Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1907
Page 5
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MTest Stmt; jlolaJ, one tlttck from ^u^re, . J)iseAsy of do uesticated •nimiilssticcessfiilly tteat id.cbarg^s modeHitQ.^ood bdxstdib orpatients Calls iioswered promptly uigbt or dnyj, 2Q yeats experiebce. Veterin atylDeattsby a 8peciaU3J. 'Honor Qraanat* 'of Ootirio Veter iiiiry College. Prdp. Ho^tUI Phone 1068 ResJ Phone 139 i Q Blfht. ,CItI Ic Qnutct E. clii?»h Friaajr rie Qurtet lay Bight. »«nSl fall to hear tbc tirle Qaartel at tta* M. E. rhnrch Frlfiay night. Price^ 25 and lOc Get your auts for Thanliagiving at {Bn-lDg & Burdick 'B. • REV. A. M. Harkness. pusior of the East lolu Methodist Episcopal churcD. jannonnced today that he would hold jThanlisgtving services lu the church iThursday evening at seven thirty lo'clock. Rev. Jiurkncss had not decided this morning whether lie or jRev. Perry will conduct the services. i Dr. Wilier, Ocnllst. ] BORN, to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Davis {(>r (i:;o North Cottonwood, Jesse. Davis ;.lr. Mighty good for a bad cold. 1|ry a box and see. I At SPENCEiR'S DRi J. F. JAaCESON, The finccpsufnl ' A UC- tionprr, YcU-rlnarian. i'^pn salts or IV i U kii c.l sUvk l.4nade aiiywhi-rc. A'cler- iiiil*y calK answered <5.iy or uiKlit Office Willi DJjiinlnss Bros. Phpno ij. rcsidcbcc tod KFg Bargain Wvek We carry ever I Store on All Kinds of Fall aprcBandise. i i (Jroccry Department. khing that can be got in Uie friut Ijne, also| fresh vc.;: etables. Will call your attention i<. our bis window which wl 1 give >nu have. We loi Honw i(lp;i iis to ,wh.-it we :iro niakiiiK bisi preparations TIianksv4;\ iiij; (lay for Turjccys, Oeese Dueks, KresU Ojatcrs. Veal. I^uib, Miitton, IJeof, Poi-k, Mince Me:it, Cotolene. Ijjird, K^esh Ham, Iloiletl Ham. Smoked Ham, Sausage. I'res.sed Ham, Hologaa. Head Cheese. Spure Ribs, Sauqr Kraut land Cran- horries. We will give F l)Uj!« the largest jrre to the one thai hill of <Jn>rerlcs n dressed i»is the }dnv before Thanks giving. j ' i A. G. MUMM A , Prop. lola Business College iUght or amy SmJmkm Pennuuship, Arlthmetlcj Elocution, keeping. English. Physical Cul- etc Shorthand,.Lettdr Writing. tu Milter One tnnflndi ponnda k>I Cry»Ul Ice will Make 12 skllone of dlitilled water anltiible tor tamllr nee. iTry It bhlce&CiiMS^feC* FRANK RlbDLB. Mgr. ' Three good building lot? on Washington avi 'nue, east front, to trade for fomciit Kiock. C. E. Smeltzer, Lock llox 157, tola. •> HORN, lo Mr. and Mr:!. C. Trtuil \,iiio of tii'l North Sycamore, a girl. .MaLiitee loiuorron aftertinon at the limn*! Thearc, The (ilrl ami the Stam- IH'de. jMltS. BELLE Young toUay neouriHl :i (liviure fiinu IIos>'a Y<iung on tin" •-•.vtiitnils of nonsupiMirt. The eotiple w .ts ruarrleil in li'ii;; in -AHh* drove. She alli 'gtMl that her husband her .somi> tinu; ago and n-fusid to >iiippoil her. Ribbon sale next Saturday at Ewlng & llurdlck's. See Ihcir window. THE HOARD of direcjors of the Orphan's Home desires to thank Mr. H. E. Hanson for the ' vegetablet' which ho sent to the home this week. Lyric Quartet M. E. church Frldaj nltrht. I .\lyler Atchison went :to Chaniile Ibis afternoon on business. Powell, the real oslalo man, has f Tow thousand dollars to loan on farm; nt a ivason.'ible rate. A XU.MBER of moliouB and court matters of minor interest wcro dispos »-d of by Judge Foust today. J Handsome emixjssed Tljanksgivlng post Cards, printed in teii co'.ors, : 1"or :>c. at Ewlng & Rurdfck's. REV. J. W. GORDON, of the Sec- tuiil Baptist church last night united .lames Jones, of Humboldt in mar liage to Mis-s Blanche Gar'and. of In dependence. The marriage occurret' it the home of • Arthur Cirubbs on .N'orl.'i' Stale .street. Free dirt at Luccock'a. . See J. W. Coffey wheu^ lu ueed o' One furniture. THE .ME.MBERS of th'jsecond Bai ;:st chnich will give a dinner and sup iiiT at Criioiiier's hall tomorrow. Tin piMcecils ,?o to the church; Tor !