Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1908
Page 4
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THE TOLA DmrWfll8TBg |"WEft5^SP.4Y ETEflXfl. - yOTEJBER SS, Me& Tie lOU BilLT lEIISTEl feitor*d at Iota. Kaolaa, PoMofflc*. aa Sacond-CIaaa Matter. AdTMtlaloc Bate* llada Ksowm on Application. •UBSCBIFTION RATSB. 4» r, vrlar !• lob, Bu Cltjt tnfm- TlUe or LaHarpOb. tea Week 10 eenta too Month 44 oenta (in* Year 15.00 By Mall. Oai year inildo eoanty Wt9 9M rear oataMo couty 14.00 rbroo Montbi, in advance....... 11.00 One Month, in advance 44 fFFICUL PIPEB. CITT OF BASSET. TelephoMt Baiineia Offloe • - • Editorial Room > • • 18 S22 GOT ALL THE VOTES WITH THE PARH *• W« fh(M always praiu Pe-nt-na^ /ORtt 005*4,our 6oi /'3 Zt'/e." I'ncte Joe To DM'lares He Iih IVIIIIug- Uate tiio Tarlfl. BcvlBf^. Washington. Nov. 24.—The arrival !| of Speaker Cannon at Uie capital tomorrow, or not later than Thursday. i» awaited by his friends with (he belief that hie presence will i^ut an end to the reports that Presldent-EIect Taft will oppose his re-elecliou to the speakership. The attitude of Speaker Cannon OR Ibe la.-iff Is uuder.Htood to be the prin c:piil objection to his re-e;lectlon, uud It Is believed that he will make his posl 'lon HO clear wh»»n he arrives thai IbTf will lie u complete iindersland- liiK bftweoii biiiiseif and .Mr. Toft in veKPi'd to rcOsion. It is understood Hint no urrungciiients have been made for 11 coiifereiii -e. .Mr. Catiiioi) plared hlinself on record today In favor of 11 revlHiim of the (uriff Iti (iccordimce with the pruuilsD oi" the Kepiiblinin party plutforiii, and di>.-!lari<d IIIHI KO far as his vole WHS conriTiifd he would see to l( that the iiiiiKiiiiiced policy of revision would l)C " vrrlien In the national laws as B(.on "TwoyvanaxouurllUleboy. $50. FOR PEEPER jChanute Council After Prowler.—Reward Notice Creates Much Fun. UBUMAN IIoriLIIUTU. M U8. KAItNKST ilOfliMU 'i II, 1701 Mapio Ht., Ih* MolnuM, lowii. pdHsihli*. CALIFIT THEFT, 0 Or. Parkhurtt Attacks Merry Widow Hats. HittKonrl ElertorN .Supported Tuft in Iterent Electfon—Brannork Can't liave Certlflrute. .lefferson City. .Mo.. .\ov. 24.—The total presidential vote cast in .Missouri, November 'i, inciudinf? the minor iiarties as well as Taft and Bryan, was-717,826. Ou the vote for ibe high esi electors cn the two tickets, Taft carries the state Ijy a plurality of ti28. Based ou the vote for the t\rsl two electors-at-large, Tafi's plurality in the state Is 1,U2G. One Democratic elector, W. \V. Bran nock of the Sixteenth district, received 233 more votes than did Henry \V. Kiel, the second elector-at-Iarge on the Republican ticket. There was at first some difference of opinion as to whether or not this did not entitle Brannock to a certificate of election, but the law was looked up, and It l)lainly states that an elector must run against the elector of the other party in his own district. They ar^ voted ujKin all over the state, but to win he must receive more votes than his district ruuning mate. .Missouri Is about the only state in the Union with a law of this k/nd. and under It a split electoral vote is nearly impossible. The vote of the minor parties for president was as follows: Socialists. 