Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 26, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1907
Page 6
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W. H. MeBrida^Veurtki, WhD W« Pound Uneonaeieu* in AHiy W«a Drunk. day night ascloua condi: jington, where ' pockets and Qdlcatlng that A young oolan not over thirty yeara of age ivlth good featurea and the marka of good raiting tet aobbing in the Drtaoner** chair in police oonrt this.morning; Judge OoUina had. an- nooneed the charge againat r falin» «• being dmnkenn^ and thei yonng man offered no excusb oc qo plea for leniency. He waa rather. inclined to criticize and cdnBare himielf for bla condition. Almost nnable to . apeak for aoba, he .jadmitteA that Uanor had gotten the best of him; anil thiat he waa "down an^ont" . The young man was w. H.. SScBride of Bureka, who waa picked up in an u tion on North TP! be waa foand with em disarranged clothing, be might have been aasaulted and robbeA, - He was noab e to give any aeoount of a jobbery It such occurred, however. He had been drinking and bla''ideas were -Bomewuat hazy. | <It seems that yesterday, after B«|curing. bla release he fell in' with some fellows who ha' ' liQDor and the result' soon intoxicated. O dreth and Hoy Phillip and lodged hira in Jail. he appeared before Jiidge Colllna In a 1 very penitent moodi. He said that his mother bad urged 1 tm to take the Keeley cure for years, aa be was ad,- dipted to drink, but he lad never done so. He eald that he jt >uld, on his release^ go directly hom< and make arrangements to go to H "cure" Institute. ^ 'While in police court a message «ikue from the deputy iheriff at Bnre- ikii, that he would pay McBrtda'a fine aikd aaked tVe officers :o take the unfortunate man to the train an<ft see that he was started oo bis way homo. Several people here k low his family at Bureks and say th>y are respectable and prominent people. a supply'of that he was ere Sim Hll- arrested falm This morning BEST OF PROOF. ThiitHyomei ITlll Cure All Forms of Catarrhal Sl^easps. Testimonials could be printed by the thousands, many of tihem from Tola and nearby towns, that Hyomei is an alwolnte cure for all! catarrhal trou: blea, but the best proof of Its unusual enrative powers Is the guarantee that Chas. B. Spencer & I'Co. gjves wItM every outfit that be sells, "Money back if Hyomei does not do 'all that is claim ed .for it" Hyomei is not a secret remedy, tis formula is given freely to pbysIclanB , who want to know what they use when they prescribe Hyomei. It is guaranteed under the Pure [Food and Drug I^w by serial No. 1418. By breathing Hyomei, the healing medication goes dlrecUy to every nook and corner of the air passages where the catarrhal germs may lurk, and disinfects and heals. To be convinced of this you have only to give'it a trial, remembering that If It does not cure, Chas. B. Spencer & Co., will refund your money. There is no dangerous stomach drug ging when Hyomei Is used. Its healing medication is breathed through a little pocket Inhaler a few times daily, and almost immediately a great Improvement Is noticed and quick recovery follows. The complete Hj'omet outfit costs but IllOO and In most cases Is sufficient to cure the disease, making it n6t '<only a scientific treatment but one that is highly economical. Get an out' lit today from Chas. B. Spencer & Co. if you have any symptoms of catarrh and Bee how quickly the remedy relieves and cures. . ^ JRibbon Sale next Saturday at Swing ft' Burdick's. See their window. FOVXD OW>EB i OF H0B8E. Steleu lilml Located at Lone EbLi (CherryvaSe Republican.) James Watson is id receipt of a letter from R. G. Smith of Lone Elm. Kansas, stating that he traded horses with Arch Lewis, the negro who.was arrested here last we«k for stealing a horse near Tongandxie. As stated that Lewis traded th^ animal he stole for jthe one he bronbt here. The Leav enW|Orth sheriff iraa inotlfied, that the horse was at Lone Elm and the exchange will be arranged. 