The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 27, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1963
Page 4
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ft-' li* 1 OTTAWA HERALD Rigc FOOT Editorials Wednesday, Feb. 27, 1963 Lenten For Everyone Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent and a period of reflection and penitence for the serious Christian. The Lenten season's origin is based on the 40 days Christ spent in prayer and fasting. For His followers, from the early days of the church, it has been a time to reflect seriously on the past with an eye to the future — the remainder of each man's own life, death and finally his eternal reward. This period begins 40 days before Easter, the Christian feast of Christ's Resurrection, and in the early church, as in many churches today it began with the imposition of ashes upon head of each Christian with the words, "Remember, man, thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return." Through the succeeding days the church members looked back over their past lives, praying, fasting and making small sacrifices in reparation for their sins while keeping in mind that "life is short and death is sure." On Easter morning all Christians This And That by jph down through the agea have celebrated Easter with festivity and with the faith that the time will come when each one will die and, according to each one's choosing, gain or lose eternal happiness. In Ottawa and Franklin County each church will observe the Lenten season with special services, or devotions, and programs based largely on the final days of Christ's life, His death and resurrection. For each church member the programs and devotions will have a personal meaning that will affect him at least for the minute, if not for life. Regardless of one's particular faith, Lent provides an opportunity for the more faithful to do something extra for the edification of the soul. But in such a season, the less faithful, even the non-religious, can find rewards and refreshment in a long look at themselves and a reassertion of interest and enthusiasm in whatever is most sacred to them. A Conversation In Rome JPH ROME — He said he was Lee, somebody or other. I seem never to get names. He wasn't drunk. He was working manfully toward it, though. He had a reason. He was making his leisurely way toward London for a climax session with his wife. He w a s going to insist on a divorce. Lee whoever he was, said he was 59. He didn't look it. This was particularly surprising because of the life he said he had led. He had an entourage of two. One was an attractive but fading woman. She looked Greek, but she said she was Spanish. She must have been. No one but a Spaniard would claim to be one. Lee's other companion was a young Italian. A taxi driver, I gathered. He was serving as Lee's guide, protector, companion, and cashier. They had no common language, but they communicated in some mysterious way. Lee, and I have nothing to go on but his own statements—repeated several times because he was hard on his way to getting drunk—was an old Hollywood hand. A special effects man, whatever that is. But he had been away from California for 11 years. It seems that once he had come abroad, one picture led to another. They had led him, moreover, to many places, England, Australia, Italy, North Africa, and Germany. Whenever he had got ready to go home, somebody had offered him another assignment too tempting to turn down. The tax angles on top of that had been ir-nst attractive. He had made good money through all these vagabond years, but somehow he never seemed able to save any. To Your Good Health Principally Lee had done special effects for these costume dramas that have to do with the Bible and ancient Rome. He named them. I hadn't seen a one. He shook his head sadly, but he didn't hold it against me. Apparently he had encountered before odd people who didn't go to the movies. He identified the faded woman with him. She was the wife of a boon companion. He was a set production fellow. Probably the best in the world. "A genius, take my word for it." The genius wife smiled and offered no dissent. Lee went on and on with no urging. His most recent assignment had been on "Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor. He had been busy recently with the final retakes. Re-freshing himself with another straight gin, he went on at some length about Liz. She was, he said at some length, a wonderful woman. The cards, though, had been stacked against her. Her first husband had been, and he used a word that is not to be reprinted in a family journal. Her second was a rich playboy. Her third, Mike Todd, was quite a man. Lee, so he said, had done