The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 26, 1944 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1944
Page 3
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S^—Sprupant Hprroan l.anrlsnn. who In In rhame of tho pharmary Bt an army base hngpllal In Irplnnd. entered the ••rvk'e In Hontemhpr. lf!4J. He \va» formerly mnilonerl at. I'renldlo of Han Franrlico and then at Camp Mood. Texan, hpfore f otnR overppaB. Corporal ITarnltt Lan(NoM l« at an army air bane at. Jarknnn. AltHB. He was indiiftpd in April. 1!H_. (.!oi-poral .andpon ami hie brother, HerKennt' liandnon. were co-owncra of the lOactern Drill 1 Company. Tnrir parpnts. .Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I,Hiidson. rrslde in I,OH AnBPl.-». Their cousin. Staff Scrm-iint Jerry Vilk, who was slntionpd In Knxland and nerved as tail gunner on a hmnber. was wounded when he wan shot do\vn o\-pr Holland. An a prisonpr of (iermanv. his last known prison ramp was sialug I,lift '•<. (Serinany. HeiBeant Vilk had rei eived the Air Medal and Oak Leaf Cluster. Jin pureiils, llr. and Mrs. Norman Vilk, reside In Brooklyn, N. Y. ,MHOTHKKN —Sergeant Waller H. Dennis entered lha nervicc In September. 1040. «nd Is now serving- with the field artillery In France. He was formerly employed by A. H. Karpe. IIIH wife, the former Alary Joe Jackson and hnby hoy, are're- siding In I.os Antieles. Ills brother. Hoy M. Dennis. Jr.. sen man first class, enlisted In April, I!>43, mid Is now in the southwest "Pocihe He was formerly employed hy the Hender Diilllnft Company. JTI» wife, the former Florence Williams, resides with her parents nt 1SOO South I street. They are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Roy 11. Dennla of North Hollywood. NAVY —Thomas K. Turner, radioman first cuss. ha« been in submarine gervlra in thf? south I'arific "1 montliH. After his enllBlment In January, 194?. he »t- tfrulHrt radio n hool nt Indrinininl's, ]nd., and submarine school at New London, ( onll. He is the *un of Mi. and Mrs. K. (i. Turner. fiL'O Deratnr flli-eet. Oildale, Ills siMer, Mra. Norman Tat- lerMin, rt-^Hlea at 1411 'rwt-iuy-.stiventti Blreet. PISTKR AND BROTHKR —Alfreila Afoyes. SI. neaman first class, enlinled In the WAVES in .January, 1944. She attended Hunter College. N. Y., and graduated from Norman, Okla. Seaman Mnyr* I* home on a 10-day leave before reporting to Han Diego. She Is *, graduate of Kast Hakerslield Higb School and attended Junior College. Before going'Into the service, she was employed al McClelland Jleld as engine .mechanic. Her brother. Aviation Student Klias Albeit tBuster) Jloyes, "3, a graduate of Bakersfleld High School and Junior Collere. enlisted In (he air corps In December. 11143. after tilling a two-year mission for Latter Day Saints Church. He received his basic training at Shepitard Field, Texas, and attended Washington Stale College at Pullman, Wash. He is now sttuimied at Pierced, and wan home on pass recently* AIR. COKl'S —Aviation Cadet Charles Michael Daly has just completed his ba«lc flying training at the Merced Army Air Field. He will now proceed to an army advanced flying .w hool, where he •will take the final fllpps toward 1h.! attainment of his silver iiilot wings. