Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 24, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1908
Page 5
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Have you ever gone "down town" with $6.00— more or jgss—in your pocket, and the next moniiug got * up "dead broke" and wondered where you Bpent it? What healthy, live,-vigorous man hasn't? But there comes a time in the lives oi most men when they "get wise." They realize the folly of that sort of thing. They see that the moment their money is gone, their "friends" have no further use for tht«m. We don't expect s young man to hoard every cent, but really, he should save a little each week, even if only a dollar. How about it with YDU? Don 't yon think It about time for YOU to begin saving a little? Bring in your first dollar, or five dollars. Make the start. Be independent. Be a MAN. * Siaie Savings Bank Open from 7 to 8 p, m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A few hnndred H lectloai No. 1 Trrstcra land at flOOO and op. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Offlcr Oyer lona Storft. 006booobo0'0'000(>00l LO * pnamw « H kei^ at K. C. O O FtaaUnff Caw's Wwc O AMV8EKENT8. O i . _ O O O O OLO-O ooo o o o-o« o o AUmTORIUH—RoDer skatins. tures. MAJESTIC THEATER—Moving pictures., GRANB—Irene Duckett Stock Co. The A Great Success. Kress building was' jammed lue ivrcbB uuituiuB «<u> joiuuicu BUmnung Up lue ECOre ui me full of people all afternoon, the occas- gridirou game yesterday between lola ion being the opening of the store, and the Teddy Bears the former's The event excited wide Interest.—In- 3,-ore sheet was pasted on the end of dependence Star. —Paper Hanging. Fbona !428. Pred Rowden. Hbldinn Meetings Here. James Cochrane went to tola yesterday afternoon. He Is holding.f .'•.eries of meetings there for the Re organized Cturch of the Latter Day Saints.—Chamite Tribune. CHanute Wants it. Superintendent Myers and about thirty of the Chanute teachers will attend the annual Thanksgiving meeting of the Southeast Kansas Teacfccrs" Association at lola this week. The teachers will be accompanied by the two high school tiasket ball squads, the Birls' chorus and the high school orfbestia. which will insure Chanute the largest representation of an.v visiting town at a meeting. A movement has been started among fhf local teachers to brinp the next meeting of the association to Chanute. It having been four or five years sinco , the to'rfn was host to the school ma'- 1 aras.—Chanute Sun. —Our Way window-Look at It. Knsss at Fort Scott. Now If you tbink the bank failure has hurt business you should have passed up Main street Saturday- afternoon or evening and seen the crowd In (ho S. H. Kress & Co. store. The mauaerr says: "The busiest Saturday we have 'had since the store opened." and if business continues to Increase wp will Have to have more jroom. The popularity of thia Kreas store Is belnfe- recognized by all Fort Scott neople and surrounding coun- , tr.v. They opened a new store at lola j last Saturday and one at Independence yesterday. They are buying their own property In lola. I>awrence. Independence. Bnld. Ok. and Moberly, Mo. in these towns to he opened before Christmas. It will he onlv a short time until Kress & Co. will be oper- aflnK stores In every city of any slz.e In the south and southwest.-Ft. Scott Republican. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD BORAGE CO. Maoofacturers, WIMI««I« raid RetoQ Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water ir »w Cefi Stonga Mmiy fw SasbMa. FlitM IM. FRANK RIDDLE, Mxr. g ^ ^ W«a"^entl,t. Phoor S2. Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better than most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresh Keats, Smoked and Saft Meals. We Want Your i PRODUCE farmers, end will pay the highest toarket price In cash or trade. Come In and see un. We arc sole agents tor J. M. Horn's COFFEES and TEAS It you will give this Hue a trial you will use no other. Fryer Bros. Pbooe 101, lOS. lata, laniti. Thorpe & Hoogh |c ^tneti>n, engineers, gnrveyon. Fully equipped for nil kinds of nrrering, estimating, patent draw- /tg, bine prints, maps, fidewalka, curbing, and farm dralnageu OBe* Over •Tamen." EXCHANGE OB SELL. Ust yonr 'property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal Is found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho count.v. Kas. to exchange for good lola property. J, T. MILES. Keen 10, 014 CeiH Hoaseii Was a Close Race. ' The Star skating rink held *be largest crowd of.the season last f.'atnrday night, and thosp who were there witnessed one of the best races ever puH- ed off at the rink. Both contcstant .T are fast and skated with ease, never once slipping. The race was between Jack Fotch. the professional skater, who was filling a week's engagement af ti-e pavilion, and Miss Pearl .Schwu- ••how. of this city, champion lady skater of the southwest. The race was a handicap one. which was very spredy. and provoked much enlhnsi- asm amonp the spectators. VIKH Potaloes for Sale. Will exchange, small seed potatoes, bushel for bushel, for corn. Price for some f>$c at home. Large sorted potatoes "Oc. Also turnips *20c. A. L. TowDsond, HorEeshoe Bend. Phone Fight for Pore Tob^icco. Tlip Hutchinson Gazette has started a ftK^f for pure tobacco. It Is time somf paper was taking up the cause. For manr years the man who chews tobacco has been obllced to bite Into pines of stuff made out of old rags, slicks, molasses and tobacco stems. For years and years men have been snink'iii; prairie hAy slightly colored .111 .1 r.irefullv wrapped. And this is all duo fo the toliacco trust, which should be swatted.—Wichita Eagle. —Rien painting, phone t*28. Fred Rowden. Rral Estate Transfers. O. M Connelt. president Monarch Portland, to Monarch Portland, a part of Ihe "ast onf-half of t^e southeast opp fourth, of the southeast one foiirlh. 9-261R.. r. C. Carhet and wife, to R. J. Ter- Schwuchow held Fofoh to a very close 1 .yungpr j^. n. Deldensaul. of rare, he defeating her by a very small ,1,^ northeast one-fourth of —, Seward county. S. M. Bliss and Maude Bliss to the m.irgln.—Chanute Sun. - The Our Way window. Loaned Her Money, r «-,Mrr Bur.ko yc^erday broucht -nit ;»i'i«lnKi Jopophine Baca to recov- «T Jllfi' xvhlr'; iip says h*" loaned fh.» i"rfrr.Vnt ni dlff"rent times from N 'nvftrHrr ir.»h. \?f>T- to Septemficr l:.f. i ?fi7 Hp '.;)•..-. he loaned the moprv "In Eo'd •• —rnonlnKhsm A 4rneH. « p*r een* [ money. I File Two Le«»eR Tvr, jr .icpt; read" to the United Zinc. ap<t fhpTP 'ral rompanv were filed yes-' terdav O"" u -a-^ 24'> aTcs of land owned by W. .\. .lone.s. ft al. and the, other an ^'i a-rc lra~f o'vnrd by Olaf Olscn. •jr., Overstreefs addition to Oa« City. Consideration ll .uOO. _n„r •ir "t'—• Wants a Olrforce. I.rna Hnyder yesterday brought suit' In dir.rricf court for divroce from J.' H. Sfp .yder. allpging mistreatment as the principal grounds for t^e action.; She says that Snyder did not speak to h'-r any »oo kindl.v. They werpj married ovrr a roar ago. She thinks be is in Old Mexico. Ronme for men. Y. M. C. A. hnlldlpg. Steam beat In each room. Baths free. Siovos Set up and connected, also any other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charjces. Phone 29. $4B6 From Hunters. County Clerk R. E. Culbertson yesterday turned over to County Treasurer '.M. F. SIckl- >486 fees received from hunters' license.-;. This is the total taken in since July first, the beginnlne of the hunting season. r Rudicker's Cash Grocery and L>o.Date Meat Iteriiet. Oysters and Fish, Every Day Try Helliad Bisk, the Meal Food. ALL JOSDS OF FBC1T8 LOTS OF BOOKS FOR BOYS —Look dt the Our Way window. Sammy Drunk Again. Sam Morris, the liquor loving Indian wan arrested aeain' last nirht on the charge of Intoziektlon. He spent the night In Jail and was fined IZ .GO and costs this morning. Sam ath pears to have an nnqoencAable thirst and, his uncontrollable appetite Cor whisker has become a subject of itudy tor court olBcials. When Sam Brat t>fgan making regular appearances in police court. Judge Bangfa- man beigan sliding his fine upwards in jam PS iaf- $5 per drank. This proved httffeciive as far as deferlng bis ap- peamnce was concerned, so the amount of his fine has again been xradaally reduced, until thla morning It reached tbe miafmnia. t2.S0. —Cl>a> iB«te Sua. • .