Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1907
Page 3
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tELEl'IKIXE EXniA\»£ WILL BE fXOSED TM'O IIOIRS TOXORRoV* EO BiLBERT WAS ARRESTED Cli.Utf.-KI) WITH t'RLIIE tO.HJfIT- TED SEVERAL XO>THS AGO.. i:i>\nal> ut rrrttltjiiTian Chnrrh Mill »Cos<- M'ltli Srrvirr Toiiiclit— rrr!>«nulH. Ijt llanii- Ti'lr|>linnc Esrhanpe IXost: 'I'lip fi'!«'iiliiine i 'xi-liiui};<.' will lie J <'l(?se(l i<i!iiiirr <)w l:i'twcii-the lioiirii of iwi-lvi- iiiiil two d'clock. The plils say jlilis i.-; ill <»idcr to ;;ivi> them a |Ch ;iiico to Kot Hiie square meal. This '• will lie the first vaeallun the Kirls ,'h:ivi' hail for a loiip time. given in the feed kiUs the Cenn and U a good tonic ifofthe hog. ^ ^^tnU MCVCNT HOa CHOIXM lata r iMJipBMa OKk. M ,«Tili,:^ Price, soe. tut* ikjOO _ OK. «AKL S. SiUOAM .U.5.A. HAY mm LAWS Itivettigation of Corporations by Tax .1 , Commisaion May Hesult in a Channe of State Rules. ' Topeka. Nov. :;7. —l|l i .-i iJriili;il >I<' tif eoriKirations by the ^taie T MX t'oiu nilsstoii win U MII I to riH"<>mmi'iiil;n:iins feir » iiiiiilbe:- of ai))i-ii<lii )i 'iil.< i<> lli" State coriioration laws'. Inn i; is im j«ft«Klble itow to tell .iiwt what illn i' lion the r.'coiiiiiietnljiiiiiii.x mav m;, Several weeUs aso thu T ;i.\ foiMiMJ:- Jon sent, out b'anUs to all iloiiiisi;- .inrf forel-^n eoriH >raii <>ns shown 'n lh« reetmls of the secretary of vt;it.' to I M» chjirtero<l iiml .M- the Kansas \:\\\ itRklnK for Infomiation as to the v;ilii> of proiierty <iwnev, dtvtitvudN ivil I muh rai>ltal ami surplus. Thr iiii >r diation a."«Ii«»<l for les desiri'il in nnN -r that the Tax Ciiiiimf8.-;(<)ii . <'in elude what- jKjrtlon of, the iiroi>«ri\ i >i the stat.-» is actually i own»'il by ei >r- fjoratJon.s fn oider tluir it iii.i> ivo <Ie tcrmlned whether corporate iir <iiiivt> IK bearjtm: iU; fair share of t!if Im-- <\cTs of laxatlor*. Thi> eoniiuis .'-ioii i.- anthorIze<l by the new tax law- to r<- quir? corporations to answer the ^i' iaquiries. But litUe trouble has been ••MI li enecd In obtainins at swers from th- rorixjraHons that cai be tIefin=Te!- loeated bnt it is tho opininn of th' Tax Comrnission that llier.' arc Imii ilrwls of coriK>rations iloinp bus'ne--' In. (lie .state fmiu whom it will U liractleary lni|K)ssiblc{ tn vecuri- itifcr mation. Tl»|recorils of ihi' s'Trt".;ir« fif state siSvR- mo-o than n rnr IKjrations eharfei>>d under the K;u !.^.-i law but last year only :\<MIII :^ required reports to the serreia .v !• ib for the puri >os4' of Incalint: liio^- that have not reixjrtcd thnt mv, amendment to be recommendi^il w i'l pixjbably he Intended. "There •'\.>m'- be a la,w requirln?: ^corporations inK -b «slness In a coiiptv to tile nmi"' oi" theJr operations with the t <>[ the county." saiil S. T. Hows, chalii- nia nof tl.e Tax C'inunii«ilon. in d!s- cussluK the tiiatler. "T^t.