Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 27, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1907
Page 2
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Thanksgiving. A tear or'lwo, a iiray.^r or two. For| the! ileiul iliat have . i;o|k ' lio fore.Uis. I Pure thoujghCK tliai stray from llii' world away; | To the Swoot hoavrii ln'iidink o'er ... • ! •" i' A son, a smile, aii'l a luilse Iho " whll? That throbs witli the joy of .livinir. A kiss 01*'so from ilear lijiv, aiid W. This \s the hearts thaiiUsKivinp. —.\'non. Fashion Note. There i* not a droits accessory iha' is of more inipo-tance fhajij l>pltv There Is a wide latitude from I which ^ to choose (Hi.s senson and .one may - wear either a very narrow beltj medi- ' um size or one as wide as six nche.s. .Soane mortlstes .believe firmly in the A wide belt for even- person, fat or thin 1 ldB« walsted or short. Elastic hcUts v:«ld BirdloR ar.-> seen In great ntini Wrs, aiid |they are just as attLctive 1 and pretty as ever. .\ style ifX be'! •;. that holdsf p(w>(l from sojuion to ses «0!t IB thfl type thai is wide tit tli> • Uhck and narrows at the front, where M I b clasptMl will) ordinary sl"vp Hasps. This Klves the Umirf waivt appearance krcA also an effect rit slen- . d «rne8s. } . .'Crushed belts are miicb In ivoRue - These are nsed on rweptlon mid call ing towns. Th?y are sonietimcii made t of the njiaterial of tlie frock snd at V others of the trlmminsr. .\ n|w va rtety is.the combination of eatlier ; aod elastic. The.<<e are wide ip the biekj and narrow toward the front ;' where thay fasten with a wide clasp • + • .1 Bete B»!tr ' Meeting, ii The rewlar s«»mi-niontbIy progrran ; cf the Bele Bete society wa = heb- >'e8terday , afternoon! in the H :r! sdiiool anditorium. \ propram of mu sic and literary numbers contHbuted trJ a pleasant lionrJ suasts were present. \ • • * K number ol Miss Birthday Party. Miriam Huches was _of a merfj- group, of friends Ipst ev W xtititS to cielebrate her blrthdav annl Yei^ry. The rooms of the re^ldenc> .w «ra handsomely decorated nstest with -'plants and; cut flowers. Mrs. Hnche.' ;-';aiid Mrs. J. A. Whieeler assi 4ted If ! etitertainiBg 1he supsts aod ii serv Ijtins'a 'nncheon to the followh c peo I- pie: Ret^. and Afrs. S. S. HIscher |::{Mjr. and Mp; W.lliam Davis. Mi}, an. Mmy There! ' ' "WlW3« are you going? "Going alter a sack of :won't use aiiything else." .large JiPw lUastratrd Tataltiinic Frw. .\. V. I,<'ma«t.->rs. .Mrs. .1- .V. Wliecler. Mixses- Dorothy Ullscilier, ^rao Davis. C!oe Shue. tteorgla tirit- (o;i. .Mo'viii Grittiin. Florine \VJ)eel- I. .Master Harris Hilsclier and lilun- < r l.arrv Hughes. •!. + • Dinner for Orphans. Some lcinif,liearteil citizen, wlur re­ us" s to fiive his name for ptih|lc<i- ion is seiidinpr a collection of things or a typical Thanksjjlviug dinner to lie Orphans Home ; today. The- Ut- 1<> i)e.)plp are antieipatinK a d.-^'jglil- 1,1 (lay and desire to extend thj^nks . 'tlie friend who so kindly reniem- !:< rt'd them. : • • • Music Club Meetlnn. .Mi-F. W. T. Watson eharminsly[ en- •ertalunl members of the Ladles* Mu.sic cluh yesterday afternoon for •lu- TbanlrsjdviuK ))ro-.:ratii. Tin- oc ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ caslon was featured by a number «f •<apers. (me by Mrs. f. L. Kvausi oti: ——-^=^M =as«a =S5 he violin compositions of Scarlatti),.,,, .,.„„„„ „nt viill bo Bind to eluc; tho -oimhly en loved. Mrs. Mni-j(,„..,v that she has come for an ex- •olm Hnshes played several most In- i.-i -d.-d visit with her jsrand parents, siruetive numbers, and at the r'»s. ;„„, .xj ,.s. S. M. .lennings. Mrs. Thanksgiving Sliver lor the iable. Ileaiitifnl patterns in Ciorliam Solid Silver Knives and Forks. Table and Teas|KK)iis. Kaiicy Single Pieces, etc. Commnnity Silver. Rogers 1S17 Silver anil complete slock to select from. MCNEIL BROIHERS, ^i' lli«> aflerncxni a vote was taken ti the Ohri -^tmiis' work. Miss V'ieo iciidrlcks will have full ehiirpe of the •r('j;r;i'ii en that dale and has si'(i 'ci •«1 a '.rronii of choruses, duetts and uarti-tt-. wild; iiromlso to maUe ^^ •'•.)st <I ;<!l ?:hiruV mtis!e !