15,398; r »rohibltloni '8ts, 4 222; People's iWty, l,l<i .'ir Socialist Labor, 8«7; Independence l>!ague, 397. The Socialists made some gain, the Prohlbltlon- Ists about held their own and the others dwindled. Already there are a numlH^r of candidates for the honor of hearing a message to the electoral college at AVashlngton the .Missouri vote for Taft. Sam KiBller. a well known newsimper corresiKtndent, elected «vi>c(or in the Eighth district, has the indorsement of Governor-elect Hadley, Stale Auditor W. W, Wilder, State Treasurer J. P. Ctmclich and the Clobe Democrat, and his friends say that he will win. rtermma, xsa^ taken donu with Nuarlet f^ver, ilu took cold with ll, uml in- Mteod of the eruptiouri fumUxy: to tito KurfiuMt they alTc-led luii ^H and' Wearing of | Blomlvli. IVir wiiUn wo waleli.-d by 111.'* lH -d.'<idu, JiarilJy o.vpi'i-iii);,' hiiji to live from oiu- hour to tlio next. New York, Nov. 24.-"Any lady who ..p;,,,,,, ,„., „ ,i,„„ decorates herself in a «wa.s nl,).-f., Mt up. Th-n I nun. u-cd off the view of those sitting liehind , , ,, . , her, commits a theft-a theft not tol- t«.-..u,.:h u.ul iu ..i.if.uf ev. .yllmi;; wo erated in the theater an-1 a theft ••'•uld d.. I.......... d (.. K-t w...--ull thu which Christian consideration ought ""^ <..II^-IIIUK ^pl•lls w..iild la>f to render impossible in the .saiictiJ- until h.-wa.s .• <x !i :iu .-;tuil, and arV'." liis luupH liui t liiiu li gr.'atdful. Kvi-ry- The wave of jirotest against the body llioui!lil ho litul rousuiuptiou. •'.Merry Widow" and other large siz- ..Qnedav, wliiio at •ed women's headgear having reach- ,,u^,,.,n., „ p^runa almanac and ed the Madison Avenue Presb>terian ,,r.,ught it J...m.-. W.-r.a.l iu it u per- cJiurch. the Rev. Dr Charles H Pjrlt ^^..^ :,,.,..,i,„i.,„ „f sh-or *?rXe";o"^tte^*^S:r j'-f- -J morninf. sermon. The terse rebuke. " ^v... v>l.,ug ci.e, remln.ler and suggestion said Dr. Park -'^''eri/na. hurst by way of introduction was not "By the time two-lliird.s <.r (he lK )<(Ia prompted by the general litness of o^.j 11,^ ,.,.i,t;li liad almost r.ouo. thing.s. but by "very determined com- ,vflerhehad lak.n tw.. Ixitihs l.u wan plaints made by members of this con liorfei^tly eurrd. Ho bus u..t.-r,.n a .si.U . gregation." lay siaoe and is a heartv, b.'mtliy l«,y. A number of generously. \no\Mr- , ; , ,, , „ tioned hats were seen to come off "hall always praise Ptro/w. foi after the minister's statement and It »t huve<i our i>.,y s hfc. I'lLK.S riHEl) IX « T «t 14 DAYS. PAZO OINT.MENT Is guaranteed to cure any case of itching, blind, bleed Ing or protruding piles in fi to 14 days or money refunded. fjOc. RAIIJED SIXTY-OXE «M BS. .St. LoalK Police Made tCiJ ,in-e.>it.H in a few Hours. St. Louis. Mo.. Nov. 24.—.\ war of extermination of the numerous "clul>s" in which liquor has been so!d in St. Louis on Sundays and during the hours when saloons were closed, was announced by Chief of Police Creecy yesterday. The statement followed rakis which began and continued until early this morning. Sixty-one clubs were visited by the officers and 832 men arrested in them. All police courts in the city were crowded today and professional bonds men reaped a harvest. of the prisoners were disr-harg- ed when arraigned. Their release was the signal for a burst of cheering from hundreds of men and boys. The order was given by (Jovenior Kolk. Several rea.'-ons have been given for the police activity. One Is that it was cau.sed by the kil'lng in or near a club of a soldier from .lefferson Bar racks after a pay day orgy in the place, c. TAFT WILL BE LEFT ALOXE. Is predicted that more will be removed on Sunday to come. Protest:; | against large hats have been made Inl several of New York's prominent chnr(*es. Man-a-lin the Ideal Laxative. 