Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1907
Page 4
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.1 .••r.rr-— ml " ".I. .1 -r tfj you want Ithe clieai ^e ^t Sood c!off^ in the world ^ ^ A ^yucldes' Th^^ is no o^er, ABbUCK£B BROBM NOTR Tprk atj. MORE COUNTY SCHO BABKES' LIW HAS DTCREASED NUMBEB OF HIGH SCHOOLS TO 66. Ik HNi DIILT lEIISTfil CHABLSS F. SCOTT CIRCULATION 4.000. TelepkOBes. Raporters* Room 222 Bttiineu Offi^ .-...18 SURSCRimOV BATES. Br Carrier la lola. Gas Ci^, Laayoa. I TiUe or La Harpe. One Week ........10 cents OneHontli 44 centu One Tear ................... 15.00 By MalL One.Tear. In advance |4.00 Tnree Hontbs, In advance 91.00 One Month. In advance .44 Entered at Ida. Kansas, Fostoffice. as Second-class Matter. Jldvertlsing Rates Made Known on Application. OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. KSMBKB OF ASSOCIATED FBESS. Tke tola BaOr Register Is • neaber *f tbe AssMiaM Press and Beeetres tke iajr report If tkat great sews err naisatiea for ExelnsiTe Aftemeon PablkatioB In lola. ON SECOND THOUGHT. a The -women In a small town look pretty well. But the men usually need the kind ministrations of the tailor and the barber. do fairly well,.considering the number ot automobilea with'which 'r am forced! to compete. i :' ; I find that whether a flslj has hones or not depends' a great deal upon whether you are sellhiK It or eating it. ^ . I do not dare say It to hier faeo but I can't help thinking PrisclUa Gastons' fall bat is the ugltest I have ever seen. LEVY ONE AND 0NE4)ALF MILLS RICE COUNTY THE ONLY ONE H^iY ING MORE THAN TWO MILLJS. Several Conntics Will Call Elections to Yote on Proposals Coa* ceming Levies. I find that every hous^eeper has a diffecent recipe for baking beans, none of whiqh is very good. I often knock on a paw; paw, but I will admit that the paw paw Is only a little worse than a persimmon. I try to convey the impression that I am a roaring; lion, but as a .matter of fact I am mora often a sheep. I have noticed that a woman can attract a good deal of attention by merely having red halr .-r -Dodd Gaston. \ WJe gather-from the result,of the recent K. U.-Washburn football game that rooting has been considerably overestimated. The price of boxes at the New York horse show has been reduced to $850. This will greatly interest tho man |jKrho is tryln:; to make tlie old overcoat do another season. A Kentucky man has asked that a barrel of whiskey bo burled with hmi. The selfish thing! '•• WVJ Rather from tho exhibition th--? football team is making; oJT itself that Harvard Is the Missouri University of the East. i • ' both •Mrs. Bradley can't remember whether she killed Brown or not, but It seems that Brown is dead, all right There is said to be a revival of the Bimpltfled' spellipg ° movement. It seems that chloroform was administered to simplified spelling instead ot prussic acid, as had been generally supposed. The Rev. Mr. Torrey has been giving his opinion as to what Heaven is like. The Rev. Mr. Torrey's opinion is as good as yours, and no better. "Walker 'Wtston recommends tho prune as an article of diet. Bur nc?ar ly everybody who has novrr lip.d to cat primes does that.-^T; E. House, lu Topeka Capital. It is true that a woman cannot shar pen a lead pendl. But It is equally true that no man can tell her whether her hat is on straight General Booth thinks only one sin In etglity is found out, but he suggests nc way in which that one caa be covered np. There are times in a man's life when lie would be perfectly satisfied if he could go out and whip a woman. ) I .') J.-B.