Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 25, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1908
Page 1
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PBiGB TWO cram ^iilON SERVICE AT 10:30 ^-|:>>JU. THE STORES A>'D BUSlJiESS : ^'HOUSBS WILL TLOSE AT JiOOy. V^teljr 4M Wni Uo D«wn to Cbanute r t T 8«e tke TriplfU Mop l\t the < EM^ With the (io.UfvllH. .'lotoin will observe ThanksRlvinR appraprittely. FolIowlnK-the ciiatom of mior years, {he storea and bualncus taonaMi willclose At noon for tbe rest er<tb« day. The banJca and some of 'the other buaineas placcR will close •II diy.' Many people will out of town toi «pend the day with frieridM aaft relstlves while -others will ontcr- /tfUn outrof-town guests. Several hnnt- . tiig parties I have been organized to penetrate the Jun^es of Alien county. l*ot a tew people will go down to '-bhinute to see the Tripletri explain to thStGo Devils the sent'e art of foot ball. Tlie indications are that about 400 will go down on the excursion. The annual Thanksgiving service will OQQur - In the Christian church. The services are to begin promptly at 10:S0.= It is hoped that the citi- xens wlU recognize in a worthy manner t>e national thanksgiving day. '.An offering is to t>e taken for the Or- 'pliant home and. If there are those wlio cannot attend the meeting', but help this cause, it is urged that the; send their contrhbutions. ^iiB following is the program for thia sehices: Hymn. "The God of Hanest Praise." J Harfinl. Prayer, Dr. S. S. HiHscher. Aatfaem, "God is my Strength and my .. Balvalton." Danks. Leaosn.from Old Testament. Captain • Harry Botler. Hymn. "Anthems to God AlKive.", 'Carey. I BaWn. from New Testament. Rev. S. nZi^atniurtea. AOttienu''<HTr Thanks and Sing. :.lPli6t«. Seiooa -^ev. A. P. Hamilton. Hymn, Sing to the Lord of Har^-est. Haydii. Offering for the Orphans' Home. Rev. W. H. Garfield. ' Anthem, fiing Unto the I »rd. Gabriel. Prmyer. Rev. W. H. Shvlts. H^pnui, Praise. O Praise our God ami King; Pleyel. GQ^ILS ARE OURS TRIPLETS CONFIDENT OF A DECISIVE VICTORY. Chanute "Sufferinn From Over-Con fldence."—Triplets Have a Remedy for Them. With, the prospects for goo'l football weather, one of the ' larecst crowds-that ever attended a footba'I ' game tn Cfaaante will likely be present, at tbe' game l>etweeu the Trlp- 1et» and Ge -Devlls which will be .. .iH^ed rtbere' tomorrow afternoon. It. now looks as If a larser crowd - than was first anticipated will accom- • panjrr the'local players. The special ttsln^leaves here at 2 o'clock and ar- rlTes -fn Channte at 2:40. On the re- taiw trip the special train wIH leave Channte at 6:30. A telephone message .was rc.-eived ' iroaLChuute today to the effect that !^ t1iiB .J«eent heavy rains had not affected the gronhds In the least. Not nearly so mnch rain fell in Chanute ,-._in the,past two days as befe. ' > Tlie local players a'thoueh bruls- •ed niiid sore from the Pittsburg game. :-.«ni to ready for the f.-ay. The Cha- Bafo." Sun says of the game tomor- Snit of fount Dr CaxlellaDe for ('«••• tody of Children Reitaa today. Paris. Nov. The suit of <'ount de Castellane against his fornirr wife, who was Miss Anna Gou'.d. of Nfw York, and is now the wlf^ of Pririre Ueile de Sagan tor the <'Usiorty of his three cbildren. opened here today. The court room was Jammed to the doors when the hearing was ca'led. many Americans being in the throng. .]