Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1908
Page 5
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Where OM ISpond i& Have you ever gone, "down towu" with $5.00^—more or l«ss—in your pocket, and the next XDorning got up "dead broke" and wondered where you spent it? * What healthy, live, vigorous man hasn't? But there comes a time in the lives of most men when they "get wise." They realize the folly of that sort of thing. /They see that the moment their money ; is gone, thdr "frieinds" have no farther use for them. We don't expect a young man to hoard every cent, but really, he should save a little each week, even if only dollar. How about it with YOU? Don't you think it about time for YOU to begin saving a little? Bring in your first 'dollar, or five dollars. Make the start. Be independent. Be a MAN. State Savings Bank CmptimI $23,000 Imtm, Kmam Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights ooooooooooooooe'oo o o O, AXUSBXEHTS. O O - . O ooooooooooooooooo AUDlTORniM— Roller skating. ELECTRIC THEATER—Moving pictures. 'MAJESTIC THEATER—Moving pictures. GRANI>—Irene Duckett Stock Co. tumea here for the two performances on December 7 and 8. arrived yesterday and has been busy today mapping hout the work to be done. Most of the songs have been allotted and the features will be worked up at once. We have a show; which' is said by the critics to be far ahead of our previous attraction," said Mr. Draper this afternoon, "and the boys here are taking hold euthusiastically. We can promise some new things which will please Ottawa people."—Ottawa Republic. •>-Prank 8. BaatUe. V. 8. Fbon* 189. READ! A few handred ^ leetloM No. 1 ireftera land at $1000 and op. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. OIBea Over low* Htore. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturers, Wbol^al* and RetoO Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Diatilled Water Htm Mi BUnga BeUr fw IhulMta, Pkras UC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Short Stories o r lola Happenings Fnnston Gnest of Honor. The annual tjanquet, of the Merchants' association Is to be held at the National hotel on Wednesday night. Preparations are now complete and all augurs well for a most succeseful affair. Brigadier General Frederick Fun.ston will be the guest of honor of the occasion.—Leavenworth Times. Use No. 7 Flour -fQpo^ jui,. any— better than most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We handlej only the best of Kresb < Meats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will pay the highest uiarket price in cash or trade. Come In and see us. We are sole agenu for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS It you will give this line a trial yon wtil use no other. Fryer Bros. Pkone SOI. 108. loli, Kansas. Thorpe & floogh C*ntneltnt Vnglneen, 8orrey«n. Pullr equipped for all klodi of nrreying, aHtlmatlng, patent drawing, blae prints, maps, sidewalks, ourbins. and farm drainage. Oate Over ••Famois." KXCH1XG£ 0« SELL, Ust your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho coiinty, Kas, to exchange for good lola property. J. T. MILKS. . Seem 10, Old Cenrt Hoose. Stoves Set up aod connected, also any other gas fitting. Good work and reasoiuble charges. Phone 29.' Rodickcr't Cash Grocery and riM ».II »ty Mem Miirin-t. Uysters and nub l':v.'ry Day Try Heftattd KttKk, tli<« Ideal Food. ALL- KINDM OF FKIJITH —See the Our Way window. ProfitleMs Things. The cow eats hay with her main and uilirht: tshc.eais all day, and she «ai.s uli iiiglil; iis fine a.s sUk is her bill of fare; when it conies to milk, then she isn't there. The hens loaf around all the sunny morn; and |>ound by pound they eat the corn; with their yellow legs they scratch and tear; when it comes to eggs, they are not there. - The danusel plays on the pi-au-o, or she spends her days where her dress will show; though many a dub may think iter Mr. at preparing grub, well, she Isn't there. The young man's done with his days at school, and be l>c>ts Iiis mon' on his skill at |M>ol; he can smoke and chew a grown mau'.s share; when there's work to do then he isn't there.—Walt Masun. —Dr. r. E. Wangli, Dentist. Phone 82, Bowman i.^ the Old^t State Superintendent of Public' In- .