-'Bnrton has announced that in cas^ Roosevelt is nominated he will stilKiort^ryan. But Bryan is as good a« "^twn anyway. ^ ' The publication of the letters in the Bra^ey case is also another reason | why yon should put in -a teje phone. The Count says he isn't marrying Miss Vandertrilt for her money, and her pictures show that he isn't marrying her for her beauty, either. , ''A man may be careless respects, but he is very about his lodge uniform. in other particular Caleb Powers; Is said to look wor- rieidi Some men allow trifles to upset them. Now that the question is up again, ; why are >-ou so indlBnant about foot- i ball? WJiat business of yours is it, .1 anyway? , Wte have noticed that in a novel iwh«n a woman faints they revive her with brandy. But in real life they throw water in her face and let it to at that Every woman's bureau drawer is full of things she has "dashed off' at odd moments, and which she some ^sjy expects to ^ell to the magazines at fabulous, prices. Mr. Carnegie says the country needs more negroes. Wbat Mr. Carnegie doubtless {intended' to say was, •^re negroes who will work." c- Tours are all I right, of course, but yon have doubllesa noticed that the ceigbbors' idilldren seldopi suit you. • i^reserving the honor of the family is' usually only' a matter of keeping Jt from being f<^und outj Gaston. The Confessions of luive knowi^a number of excet -leht women who smoked clay pipes, iud ^<Mie particularly admirable old Uly who <^ewed tobacco. My notion of! another jthing ifaat is ; Meded is something ne|ir to. say to ttk bride and croom.: 'I. kaotlk a cood deal o i the tailors. : IH t tbe fact Is jthat I n )ver get any- The New Pure Food and.Dmp Law. "W'e are pleased to- announce that Foley's Honey and Tar tor couchs, colds aii dlung troubles is not affected by the National Pure Food and Drug Law as it contains- no opiatos or other harmful drugs, and we recommend it as a safe remedy for children and adults. BurreH's'Drug'store. THERE IS LITTLE PEONAGE. Mrs. Quackenbos, Assistant to the Attorney General, Talks of Her Job. New Orleans. Nov. 27.— -^n out line of her plans for sfemping out peonage in the South was civcn today by Mrs. Mary Graco Quacltenbos. the only woman special a .<5slstant to the attorney general of the United States. Mrs. Quackenbos was recent!>• assigned to investigate peonage in Southern states. i "One tiling which I am oompelled to fight against said Mns. bnacken- btis, "is the fact that tcwl persons as yet rea'ize my motives janfT purposes. With the propar Fjupnort. I believe I can completely wipe Out peonage In the South within the - next year." ! Mrs. QnackenlK)s *s pn ^tMcfion Is based partly on hor belief that ppon- ;^ge is'^not at all general. In her opinion, immigration into the S<>uth will not suffer material setbacks from the exposure of this oppres ^ni on foreign labor. She says that cljarges of oppression In the South ; recently made in foreiem countries aiie whol'y due to letters which emigrahls have written home. and that a ;KOvernment injFestiiratlon. by remorlnp the cau?3 fok- such letters, will benefit emigration. Topeka, Nov. 27.—E. T. Fairchild state superintendent of public instruc tion, is much pleased at the operatiou of the Barnes high school law, enact ed by thc^cgislaiure In 1905, but just beginning to work well over the state Counting those started under the old law and those started under the new law there are now slxty-slx coantlss in Kansas with county high schools When the Barnes law become effective there were only twenty-two high schools in the state. County high schools have therefore Just trebled In number in a little more than two years under the new law. Under the Bajpes law, if tha vot ers of the county so declare, the com missloners must levy a tax on all the property in the county of not more than three mills on the dollar. The funds so raised are pro-rated among tho public schools of the county do- lug high school work, that is schools accredited to the State University, on the basis of average attcndancs. Any pupil living in the county, but outside the district in which the school is located, may attend any hl=h school receiving county money without tul tion charge. The prevailing levy for high school purjiosfs In counties that have avall- \H\ of tho Barnes law Is from one and cnc-half to two mills. In only one county. Rice, has more than two mills been levied, in a few counties tho levy has bo?n as low as one-fourth mill but In those countips the com mlssioners are reported as being op posed to, any levy at all for high school i^nrpoaes. Superin <(4ndent Fairchild stntcs that the operation c* the TJames law has tended to greatly Increase high school enrollment and to stimulate increased interest in advanced education and he ig of the opinion that several additional counties will eatl elections to vote on the proposals to make high school tax levies under the Barnes Inw. In order to call such elections in a county a petition signed by at least twenty-five per cent of the tax payers in the county Is necessary. FIGHT FOR CHRISTMAS New York Preachers Oppose Order of School Board. New York. Nov. 26.