Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1908
Page 2
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mm —nttgetfrnli^ Alto LtTciT. PhoMO. ••• + + To Yates Center. Miss . Leona Sasner will spend Thanksgiving: with friends In Yates Center. * • * Mis* Van Buskirk Home. Miss. Blanche! VanBuiikIrk who IR a student In tho State Staniial Training schooI%at PittBburpr arrival last, nirtt for a visit with her n &ronts. Shp will spend the Tbankszivinj; season in loTa. * * * —The Richardson .Milllnpry dppHrt- ment Is lurnlnK out some «>loB»nt h:ii<; for ThankseivlnR. Spprlal prl es on mHIInery all this week. * + + Informal Party. The Misses Weltii. of niv. charinlnK'.v entertained s »» v o r a 1 friends last pveninK at "holr home. The event was in compllnipnt to Miss Effle Enele of Bronson and Dr. Howard Bngle of Linevllle. Iowa. .Music and Interestlnir Ramcs wore plrn.^anl diversions and a small siioptr WH«I served to Misses Rffle IETHKIO, l.,Hiira V^Cormlck. Myrtle Eastwood. Mzzio Driicoll. lono Taylor, ly'na Ferris, Maude Hunter, Ida. Rose and El'a Welth: Messrs Ercho. El vie Gilliall. ChriB Black, -Henrv Fleak. Gnv Taylor. Charlie Troop. WondPlI PhllllpH, Dr. Engle and Dr. Keavell. + + + To Yates Center. Mrs. I>. C. MunRcr wMI .-.peiul ThanksglvlnE In Yates Center with her son. E. E. Munper. • „ . „ , . ^ ^ ^ I Postpone Social. MI-« McCali Home. \ ^."f'l "w'*"' >o""f' P*^"!''" Miss Elva McCall who is attendinc Urethren church wen- to the PlttsburK Manual school Is heor S'^''" °", Monday eyeninu. has to spend a short vacation with her. i'^^^^^^^ parents. ^' "" RI.XOED AROrXD WITH OOLD and Kcni;; is the splendid stock of ATTRVCTIVK .FEWELllY I wp arc di.splayinp. .lewelry is a cood invpstnienl If bought from a reptita- lile lirni surli as^fiury. W'a have special furilitics for sccurinp; the most fashionable jewelry. We buy larnely and pay cash for we hn.v. This nu -Hns a savluK for us and for you. Always j;liid to show our Ko<idy, mater whether you buy or not. McNIELBROS. IE* Jewders * •> * —Visit the Cloak ncparliMni' if ynii of dvatli in th^ family of one of their mombers. are icokln. for style and low .TICP..;,,-|:'-';^;;« J.^.;!^'"' ^"'^ Richardson s. Holiday Mr. Stubbs a Host. .Mr. "VY. R. Stubhs putertain'-H * ViMt Mr. and Mrs. Mitc."i«li. Mr. and Mi.s. A. \. Mitchell, hli So. Other towns In {he second district, especially since her appearance as presiding officer at the club conven tloD here has been honored' hy the health board of the state. Mrs. Barker has been chosen to Interest the clubs of the second district In a movement to prevent the spread of tuberculosis In Kansas. Mrs. Barker is especially energetic In club work and her work along this line will probably -be done with the usual oarnest- neess and enthusiasm. There will be a meeting In Topeka on December .*! In connection with this movement ot the health board. * 4. 4. Miss McMillan Coming. .Miss Hattle .McMillan will be here tonight from TniJCka. She w (ll spend a short vacation from her classes at W -Hshburn with her parents Dr. and Mrs. R. N. McMllan. '> ••• * " For Mr. and Mrs. Doxcee. .Mr. and .Mrs. \V. D. Wolfe enter- l^ained at dinni»r today for Mr. an'l Mrs. C. J. Doxcfc and .Mia.