'Ask your drug!'i:-!t for a fn-c l-'fruiia Almanac for GItOWS HAIK ON BALU IIEAB.S PRES. CASTRO IS ILL Bald Headed People .Uay (-el a .New Change in Life. In these days when y(tuth is the moving factor In busiuesa; when a man makes bis mark at thirty-five and is ready 10 retire at forty-live; when business houses pension tht- man we call "middle aged" rather than allow his lagging influence to intrude upon tlie commercial rush, a iiald liead is almohl laiai . to any BIctntor of Venezuela Will Cross (Irean for (Iperatlon- Umwi in iMilce. Caracas. .\ov. 2". via W'illeiiiMail. Nov. 2."i.-Treslileivt Cvpriano <'a>-!rii will sail today from l..'i(iu;i> ra cii ili»- steainer liuadeloupe for Bordeaiiv for the of unih-rgolit;; an oprni- . lion 111 the hands oT a .>.killiil s;ircial- list of Berlin. Kriorls whii li W.M adc receinly l» liavi- |)r Isr.n 1 i.f lli-rliii cuuiH lo Caiaeas for ilic puriin.s). of perfJirmlng ihi^ o|icialliin The oper.'ilioii will In- pi-irurnitil idi niedialely on Pii'sldiiit Canlro.s arrival at Bm-deaux. whni' l)r. Israel will lie ill wailinu. Sliunlii Ilu- (ipcra- lion III- Bucffssriil lliH )ii i-siilr;il v.iti visit Paris, where he will rest fur a few days oiiiy. as he wj)-)ii'.'; in ivliini lo Caraeas al as early a dale as pos- .-^ildi'. Thrw o!' ilie '••:iiliii;: \'<'iic/.iic):iii liliysii'taiis will arrriiiipali.v Ihe pif^i- lif hl;V jlll- Ali the Family of the Fresldent-Elert to Be Gone Thaoltxfririnir liar. Hot Springs. Va., Nov. 24.— The Thanksgiving plans of the Taft family a» announced today, leave the presl- dent-e.'ect alone at Hot Springs. He will be the guest at dinner of M. E. Ingalla. an ex-president of the Clieita- . peake 6. Ohio railroad. Mrs. William H. Taft will leave here tonight for .N'ew York. She will be Joined there by her three children, Robert, Helen and Charles, all'of whom will be the guests of Henry W. Taft and his two ^ sdns. Mrs. it. W. Taft and her daugb tera are in Europe. Mrs. Extlnc of Cindnnaff, who la a fr/end of .Mrs. Taft, will, with her two children, loin the party in New York. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Taft are to remain in Cincinnati. "I have aimply refused lo travel " said Mr. Taft In explaining his pur-; pose to remain here. ' Henry W. Taft. who. with General Clarence R. Edwards, Joined .Mr. Taft In a game of golf today, will leave for New York tonight. The constant dropping water wear* mmvf the hanieet stone. The oonatant .gnaw ot Towser masticates Ilie tbosfaest bone, taattuA vooipc- lover earricn «• iwtko WaaUMCjuld. ; ABd^JM OoMiadDt -AiTertlMr la, ike hopes. The following must llierefori prove iiitereatlng to people who are losing llieir hair or who are bald. Kesorcin is one of the lale .Hl .ind most effective germ killers discovered by science, and in connection wilh Beta .S'aptiiol, wlilch is both gerniicldaf and antlHeptic. a coiiildiialinn Is lorni- •d wiiicli destroys tlie germs which rob the hair of its iiutriiuent, and also creates a clean and healthy condition of the .scaip. which iirevenis Ihi- de- veli'piueiit of new nerins. _ , ,. Phllocarpin Is a well known ;igout ,'i;,,',t ;»,„i several me-nlH is for restoring the hair to its naliiral mudiaie family, color, where the loss of color has bei'n 'j-h^ grealesi