\b>. A short Inie was spent yesl<>rd»y on om: of iii> r'iorus<'< and there will be: '.i .o'al PKX 'MnK next week at the i>i>"> -if .Mrs. Hughes to conllnu.>-'th- •u -artiee. The chill will be entertained. oi V c'"-b.'r IT at the bojne of .Mis. F {. .MartMi. Ml cfunp'imenf to -her nest. M !ss .Martin. of Boston. Mjisii •'iss Martin wa.« a piiest "of fho e'n". f St ;>rday. al-o Miss Xancy MiicBell f .lefferson City. Mo. ' •> •:• • A Quiet Week. Thf calendar for tlirs w.->eV •; not filled by a great number of •outs. tlK- dsnce tonlabt bcin;: (ler- •II'.-: ihi> iii-isl elalKirate bappfnin;: '1 r -'osf the month of November. Tomorrow ii cr.^ater number of th< leople will celebrate the Thanksgiv ng season hy quiet family dinners •ith relatives or intimate friends' as Ufsts. Several families are arri^ug 111 to spen <l th-> day out of town..' •:• -:• •:To Sprnd Winter Here. .Mr. and .Mrs. Klliot Davis, of .Mail- anil. Mo., have came to enjoy an .ex ended visit during the winter month': vi'b their ilaughti'r. Mrs. A. L. Brum baupii. •:• j>f A Stout-Spitsmesser. Anions the weddings on the Thanks giving calendar is one at Inde|>eiid enec which will Im of interest to Ibia yonng people. Tonight Miss St^ut md .Mr. C>rl Spitsmesser will be unit-, d In iiiarHage. The cro<im is wjeU • nowu hen- anionv the younger ijei Mr. Herbert Alien who is now ni :In ''I"nd"iice will attend th • weddjny ••nd return to lola tomorrow to spijnd Thnnksciviiig with his parents, Mr. lid .Mrs. C. W. Allen. • • • Mrs. Pruitt Here. Tlicj many friends of Mrs. Stella OtAKHOHO JEWELRY , romALioAr'eiFTS. \ X naitaWr «f «>ur {Nitrous muwN Jrwjrtrjr. and haTr M^Teff.lwhich wr are laTf madi* M >lections fntm oar Motk of • iskcd to ri^ene tlie plwo for rhrlst- ilwars pleased to do. Th{ra« if) a derldHi aitaMakeJatkls earljr iieler ioi—aad we roniinrad the matter to Toar rJMKM ^lAB. Oar Diamonds are all beaatlfnl whHc Eir«7 stoar |i pern. {and bine while. BMi M. K. *. T.^ateli Uspeeton. Truitt will probably spend the hoU- ila> season hcrp. <• •t4'> Entertained Sewing Club. .viiss .Icisephlne lOdiUe pive a very I i.;sa!it and Informal party yesterday In;, tor m«'ii.->ers «>f her Sewing cub. Stella Itotermund-Pruitt was a siasi of the club. At Ave o 'clock Miss Kiddie served a delicious hmcheon aii.r a happy hour with needlework. • •> •> j y. p. C. II. Meeti tg. I 'm - young people of he I'. B. .'iiirch enjoyed a most delightful and l-roiiiable hour last eveninir when the P. C. I' .gave the weekli- program. Mis^ binnle .\dams condufcted a ser- s of discussions on "Missions Vmrag Immigrants" and there were a punib.^r of musical selections. The business meeting resulted in the foun i!ati(m of plans to swell the furnace iiind. but the members decline to give any exp'anation as yet. • + • To Visit Here. .Mr. and .Mrs. Wilis Cnibb. of Ilich Hill .Mo., win sp.?nd tomorrow and •he reniainiler of the week with their .-on. Mr. W. I.. Crabb. Mr. and Mrs. t'rald» will entertain at dinner tomor- low. The family is planning another •;eIi !'Etfiil reunion to occur on Febru- •iry I I. V.tdS. On that day .Mr. and Mrs Willis Crabb will ce'ebrate the •-ixti -th anniversary of their marriage. \ liir-.t- number of relatives will -•end the dav at their home In Rich IliU. • • •> Go To Wichita. .Mr and Mrs. R. B. Stevenhon will sl>end Thanksgiving with their daughter. .Mrs. M. T. Trout, of ANlchita. • •> • Mr. and Mrs. McCreary Here. .Mr. and .Mrs. Miller McCreary of Ind.'peudence, arrived yesterday for an extended visit with Mrs. Mccreary's mother. Mrs. R. E. Miller, «!!