The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 30, 1986 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1986
Page 16
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Journal Ads Pay "Says here we're invited to a meeting about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas' new Senior Plan." Here's your opportunity to learn about our newest alternative for Seniors. Everyone is welcome — whether to enroll or just to learn more about Senior Plan. Call for the date, time and location of the meeting in your area. You need not have Plan 65 to be eligible. For information call Toll Free 800-332-0235. In Topeka call 232-3644. €? HMO Kansas A Mibsidi.m nl Blue Crms & Blue Shield of Kansos, Iru: It doesn't hurt to stay healthy anymore. Botha may announce new reforms CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) — President P.W. Botha is to deliver his second crucial social-reform policy speech in six months on Friday, opening a legislative session his opponents describe as a last chance to promote orderly change away from apartheid. Botha is expected to amplify the plans of his all- white National Party to meet black-majority demands for political and economic equality. After his speech Botha to a provincial party caucus in August, observers cautioned against expecting too much on Friday. The August speech turned out to be a restatement of principles rather than a detailed reform schedule, and the resulting disappointment was a factor in the refusal by foreign banks to renew billions of dollars in loans to South Africa. No one expects Botha to agree to a one-man, one-vote system and scrap racially segregated neighborhoods, schools and -hospitals, demands made by militants who have conducted violent anti-apartheid protests for 17 months. Botha is likely to touch on a list of changes already hinted at or promised by Nationalist Cabinet ministers. FIRST BANK and TRUST CO. of Salina in the State of Kansas and Domestic Subsidiaries at the close of business on December 31,1 985 STATEMENT OF CONDITION DIRECTORS ROY ALLEN Saline County Commissioner CHARLES H. CARROLL, JR. Downtown News, Inc. LLOYD A. DAVIDSON President-First Bank and Trust Co. DON DIECKHOFF Waddell-Cadillac-Olds F.E. FRANK Frank Construction, Inc. JOSEPH A. McLINEY Chairman of the Board First Bank and Trust Co. C.L. OLSON DVM ROBERT PICKRELL Royal Tire Co., Inc. C.A. ROMEISER — HONORARY Investments DAN WEST West Ltd. R.H. ZIMMERMAN Vice Chairman First Bank and Trust Co. OFFICERS JOSEPH A. McLINEY Chairman of the Board R.H. ZIMMERMAN Vice Chairman LLOYD A. DAVIDSON President THOMAS J. RUNYON Executive Vice President CALVIN K. BOYCE Vice President SEVEN MICHEL Vice President-Cashier WAYNE OWEN Assistant Vice President MARVA LEE DOUD Asst. Cashier-Operations LAURA JUNE LOCKWOOD Customer Service Officer GLEN STEYER Auditor ASSETS Cash and balances due from depository institutions a. Noninterest-bearing balances and currency and coin 1,785,000.00 b. Interest-bearing balances 500,000.00 Securities 15,045X100.00 Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreements to resell 1,800,000.00 Loans and lease financing receivables: a. Loans and leases, net of unearned income 15,723,000.00 b. LESS: Allowance for loan and lease losses 87,000.00 c. LESS: Loans and leases, net of unearned income, allowance, and reserve 15,636000.00 Premises and fixed assets (including capitalized leases) 508,000.00 Other real estate owned 38'oOO.CO Other assets ........"......'............. 