< Doxcpt wl-.o left on an early .afternoon train for Kansas City. • + + —Special prions that spell ei-oniimy in Htylish TOlUinpry. Richardson's. Mis* Metcalfe Here. MIRK Paiti Metcalfe of Colony Is In the city today. •:• • -> Dinner^Card Party. .Mr. and Mrs. .1. O. .Mltt'eliarh Kavi' an Informal dinnor ami card party last night for fourteen of their friend*. mcmbiTs of the Original Wrist club. At six o'clock an elaborate menu was served In courscn. The color note in the decorations was vrecn and each of the shiall tal)I<'a at which the guests were sfated held .1 centerpiece of rns<'f or carnations. After dinner several K.imes of whist ciccuplcil the ciimpany. Those pn-s- iMii were Mr. and Mrs. F. .1. Horton. Mr. ami .Mrs. .1. A. Wheeler. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Spencer, .Mr. and Mrs. D. P. .\'orlhn;p. Mr and Mrs 1.. I/. Norihrnp. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Smith. Cnpt. and Mrs. T. S. Stover. •>.- < * y To Kansas City. / .Mr. and Mrs. D. P. .\0rt3! rup. Mi l.illian Northriip and Mr. I.ouls .\'orl rup went to Kansas City today lor short visit. + * + orGESTION GOES DIAPEPSIX WILL (TBE YOUR STOMACH THOI;BLE. Merely a Matter of netting .Started ou Diapepsin When All Your Stoniarb Trouble Will Be Over With. gave an" address, and Mr. William Al^ len unite, of Emporia, who road a • ^ ^^^i^ v^ry Interesting arficlP. At t-P do-,.. program last of the evcninR refrpshm-nts w.-re ^^.^^J^ ,,.,chr.-.te l!osea ..on of served.-.Toumal Tnankspiving. The gpneral .sul.J.-ct. _ . "Cralitude." was carried out in pa- Business Meetlnq. L„... „.,_^ ..„,^,..,rc MI.SS r .lllle! There was a short buslnPss mo.i- ^.^P and other .-ariitigs- log of the .Mta Seta club last nichi at the home of Miss .Amv Mas-.i-npHlP. Committees were apiKiintod to )>Ian for the partj-. + + * Chi Omega . Society. The Chi OmeKa literary society of the High School had a mpcttnc yes terday afternoon. Several interest ing literary numbers were givon and the music was especially good. • •:• Miss Lowdermilk Home. Miss Trean l.owdermilk who is ; student in Baker university this yp.-i arrived last night to spend the .\o vember vacation at her home her' • • • From K. U. MlBB Mildred Man'pv and -Mi.^s Vcl njB Shelley are herp to makp a ohnri visit. They lave b<'pn atleii'linK flu university of Kansa:;. • + • For Visiting Girls. The Alta Seta club hH< .TrinpRPd to have the entertainment which ilip-. are to give on Satiirdav eveninc '•'ike the form of a "little folk" parly. Tiin honor suest^ will bp membi-rs of the club who are here from coiieccs for the vacation. Dr. and .Mrs. Hl'sc^er will entertain the voiinc women. •}• * + —Compare our nrir 'es and ntialitle^ on Ladles Misses and Chi'dren's Coats all on sneclal sale. They will stand thp test. Richardson. • • • House Party. Mr. and .Mrs. Frank F. Smith. 221 .South Wa'nut sfrppt. are to have a house parlv during t'.e Thanksclvinc season. Their TUPSIS will be .Mr. and Mrs. .T. ^\^ Marley. .Mr. H. M. Marley. Mfss Harley Magiilre and .Miss ix)Ia Maguire all of OSWCRO. and Miss Eliz abeth Gay of I>»xingfon. Kentucky.. Silver for Oifl-Giving We have a host of articles in our stock that are most apprppriate tor gift giving—goods that have a long life. Goods in sterling silver and gold in dainty little pieces so nnmeroas that sclectiors are ex ceptionally easy. In fact every tiling in oar stock is appropriate for gilt giving. Don't fail to include lis in your shopping list. Sterling Silver Tea Spoons at ^4 .00 per set anid up. fiM., itaMi r* a. I. ft T. Adams cave a description of events ,of Ihp Thanksgiving and Mr. R in. Bennntt road a himiorous selection. The study was conducted by .Mr."