• Kast street. Mrs. McCreary will be remembered as Miss Bess Miller. .Mr. and Mrs. McCreary will probably si>enil th.' winter in lolti. • * + Entertain Tomorrow. .Miss Helen. Pollock will entertain ;i gnmp of girl friends at dinner to- i.iorrow. * • + Dinner Party. .Mr. and .Mrs. Herman Tliolen expect to entertain a large nUmber of otit of town relatives tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Tholen. of H \iml >o'dt. will be among the gtiests. * + * To Select Play. • .MemNrs of Royal Neighbors, 12S1 w; I have a special session after the 'odge meeting on Friday to arrange for tie play which is to be given under tlie auspices of the lodge. Miss Lora Leech ha» been secured to direct rehearsals for the members. .ilta 8Ha CInb. .Miss Mayme Anderson will be hostess of the Alta Seta Club next week on Friday afternoon. • 4> • .Sarprlsed Tcaehen^ Pupils of the Washington scbooU who attend Mish Walters and'Miss Hobart's rooms gave the teacllers a jrery pleasant surprise yesterday a^ the close of thft afterndon session!. The little folk nmviaed a Inncbedn of fruits ami enjoyed a merry hour with ^rriierower6at *ut«tyi»at-|^,|||i||.|lfl|^ JQOB JfATHTl Xeetta« Foamed. Because tomorrdw la Ttacnksglvlng the ladlea o£ 8t Tlmotby'a church decided to postpone the meeting of the Daughters ot the King until next week. :L.^M^ Art Club Meeting. • The fortnightly meeting of th? Art olnb la schednled for Friday after noon. There will be the usual pro- gruai ot papera and the ladies will pIaa'!ior ^e exhibit to occur on Do- cembte alxth mai Mventh. • • • To Vialt Frienda. Hr. and Kn. B. F. Robiniou, Mr. and ifra. John Dolap are among the gneete which Mr. aud Mr«, Ralph Drake will entertain at their country borne tomorrow. • + • FcnoBaln. Miss Florence Hobart Is among Iho K. U. girls.who will spend Thanksgiving at her home here. Mr. Fred AispUiall will arrive tonight to spend the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Asplnall. Dan Servey came In today for a few days with his parents, .Mr. aud Mrs. A. J. Servey. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Smith and Mls.s Margery Marley Smith have gone to 10 spend a tew days with Ir. and Mrs. J. W. Marley. Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Mooic will entertain at dinner tomorrow. Their guests will be lola relatives. Miss Evelyn Rowland and Miss L*na I^rd will visit Miss Lord's parents In Lone Elm tomorrow. .%ir. and .Mrs. Frank L. Travis are o;iie from an extended stay In Texas .nd the south. Miss Martin of lioston. Mass., If visiting her brother. Dr. F. H. .Martin Miss Naiuiita Faddls is a guest ut relatives In Rich Hill. Mo. Miss .May llurlock will visit with Moral! relatives tomorrow. .Mrs. Wlillani .\lterman, of Indc- leudeuce. is here for a visit with hei ••"I her. .Mrs. Steinmnn. Mr. and Mrs. McNeil to EnterUin. •Mr. and .Mrs. Harry McNeil have is lied Invitations to a coterie of friend.^ nd relatives for dinner on Thursday GOOD AnriCS .t5D A HlMVht UQXE Ilbw to Moke This Splendid Keinedy for Kidney aid Bladder Weak, •rss and HbraauitlMai. "The (leoplc here do not drink enonh water to keep healthy." cx- rlahned a well-knowii authority. "The numerous eases of stomach trnulde, kidney (aud bladder diseases ami rhen- uiutism are mainly due to (he fact thai the drinking of water, nature's •.:i 'eate«t uicdlciue. nns been neglecteil Stop loading yoiii- sysleni wllh patent medicines and cure-alls; hni got di the water wagon. If yon are really dck. why, of course, take the iiroiier ucdl.'^lncH—plain . comiiKUi vegetable rrntment, which will not shatter the inrvi'H or ruin tiu- stomueh." Wien requested for such a prescrlp thm for the cure of rhcnmallsm and kidney trouble the answer was: "You must make the kidneys do their work: tlicy are the filters of Ihe blood. They must be made to strain out of the blood the waste matter and acids that .