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jumea W. Daly, l» WISTKRS —Second Lieu tenant Aneellta HcrtiandPK and Sefnml Lieutenant Armida Hcrnandex are army nurB^H, the former la «*rvlnv in Knglnnd Rnrt Lieutenant Arinlda Hernandez \s in the south Padflr, where she had ThRnkspivinK dinner with her brother Manuel, who is in the army. Tlip din nor wn» In New f'a]t>- dnnia and WHS arranged through the Red Ornss. They have another brothpr. Teie, who IB yoemnn second class. The Hlntern made their home at 2310 Seventeenth street and were formerly employed at Mercy Hospital. FOKMKR TKArilKR—Mnrgnrel Lewis Kitrhinn, dautrhlor of Mrs. Charles Jl. KuchiiiH of I.OH Aneeles. has u rrived in Wermnda to serve the. armed fore-en a» an American Hed from* Hlal'f aHfliatnnt. Before her Red OTOHM appointment, AIiB« Kurhirts WHS an interviewer Tor the 1'nited States Km ploy men t. Service. LOH AriR^les. and previously tauKht in the Uukersfield sthuols. SERVICEMEN itafcer*fiell> California!! Saturday, August 26, 1944 Harold ,T. OrprnlpRf hns liron pro- mntPd from cnrponil to ?orKPnnt, it WHS flnnonnrpil rprontly nt heiid(|"»''- tern of (He Ninth Air Force service firotip to which lie is nttiichcd. Ser- peant Green leaf is a member of a mobile rppnir and reclamation squadron, which often operates within range of German patrols in order to salvage Allied plnnps that have crashed npnr the front lines. Sergeant Grocnloaf Is the son of Mrs. Jessie M. Grecnleaf, IBID Quincy street and was formerly employed by the Nehl Hottlinp Company before entering the service. Private First Class lister V. Baroncini, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frances Baroncinl, Route 3, Kakprsfleld, is now assigned to un atr sorvlce station in KiiBlaml and is helping to keep America's fighters and bomb, era swarming over western JOurope. Before entering the service he was employed as a farmer by Baroncini and Sons. On duty overseas as a, specialist in airplane guns. Corporal ling-tie O. Brennan is assigned to the anna- mont section of his Mustang squadron in England. Corporal Brennan, the son of Mrs. Ft. F. Rose, Jfcntte 4, Bakersfield, was employed as a carpenter for the Southern Paciifc Railroad before entering the service. Private Franklin Kennedy, son of Mra. Elizabeth Kennedy, 1017 Flower street, has been assigned to the army service forces training center, Camp Plaucho, Now Orleans, for basic military training. Prior to entering service, Private Kennedy was a machinist for the Southern Pacific railroad. Bette Gonn Slot-row, daughter of 3\lr. and Mrs. Heba Morrow, IfiOl Quincy street, has completed her Indoctrination training in New York and has been ordered to headquarters, Klevenlh !Naval District, San Diegu. T/ieulfiinnt Buford Tharkor, husband of the former Frances Stewart, has hern in Kakersfield on short leave. Lieutenant Thacker has been awaideil the Air Medal and the I'm- plo Heart as a result of his action in tbo Kiirnppaii theater of operations. Ho was reported missing for a short time before being located in a neutral country. Alvina Granpman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George; Graupinan of Lebec, and Margaret 1'rner, daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. David K. I'rner, L'dliS Bank street, have completed their indoctrination course at tho navy's women's reserve training school in New York and have been ordered to