The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1947
Page 3
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N'DAY, JUNK '2'.',, I'M 7 BLYTHEVlLLE (AUK.) COUKIKR NKWS PAGE Duplex for Rent—But for Robins Only ic-Cabinef- Member 'Blasts James Fwrlcy, Who Made Accusation WASHINGTON. Jun: n. Illi'l — Knrold I. J-VTS. fcvmrr r«-iv.-.iry of liio Tiiti-rior. p UUL<I;>." :in >rily <]pm«l IIiiit ]><• rvcr "leaked" ^iny slnriPs almul Hip late 1'rpsiilcnt Kon- His stalriiipiU was-in rrplv to-n lev. wl'o said tlii- iircsi(l«>:it »n::c told him ickps was lln- only cabinet imrl 1 T v.-iio c<v;'.d -e .su nl "![>:l!:n'j>" cabinet s'nrip.s. '•ntl f'i:i jif.f indic'tli 1 '.vIicl'iEv ho, j lilrrsr-lf. brli"',T(l -iliis a'kwl statement by the Prcsirlont." "I :ini ""tilled to conclude." hr wrote, "thiii he nrinletl ii elihei 1u:s:m!i' v <>!' in 'lu'imivv. "Mr. F'i'i'lo- \ friend, lln- late A Siiiilh. (HIPP took a imlBblp v:.l\'.< i n 1 li- ilid ii with rii'MiUy HI: a straight I'ncl nru-rmv p.uh." Ifhi's Kuril Iliat tliirini! hi.- y.'Miv ns :t ,-:'l)itK't rnr.'n'jcr he m". - - er OIVP tripil to "cnrrv fnvor witli the iH'w^i-.ip-T; cir \vitli Hip IIPV.T-.- pn])rr rorr<vp™ul"n!s. pvon Uiosl 1 whom. I likrvi and re wctpd. l>y l:uyii^' their faytirs at tlu- my official intririiy. "Newspaper :itt:ir!-*s thrnimhoui :nv olfirial age and almost crmtimious as they verp. ijenv witness to fhr fnet that there was n« pay-off by tlio pTJvs 10 irr (or li::s of cicitiet or oilier fOuficiential news. ''I did not <ls Ir-isSno*?, that way. I noypr have." on n;e • cars. s:>v- Wallace Too Undependable' FDR Told Farley Back in 1938 NEW YORK. June 21 lUl'l --» J.uni's A. I'Mi'ley. former chair- ii of the IJcnioiTullc National committee, dlsi'lo-seil lotlwy Unit resident Franklin L>. Hooscyelt said In 1931' that llviiry Wnlloi'v s lo otiiulepeiululile to be president. I'M r ley, wrllhiB in Collier's of events thai lend to tin 1 break In his friendship with tin 1 late president, said Unit Mr. lloosevelt favored Harold kkes over Wallace u.s 'i jnissible candidate. President Hoosevell. Kurley writer, said un April 12. 1B3B: ' . I •Henry would like lo run lor president. However. I'd nillior have u fellow like lekes, who at least i 1 , u fluliter. Ii'ke.s will gu throiijh vith wliatpver IIP has in mind. llu'. you never know \vtmt Henry will tlo. frig's in favor of one tiling today and .something enlh'ely dil- :'' l ren*. l<morrow." 1'iirley .said that a few months lulrr he flatlv relecleil a siuw.i- lic::i hv I'reslileiil KoospvpH I hat he. Pnrley.- rim for prcsUlenl In ItKO. The conver.sutloi] with ilv *^y^y No FMIct' Mljnwi 7'he lajiij aie* .of th« wo^Vi con- A le.w In one county in the sluts taln s about 15 000.0:0 snout niBe? of Washlni;>on makes If'Illegal fur under which the -. tedimcnlary ««'- ineiuis to be prlnlt.'d In auythlir; tlons are favorable to acctimulaUau buV the Amcjlcan luiijuwgc, of ,oll .ii.nd gas. ' Iloiul Courier News want Ads. Panama Hat* Cleaned & Reblocjted Fur Rcmodling The Johns Shop 503 W. Main I'reslilunl: "YoxT coukt Drowned in \Vine G"<nr:c. Dn'r'C r>f Clarence, win, wns imne^eiu (1 \}y his hrollier. Ivin^ Fdwnrtl IV, is paid to have lice i put in tle.ilh by being drowned in a k-M- of wine. "Hoomy duplex to let, southern exposure, nice view, don't mind children." ALiovt; Elaine IJoylcs. oC