•uiise rheumatism: the urine must be •leuilall/.cd HO it will no longer be a source of Irritation to the blairder. md most of all. you must keep these icids from forming in'the stomach. This Is the cause of stomach trouble md poor digestion. For these co?idi- ilons I would suggest the following t»rescrlpllon: Fluid Extract Dandelion, one half ounce; Comiiound Kar;on onetJiince: Comiiound Syriip Sar saiiarllla, three ounces. Mix by shaking well In bottle and take In teaspoonful doses after each meal and at bedtime, hut don't forget the water. Drink plenty and often. This valuable Information and siin- i)le prescription should be posted up in each household and used at the first dgn of an attack of rheumatism, back iche or urinary trouble, no matter lOw slight IMMJ (IIOLKRA. The greatest drawback to the bog udustry which breeders in this coun- ry liave to contend with is what is known as "hog cholera" atid "swine dague," Hog cholera is a highly contagious di.sease aud unless checked Is llahlf io carry oIT a great number ot hogs !ii a verv short thne. Mr. A. P. Williams, of Burnelts "reek. Ind.. tells of an exiierlence tvliich he had with some hogs that bad the cholera. "Five years ago," says .Mr. Williams, "1 was In the em doy of Mr. J. D. Richardson. Lafaj- •.tte. Ind.. as his barn foreman. Some line hogs that I was feeding took th( 'holera. I gave them Sloan's Llne- nieui and did not lose a ho^. Stmir vere so bad they would not drink sweei milk and 1 was compelled to Jrench them. I have tried it at ever> •ipiiortunity since and always find it 0. K " Write for Dr. Sloan's free book or the treatment of Horses, Cattle, iiogs ind Poultry. .Vddress: Dr. Earl S Sloan, f>\Ti Albany Street. lU)ston Mass. Cei Uafrie.s—slay at home—Invite in two friends, and make your mark 'n the world. Ask S. It. Burrell. UHBRELLAS Just received a new Hue, some gold, some silver, some pearl. Fancy hand engraving Frae on goods boiigbt here. J. W. CCFFEY & SON Your Jewelers BasI Side Sania \ c m w Winter 's Comiiig! Tea kaaw what that means te yoo. Don*t yea want to escape the MOW, the cold, the alasb^ all the di-seonforist fftay not plan now where te pass that seasen so trying to •any persons! Write for Information abent ear , fiiteif.jijp|fe.^. FiiTorableltate. Long LInit *U 'StepoTcrs. v. B. BALSTOK, Agent. . fell, Kansas. HAS A SURE CURE. Congressman Campbell of Kansas to Introduce Financial Bill. Washington. Nov. :;7—Congressman :am|ihe'l of Kansas has iirepareU a inanclal bill which he believes will pre the financial Ills the country Is leir to, and will introduce Jt on the irst day of the s?ssion. It pnivides or goveninient guamnl *H> of dejios'.ts ill national banks and taxes the anks on«'-teiith of I jier cent anuiial- y on their capital slock to raise a fund to protect the coverumenl from loss. A 1 nuliouni banks an* maik> depose corles but the banks must pay per ent on government ileptudts, and tlie interest money Is thrown into th- uanintee fund. Each bank niust des snute a "goveniment offleor" to eon- rol the bank. ' This officer shall be M)l>olnted by the secretary of the reasury and report Ihe condition of he bank weekly to the comptrollei if th? currency. National hanks are authorized to •se u|>pn)ved state, county aud innni- •Iple bonds to liack their circulation. Circulation up to 50 per cent of the opital shall not be taxed, but over SO ler cent shall be taxed |)er cent vh.'n backed by government bonds ind ."> iier cent when backed by other •lond.s-. This tax money Is also to go mto the guarantee fund. When money is not nejHle<I the banks are authorized to contrtict the Eurrency at the rate of Jl'J.OOO.iiOO -a •iionth. State Ismds wl'l be taken for only •." »"r cent of their face value in •lacking currency, and county and mu- dciple at 75. If they should d'eprcci- • t? the novernment Is authorixed to •laki- the bank luit up additional ';on(Is. FREE CONCERT TONIGHT. lethodist Church Will be Open During Good Entertainment. The First M. E. church of this city •s. accepteil the plan of the pastor. '. M. Mason and for Ihe benefit of 'ii> cause of Christ, is furnishing ab- :ilute'y free of cost, a lecture course I 'ls winter. The jilan Is this: "For hrist and the Church" we are employ g talent for as good a course as -ouirs to c'tles of this class to be •nt on In .the church for the benefit <r the public from time to time and <ay the cost of these entertainments lit of the church treasury and tlmiw •'•R the doors, oiieii for ever.v Imtly. "urine the evening the pastor takes bout terf minutes to explain aud In sist upon everyone that the church Is uterestetl In their welfare and de- *lrTO to Invite them to come to us and •rove for themselves, that we are In •prest.