••« has been a little unfair in •duqriag the lonls with Importation Off^Befc football material from ott-er ;tcnm 'tat thU alight deviation from •iWHwniHllke qualities will bo for:it *W2 th «tt. If they only remember lo/fjmlB .fiom a like practice. The will play an all -home squad, ire no squeal coming after mm^ it tola does likewise. l ^flp >l >aTils are suffering from Mice and bavo not been sinre the last (ame, two .aga They figure that wHle ran op overwhelming acores ^jbor CBnes It has played this 'Jts.opponetata have been in sMidkaaee a second-rate- team (i9«g OBtelassed before entering mi--,':- l:«ttthasiasm Is at ajilgfa pltct> jdf. Ui» liiitceitt crowds of the l^^amicted to be on the aide " I ptric nttt Thonday tblgvnCtrtte annoa] IT MEETS TONIGHT In accordance with its usual custom The Register Will issue no papfr to- u'orrow. Thanksgiving Day. The Register office Is a busy place and If we went ahead to get otjt the usual Issue SOME not an employee would have time to enjoy the turkey dinner or have time to foei thankful for the many good favors iliat have visited Ibcm during tliH ,vear. The Register has al- w;iys lici>n proud of the loyalty of its iiii|>hi.v«fs and whenever occasion of- f'Ts lia.< trii'd to ^how llicse ein- plo.vcis that it nppreclates their efforts to keep Tlie Regist*r In' the fri'iil rank. Therefore with the coni- jilf'tion of t;;o Issue tonight The Reg-'T will bid Its employees goodi-byc until Krl'Iay morning and it sincerely hojifs that they may all enjoy their tomorrow In a true Christian RBPrRLir.4.> t'LCB TO GET READY FOR THE SPBLXO I'AMPAIGX. The wheels will start tonight. Every Republican In lo'a city. lola town ship and Basset*. Is urged to be present and give them the iieneflt of his ijcouldpr. ,The meeting of . the Republican city club is to be held In the .Masonic hall and will be called at eight o'clock. U L. Northrup, chairman of the Republican count;; central club comtnittee and president of the city club, win preside. Captain Baxter D. Mcaain. Col. .1. B. Atcbison. A. K. Florence. Chris Ritter and other prominent ilepuWIcans will deliver Eou 'e rousing speeches. ' The purpose of this meeting is to get in. readiness for the spring campaign. Mr. Northrup will likely arani»< the different committees which will have charge of the work in the pre- .-incts at tonight's meeting. The colored voters are especial'y invited to attend. Stops may be taken latf>r on for the organization of a woman's Republican club. The iKJlitical parties must name their tickets for the spring election under the primary law this year. The law apidles to ail cities havinc a population of 5(100 or over. AI' candidates for mayor, conncilmen and otber city offices 'must have nomination papers signed up In each' voting precinct of the city. The nomination papers must lie filed with the ..-ity clerk not later than January 20th. to be safe, as the law states that they must be filed forty days before the iiriroary which Is held ifarch 2nd. This means that the spring campaign will be in full blast hy the middle of the winter. For that reason the Rcpiihllcan cijy club Is getting busy early in order to have sufficient time to make and execute their plans. 70 YEAR OLD MAN A SUICIDE. Despondent. H. D. Bauldin Blew His Head Off With a Shot Gun. THE REAL NATIONAL BIRD. .1IA>T TO HEAR EVIDEM E. FOR MORE PAYING. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Rain, turning to snow and cooler tonight; Thursday partly cloudy with probably snow and colder in southeast portion. f1 ,ii;i iPcnriied at local office. 