-•0 titles Horatia Alger's, ornamental cloth covers, good print, hot: our price 20c 40 titles Henty Series, uniform cloth binding, all kinds of stories. 50c: our price 20c 10 titles Young People's Library juvenile stories. 50c: our price 20c 12 titles Hover Boy books, including the 1908 one at..50c 43 titles Toung People's Famous American series, 75c: our price 50c 411 titles The Castlemon Books, t>eautifu1ly bonnd and illustrated l>ookE for rpal live bo.vs. 75c; our price 60c 6 titles Motor Boy Books, up to date and very Interesting; our price 60c 8 titles Capt. Bonehill sportsman series, 75c: our price 60c 100 tltlds In the Good Old books. Indian stories, natural history classlco. Juvenile fiction, as cheap as you can get them anywhere. Tbe story life of Lincoln. Jiist out. one of tbe best and most: Interesting books about Lincoln, price, net ...11.75 Harper'a Ont of Door book, tells how to make all sorts'of things for out door enjoyment, fully illustrated, best ' book of its kind. $1.75; oar price »1.60 The Uncle Remus Books are very popolar again. We bare them. lola's Book Store sells as cheap as you can buy anywhere in this part of Kansas. A Tukey SktoL There wUI be" a ttarkey shoot at Gi^ Hicks farm four miles .southwest of Humboldt Tnesday morning. He I up for prizes.— Hiunbo :dt °HeraId. —Catholic Lady Wanted in eVery parish in United SUtes and Canada for Christmas work; ^15.00 per week. Address H. R. Flnnegan, 121 Plymouth Place, Chlca^, Illinois. lola Was Oafclassed. In summing up the ecote of the the latter's so there might be space enongh to place the'polnts. The locals were victorious by the overwhelming score of 29 to 0. From the start It was apparent that lots was outclassed. The score was the result of two touch downs by Seery. two by Gray, one by Collier and four goals by Gray. Twenty-four of the points were made In the first half.—Chanute Sun. - .\iways time to eat at Onr Way. Mo'-r lolans Were There. There was a large number of guests present at the annual ball of tbe Knights of Columbus at Fussman'S hall Thursday evening. The Hum- lioldt orchestra furnished the niitsic and were kept busy until one o'clock. Many were present from lola. Pelrolla and Chanute. The ball Is one of the leading society events; of the season and attracts many out of town guestc. —Humboldt Herald. —New Post Card Albums at Miindis' ; Took Her Tossnm .s. Miss Lou Campbell I3 justly Indig- nmt with the way some one has been treating her at her. home southwest of Humboldt. A week or so ago she had a 'possum hunt on the place and as a result .six nice fat 'possums Were hai^- gcd arid placed In safe keeping until they could go the way of ail good 'possums. A night or two afterwards the largest one was stolen. Not long ifterwards a fine black one dlsapr Beared. Then, Wednesday night some one took a white one which Is a very rare specimen and which she desired to place on exhibition In town and at the same time turned out ail the water In the circulating tank. Miss Campbell Is after a blood hound and expects to trace down the offenders If my more attempts at vandalism are ricd.—Hi!hiboldt Herald. —Watch the Our Way window. For famnbeirs Home. J. R. Stewart has 'sold the block of around he had on South Ninth street to James Campbell of lola. He traded • he block together with an eightv acre farm for Campbell's home In lola.— Humboldt Herald. —For fine livery and boarding -tabic for horses, see Ralph R. Drake. Phone 101. 212 North .lefferson. \ Good Ga-sjicr. A :?wd gas well was brought in on •olin Campbell's farm southeast ot 'lumboldt last week. The company "ixpects to put down several others in hat section.—Humboldt Herald. -Ixjok af Iho Our Way window. Sold Ccuicnt Stock. G. W. Hcery returned Saturday selling stock for the Humboldt Portland Cement company. He reports •be state at; prospering and predicts a brK" adv;uice In business after the first of the' year. He cays many peo- nle are Interested in Humboldt and thinks they will make many invesl- •iienta In the town before lopg.