-(y!lt;h package anid- high grnd< Candy the line handled ; by Mundl surpasses lh< ni all'. HdH.N. to .Mr. and .Mrs. A. R. Hamil Sl.'i Siiutli Buckeye street.:a ^ou. .Ml.SS I'LOIJA Kapp of Lawrenc rame in iltif. !ifienu)cm lor n shorl visit Willi iiei sisier. Mrs.'T. S. Stover. Mi <s CapP is chupcione of the Kapiia <;am:i frateniily <>t the State Cniversiiy <if wlilrb iiuiie a number "of lola \<iii'i;r ladles are iiio'mbers. PERFECTION fICK nuh I OIL STOVE 2ti(i acre.s. about fi inilej! from railroad tpHii. Itiiiirboil rouuly. T .'i acre in cultiviiilon. :'. I'oom iiouse. etc Price $l'.".iMi. All clear.. ^Vhitaker S Donuell. MKS It. II. imOWJs' who has been qiiile ill is ri ^coverluK. ciet Villir Hills for Tliitik-s.^iving at Ewlng liiinliek's. ; THE I'KATERNAL Brollierh(»od is to lio'il its r.'c-iilar nu -eihiK lonlKht ii:sle.-|(i of Thursday ijiglit. The rhan.!:;e w:is made on account of Thurs (lay. Ilie regular nieeiiiiirmight, being Thanks^iviii-.:. Tlie uuIiUrky number ol i:: caisM'lafes are to b *v initiated. At±U TO HAVE WOte ROCM; MFC CPHVE^IIDIT rivv--" ^THE STAWDAiWD OIU' ? vric Quartet .X. K. chnrch Friday night. P. E. Waerli. Il^ntI<L ' Pfceee 1» OfBce oriT BiiTPirs Drfg 8ter«k .•\ .^TIJ.AY cow. ri 'il in, ciilor.' was iveked ini tliis niiirniim by parties at 1.02 S<>utli Chestnut. The owner can have Ihi' animal by calling at the residence. The ))olice department was RotlRed to direct any persons intinir- lug for a c»w to this iiuinber. Jlatince lonmrrow Mt't«'m»on nt the Grand theater. The (ilrl and the Stam. pede. \ • Wanted—Everybody to know thsi W. B. Kellev * Son hav^ niov«»d their transfer »nd storacp :onicp to 211 South W!.cM;,p.tnn Oflxee nnd Daj Phone cnn. Resldenc* and night 1 Phone 17. I For the strong-^that they oiay keep their strength. For the weak—that they may regain their strength. For the young that they nuiy grow in strength. Uneeda Biscuit the most nutritious food made from wheat. Clean, crisp and fresh. gm^ In moisturt and ^pP* dust proof paekagtt. %0 NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY MlKlli $t,200 in Currency fcfianiifrf'Hands'at Auction Sale at Fieher Place ^esteniay. For $1,200, hot a cent of whldi iraa in script, to change hands at a sale. ii;dicate8 that people are bflgbmlBK to let looie of the currency ijVhlcli titey have buried since the financial, 4»-- ptesslon ca^ on. This Is not a fior' titioUB incident Yesterday Georxe Fisher sold bis farm implements and supplies at public auction at his JianD, seven and one4ialf miles southwest of this city. 11.200 changed hands in pajf ment of bills amounting from ten cents to one bimdred -dollars and there was no script whatever used. J. r Bliss who attended the sale say» It was noticeable, however, that articles sold cheaper than they might haTe before the present financial condition <amc on. Sonie beaatifal contames aad effects an' promised I B tke Twl-n and I heir blK cofliv«By <» Taakee llnimrrs" tsBlftat MRS. HICQIN8 WANTS DIVORCE. Says Husband Was Addicted to Drink and Abused Her. iriiilersheriff A- I J. E(aa(rigjit ro- e.'lve<l' oflleial word today from the .Ini-kson county. Mo., court to notify Saniiiet C. HIgglns, who recently pu^ chased a farm near Humboldt, that Lo had bcea ^ucd there by Una Higgins for divorce. She sets up in her p.-tltoin that Mr. HIgglns was addict- 3ii to drink and cursed and abused her. Mr. HIgglns has llTcd here in Allen county but a short time. He Is said to have formerly been a physic 'an. The couple was married In iniaois In 1906. Associated Charities Considering Ncw| Scheme. The exeetilive committee of the As-1 uiciat.'d Charities of Io"a met in thej >'..M. C. .