1". S. Wi -atluT Bnnaii vrs'crday, today and a year ago: Vf'stPiday Yr. ago ."57 r .7 .'•>7 Plans on Foot for Tiro .Wore Blocks^ on !<ioatb Ualnut. A itetition is being circuliited among the residents living on South WVilmii street asking ihat ilie street lie paved! n j, from Irwiu to Acres strcers. two!' J blocks. If a sufficient uunilier (jf .';i!-'n era can he secure;! the |"'tiili);i >.iili be presented lo the council. 2 p. m J p. m C p. ni S .p. in 10 p. lU 12 uiidniglit Maximum ten)pfratiiro .Miiiiroum tcniperatiiio I'reciiiitatioii. 7 p. in. Real E.xlate Tninsfrr*. • i S. M. Cooimr Uiiniher cnni],nny (nj C. T. Jacobson. of Gas City. I.ii f.'.l block 4, Concrclo. Consider.ition ?77r. W. II. Smith et ?il, to Turner Smith et ai. all of 'ot 1. block :!7, In .Mildn?>l. Consideration $i2.'>. Anton Koffers to rjiv of Humholdl It; feet of east side lot H. block It. in the city of Ilunib<ildi 150. ni. m. r, a. !.'. .1. ni. ! l "i a. n; 112 ii'soii .... Prcci!ii!:itifn. . . 40 .. r >7 . . 10" ... 0 Toilav '. IC no s . .1.11 51 4*; 4G 4:: :{:> n Yr. ago 40 :!•) :!9 ::s .''.I fio 0 iiii- i..-ai...:io preparing for tnc inaugurauon oi au. annual meeting of the Southeastern jaft and .Mr. Sherman as president Kansas Teachers' Association which , -.^ —. „„ TU„,„I. A ?-onvene.i here Thursday ..and Friday will begin coming in tomorrow. The first program will be given tjppr- row evening at which the priticlpal THE .H.t.UE WO.>i.\>. Iirnur Kiai-kniuiiei the Otie Uho tVeiiiMi .'bicMi'o iirolier.<«. iVjiiv r. .NOV. L". • I iirnni'U ihc ine- iliutu '•! ;i I'h'iior.ini li luvX IUT haml- Consldoratlon viitsia. in htir .--KUti i of the Audi- t'lriuiii KUiifA I!) ( liliar;'!. .Mrs. Alien Great Western- I'ortlHud ('enir>n?,F. Itejii who attciniiied to blackmail company lo Turner Smith, lots .-. n«d|jirM. Cciii-ic. Kh'iip.-, foi S2(i.».oi)0 6. lilock 49. 20-23-20. Cimslderatlon jha* be.-i: ptL'Silvcij" Identlfiid as the lll 't. , ;v.'»<nian v. ho under the name of Alice ('bcia'. I'.iovn iilfi'iiiiiii'd to secure » - ^ -^i 'roni II lirokcnic," tirni in ''hlciigo y i.V«,venib»'i 2. J2o.'t0'j wortli of bond .H on 'a bud riirck. [ I''(.r tl'c pus' I'll il!i»H dKiet'tiveB •'have be-.'U wcrkinc oii ilio r;iw with lrn. R«iid"3 niovwuonts DID A METEOR FAU? A Riport Hayi* One .•<lrurk Bam Xear 'the 'c-u!! iliat M JfBskegee. Okli^ and Killed Two Horses. ihave lieen carefully follow.^d and cv- fry heretofore misilng link has l»cen . suuplied. The story of Mrs. Read's Mutlcogee. Okla., Nov. So.—A lueleo- attetripl to defraud the Chicago brok- rite Is reiwrted to bare fallen seven crage firm wiw doulttless he offered mil*a south of Muskogee last night, in evidence in tiie prosecution which slrilcins (he twrn of Frank Smith, will foe brought against her on a Idlilns two horse* and burying it::elf Jharge of assault wiih. intent to ki'l [deep in the ground. -and assault with ' attempt to rub, 'which will be prcsised aa suon as her .millaarjr« aMwti Co«e H«M«. " AlHert firown. whp stndenls ^adltlon is scodi that she can appear in coon. ' 'f I 9m% in WiUcr Xalnsi. ^ri^p cUr "sns^niay i>eg«B ttie laying ..;jacl0H >n street-^ TEACHERS COMING THE FIRST t>Ea.EGATiON EXPECTED IN TOMORROW AFTERNOON. First Meeting Tomorrow Niflht to Be Addressed by President W. O. Thompson of Ohio University. The Thompson I'liiverslty. The address of the association. Subt. O. T. Huffman, the president of of Galena, will be delivered Friday inoniing. Superintendent