special effects for "Around the World in Eighty Days." Eddie Fisher was just a callow kid. As for Richard Burton, the husband-to- be as soon as two divorces have been arranged, Lee simply shrugged his shoulders and dismissed the subject. He went on. He said Liz was a wonderful mother to her four children, two by one husband, one by adoption, and a fourth by another husband. She kept a nice home, when she was home. "What I like about her most," he concluded, -"is that she is always true to one man at a time." I brought him back to the subject of his divorce. Why was he demanding one? "She's making $800 a week as a script writer. That's more than I do, and I'm getting damned tired of it" Impetico Is Contagious Dr. Mower By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr. Molner: I have children, aged one and two. My daughter had impetigo when she was five months old, and now my son has it. I keep them as clean as I can. What can I do to get rid of this condition?—Mrs. C.M. Impetigo is an infection of the skin, not only infectious (caused by germs) but contagious (passed from person to person). The germ can be either a form of the streptococcus or staphylococcus. Either, once it starts, soon sets up infected pustules It can, of course, be a dangerous infection as well as a messy, unpleasant one. True, cleanliness is extremely important but that isn't the whole story. Despite all reasonable care, it is still possible for the infection to spread because you can't see the germs. They may be transmitted by a child touching another, or by use of another's handkerchief, toys, pencils or whatnot. Today's case gives at least a hint that in this instance the disease may have been passed, not from child to child, but from adult to child. Someone in or close to the household may be a carrier of the germs, more particularly the staphylococcus variety. This has been known to happen many times and is one of the threats against which well-run nurseries are constantly on guard. • These germs can be carried in the nose, cause no trouble to the carrier, yet become devilishly mean if they reach a person who possesses poor protection against them. It sometimes is necessary to have laboratory cultures grown and examined from nose and throad swabbings of others in the family, especially the parents, and I think that is the logical starting point in this case. Dear Dr. Molner: With anemia, can the person merely add iron the daily diet or is liver- also required?—Mrs. S.S, . Ill depends on fee type of anemia. There are "several. In some cases iron in tablet form is suf- ficient. In pernicious anemia, Vitamin B (or liver extract) is necessary. Dear Dr. Molner: A book I read recommends apple cider vinegar in water to reduce high blood pressure. Is this really effective?—S.J. No. Vinegar, whether from apples or • other sources, never lowered anybody's blood pressure. The A.M.A. and other groups have done their best to point out the fallacies of this particular (and amazingly popular) book of nostrums and folk fables. It isn't that the old "snake-oil" type remedies it lists are necessarily harmful, but when people start putting faith in certain nonsensical folk medicines, they stop looking for some of the really effective ones which do now exist. The outstanding examples, of course, are people who go to quacks who claim they can "cure" cancer, or become wedded to the idea that some charm or other will "cure" diabetes. The remedies may not harm them directly, but many die because they didn't seek scientific help until too late. There are various treatments and medications which will reduce or control high blood pressure but none is as simple as cider or any other household remedy, and it is scientifically childish to pretend that all cases of high blood pressure are alike, because they aren't. Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with fissures, fistulas, itching and other rectal problems, write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, M., requesting a copy of the booklet, "The Real Cure For Hemorrhoids," enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 20 cents in coin to cover printing and handling. Prayer For Today Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5.) PRAYER: Forgive our wrongs, 0 God, and give new life to all who pray for Thy divine blessing. With Thy refreshing goodness and Thy sustaining might, accompany each one on his way, whether through prosperity or adversity, in joy or in sorrow. In Chip's name we pray. Amen. Television Log Channel 4, NBC Channels 6-18, CBS Channel 9, ABO Wednesday 6:00 5— Set Hunt 9— Torey and Friends 13— Quick Or«« UcOrtw •:U 5-Whlrlj Btrdi f.»> 4 — Dragnet •—Rebel . 