300 LADIES* and Bought at OOo on tho DoHor, with ready cash by our New "York buyer, came in by express yesterday. These wilU be put oh sale Toiif orroMf, Mfailna^ilayF at prices that will astonish you. It all happened recently' when call money went^ up to 100 per cent; our buyers were on the spot with the ready cash, and picked Up this fine lot of Cloaks at their own price. ^ I Strjsnuous times these, but what of it when tremendous misfortunes as these result in such tremendous f(ain for you. Surely, alll of you Will be here tomorrow to participate in the offerings that are here. StartUngf Sonomtlonnff And perhaps 1 ntver | tp be duplicated again. Read on! ! 100 Ladjes' Ck >at5, mad^ of fine chiffon br(»dclotli, lined throughout with satiq, Iteantiiully braided in black, brown, castor and tan, worth $25.00, tomorrow, Wednesday, for SliUHl 75 h^diw' CoatP, made of very j fine Kersej^ and Broadcloth, satin ^ lined, braided all over, in black, brown, castor, navy, tan and led, worth 120.00, tomorrow, Wednesday, for, $l2.9t 75 Ladies' Coats, made of fine Broadcloth and Kersey, lined throughout, prettily trimmed ' in braid, in black, castor and tan, worth 118.00, tomorrow, Wednesday, for SIMO 50 Ladies' Coat?, made of extra good all wool Kersey and Broadcloth, nicely trimmed, half lined, in black and castor, worth |12.f>0, tomorrow, Wednesday, for $7.50 osnNcnoMMowss CanMRT IM7 .T nnnw* 25 Ladies' Coats, made cf all wool Cheviot, 60 inches long, some are full- lined, others half lined, nicely trimmed in braid and velvet 50 inches long, worth $8.50, tomorrow, Wednesday^ at $5.00 Our Linen Sale Is now in full progress. Take advantage of the special low prices^ Th^BIg Storm WUh the Uttle Prices. We Originate mufi Lead; Othmrm Copy and Follow SPENT THE! UST EIGHT YEARS M MISERY BASTOK BINKEB SATS HIS LIFE HAS BEEN HOFBLESS FOB THAT . _ ^ , LENGTH OF TIME. /J Carleton H. Hutdjlnson. a leading banker and broker!of Boston, with oSees at 8 Congresp Street, in that city, has recently -oome out with a ceiy strong istatemieat In. the widespread discossion over Cooper's new theoirs and medicines wliich has spread ov >r the oonntry so lapUly. Mr. Hn^chin on has taken the Bide of those *h^ <&y that Cobper's theory is correct anc his medicine all that he datans. Mr. Hutchinson's emphatic! statement Is as follows: "Anyone afflicted with chronic lill hea] th and a general riin^owm ooDdltkm caused by stomach trouble, who dtes not try this man Ooopei^ medic ne. Is very tool- lah, I aay this aft« a raostTemark- atOe experleaee with the medidne. ; "I heard oC Ooop »r's aocoeas first whea he waa in CU ago^ as I have a private that ity in ooBBeetloB with ByhoslBeaa. Later, when he came But I leanid more tt. him aad his ttaofr oiat atoamtb traable .eMuiM »MtIU>eUtL HMvetedM i stettt ^lkaByihlvlM praKrihad by a plWric ^iB tor aic^ P vtfealw CKM 4lM«^lMt,tight IMM of oonstant snfferltig. daring which time I spent over:$1,500 with iabso- Intely no relief. I f^lt that it would at least do no bam ^ try the medicine which I wais hearing so much about , "During these eight, years I have always bad a sour {itomacb. was troubled with formatlbji of gas.' and led the nsual. miserablskiife of the dyspeptic. I was dull, tired, nervons and gloomy all the tlm^ ud was always constipated. . "I have taken Caber 's medicine'a comparatively shoct time. Fori the past month I have ,ndt had the di^t- eist sign of stomach,-trogblel I oin eat anything with- no tiad telfeel whatao- ever. I have a fine'appetite, am (gaining flesh very raiUdly, am cheerfbl, full at energy, and my oerrooaness has disappeared. My bowels are in perfect ooDdlUoB for? the. first time In cS^t years. "I doBt beslUte to sayihata ti^oald'! not take «S0.000 and. be baek where I was. My reUer and OwakfOlntes Is heywid dfaMOipttea?' .: , •| We iaU Goopwr'ii tooa dspetftad la tM TO IMPROVE CEMETERY. Congressman Scott Landa $1400 