e.vciieiiien! prevails in due to a <iisease of the .scalp. Yet. it Caracas and politieal inlriKiiiii« alls not a co'.oiing mailer or dye. ready has eoninienced. II is llii)ii.:;lit 'I'his combination of ciir.itives tni.xed u,at u,,. ,ieparliiie <,r I're; idem fasiro Willi alcohol as a stimulant perfects „,j,y f,,,^„ u,,. road for ihe i;eiileiiient Ihe most effective remedy for iiair and „f ^1,^ Ho'land. American and i'^rench scalp troubles. * dispute.s. Vincente Come/., ihe vice The famous Re.vaU Hair Tonic president, will assume the presideiuy. is chiefly eomiKKsed of Kesorein, Beta Cas'.ro t<iday issue 1 a proclaiiiation .Napthol and Pi;ocarpin. K niakej the s-tailng that special circumstaiioeB scalp healthy, nourishe.-^ the hair, slim e„inpel him to leave for Europe for a ulates the follicles. Wliere the head 4,0,., |i,„e. First Vice I'resident C.n- is already iiare. it enters the follicles. „,^2 ,.„iiPi|i,ilionally rliar.ued wlih leviralizes the rools. supplies nourish ,iie presideiicv. and Pre.itJent Caslro mem and sliuiulales a new growth. mpes the peoole to ".iirround liiiii We want you 10 try a few boiilea of .,„j |,,,„i voiir <<i-oiiera(i<iii in ilic n,]Rexall '9:!' Hair T(mic. on our per- riiiiiK.1,1 „r his liivh mis imi. as ii li sonul guarantee that the trial wiil not f_ |lly^•l•lf." cost you a penny If it doe.> iioi give you abt-olute .satlsfaetion. Tliafs proof of our faith iu this roihedy and it should indisputably demonsirate thai we know what we are lalkiii.:; alifiul when we .say that Rexall 'V:," Hair Tonic wi'l grow hair on bald heads, e.vcepl. I.f cour.^e. wliere baidiie.^s bus Iieen of sii.'ii long duration that the r<i( ts of tiie hair are entirely iltad. the follicles clo.sed and grown liVer. and the scalp is glazed. Hemomber, we are liasing our stale- For some time past Chanute has been having the same troulde that lola had about a year ago. A "Jack the Peeper" has been frightening women with such frequency and nerve that the council decided to offer a re ward for his capture. The city attorney prepared a resolution fixing the reward, but got I lie English language slightly "lialled up" creating much mirth at the council se.s.^lon. The Sun says: A disregard for syntax on the part of the city attorney dlpturhed the cits- toipary gravity of the city fathers last night and disrputed'date dlKHlty maintained In tlie council chamber during delilicnitions of that austere liody. The Joke, which was at the Joint expense of tlie city attorney and police force, created a roar of liiughtcr among HP- councilmen, imd evi'ii th.e iiiuyor forgot lilx mlnlslirliil gravity and JoIn<(il in the laugh. The Joke grew out of the un liitf^ntlonnl error In wording the Inl lowing resolution: "Resolved. That the mayor is here by instriicieil and empowered 10 offer a reward of JfiO in lie naid to any iiersoii who will ritriiish the Information which will leail lo or cause tin arresl and conviction of the man known as '.lack t''" Pi-eper.' Said mom-y lo be dm- a.s .snoii as llie per son. wlioever it may In-, bus been con victtil of indeeeiil exposure.- Tills not to ini-iiide tin- chief of iiolice and lil'i asK'staiits ill tlie regula • servic> Wlw'ii Ihe •itv clerk liiiiiiied r<'ad Mig the resolution. Cnunciliiian Light liegan to snicker and liefore the Incongruity of the wordins;' had fully dawned noon Iiis colleagues he wa:; on his fiei. ".Mr. .Mayor. I don't know about tlia' measure." he began: "llral sounds to nie like we were granting excessive privilege.