13— Scope-KuiiM University 5:4» 5— Newt ia-apor« witn Det 13— Weatnet «:UO 4— Newt t— Newt •—News 13— Newt (1:11. 4 — Sports 6-9— Weather «:I5 4— News with Huntley-Brtnkley 5 — Sports •—Newt 13— New* «:!» S — Spetk-Dp u::w 4-Vlrglnians 5-13— Self Portrait »— Wagon Train 1:3(1 5 — Pace the Community 9— Going My Way 13 — Controversy 4:0li 4 — Perry Como 6-13— Beverly HlllbllliCi «:?'• 6— Olck Van Dyke 9— Our Man Higglns 13 — Donns Reed 9:00 4— Eleventh Hour 5-13 — Circle Theater U— Naked City IO:UO 4-5-9-13— Newt tO:lU 5-0 Weathei 10:15 4 — Johnny Carson 5 — Movie, "China Sea" 9— Steve Allen 13— Weather (0:20 13— Sports 10:30 13— Lifeline 10:35 13 — Stoney Burkt 11:35 13 — Peter Ouno 11:45 8— Man From Cochlst 12:00 4— News 12:05 4— Unity Daily Word »:lb 5 — Speak Op 12:15 5— Movie, Conquest of Cochlse 9— News 1:00 9— Almanac Newsreel 1:05 •—Faltb for Our Time* Thursday 8:55 4—Daily Word • :00 4—Continental Classroom 13—Continental Classroom (Government) 6:25 6—Postmark Mid-America • :30 4—Operation Alphabet 13—College of the Air 6:40 5— One Way to Safety 4:55 5—Farm 7aeu 1:00 4—Today 5—College of th« Air 13—Rush Hour 7:30 , 6—Moment 01 Meditation 7:35 6—Cartoonland 7:45 5—King and Odle 7:50 9—Call to Worship 7:55 B—Newt 8:00 5-13—Caotaln Kangaroo B—Columbia Lectures 8:30 •—Deputy, and Felix . 9:00 4—Say When • 5— Jack LaLanne 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar 9:25 4—Newt • :30 5-13—1 Love Lucy 4—Play Your Hunch 9—Divorce Court 10:00 5-13—McCoys 4—Price Is Right 10:SO 5-13—Pete and Oladyt (Physics) 4— Concentration 9— Day In Court 10:51 Newt ' *— Plrtt Impression ft-13— Love of Life •—Jut Wjrmu HIM Mt-Ntwt UlM 4— Truth or Cotutqueaeti Ml— Search For Tomorrow t— Your* For A Song 11:411 5-13— Guiding Light UiS5 4-Newt UiOO Nona *— HI Noon Cartoon* 9— Ernie Ford 5-13— News 12:10 5— Speak Op 11:15 5— Sports 13— Farm Report 12:2(1 4— Newt, marketi ft— Local Interview 12:30 4— Accent •—Father Knows Beit 6-13— As World Turns 1:00 4— Merv Griffin 6-13— Password 9 — Movie, "Special Delivery" 1:80 5-13 — House Party 1:55 4— News t:00 4— Loretta young 5-13— To Tell The Truth 2:25 6-13— Newt 9— News 2:3(1 4 — Award Theater 9 — Seven Keys 6-13— Millionaire 3:00 4 — Match Game •613— Secret Storm 9— Queen for a Day 8:25 4— News »:30 4 — Make Room For Daddy 9— Who Do You Tru»t» 5-13— Edge of Night 4:00 4 — Superman 6— Cousin Ken's Carnival 9 — Torey and Friends 4:111 13— Turban's Land of Maglo 4:30 •—Mickey Mouse Club »:0(i 4— See Hunt 9— Quick Draw McGraw 13 — Maglo Ranch 6:15 5-Whlrly Bird* »:SO 4 — Dragnet 9— Rebel 13— Dick Harp 5:46 8— Newt, Walter CronUU 13— Sports 6:56 13~Weathw •:M 4— New* B— New* •—New* 13— News 8:10 4— Sports S-9-Weather •:15 4 — Huntiey-Brlnklty Report 5— Sports 9— Newt <:25 6— Speak-Up i:30 4 — wide Country 5-13— Mister Ed 9 — Ozzle and Harriet 7: mi 5-13 — Perry Mason 8— Donna Read 1:30 4— Dr. Klldare •—Leave It To Beaver 8rOO 5-13— Twilight Zone 9— My Three Boo* 8:30 4— Hazel 9-McHalet Navy 9:00 4— Andy Wlllamtl 5-13 — Nurses 9 — Alcoa Premier* 10:00 4-5-9-13— Mew* 10:10 5-9— Weather !•:» 4— Johnny Carton 6— Movie, "General Died at Dawn" 9— Steve Allen 13-Weclher 10:20 4-13— Sport* 10:30 13— Lifeline 10:35 13—77 Sunset Strip 11:36 13— Peter Ounn 11:45 •—Man From Cochlte WIDOW'S PLEA - Abigail Fletcher (Patricia Barry), who has been claiming to be GU Favor's (Eric Fleming) widow, pleads with Favor to uphold her deception in "Incident of the Married Widow" on Rawhide, 6:30 p.m. Friday, March 1, Channels 5 and 13. 12:08 4—Newt 12:06 4—Unity Daily Word 12:10 6—Speak Up U:15 6—Movie, "Two Senoritas From Chicago" 12:30 9—Newt 12:35 9—Almanac Newsreel 1:08 B—Faltb For Our Time* Tonight's TV Highlights Michael Rennie, a right good actor, stars this evening in that long, long western, "Virginian," the title of this one being "Vengeance is the Spur." With Rennie in the 90-minute program is Nina Foch. It'll be on Channel 4 at 6:30. Following the above western will be the Perry Como show at 8:00 on Channel 4. Como will have Patrice Munsel as a guest and other guests will include Frank Forshein, comedian, and Bill and Cora Baird with their Marionettes. At the same 8 o'clock spot, but on Channels 5 and 13, Jed, of the Beverly Hillbillies has an opportunity to make the purchase of a lifetime, but because Granny makes all the decisions on purchase of kitchen supplies he hesitates. The article offered — by a con man — is the Hollywood Bowl. Auld Lang Syne £5 YEARS AGO Mrs. LeRoy Haley, 1120 S. Hickory, was painfully injured when she stepped on a nail which penetrated the sole of her shoe and ran into her foot. Fred Kaiser received 15 Hungarian partridges from Milwaukee, Wise., which he planned to release in the Ottawa area. It .was a part of a project of local sportsmen who were making efforts to build up the game bird population of the area. Quadruplet lambs were born on the H. T. Quinley farm, southeast of Ottawa. 