yeoman school at Stillwater, OUIa. Private Pete Gat, whose wife, Mrs. Mildred Gai. resides at liHOS Monterey .street, has been assigned to tho army service forces training center at Camp Plauche, New Orleans. La., for basic military training. Prior to induction Private Gal was a machinist with the Southern Pacific railroad. John William Mills, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Mills, Route 1. \Vasco, has graduated from the naval air technical training center at Norman, Okla., as seaman first class. He will now be transferred to a ilnvnl unit afloat or to another shore station for further instruction and work. Aviation Student Bill Gibson, who is training at Luke Field, Phoenix. Ariz., has had a Jhree-day furlough after an absence of seve.n months. .Mm P.ush, seaman second class, who out-dashed many in tho "A" class hurdles at Bakersfield High School last 3 ear, is In training at Jacksonville. Fla. Paul .1. Shannon was recently promoted from staff sergeant to technical sergeant. He is serving in the south Pacific with the marines, -Technical "orlteanl Krnest T. Nelson is win III.' nrdnan- tinned ill C.TI Cnl. Scii'eanl Nelson ha» serve.I >car m .Mnsk.i It his induction in MM". Technical Sergeant liilnune X. N. lyi.n is uuh tv tioned nt Camp White, Ore . hefore KoinK oveioeap. H-- en!«te<l tn sp the army air < orps also Millsted tn September. HM 1 ar,.| ,* H!^.- ,n Ne< They visit fttm'it. out e a \veek. They are litotherR of Mrs. Kenn-th I 1.1:1. :i I. lS:;j Twenty-third street. — Photo by AUDI in. I. \VAUr\KK—Corporal Paul ]. Alome. son of Mm. Mary L. Moore, 10]!> l.nicnln sucet. Miist Hakersfield, Is stationed nt an army nir hane at Moses Lake, Wash. Afler finishing his training in chemical warfare, he was transferred to Harksdale Field, I-.a. t'or- poral Alnore attended Incnl schools and before gotnir into service In October. 1!142. he was rapiain nt the Kern County Korestry SiHiInn at Miriropa. His wife. Mrs. Anna Moore, reiideft at 219 Flower • treet. HROTHKKS-IN-I.AW— f: lillery. Is stationed in Delano, he entered th on Route ". P.fiket.ifie slid received his ' Ilia parentH. Mr. and i: Id. .M leu H hElillii SCI vil Hei tram rs. K. . Kiiini''! 1 1 A e In July, heit in*; at SHI 1 • •' Of [•'ra l D L,. iM'azier, linieia i-).-. nile 11. 1 /;er ji leHo. 1-eside n fi r ili i;rii li. Kiani.. (is wile, h lined tiie n He is now un Koute : iile. • of en.> II VV sta ' 2, U; ,,-• •t J Klin Mint like 1 !<< 1 II ;, ,,, .Ma i,| rsf - !':•• . £ l) .,,- ; II ll. II, 11 icld. •!rl ar- s r, !:•! 4. await. —Photo b> llucnier AIK CORPS— Second Lteutpnnnt Rohort H. I.ourion, 19, won ot air. am! Mrs. It. M*. London. Route 'I. BaUersfirld, in iinw stHiionod at I-inculn. Neb, He enlist prl in June. 1!M3. after vradiiHtinpf from Unkpnfield Hiffh School imd nt- 1 (>ndiiiK Junior ''ollPBe. lie re^Pivwl hiH primary at Santa Ann, gunnery at Kinp- nian. Ariz., and fradua tetl in udva in-eel navigation at Hondo. Texas. DurinR his advanred train ins be flew 40,000 mi Ion, covering 36 slates, HA ha a selected New Or lea riB, Log Anueles and Denver as three ouutandins citiea from Iho air. -U. S. Navy Photo. NAVY —Rlrh.ird P. ^TcClanahan was tiHmed honor man of the recently Rradil- uted tunjedom:in'n school i-laps at San , DieKo. Kxi-pfdinff the efforts of luii phipmales. McClaiKiluin