<;t ructions I-'iairchiids has compiled a list of the recently elected codnty !:u |)erintendent4i ot the state and finds that County Superintendent Bowman (>r [Jouglas county is the oldest in point of continuous service, who is now serving In that capacity in Kansa-s. Mi-s. ^^lnstou of this county Is among the second termers. —Sign painting. Fred Rowden. phone 1428. Callaway Left Poltey. .\f. W. A. Clerk J. W. Kramer has received drafts to |»ay iiolicles carried in the order by Dr. \V. U. Callaway and .i. H. Foster. Dr. Callaway's IKJI- icy was for (1,0(10; Mr. Foster's for $:;,(iuo, i>a.vable equally to his three children.—Nevada .Mail. Dr. Callaway was well known here among cement men. —The Our Way window. Drove Here In Auto. E. .M. Kllioti and wife and .i. W. Keezel and wife in the Jones car with Joe as driver and Dr. and Mrs. F)lasdel ill Dr. UUIMU'VH car. motored to lola and back yesterday. They report a splendid time.—tJarnelt News. Poiatoe.<« for .Hale. Will exchange small seed potatoes, liiishei for bushel, for corn. Price for same !<&c at home. Large sorted potatoes 70r. Also turnips 20c. A. L. Townsend, Horseshoe Bend. Phone 092—12. Piiiiug fur a <>attie. Wicbila Indoor base ball players are anxious for a game. An attempt is being made to take a team to ICansaH Ciiy and play a match game at Convention hall. . Among the (ilayers who are to form the team are Ward and Albert isbell. (lus Hetllng. "Tex" .Jones, "Wed" Sadler, Ace Slater. "Hill' lAnnis. and other outdoor athletes. The manager, Orville llumlllon, is now in currospondence with the managers of rhe Kusas City indoor team.—Wticbttu Kagle. —f ^anulDghan A Araett, 6 per eeat moaejr. A Snap. • We have a 4 room house on car line, corner lot, that we can sell for $650. $50 cash and balance per month at 6 per cent. This housfe rents for |8 per month. WHITAKER & DONNELL. Begin Ciltillan's Job, Contractor Ollfillan's men began to lay brock on the east side of the sipiare this morning. A large number of people watched the expert brack layer, who drops six courses of brick as fast as six men can supply the brick.—^Nevada Mall. -Dm. fjitkrep. OsteoiwOU. Pkeie itS. Petition "Billy" Sunday. The Joplln Globe says: The campaign that is being carried on by the Ministers'. Alliance, through a committee of laymen from the various churches, to persuade "Billy" Sunday, the famous ex-baseball player evangelist, to come to Joplln has grpwn to proportions in excess of any previous cffoi't of the kind in the history of Joplin. For tte past, ten days petitions have been circulated among business men by the members of the committee and several hundred signatures have been obtained. The matter has been taken up by the members of the Merchants' Association, and in less than an hour yesterday twenty-eight members of the association had signed a petition requesting tie evangelist to come to Joplln. The petition was presented to thirty merchants and two refused to sign it. —lAxik at the Our Way window. Special Service. The church of Christ, Scientist, will have a special service at. eleven o'clock tomorrow in the rooms on EJast Jackson to celebrate Thanksgiving. —For fine livery and boarding stable for horses, see Ralph R. Drake. Phone 101. 'JVJ North Jefferson. Off to Louisiana. . Dr. W. H. Porter left this morning for a ten days' .visit In I>oulsiana. Galena Teacbers to Come. A numtier of Galena school teachers headed by Superintendent L. T. Huffman, will be In attendance at an annual meeting of the Southeast Kansas Teachers' Asaociatlon lu tola Thursday and Friday. On account ot TJianksgiving the schools of this city will be dismissed Wednesday afternoon until .Monday morning and by this the local instructors will he |ier- miited to uileiid both days of the meeting In lola. The SuuihesHt Kansas Teacliera' As- i Boclntlon IK comprised of the peda- j goKues uf iweniy counties. Super-; liiteiideni L. 'I'. Huffman of Ihis dty | JM ''preHJdeiit of thi> asitucfaliuii and will dt^liver uii uddresH at llie lulu hieetlnK—Joplln iJlobe. —our Way window— Look at it. Ottawa mWMhttnt. Work on tjie BIka' mloatrel ibow basiaa tonifht fMInt Draper, of the firm of Iflller * Draper, who mtil dl- rwJt tlia i»««pfaiaae«'aad wbo wiil._ , biiag t»W^i»trtal acaMryaad coarllM LOTS OF BOOKS FOR BOYS M) titles lloratia Alger's, ornamental cloth covers, g(M>d print, r >Oc; our price 20c •to titles lienty Series, uniform cloth binding, all kluds^ of stories, ROc; our price 20c 10 titles Young People's Library Juvenile Htories, 50c; our price 20c 12 titles Rover Boy books, including^ llie 1908 one at..riOc 43 lilies Voung Peojile's