-n offlcers would be able to locate i5ot oiily the licop'e requited to jnake ;r<'|xirts but would also be abU'' to nitire i|iili"Kly tind Ihi- perwiual |i:iipi'il^ ol i -orimr- atioiis." !Arn-sted After Six Xuntlii.' Sejirrh.! • t'liy .Marshal Duiiald showed again ] — |yej?terday that he was nnrcleulln.!; "his st-arch for crlniitiiils. Vesier-iJ jday he uriested Kd Gilbert cbarKed' •v.'ith a rrluii- which was roniuilfted on j .liiiie l.'ith. Me arrested bini yesterilay i 'ill Itila and mi the rliarce of junipinKJ i>rr and 1)11 i-ai.-^. He was lineil fJ and | ri)>ts. CHURCH PUTS ON DRAMA Colored BaptiBU to Oiv EnterUin- ment rridAy Night We have seemed the : apeiu y for rOi-io 7.«'isaflvo Kriiit Syrnp, the new- laxative tliifl makes the ;ltver lively, purine" th«> bii-aih. ciirfs hmilache and reuiiltiies the dlfzesiive orsans. Cures ebrolile <-(iiisltpatlo^i. Ask us aUiui 11. HtirrcUb UruK^toro. Th. FsraiMil SerlouK Injury. little f«uir-yeai--old son of CASH IN BOUI^BON. $34,000 Paid to Coi^nty Treasurer of Taxes in Eighteen: Days. l "i. Si-otl. Nov. pT.—TJi-* llnancial • li.siiirlianee i.>. imi l (>'iiiK; fi-lt iiai-(len ';;rh in.lliitivl'iiii coiinl). if tli>' man- iMV III whieh taxi's nr.- Uf 'iWc paid may ri 'lieil u|mii y. in iii/.n-.ili^ni. In i |i<" lirst .•iulilvcii d:ibnfMlii- t;i\ iia>- xtii sea .>i (iii $: M .'MIM lias b «"i -u paid in Uives al tliv ofhre of tin Vniin 'y treas iiei- I.ere. In th;- eorresiKUldins period «I the lax payiitK seaiioii last .Ma'- I Illy ia little tnnr." than ilT.""i'i wa« -afil. " .Most <jf ilie ».TX<;S an -.lK -inK •i :ii (f in f-hi-eKs.' Imt. tli:if lai-r is no. •.-p:-eially .^-i'.;n'rirant as'mo .-^t peopl-- irdinariJ; ii:iy t.'ielr taxes" nifh eiiecks. However, some pro«{ that the flnanc H1 sittiatlnn S; ra.einp ;np niay be <-und in ;b.> laet that ihjTe has b.M-n I niarkecl iiieri-as«> in tb<' per e:-nln-;>' il eiirrencv ccilK-el'd liy ilii- eo'.mly riea.--iirei- this wei-U. VESUVIUS THREATENS AGAIN. ( I 111- IIHIl.- I«IM I 1-tl I 111 .111, land . M IS. .Iulm lliiiris of this city es-i Reaped si >rions injury yi-atiMday iifter-' iiiMiii hi-n be re.'l rmm tlu- I HIKK.V as: iliey drove into low-ii. Tin- boy fell j ill finnl of Ihe whi-e's bill ftir! illialelv', ill cllier ulni was iliii liii; .•.iiceeed-i ed ill .-idpplim iln- Inn-I- licloie Ihe, wliu 'ls b .id pas .-iil Dii-i- the ihild s I iLMll. I I Will Show Stere<i|iti<Miii Vienv '| .1. t'. Tlioiiias who Is in ehnr ;:e nf Ihe <-hapid <-ar "Kviiiiiter' wl .'l j;lve' sli'i-fii |ili <-oii vii'ws :ii llii- I '.nplisl I eliiiri 'h ill i -iiiiiiwliiin wiili bis liTinre-;' ill llir rmnif. He ba.s liei-a .;<;; lai liii.!; larn<" audieni-i-s siiu-i- he bus lu-cu! WDi -kiii .i: bete. j riill «".;e Sliiilenl> Home Tiiniirht. The l-;i llarpe yiiiin;; people who are away atteiidini; sv-hool are i-xpfci- Od bonie this evi-.iiiis to spi -arl their I vacation witli their pcireiits .-ind friend.s. .Miss l-olehen Slack and .Miss ' ('lata I^ury cann> in yi'-»terday. They lire auendins Uaker university. Emitting C/ouds ff Dbnsf Smok- and Rumbling Ominously. X:ipl.s .V.iv. I'T -.Mount \"i .