655,000.00 Total assets 35,967,000.00 LIABILITIES Deposits: a. In domestic offices 33,155,000.00 1. Noninterest-bearing 5,655,000.00 2. Interest-bearing 27,500,000.00 Other liabilities 295,000.00 Total liabilities „ 33,450,000.00 EQUITY CAPITAL Common Stock 411,000.00 Surplus 739,000.00 Undivided profits and capital reserves 1,367,000.00 Total equity capital 2,517,000.00 Total liabilities, limited-life preferred stock, and equity capital 35,967,000.00 I, the undersigned officer, do hereby declare that this Report of Condition (including the supporting schedules) has been prepared in conformance with official instructions and is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Steven Michel, Vice President & Cashier We, the undersigned directors, attest the correctness of this Report of Condition (including the supporting schedules) and declared that it has been examined by us and to the best of our knowledge and belief has been prepared in conformance with official instructions and is true and correct. Lloyd A. Davidson Joseph A. McLiney Dan L West State of Kansas, County of Saline, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1 5th day of January, 1 986, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. NormaJ. Friend My commission expires July 7. 1987 FIRST BANK AND TRUST CO. 1333 W. Crawford Member FDIC 235 S. Santa Fc (First Published in The Salina Journal January 9, 1986) NOTICE Notice is hereby given to the legal electors of the City of Brookville. Kansas, that the governing body of said city proposes to pass an ordinance granting an electric franchise to The Kansas Power and Light Company, said ordinance being in form as follows, ORDINANCE NO.—— —— AN ORDINANCE, granting lo The Kansas Power and Light Company, a Kansas corporation, its successors and assigns, an electric franchise, prescribing the terms thereof and relating thereto, and repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent with or in conflict with the terms hereof BE IT ORDAINED BY THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE CITY OF BROOKVILLE KANSAS: SECTION 1. That in consideration of the benefits lo be derived by the Cify of Brookville. Kansas, and its inhabitants, there is hereby granted The Kansas Power and Light Company, a Kansas corporation, hereinafter sometimes designated as Company", said Company being o Corporation operating a system lor the transmission of electric current between two or more incorporated cities in the Stale of Kansas, into and through which it has built transmission lines, the righi, privilege, and authority lor a period of twenty (20) years from the — — day of — , 19 ——__ ( ( O occupy and use the several streets, avenues, alleys, bridges, parks, parking and public places of said City, far the placing and maintaining of eauioment and property necessary to carry on the business o* selling ' and distributing electricity for all purposes to the City of Brookville. Kansas, and its inhabitants, and through said city and beyond the, limits thereof; to obtain said electricity from any source available; and to do all things necessary or proper to carry on said business in the City of Brookville, Kansas. SECTION 2, As further consideration for the granting of this franchise, and in lieu of any city occupation, license or revenue taxes, the Company shall pay to the City during the term of this franchise three percent (3%) of its gross revenue from all sales ol electric energy within the corporate limits of said City, such payment to be made monthly for the preceding monthly period. SECTION 3. That the Company, its successors and assigns, in the construction, maintenance, and operation of its electric transmission, distribution and street lighting system, shall use all reasonable and proper precaution to Qviod damage or injury lo persons or property, and shall hold and save harmless the City of Brookville, Kansas, from any and all damage, injury and expense caused by the sole negligence of said Company, its successors and assigns, or its or their agents or servants. SECTION 4. That within sixty (60) days from and after the passage and approval of this ordinance, said Company shall file with the City Clerk of said City of Brookville, Kansas, its unconditioned written acceptance of this ordinance. SECTION 5. That any and all ordinances in conflict with the terms hereof are hereby repealed. SECTION 6, That this ordinance shall become effective and be in force and shall be and become a binding contract between the parties hereto, their successors and assigns, from and after its passage, approval, publication as required by law, and acceptance