50 YEARS AGO William Smith of northwest of Ottawa was quite ill. He was a veteran of the Civl War. He had enlisted quite young and Was a messenger boy between generals during the war. A carload of new Studebaker automobiles was received by John Nelson & Son, dealers. One of the new autos had an elecctric self-starter and electric lights. Ottawa's municipal rock pile was reducing the number of bums seeking a bed in the city jail on winter nights. Ottawa Herald 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS 0*^1 Jfvhiu 5 Published daily except Sunday and Holidays Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Editor and Publisher Subscription rates to trade area — By mail, one month, $1.00; three months, $3.00; six months, $5.00; one year, $9.00. Subscription rates outside trade area—By mail, one month, $1.50; three months, $4.25, six months, $8.00; one year, $15.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in the newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. WALTER PIDGEON guest stars as attorney who defend. Joyce Bulilant, portraying teat- ter-brained heiress, against murder charge in "The Case of the Surplus Suitor" pa ferry show 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. tt, Channels S and 13. I Pomona News Methodist Church Plans Prayer Day Observance By MARY HUDELSON World Day of Prayer will be observed at the Methodist Church on Friday afternoon, March 1, from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Mrs.. Ralph Hunt is in charge of the lesson and program. The public is invited. Members of the Junior MYF used their Friday holiday from school to hike to the James Driver home for a meeting recognizing the holidays of the month and- a patriots' party. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cook were sponsors. Janet Lindsey accompanied them on the hike. Vivian Eichinger assisted. Refreshments were served from a valentine - decorated table. Mrs. Cook gave a story on Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Baxter and Lenoel Parks, Seneca, took advantage of the Washington's Birthday holiday to make a trip to Hot Springs, Ark., over the weekend. Mrs. Robert Lister came from Ottawa to stay with Jim, Rick and Marsha Baxter while their parents were gone. Weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Lindsey and family included Mr. and Mrs. Ralph (Buck) Bethell and daughters, Loe, Joy, and Susan; A. J. Bethell, Hill City; John Lindsey, Kansas City, and Meredith Smith and Gary LaShell, K- State students from Hill City. Joining them Sunday for a family gathering were Mrs. Etel Lindsey, Mrs. Pansy Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schied and sons, Vassar; Mr. and Mrs. George Bowman and Chen, Pete Lindsey, Mike Lindsey, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bowman and family. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cook entertained Wednesday for Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wren and Mrs. William Angell, Overland Park. Through the courtesy of Mrs. Louise Welborn, school music director, Marsha and Rick Baxter, Billy Driver, Carol Baker and Sandra Buhner were taken to hear the piano concert given by Jan Chiapusso at Ottawa University Feb. 22. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Smith, St. Joseph, Mo., were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. V. Hudelson. Your correspondent used the day off from school and Saturday to make a trip to Topeka and Kansas City. She liked the movie, "Lawrence of Arabia," very much and reccommends it for the photography even though there may still be some dispute about the man's life. Mrs. Rollo Knight reports that her father, Frank Hughes, who was operated on for a broken hip more than a week ago, continues to improve. He sits up some each day. He is in Room 115 at Ransom Memorial Hospital, Ottawa. 11 For Fast Results fpEWANlADS REGULARLY! CH 2-4700 Mrs. E. J. Neeley is imrpov- ing from surgery performed last Thursday. Her daughter, Mrs. Bill Fawl, Prairie Village, has been with her several days. Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fn 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon., Tues. and Thurs. Sun Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under HURRY! Ends Tonite! Box Office opens 7:00 p.m. Shown 8:00 Only Starts TOMORROW Box Office opens 7:00 p.m. Shown 9:10 Only Some men love war the way others love women. COLUMBIA PICTURES presenls STEVE ROBERT SHIRLEY ANNE CO-HIT at 7:30 Only BEWARE THE BUCCANEERS!,

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