-M-. .'IH ;:i'r t^>o iiiMU-iiv iif ;;.;;[ :i\:;\. jj iniltili:: rlri: !s of ilensj- S;,IIJ!M' i-niiipaiiie.l !);.- consiilvn'.I'e t-.ia:inu lom llir.e ;:;-es ;!!ojiii-l li-e D M crater. • The first step to success is the impression you create your looks either work for^ or against you. You know you arc looking your bqst when you have on Made by Leoixild, Stilonion U Ebcndimth. Chit :a;:ii. Sold In on pTTisiee dealer m iro -t rwry i -ilv It well worth' your whil tu luvk liim ikmrm im Oiitty One ^^Bromo Quinine LBXBtive Bromo Quinine UKD THE WORLD OVER TH CUH£ A GOLO im OKE OAT. »TEYER*ft GROCERY HMdqi Good Things to Eat Tele|»hoDe 139 The meinbera of tin? S OCOIM I Baptist diiirciv are to iireaent "Parson Poor's Donation Party." a hl?h class dram.-i In two acts at Oitxuner 'H ball Friday nlgbt. The entertaiunirnt is for the benefit of the church. Those who are to take part Ii» the proprain have been rehearsing for some time. The follow- Bg is th? cast of characters: I^rson Poor, the Minister Jlr. Fred Jackson Peter Poor, the Parson's Son El wftort \\111 ia luson Deacon Pnnkett. a Skinflint Mr. I.. \. Gamble Mrs. .Marl ha Duscnberry Mrs. J. \V, <;ordon Terr.aii .\nn Tnbbs .Mrs. E. O. Creel-. Mrs. Deacon Plunkett Mis? Pearl Cronnier Mrs. Sarah .Ian.' Beebe .- -Mrs. -M. C. IJradfor.l "Midcw Sharp. ..Mrs. Addlri Williamson Miidam Bradford . .Mrs. Inez Jackaon Vi -K rctjr. the Parson's Wife ... ....I... -Mr.'; Klla Fi:ppli:-; Luev Poor, the Parsons Daimhter Willie Dennis Four C.'i'.s an<\ One Uov Visltln?? wit.i ihe Dination Party: Ml.sses Ma-. Ide Weston. I.illie Penkins .\! ma Smith. He-n'ce nurrls and .Master Enrlh^l Weston. BASKET BALL WITH lOLA. High Srhool Will P'ay There on Thanksgiving. T. B. Shannon Tlic'Alltiu county Hardware and Iiuplement lu a u. North Side Square lula, Kan. Reihnls Hill rinoe Tnniirlit. The revival services wi-irli :ii -e in l'l-<iKre >s a: lln- l"i i-sii> li-n ;i :i iliiiren Will close with lln- i(-c Ibis eveji- ilic. T !'e\ Inive l;eeli SM<-<I- 111' if e\ ei-.*-. iwiticiil.-ir. Tlr .-ie ii; ii;'. people «lio iii ;iy irnl;. .•••M I II.S I'- Tll.-iliks ^'ivili.:: IoIIliilIi;v. 1 >ir I I;L- >ri' ihesv :iicelill>;. Are licad.* fur (>aiiie. Tlio Ui llarpe hiu-li .sclioul tin' l. •; leam Is ready for the ..;iniie wliicli ^^ill be played lonionow uriei 'nooii letv.en the l -a llarpe and .Moriin Iiij;li school teams. The boys havi- liecii liraitlcin;; every Any and are iiow in perfect condition for the same, liver;. iila >er will lie in the fraine. The iloran team altboii;:li very '::;lir is .said to be very tricky. It is .kir <i »aid that ihey ai-e up in all the liMiiiern fakes of the game. Their coach has always played where tricks w-ere llii- w inniUK feature of the >;aine III ail Ihe Kame in-oinises to bo one >r ilie best in Ibis pan or tin- stale. SeciintI Tetiin Litites for KInraid. 