The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 27, 1963 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1963
Page 6
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THfc OTTAWA HERALD Feb. 57. IBM Ann Landers Leave The 'Dream Girl' Out Of Will se- Dear Ann Landers: My husband is 68 years old. He is a respected business man with a fine reputation for community service and church work. The doctor told him last week he must have an operation. It's nothing serious but something that should be done soon. My h u s b a n d announced yesterday he's writing a new will before he enters the hospital. I asked h i m what changes he was planning and he said, "I want to leave $1,000 to Mrs. Ana X. I've always admired her cretly and have had some won derful dreams about her. This will be my way of repaying her for the pleasure she has brought me in my dreams. I'm sure she'll be awfully surprised." Ann, I almost sank through the floor. This young woman doesn't know my old goat exists. The last time he saw her was four years ago at a chamber of commerce dinner. She is younger than our daughter and has a fine husband and family of her own. I don't care a hoot about the money, but I'm afraid it would look terrible. Please express your views. He reads you faithfully. — STILL STUNNED Dear Stunned: Tell your husband to forget it. What he has in mind would ruin his fine name and cast an ugly reflection on this innocent woman. Dear Ann Landers: I just want to thank you for helping me raise a wonderful daughter. I could not have done it without you. I am foreign born and my daughter considered my advice "old country," but anything Ann Landers said was law. So I began to follow your column daily and you made a lot of sense. There were times when I was sure my daughter hated me because I was so strict. But you always insisted that kids need somebody to tell them what to da You said, "Stick to your guns. They will thank you later." Well, Ann, "later" has come. My daughter just became engaged to a fine young man. He confessed that he used to dislike me and considered my strict rules an insult. But tonight he hugged me and thanked me for bringing up such a fine girl. , I want to share my joy with you, Ann, because you were a big part of my daughter's upbringing. God bless you.—MRS P.M. OF CHICAGO Dear Mrs. P.M.: I'm deeply moved that you would take the time to express your gratitude. \ Your remarks are immensely generous. I may have supplied you with the information, but it was you who put it to use. My warmest congratulations! jj Dear Ann Landers: This letter may be of special interest be- jfeause I'm writing about a couple of young women who read your •oluinn. I own an apartment building, lost of my tenants are work- ig girls. Before I rent I make plain that mine is a respectable building and I don't stand or wild parties or immoral be- lavior. *' I never had any trouble with tenants until these two moved in. they have a couple of men friends fvho either work a night shift or lust like to visit, at odd hours, near their door opening and losing anywhere from 2:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. Yesterday I decided to Straighten them out. One girl was very rude. She said, "We are adults. What we do in our apartment is our business." As a property owner do I have the right to insist on morality on my premises?—INDIGNANT Dear Dig: The moral standards of these girls were fixec long before they moved into your building. A landlady is not expected to assume the role of a maton in a house of correction. Tenants are obliged to pay rent, keep the property in good condition and refrain from disturbing the neighbors. If alcohol is robbing you or someone you love of health and dignity, send for Ann Landers booklet, "Help For The Alcoholic," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. PROTEIN PEP i SUonghurt Dog food help* your doo ', get mora fun out at lite. It'* Rial MM! 116 llvtn Mm up with pltnty ol protein. f* Uvwl Hymns Topic At Crescent Club Meeting WELLSVILLE — "Hymns Using the Stereo" was the topic of Mrs. W. D. Farney for the recent meeting of the Crescent Club at her home. In . her presentation, Mrs. Farney told of the orogin of several hymns. Included was "Onward Christian Soldiers." She explained that "On Whitsunday, 1865, the Reverend Baring - Gould arranged to have the school children of his Yorkshire parish march the next day to a neighboring village for combined activities with the children of the perish. march no suitable hymn; therefore he sat up lalf the night composing the words, fitting them to a tune the children knew. Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan set the words to the stirring tune now known everywhere." Mrs. Farney said that music is demanded by Christian thought. In summation she ex"The "He wanted them to singing, but could find alive pressed the thoughts that songs of a people keep their spiritual aspirations. They cheer, comfort, refine and elevate." The next Crescent Club meeting will be March 5 with Mrs. Bill Kyle. Hold Potluck At Clubhouse Mrs. Dave Brown hosted the recent Far and Near Club meeting in Valley View clubhouse where a potluck dinner was served at noon. Thirteen members, nine men and 15 children attended. Mrs. Barrel] Macy conducted business and Mrs. J. C. Hannaman led songs. Mrs. Helen Kersley was in charge of games. Margaret Carey received an anniversary gift and Mrs. Hannaman the door prize. mAfERNITY n wmtfti nttmrmr vr SITING- > ikVt uYrtvWfWlVJV. NEW STOP SIGN - A new stop sign marks a flexible border to the maternity section of Ransom Memorial Hospital second floor. Here it is moved near the nurses' station where Mrs. John Farquharson works on reports. It closes off only that section occupied by mothers, sometimes a large area, at other times small. (HeraM Photo by Lois Smith) Hints From Heloise Cover Bedsprings With Dust Collector to Helois* By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: Please don't laugh at me, but want to know if there is any way to prevent dusting an open- type, old-fashioned bedsprings? Disgusted Dear Old-Fashioned: The only answer I have is a k e an old, worn • out contour - type sheet and place over ; h e bedsprings. iVhere the sheet s worn in the middle will make no dif- erence if it is put on a bed- iprings. It will eliminate the dust from accumu- ating on the coils. Not only does it eliminate dust )ut prevents any possible rust from getting on your mattress. To prevent the coils from mak- ng a mark on your mattress many people put an old quilt or )lanket — and some even use newspapers — underneath the contour sheet. If you do not have a contour sheet. . . don't go buy one! You can use any old regular type sheet. Take some safety pins if you cannot sew, and pin the sheet o the coil itself! Love, Heloise Dear Heloise: Don't throw away those old lip,tick containers. Those empty ubes can be used for holding needles and so forth. Before washing them I dig out he remaining lipstick. The best Your old piano or musi- sal instniment is worth more on a new . .. WURLITZER At... BUTLER'S way to do this is to freeze it in the freezing compartment of your refrigerator. Then by sticking a paring knife in the remaining portion. .. it will pop out! After this. . . one can wash the tube thoroughly in hot suds and let it drain dry. Then all you have to do is to place all of those straight pins in it and put it in your sewing box. Myrtle Smith Dear Heloise: To clean Venetian blinds I close them first and then remove them from the window and take them out on the driveway or sidewalk. Lay them out full length and just turn the garden hose on them! Turn them over and wash the other side! If you have soiled places . . . use a long-handled brush with detergent and then rinse again. Stand the blinds up on their side to drip (or hang over the clothesline) for ten or fifteen minutes. I do not suggest that you hang them longer than this. Re- ENGLISH LEATHER -• Toiletries for Men Truly Masculine • All Purpose Lotion • Talc Deodorant -• Soap 318 S. Main CH 2-3024 U. S. DOLLAR Who* mokes it tick? If you want to know more about U. S. money, be sure to read the special 4-page section next Sunday in fhe Star-the seventh in The Star's "Background for Better Understanding" series. If s all about the risk of inflation, deflation, the flight of gold, our growing national debt, consumer credit. Clarifies the importance of the U. S. dollar in the international picture. Shows how currency is printed and coins art minted. Also, what does the stock market indicate? All this and much more! Sunday's Star will be packed with pages of features, news and pictures, thoughtful people throughout the area read every issue of The Star-13 times a week. THE KANSAS CITY STAR To Subscribe Call: CHARLES E. QUEEN, 504 Walnut CH 2-4109 place the blinds on the window. Fasten the bottoms by pulling them tight and they will dry beautifully and not shrink. (Do not