by Company. SECTION 7. That this ordinance, when accepted as above provided, shall constitute the entire agreement between the City and the Company relating to this franchise and the same shall supercede and cancel any prior understandings, agreements or representations regarding the subject matter hereof, or involved in negotiations pertaining thereto, whether oral or written. SECTION 8. this franchise is granted pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 12824, SECTION 9. Should the State Corporation Commission take any action with respect to this franchise ordinance, which would or may preclude The Kansas Power and Light Company from recovering from its customers any cost provided for hereunder, the parties hereto shall renegotiate this ordinance in accordance with the Corporation Commission's ruling. PASSED and APPROVED this _—__, day of — ——-. 19 , Attest: Mayor City Clerk This notice executed at the City of Brookville, Kansas, this 6th day of January, 1986. AUDREY WIRES, Mayor {4fsp} (First Published In The Salina Journal January 23.1986} IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of PEGGY JEAN WALKER, Deceased NOTICE OF HEARING CaseNo.BSP-1 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed in this Court by Deborah Lee Walker, duly appointed, qualified and acting Administrator of the Estate of Peggy Jean Walker, deceased, praying that her acts be approved; that her account be settled and allowed; that the Estate be assigned to the persons entitled thereto; that fees and expenses be allowed; that costs be determined and ordered paid; that the administration of the Estate be closed; that the Administrator be dischargee and that he be released from furthei liability. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 14th day of February, 1985, at 10:15, o'clock a.m., of said day, in said Court, in the City of Salina, in Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place saic cause will be heard. Should you fat therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Peti tion. Deborah Lee Walker Petitioner KENT, WICHMAN & ANDERSON 201 West llth Street Hays, KS 67601 913-625-6519 BY:/s/BruceW. Kent (3tsp (Published In The Sallna Journal January 30, 1986) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Sallna Boarc of Zoning Appeals to consider the following appllcation(s): Application No. V86-1, filed by Roslie N. Leek, requesting o variance seeking on exemption of fencing requirement per Sec. 42286(5) in a C-3 (Shopping Center) District on Lot 24. Block 2. Replat of Blocks 1 and 2, Evergreen Park Addition to the City of Salina Kansas (322 W. Cloud). The public hearing will be held in the City Commission Room, Room 200, ol the City-County Building, on the 20th day of February, of 1986, at 5:00 P.M. A hearing will be granted to any and al persons desiring to be heard on the above request(s). Attest: . SALINA BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS Keith F. Rowlings, Secretary D.L.Harrison City, Clerk (First Published in The Solina Journal January 29,1986} NOTICE TO DEMOLITION CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals will be received by the City Clerk of Salino, Kansas up to 10:00 A.M., Thursday, February 6, 1986, for the following improvements: PROJECT NO. 85-734 DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT-DEMOLITION PRINCIPAL ITEMS IN THE PROJECT ARE: DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 1} 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 2) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 3) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 4} 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 5) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 6) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 7) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 8) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 9) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 10) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 11) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 12) U.