Cleveland, Ohio, inspecls the nest two robin couples built together n few weeks ago nbovc tho door : to lier home. The youngsters ot the vaealctl suile grew ujj and Ilcw ;iway with Mo:n ami l'o->. Anil - when UiOb'e three blue eggs in the oilier lies I hutch soon, there may Lc anoUicr vacancy. Sun-Kissed Beauty Vicksburg to Surrender Again; This Time to Gen. Eisenhower ISy KADOI.l) Tt (Unilrd Vross Sliiff Cor respondent) VICICST-U'RC, Mss., June 23 (UP) — For -Ihp first tiir.o since 1863. lie rccV.el's reel ylarc will light up lliis historic Southern city on July 4. The day will mark the cit"-' 1 ." voluntary "surrender" to General ft 1 \i? A nny D\vit',ht D. Eisc:i - lif.wor during a bugp thrctvday ( Ir ir.'licn in observance of In- d!?i)"!Kl('nre F">ay. The last tlic city surrcndsr- i vas Lo Union Gen. U, S- Grant 81 years ago. •For 82 years, until 1945, July 4 \ i^ a <lny of mourning in Vict^ bnrg in mrmory of the 20.000 Co: f i^vnte «nlclinr<: \vho fell while IPSI lin^ i]ie Union Army the lonppKt military siege in Amc- rinn htstoiy. Th?- city was surrendered to i Grant only n fter t ho rasped uii'J ; hiuu-r" garrison luul hnlf Its slrem'th. and food, w.iter and iun- muriJioJi u'crr «cns. In 5945. frosh en tho hi^K of a but A!in'rir:;in victory in Fnropc. ^ nuVilic rc!'<"jr <J tion was held on .Tulv <*l\i. I3irt there were crins of ! "sacrilege" frcni mnnv of Virk^- bir"'.- oklr>r citizens nncl thn ccle- Vrntion. \\MS a pretty quiet affair. Last rear an aUemnl. was niad" to evnnnd the celebration. But pr^csil ion was provided hv tho^e who evcii then had not forgot ten i f or thn inrrniuc In 18" 3 when the city's defender*: laid down tht-ir srins and silenllv watched Grant's I'rmy occupy tlirir Gibraltar of rliB i Con federacy. The city was s'-il! ! <!rr>n''fl JJi moiunmg. This year thnre have br?cn no nref rsts against tlia celebration. So rarnivnl bun I ins; will replace the mourning drapes ami the "co- Vfcksbui'g arc. sol (o cele- Indc']}cnilenee D ly with one, of the country's biggest obse: - -l vanccs. ' Even the old-timers will welcome I vvitli npon onus whvii I he comes to VU-ksburg as the nnin sppaker of the city's first "post-Civil War!' Iiule;:endcnpe Day. The history of VJcksbur;?, which lias been under five fluirs - Spain- France. England, the Confederacy and the Utiited states — will be portrayed in pngoanl bv 703 persons. A noon-day salute will honor it was reposed todity by H. Popp of tlin VA office. Mr. pc(;t: stated Unit a lur^e tniinbor of veterans in this community have visited the office recently *lo obtain information about educational benefits offered them under (he G.I. 'Bill. In this con- iM'ciion, he urged veterans to mi\k-i arran^eiurnts wit I) their schodls and roMeiu's ;IK soon as pnssibl. 1 . if they jihui lo enroll as G.I. student s fur the first tnie next fall. The veterans ndmintst ration forn- ,, •. t . , --- .sees another iieak enrollment nt the memory of the Confederate ca- collc|?os this vcar. he added, and of thn seise. The city at v --terans who ntlpmpl to make en- last ha, forgiven but it has not trance arraii^ements at the last ;.c, lorgolloii. inlnulr may he crowded out, | Veterans who pi fin to enter .H'hnc! HS ht)iiHl upp'v at tlv: V'A office inunediiUely fov their ccrtifi- ,1 no u You could become tfovtTnor (of Noiv York* :ind U' 1( the proper