completely dry them until they are rehung.) Dear Heloise: I scorched a white cotton blouse and tried everything to remove it to no avail, until I finally decided to use some household cleanser which contained bleach. After wetting the material I poured some cleaners on and took a handbrush and rubbed it on my blouse. It took it out beautifully! I do not know if this would work on any other kind of material but it certainly works on cotton EMS Ladies, I have tried this and it does work! It seems that the household cleaners which contain bleach have just enough to remove some types of scorching. Be sure to wet the material thoroughly first and test the spot before using this method. However, I have never found it to ruin any white cotton material yet. Heloise Dear Heloise: I want to tell you and all your friends how intrigued I am by the way my friends sweeps her kitchen floor. She does no bending down over a dust pan! She had a carpenter saw a space in the floor directly inside her closet door. Into this space which is nine inches-by-three inches, the carpenter fitted a box to match the incision. Now all she has to do is open her closet door and sweep the kitchen litter into the little box. You see, no bending at all! When the box needs emptying — she removes the little box and empties the sweepings into a waste basket. All. of her friends admire this. Mrs. K.B.S. The Milk We Use Is Produced In Franklin County SELECT DAIRY CH 2-1607 Socialettes Past Commanders club of True Kindred was entertained last eve* ning by Mrs. C. J. Pence with 15 present. For entertainment Walter Dengel showed a film "The Thread of Life." The hostess served refreshments. Chapter AU, PEO. heard a program, "Birds of Kansas," last evening by Mrs. A. C. Carpenter. She showed natural color pictures of many birds, showed a collection of discarded bird nests and played records of bird calls. Mrs. Fred Kaiser was hostess assisted by Mrs. D. L. Carver. Liberty Social Hour hotess for the recent meeting was Mrs. Louis Dale with Mrs. George Graves in charge of business. Members gave the Lord's prayer and sang hymns. The hostess served a cherry dessert to the 10 members present. Hontaker Club was entertained by Mrs. John J. Pinney yesterday for a social afternoon. Members visited and did handwork. Refreshments were served at the close. Royal Neighbors will serve their annual birthday dinner Friday at 6 p.m. in Masonic Temple. BereanClass , - '' '". '.:'}•"':.. ' •' ' HdsM^etitig WELLSVILE -Meeting Thur* day evening, Feb. 21 with Mrs. Homer Ganong was the Berean Class of the Wellsville Baptist Church. Presiding in the president's absence was Mrs. Genella Patton, vice president. Devotionals were given by Mrs. Hugh Cramer. Members present gave reports of their valentine visitations to shut-ins. The class officers had visited persons from Wellsville at Cedar House Nursing Home, Ottawa. Some of the class members took remembrances to persons formerly of Wellsville at thf Crestview Nursing Home, Ottawa, and Sales Rest Haven Nursing Home, Baldwin. 'SCHICK ' Double Edge Blades Fits All Double Edge RAZORS 15 for 79C John G. Kaiser Drug Store (In Masonic Bldg.) our DEDICATED staff is devoted to just one interest — yours. "We strive to make you feel that a trusted friend is at your side at all times during our service to you. SHOES Balloons FRIDAY & SATURDAY, MARCH 1-2 11 a Bonnie's Shoe Box 120 West Third (Across from Robertson's Ford Garage) I want to personally invite each and everyone of my friends, neighbors, and neighboring customers, to attend the opening days and look over our stock of shoes which have been selected with great care to fill your needs for every occasion. Come in and look over the styles that stole my heart, and I'm sure they will steal yours, too! Bonnie Brooks FREE SHOES! ^s o special "Opening Day" Feature ... Will Give 5 PAIRS OF SHOES.... ABSOLUTELY FREE! All You Need do is Register.. .No Purchase Necessary FREE BALLOONS FOR THE KIDDIES! Opening Day SPECIAL 3 Styles Men's Shoes Specially Priced at 4.99 My greatest desire, at all times, will be to serve my customers in the fairest way possible so that they will be satisfied with every shoe purchase they make. This, I intend to do regardless of cost. Make our opening your special event of the week! Bonnie Brooks Opening Day SPECIAL Women's FLAT 5 at Special LOW PRICES We Are Featuring GRAHAM-BROWN SHOES from Dallas, Texas, founded in 1911

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