Falrcliild will also deliver an address Friday for Certification of Teachers." A de- linic on the County Normal Institute will he a feature of this sessipn of the |)roK:-am. Friday afternoon Dr. SEALS AT THE HEAD Juiuary Is; roninerre in KanMs City. union fvauvDW inuia. HUU.I uafir.wv.v. instttutton wna absorbed |id|^-wee|c:h3C: ROUSING SPECHEES A M-.MBER OF REPlBLItAX OKA- TORS ARE TO .WAKE TALKS. The t'ity Ticket I» .Nominated I'nder the Primary l^vi ThU Spring— >VhHl tlie ProiisloDs Are. WEREROASTED ALIVE TWO HUXDBED PERSONS DIED TS MID OCEAN TODAY. THE STEAMIER CAUGHT FIRE MA>T DROWTiED IN SEEKING ESCAPE FBO.W THE FLAMES.. Small niud Prevented CrafU in Bay on l!«lHnd of Malta Ft-om Reach. Ing Burning Boat Valetia, Island of Malta, Nov. 25.— Nearly two hundred tiersons, passengers and the crew of the Ellerman line steamer Sardinia, are believed to have perished today when the steamer was destroyed by fire Just after she had sailed for Alexandria, Egypt. The Sardinia was scarpeiy a mile off Grand Harbor when the first sign of fire appeared but with a strong wind to tan the flames, the whole ship was soon ablaze. The irassengers and crew had scarcely a chance for their lives. There was a wild scene of panic on beard as the rapidly spreading flames drove the passengers to the rail and many excited ones, not even waiting for the boats to be lowered, plunged into the tea. Scores are believed to have been drowned. Others were trap- I)cd by fire and literaliy roasted to death or smothered without a chance for life. .Many crafts in the harbor rushed to the assistance of the imperiled liner on the high sea. The biilf-gale however, made it impossible for them to even approach the Sardinia and they could do little in the way of aid. The Sardinia left liiverpool on November 14 with a cargo of general merchandise for Mediterranean ports. The crew numbered forty-four and about twenty first class and six second class passengers embarked at Liverpool.' .Most of the other passengers were undoubtedly Levantines. Mat jiaese and Sgyptians. it is the custom of the latter to pitch tents on the deck and these hampered the wcrlt of the crew and prevented many escapes. .N'eodesha. Kas., Nov. 25.—H. D. Baudiin. about 70 .vcars old; and an old resident of this city, committed suicide at his home this afternoon by blowing the top of his head off with a shotgun. He was at tte house alone and desiwndent because of ill health and walking out on the front porch placed the butt of a double barreled shot gun on the porch floor and the muzz!e to the left side of his head, reached down and pulled both tri?- ger.«. Hf was more t.i:an-six feet tall. This is the second suicide in Neodesha on account of ill health within a week. STATE SCORES ONE JUDGE WILL TELL JURY TO CONSIDER TESTIMONY ABOUT FIRE. If it Indicates Lainphere Set Gunness Home on Fire He Must at Least Be Found Guilty of Arson. PLANS FOR INAUGURATION. Chairman of InauiJural Committee Haf Been Appointed. LaPorte, ind., Nov. 25.—The state scored a big victory today in the I^amphere trial when Judge - Richter, after exhaustive arguments by both sides announced that he would instruct the jury if the evidence showed Lamphere set fire to the (Sunness fouse, even if the fire did not cause the death of any persons therein, that the jury-must find him guilty of arson. It is expected that the case Will go to the jury this afternoon. Washington. Nov. 25.