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 13) 1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 14)1 L.S. DEMOLITION (TRACT NO. 15) 1 L.S. The specifications and other contract documents are the property of the City of Solina, Kansas, and are available for public Inspection at the office of the City Engineer. A set of such documents may be obtained from the office of the City Engineer, upon payment of $5.00 for a set of specifications. The City of Salina, Kansas, reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any irregularities therein. CITY OF SALINA /s/ D.L. Harrison, City Clerk (3t) ADMINISTRATOR O P- PORTUNITY- A licensed Adult Care Home Administrator Is needed In Jncoln, Kansas for a 73 bed ICF. Competitive salary and flexible benefit plan offered. Apply now to |oln a quality facility with an excellent reputation. Send resume and references o Mid-America Health Centers, 400 Board of Trade Center, 120 South Market, Wichita, Kansas 67202. (First Published in The Salina Journal January 30, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS 'EOPLES HERITAGE FEDERAL SAVINGS, AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, a corpora- 'ion Plaintiff vs. RICHARD E. HALE; MAUREENEB. HALE; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; and ASSARIA STATE BANK, ASSARIA, KANSAS Defendants NOTICE OF SALE CaseNo.85C-310 !>: The above named Defendants and to all persons who are or may be concerned: By Virtue of an Order of Sale issued o me out of the said District Court In he above entitled action, I will on the 8th day of February, 1986, of 10:00 A.M. of said day, at the front door of he Saline City-County Building, 300 West Ash, Solina, in the County of Saline, State of Kansas, offer at public sale, and sell to the highest and best )idder for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to wit: Lot Sixty-One (61), Sixty-Three (63), Sixty-Five (65), Sixty-Seven (67) and Sixty-Nine (69) on Second Street, Original Town of Assario in Saline County, Kansas. The above described real estate is taken as the property of the Defendants and is directed by said Order of Sale to be sold, and will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. Darrell Wilson, Sheriff Saline County, Kansas Connee A. Scott 1159 Wanamaker Road, P.O. Box 4600 Topeka, Kansas 66604 (913)272-4003 ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF (3tsp) FOOD PRODUCTION Manager. Established restaurant In Sallna look- ng for experienced person to work nto position of responsibility. Morn- no, and evenings necessary. Paid va- atlon, Insurance and chance for urther advancement accompanies Igorous routine. Send resume to Sam Enterprises Inc., P.O. Box 6193, Sallna, Kansas. Equal Opportunity Employer Classified Advertisements Dial 823-6363 Or write PO Box 740, Salina, Kans. 67402 10 WORDS MINIMUM $1.50 Minimum Charge 1 time, per word 15' 3 limes, per word 35' 7 times, per word 52' 31 times, per word $1.93 Rales apply to residents in Salina retail trade area only. Open rale is 15' per word or 1«.00 per col. inch per day on weekdays. S9.60 per col inch on Sundays. 50' Postage & handling charge on all non-contract want ads if cash does not accompany order. Cash with order -,/•»<•>/ SAVES YOU 10% (For ads placed 3 times or more, plus the SO' handling charge) (Add 4 words for Blind Box Number) BLIND AD SERVICE $1 if replies picked up $3 if replies are mailed DISPLAY CLASSIFIED Ads Will Be Accepted H am 2 days before insertion 4 pm Wednesday for Saturday H am Thursday for Sunday One day earlier than above if over '2 page. Al ledsl one day earlier than above on holidays Individual Classified Line Ads One column wide in lype (his Sifs Will be accepted until 1 PM day before insertion; 10 AM Friday for Saturday, 1 PM Friday for Sunday. The Salina Journal will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. The Salina Journal Thursday, January 30,1986 Page 16 Personals 29 DRINK AND Eat your way to a better feeling about your health, friends and security the Herbal Way Ask me howl Debbie, 825-1011. PREGNANCY UNPLANNED Birthright cares. 