'I"lie members of ibe I-i Harpe second f(Kii ball icaiii w-ill li-av*- early loiiiorrow- l'<ir Kliieaid w-here they will meet Ihe Kincald team on their own m-oiinds. 'I 'his paiiie |n 't »)iil .se.-lo ! !• one of the fastest of the season. 'IMie Harpe boys are prarticim; I MM I lor ilie past and an- prepared lo •.;ivc iheir opponents a K'x"! Iriiiiniiii:; P0L4R BEAR fLOIJR Has Stood the Test Becaose-itsthe Best Acce|it No Other Wm Oberdurf, Agt. Ahrmy* .xcmcmbcr the full uatiic. '^ook for this signottmi on every bnx. :.>3c. llurtli-> Knierlaino. Ka lieiiiie ll .irlley ciilci .'.liniil ^ lb"- l«iilii-'' Aiicieni and .Modern l-jii-; liriiideiy i iiili ,M->terdiiy. "I'ln; l .idli-; .- pcMl ili«> .'itlernoii over Ibelr fancy : wMi 1; Kerresliineiiis were served. , Kire ThreulMied Home. j \ liie tlireateno<I the home of .las. i .\|ii:ii|- yei'ierday eveiilUK. The lire SI;:i led xesieidiiy KM the result of the lire.ikiii;: of the hose which is eon- : iiei-'eil to :i small stove. The iilarni . was Kiven and the neighlxirs ran in • aii't put our the rire before il had linn'.' lo do a ^'leaf dca'. of daina;.:''. The' loss is very silKhi. PersonaK H;-. .1. .\. TrowbrldKl- will le.iv.- liii.-' evei.iiii: I 'll.' Ci.iy I'l-iiter. Kansas. \ilieri be wii; \ isil bis parents. .Mrs. .1. .\. .\IeI>onaid returned yes- leiday from Parsons where she has lir.-u visiiin.!; her sister. I. K. Lineliaek went to .Morati yesterday on business. .lolin Kelley and his family left ves- ieida>' evenliiR for Wainnt where li< will sMoiid Thanksgiving. Kavniinid Mine, son of Uev. Mine, pastor of the Hajilisl eliur.-'li. Is here Irom school visltinj; his parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. Sanniel Lick left \es- lerday evc.iiiiK for Itrohson vvhei-i- iliej will vi-!i. l-'imii Ihi-ri- tl!''.\ will i;o lo lola and vi.-it. .Mrs. Kiliniinds of .lelTei .soii. Kaiis .i.-.. is here vi.slllnt- lier sisler .Mrs U. It. Ileiijamln left >cslerday for llide |H -liilelice. K:in."as. where slie will lijilt over Thaiiksirlvin:;. Isaac .M.vers lell jesii-nlaj for llodfieiiian. Kansas, on a Inisiness visit. .Voal SiHMlicrs o| I'liH '-rville i.- In ri \ l-iiiii?;. .Ml-s Ijerinnli- .MaiMii will lea\e ibis eveiiiiiK for I'ar.-ions. Kas.. where she \\\\\ \l.sll .Miss Me.^s I laverliebl. Mr. iiiiil .Mis. .M:irloii Williamson of .Vlman. wet -i- in the rii.y yest.-iday. .S. .\ Iteale who has Ixi 'ii lieie vls- i'lir.; .Morris I'atioii left >esiei-day for .Miilvale. Kansas, ubere he will visit Iii- si-ier. This Is Worth Itemenilierinir. .\s no one is itiiiiiiine. ever.v person ^llllnili reiii.' ilnrt Foley's Kidne} '•:ire will cure any ease of kidney or Mulder trouble that is not beyond :iie r.-aeli of medicine. liilrrcU's drn; store. (Clinlinte Sun.) Ilic ba.xKit ball team of th - Cha- iinte ItiKh Sehoiil w||i nn-et the lola hvi- Thaiili-iKivInK in thi- Y .M. C. A. a' lo ':i. 1'lie local team beloiiKs to Ii!