thai will surprise yon by their liovness. [HcNElL BROTHERS. rffr^/rwEUitr. Wbill Coxers Were plac \elbiw and d for ten. i ••• •:• •:• One O 'clock Dinner. .Mrs. I .\ Kwlii): b .id 1 of n-biyives Hs Klie><ts at celebrate Thaiil >.. ('.ij'l and «|->:e ^f'llp llnin >r >e.iierdny to ivliif The ari<-in|-iMi was spent In •'onpallv Willi eon\<|is;iilon and p'e.-is silt ainiisenienis. i , • *|* For lets MelMlivcs. Ml- and Mni. ^^*| »'''' Mrs. W. S .\splnal. Mn* M«r> Orukr. Mr. (*. W. .\tc .\cll. I.Mr. Wiilt Mr.Vell. Mr. KiNHl .Vhidnall i and IVHw* Perl *vie puesis of Mr, iud Mra. H. I- .Mc Wll ,v <>.Ni«»r«Uy. .M^-<, .McNVI) serr .Hl I iivtct Wationtle d|ni\,'<r at the nottn '>o «r. th«» tnlde iHdii;: prelllly decoral d for the occeciun Y Society, Meeting. Tie oriicin of Thanks -vlvtnK and llvr stoHi s of thi' fsi'tni's. hoIHav len- foundations fojr pleasant discn^s. Ans and cth?r features of the Y 51. eiety 's tiropram last eveninit. .Mis* Sessle Howard, thf hostess, reail a •saper on -Tem|>eriiuce."' ainl Mlsi Party to Coffeyville. .\ parl\ of hisli schiMil students 11 eoniiianieil by a sronp of teacher?: nenf to Coffeyville for llle annual teacher.--' meeting. .Mr. Fred .Steele, ubo ent.'reii the solo contest wa.< amoiiK the number. •*• • • Announce a Birth. Mr and M-s. S. T. Hrackenridj .".iij Nortb Wallin: slr<vl. niinoinieo ihe birth of a dau.ubter. Dovoihv Kvt»- lyii ttwla;.. • •:• •:• Attended a House Party. Ml .ind .Mrs. H. ,\. Rlehardson r'v.d iliibiren. .Mr. ami .Mrs. .Fait'es '!'. .'dc- .Mniray. Mr. and -Mi>-. K. C. Bio-.-.n and son i-iverne are home froi.i a i.s '1 with relaiiv.'S in Savonbnri:. »h"j r.axe a Thanksjrivin.'; house pari^ + -S- + Surprise Party. .\ pb-asant siirpii.s*- pari.'i was ".ie- lU last eveniiiK in honor of Willi' Harri.-. '-'Ml Xorth Fourth >l!e«M .\ prettily a:'ran>.'ed luncheon was serv- *-<i at ten o'cliM-'k by .Mrs. Harris and Mrs. .Martin to the folh>wIns pnes-ts: Kftle Jletcalf. Pearl .Averetl. ."klalde .^lartin. Cecil M.Trtin. Vioa (Jllmore. Hnby •Chape. .Mandic Copeland. Cracc Harris. Bertha Uranniijii. Stella llar- -js. (;ra«e H.irris. liarm-'ft WIlIiiin.K. Arthur .Metcalf. Harvey .\ver.'lt, Vera' , / .. . Vfilson, Howard Oevis, .loe Martin. F«rl Cox. i.,«»ter Gllmore. Harry Bran- film, mille HarriK. VlrRll Harris. .. • • Personals. Mr. Herbert A'leii and Mr. Wlilhiir Clerk are- enjpyiiie! a brlaf vacation Irom work In Independence. • Guy Moorehonse who Is now located in Kansas Citr. came to spend 1 hanksRlTlnK »'lth friends here. .Miss Florence JHtchell will spend tha week end with her parents. Mr. and .Mrs. .A. .V. Mitchell. ^ .Miss Rnth Herring who left Tola a few months aBO. to accept a position in Kansas (Mty, has returned to spend a short tlnio with friends. Miss Gratia Allison Is confined to her home iiecaiiKe of iUnes.s. .Mrs. Valter Wiee'i-r who spent week with loJa frlend.'». has rn itanicd to home in Neodesha. .Mr. and Mrs. E. V,. Mnnper, of r.f Yates Center, were hers lo spend fhnrsdft'v with .Mr. Mmmer's parents .Mr. and M-s. I.. C. .Mnnser. MiVM (Srace Bedell and Miss Flor»lice Bed«'ll are amonK the K. V. sfiiilent.s who ar.' visiting with lola relatives. Mis-; .Marsaret HeiKle Is speiidlni: a f' w davs' vaeatloii with her parents Mr. and Mrs. i'hil HelRh-. .Misv Maude Bock has returned from !• visit of s:*veral months with re'-a lives In several eastern states. C|:iiii!e .Mnsnn who Is atteudliii; Baker Cniversity. is exix-eteil to arrivi tonight for a visit with his parents. Kcv. .-ind .Mrs. J. .M. Ma.soii. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel .Miller. Misses \\\m\ and FJora Miller, of Bich Hill, 'inil Mrs. Leonard of Kansas City, wcie cuests of .Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Van Biiskirk vesferday. .Ml-, and .Mrs. .1. W. .MeCa'l are en 1 rtainint: Messi-x l.Iovii and Wilbur Black of Hahlwlii. CL.MTDK .Vason v«iii of Hev. .T. M. .M isoii. pastor .->f the First .MelhodlBt chinch of this city, who is attendin:; school at Baker I'uivi r^^ify. Is expect I •: ill Ibis eveninK lor a few days' • isit with his pareiiis. Claude Mason is very- prominent in athletic circlss !ii his school. ludnK a forward on 'be Baker I'nlvefsltv basket ball i-aiii. .