for Wl^lks and Driveways. (Port Scott Tribune.) Congressman C. F. Soott has been instromental In securing: a special appropriation of $1400 from the-War Qepartment to be used in improving the walks and driveways within the National cemetery in this city. An associated press dispatch from Wteh- Ington last night announced. the: allowance of this sum for this purpose and will certainly be received JnbiL- antly hers where the deplorable condition of the natlODal burying ground has been recognlesd for years. Mr. Scott has also the assurance for Fort Soott that work <m the paving of the roadway will commence early in the new year, and* that'the work will-be pnahed to completioa as impidly as poeaible. The dispatch teli- ing of the oongreasmaa 'sKOod f<>itune in these maUers is as follows: -' Through the inffneace of : Coo- ^ressstkaa Soott. of Kansas, the War Deoartment has decided to spaod $1.400 tn npairing the drives aad jwalka wlthlB "the natkmal cemetery at Fort Scott The qaaitnnaster atLBtlLoola ^a -baaa directed to prepare Mit nee- esaaiy plana and speelBeatlons and advaftiae A>r hid* to .have the I work TM ••rirtiaipMt ^1 some time. "My. Soott has Also filed with the qoarterma^er general the plans and spedfications prepared by the city engineer of Fort Scott for the recon,- etmction of National avenne, the street connecting the city with the national cemetery. The expectation is that if these plans meet wltb the approval of the government engineers, as it is believed they will, the government and the city will advertise for bids Jointly for the construction of the road. Mr. Scott has the assurance of the quartermaster general that no time will be hnt in attending to these details, and is confident that work upon the road will begin soon after the first of the year." Shew Card Writen and ITladew* Trlaunera Waated. Every retail store in the conntiyl uses showHsird writers and window trimmers. The demand for men skilled in these professions Is enor- mona We teach both show-card writ ing-aad window trlmoitaig by-mail. W(lte BOW. stating whether Interested to both subject or which one. I. C. S.. Box 78$,. Serantoo, Pa. . B. 8.. Harris.'otl the Roce theatre, reeeived a tetegfam lata last-eVealng: that his sister. Mrs. Ciarfc. died at her hoBie to Oeatiy. Ark:, that evenlns. The B «wi oC her dMlh did aat TOSEEGAMETWIRSDIiY Xaiy Chante BMten WMl Ceme to See Basket BaU Ceatest From the present outlook there will be a nijmber' of rooters accompany the Chanute high school basket ball team here Thursday night to witness the contest between the Channte and Tola high school teanuL A letter from the principal of the Chanute high school ysa received here by the local manager of the basket ball team in which he expressed confidence in winning. Although this will be the first game of i the season for the lola team the boyi are very confident of win ning. They have gotten together ad excellend teamu . Two of the high achool pjayers are regulars on the T. M. C. A. team which is considered-to be one of the best in this part of the sUte. The linenp will llkley be as follows: Wheeler and Osbeme. forwards; Fttlton. center, and Gardner and Root, guards. Core and Mnrry. guards, doubtless will go In the game In the last half. ^The oianager of the losal hi|A adiooi -haa reeelvad duillengas fron both Parker aad Bureka tor games ko be playad to the fatura. It Is llkaly rni be arraaicd. KCMLJWOinH]: wt&h. We ask foriyonr business on merit alone, pare, our work and'methods with any laundry you Is proven by comparison. W^e invite yoajto com- tOLM LfkmORT. SeedA Kalslai Cleaned CnrranU Orange Peel Lemon Peel' Citron Ktia White OrapM' Oraagea Applea^- Honey . ExtracUW NuU Lettuce Cranherrlib Celery Plae Apid»-r Orated or Sliced FowderetfcRngar Sweet Mil Id Fldtlea ChUi 8aa <ie Salad br ^aalBC Catsup OllvMHBallc or Bbttla^, India BiUBh - * Paralejr . : yiy 0«r SMhldpl

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