^ to tlie police force.." "What's that, what's thai'.'' Iia.slily imiuired the hiayor. reachini,' for t'e resolution and readiiii; it a'oud. "It doe:-, .sound a little thai way," he enii- fessed, ruefully, but iiolindy he.Trd him. City .-Mtorney Hrnwn was doubled back over his chair holding liis s'des in anoiiy. Terrill was poilndini,' his desk with hi;- fist, while nashlines' .siMden l»iir.;t of laughter almost can..ed h'.iii to swallow a half consumed clear. Tlie j;llstenii :2 bald expanse on City Clerk Sams' head was ripplitit; clear Iiack over his ears in silent laimliler. and Light w.-is .so lickeleil that he was threatening to overbalance aiiv moment and roll out of his swing cliair. "1 lion't believe we ought to grant such a dispensation of speeial privileges." some one suggested as the amusement subsii|e<i. whi^reiipoii thi' attoruey was InHlrilcled to amend his sviitnx. .X transposition, of the concluding phrase to follow the word ••pei-.-on" in the lirst senleiici' gave tli<- proper iiieaniii'.'' to tlie phrase, llie police foree would not sh:ire in llie n-ward. and In tliis amended form the resolution was ailopleil. Cniiiicil- nian Ba;diline reinarke.i iipiiii the iri- creasliiK frefiueiiry of the appearance of llils iinnatiiral prowler in llie .Second ward and moved to increasi- the reward to $11111. jjiit liis aiiiendnieiii failed for want of a second. He niainlnliieil that a larger reward v.niiM sliiiiiihile the seaicli for .lack and lesiilt !n a more ..speedy capture. The greatest asset you have Is your strength. You eant afford to give out. It Is a vital necessity that ydu have your nervous and muscular system in perfect order to withstand the constant wear and tear of your dally work. The finest tissue builder and strengtli creator is Vlnoi, a Cod liver preparation tliat has the greasy, nauseating oil eliminated—only the valuable medicinal properties being combined with peptonate of Iron. Its use will keep you in health and strength. DEBILITY results from a wcaiiened condition due to tmperlect digestion, lack ot nutrition or over- werh. VInol strengthens tbe digestive organs, creates a healthy appetite and makes new blood. You lose that fatigue, weakness aind run down feeling when you take Viuol. NERVOUSNESS Is a coimplalnt that can be readily overcome by using VlnoL It repairs broken down nerve tissue and builds strong.healthy nerves that enable you to withstand the worries and aflnoy- ances unavoidable in business^ BRAIN FAG . won't attack yon If yon repair \^ used-up nerve force wlOi Vlaol.' Vinol puts strengtli Into your system—It gives yoa vitality and energy—It nourishes your brain and body and keeps yon In a perfect state ot liealtb—It quickly re-establishes strcnotb after any severe lllnc DYSPEPSIA Is doe to derangement of the digestive organs and thcfr inability to assimilate ' nourishment, yinol streng^eas the overtaxed and weakened digestive nerves and helps your stomach do its work. VINOL QUICKLY CURES A COLD AND STOPS A COUGH YOUR MONEY BACK IF VINOL FAILS TO ttELP YOU Burrelly Drug<|[i »t9 loia .\nd Ihe I,e:idiiig Itrug Store in etery Town and City In this SUlt4>. JAG PRICE RAISED LEOALS, . .The KeL'Isicr want column ran sell II rent H or L 'ef It (he «iufckeKl. MAY ASK iOLA LADIES. |To Join the Kiaht Acj.