—Hum­ boldt Herald. -Dr. i. E. Pepper. DeaUstfheae Its. Xarricd at Cbsnnte. Gerhard Henkenslefpen and Miss Clara Dusenberg, both of Humbo!dt, were married by Justice Groome In his office Saturday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. The groom Is a young farmer living near Humboldt and the young couple will go to house keeping Im- medlateiy,—Chanute Sun. —See the Our Way window. Archie Pkkell Home. Arcnie Pjckeil came In Sunday for Thanksgiving. He reports the'oil bust ness in good condition In Illinois.— Humboldt Herald. A ten bent dgdr is not a ten ceiit dgar when an extra inducenint has been given the d^iflw to bux it. r «fi:^C «aAooU6inr ten cents worth for yoa-thm «iiio*lSr. JButitdbiw ten dents worth /« M ten per cent. You get ikitte-tenthe of yoMt^ntoBey's worth. Td particular smokers thit's no value at alL theinanwhoinK»ke |i ||DftciBarsia^e^^ Are FuH 10 Cents' There is no rfeal wit^ ; Mercantile Cigars. Never has been—never will be. Foi; IS yean they have been the same tmiform qualitjrcigats. Dealers have only their quality and demand to recommend their purchase. Happily, to most dealers, that is sufficient. For such dealers there has been 'a steady growth of business and an increasing circle of contented customers. Smokers who are particular about their smoking will readily detect the decidedly superior flavor ofthe "JWercantile." If is worth the effort, wherever It takes an effort to get it. For it is a perfect smoke for the man who like a choice Havana bouiquet. A»hyoarCig€mnan f6ra"MeTean- tile** ottt of Rice's Cltus Humidor "Rice's Glass Humidor'' is the original and onljr successful class cigar Jar. An air-tigbt package. that *fepj Mercantile Cigl^rs in' exactly tbe same, condition in which they leave out factory. Neither' altitude nor climate alfects tbem. Dealers will serve you with "MereantiIes"oat of this jarif yon ask. This splendid package is available at most <lealers to wbo buy Mercantile Cigars in lots of SO. If your dealer does not c«rry Mercantile Cigar«, enai — — *—«.....,i„„.^„ sendushisname and we will arrange to supply you, F.R.Rice Mercantile Cltfar Go., St. Louis, Mo. r-etory 30s-rir .tDis«.ofWa«rwi —Get your Muudls'. Post Card Albums at From Chaniite. L..W..Jackson:and C. O. Weather man went to lola this afternoon on business. • * * Mr and Mrs. J. T. Miss Fair Chosen. I uu&iue&^. ~ ~ ~ an. aim i'no. o. Miss Fern Fair, the e'dcst daughter, Wliltson returned to Ipla today after una f CIII A'oil, fciic ucm^uh ^.l .a-utiovu ,^i.uiuwu w ..w «M. of Mr. and Mrs. E. Clate Fair, has'visiting the former's brother. M. been chosen by the M. C. II. 8. to rep-1 WbllsoD.—ChkttUte Tribune. • «> resent the school at the district musical contest at lola. Miss Fair has, a strong soprano voice ,of extraordln-'in ary sweetness. She has been prominent in musical circles niid her friends are confident that sUn will win the honors at lola.—Independ­ ence Star. —lasfsf ea ksTlnf •U. 8." tint. Here From KIncald. Bert Stewart, ot Kincald, was In t^c city yesterday on bu.sfnesK. Mr. Stew- .irl formerly lived In Join. —Watch the Our Way window. Benson In Town. Marshal Mart Benson, of Humboldt wa;; in the city last evening on busi- nes.<!. Would like to hear of stock for sale any enterprise where an investment of several thousand dollars would be safe. L. Darbyshlre, Box i03l. Rochester, N. Y. —Mnndls' Dcj^ Store has Just received a fine line of Post Card Albums Was In feta. Mrs. Anna Heacock has returned from a trip to lola, Bronson, Caney and Fredonla. where she has been to inspect the W. R. C.—Parsons Eclipse. —The Our Way window. Delone About Done. Contractor Fred Delone stated to a Stal- representative that If the weather permits he will soon tave all of the work he haa contracted for com-, pleted. Mr. Delone haa done mnch paving In this city.