—Scores of cler- g>-men in Xew York arc up in arms against the order of the board of education providing that the words 'Christ" and "Christmas" must not appear In the hj-mns and songs sung In the public schools and that there must not be any Christmas celebration of any kind. The subject was dis cussed in many pulpits yesterday and it is said that an ettort will at once be made to induce the board to rescind its action In the matter. If this is unsuccessful. It is possible that the matter will be taken into the courts many claiming that the board has no legal right to Issue such an order. $liMigist,l|Nirast, most ociMiiiieal iuidlNiiPilofl8ttmin|agantej BBXDY.OH CBAC^ L^PS. Lawreaee Joonwl i Sl^es WM De> feadant la IoI» Dhfite. Cue. (Lawrence Jbornal.) We have a good deal of sympathy for the man %ho went Into cpurt-be; canse his cracked lips kept klm from kissing his wife and another feUow won her out The man! bad done'hU best and that was a handicap that he was hot responsible for. If he ba^ been a drinking man, If he bad neg* Iccted his family, It he refused to work then the story would have been different, but he had done his best The cracked lips left him unequal to the task set before him and he lt>st his wife. Our heart goes out to the man with tho cracked Hps anyway. He is at a great inconvenience, and to: have a tragedy added to it is almost greater than one can bear. Cracked lips come to people against their desire and in the face of their earnest efforts to prevent them. They come after a man has already been afflicted with a cold. Of course, no woman like to kiss a man with cracked lips no matter how much she may love him. She Is not to blame for this. Possibly she is not to blame because another man whose lips are not cracked, subtly wins her affections away from her rightful lord who does !iavc cracked lips. It is all a horrible mistake, caused by no one in particular. Tho man is not to blame for having cracked lips. The woman is not to blame for not wanting to kiss blm. Let us then, vent our spleen upon the miserable wretch with un- cracked lips who maliciously takes ad vantage of his brother's misfortune. He is the man to go gunning for. Cnrvd of Bright's Disease. Mr. Robert O. Burne, Klnora, N. Y., writes: "Before I started to use Foley's Kidney Cure I had to get np from twelve, to twenty times a night, and I was all bloated np with dropsy and my e>;esight was BO am paired I could scarcely see one of my family across the room. I had given up hope of living, when a friei^d recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. One 50 cent bottle worked wonders and before I had taken the third bottle the dropsy had gone, as well as all other symptoms of Dright's disease.'' BurrcU's drug store. BANK MUST PAY OR SHOW CAUSE Erie Bank Would Not Honor Check' of Sheriff of Neosho County. Topeka, Nov. 27.—,7olin Q. Royce, Siate Bank Commissioner, yesterday nftrmoon cited the Allen Stitc Bank ot Erie to show cause why it should rot honor the chock of Sheriff Ogg of Neosho County for |2.000. As sheriff Org attached for the Allen State Bank $2,000 which Chas. Page bad on deposit with that bank. Ogg then re-dopositod the money in the .Mien State Bank. Tho suit, out of which the attachment proceedings arose, was tried and Page won. Sheriff Osg then attemptjd to draw out (be 'S2.0no and return It to Page but the bank refused, on advice of legal counsel, to honor his check. Ogg's attomej-s ca'led on the bank commissioner yesterday and stated the esse with the result that the bank has boon ordered to show cause why it should not pay the check. It is stated by Bank Commissioner Royco that the financial flurry has nothln? to to do with the refusal of the bank to pay the money over »to Sheriff Ogg. TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggtsts refund money if it fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. 