—With the announcement today by Chairman Hitchcock of the Republican National committee of the appointment of EMward J. Stellwagen of this city as oiair- man of the inaugural committee, the ,,, ,, , ,. „ first step was taken in the work of teachers who will attend the preparing for the Inauguration of JLr. and vice president, on March 4. next. .Mr. Stellwagen 'ras long been prominently identified with some of the largest financial and commercial en- iun T-,i :.....s "-^ terprlKcs of Washington and is a man address will be delivered "by Presl- gnjendid executive ability, dent W. O. Thompson of Ohio State HOCH PARDONS TWO TAX SriT FOR HEINZE AND CLARK XonUna Antberities Say MOIIonnlres Owe on .Hiniag and Railway Stocks. Butte. Mont.. Nov. 2.'>.—The county attorney for Silver Bow county was allowed today by court twenty days in which to file an amended bill of complaint against F. .A. Helnze and W. A. Clark, invo'ving the collection ot taxes of failwav and mining stocks valued at 4 million dollars. The defendants, when, assessed, said these-stockn were taxed elsewhere, but the state of Montana believes they should proper- 1v be faxed in Butte. A decision for tbe state would form a precedent involving many millions of dollars' . worth of Hirollar stocks held here by other individuals. > will also deliver an address fTioay -fha-. Marlinu Alleged morning on "Needed Ch.»nges In I ^ws »• ^^'l""" ^I^^^^^:*"^ .Unrdererm Will Lra^c Stale Prbioiv ^Tor vC». T'A, ".'^ iii «S' '-i^'-.- srii^ School.* county, wlio wii* aonrencwl to haue In 1«94 for the murder of hlH wife, and Thomas .Marbul. of Ciierokee coun ty, senlenrcd lo serve ten yearn,-In lJ»n<; for n murder in the seeond de- Igree. Marbiit was charged With smcth ering his ten year old step-son. Davis goes free Devember 1st and Marbut TAFT T4I LIVE IN OEOBGIA. kansas City, Mo.. Nov. 25— David PrrsMfBt'Elrtt Tnkea % Cottage at T. Beais. waa today named as presl- , Aairasts Until Manh 4. dent of the National BaJik of Com- nierce of Kansas* City to ^cceed WII- Hot Springs. Va.. Nov. 25.— Presl- liam Barrett Rldgeiy, farmer comp- dant-elect Taft announce* today that troir«r of the currency, who recently be imd taken tbe Territ cotUge at Au- resigne* as the head..of tbnt; Ipal^- Ga.. for occupancy the 18th of Heals is one of the olde^ h«#b!ra'|ii DMeipber, Tbe cottage is adjacent to Kansas and was presldfn| oC the tji* Bon Air hotel, where the. Taft fam TTnlon National bank. nntiHtfe#r latter ily wilt take their meals^ * — i-i. :—^'-'-•^ll^tT'nft left here laat night for: ^^fffk-^^^ ^ To See Foot Bali Game. A number of young lolans will go to Kansas City this evening and tomor- , row morning to see the annual foot |^al| game between K. U. and M. U. MOTORMANIS DEAD Dallas Gillespie Died This MerainB from EffeeU of Operation for a Carbuncle. Dallas Gillespie, of AlS South street, died this morning at 2 o'clock from tho effects of a carbuncle on the hack of the neck. The funeral services will be conducted from the United Brethiien cfcurch tomorrow after^ noon at 3; 30 o'clock. Rev. O. Q. Uls- samore will conduct the services. Interment will be nlade in the Highland Icemetery. ^ Mr. Gillespie has been a motormaa on the lobi Klectrle for some timo and was very popular with offlcer* and patrons of the road. I ci len nare law axwui. ^iul; ". ' wlier^ she:was met l»y Iwp >f IXWT—In front'.Kreos's store, pair .8bei.exptwte tn rettm tp^etaelea:. I^TO «t Kelley'sJniaaCnr > (offfee.

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