?. Leitie Aiams. •i- •:- + — Head the prices and follow tjie crowds if yon'ro in s^earrh for flfal:;-; or .Milllnpry. Rjrhardson's. •:• + • Aid Society Mcetinfl. The Aid socirly of the CiiltPd Rrp thrpn church iield a mcplint; .ester- da v to romplptp some nocdlpwork whlclT had been ordered for Thank;; giving. J(. A J. Dinner Party. Mr. and .Mrs. Ross Ciaiborop hiTvr aiked (sne;;'.=< for a dinner party to morrow at noon. .J. .;• Celebrate Thanksgiving. Mr. and .Mr.;. II. (',. C.aKs of Soutn Wai-hinctiui avi-iiup will hav'> r.ov<r;i frir 'udK ;is tlicir uui'sis loMinrrow to I'l'lirnip ThanksKivlng. + * + To Vl«it Mrs. Saliee. Miss Emma Sallep of Kansas City .Mr. and .Mrs. Piirre KhU-r and .Miss D<x' Eldpr of Ottawa, will arrivp tonight for a few days' visit with Mr.i. F. E. Sallee .South Cheslnui street '> •'• <• Thp Richards<m .Millinery depart nient busier than ever. KI.egant ha>s for Thanksgiving all on special sa'e. See window di.splav. Richardson. + •> + To Visit Mrs. Arnett.; Mrs. .1. n. McKlnley and Mir. J. V. McKlnlpy. of BurlioKton. are to he here to so<"nd Thur.^dav with Mr. and M's. .T. D. Arnett. Mrs. McKlnlev Ls M'.s. Aruplt's mother and Mr. McKln­ ley and Mrs. Arnett are .sister and brother. •:• • Mrs. Parsons Coming. .Mrs Ho Dpnning-Par.sons is e.\- ppcted to ari'ive here In a fpw days to visit her father. .Mr. H. Denning. Mrs. Parsons is now in Chanute where she stopped en route from her home In New Mexico. + • + Mr. and Mrs. Edgerton to Entertain. .Mr. and .Mra. C. K. Bdgerton, 22:i South Collwrn street, are to entertain a groun of relative:? tomorrow. The party will be one of the many Informal gatherings of the day. + * Tov Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. C. .T. Doxsee and Miss Beatrice Doxsee left at noon for their new homo In Kansas City. Their OMny friends here are exceedingly regretful of their absence from social and church circles, but will wish them every happiness In their new home. ••. - + To Muskogee. Mrs. .Margaret Harris, who has h«eti vllsttng her son. Mr. A. P. Harris for sevnral months is to spend Thanksgiving in Muskogee. She will be • gu ^tt of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Long. • • • Club Woman Help. .Mrs. George J. Barker who is wall known to club women of lola anAtiu •J- ^ •:• Going to Chanute. .Mr. and Mr.s. A. E. BAillett will visit Mr. and Mrs. FYed Cerbitz at Chanute tomorrow. Music Club. .Mrs. W. F. Dewey, 7W East Lin coin stTHPt, was the 'Joslpss of the Ladies" .Music club yesterday afternoon. The program was from Chopin Jcnspn, Brahms and Franz. Miss OI ive Hankins read a paper on Brahni and .Mrs. O. T. l.«»(;range presented a very interesting writing of tho life of Franz. The music was remiored in this order: •Mazourka Opus .V<i. I Chopi Mrs. L. W. .Mayberry. He Came Fr^nz Mrs. J. W. Bolton. Impromptu Cliopin .Miss Patti Metcalfe. r .iillaliy -Kapnhie Ode Rratim Mrs. O. T. LaGrange. Prelude I.T ChopI MsT.. W. F. r >wey. Prelude 17 ChopI Miss Josephine Riddle. <- •:• •> Mr. and Mrs. Morey Coming. Mr. aii'l Mrs. C. S. Morey of Kan SMS City will he cupst.< of Miss .Ma Karet Redell an<l .Mr. and .Mrs. Iledpll for a week. mVUKH KILLI.Nd .SECRET HIS KanMiM Farmer Who Turned in 414 ConccaN Deslruetive Method. Wichita. Kas.. Nov. 2f..—Wliat probably the largest conslcnm<nt of Kopher scalps ever lirnught into a Kansas <-!iiinly rlerk's officp by one man was delivered today by Sainio' Hudspeth of Viola, lie turned In 4H scalps and collecled $-11.41). HP rp fused' In makp public his niPthod of catching the little pests. Continued Collins Case. The case of the State vs .1. M. Col llns. police Judge, who is charged with disturbing the jieace of .\ttorney .1. 