not only n»'ited 1he award, hut was advanced in ratine to toi pedomun third class. He joined the navy last Januaiy iind prior tn that, time he had owned and operated hi« own dairy for more thun five year*". During his Hen tor year al Kak »rsf ield Xigh Si-honl he was president of the school branch of the future Farmers Association and also served aH sec ret a ry of the • late, organization. His wife. Mrs. Hazel JlcC'lannhan and their J 6-months-old dauchier, reside in San DJPKO and his parents. Mr. and Mm. Hnrry Mr-Clnna- han, make their home on ilouLe 4, Buk- CKNTKA.I. PACIFIC— Tony l.opanl Jr., I'.f, (iimner's mulr third rlnsH. s of Mr, mid Mrs. Antonio I^opardo Kdi.sim llinlnvjiy, Itakersf inld. A\ P IIH Junior al Hnkersfield IliKli Si-hm>l Hie time of his enlist mi'iil in Janiiii J!M:t. It" is a Kunner's mate un mine awetpfr. of —Photo by Austin. HKflTHERR-IN-f.AW— Hohert I,. Upshaw, 1(1. pharlnnciat's mate third i-lasn. la •ervinK al a dental »rec-iiili«t in tho niivv. lie enlistn! in September, 1114:1. and Is slationed lit San Dlmo. After atlendinv Iliikcrsfield lliirli tfi-hool. he was employed at Dr. M. T{. I'teasy dental Inliorutory. Hin piu.'iMs. Mr. nnrl Mrs S. T. I'lmlmw. resirin lit 1324 Hiihland Place. Ilia lirol lior-in-la w. Ti-i'hnii.-ill Seraeant Oilliert I'" 1 . l.a\\'8on. \vho has hcen in the army Hin«'e S* ptcninter. ILUV.i. is stalioned at an arnry air base m Urazil. Hia wife, Mrs. L;i Verne Luvvson. and aon, ri-sido with Mrs. j^au'uon'ti parenis. NAVV —Brure O. Doolittle. 17, hospital apprentice second class, was home recently on six-day leave from his hiine al Nan Diego, Ha attended Bnker»field High School and was employed part time at Pepal-Cola Bottling Company before his enlistment In May. 1H44. He ia the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. U. Doolittle of. AVheeler Uidge. —Air Corps Photo GRADUATED — Merrill Nolan A'Day. (ton of Mr. and MIK. Walter P. A'Day of 526 I street, received his silver wliiKS when he was graduated recently as a flight officer from the Marfa Army Air Field. Marfa. Texan. He III a former student ot Makersfield High School. 1XKANTKV—Private First Plass Kd- >vard "Scottie 1 ' Patterson, son of Mrs. <'ecyl Tloyle. KanRaa City, Mo., is now Htalloneil In France wilh life infantry. ftefore KolllK Into the aervlce in AiiKnst. 1H4.1. he was with the Mohile (ias Serv Ice .Station. His wife, Mrs. Marion Put- tereon, resides at 613 Kixtb stieet. DROTHKRK —Joel Curtis Quintan. SJ1, seaman lecoml class, is with th- neabees nnd is slntioned at Camp Knriicott, R. I. He was an emiilove of the lial.l Katile <lil Company before entering- the service in November. 184:1. lit* wile. Mrs. Mmily Uuinlon, and (i-month-old daugliUT, J.inda SiiKjililie. reside mi Minte-r uvenile. (lildale. Cfilvin Joe Qllinlon, flcaman second chiss. enlisind in J;i nn.i r-y, KMT. ;nnt is stationed at Alameda. He was formerly employed by Hie M ill.