Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1907
Page 6
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^ Our d^iiciotiiS: Cod Hive^ jrejfaration "iiritiKmt oil. ^ Better than' old-fash^i cod Mr oil ihd e to restore health for Old peo^e, de icate children/ weak rundown per80Qk,and . after siclmess, colds, ctehs] Ivonchiids ana aU tluroat and : liongtroubles' Try it Ion oikr guaralnteo. 8.B. BJI^BRELL. ELKS iEM^BER IEAD Annual Memorial Service of Lbdge to i The amiual Elks! Memorial sjervlce* ; will be held in the EIICB ball Sunday afternoon, December Ist. The foUow- • program has been prepared 14 •1^ I. S s. 10, 11 12 Sacred Session. .—Voluntarj- .. Roberta' Orchestra —Opening Ceremony. j .—Quartette, "Vacant Chair.*]— 1 Charles Smeltzer. Dr. O. T. LaGrange. W; S. Burdlck, C. R. Sncher. .—Opening Ode. . j Great Ruler of the TTniverse, Allseelng and benign, i _ look down upon and bless our •work, I ' And be all the glory thjine. Oh! hear oar prayer for oUr hon" ored dead', I "SVIhile bearing In our tnlrid The memories graven on each heart I For !'Auld Lang Syne." | .—Prayer Rev. C. Pp Hale .—Solo "There is a Land Mine Eyes Hath Seen." Mrs. S. Burdick. .—Memorial Address -. i Bro. J. P. G^shom .—Violin Solo. "Cavatina," by Ratf^ Edward Hoerning. —Orchestra, "Twilight." .......:... Roberts' Orchestra —Quartette, Selection— | Charles Smeltzer. Dr. O. iT. LaGrange,. W. S. Burdlck, C. R. S^iclier; , .—ClodlnlJ Ceremonies." ! .—iDoxblqgy. The audience jbinlng, all standing. God, from whom all s flow; PraiBe]Him, all creatures here be low; Praise | Him, above, ye hekvenly host. Praise Father, Son and . Ghost. ,—Benediction ... Rev. C. P| Praise bless- Holy Hale Absent Brothers. .John Franklin Foust—1900. D. A. Etter—1902. ' iDavidD^lby—1902.: Walter Parsons—1902. Comptonj Moorel—^1903. .tohn E. Ireland—1903. Robert d. McKaln—1903. > E. G. Mcballen—190G. .Jesse P.'Decker—190B. .T. S. Ro<|gers—1906. E. E. Va;mer—1906. W'. A. Chognill—1907. 6. M. Knox—1907. Are Fat Women Alwavs Married to i 1 Thin Men! j "Watch the four o'clock promenade on Fiftbi Avenue. New York, orj along Roten Row in London and you will' be struck jby the circumstance that every fa^ woman is accompaniejl by a thin man, while every fat manlhas a lean and, usually, tall woman by his side," skid a world-renownedj form and be^ut]^ specialist recently! to a gathering of artists and newspaper men in a Broadway cafe. "Thej effect is grotesque an devery artistic! sense is offered by the lop^sfxed, top-heavy, overbalanced • appearance of such a couple. 'Itjis an entirely unnecessary offense. {toD^ on the part of the fat person, at least." continued the Wauty expert, "foir getting rid of an excess of fat is a very.^mple matteij. Most them- of the people think they must punish selves with a slim diet and lotsj hard, distasteful 'work called exercise, in order t<^ do so, but that is a mFs- . Take. As a matter of fact, there is a simple miiture of common, [wholesome, harmless household remedies That if put] together in the righjt quan titles and taken in teaspoonful quantities afierleach meal and at bedtime, will take olcf from half a pound to one j>ound a day from ^ither man pr woman withblit causing wirnklesj Interfering with ^eir jjdiet In anyl shape or formi oir requiring any gymnastics to help It put Tiiis mixture donsists of ^ oz. ^armolaj, % oz. Fltiid Extract Cascara Arditiatic, and S% ozs. Syrup Simplex. The Marmolai should be obtained in an j original ui^broken % oz. package, and mixed with the other two ingredients by shaking the three together In' a large Ixjftle, at home. Moist fat people neveif heard of this effective liome recipe, "however, and so, thinjkbg they must diet and must ixercis^ to get thin (which la not true] a»d not good advice, either) they" wdll do bkther and so coo^ tihue fat and porp^Iselike, a ^ravesty and caricature o^ the human form divine." One fat' newspaper worker in the group was Iseen takini: notes, however, and the | chances are this jParagraph |te the result C. C. MiCARTTJ proprletoii of the lola Capiajge Factory, and oni of the Pioneers of AUebj county, ira^ In C6erryTal$: today on a busings xnlsa- ^ e here! he was tho. grieEt Sp^yd land alsO'- called on the HepublicwB. Mr. Mc| led hbibe f^ evening. Repul^lican. IBougljii mi BOo on ihe DoUmt, with ready cash by our New York buyer, came in by express yesterday. These will be pui on sale ThBnksgMn^ Morning, at prices that will astonish you. It all happened recently when call money went up to 100 per cent; our buyers were on the spot with the ready cash, and picked up this fine lot of Cloaks at their own price. Strenuous times these, but what of it wh^n tremendous misfortunes as these result in such tremendous gain for you. Surely, all