-.lid one !if the best cole^-e ball players in the west. LaOK Youp It's a duty you owe yourself and your friends.; If you wear'kant- bebeat clothes you can look your best all th<f.time with comparatively small cost. We can dress you better for less money than any other store. Will you give us the opportunity to prove this to you? Drop in and let us show you why Kantb'c- bcat clothes arc "SUPERIOR TO TAILOR- I The People's Store STEYCIt^S OROCERY Good Things to Eat iTelelihooe 159 I ^ • • • • • • • 1 «. II. .\.\I»t'KSO>'. AUemey-at'Law. Notary sod Stenographer lu ORice. Phone 45S. • k • i ' . - - e • fLA.Ewing. S.A.Gard. O.R.GaeflJ» EWINCI, 6AKO * 61SD, ' • Lawyers. • PracUce In all OoattL W. lUdlson. FbOM ' T. B. Shonnon Tlie".\ll«-u county Hardware and Iiup-cm»-nt m a n. North Side Square lola. Kan • • a • DR. Me.HILLE>', Special attention giveu to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: OIRce 32. Ues, 2^2. Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg., West Madison. Phone 554. Ibia, Kana. j)B. EDITH S. HilQH. OffioB and Residence oTer Barren's Dms Store. OSIce Hours—10 to 12 a. nu S to 4 p. o).. 7 to 8 ereninsa. Snndays by Appointment Mma Manlev disciiMied ihe (1.1... .M lU. the oriein of pf ihe S -A>.Ui« Late Suppers Welsh rarebits, lobster; alad'. r nd the like nearly always iiruiicce d)stTcsaJncefte.--eirccis. Richfo ''>d taken at irrecular hourr., not otdj Gsiusea tcmpoiary deTsngemeni of the stomach and bowels, but often brinca about chrocic dyspepsia Id indisesiion. If you milK eat all kinds of food at all of hours, you can vre- voni enploaaaat coassqueaces ^y taUnf DR. D. JAYNE'S SANATIVE ror U««r Cswp»«tnta. Omt, |ia»- etr ftiid Kldaerm CMnvuMia, 8ick Aflhntoos, Jigmc's teaattv* r<U« sie «ndaa:^iMI]r the eMeM, BM* T «'i*Kl« ••4 «*«cti«* lemetr khowa.: Caa he taken M a dJa.ttr r<>t, laudve, puisa,- Uve ar tathkitie. jyeeerjr <pe» Sou br dl ilnic^se., in two she boxes. JlcaDilltc. Jayae's Ta^e TaraUWe la a Il>leaad£rerapcii*iea .as itaets AaS: 'T —"--nrrt-nirTi.imlne aaililniMlli S?5L!^?15!*^ «««Wt«« It ta do Ms weni vraparlF* UHBREL LAS Just received a ncjr Hue, some gold, some silver, some pearl. Fancy hand engraving Frae on good.s bought here. J. W. CCFFEY & SON Your Jeweleri EastSiJe Phone 687. Rea. 701. • • F. H. MISTIH. .DK. 0. L. COX, Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat * • * Practice Limited to Swiwy. Spectacles Properly Fitted. / Office A. O. U. W. 31dg. • j • 16 N. Buckeye. Pbone 678. • • • e Office Phone lOK?. 08. K. 0. CflKISTIAlf. Fhytlcba Mi Snrgcoa. Rooma 7 and 8. » * • • : • DB. W. B. UXILMDH. • j • Physlciai. k 9miftn. Office N. E. Comer ol Square. •! • Orer K. C. Plumbing Co.'e Store. Evans Bldg. * * Res. Tel S8. Office Tel. W)2. Sam a [c % W Winter's Comingl VON knuit nbMt tluti mcnHs to j 'UM. Hunt }ou wHHl lu roruiir the snow, the reld, thr slush all the dUrtiiMforlst Ah; iH<t nnn tthrre 1«> |w»s that rnsen su lr}iiitt>le HWK} iHsnteMt Write for l«f«rm«lleB aheat war filter Tours To Califenibi. ArixeM, »w, Xraiee, Xexire, Texas. Fatoraiiie Rate. 1.09c: LIMII aad StepoTers. W. E. BALSTOX, A^nL lola, Kaawia. * Rea. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. DB. B. rEFFEB. * Dentist * Is permanently loicated over * E. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, * and la prepared to do all kinds * ot up-to-date dental vork. Flvening work by api>oIntment. • • • • i • a j • P. L: Lathrop. Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PflTSICIAHS. Special attention given fb Dla- eases of Women and ChlldreiL Over East Side Hardware, pmco 'Phone. Main 468. • ••••••••aa«aaaa*a ItEmOVAL SALE LIBBY CUT GLASS-HAND PAINTED CHINA A Itir^-c : t'ck »>( th • nl) .ve ixt pi ices never belurc oiicrcti. New tioigu* ill HtwkwotHl I\>lUTy (one piicc evcrywUcitf.) Tt)« only lincot RtMkwooct in tUU \vx t ui ttu st«le. A ynternl line ol Jewelry and Siiivcrware at lowest prices. Abottt Jiinttary i «t. I expect to move my sttKk (o the room ttow occapied by the Ioi« S.atc Bank and iotentl reducing »s much M lXki^ibl« to AVOid trouble nnJ expense attending a rvmo^'ai. Q.T.5EWALL JEWELER First door north of Posloffice .

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