25c JEWELS IN JUNK PILE. Diamonds to Value of $1,000 Found After Two Months Search Following Topeka Robbery. Topeka, Nov. 23.—^EMamonds to the value of $1,000 were found between Junk pil?s In a narraw passage way by Mrs. John Rhodes at the rear of her husband's secoml hand store here Thursday nights The police afterwards discovered the diamonds to be the property of Mrs. Dalewls from whom they were stolen about two months ago. The diamonds were found in • a Jewel box which was carried away from tho Delewis home by the thieves when the precious stones were taken. The diamonds recovered, five In number, were unset and had apparently been hidden in the lining cf the box. Set stones to the value of $500. stolen at tho samo time, were not In the box when It was found^ by Mrs. Rhodes. It is presumed that tho thifves. thinking thoy had taken evoryi^Ing of value from the Jewel box. dropped it in the pasp- aceway anionsr the Junk piles where it was found by Mrs. Rhodes. O On Sale Friday Morning for Just think of it! A 75c cap for 10c. Colors, brown, blue, red, black and whit0. Knit bands BO they'll fit snug, trimmed with tassel top. See them in the north window. On sale at 8:30, Friday Morning, choice, SioralCioses at Noon Thurstlay to Ohsorifo Thanksgiving Daym Big I Thanksgiving Saio Closes Thursday at noottm K.V>S.VS SLEUTH IS SLOW. .\ttomcy General Jackson Still Waft' lug for riltshnrg Joint Information. Topeka, Nov. 20.—The sleuth of tho state tenii'erance union v.'ho worked up the cdntomi)t cases against the city employees of Pittsburg seems to be a little dilatory and the facts necessary for the attorney general to file accusations In the supreme court have no! been sent in. .More than a week ago ho court gave the attorney general ten days Iri which to file definite accusations against the city officials, showlns how the ouster order of the supreme court had been violated. The attorney geueral cannot act until the information comes. ^Tla^i ^BOW^^ President. ; TH08. H. BOWLUt, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck, L. C. Be«tty, A. J. Fulttjn, W. J. Evana^ i. O. 6eo. A. Bowlus, Thos. H. Bowlus. Rod|af% WE ISSUE OUR OWN DRAFTS CM AIL EUROPEAM POIRTS •APETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RRNT FROM «2 to |5 PER YEAK TO CONSIDER WIDOWS Congress May Make General Increase in Praslons. Washington, Nov. 25—Congress will devote special attention this winter to the widows of soldiers of the civil war. Liberal pension legislation was enacted last winter for the surviving soliders of that war. The McCumbcr service pension act was all that the old soldiers wanted and, having gpt it, they are now satisfied. The next step is to give the widows of soldiers liberal treatment. Practically all ot the republican leaders are in favor of such legislation, but there may fie a division of opinion as to the exact form the law shall take. Senator Warner of iflssonrl proposes to introduce a bill tbe first day of the session lifting the pensions of all widows up to $12 a month. Most of them now receivh only |8. A widow whose husband died from wounds or disease contracted In the army en- tiUed to 112 a month. All otherj widows receive $8. Senator Warner ba- lieves tliat a widow-Is .a wldaar. no matter what caused haabaad's' death, and that all areventltled tt> the aame treatmeot. lola,Kansas, ...1907 Dear Santa Clans: Please be sure and to bring these things which I want awful bad. I saw them at the store of Ewing & Burkipk, NP. 11 West Madison Avenue. (Don't forget the place please; it's where they had the explosion in the window last siunmer.) a. ' My name is- \ My street and number are ' ..\ P. S, If you should see mV^mamma or my papa or any of my folks, you ask them if I don't want these things, I don't see how I can get along without them. I will drop this in your letter box at Ewing & Burdi^k'3 Store and would like you to tend to it at once. Yoursi truly, • • • • n ................... >My Phone Number is. Children wanting more letteris can call^at store.

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