-iinst. Tubercu losis in Kans35. The ladies' lilerary eliils of io'a will he solicliirl ><> lend tlieir siipixirt to the inovelilelit to c'.eck tl'e spread of tubercu'osis in Kansas. The Ijiw- rence Worhl .say.^: As a part of tin' state-wide movements upon what h-asaireadv been ac- "".''".I" les.sen the ravu:es of tiihci- pushed l)v the use of Rexall "9:5" f-^'' ''^^ com) Hair Tonic, and we have the right tr assume that what it has done to hmi- dreds iif others it will do for you. In any event you cannot lo.»e anything 'ra' reueraiion in tne hecon.i by giving It a trial on our liberal guar- ^^i" ''a" nniPP Two <i ill. « t-'Uiis for delecates. Literary did-: <if Kansas are now beconiing active. Mrs. rieorge ,L Barker lias in-en ainiointeil as a coramiitoe to' represent the <;eii- eral Federation In the Second District to till- Christmas Are Here! autee. Two fiOc and Jl.uo. S. n. Hurrel, The Rexall Store, WesI Side Square. Monuments! If you arc contemplating th« erection of a monument or tablet, call and see our new and "Up-to-date stock of Foreign and American Qranitea. We carry tbe best that can be obtained on the market. Our shop U equipped with a new compressed air lettering machine for lettering and tracing. Our prices are the very lowest for rirst class work. Call and see us and get prices. We want your business. hc.cofwmubiMHM The first ^neeting wiil bo held In RepreKentntive Hall In Totjeka at t P. m. Oecember :!ril and each of the literary clubH in I^awrence is Invited to select one or more de!egate;t lo be in attendance at the meeting. Tl-e mutter of thi- prevention of lubercuhmia will he (liKciiHsed by those best informed in regard .to the aiibje.-t. A MATINEE AT AUDITORIUM. Band Will Play for Skaters Tomorrow Afternoon. Zarrah. the trick bicyclist who Is among the top liners now appealing at the rinks over the country is booked for a matinee at the skating rinkj tomorrow afternoon. His attraction is said to be first-class In e^very res- nect. His final act consists of riding a steeply inclined lMigg>- wheel, down a twenty foot ladder. . Jfl Tbe band wl'l, be at ti»e link tfternoon and it is thought that there' 'ifiti be pleDt>] of skaters «nd lot^ of tioud l *ianoM r * iw .tm f.'ood I'ianos KHLIMl (•'oud I'iunos UO.IMI (•'ood riauus L'tMLIMI (•oud I'ianos •-•iVi.Otl iiiwt'i' Pianu.v ^.-.Il.t!!) (••i"d IMunos iVtM) (•uud I'iuiiii.s SKIMMI (•uud riauos lli.l.lMI (Jmnl I'ianus .... miio /(loud rtauus ttMUKI (•uod I 'iunuM VMM (iood rianoM ..... :,:M.m Nev/ Order in Police For You, Mr. Plain Drunk. "in the fiiiin pl.-iiii (I' Pulillshed Nov. 18, 1908.) nULICATIO.X NOTICE. State of Kant-as, Ailun County, as. Court.—$10 ill Ihe nislriil Court lor said County. Sara T. Itowe. I'iaiiUiff. v.s. Frank - is. Kiiwe. Defendant. iiiV (•'•ml it will: Said defendant. Frank S. Rowe, will cost a plain drum.: $tM.- ,-eiuarked I „„,i,.,. ,|,.„ i,.,g ,,g^„ j,„gjj ioliie .liid^e .1. .\|. Coiliii ; thi.-! luoni- (i„. aliiive named Court bv said plain­ ing. 'P IS amoiini 1.^,. Iiowever. inibjeet tiff r..r divorce, said plaintiff alleging to chaiis^e. Till- oniina-y be charged $lii. Inn tln-r plaintiff alleging iriinif will in her petition, as grounds therefor, are somi' that defendant h.ts been guilty of ex- cases where Ihe aiiiii:int will lie rais-'tpeine eriielty, gross neglect of duty, <-d and odi.^r.- »Ii,-re if Hi!| l>.