1. Barnes, has been continued until DP reniher 7th. by consent of both the state and defendant. "Umbrella Mike'' Again. "Umbrella Mike" was arrested again for drunkenness this afternoon by Patrolman McA'lister. He was Just released from Jail yesterady wiJere he had been working out his fine asses.v ed on.the charge of drunkenncis. Jutt received a beautiful line of ladles' and gentlemen's Watch Fobs See them at J. ff. COFFEY S SON Exehiiira Jefreien. EAgT 81DB 8qrARE. Miserable indeed Is the man or woman whose digestive system Is unstrung—^who goes to the table and can not eat or what little is eaten seems to till them and 'a.vs like a lump of lead In the stomach, refusing to digest. If .vou. dear reader, suffer this w.i'y and will put ou your wraps now and get from your |)harmacisi a ."lU-cent case of Pape's Diapepsin and eat one 22-Kniin TriauKuie after youi- ncal nieal you would appreciate, fivo nitu- utes later, how long you suffered un- necessarii.v. There will be no more indigestion no misery in tlie stomach—no sour risings or beichiiiK of gas. no heartburn, flatiilpncy or pructations of un- dige.sted frod and acid or feeling 01 nausea. fuilne;-;;i. headache «>r r Iher •symptoms of a weakened stomach. S ^oni:ich iroiili'e ami iudiceslioi. vanish like snow liefore the Itl.-izlnr^ KUU. ' Wlien Dlafiepsin works your ytom- icli rests—gels itself in order. Dia­ pepsin purifies and sweetens a j^oiir stomach ami freshens the inlpsline^ without the use of iax:itives. and what Is more. It Increases the gastric juices This is what your stonmch is iiegsinr for—more and lielter digestive juices This is what makes you hungry and want to eat. and you can rest a.'^sured wiial you then eat will lie taken rarr of properly and not left in the stomach to ferment and turn to KJIS and acid, ana poi.son the breath with nauseous odors. Get ;i .'(O-cenf case from your drup- cist now—you ought to have Diapeji- «lu aboV the house always. Should one of ybiir family eat sonietbinv which does not a.nrec with him or her or for a sour stomach or excessive gas. one trianguie will always givr immcdiiile relief. jony G. wooDi?!,-] rbysician and SnrgcM;- • MEN WANTED QUICKLY—By big'. ........... • *^m.i^*yi^'- Chicago mail order house to disirtliute ' • .•ataiogues. -advertise, etc. $25.00 a|* week. $60.00 expensSes allowance lirsl month. No oxpurieiice ref|uired. .M;in-|-». ager. Dept. ,'.01. ZK, Waliash Ave.. | •" orer Bnrrell's f^hlcago. _ . !* WANTED—Farm hand at iK-erj Creek 'Dairy. Piiine 38!)-2. ! TO LOAN—$.'),000 private money on j farm land at 6 per cent.—lola Land Co. WANTED—Two young ladles to .so-j* licit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 and ' 11, Evans lilock. WANTED—Ail kinds of second hand household furniture.—The lola Ftirni- turc Exchange. A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 2.">. WA.NTED—To buy a good second "land buggy. l'li')ne 4(;;; or 10:t2. WANTED—lola property to ex- 'hangc for Kansas and Mir.:;oiiri land, loldeii West Land Co. Olllce over Iowa itore, lola, Kas. DR. MILPBED CDBTIA • Pbysician and Snrge«B#' . * Office over Bu'reli's Drug Stora , • Office Phono 554. • Residence 214 E. Jackaoa ,*. • Phone 560. • DB. HeMILLEir, ! • • Special attention given to tha * • treatment of all Chronic DlMaa- • • es and Diseases of Chtldteo. •• • Telrchones: Office .32. Res. '233• Office over Hiirrqll'l Drag 8tot» • West. Madison.'. '.^ i SALESMEN & AGENTS—$ $ « $.