h'am- ous Amerlean series, 75c; our price 50c 40 titles The Castlemon Hooks, beautifully bound and Illustrated books for real live boys, 73c; our price COc 6 titles Motor Boy Hooks, up to date and very interesting; our price 60c 8 titles Capt. lionehill sportsman series, 75c; our price 60c lUO titles in the Uood Old books. Indian stories, natural history classics. Juvenile fiction, as cheap as you can get them anywhere. The story life of Lincoln, Just out, one of the best and most interesting books about Lincoln, price, net 11 .75 Harper's Out of Door t>ook, tells how to make all sorts of Ihlnga for out door enjoyment, fully illustrated, best book of its kind, 11 .75; our price $1.60 The IIIU-:H Keinus Books are very (Kipular again. We have them, tola's,Book Store sells as cheap as you can biiy anywhere In this |)art of Kumtus. BOiOkseLLPRS Onr Store will be Open for business until noon tomorrow inksgiving Day (NEW YORK STORE J.. Keith Arrested. J. Keith was placed under arrest last evening charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. He gave bond in the sum of |50 and was released. The case has been set for Saturday at 'i o'clock at which time it .will be tried io Justice E. G. Hough's court. —Fitsgerald Staraire and Transfer Co. HonMhoId and piano morlng} largest store room In elty. Phone SfiO. May Move (Here. Mr. Oscar Jacobs, a large land owner of Hodgeman count>', Kans., is in town on business with D. B. D. Smeltzer & Co. He expects to become the possessor of one of the very best farms in Allen county and move his family into the gas belt. He also owns a fine farm in northern Missouri but thinks the gas belt suits him better than any other place. —^The Our Way window. Fred Whltaker Here. C. P. Whltaker came over from Nevada this morning to spend Thanksgiving with home folks. -Dr. J. B. Pepper. DeaUit Pteae m With E. V. Berry. Mr. and Mrs. Wilber St. Johns of Allen, Kans., wilt spend Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Berry. —See the Our Way window. Secretary Starkey Better. Secretary Starkey of the Y. M. C. A., wlio has been suffSing with ton- slHtts, is reported to be improving today. —Mundls has the Candy. JHilton at PittslHirg. Phil liostutler of Hutchinson, president of the Hutchinson base ball teaih. Tom Ha.vden. owner of the Springfield. Mo., team, and Larry Milton, manager of the Webb City team, were in Pittsburg yesterday, sizing up the base ball situation here.—Pittsburg Headlight. —Watch the Our Way window. Move to Arkansas. Mrs. J. A. Morris and family left this morning for Eudora, Ark., where they will Join Mr. Morris. They expect to make a permanent residence In iBudora. Temerrow WBotome Bi noon for batanoB of day on aooouni of Thanksgiy^ing Che Barclay Shields. Clothing Ci •^HB HOUSE OF QUALirT." Gather Gas in Big Jug. Hukeen Brothers, living one mile nortfr of Vilas, Kas., have jugged a gas well that was given up by the ICansas Natural (Jas company. . The driller put in two plugs and pulled all the casing,including the dry pipe, leaving only a hole in the ground. .The Hulteen iioys went to' work a short time ago^with cement rock and good Judgment and dug down .all around the outside of the hole and made a monster Jutg^about 7 feet deep and 7 feet in circumference, with a gas pipe in the top and then on to the house, a distance of nearly 1100 feet. They liai-e all t]ie gas they need and plenty to spare and don't think they wlU have to chop wood this winter.— Chanute Tribune. JHE LOCAL MARKETS Prices Quoted liy Aard & Tafgart Pf-odoee Compaoj. The following local market report is furnisiietl by Card &. Taggart Produce company and will be kept runnipg la The Register every da.v. The prlcea quoted are the prices which they Will l>ay for poultry, eggs and butter delivered here: fjg.e,-, current receiiitrf per case...26c Old liens, fai 7c O.'ii Co.x i 3c SpriiiK Ciiifkeni; 6%c- Spriug Diuks .• Be Spring Turkeys, 8-lb 8c Old Heti TurkevK 8c Old Tom Tinke.vs 7c Old Diick.s 5c Butter, less iliaii ,^ per cent salt...25c CARNEIGIE WONT GO Declines Payne's Invitation 'to Talk About Tariff on Metal Before Ways and Means Committee. Washington, Nov. 25.—Sereno Payne, chairman of the House ways and mans committee, today received a reply to the invitation extended to -•Vndiew Carnegie to appear before tile committee at a hearing on the metai schedule. .