\. parlors lust evening. In I he aijsence of the regular officers of "he conmiilfee. Mr. Taylor acted asj thairman and Mrs. H. H. Jones as' secretary for the eveuinp. The work 3f last y2ar was reviewed and plans or the ensuing year were propos-j >d. it was advised that tl ere should; )e special committees on educational i vorji, relief work, friendly visUing. j vork room, emiiloynient. work for' .-children, rescue work, and ilecn ^aBC of 'lanporsini. ! ENpeclal Interest wns taken in tliel uhjeet of friendly visiting as a! ui'auK of ralHiug th<> standard of liv j ig ill poor homes and esiubllsliiiiK i •leater syinimfhy between the ne-dy! nd well-to-do classes. It was alsoj r.ced that a work room should he es- j nblished where garnients contributed j ;• the association could bo made over T repaired. Captain Wliltaker. of the Salvation \ruiy, .Mrs. Bennett, and .Mrs. E, .V. ones reported several cases of need ••hlcli were referred to members of he committee to be cared for. Adjournnietif was tak.^n to mee; gain next .Monday at four o'clock In he Y. .M. C. A. parhii-s. It is urged hat all members of the committee be present. Fir.e Tibleware, Sterling aud Plated. Elegant bj>eclincns of cut glass. It \ou are thiokinK of making a gift, either for a wedding or lioliday.s don't \K\\ to .sec thj><^display in our slo:c. LYMAN TWINS HERE. Comedians Will Appear in Yankee Drummers Tonight. Q A. LEFFLER JEWELER. RESTRAINED HUSBAND Haud.some enibo.s.sed Thanksgiving :'osl Cards, printed in ten colors, or ."ic, at Ewlng & Burdiek's. KKDITE -MK.IT J'KICKS. Jesse Van Curen Can't Dispose of Property Pending Divorce Action. New York Parkers Conlirm Reports .\lHint Market (Umditions. New York. ^•o. 27.— lAJcal imckeri! rcmnmi the reports from Chicago and St.? Ixtuls that there will soon be n .sweeping reduction in Ihe prices of meat. Thoy s-iy it will probably be j conllned to the less choice grades. YouTltotPipes WHEN the heater man pot hoi pipe* flwou^ the house in {dtkoe of itovcs he thoujht it was something new. But nature put hot pipes all thrau^ our bodies to Iteep us warm long, long ago. sends heat and rich nourbh- menttlmmjh the hkwd aO over the My. It does its woik^lna^ theUood. M jWes vtjor to the tinuet and b a powcHdl Bcsh-praduccr. .iii'li :e I MIII.s I graiii '-d a n-strainin? (.nler KMlay preventing Jesse Var Curen from disjjo.slng of his prop?rty pend iig a divorce .nctlon brought In il :slrict c <inrt today by his wife Jen uio Van {'iireii. She alleges that ber hnsbaud has a violent temper and ii- giveu to freaks of anger, during which he abuses, curses and striken her. She eunmerates several occasions when she says licr husband assaulted her The coup 'e was married in Welling ton in 1900. and have one child. Sht asks for Iho cuntody of the child. I'nenmnnia Follows a Cold. but never follows Ihe use of Foley's Honey and Tar. It stops the cough heals nnd strengthens the lungs and prevents pneumonia. Burrell's drug TWO HOBOES GOT FIVE DAYS. i Tourists Will Adorn Rock the City RoiDk Pile. Cliari" Wilson, colored, who hall.*- f.-om I.eliiiiioii. .Mo., and Frank Smith , colored, who said his home was Cotm cil Bluffs, la., were civen five dayF each on the- rock pile by Judge Collin- this morniiig for vagrancy. They i v.ere arrested by I'atrolman Wm Todd at ll:<- Santa Fe depot early this moniing. BEAT RECORD 2S IIOIHS. Edward Weston Walked From Portland, Elaine, to Chleaffo. Chicago. Nov. 27.—Edward Weston, 'the pedestrian, completed bis long walk from Portland, Maine, to the Chicago court house at noon today. Westo nls In good shape. He beat bis ! former record of twenty .vears ago on I the same walk by 28 hours. new paiteiii is and styfes to selea ^froni. ^veo;.