14U South Santa Fe 8?3-3113. Free tests. Confidentiality. NEW CREDIT Cardl No one re fused. VISA/Mastercard. Call 1-619 565-1657. 24 hours. DARLING, MEET me at the Union Station Cafe for a K.C. Sirloin Steak they're only $3.25 this week. INTERESTED IN "Discovering China"? June 23-July 14.825-5985. WATCHED YOUR HOME MOVIES LATELY? Let us make It easy; by transferring your 16mm, 8mm or Super 8 film to Videotape. Discounted rates thru January. Mid-America Productions, 227 N. Santa Fe, 823-3908 HAPPY 65th, MOMI HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR CHARTER MEM- EMBERSHIP FOR SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ON AIRFARES. NOW YOU CAN FLY TO SEE ALL THE GRANDCHILDREN WHENEVER YOU WANT. THE DISCOUNTSARE GREAT!!!! HAVE ALL YOUR FRIENDS CALL 8Z7-04W FOR THE SAME GREAT DEALS. Special Notices 35 NOTICE IS hereby given that Mil land Drilling Co., Inc., Is requesting that the Kansas Corporation Commission authorized the approval of a Salt Water Disposal Well which will be drilled In Saline County, Kansas. SE'/i NW'/i NEV., Section 8-16-1W. Don Wldrlg, 316-241-6650, LOSE WEIGHT the'Herbal Way Proven 100% Safe and Effective. Krlsty. 823-3889. LOOK GOOD, feel good, Herbal Diet. Keith, 825-4140. tost-Found-Strayed 45 LOST: St. Christopher medal and chain. Inscription, 'To Jay, Love Susan'.825-8503. Reward. Schools-Instructions 49 CAREER EDUCATION • choose from 9 career programs. You deserve the best. Call Brown Mackle College. (913) 825-5422. PIANO LESSONS. All levels, 15 per lesson. 825-7569. Help Wanted 249 DIRECTOR OF Laboratory/Chief Medical Technician. Immediate opening for an aggressive Individual o oversee the functions of the de- lartment. Previous hospital experl- nce required. Located 60 miles lortheast of Wichita, For further In- ormatlon call Paul Wilson, Admlnls- rator, St. Luke Hospital, 316-382-2179. JIM PALMER Trucking Is looking or experienced over-the-road drivers o run team out of the Sallna, Kansas rea. Qualifications: 25 years of age or Ider, three years over-the-road ex- jerlence, a clean driving record. We ffer full benefits plus top pay. For nore Information call 1-800-548-3110 sk for Dean. TWO DIRECT sales canvasers to work directly for sales manager. A holce of pay plans available. Apply In erson at 921 Bishop, Sallna, week- ays between 10-12am. Must be willing o start work Immediately. This In- olves door-to-door and phone con- acts. SURROGATE MOTHERS needed, irlng joy to a childless couple. Ar- Iflclal Insemination. Must be healthy, ver 21, given birth to healthy children). Medical expenses and living xpenses (S850/ month) paid for ten months. Call 913-233-1344, Hagar In- mute, Topeka, Kansas. FULL-TIME Medical Assistant. Opening for person with nursing or other medical background. Ex- lerlenced In assisting doctor with pa- ients In special tests, scheduling ap- )0lntments and keeping medical records. Send resume to Box J-155, Sallna Journal, P.O. Box 740. WANTED: PERSONAL Assistant to salesmen. Duties to Include: Use of a lersonal computer, Implementing a direct mall program and aiding with general client service work. Please send resume to: Box Y-910. Sallna Journal, P.O. Box740. WHOLESALER NEEDS person ,;lth math and pipe valve and fitting nterest to do quoting and pricing of material. Fringes Include vacation, health and dental Insurance and profit sharing. Send resume to: Box J-154, Sallna Journal, P.O. Box 740. TAKING APPLICATIONS only, Thursday and Friday, lpm-3pm for route driver, over 25, need Class B Icense, good physical condition. Apply Lampton Welding Supply, 109 South Broadway, Sallna. No phone applications. EXPERIENCED GENERAL Motors Technician. Knowledgeable on engine manual transmission and final drive assemblies. Aggressive small own multi-line GM dealer. Phone 913472-3101 ask for Jeff Holm or Jeff Hoffman. EASY ASSEMBLY workl MOO per 100. Guaranteed payment. No experience/no sales. Details send self- addressed stamped envelope: Elan Vital- 836, 3418 Enterprise Road, Ft. "lerce, Florida 33482. WANTED: INDIVIDUAL