-.O.uo | i.»r week and over can be-niaile selling Vow Campaign Novelties, from now * intll election. Sells to Stores. Conn- .y Fairs, Picnics and Private Families, '-jniplete lino of samples, charge^ i>re- naid for &0c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO.. 60 Wabaah Ave., ChIi:ago. Phone CR7. i RM. 70L DR. 0. L. COX, 1 Rye, Ear. Nose and ThroAtl Bpoetacles Properly FIttatf. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • A GERM SQI AH l> KA\SAS. I 'eslR of KoVine TnlMTcnlosis Will Be Condarlrd in Lunrenre. Tnpeka. Kas.. Nov. 2."i —The Kan SHs hoard of hea '-th and its chemists ai tlip universitv bas startpd a poisfn stiiiad. or rather a (loisoii hord. Real ly It is not a poison herd either, bu' a tuberculosis herd. The l)oard ha: just sppnt $i>f).'J.' In c/)llectlns a nln herd of cuinpa pics, young and a 'Inl' onps.-and It is going to sen what wll' happen 10 the piKs wlien ihpy driul- ho milk that is sold to the Kiin.';:u people. It is a tuberculosis experiment that is being conducieil at the uuivrrMty Simp of the pigs are' 10 bp Inocubile'' with milk known to h;ivp come froip cows infected with f iihpreulosls. Oth ers will bp Inocuiaipd witti mill- that is purchased in the luien market tFirst Piibll.shed .Nov. 7. Iims.) NOTICE OK FINAL SE'FTLEME.NT The state of Kansas, Allen County In (he tirnliate court In and fo' said county. In the matter of tie estate of Orville Williams. Deceased. Crpditors and all other per.sons In eresled In the arf )rps;ild estate nr> he.relty nolified that I shall apply li :h<) Probate Court in and for sab! County. BittliiK at'the Court lloure If oia, Cotinly of Alien, State of Kniisas in the 8lh day of Decpmber. A. I) IfltiS. for a full and final Kettienient o; -iald eslalo. EMMA WILLIAMS. Administrator of the Estate of Orvlll- WlllianiB. Deceased. 11-7-14-21-2R /.|\( MEN IN WASHINGTON. WANTED—Young men to preraro for coming examination for Railway .Mail and other Government Superior Instruction by Mail. Estab- 'ished II years. Thousands of suc- •essful students. Satnidc questions i ind "How Gov't Positions arc Se- •iirerl" sent free. Inter-State Schools :i)l la. Av^., Cedar Uapiiis, Iowa. • a • a' a *' a • a * ^ If Office Tel. 1083. Night Tel. HXl • < • %• t nn. B. 0. rHBiSTiiifV • I 'byslrian and Sa^geiMx " Rooms 7 and 8. Evtqis IlldS. * ^••••••••••***aaa<ia • • • inu KALE-iTwo IbKh & (U-rl:; •llanos sliKhtiy used, left with me [or iaie iiy Chanute parties. These are bargains, .lohn V. Kolwrts .Music Store. FOR SALE—A 22-acrc fruit and truck farm. 2 miles nortli of Gas City. Good bottom land. .1. W., Gas City. R. R. 1. F. H, MABTIlf, I Bnrgerjr eiid Otseaaea of. Women. , •. , Office and Residenso Ffaoii«:'K^' Office 7 North Jeffersoa. • • • JEWELR8. B. Fl Pancoagt; old reliable Jewalar. no East Street. Lodge Dffcctofir HMGHTS OF rVTIIJ <S. _v. Lodge .N'o. 4.^ rrr -i- .•\. FOR SALE OR TRADE-Good prop- j "'S^t at K- of 1 • : v;i erty. close in. Call 110 West Monroe. '"v ted. W . i-.:n-<-.;. K. C. " ' Chris Rltter. K. ot K. and a fOA Ran- mtaomllmmaoim K.MGUTS OF • ICACCABBia.^: y'i I Knights of Maccabees of tbe WoffMr;;?V^ FOOMS i-OR KENT Sn>all'family: '•12 Seiitii .Icffersoii .\vc. FO|{ KKNT OR SALF, CHEAP- A bree or a six iiuuned bouse in |ol;i. 'lose i'l. Inquire Elmer Cummiuf.;;. {iclinioiid. Kas. I'lioiie I'-'J. •>66 000000000 000 ofj o K. E. VlfKEKS 3 lihe NIork mid Genirnl 0 Aurlionerr 3 Satisfaction Guar;iiueed O Pbcne s.!:>— lo;t Kanl St.. lola. K O O o o o o 3O0000CO000O00000 fOR iXOHAHOE Six Clear I-i Harpe residences $7000 ind $3000. Cash for mcrchanillso or arm. W. O. Lenhart. lola. Kas. .Missouri and Kansux Re|lre<^•ntll(ivr^ mil Talk for a Tariff. WashinKton. .Vov. 21.