««lt «id ffoat Jf {J^^ shoiSders ihape ^talnlng fronts and thf c ^llan d ">P »t with a gu« rantee to hold its shape. ; Prit t& $7,50 to $27.50. fn fit workmanship, per- of neck. Every garment OMPANY The Lyman Brothers, who will ap liear here tonight In their big musf cal show. "The Yankee Drummers" have the remarkable distinction of t>e- Ing the only twin comedians today before the public. These clever young idayers have made over one-half of the people In the t'nited States forget the toils of life and enjoy a good laugh, although they are still In th?ir twenties and even jiow at that age they are ratad with the best comedians of the day. their work being full of orlginalltle; and funny eccentricities of the high ?r order. Their new vehicle. "Tho Yanls ^M Drummers." ''• is an elaborate musical fnrce handsomely staged and filled with bright, clean and refreshing com dy. intermlnglpd with pretty music, imde sprightly by a dainty chorus el- »gant"y costumed, together with a ompllcated and funny story portray- tl by a cast of clever fun makers. The Summer Girls. Military Maids, md Thn Trolley Olrls, and some of he featnr.->s which are to bo seen. OBSERVE THANKSGIVING. Many Merchants Will Close Stores.— Union Services in the Morning. 1km IJTMIV I^lM Snppdirted by a-larjie-^pany In th^r Latest Muslcal»Comedy .6ucbes»-^— - T I I E BIG FUN SHOWi Prices 25, S5, S», t5c: ThB^y XaUaec and ?(if kL SLIGHTLY USED SOUTHERN PLAY STILL POPULAR "Under Sout>iern Skies" Drew Fair House Last Night. A fair house saw "Under Southern 8ki°s" last night at the Grand the-, aire. Considering that ths bill has been jiresented hero for several sua- cesalvo seasons, tho attendance was very good. The character of the play offers an opportunity for the display of beautiful southern scenery and the company took advantage of It. The company as a whole was strong and brought out the life and manners of the south nicely. A norelfy la the way of an attrae« tien t«nl|rht wOi be seen here wlien the Lyman Twins appear In rrhe Tankre Dmraraers." MISS STRAUGHN LECTURE HERE Well Knov«i Colored Lady to Speak on Missions. Jliss Jo.sephlne Straughn. a well known missionary in.the colored Baptist church. Is to deliver an address In the Second'Baptist church on the third Tuesday In December. Miss Straughn has spent several .vears in Missionary work In South Africa and Is a speaker of more than ordinary sblllty. She Is now touring this ser- t'on of the country In the Intercut of missionary work of tho church. The finest Soap on the market for the price Is now on display at Mundis" Drug Stor». Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day and he community generally .will observe 'he day set apurt to express gratl- ude ffir Us r.(uny blessings. A largn lumber of peop'e will go out of town. ^I K - day will be ob .ser^'od by a very '-rge maloflty of the bmsiness men ioslnjr their doors at noon for the est of the day. The usual union senlces will W it-served at ttc IT. B. church at 11 I'clock tomorrow morning, with Rer. '51lef. of the Christian church, dellr- T'ng the Tlitinfcsglvlng day sermon. ' ast year Rev. .John Crawford prcacb- •d the sermon. Tliere' will be various diversions 'uring the day for those who look •Don Thanksgiving, PS something of a 'ay of re'crentlon. The l>aHarpe imd 'toraii hiKli scho <il foolba'l teams will lay on the l^allarpe grounds at 3:3" n the afternoon. The Chanute nnd 'ola ba .sket ball teams will play nt •he Y. M. C. A. nt 8 pm. The F. TI. V. win give a ball at the Masonic hall vhich will be open to the public as veil as the members of the order, ^he Nat'onnl Annulfv-order will hold m old-faahloned spel'ing bee. GIV E"M ATINEE TOMORROW. 