- Soti(l;eastei-n leafftie. but has an off (late so hav;> aKriVd to jday the sipiad lo till' north, tola Is n^piitod to li.ive a fast biiiich. one whirli w|'l lealic an i -xcclleni sliowiiii; ai^alnst the loc.ils. Th>> fliiiniite team wil' 111 the rcmiltiv live tint the .same pla..- ers w-i'Icli v .-i -re defealeil at Parsons Patiirdny. Two of the reKiilnr nieti piiv playliiK with the fiKitball «'leven and will accompany th.> leam lo Ottawa on Thaiikstivlii;;. Tin- ftve which will ccnii'sf wiMi lola .-re: Forward.*. Swank and Smith:- Hitards. .Mote and Wi'son: center. Urown. ('•.nstipation. iiidljicsijoii, drive a^••:ly aiipetite and make you weak and sick. MoUlster's Rficky .Mountain Tea restore-; the apiKJtite. drives awa .v disease bnilds up the system. ?,a cents. Tea or Tablets. Iturrelis Drug Store. FOR JUDGE LEANDER STILLWELL Bar Association Expresses Apprecia tion of Judae's Services. A fealnn.' of the .sct.sioti of lie .Veoslio county district conn >ester i ':iy at Krle, was thu rejwrt of th.^ c.jniniilte<' which was selected by the bar as.iociatlon at the bepinnin.!; ot the term to jirepare resolutions expressing appreciation of th;- service.; icn fifed by .Indge l.eande; Stillwell, who resigned Inst summer because ot Ills wiic-'s illness. The bar association also procured and framed a larga pho- toFi-aph of the t -x-jiidge and this pho- loftraph n-as biin^ in the court room thl.s morniug. Peoplj; yon know in Tola will tell yon that .All-o-na cures all forms of in- diuesiion and stomach trouble. Ask Charles H. Spencer to show you the strong gnaiantoe given with every jOc boN. LYMf.nMltlMII'< VEIETiWi la Mkaowrl ^dMfl te^^tt* imt ane- oosfnl xvaitfyM «aanti7 for ihoM psiBful ulmeaU peculiar to womea. For more than 30 jeara it haa been cnriniT Female Complainta, snch as laflmmmatloiii and niieem- ttoo, KalUnr •BA DisplaoeincBts. •ad eonseqaeat Spbsl IVeskaets, tiaelhueh'e, and is peculiarly adapted to tlie Chanire 61 Life. -. Recoida show that it baa enred more cases of Female Ills than any other one remedy known. Lydis E. Pinkham'a 'Vegetable Componnd disaolvea and expels TnmArs at an early'»ta'ire of derclopment. '. Dra^qySen^atiiiaseaiuinf pain,weight.aad headacii«arercIfeTedaadpermanenUyent««i'by its use. It oomcts Ine^laritiea or. Paiiifal JFaaetioiia, WeaVneai ef tiie Stomaeli. Indij^estion. Bloatinir. Xcrrons{prostration. Headache. Uene- ral Debility: also. Dininrss. Faintnesa Extreme Lasaitnde. "Don't care madwanttobereftalone" feeling. IrrltabiHtv. XerroitaneMC.Sleepteiwieft^ Flatulency, Melancholia or the "BlnHt." These are sure indications of femala weaknen or some organic derangement. For Kidney Complaintn of cither hex Lydia EL Pinkbam'a Vecetsble Compound is a most excellent remedy; Mn. Ptnkiiain'5 Standing: Invitation to Wonien Women snfferiag from anv form oC frtnale weakness are invited to write Mrs Pinkban, Lynn. Maiw. foradrice. She is Uie Mrs, I>tnkham who has-been advising sick women free of charge for more than twenty jrears. and before that she assisted her moiher-ln-law Lydia E. nnkhaas in adTisIag. Thna she is well qnalified to gnide sick women baiek to health. Hgr advice is free an4 always helpfnL tap WA /mo W.V.