—The member: f the delegation rppre.>="ntinc the Mis- c'lfi and Kansjis zinc districts will submit statements with reference f duty on zinc befiu-e the ways an lenns committee toda.v. They were inlrftduced-to niemliers of the rnmiiiil pe.tod;iv bv Representative I*. I' 'amidtejl of Kansas. S Duffield .Mitchell of Cartilage wa selpcjed as the princ:i|ial 8iK>kesniar for the delegation. Other.s win) ina> peak are .Colone' II. II Grece. Geo P. Lnury and Clay Gre.^iry of .loplin ind E. II. Schernierhorn of Galena. It is also prolinble that H. A. Samuels ot Wallace. Id., will speak in behalf of he zln.T Industry of th;it state. Hr says that the zinc mines of Idaho are idle because of the low price of ore which -he attributes to the increasiiif Importations of Mexican ore. Howard Miller Here. Howard Miller, circulation managei of the Coffe>-vl!le .lournal. and tb' Bartlesvllle Enterijrise. came in Ihl- afternoon to spend timiorrow will; relatives. .siraling Chickens. Hon. E. H. Kunston was in lowt today. He Ixiught a coutde of irapf catch Bonie varmint, itosslhly a twf legged 'One. that has been visiting hit cblckena nf late. Pajriag Tlieir.Taxes. A great many farmers were In tbl' afternoon to pay their taxea. Th- eounty treasurer's officii was' fllle; Willi paoRle tWa'.afiam^. ...i, . >^ WHITE HOUSE LEMON MISSING. JThe Citrus One is a Small Bull "Purp" Belonging to Miss Ethel. Washington, Nov. 2.">—Lemon, a small bull pup. the property of .Miss Ethel Roosevelt. Is missing and a lookout order bas been sent all over Washingtfin. Tlie do?; while running abont tie Wliite house shortly after 10 o'cI*k this inoming. found on- of the doors o|)en and departed. lyater .MLss Roow^velt. n|i.s£lnf; Leni- in. summoned all 'the euiployee,s :ind policemen alH )ut the building to ' nnt for the pnp. \ thorough search proved fruitless an'd tin- city Is now being searched by police and special agents K. nf i'. Hail every Friday Hlgkt. -^.-W^T. .Steele, C.'C. A. H. DaflB, ClaSJi^ '||-' V. ? Vlsllor.1 cor.Ilally Invited. "1^ ^'^f^ h 5^ V M. W. A.-'rhe M. W. A. nicciH every Friday night In M. Il.ili, Vl:<ltlng brothers lnvitod -Jr ..lX>.-rV Coffleld. V. c.. w. A. Cowan, Clatfc.^^ "' KOVAL NEIOHBORS.-lola Camr No. Itoyal Neighbors, meets aa*".' ond and foiirth Ttiesdays of aa* month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, orad*- Mr:: Mnry Hutton. 418 West WiraiK !fe ;-ortlcr. • ^ I-RATKKMAL BROTHEBHOOOir-' l-raternal Brotherhood No. .880 mMlr sicond and fourth Thursday of aai* month ID A. Q. U. W. Hall. ViSlUlf iTiembcrs cordially Invited. W. U. d>;rr .on. prccldent; Golda Elam. Ury. neneral Contradvr. , f-'/'- ' Flagstone and Cement SldewaOka' Curbing a Specialty. Office 115 East Jackson ATS^ Phone SM. . T Register want ads jmy. AUDITORIUM THA\KS(UVI>f! MATINEE .The liand trill plur Tiiauk«ylr> ing Afternoon. ENJOV YOIHSELF. liAUDlTOBlUn Real Estate, Instiraifce Lityand Farm \j»mni^ Ixiw R.-ife, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and Interest ceases on amonntjpald. Long or ^hort Time Loans. Cunningham & Araettf^ OUR TELEPHOSr ' Is constantly ringing these daya. Bta^.-yM temher, you know, is the time to hari^-.'* the summer dust cleaned ont ot nets. We are bu.iy,. but your order, receive prompt and careful alteidlifV?;• Pbono us to^ay. •-'^'"^4 iOLA RUG FACTORY MA0AZI5E9 _ can be sa ^ttrM-i . t.t. «hn deals vltk furnishes thiam -'i. 'Qosatble. - Trlpl.'3 Morden':s ,..;3.B90i^^

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