-'lo«ei-i and al.aiidonnient -Tor more than one *''L^ ^ i year prior m the filing- of said pe- K. Ciirley who tulil llie this. tiiinn. and must answer the petition morning that he was from Cloud conn- file.l therein hv said plaintiff on or ty and was enroiile 10 hi- In ill inois. was lined ?lit on t': e oharse of Ijeing intoxicated. Wlien arr»'steti he had $1211 on his person.' ;i one hundred dollar bill and 2 fen dollar bill.'?. He paid his niie and was released. •WINTER PLOWING' INSTITUTE. hi Ion. the i'.illh day id" December, A. D. I.'ius. or said )jetit:on will be taken a true, and judsiiienl for plaintiff 1 said act inn for divorce will be rendered according! V. KWLNO, CARD & CARD, AUornevs^for Plaintiff. Attest: C. R. ADA.MS, ll -IS-LT.-:;. Clerk of Said Court. IN DISTRICT COURT NOW. Wm. Mattis to Answer to Brsaking In Store. The preliminary hearing of Wm. ^L•lttjis was held In Justice R O. Hough's court tMs morning. Mattis was i placed under arrest charged witli breaking into the Ida Fruit Co.'s Easy Pajflien^s Decemljer 5 the Day to T.TIIC About) Winter Plowing at All Kansas Institutes. Tile inonilily nt.'eiiii(:s of farm.-rs" institutes prove.i .su .qiiei-.-^sliil year tliat it will he eontimie,! through out the ))r>'seiit year. Fall aiiil winter t<'r plowing is liecnieiti'-r :•<.< much more j-eneral that sev.-ia' conituit- „„ M^,,!, Tr'„o»,t__» . tees 1 : ve snjc-.-ested this as the first " ,e^^ ^^"^""f 5?« suldeet The .nv 11. -. I'Mis goods to the amount of »25. He I hours • o 1 o'cl rk was bound over to the district court '''Vhr'topi-cJ"m;:vb.. s„g.e-.ted rr ,.turo'f wr,'A *^t^""«sf are several: Best nionlli for plowing. L ''1(^" LP' **"«^»',he was remanded deeii or shallow plowiiiL\ disk or har-.'"^'^ '° row' o:- leave ron«h. disk in February • ' — ••• •• or iilnw eK.-iin. croti to follow -winler plowing, breaking prairie In winter, iireaking clover nr iiiralta in winter,] why do i^oUK- e'iilui that WMiter-plow ed ground Ktanil.^ ilrimt'i \^elI and others insist that it dries nut <iiii.'-ker tlian gniiind idowed in tlv si"'iiig, a<l- vautnges that iiiav he agreed on for full «>r winter jdowing. It \A hoped that s.'v.rai hundred rani»ei-:i' luei'tiiibs may be lield. .even wiieri' there is no orf.inized institute. (V>univ iimiiiiite president-! .nre uryed to name local chairman at places whi're t'l'-re if, no iiiitinite ami everv, IOCMI iiis'illite nresfdeiit is iirfeil to' 1 arrangi- for a meeting on S;iHip|a\- af-l ternr-on. I>eeeiulier -, rrcm '2 'to •! o'clock. Begin and udioiirn proniutlv. If there is time it might ,1i.! weM to discii.-'s sonii'what the work of Pres-! idettt Honseveit's CoUiitij Life Com-i '( missionI ' .L If. MILI.RK Siinerintendent Farmers' riistiHite.^. Knn^as Stat^ Ai'rirultura' College. Mant-attaii. Kas., Nov. 2:;. lOrtS. I.<>.sneil .P LirenM>- ...-JWlie Smith tcdnv is-ued license I O. Rherlleff fn^ foite Uir.frave if XJhnnutej Thev wMt h.^ mur- jorrow bv Rev. McArthtir of lived at Yates OANNON OHANO Th.-ir high «pi;iliiy begins with llic- r.oil itself; they are specialljr -.eleiTiLd |jy LNft-iiii and comeftom til - t'f.-iv.'iiig (vMlers; ground snd ceuL-.l vxu.:iiiig ' care. IW SI in tbvor, highest in purity, (•rcit- .1 ifi':lrtii|;th ; still in fault- I - -, I o.iJiiioii, ihey comt! to you J i.)i.-i t.-J by the air-light pack^K*-. |T- •-•tving intact the fin* l!j.i>:iug iiri)|ifitii:i bulk sp'icM l;v I.. Aln-jyk iiiiiforin ; try oM - /ou'i! v.M a!J. t>oeon,--iO Cmmlm l.itua ftrotwo UoJ*»plu <i»—TOXE 'S'fl

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