to provide care for disabled adult female from 11pm to midnight, Mondays and Tuesdays. For more Information, contact Susan Mergen at the Sallna SRSOfflce,825-81tl. SALINA NURSINGCENTER Is now hiring CERTIFIED MEDICATION AIDES for 3pm-llpm and llpm-7am shifts. Apply In person only, 1007 lohnstown, between 8:30am-4pm, Monday thru Friday. WE HAVE AN OPENING for weekend route person to work 5 hours on Saturday and occalsonal Sundays. lAust have steady work record. Apply n person to The Landes Companies at 2948 Arnold Avenue. EXPERIENCED CONTINUITY WRITER for radio station. Include samples of work with resume. Write: Box Y-914, Salina Journal, P.O. Box 40, Sallna, KS 67402-0740. EOE NOW HIRING: Walters and waitresses, public and private, day hours and evening hours. Apply In person at Gutierrez Restaurant, 1935 South Ohio. ROOM AND board plus {ISO per month for supervising medications, some cooking for gentleman. References required. 823-2194 before 2:30 pm. EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER/ CLERICAL person. Full-time position. Typing, telephone, 10 key. Apply n person, Sallna Area Chamber of Commerce, 115 West Iron. HOLIDAY INN OF SALINA Is now taking appllcaltons for front desk personnel. Apply In person, HOLDIAY INN, 453 South Broadway. No phone calls, please. Funeral Directors ft Monuments 11 MONUMENTS & markers. Ours Is a complete memorial service. Respected, experienced and well known. MEMORIAL ART CO., Inc. 1608-10 823-2981 GOVERNMENT JOBS. $16,040$59,230 year. Now hiring. Call 805-6876000, ext. R-9444 for current federal listing. INCOME OPPORTUNITY. Assemble products at home. No experience. Details. Call 1-813-545-8726. Ext. 365. WANTED: FULL-TIME, llpm-7am RN's. Contact, Beth Wllle at Plalnvllle Rural Hospital, 434-4553 WOMAN TO SIT with elderly lady from 9pm-7am. 827-2888. Help Wanted 249 SECURITY OFFICER for retail business. Experience preferred. Send resume to: Box J-152, Sallna Journal, P.O. Box 740. WANTED: COCKTAIL Waitress, part-time work, starting minimum wage. Call 825-9537 or apply In person after 5pm, Sale Barn. FULL-TIME DAY waitress or cook and full and part-time evening waitress and cook. Applications will be taken at Broadway Pizza Hut DRIVEWAY SALESMAN, must be honest, dependable and have me chanfcal ability. Apply In person, 9am 2pm, Ramada 66,1945 North 9th FULL-TIME SECRETARY- Typing and computer skills preferred. Send resume to P.O. Box 1666, Sallna, Kansas 67402-1666. TWO CLOTHESLINE poles In excellent condition. Will sell or trade for good used lawn mower. Call Jerry, 823-7791. PART-TIME Housekeeper, must be available to work Tuesday-Sunday. 9am-12pm. Apply In person, Sallna Country Club, between 9:30-10:30am. CERTIFIED GERATRIC aides. Apply at Kenwood View Nursing Homes, 825-5471. EOE. DISHWASHER EVENING hours. Apply In person, Sallna Country Club, 10-11am. BAHAMA MAMA Looking for weekend waitress help. Excellent starting pay. Apply to: J45 North 5th, 827-2174 WANTED EXPERIENCED COCKTAIL AND FOOD WAITRESS. Apply In person only. Rangers Steakhouse, 150 South Broadway. Salespeople Wanted 265 EXCELLENT JOB opportunity. Need motivated salesperson to sell nationally advertised product. $700$900 a week In commissions and bonuses. Send resume to: Central State, Inc., 303 S. Hydraulic, Wichita, KS 47J11. SALES GOLDMINE Nation music and video company needs managers and sales reps. Immediate Income, excellent repeat business. 702-831-4682, llam-4pm. Business Opportunities 279 MOTEL: 21 Unit In Sallna, Includes real estate, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Low Interest assumable oan to qualified buyers. Call Carol or Don at Realty Associates, 827-0331. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: $1,000 a month Includes bonus car, unlimited potential. 825-2936,827-7874. Loans-Insurance 285 NO PAYMENTS? We buy defaulted and delinquent second mortgages. 