'Girl and the Stampede" as Thanks- qiving Attraction. "The Girl and tho Stamped:^," •\iilch will appear here tomorrow at he Grand. Is looked forward to by he patrons of the theatre with a -reat deal of pleasure, and is undouht- •dly one of the claverest shows. of the •eason. Miss Grace Hayes F-ambort be well known comedienne, has Bur- ounded herself by a sti:ong company, and in the part of Bess Crabtree. the ifar role in "The Girl aiid The Stam lede.': she has found a part that suits her admirably. Miss Lambert hes a flue dgure. pleasing voice and a per- wnaUty that is winning for her I 'avorablo comment where%'er she ap- |~oeare. A matinee will be given in «^he afternoon. WANTS HIS FAMILY CARED FOR. Waed Clark, in Jail. Appealed to OfRcers. , ^ Wade Clark, wbo is in jail because if fal'ure to give an appeal bond in 1 case in which he was found.guilty n police court of violating the o^ dinsBce prohibiting the sale of IlqDor. has 4pp3iaied to the oflcers to talce care iof his family. The oflleerx re •'erred hls^-casa-to Wta. Knapp. poor commissioner. Mr.. Clark's wife has 01 for somo time. Ur. Knapp bad 1 ot decided this morning to give tke family conaty aid. OTHER aOOD BARGAINS Roberts Pia|no ; House Oompmaiy Offic? and Storage Ware R6om at /#ff West Street. Phon^ 356 ecacral CMtaMMv 1 riagitona and Cemoit Sldswailks sad Corbias a Bpsdalty. dflM lU IMI JMfcNB Im ) For Best and Qnlekest Besalts Use the Beglster Want Cell The entire inner portion of the body is tevered with mt^coos membrane: this membranons tissne is abundantly supplied with, blood vesads; veins, arteries, and capillaries. Each of these is constantly supplying: to this tiSsne or lining, blood to nourish and strengthen^it and keep the system healthy. When the blood becomes infected with catHrrhal matter itis not able to far- nish the required iunonnt of healthful prdpetties, but feeds the parts with impurities, which disease the membranes and tissues so that they j become irritated and inflamed, and Catarrh, with sill its dissgreesUe and dangeroiis symptoms, is established in the system. There is • constant ring^ink ia the ears, a thin, watery discharge fnna the aoabila. the bteath has an' (fffeMive odor, slight fever often accompanies the disease, and gradually the entire health becomes affected and the system upset and deranged. In its earlier stages, when Catarrh is confined to the ^ose and throaS, sprays,]washes, inhalations, etc.. are soothing and ia a way beneficial, because th^ are cleanly and usually antiseptic, but such ^rcattnent haS ao curative effect, because it does not teach the blood. To cure Catarrh the blood mns^ be purified, and tins is iust irfi^ SJ & 8 does. It goes downTinto ttie dreuhition and attiKks thediseasent its fonndatioa; jit leui^vei the CBaseandmakea the blood pto^e and healthy. Then the.Uood vessds are filled wtfhfre&. ^J^H M «# T «»«*^kiM p teinyigonted blood, which ia carried to all PURELY VEGElABLE thenracon«sttifacesaadIiniii«s.tfaeinffiun. -inatioiiandiiritationarecoFTe^ed ,the8yinp- toms alt disappear, the health Is improved and Catandi is permanently cured. Bodk on Catarrh"and any'n^edical advice free to all who write. . : ' tHE SWIFT SPSaFIC'CO., AXLAHTA, GA. Tke I^AlfTA VE wlU sell HOX£SS£KEBS' Uekds H«r. l»th, IMti sad Uth, 1N7 U polato la Tans ,<ttlak «M aad laifsa KcrilM^ 3rew Make aid Arfcaasas at very lew ratM. ynSTEH TOCBIST tlekfete ea sale daOy Her. IStfe, IW ta AiHti Sttfe, am, with laal retara Bmh Jaae 1st; 1M6. ta BcaaMBt, Tatm- •a, lit Wertk, GalTestaa, Texas, Csrlsbad sad Jttmbtt, 9. X. M ttw rates. Please see as for farther parlralan.

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