—^Independence SUr. OUR AIM STRAIGHT AT QUALITY In making onr selertions for CbrlslnuN (bis year (lunilly wait tbe uppermost (honght In onr mind I'hrap Jewelry Is ropnl* sire and nil! lose yon the respeet of yonr liest friends, t'ome where yon yon (hst Ql'ALITY refgns above all other consldera* tlons. TbalN at Leffler, Rowland With Them. The Go-Devils did not p'ay yester- da.v. The}- got together and worked cut for the "big game with lola to be played here Thanksgiving day. Frank Rowland who has been in Utah for rovae lime, came in last week and was In the practice skirmishes yesterday, and so. was Sam Morris, the Inflian. The Gb-Devils feel confident nt winning, but are not over-confldent, TTiry know they will have to work hard for all they get.—Chanute Trl» l )UUC. .\ Snap. \Vc have a 4 room house on car line, corner lot, that we can sell for 1650.' ?50 cash and balance $15 per nionib at B per cent. This boose • ents for $8 ner month. WHITAKER & DONNELL. Prof. K. V. Berry has returned tc Ills work at the Young Men 's Christian As3orlatlon after a brief Illness with lagrlppp and neuralgia. Volley Ball Tonight. The luis'Iness men's volley ball team «lll piay on llie Y. M. C- A. court this nvcning. Secretary Starkey of the Y. M. C. A. Is confined to his home wl* a severe attack of tonsllltls. Dr. Glynn Is Home. . Councilman O. C. Glynn returned I his morning from a short visit with hin father In Kansas (^Ity. nm STB05« LM /riRY. The Sheriff and Connty Attorney at Xonn Today. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger and County .Vt'orney Peterson went fo .Moran today for the J. C. Strong Inquest. It will, be remembered that Mr. Strong's body was fonnd one night several weeks ago in a cow lot or pasture on his farm one mile north of Moran.- It iwas generally sapposed that death was due to heart disease. An exam ^{nation of the organs was made and {November 24 was set as the date for further Inquiry. J, 41. TH0m tstimates chssrfnily gtHn aa i onr No. 410 when Travding Eastiword If Leaves lola 7:19 p. m., arrives SL Louis 8:25 Through sleeping cars.; train connects with the bound trains at St. For further particulars! and see ns. C. P. Hak, THE THANKSGIVINQ SALE lies ^Frank A. fMatU*. V. M. Phnoa ISA To Sell Horse Here. HI Dewey Allen, the horse thief eap- Sftnred on Saturday morning, says that he was on bis way/to lols to sell the outfit when captured. — Parsons Eclipse. —SlT per cent aioney: no enmmteaion: ao delar—Styltli »s Trasia. Morrison 9\ty% OH Property. Frank Uorrtson. of Cllanate, has koldiBKS GOLDEN OAK ]f you'have a Buffet or Tabl e want now Is the t ime •ioMM. We h%ve selected six patiernf? from Wr .i;'*t Ktcck-tf e.icfa of the .aboT*»«rlirJei which we will offer for a few da's only, at Quick Sale Price.< To appreciate thii9 (fifer 3'ou must sec the goods. On Diii>l<iy^^n'Windows Prices Qnoted by^^flari* Froinee CTeaiiyasr.' : ,.The following local: mA^iQrt:np6rt.Js furnished Gard ft T^^pirlfjPcodne* company and will be tept rwiiifjfs^ The Register every day. Ijn^ei'mtim quoted are the prices wUch tlwjr.'iiiU . pay for poultry, eggs and Iratt^ de« livered here: iu- Eggs, current receipts per case. ."iMei^ i Old Hens, fat ...Ji-i'Tb- |o :d Cox, 3c Spring Chickens ..~So > Spring Diicks ....:...j ..r *B \ Spring Turkeys, S -lb .:.19e Old Hen Turkeys , Old Tom Turkeys ....r -.tOo Old Ducks 6a . 1 Butter, less than 6 per cent salt..'.9 (0 THE J. N. DEER FUNERAL.. ; The Body of Well • Known - CIBasn * . Was Buried Today. m Funeral services over '• .fte- nvSMbiMs ,of J. N. Deer were conMetetf %t^i<-' klock this afternoon ff«i*.tha",Fli^' 'M. E . church. ney.'3r.vli.'-i:lUil^ preached tbe sermon. .• rntarinrtt^J|>aa made in the lola cemetiiQft,'^ iB^lms number of friends froniibotK-J^'aqd Gas City attended the' sanrle ^'^-flld many wreaths of flow^ -weren't leased upon tbe casket as a-token of the ' hlRh esteem In Which tMri,'Deer: WAS held by. his fellow cKlseas. ARREST FOR BATTtING NELSON. The Pugilist MarferHia, Escape Prom a D09 Flffh^.flald. Chicago, Nov. 2i .-~4 'BaUllns'':NeI> Bon. tbe price flgbter. was.-arrestod.^by' Constable Rmlthskt pf B«ndiam:tot|^.' on warrantsr ctaargins :die<»derlir eoa- du«t and refifstbiff as ofleer. - Thn cbars'es come «s'a-«eq««lio<a dor flght whiefr was raldmf at< the Pt­ isan of Rum'bain. near aiica«tf,r;Isst night. Nelson. It ta.a^d;'?i*aahaaa~«C the speeUtora «lMt.ea««a*f.wU|e oth' er arreato'werar liatol$«Mtf*>' - ^

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