913462-6556, ext. 35,6-10pm. Want To Buy 289 We'll Buy The Mortgage You're carrying. Self your Real estate note to Jim Sullivan for Immediate cash. 823-7133. Good Things to Eat 295 10-oz. KC Sirloin Steak, $3.25. Full Dinners. Union Station Cafe, 719 Bishop. Musical Instruments 299 ELECTRIC HAMMONDOrgan with 25 note pedal board, Leslie tone cabinet and extra cable. Excellent condl- lon. Priced for Immediate sale. (Abilene) 263-1084. HOHNER ACCORDIAN, 150 bass, 7 shift keys, excellent condition. 8236724. LOWERY TEENIE Genie rythym organ. Keys and music marked. 8278275. > GIBSON SG and Peavey Special Amplifier. $400.825-8645. Wearing Apparel 305 CLEARANCE 20-25% OFF WINTER CLOTHING, 0-misses sizes The Palace, 113 South 5th. Miscellaneous 311 FOR SALE: Equipment from ladies dress shop. Polished chrome slant arm racks, round racks with glass tops, double rack with rollers, glass lighted show case with glass shelves, wrap counter. NCR no.2110 electronic cash register. Other numerous items. None of this equipment Is over 3 years Old. 913-263-7009. SCHAEFFER ICE Cream dipping cabinet, displays 12 flavors, stores 20, used Vfi years, excellent condition. 913-632-2335,913-632-6252. FIREWOOD $50 per rick, delivered. Hedge and hardwood. 825-4571. Eve- nlngs 488-3838. CUT FIREWOOD delivered. Mixed- oak, hedge, and others. For Information call 825-5848. PICK-UP LOAD seasoned firewood. Split and delivered, $60. Discounts for 2 or more loads. 934-2982 after 6pm. WOODBURNING STOVE, black enamel with brass trim, $250. Call 85;0441 6am-5pm. FIREWOOD -HEDGE. »75/cord plcked-up. $85 delivered In Sallna. 8258366. DRY FIREWOOD, Asn/Hackberry, Split/delivered, $50 a pickup load. 8237390 after 4pm. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS desk calculator, and square box-style end table 825-8794. FIREWOOD WANTED: Split, Oak and Ash, delivered and stacked In yard. 825-7992. ROLL ENDS of newsprint, $2.50 each. The Sallna Journal, 623-6363. CRUSHED DRIVEWAY rock, haul and spread. Firewood. 823-2198. NEW MOBILE home axles and tires, 316-654-3665 after 5pm. FIREWOOD FOR sale. Delivered. 823-9594 or B27-182B. FOR SALE: 12" Bel-Saw Surfacer, excellent condition. 913-282-6512. DRY FIREWOOD - Call 823-8587. OAK FIREWOOD 823-3009,825-7992 USED GUNS: Colt 22 Ace, Ruger357 mag, 22/410 O&U Stevens, 223 Ruger mini 14, 22 automatic rifle, 12 gauge Winchester pump M12. CLEVE'S MARINE, Sallna, 823-69W. Road Gravel Rock & Sand Pickup or delivery is available. We also do blading and excavating. Call Johnson Sand 827-9702. CRUSHED ROCK For Lateral Lines, Driveways, Parking, Mudholes ^RIPRAP; Quartzite Stone Sallna 823-8760 or 913-524-4404 You'll be surprised. Classified ads sell old things. Business, Personal and Professional SPECIAL-SERVICES In Easy-To-Find Alphabetical Order. Alterations A Sewing 55 BRING YOUR sewing or woodcraft needs here. Home Crafts and Alterations. Call 827-2782 or stop by 1205 Greeley after 2pm. ALTERATIONS: PANTS, coats, lapels, zippers, dresses, skirts, lined coats. Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm, 827- SEWING, MENDING and alterations, shortening skirts and pants. 825-4737. ALTERATIONS, MENDING -Any kind, Zippers, pants, skirts. Neat work. 823-8056. IRONING AND Minor alterations done In my home. 825-1911. Baby Sitting & Child Care 65 LICENSED SITTER has day open Ings for infant and up. Monday thru Friday. Full or part-time. Nutritious meals, tenced yard, TLC, Franklin School area, and, more. Reasonable rates. Call 827-2327. KRISTY'S KIDDIE KARE has full time openings. Licensed, references, IOtsofTLC.B23-3889. REGISTERED SITTER would like to babysit. Reliable and reasonable 823-9329. REGISTERED YOUNG Grandmother with references wants to care for newborn babies, 133 North College, 827-7990. Carpentry & Masonry 85 DIEHL CONSTRUCTION, Ronnie and Jerry. Basement walls and foundation repaired or replaced; Landscaping to stop water from running In leaking basements; Deadmans Installed In leaning walls; Underground lawn watering systems Installed. Concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks; Roofing siding, fences built, framing, drywall, texturing, cabinets, paneling, plumbing, electrical, etc. Pictures and references of previous |obs. Over 20 years experience. Free estimates and financing available. Licensed, bonded and Insured. Senior Citizen discounts. 