\TKl>—.Men to learn , barber trade ami accept |K>sltionK waitiiiK our praduati 's. splendid chance for lifior man. few weeks eompletps. tools Civeu, w-rile Imlay, .Moler ISarbcr College. Kansas City, .Mo. KNI Men Wanted. To trap minks, skunks, miiskrats, raotrouii. etc. lllglicsi prices and a siiuure deal. 11. S. liaruard. lola, Kansas. S24-:!::tj .Sorth Uuckeyc. Tlte nost reliable dealer. MM JV7EO- 'HUmomtt. WAN'TKD—»I0,0<HJ to loan on good farm Property; at reasonable ra'.e. ;OLA L.V\U CO.MP.\.\"y. W.\.\rKI>— Wa.shiiii; to do. ::i'S Vi>rih Klia. W.\.\Ti-:ii— House c.'eauJns to do. Phone 111-'. WAXriCD—Second hand Winchester iiop guu. Inquire Klo S<iuth Second ^tret. , KKiaUTS OF HlCCjIBmi^ iKniglits ot Haccabcea of (ha WorIA I meeta In K. P. Rail, lecond Mid foartli iWcdacsday nights la aacb montli. J. IW. I'ustwRit, commander; :R.B.Por- j fer, record iteeper. ' . I Vi. 0. W Camv No. 101 maeU In ,K. of P. Hall every Friday jqlght. V. !T . Steele. C. C.: A.H.I>«rtii Ctol »L Ylallora cordially Invited. ( ! ~K>i0JIT8 OF PTTHUSANMiko I Lodge No. 43 meeta every Kondiiy' i ntgfai at K. of P. Uall. Vialtlnc bco- ! there invited. W. S. Thomjpaon. CTC.: : Chna RlUer. K. of R. and|& - j ." M. W. l^The~M. W.l A. Lodfe imeeu every Friday night la M. W.'A. •halJ. Visiting brothers Invited. W.H. '.Anderson. V.C.: W.A.Cowan. Clerk. ' BOTiL ~^lGnB0K8 ^oiirCaw^ !N'O. ::65, Royal Neighbors, meets a«e> joud aiid fourth Tuesdsya of eic^ .-inoiitb. Mrs. F. A. Wawner, oraeto; Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 West Street., i Recorder. ""Off SALE—REAL ESTA1L FOR S.\LE—Good runabout Studebaker buggv- and good set of harness for sale cheap if taken in the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Uarn. FOR Sj\LE—Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West streeL SALE^mimomllammoam PHOTO OF JUDGE STILLWELL. Will be Hunq in Session Room of the Neosho County Court. iChannti- Tribniie.i foiinty .Mtorney Ii W. Origsby tcxik o Krle this morning a large iilioto i.r:iph of .Indge I,. Stjllwdl. The pho- lograpli is one which w-as procnreil by the Ni 'osho (.'oiinty Ihir .\sso«-lntlnn to lie bung ill the session room of the \i>iislii> Coiinly dlst|-let court. The ll .iinss Is exeellctif. exre|it that th' I liotoisiaph froiii which tJie eiilargi i:ient Willi made was taken some timr B -ii when nien^. clothes were rut dif fvreiii frtmi wliat they are now. and lh<' style thi-n in vogue raiised J UI1B< Slillweil's slionlilers l»i appear les.- broad thai) they artnally ar?. FOIl S.\I;>I—Cheap on »10 payments, two one-acre lots on trolley line. Sine;t«er & I'o. FOR TUADB—A well impr.iveil xo acre farm. :: miles fiotn Hulloweii. I..aiiettc county. Kaii-sas. to trade for residence property In lola. .\ddress. lx>ck Hox IT, la Harpe. Kansas. I V. A. A.