>d in them and then take up a roMeclion giving all a chance to con tribute to the cause whatever they desire. We also make it plain that be oerson wlx> comes and cannot af ford to give Is as welcome as anyone Hnd we are glad to have them with us. At the last number given the 9hurch was packed to every door. 'We expect to hete It full tonight. This ?T)«»rly concert has no batten on the road. j, . * Bureaus sell their cntMahiments «t 1100 per night. We get tbem be- •ianse the management is interested h oi )r plans and there Is a night that »e e <»n haxe not interfering'with the regular scliedhle flpr the season. Re- iianliy'r that'-tte concert goes regard- Ihra 'or the weathel-. [ Let evervbody attend that can. yon .ifiO.lie .we'l.repaid. This Is a plan in .yhicb every apency unites for good. Yhe papers of the city, and everyone diat.can Is helphyc Come, ottt *nd linJoy a treat, as the gueaU 9Tthe Ffr«t Methodist church of [lo'a. Kans. Clean. npHondate. first-class entier- tiftnment as good as /he Ipeat. . —J. M. Mason, Pastor. • • • W. B. AITDEBSOir, ittoniey*«t-Law. Notary and Stsnograpber In Office. Pboue 4&6. ••••••••••••••••< a A. Bwlng; 8. A. Oard,' Q. R. Oard • EWCfCI, GAKD h GIBO. • Lawyers. • Practice in all Covtii ^ %yk W. Madison. PhOM Ml. " DB. McMlLLKN, 8|ieelal attention given to the treatment of all Chronic OiaoiuH es and OI«Mses of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 23S. Office In Mrs. Turner's Bldg.. West Madison. Phone C64. lola. Kans. • DB. KDITH S. IIAieil. • Office and ReMdence over Bar- * roll's Drug Store. • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m.. I • to 4: p. m.. 7 to 8 erenlngs. • Sundays by Appointment ' * Phone 687. Res. 701. .DB. 0. L. GOX, Bye, Ear. Nose and Throat BpecUcles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. jy. W. aidg. • !. • • • F. fl. MABTDT. PracUce Limited to Bnrgery. 16 N. Bnckeye. Phone 67«. • • • • Office Phone 1083. DB. K. O. CHBISTUN. Phyttelan nni Snrgeen. Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. • > • •I* » ' • • 1. 1 R «a. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. DB. J. B. FKPPEB. Dentbt is permanently located over E. C. McClain's Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds of np-io-dste dental work. evening work by appointment DB. W. B. HETLMCH. Phyalclai.,* Snrseea. Office N. \ E. Comer of Square. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'a Store. Res. Tel 38. Office TeL 50l p. L. Lathrop. Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHT8ICIA1IS. Special lUtenUon given to Diseases of {Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Office i'Phone, Main 468. Lowney*s Chocolates THAY ARK FRESH. A thofce aisortment of this popular braud ht CRABB'S. When yon bay jLowney's Chocolates htre, our ptrtoual pledge of their freshness goes with them. Gel ^ oar next candy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washiugton and West Sts. Got Yonr Turkey Yet? I( not you will have to hurry for thdy are going fast. We still have a few left for home consumption. Get to a phoue right now aud call 376. Prices lower than ever before Richardson Produce do. TELEPIIOXE 3-C. 11. II. Rirbard!<on, Prop. tIfmOVAL SJftLE LIBBY CUT QLASS-HAND PAJNTED CHINA A targe it.^ck of th^ above at prices never befme o£Feted. New designs io Rookwood! Pottery (one price everywhere.) The only line of Rookwood in this pa t of the staled A general line of Jewehy and Silverwve at loweJt prices. -Abotit Janogry ist. I eipect to move my stock to the room now occnpie] by the lola State Bank and intend reducing as mnch as possible to «Toid trotible and expense attending a removal. Q. T. SEWALL JEWeUlR pirst door noitti of Posioffice

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