buck i; round foi 1 1010." i "Prankly. I'm not hilrre.stetl In' Ifll'J." I said. "[ ciiM'l "afford f> be." "A loi ot other people nre in-' I crest ed in you for 11HO, Jim. unit I'm not sure whether a s post muster urneral »i\t\ deiutirrntu- na- tidnul rhuit'iiKin you liuve .suffk'li'iU. to be nominated and elected pvesltlenl." "I'hc White Ihmse i* the l«\ut of my Iroublc-s," I told him. "I.i'i's lOi'i'.i^i U for once anil lor uU." •Farley reports (hal [luring UK; camiwlKn of IWE!, Ln wliich Mr. Hoosevelt ul tempted to "pur go" the netmx-rallr. P.nty of eumU- ! who wtirc opposed to his so- ciul jialLCies, lie ui'^etl Ihn Pi csi- d"nt to stop the "puiK<'" »nd hcul the growlnu sj>lit in the party. ". . .The pur^e l>ltiw up rojn- plete'y," Farley wrlte.s, "Of Uioso mnrkc^ for )unVjiU!l. Senators Smith i of South Carolina) and Cuiurue of the Veieriins AdniVn'istratio'i, utf Gror^l'O c;mic Miroiif;h tin- primaries unscathed. 496 Veterans Seek Aid Front VA Here iit Month A total ot 4j(> veterans and inem- l:ers of their families recc'ucd hi- Eonnalioii and assistance dllfin^ May at Hie nivlhevillp Contiu'l ot- fil-i "Mi". America" niul "Miss Quirk ,1'Yccv.e," ollicrvvlso known iis Mi', niul Mrs. Aliiri Slopluin, kiss 1 just lifter UL'ltlm: tliclr mniTtogc lU'cnsu In MlniKMipolls, Mhm, Slonluui got Ills title In n mulu Uody bciuilltul contest In Clil- n<i|;o. while his bride won hers nt a frozen food convention. Good News To Fistula Suffers InU'ro.stiiiK KKKK HOOK on Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota I;iU'KO Dividend Hnvtugs l,ow Nrt Oust Protection I'M Sorvl;e W. L. TAMKE KIK !•;. Duvls .St., I'. O. ilnx «l 1'lnmr 24K1 ISIvilusvlllr. Ark. Rugs Cleaned Safety! Careful hojulliiiK -iotcsuariii' color And textures. Have tt)cm ' Coinplete resizing, iwirk guaranteed! , ' PEERLESS CLEANERS 416 Su. Franklin Phone 2433 NOTICE Beginning July 1st my clinic will be closed for two to three months. Dr. J. A. Saliba Final Services Held TEXAS O1TY. Tex.. June 23. (UPl --The list of Te.xis Cltv's nuburu'd .dead, (J3 iniki'.tnvn vlclhn.'; of the April lli disaster, \vete hnrieil the Texas City Meiuoiinl OemeieiJ jit B:'ID a.m. yesterday. The strvlce.i previously had beer scheilnled for June II lint wrri posiponeil to pi'rr.iit. Uir,t for identifications. C. & S. Airline Loses On Small City Stops 'MFMPHIS. Trim.. Jimp 23. <UP) —- Cliic-aKo and Southern officials snid Snlurdnv the airline has tio- 'ificcl the civil Acrnnnntie.s Hoard that it ennnot conlhnip to serve several small cities nlon» its ronti at a Inss. , The airline said it \vould b? !or.~- cd to request, disconiimmic^ of fervirc through Greenwood. Miss.. El Dorado. Ark., and several ot:i- er small cities unless Ihp uovc-rr.- ment grants C and S higher rales carrying mail. Read Courier New.s want Aci.s n*>' yj£ ,lcnn Knicry, 18, ol Salinas, j Col if., is this year's cell lion of Miss California. licsiclc the cov- elcxt title, she nl?o won n SfiOO schotar^hip nncl yifls totaling j S1000 nt the S:mta Cruz con('_\st | City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For E\pcrt RcpMr* 32-1 Kast Main St. Felix A. Carney i •f Mmxnxmimm yi\\'M^) Blockheads too. No waiting *$SJK? ZtiX'tSisds'K,^A ^/tS^^-t KLEEREX (lint dri» m. .imnlci •/'•if inickly a* it ;ict« lo loosen anil itmovr S,f ijllly blarkheaili.TlioH! y.