of you will be here tomorrow to participate in the offerings that are here. SinriUngJ SonmaiionotF And perhaps^ never to be duplicated again. Read onl 100 Indies' Coats, made of fine chiffon Woadcloth, lined throughout "with satin, beautifully braided in blackj brown, castor and tan, worth $25.00, tomorrow, Thanksgiving Morning, for _ $15.00 75 Ladies' Coate, made *of very fine Kersey and Broadcloth, satin lined, braided all over, in black, brown, castor, navy, tan and red, worth $20.00, tomorrow, Thanks- gi-ving Mbrtiing, for, $12.98 75 Ladies' Coats, made of fine Broadcloth and Kersey, lined throughout, prettily trimmed in braid, in black, castor and tan, woith $18.00, tomorrow, Thanksgiving Morning, for 50 Ladies' CoStsi, made of extra good all wool Kersey and Broadcloth, nicely trimmed, half lined, in black and castor, wotth $12.^0, tomorrow morning, f jr $7.50 - BSnNCnONiiwress m «BliTI-.ltBl«»M" MMIWIir J 25 Ladies* Cciats, malde of all wool Cheviot, 50 inches long, some are full lined, others half lined, nicely trimmed in braid and velvet 50 inches long, worth $8.50, tomorrow morning,; at Onr Thanksgiving Linen Sale Is now in full progress. Take advantage of the special low prices. ! BAR TWO K. U. STARS Tram Weakened by .Loss of Conlter and ; Porter. Lawrence, Kas.; Nov. 27—"Sprouty" Porter, the Jayhawkcr' fast halfback, and "Red" Coulter, who has been substituted for Anghey at quarter this season, were notified by the Kansas eltgibility committee yesterday afternoon that they would not be allowed to play in the Thanksgiving day game. Both men are stfidetits' in the school of law, and each has been- slighting one of his studies. It has been the custom to give athletes notice that they were doing falling work In a study and give them two weeks to make up the deficiency. If it was not cleaned up by the Ond of the twil weeks the man was removed from the squad.. Porter and Coulter were notified today, but ks the foot ball season ends Thursday, the two weeks' notice plan will Bot apply. Possibly the men may be allowed to take examinations today Itt the work they are back in,' and if they pass they will be'allowed to play. The students are counting on these men. In all probability they will get ^through their examinations and will play Thursday. Practice was held on McCook field this morning. The team will leave here at 2:30 thip afternoon for St Joseph via, Kansas City.. A rooters' meeting will tak^ place after the regular chapel exerdses. Unless a good deal of interest :is worked up there will be a very ^naill crowd go, from here to St. Joseph.' Boys* Band. I want forty boys to join my new Juvenile .Band, t already have twelve boys. Next yearj will be canspdgn? year. Gee in line and you will do lou of playing. Bxinerlence ' unnecesaarv. For Instruments Jand terms see Prot •Wells, 217 Madisfta Ave. Phone 300, lola, Kansas. DAKcnre P^OTES FATAL Many men an4 ^omen catch colds at dances which tieminate In pneumo--{ nia and conaompflbn. After exrbsore, if Foley's Honey! and Tar is taken it will break up a ^cold and no serious results need be*feared. Befase any but 'the gennlne in a yellsw package. Burrell'a drng tXoff. lOLA PLAX CHEAPEB. Commission Club Dlscn«ses New Plan of City Goremment Tulsa, Okla., Nov. 27.—The Commercial club, through its advisory committee, has recommended that the city go under the commlsion porm of government and that a new charter be secured at once. The new^ plan is to be adopted at Muskogee, Enid and other cities in the new state, and in its details is similar to what is pro- I>osed for Tulsa. The governn^ent will be under the direct control of the may or and two commissioners, Tfho will be elected for terms of four years each. The salary of the mayor will be $4,000 per. year, and that of the commissioners $3,000. The new [charter is to provjde for the initiative and referendunf and for-the ijow ^er of recall for elective otflcers. Exi^ept the mayor and commissioners, all • other public servants shall be apiwintees and directly answerable to the; head of the city. GAS BOV WITH "FIGHTING BOB.' To Make a Trip Around the World Next Spring. The Joplln Globe saiys that Jlans- field Woods, of Gas City, has enlisted with fourteen other young men in the United SUtes navy. Mr. Wood's enlistment means that he will have an opportunity to see some of the world. At the end of the week the recruits will be sent by special car to 6an Francisco, where they will await the arrival of Rear Admiral Bob Evans' fleet. This fleet is to make a trip around the world next spring and the recruits will not see the United States again until 1909. JURY FOUND AGAINST POWELL. Real Estate Man Was Fined a Peck of Apples. The press committee of the Com- aiislon club has contributed jthe following with reference to thje above One of the differences between the commission system; of city government as provided for the abov^ named Oklahoma cities, and the system for lola is, -the salary of the dayor in lola W |Onld be $1,200 and the commissioners .