-r 'and Y'OI k Oil Company. His wife, Mis. c.ivia Quiiiton. and small' son. Itonuld Jn^ live at KOS'j Helinont street. They are «ons of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Smi tie. mui- wtreet, Uiklale. BKOTHER8 —Private Glenn Scott, husband of Mrs. Glenn Scott, 1817 Blanch* • treet, is with the i*rmy medical rorpa in New Guinea. Before hi" induction he was .employed by the I'eacock Dairy. Hi* brother, Private Kenneth Scott, husband of Mrs. Kenneth Hcolt, In utatlnned with the marine corps nt Hawthorne, h,'ev. Hi wan formerly employed at Consumer's Wholesale and Retail Market. —Air Corps 1'lioto COMMISSIONKl>— Ralph P. Zellerc has completed training at the army forces officer candidate school tit Sun Antonio Cadet Center and was commissioned a second lieutenant. Lieutenant Zeller'a home address is 2,103 Alia Vista Drive. AIR CORPS — 4\lntlon ( Tdel Hill 1,. CJibxon, 111. ton of Mi. and Mib. c. I.. Gibson. l ( t!3 F-71 Orrilo Drive, is stationed with the nrmy air corps at l.uke Field, Ariz. A graduate of Haki-i sf ii-ld HiKh School, he was em|ilo.\ed at the Kmanuel H. Metller Furinn Ju«t prior tu his enlistment. IN ALASKA-- Kmmett R, Smith, sea- nuin second claHH. son of Mrs. T-'mma 1,. Smith, SSHi Park Way, Joined (he navy in May, 11)44. and is stationed ul Kiska. Alaska. Me received bin training at l-'arriiKiit, Idaho. Seaman Smith was formerly a Standard Station manager. AKMY —Corporal B. Frunk Summers, Jr.. 21. son of Mr. and Mrs. li. Flunk- Summers, Home 5. Hakersf leld. 1.1 stationed at Camp KiliH. IN., will) the qilai'tei maMer rorpn. Prior to his iiiduclioii in .fanuary. l!H:t. he was n car cl'i'k witii lh« Sunta Fe Hailroud. IIROTIIKRS— Aviation Cadet John .lasnoi- Mille. i,..r,..| tl,. .,.,,.-. , ,.• ,-. ,,.. •• i •.) t and Is stationed at I nilepenileln e. Kan. lie uaii ..d'eaied :i < M... ,.;.! .,11. i':. • 1'liic.n HlKh School. Hi.i wile. Mi-rt. Ucttv M.tlei. is in K.III-..I- -A •! I," !' •! I'.ml Clans l.eo K. Miller i* servint,- an u mcclian!,- I,M :i M-:"i ..:.•! •- • •' . .•,! ,, t i;re:ir Bend. Kali. lie eiiliplcd In I'M-'. He -i (iTiiil.-.l .\IIIII.I.INI ».•!!.,us ni ':..-. I tn,.n Hit;li S. hoot and Junior L'olleue. The.\- are suns ut' Mi ar.l M - ' J ilillei. 7l:l Del Mar Di ive. ' ... —Photo by Roundtree. Raymond Whllton, ueumun «*cond clam, wai employed by the Superior Tank and Construction Corn- before his enlistment in September, 1943. He In In the south Pacific. Jack 7'hilllp« Whllton, seaman second class, en- In March. 11144, and ha« been in th« .outh Pacific about thrtt r.ionthi. They wer« nudents at Bakersfield High School »r« ton* of Mr. and Utf. D. C. Wnltton. KOI Arvin itrctt Thtlr brotb«r-l»-law 1* Htritant Ktnncth M. " ' BROTHRKH— Robert B, Hlnkle. 17, seaman necond class, recently graduated from radio school at.San Oietro, whore he >• now vtutloned. He Is a former >)akersfie!d High School Student. Ilia brother. f'Uff Berteanl, Hallard L. Hinkle, Is wilh (lie HI my Bijiiiul ior|i» and, In aiationed In the European area. They are none uf the l«t« 1*. HlnkU and brothin o( Mn. Lw W*(ntr, 17 IS Bunk »tiMt. — Photo by Austin. BKOTHKRS —First I.leuleiiant 12nnen> V. Po. Is In France with the field krlillery. whne h,< pai 11. ipai.-.l u Hie :ir .i.-,un. Lieutenant Poe wss a bttident at Hakersfletd High School and Junior College, Hi* wife resides m KHMXH* Sei^eHtn Cliar!«u L. Voe. a former student ot Kakersfield HiBh School, is comiecled with a motor pool in San r'nui.-isi-o, <»l.i!i ft. P^c. 1^. seaman first class, is with the aeuhees in the south Pacific. He enlisted ui July, 194J. They am suaa uf: C<vorge W. l'i«. 411 JJecatur *U'Wt. and U £va Pot ot Bakcjriluld.

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