-f,o follow,-,! »itn- • i.i I ! ot ^" Jllll! ' lc:i 3 T1:ilil "f' y " l ^ lli ^ lwll * tl ^ t '*V >uniltlidri»in|ili;!U(ii]M,irlilii-m|)|ia(|,]l ! ,j, 1 ,^r.-)l 'lii-BC users cittlmsUftticnllv jir.uiv Kk«rU iui'i ^'^^V^^r^^ ONLY nnitViloiM u« Kl«,c.. if OIH- ,,;,. m ^^ H'^£ "r^ ^ ?;:; 49 C . Drug, ^;lov.•.^^lfl ovcrywlieto Re:i<; Courier News Wuut Ails. llhistrutuil, iiuthenllc -lU-pa^e book in l-'lslulii. Piles (Hemorrhoids), re- ateil nflniL'nts and polon.disorders yours PllEE. Writ'; tnilay. I'liornlon .V: Minor Clinic. !iull_' 1ST.'., <J2U McOee HI,. Kansas (Jlly, Missouri. WANTED: Young Man for Bookkeeping Position with Nationally Known Firm Located in Blytheville. Opportunity for Advancement. Write Box A, Care COURIER NEWS CO. cnlcs or clicilnlity, h- nclvLstul. TM crrtiflciilt 1 t^ tnt'ticd over U) I hi .school wlu'n tht; votpran ctii'ol!.'* the VA rt-nrosenlalivtr Mitid. i | CARPENTER SERVICE ' Minor Repairing, Rcrcen Work, J painlltiB, ncplnclni; Windows I Steps, ami other work, ! HOME SERVICE | & STORAGE"CO. ! Tclcphor.c 2S01 You I@o Can Have Cool Air r Day and Nighi! *-€ r f»7f??SF? Ovor a mil lion people ;\re enjoying 11' is low-cos 'r omlinjr with an KSSICK COOI,RU! Good Selection of Table, Pedestal, Attic and Window Fans ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. (•hone 2071 .1. W. Adams, Mgr. 20G-OS W. Main '~'&>::^.i As a tiro user, you are naturally interested in developments in lire raannf ac- tiire that mean a real SAVING in your tire expense. In order to make sure that these tires would meet over'y requirement of the kind of driving you NOW want to do our factory subjected them to over 1>,4 Million Miles of severe road testing before offering them to the public. In these tests the tires were heavily overloaded, and in addition, were driven at sustained speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hour all day long, day after clay after day. Not alone because of these tests but nlso because ot the exceptionally fine service these Gales POSTWAR Tires are NOrV delivering to our own customers, we sincerely recommend them to you. It will be a pleasure to show you these POSTWAR GATES TIRES and the proof of their very definite superiority! SHELTON MOTOR CO. Now . . . RAYON CORD in Gates Tfres Available now in ALL Truck Tirol «nd in some Passenger Car tat*. You will h««« it in ALL Gates Passenger Car sizes aj coon aa the, supply o! rayon cord permit*. Salcs 119 West Ash Street SerYice Phone 438 */. • • . • . ^i first fime at this low price? WARDS REGULAR 39.95 AUTO-CYCLE • FASTER! Speeds up lo 12 M.P.H.! • SAFER! All gears fully enclosed! • STURDIER! For Children 4 to 12! ' Positive Shaft Drive I.ilre an Auto 24 95 Only 10% down, balan<» Wordt Monthly Poynwrrt Won. First with the AUTO-CYCLE . . . Wards now lend the way with a luigo Fjiecial purchase iliat slashes (he price... SAVES YOU $10! The AUTO-CYCLE is the most revolutionary four-wheeled riiling toy yet developed! It's shah driven .. .'gives fast, smoolli operation villioul chains or bells! All gears arc fully enclosed ... can't snag clothes or pinch fingers! Hall or roller bearings throughout. Big 12* wheels, scini-piienmalic tires. licil enamel finish. Huy NOW at this amazingly LOW Ward price! Auto typ« tf**r. G«,r on4 driven; no Kn«« octkm OMtV* ton* K

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