\Ir. Carnegie thanfcs" Hr. Payne for the invitation but asks to be excused, sayin.e- he has served Wa full term in Washington upon tarift matters. Excused Jurors. Judge Foust excused the Jurors at 2::iO o'clock this afternoon that they might go home for Thanksgiving. ' Keaisler flat Rnsy. Con.srernalion seofhed to reign at Oas City and lola ^today. The man GlJdenwafer. who was arrested here for shooting Clinton Webb, special igenl Tor the P. G. road at Slotesber- ry. lives at Gas City. In some manner the report was curren there that the man had shot W. H. Webb of Fort Scott. The Register at lola was In a frenzy to ascertain the facts of the case and after establishlntc phone [ connections with this city found out • the truth of affairs.—F^. Scott Tribune. —I^owney's and Ljon's Candy at Mundls drug store. —Get your Candy at Miindis. Parker Sues Chanute. The city of Chanute Is soon to lie made defendant in a damage suit. T^e title of the case will be C. W. Parker against the City of Chanute. Mr. Parker, the plaintiff In the suit. Is the millionaire amusement maunfacturer anil showman of Abilene. He is owner of the show property which appeared in Chanute for two weeks under the name of The Parker Amusement Co. Mr. Parker will base his cause of action ujjon Section 25ol of the Kansas statutes of 1901. He will set out in his petition that his property was dam aged by a mob between November 1 and November 5, I9iis, in the poriior- ale limits of the City of Chanute — Chanute Tribune. Credits it to Santa Clans. An lola man has lust won a lawsuit over some land that has been pending for twenty-five years. He is disposed to thank Santa Claus instead of (he !aw.vera for the Judgment.—Ottawa Herald. —Watch the Our Way window. Hold Regular Bible Class. The Y. M. C. A. Bible class will hold their recular Wednesday evening supper -and Bible study in the association building this evening. —Alwaya time to eat at Onr Way. Ericsan Is Better. Harold Brlcson. a stildent of the Ida biiRinesH collefre, who was taken, to bis home in Blamore last Sunday with' an attack of appendicitis. Is I reported to be rapidly Improving: RoomR for men, Y. M, 0. A. hqlldlnit. Btaam bMt in aaoh room, Rathii frM, —I^iok at the Our Way window. Fonst Goes Next M'eek. Judges James W. Finle.v adjourned district court at noon twlay until Mem day of next week. Judge Foust of lola will be here some time next week to try cases in which Judge Finley may jnol bit because of having been of. cuun^-l. It Is not known what day | he will come. As soou as he has dis- j po.sed of the business that is to come before, bint, court will be adjourned for tlie term.—Chanute Tribune. TA and Fr«>m RarlleRTtlle. MIsa I „olH Youna., a teacher In the nubile Hchon'a, expects her tnoiher, Mra, W. P. Younir. of Moran, Ka«, for Ttumkifflylnti • • • Mra. J. D. Whlt- OUB and har two little girls will laava WadneMlar nomlaic fpr NMideaiia and lola. Kaa.. wkare tbaf arttl make I Sues on a Note. W. a. Fjiliis brought suit in district court to recover 000 from the Humboldt Oil and Gas company which he claims is due htm on a note. What Did .She Say 7 Col. J. H. Atchison brought suit B few days ago against a Bohemian woman to r(>cover $1100 which, it ia alleged she had borrowed from another Bohemian and never paid. 1 She' came lip to see him this morning and talked for fifteen minutes in her'nattv« tonRiie: Col. Afchlsfon. .says'ha'la glad he could not understand wtiat she said. J, D. THOm Palmier mmd Pmmer tstlmatesi ch^orfully given on all work » -..•». Re*. IOJ» 8. BRe |lii7», —Films showing the Marathon races will be presented tomorrow to the patrons of the Majestic theater. The films are excellent. Xenttons lola Anyway. The United Irpu Works in this city, la said to rank first iimong (he plants! owned l >x the company, in production. | The coropunv has six nianis, two at Stirlni'field. Mo.; loin, Kas.,: Aurora, Mo.; (iherrvva'e, Knnf, and I'ittHbiirg PiltHliwrg Hendliftht Waa Heart TniuhiK Ttie coroner's Jury after hearlni; the evidence hi the J. C. Htroug death, brought in a verdict that the cniise of tlonth was heart roubte, Mr. Htrona's bfitfy wae found in the pasture on the Mfboft fkcm north of &Ioran one nigbt Mvaral waaka ago. Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves lola 7:19 p. ni., ar­ rives St. Louis 8:25 a. m- Through sleeping cars. Thia train connects with the east tiound trains at St. Loullk For further particular! call and see us. C.P.Hak,Ail.

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