913-827-3804. JERRY JOHNSON Construction- Basement walls and foundations repaired or replaced. Let us waterproof your basement. Will repair cracks to stop water leaks. Landscaping for proper water drainage. Concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios Installed. Pictures of previous |obs with excellent references. Quality work with financing available. Over 22 years experience. Licensed, bonded and Insured. 913-823-7791. RITEWAY DRYWALL and Construction Company has the best rates for your remodeling needs. U years experience In drywall, concrete, room additions, all phases of construction. 827-9720, ask lor Larry. REPAIR ON cracked or bulging basement walls and foundation. Cement block laying and concrete work. Licensed and bonded. Free estimates. 'filbert Ruhkamp, 823-2069, CONCRETE WORK, any type Basement walls repaired. Licensed, bonded. Free estimates. Jess Wilbur, 123-8886. G & G CONSTRUCTION. Concrete, carpentry, roofing work. Remodeling and new construction. Insured, II- censed, and bonded. 825-0115,823 8862. KEVIN TURNER, Construction Remodeling, repair, trimming, cus torn built cabinets. Quality work with references. 827-5122. CONCRETE, CARPENTRY and excavation work for residential or commercial. Free estimates. Call Matthew at 823-8603. CONCRETE WORK, basement walls repaired. Licensed, bonded, Insured. John W. Holcom, 913-827-5112 after 5pm. HEITSMAN'S DRYWALL, carpets and vinyl floor Installation. 823-7084 or 823-6079. ARITSITC CONCRETE, Inc. Patio, driveways, sidewalks, flatwork. 25 years experience. 827-1630. Carpentry ft Masonry 85 JACK KERBY, drywall, remodeling, concrete, roofing, 28 years experience. Licensed, bonded, Insured. 823-5476. SHEETROCK, TEXTURING, home remodeling or repairs and gutter work. Reasonable rates. Free es- tlmates call 825-7535. CONCRETE WORK, any type, residential and commercial, licensed and bonded, 23 years experience, 8238183. BASEMENT WALL - Repair. Call 825-0067 after6:30pm. Cleaning 89 WINTER SAVINGS on carpet cleaning and housecleanlng. McGlnley Carpet Cleaning, 827-9963. HOUSE CLEANING Done. Dependable, hard-working, young woman. Reasonable rates. 825-6644. HOUSECLEANING FOR working people. Honest, dependable, ex- perlenced, references. Call 827-7346. I CLEAN houses and businesses, have excellent references. Phone 8257677. CARPETCLEANING CARPET-PRO 825-2627 PAT'S ABOVE average cleaning. Great references. 823-3574. SERVICEMASTER Quality Assured Mastermaids - 825-6761 Furniture Repair 105 FURNITURE REFIN1SHING, repairs. Free estimates, plckup/dellv- ery. 823-8935 after 4pm. Moving-Storage 149 MINI WAREHOUSES and outdoor trailer storage. All concrete construe- tlon. SAFE. Call 823-6003 MINI AND Commercial Storage, 25 sizes, three locations, 24 hour access, 823-7B38, If no answer 823-6882. CONVENIENT SALINA location. Store car, boat or RV for as low as $25. Please call 825-2221. MINI STORAGE, many sizes, 24 hour access. 2141 Centennial. 825-2134. Odd Jobs 159 NEED JOBS Done? Large or small. Reasonable rates. Call 823-1347. JPajntlng * Papering 165 WALLPAPERING, PAINTING, Sheetrock work, basements finished, carpentry. 19 years. Sallna area. 8274966. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP. Painting and paper hanging. References. Free estimates. 827-6634. Plumbing-Sewer Service 185 FULLER'S SEPTIC Tank Service septic tanks and lateral lines Installed and repaired, commercial and resl- dentlal pumping. 823-5295, 823-3564. Tree Trimming- Removal-Spraying 205 HEART TREE Service and Stump Removal. Dry (Irewood. 823-2198. Upholstering- Carpetlng-Draperles 209 FURNITURE UPHOLSTERED Samples, free estimates, experienced' Jerry's Upholstery. 825-8559 Word Processing 219 PROFESSIONAL RESUME Consultation and Preparation, word processing. Data Print, 625-6726. PROFESSIONAL RESUMES. Word processing, mailings. Reasonable rates. The Printed Word, 825-0887. You'll be surprised. Classified sds sell old things.

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