$1,000 each. I A great many cities of thp'South and West have adopted this form of government and a greatmai|y more are preparing to adopt the plain. U is not on record where any city which has adopted this plan | is now willing to go back to the did ^ystem. "The'-Commission club" meets at the farmers room at the court house Friday nighty the 29tfa. Ever}^ citizen who has studied this system! should come out and give his views.l Those whip have not studlefl it should come out and learn something ab^nt city government by commission. I ain't feeling right today. Something wrong I must say; Come to think of It. that's right I forgot'my Roicky Mountijn Tea last night. .1 Burrell's Drug jstore. Three Far Sale. sood bis work goodiCara mare; a good pairl hordes, one IHOl^nELL * BREinSHi lA Ha rp», Ki.' •• ' * I i ' ' ' - ' ponies.] It leaked out today that J. E. Powell, the jovial real estate man. was separated from seventy-five cents by the coroner's jury in the Reilly Inquest. . During their deliberation, Mr. Powell maintained that a certain name appeared In the evidence. The other jurors took exception, and the stenographer's notes were referred to. showing that Mr. Powell was in er ror. The jury took up his case and fined him a peck of apples. Mr. Powell offered no demurrer but produced the seventy-five cents and secured the apples. LTBIC QUABTETTE COMI>G. Emporia Ladles Will Give Program Friday Sight The Lyric Quartette will be the musical attraction at the Methodist Episcopal church on Friday evening. November 29th. The press notices indicate that the conipany is especially entertaining. The following is a specimen program: Part I. Greeting Waltz Macy Sing Me to Sleep Greene Mrs .Harris. Water Lilies Llnders Hark to the Mandolin ..Henry Parker Misses McCabe and Harris. Abide with Me Macy • Part II. The Frogs' Singing School.. Bartlett My Noble Knights Meyerbeer (From '• Les • Huguenots) Mrs. Jones. Annie Laurie Buck The Old Mielodeon Root ' Electrical Workm Wasted. We can fit you for a good, well-paid positon as an electrician, or- electric railway, lighting or dynamo station foreman or superintendent, or telephone manager. We can teach you by mail. In your spare time.and at small cost. The only qualification - needed is ability to read and write and the determination to succeed. Write' today, stating the subject Which Interests you. I. C. S., Box 799, Scranton, Fa. TBT CHURCH CASE. Tmstces and Pastor of Mt ZIoti Cbnrcb Had Trouble. The Mount Zion church case from Bassett will be tried by a jury. This is an action in which Alf Stovall and other trustees of the church are attempting to replevin the church fixtures. The trouble grows out of differences between trustees and pastor. The case was set for today In Judge Hough's court. The defendant asked that the plaintiff be required to give bond for costs, which was granted by Judge Hough. At three o'clock this afternoon « jury will be drawn to hear the evidence in the case which will be tri^d December 5th. See J. W. Coffey when In need of fine furniture. OBCSASIZE BOIJS'BAKB. Prof. H. F. Wells Haal CaUed a log for Ta^i^t. , Prof. H. P. Wells who is at directing the H. W. A. band /dty will organise a [boys ban tabout forty pieces. He has calK '-meeting of all the bojjrs who are ^. terested in such an oiiganlaztion.; TIM meeting is to be held tionlght. , Prof. Wells has had iseveral years; experience in organizing bands, T Ing been In the band business for past twenty years. He is a graduate of Strausser Musical ^nsenratory it Boston and of the Siraate of Ne» York. He says that l|e has oranixai| in the years since he has been In Vliff business somethings orjcer^rttare^^ dred bands.' Among tiutt number: in* some of the best bandit in the Unitef States. I Soiii» Helpfal Hints for Voig Seeded Raisins Cleaned Currants Orange Peel Lemon Peel Citron Figs White Grapes Oranges Apples Honey Extracts" Nuts Lettuce Cranberries Celery Pine Apple— Grated:or Sliced Powdered Sugar Sweet WxafPlckles Chili Sancel Salad Dres*ins Catsup j OUTes-BuIk or Bottle India ReUsh Parsley i TTT On SealsUpt Ojiters. For Woman's Eye Women's troubles veiy often occur r^^ cdttain tlnw]em moi ^W causethls^may have been so aU your life/ls no reason why 1^ should (jonttaut. M^y thouMinds of women, who had previously suffered ifom tipuhles similar to youri* due to disorder of the womanly organs, have found welcome relief or cure wonderfully successful medldne for women. I' T

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