—Golden Leaf CooncU Na 462. F. A. A. meeta llrst and third !W -ancsday nlghu In ea^b month In K. P. Hall. C. a Lacey, -prealdent; Hfss Hable Rhortack. sfcretary. / FB I TEBX^L BSOTEEBHOOD U^ Fraternal Brotherhood No: 2M mssU second and foiirth Tnesdiys of Mcfe paonth In A .O .U .W. BaU. Viaitlnji iinembers cordlaly Invited. W .ILAa* derson, president; Golda EUm, aaeris' Ury. ^ lanlor Order United Amcrlesv 'V^ chanlea.—Ueets every Wednwday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting - members Invited.' Ifc .-v A. Wtdick. Councelor; C. B. mimtU^- Secretary. v;-^- FOR SALF>-»lSon HiockjOf groceries and Ktore flxtures. 4U3 South Kentucky street. It Is delii-irnisly palatable, agrees ••lih the weakest stomach, contains he most soothing, healing, strengthening and curative elements. Makes yon w-pll and happy. MoUlster's llorky .Mountain Tea. cents. Tea or Tablets. Ilitrren's Drug Stoie. For Best and Qniekest Besalts I 'M- the Register Want Cplnmns. FOR S.VI.K—A driving mare, and buggy. Ilorst! city br .»ke, Bafe for lady to drive. Ititiulro 8aj Norfh siicot. FOR RKXT—Furnished rooms al No. o North Sycamore. I'hone ItitU. FDR RKNT—Two good ollicc rwnis ini|nire at lliirreirs Drug Store. FOR RB.NT—2 unfurnished rooms. Inquire. .">nG North Buckeye. Busimess amB^\ JBWBLBRa. 0. F. Fwicoast. old rtUabW }t «al«r, 110 East atreet BTAMMER. Complete conn at the beat •chooi for atammerera. la Aaerlek at ein*- hatf price this fall and wfateh While fur inforfflsUao at ooce. MoKlfl-Bekoo) for tjtammerera. 3708 East 13Ul Street, KsDsu City, Mo. LivinqfttoD d» Co <;fl>traeton aad All kinds of work a specaity t Ssatt SyeaMci. FOR RENT—Six rofimed house, good barn, other iniiiroremeuts. In- tjulre C28 North Kentucky. Its Bcbnomy To have yoiu Caxpets and Sags cleaned by Ike iota Rog Factory Mwt reAOH sHORTKuam Miss J. Katherine g)vc private leatons. Sjf&iem a sj^ciylty. fednMkwis km, Umm Hartley will Bcnn Pitman Kmmta THE SIX UE.IM CliOUrS WITH fTHI jJstAS TWnS" IK THK •TA9SB&D IH 'MMEns- .IT THE lill .lXD ToSlUnT, P.I. } I .. M roi .ibiAt Tdb iriiiT ahd ^ «iH|diaUe4liy. Do as thrdogh the Refistar's want colaaans. If yon want'aa tnployer or an employ^ yo« can And Urn in a harry-It yod Uke^ this course. The Register wiU tel);] your waau to many thooaaadi, of peo^- ple as qaickty as yoa caB tep tliem personally to a dosea peopl^ Ybo ean't aBord the slow way. Kcclitcr ttaat Ads. Briag Beflalts. CHBISTJUS PBESEKTS Nothings better than a magailDe for a friend. For yoar magazines sea . J. E. HiLYDEBSOy. PbeaeW. dl4 IC. BaAayfeb The New'»7 ^ Bays Off, by Henry VanDyke. End ef the Game, by Artbor Horubiow. I Five LltUe Peppers la a Brvwm Hoase^ by Margaret BldaagT? Fralt ef the Tree, faiy Bdith Wharton. ! The Pljen, by Geo. Barr Mcs," Cntcheon. Frast d: Friradahip, »y Frederick Turi»er. daUini UanalMe, by S.'Aitktn. fircatest Faai la XadcIrK Bif twry, by WWtlow Bead. CM*s Calendar, by Wm. A. Quail liiff'Owarcapic^ by-Booth Tar- Huiaa. by W. T. Bldridge. i EvaflbBros. .1

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